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Chiluba collapses, admitted in hospital

Headlines Chiluba collapses, admitted in hospital

chiluba.jpgFormer president Frederick Chiluba was admitted to hospital after collapsing  this morning, just days before he was to undergo medical tests to see if he was fit enough to face a graft trial.

His spokesman, Emmanuel Mwamba said Chiluba, who has previously been treated for a heart ailment while under investigation, collapsed in his bedroom on Thursday morning.

“The doctors are still conducting various tests to ascertain the cause of his collapse and whether his condition is serious,” Mwamba told Reuters.

Next Monday Chiluba, 64, was due to appear before a team of Zambian doctors to determine whether he was fit enough for the trial, which stalled in May last year due to his ill health.

Chiluba, has been restricted in his movements by government pending corruption cases against him.

The government has allowed him to travel to neighbouring South Africa where he has been receiving specialised medical treatment since May 2006. Mwamba said Chiluba was due to go to that country in June for review and treatment.

Three weeks ago British judge Peter Smith said Chiluba must personally pay back $41 million of the $46 million he and 19 other former senior government officials are accused of siphoning from the Treasury.

Smith ruled in a case Zambia brought in a British court, a move officials said was aimed at recovering properties Chiluba and his associates bought in that country, Belgium and other European nations using stolen public funds.

Chiluba has denied he or his associates stole funds during his decade-long rule and accuses Levy Mwanawasa and the British government of “engineering” the judgment against him. Chiluba also says he is also a victim of a political witch hunt by the president.


  1. Bane, Pliz, let the man have a rest give him a break. He has suffered enough. Lets just put in a system that ensures that this crime is not repeated. I doubt any of our people will even see the recovered money. All of it will just go to LPM and his lawyers friends.

    Lets just have a system that will not depend on a good president to run the country because good people a rare.

    Ah, but again if he has assets worth $46 million dollars, then he has to surrender them and live peacefully. This is not how a former president should live. I really feel sorry for him. I pray he does the right thing. He deserves a special place in Zambia. I don’t think there is and will ever be a man in Zambia who united Zambians the way he did in 1990. That was special and historical.

  2. #1. Indeed this a sad development,the death of this man shall forever remain the guilty of LPM and his cohorts.This is inhuman and gross infringement of one’s rights.There must have been a better way of recovering these assets without subjecting FTJ to so much pain, anguish,ridicule and embarassment in the name of Zero tolerance to corruption.This issue will have bearing on the nation as a whole.I wish FTJ a quick recovery and God help this man, give him strength for him to see that fair judgement is passed by our local courts.BaJoze bakaamba mwamona nomba ukotwafika.

  3. Fellow Zambians,
    May we all join hearts in wishing our former president a quick and full recovery from this misfortune in health that has befallen him. In as much as we might have differences and stands in everything else that he is facing I’m sure we all in good faith wish nothing but good health for everyone of us.
    We should all show compassion and open hearts to his family and like in true national spirits realize that what we all want is the honest prosperity of every Zambian. I hope that the lord will provide strength and wisdom to all.
    God be with our former president and God continue to bless Zambia.
    loadist out!

  4. The Second Republican President FTJ Chiluba should be given medical attention for the illness, just as an ordinary citizen has right to medical treatment in Zambia.
    Whenever Chiluba gets well,and ready to face the court orders on his reported corruption, let the rule of law of Zambia apply accordily.
    Remember Kaunda & UNIP vigilants-agents of terror in Zambia;children leave schools to dance and wave at Kaunda’ motorcade;scramble for meali meal coupons at 3am;aggressive police & military roadblocks every 2kilometers! Then came Chiluba!!who united the people of Zambia to say to KK, “We the people of Zambia want Change”

  5. #4.Mkulupe,this is no time for jokes our former president is ailing.I have just spoken with BaJoze he is on his way to Nakonde but again he has lost cargo in as much as he was ready to pay all the taxes due.He has vowed to remain a true Zambian since he is part and parcel of the COmesa Customs Treaty
    BaJoze bakamba endesheni tukesafikako mukupempula ba FTJ nabalwala sana.God bless FTJ and his family in this difficult time.
    Mkulupe send your wishes not jokes

  6. Only a fool can not see such tricks. Everytime Chiluba is to face the courts, his health suddenly becomes bad. I will only believe that he is really sick when a state doctor says so. Not his private doctor who is paid my ‘money’. So ba chiluba be strong and face the music, at least Saddam faced his bravely.

