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Serenje youths may fail to access CDF

Rural News Serenje youths may fail to access CDF

MMD youths in Chitambo constituency in Serenje may fail to benefit from the K40 million youth constituency development funds because they can not afford to raise K250,00 registration fees.

Constituency youth secretary, Jameson Kunda, told ZANIS in an interview at Mpelembe yesterday that all the nine youth clubs from Mpelembe were finding it difficult to raise K250,000 for registration.

He said this might result in failure by all the nine clubs to register and therefore not benefit from the fund.

Mr. Kunda said it would be helpful if government considered reducing the required fee to affordable amount like K100,000 so that many youth clubs could manage and benefit to improve their living standards through various developmental activities.

He said it was more difficult to even find means of raising that money especially after the briefing by the provincial party leadership, which also gave a short time to clubs to raise the money and register before the funds were disbursed.

Mr. Kunda said the application forms should be made simple because in their present form, they were complicated.

“The condition is a bit difficult and this may lead many clubs to fail to raise the funds and travel to Lusaka to register within a short period. We feel this money will only benefit those in towns and not rural dwellers like us,” he said.

Mr. Kunda said the youths were determined to utilize the funds properly so that they can all benefit and better thier living standards.


  1. I still cant understand the logic of CDF. I doubt that this is the best mechanism for youth economic empowerment. The requirements are surely discriminatory against poor rural communities.
    Even if it were, those amounts are surely a joke, one fifth of what the MPs is demanding for a vehicle to visit those samae projects.

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