  7. Don’t let FTJ die like the late Philippine dictator Ferdinant Marcos. The heart is a vital organ of the body hence heart patients need a free piece of mind just like those people suffering from stroke need not to be overloaded with issues beyond their thinking capacity. FTJ, of course did good and bad things for the nation but at this moment lets wish him a quick recovery and be strong enough to face his fate of the court case.

  8. MUK,
    Please realize that you are making very serious accusations towards a former president. I’m not saying you are not entitiled to level them but at this point we have no way of verifying the acuteness of his situation. So going by what reports we have we can only assume his sincerity.
    I for one refuse to think that FTJ or indeed anyone could try to play such tricks while facing such serious allegations. I’m trying very hard to find the benefit of a doubt that FTJ more than anyone else would like to find resolution to this.
    Loadist out!

  9. The simple honourable thing for the former president to have done is to apologise instead of taking a swipe at everybody. It’s easier. He’s put himself under so much stress and pressure. Sooner or later this was bound to happen.

    As for a humane system of dealing with his case, it’s already in place: the law. If it’s good for Kashiwa Bulaya (also a terminal patient) it’s good for FTJ and it’s good for anyone who breaks it.

    Having said that though I wish our former president the quickest recovery and God’s guidance at this difficult time in his life.

  10. Ka-Monko is just pretending, trying to avoid court. This bastard is a con-artist, and ‘stupid Engnieer’ Let him die

  11. What happened ? You people this person is really sick,are you going to forgive him for his wrongs or what are you going to do? Families of Ex-Parastatal workers would have a good answer,unlike anyone of us/you here who has not had a direct effect of his tenure and abuse of office.

  12. Is history being rewritten? This reminds me of the former Chilean dictator, Agusto Pinochet’s feigning of illness. He managed to trick even doctors who even certified him unfit to stand trial. His tricks never worked for ever and he died a convict.

  13. I wish the former president quick recovery , so that he can account for his misdeeds in the courts of law.We need to close the chapter on chiluba and open one that will address the many issues affecting an ordinary zambian.

  14. Sex activities at 64 should be engaged in very carefully. That Regina Mwanza is a young woman and young women do not know when to stop! Anyway, Chiluba should give us our money back. I don’t care what happens with the money for now, except that By returning the money a respect for principles would have been set as precidence in our beloved nation. Presidents should not be allowed to steal money without consequences. I feel like this is so fundamental, but some dull chaps on this list need to be reminded.

  15. My heart goes out to FTJ and family and I wish him a speedy recovery. To LPM and Mutembo Nchito I am requesting they need to be more humane in the way they handle our former President.

    The measure you use (LPM & minions) the same measure will be used on you and your children’s children. The comments of Kayata and Mwanachende can be summed in one sentence – Criminal Stupidity.

  16. Chiluba is playing tricks.Next you will hear that he needs to go to south Africa and he will spend months there.Another five years of LPM will pass without any conclusion on Chilubas case.

  17. They say if you give me a ngwee, I will forget. But if you insult me I will never forget. No matter how much good Dr. chiluba did to this nation, it was completetly washed away by the scandals that were reviewed in the judgement report that was submitted by Judge Smith. You read it and I think non of you would even have dared to make any comment on this boggle window.
    As much as no one would say that this person was bad or a thief at the burial ceremony, no matter how good or evil that person was, I wish to reserve my comments and leave everything in the hands of God to determine.

  18. Timing is suspicious. Let independent doctors decide. Happens when one loses so much integrity that you don’t know when to take them seriously!!

  19. My heart goes to chiluba and family during this trying moment.As much as we have been so hard on chiluba,this is no time to play politics or finger pointing.We must synpanthise with the man and show compassion and wish him a quick recovery.
    On the second thought lets not connect the charges that chiluba is facing with his illness.If chiluba is using his illness to avoid the courts,which really dought, there is nothing we can do about that.That does not change the cousr of nature which is that we all have our day and some of us we leave unpaid debt

  20. FTJ should be gently encouraged to confess his wrongdoings. That might help his health, you know when you pretend to be ill, you may actually become ill.
    Quick recovery!

  21. I am visiting this blog for the first time and was not surprised by some Zambians’ gullible appetite to stomach Chiluba’s stinking toilet acrobatics. The man is so childish and I wonder when some people are going to realize he is a sickening stupid ***** who needs to be taught a hell of a lesson to ensure that no man ever comes to loot our coffers the way he did. Every time he is supposed to appear in court, that’s when his heart fails, why? He is the one who stole of money that led to the collapse of the health system in the country and not he wants us to fly him to South Africa every time his heart jumps from the phobia he has developed upon hearing he is going to appear in court.

    Reading a text of his press conference made my blood boil with rage, that man really takes Zambian for fools. Mr. Chungu jumped bail and is still in hiding and to claim he acted on the advise of a wanted criminal so he ought to be let off the hook is stupidity of the worst order. His whole press conference was not only incoherent but manifestly devoid of logic. We all know only too well that the so called “well wishers” who allegedly stashed money into ZAMTROP account were the companies that bought our mines for a song, this money was oilment of his palms for selling our mines for nothing. In other words, this money belongs to Zambians and he had no business looting it to buy hundreds of pairs of shoes and suits or worse still use it to send his dull and criminal prone children to school in the UK.

  22. For all I care, Chiluba does not deserve any sympathy. If I have any sympathy still remaining in me, I will it for my suffering fellow citizens and those who unnecessarily died because of Chiluba’s thieving ways. For all I care, he should just DIE, NOW!

    The culture of stealing he engendered has been very injurious to the fabric of this nation. Today, there is very little difference between the conduct of Zambians and stinking Katangese and its all because of his stupid kleptomaniac 10 years rule Zairianization of Zambia.If he had any honour in him, he would face the music like Saddam Hussein did. For once in his life, let Chiluba show some bit of spine and dance to the music he deliberately brought upon himself. That thief, I wish I was in Zambia now, I would squeeze his bollocks to quickly put the nation out of its misery created by his sick jokes.

  23. I wish the government could seize his assests before he dies…..!God works in so many ways…chilubi owes every zambian at least 2 million dollars. He better pay us our money before he dies?

  24. FTJ I wish you quick recovery and may God grant you many more years of healthful life. However, please seize this trying moment of your life to put your house in order, do the honorable.

  25. Some of you guys on this blog have no hearts at all if you do have one its one of stone.Sometimes in situations such as these one should try and put her/himself in other peoples shoes. in this case FTJ.
    you guys speak as if you have never stolen or done anything wrong at all in your life.It could be coincedental that FTJ gets sick when its time to be check if his fit.He is having lots of pressure becuase of whats happening.You definately expect someone to be more sick.
    FTJ to confess would be a wrong thing to do if he didnt still at all.The thing if he would say anything he could accept that the government at that time didnt use funds carefully.without realising as it was a learning experience for most people.And where trying to experiment the things they either studies or where studying.
    GOD is all loving and all powerful i pray that Chiluba recovery soon.I believe God has forgiven him already.Its upto the zambians now, he asked forgiveness to the nation when LPM was sworn to power

  26. The Honourable thing to do right now is for LPM to say according to evidence we have right now is that that amount was stolen. BUT becuase this is the first time this has happend in our country we forgive them. Therfore the case is closed.
    Then we look forward and continue to develop our country.
    What would happen if FTJ died now? which is before the case is registered in the zambian courts. Or if he died after its registered and appealed?
    NO one is perfect.Remeber when Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery red -handed.People chased her around took here to Jesus.Jesus said let the one who has ever sinned be the first to cast a stone.They all left,Jesus asked who has condemed you you. She answer no one. He then said niether do i.
    Some of you are like those people who caught her and chased her took her to Jesus.Yet you too have committed either the same thing or have done wrong before.FTJ is not perfect but,I pray that FTJ be BLESSED and God stand by his side at all times.

  27. Trigo, the woman you are referring to deserved to be forgiven because she did not deny committing adultery and she was not adamant. FJT has behaved exactly the opposed by denying clear crimes and being adamant. He is not being persecuted as he could like us Zambians and the all world believe.

  28. Chiluba is sick…that we all agree,l hope.But the question remains,why does his sickness get worse as the court day nears?The answer is he gets too agitated and that is not good for the heart.So maybe we should consider fast tracking his cases or hold the court sessions at his home.
    He deserves equal opportunity to be heard over his cases and so we can all look forward to the concluding of these cases in no time.
    I would like to wish him (Chiluba) quick recovery and good health.

  29. God help FTJ through his sickness and his trails healthy wise and court wise. No one can pretend when he is sick. Who love to be sick any ways. Such things are unavoidable because we are all mortal being subject to such.

  30. My thoughts and prayers to FTJ and the family at this difficulty time.We all make mistakes in our lives.I do believe all over the world the presidents of other nations just can’t understand a sovereign country
    hireling a foreign court to pass judgement.The posit in this case remains nudoubtedly dabateable in many years to come.Chiluba did some wonderful things of which people must remember.We have channel our attention from the costitution making process which is very important tool for the future and central to good governance. We are not speaking with one voice as the rightful owners of the people driven costitution-we want and not Levy. If he leaves office without doing the right thing by not supporting the costitution making process, he must know that he will be charge for misusing public funds.Levy , people are dangerous and once they rise against you it will be difficulty to control.All the flowers of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today (Peoples’ costitution )

  31. My thoughts and prayers to FTJ and the family at this difficulty time.We all make mistakes in our lives.I do believe all over the world the presidents of other nations just can’t understand a sovereign country
    hireling a foreign court to pass judgement.The posit in this case remains undoubtedly debatable in many years to come.Chiluba did some wonderful things of which people must remember.We have channel our attention from the costitution making process which is very important tool for the future and central to good governance. We are not speaking with one voice as the rightful owners of the people driven costitution-we want and not Levy. If he leaves office without doing the right thing by not supporting the costitution making process, he must know that he will be charge for misusing public funds.Levy , people are dangerous and once they rise against you it will be difficulty to control.All the flowers of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today (Peoples’ costitution )

  32. people who think that we have no heart for others ..they are right yes we have no heart for criminals…a criminal comes to still and destroy simple ..the bib le says so…you guys who are talkin of mwanawasa being a cause for chilube to be ill have no heart for zambian children…look at the street kids now n..those are the mines that chiluba sold ..those children you call street kids there dead or lost parents is all because chiluba only cared about his children sending them to skools in uk and buying bunch of cloths and shoes ..at the expense of zambians …zambians are nice people but they are not fools …if few of you could have benefited then you go to chiluba and contribute that which he owes to his conviction..stop blaming mwanawasa and his govt …mind you kk was bruised ..penza killed …paul tembo killed …rogers chongwe went in exile in australia ..only to come back after mwanawasa took over …tickley and william banda were deported ..but he let katumbi stay without dcmt

  33. “What goes up must come down”. But remember that the forces should equilibriate otherwise when coming down you will plunge to the depth where you can not be exhumed. All I am interested in is to see that the medical personnel examine Dr. Chiluba to ascertain his conditon. Otherwise old age is difficult. Such experiences are an order of the day. Let us not exagerate and excite the man. But has the government already put measures in place with the court of England and Wales so that what belongs to the Zambian people can slowly start filtering back. I am looking forward to the quick recovery of the former head of state as we the populace take stock of what is being repossesed.

  34. chiluba will die some day if he doesnt die now…and guess what all he needs to do is pay back the money and go serve a jail term..simple..i for one dont even have time for his last minute mockey tricks of hiding in illness…he better be strong and do what is right..still his time will come …chiluba is a thief and he is still a thief..he is stealing from zambian right now by letting govt pay for his medicals in south africa..chiluba is self centered and very selfish..anyway his time has come. to say good bye…thats the blood of those people he killed…chilimboyi died ask vera..his sone castro chiluba took lusaka people for granted ..he was busy shooting people in lusaka …chiluba cant see all that ..that money that castro had was all from the same money that chiluba stole…trust me ..mwanawasa was almost killed ..
    chiluba let kantumbi stay and do business in zambia without paying tax..and without no documents..
    zambians you are very forgetive some of you…

  35. …quite fishy how he seems to get worse when he is due to answer to charges…he is a faker..!!!..he will soon learn that he can not take the stolen money to the next world!!!!…sakala nyongo

  36. post newspaper long before even mwanawasa took chiluba to court ..people were saying chiluba is a thief …i remember very well chiluba used to ma small people he know to threaten govt ..he used tu bena sampa to form to ma political parties…i remeber zambia in 2003 to 2006 was flooded with to ma small political parties like PUDD,and the likes of ZADECO..
    but they forget to think that mwanawasa thinks just the same way as they do ..i remember one funny incident when nevers mumba was fired ..the man got so bitter as if though mwanawasa did anything wrong to him…the guy couldn’t even return the diplomatic passport..the guys forgot that mwanawasa was just using him for political expediate..people like nevers mumba are people who can sell zambia …they cant be easly cheated by some big money countries …
    today nevers is a political failure.
    nevers forgot that he was just appointed to that position…he thought he was also elected..what a dull chap..danny pule is another dull chap

  37. you people who are demanding a constitution here are just saying thing without taking a lot of consideration into account..iam challenging everybody to know that ..in 1996 zambia changed its constitution ..because chiluba did not want kaunda..today you want a constitution so fast for what …zambia has a constitution right now which needs to be folowed and mwanawasa was sworn in to protect that same constitution..if you think mwanawasa and its govt are fools then go and do some short cuts with your fellow oasis forum..see whats gonna happen to all your… you all be like chiluba ..trust me its not gonna be mwanawasa who is going to get you but the govt we will ..mwanawasa is very tolerant …you guys think running a govt is like runnuing a ka temba made of small minded group of people huh ..in zambia there people who have brains and trust me there alot people with right mind ..so your merchanism to make shortcuts to a constitution will really hurt all your …again zambia has a consti

  38. Those who never suffered @ the hand`s of the short man
    feel for him well have you ever lost your wife,sister
    family to the same man, did he sleep with your wife
    broke your family apart don`t forget what he did to
    KK am sure the current admin will put the recovered
    money to good use,As for Levy keep on doing the good
    workk some of us can see what you are doing is right
    for Zambians.

  39. Ba boss i think u hurt far TOO many people while in
    office it`s merely pay back time.You broke my mirrage
    boss and that of many other`s i have forgiven you
    wishing you a very slow recovery.

  40. I feel very sad about chiluba, really all those who want to see chiluba in the grave your days are numbered. I guess now you are smiling and happy with what you are witnessing.

    Chiluba many of us like you and we wish you a quick and speedy recovery. We never benefited a cent from your cash but those who benefited millions are slowly sending you to the grave.

    If those who claim to be clean and never stolen from the zambian people let them live longer

  41. You know it’s very nice to see all these comments from the same people that called FTJ a crook when he was found guilty by the British Court…Zambians have a soft heart indeed. We even show some love for the man that stole from us. But then again, one cannot help but start thinking isn’t FTJ making all this up, Notice how he fell ill at the end of last year when the court case intesified. Bushe ni stress or another trick up FTJ’s sleeves? The sad part is LPM has double standards in his fight for corruption. Asking FTJ to payback all that $$$ in 14 days is like asking a snake to wear shoes;-) At the end of the day, it’s all politics whichever way you look at it. Best wishes for FTJ though……..

  42. nichani chamene chitika”ba chilu” its sad that LPM is doing to the former president. okey LPM!!SATA IS coming 2011 and you will face what chilu is pasing through. get well soon chiluba we still love you.

  43. Zambian don’t let me down!Comeon!how do you forgive Chiluba when he has not confessed OR apologised of wrong doing?Believe or not hardcore criminals do not show any sense of remorse,neither do they apologise nor confess until they are shot dead or die mysteriously.So those who are calling for Chiluba to be forgiven let them forget it.Let him come openly and admit of his wrong doing just like the London courts proved him ,then he must apologise to the Zambian people,in return we will demand our money back and forgive him.But not only that he shall be sent to the JAIL,”CHIMBOKAYILA” because that where he deserves to be.THIS SENDS A VERY STRONG MESSAGE TO THE FUTURE ASPIRING PRESIDENTial CANDIDATES THAT BECOMING A PRESIDENT DOES NOT MEAN POCKETING STATE RESOURCES PERSONAL AND SEFISH USE.LET US AVOID HISTORY REVOLVING ON THE PIVOT.

  44. Kafupi had support of all masses in 1990-1991 elections,where is the support now?where has it gone?
    God will never his children,if really Kafupi is OKEY of which I doubt 100% then he will be let off the hook.


    we are human beings,you dont torment the spirits of a human being as it might come back and haunt you.

  45. Tringo (comment 30) which pair of shoes, as I am sure there are enough for all of us to chose from but I don’t like high heels!

  46. #50, gk you are back! ni we SATANIST, the man is sick shower him with praises not ama words ya buloshi. uli mbushi sana iwe. utu ma-glass utu wafwala tu lakumwenesha kwati ulensoma ma chromosomes ya pefu te? this is not FTJ time ukuti Ba Jehova babagete. gk ibwelemo and put pola panshi.

  47. Time has come for LPM & minions to drop the charges pending in a Lusaka court. God forbid that FTJ should die with charges on his head, this is like killing a chicken with its legs still tied with a rope. Traditionally this is not on.

    Satanists must be celebrating because the man who declared Zambia a Christian is on the deathbed. That declaration dealt a serious blow to our Ba Kaunda and Dipak who were worshipping idols at David’s Universal Temple. I beseech LPM to drop those charges and allow FTJ proper rest because failure to do so and the man dies in that state is tantamount to un-forgiveness which has severe consequences.

  48. The number acrobat in the circus is at it again!I have have said it before:Coward,thief,and impersonator!Heart problem?What heart problem when he aint got one.He stole somuch including his so called wife.
    Real men should show there balls.

  49. Too bad FTJ is not well!
    Wish him a quick recovery.

    However, this in itself should not be an excuse for him not to face trial.
    Rather, it should be left to Doctors to determine whether he is fit or not to stand trial.
    Come on guys, the procedures are very well known so we shouldnt lose any sleep over it.
    As for thse saying he has had enough already and be let go, thats a very lame reason to excuse a person from facing trial.
    Let the courts decide!

  50. #54, mwitushikula, twaleni ingulu ukukali, chinyamata wafumakwi namakapa ya chibuku kukanue? bE HUmble and sensible





  52. Some people on this forum are very dull, they already think FTJ must go jail because of the London judgement. This is lunacy of the waste kind. A civil judgement can’t take anybody to jail. Do you know for instance that Zambia’s ambassador to Mozambique (Chulumanda) owes SATA K350 Million after the court ruled in favour of President SATA? Ned Nzowa owed a Chinese investor US$30,000, is he in jail?

    Chiluba will never pay US$46 Million because that figure is a fabrication. If he is forced to pay that amount then fair dealing will be the loser.

  53. Mwebana bakwa Lesa,please be heartful,you heartless minds just shows the kind of people Zambia is yet to have,$46m is not which should preoccupy us from being humans and ignore to respect life.In real terms this money is just about$4m because the bulk of it will go to the Nchito’s who have only managed to secure 2 jail terms on plunderers?To me and Ba Joze the fight against corruption is rethoric.KK cant go to chinsali because of what he did to Kapwepwe and you want this to happen to LPM? If he is playing he will also fail to go back TEKA farm much in the similar way KK failed.Daka#32,please bweshamo umutima, wilakwata umutima wakwa gk uwakosa ingelibwe.Tony blair and George bush have committed serious humanity crimes in Iraq,but no one is pointing an ugly finger at them.FTJ if he had wanted he would have fled but he is a true zambian and wants to die on the zambian soil.So Bane ba Shetani bweshenimo imitima.Truly Zambia, naine na BaJoze lets put our dear brother FTJ in deep prayers

  54. “Those who live by the sword,will die with the sword”, am not wishing FTJ anything,but to be on the fair side, elicat #44 has pointed out that those who have suffered at his reign are the best people to make comments.We should ask Nakantidi Wina,Mathanni,Mung’omba etc.To me it is like commenting on Mobutu,Idi Amin or KK. If they treated their colleagues well,the whole nation will be at pain, but we have different opinion’s. Some people have been complaining about the effects of Privatisation, others have lost loved ones because of his greed.

  55. kuku you dont know what u are talkin about iwe…do u know even were chiluba lives…chiluba lives in seivu road opossite kaunda;s house…chiluba’s house has a wall fence welll kaunda’s has wire fence..now tell me how many years did kaunda served and were he lives..well kafupi only saved ten years and leaves in a wall fence..

  56. #64, then a wire fence is expennse since it requires periodic changing while a wall doesnt. So what are you telling us? r u telling us kk served a lot to erect a wire fence and “Chilu” didnt serve a lot?

  57. Kayata seems very drank with petty jealous and needs to be taken back into a proper that will teach him analytical skills.

    Why are they saying FTJ should pay US$46 Million? The Attorney General is working out who owes what to the Government. Even after those amounts are worked out accused persons reserve the right to challenge them.What about the US$20 Million Kaunda paid a foreign government overthrow Idi Amin is that not extravagance. Will the Government not claim that from the Kaunda family? Where is Justice in the world?
    To FTJ I say please meditate on Proverbs 18:14 that says: A man’s spirit sustains him in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?
    In other words FTJ must NOT allow that unjust labour to wear him down.

  58. #66,kayata, wasnt levy part of the privatisation programme? Wasnt Levy part of the judicial system that incacerated those characters?And if at all they were wrongly imprisoned why havent they sought judicial review?If you look at this scenario critically Zambia is being managed by crisis(crisis management)there is proper platform for good governance practices.
    Iwe#64patriotic wabufi, finshi ulelenda?#65 Mkulupe wamwasukafye bwino, his mental maths is suspect,ebalufulumuka inshita ya mental maths ingayafika.Lyonse kuba mu group 3 mpaka awa G7,come one inshita yakubeleshenya uluse yaliba important mu life.Some polices Parties adopt are diffcult to implement and there is a price to pay.Tony has cut his term because he defied his parliament to go to war alone now Bush is looking to UN for solution in Iraq which he by passed.Learn to make difficult decisions that is when I will evaluate you as partriotic 101 not#64.Naya kucipatala mukumona FTJ

  59. am wishing FJT a very quick recovery so that he can finish his case.becasue he has courage that he never stole from our coffers.Please get well soon and prove your self in Court,mind you the courts do not get sick.Come on Kapufi and be a gentleman,stole those monkey tricks.

  60. what a drama experieneced in Zambia, by our second republican president Dr Chiluba you only get serious sick when it is time for you to go to court.
    get up and organsie yourself to prove yourself before the court of law,you have reaslied that UTH is a hospital that you have been taken to .the hopital you made a trash and now you are admiited their.it is then true that whatever goes up must surely come down. mr Chiluba did you collaspe becasue of the London Judgement or becasue you need some symapthise to go to South Africa for tretment,,,,No…lets have our 41 Million US Dollars.so that we can improve the facilitaes at UTH and get better treatment just from their ,we cant afford to be sending you to South Africa.everytime you collaspe

  61. I think when chiluba will be tried by the zambian courts he win the case.Lets not cheat ourselves and call him names.If chiluba knew that he would be convicted he would have run away.Don’t think that those who have ran away are stupid.I’m so supprised that my fellow zambian are able to cheapen there talk to sults and shoes,what an embaracement.A foreign court tried him and proved that he stole the shoes and the sults,which is reducing the office the president no wonder chiluba fell sick.I hope it will never be the same with Levy at the end of his term in office.Chiluba asked you,”are you ready to suffer” when you voted him into office in 1991,with excitement you all said yes,now why are you comlaning that he stole money. FTJ be strong and take courage.Get well.

  62. BaJoze, nabwaleko tabalusuminisha bakaponya.
    #70 Its just amzing to see the unreasonablessnes Zambian have become.You chaps calling him names today with your stolen monies from your employers can happily sit at Manda hill/Arcades Times becoz of this man you are calling names.Dont be so shortsighted like OPM#69.Thed deadline has passed for SMith’s judgement to be enforced, why dont you challenge the Post to write something about it? Mulebako serious limolimo.KK must explain what he did with $7.2bn becoz its also govt money, which has caused so much pain and suffering in Zambia becoz of his extravagance,he squandered that money.Most of you exhibiting this flaring hate are not even residents in Zambia,leave us who are on the ground to ask for peace becoz should anything happen will have no where to go to.what happened in Ivory coast can also happen in Zambia because of satanic minds some of you have,no love to your friends.FTJ recover quickly,BaJoze travel well

  63. Not again.fit or not fit,Let him face the music.This has been going on for too long.Sorry! NOT FROM ME.

  64. Country men and women,

    Who can help LPM to help FTJ recover? Iam sure with LPM’s intervention FTJ can breath normally. FTJ needs prayers and moral support at the moment. He will be healed albeit the trails he is undergoing.
    Remember that he is the second president and deserves respect. He too has rights as some scholars have already alluded to. FTJ continue reflecting on God. He is the very present help.

  65. Truly Zambian #66,i would be glad if you introduced me to some analytical skills,i’m always happy to learn.I said,am nt wishing FTJ anything,it’s sad he is ill, too bad for his family and supporters,but i said i’d also like to know the opinion of those affected by his rule from political,economical to social.Some people take politics too personal such that even at funerals they oppose one another. Boris Yeltsin,Yasser Arafat,Ariel Sharon have all been in FTJ’s situation. They say “Do unto other’s what you’d like to be done unto you.”
    Kuku #67,LPM was part of that process,but does the blame go on him,or on the leader. Bush & Blair all have taken the blame for their war on Iraq,and not their deputies Cheney & Prescott.Leader gets all the responsibilities, init? “isn’t it?”. kuku greet FTJ and wish him well,remind him of the Pope’s last request and dont forget some banana’s and orange’s for him.

  66. apologize or Pay up so that we can forgive you before you die.

    may your soul rest in peace, ‘in advance’

  67. People to the money,”abantu kundalama”. Luca$#75,you will never see that money,ask Penza and he’ll tell you better.

  68. Greetings,
    May someone hopefully in the FTJ camp give us an update on how he is doing? Surely it does not take this long to come up with a preliminary diagnosis. People are starting to speculate and this could lead to alot of wrong conclusions which in turn could hurt FTJ’s reputation and credibility.
    Despite how we feel about the cases he is facing we care about his welfare. He was our president. All those calling for his immediete crucifiction I beg please slow your raw, Justice will come the train is in motion and it can not be stopped now.
    Recovery of the asserts involved is all I care about chances are he will recieve a presidential pardon anyway. I only hope he recovers fully and quickly so this matter can come to a conclusion and we can concetrate on other more pressing economic and developmental issues.
    What goes around comes around!
    Loadist out!

    May 25, 2007 @ 3:25 pm

  69. #74 Kayata,I was making reference to your comment#63,LPM was part of privatisation and has not brought any new policies why should people be complaining about this FTJ that FTJ?The Mathani knows why they never challeneged their misimprisonment.Its time we started enganging people in govervanance of Zambia.Some of the chaps on this blog have never managed anything not even being class monitors but today they want champion unattainable dreams.FTJ was a good President whom you cannot compare with the muwelewele even Bashi Pan cakes.Our judical system ahs got holes and they are slowly sinking, they have failed to solve Smith’s riddle why?Stupidity of the highest order.Let us turn to to Post to tell us what is happening to the deadline not these halucinations being put up.
    Kayata,I didnt the oranges and bananas from shoprite because they are GMO but I have sent Born Rich to Teka Farm may be we gonna have real ones.He will be back before sunset atleast Bakaponya will be allowed entry.

  70. Stone throwers! Our nation has become a nation of stone throwers! Throwing stones at any person perceived to be the cause of their misery, pain, frustration and hunger. The void inside that torments raising guile, anger, resentment and bitterness. Raising stones and throwing them at those that we had amicably trusted and now viewed as the ones that have failed us. Leading the crusade of animosity, hate and jealous is a leadership that ascended to the throne by favour. A leadership that abrogated a friend’s trust and love and now pays back evil for good, trust for mistrust. But the stones we throw to kill the evil we perceive to be will not fill the void inside us, satisfy our emptiness nor cure the wounds that engross us. With it comes the cost. For what you do to others will soon be done to you. The energy of stone throwing can be redirected into power to think, joy to forgive, healing to release and being creative by helping to build Zambia. Divided we fall and united we stand. Only one person rejoices, when with stones you throw at one of your brothers, the devil! A good leader patches wounds, unites foes and forges segments together that one enemy they may see and fight and makes a nation prosper together. Which way mother Zambia?

  71. # 26, hagler or whoever you are. We all understand that FTJ has to face the law. But you do not need to be so insolent to our former Head of State, no matter what he did or did not do. Your words are a reflection of Post editorials, very abusive. Imagine if this man was your biological father and he is going through this, would you insult hi the way you are doing right now. People appreciate constructive criticism of this man but not the use of such demeaning words. Let’s contribute with intelligence and not emotions. You behave as though you do not have personal skeletons hidden in a closet somewhere. Just becoz your skeletons have been discovered does not mean you are a saint. Every dog has it’s day and your day is surely coming. You and LPM are sadists. GOD bless our former President. Dr. Chiluba, even in times like these, just know that there are still people out here that care for you and your health. All these things shall come to pass and the Lord shall deliver you from sadists.

  72. I have an idea. Let a doctor and a nurse at UTH, put a last jab or strangulation on this little prick’s neck. He neglected the UTH, and does not deserve a bed space there.

  73. #81 are you the son of the strangular who rocked Zambia in the 80s?This is not expected from a normal peace loving Zambian.HK you are sick both in the head and in spirit.
    BaJoze bushe uyu umwaice HK kuti twamwafulisha shani ukutontonkanya?He is certainly not Zambian, the closest he could be is from Zimbabwe.

  74. hahahahahah, Kuku, spare your breathe for your likkle prick Chiluba. Chiluba was and has never been my favourite person. His living and death wont affect my life and many other poor Zambians who get ****ed both ways and wont miss Kafupi. We are tired of this ***** being in newspaper everyday and pretending sick…Chiluba just had a nice time, the day he collapsed. The guy is on Viagra just to get a rise.

  75. #26&83 form a league and come for lessons on how to become a zambian especially if you are a foreigner.HK do you come from an intact family?A person who has been brought up in a family with values cannot succumb to the language being used by you guys but if you are from a broken family you can go ahead with such insolence .KC#80 put up a very clear scenario, suppose this man was your father……
    Umucinshi usuma pa bantu,cindika wiso nanoko ingawende inshiku inshingi, commandment number 3 is not just for your biological parents but for all elderly befitting your parents status.Come on HK spare us from such stupid arrogance.Freedom of speech is being abused.Iam drafting a lesson plan for you and Hagler so that you become better citizens.Dont emulate 50 cents or snoopy dog and think that is the life to lead, you are just fooling yourself oneday you will grow to be like FTJ and what message will you put to your children?Wesambi we HK

  76. Kuku #78,you see people take politics too personal,now look others are wishing FTJ was sent a strangular. KK had done more damage than FTJ,but none of these will rise and challenge him,because once he just flies that handkerchief of his on them,they are all shivering,he used even to call them “stupid *****s” and they were all smiling. Where is Joze? Is he enjoying “pombe” in TZ or Ridgeway?

  77. Chilumba, right on my brother. These guys need to be educated on the values of our Zambian society. We are mandated to respect our elders. Personally, I don’t care what FTJ did, I will always have respect for my elders. HK and Hagler want to behave holier than thou. You too have evils in the back of your minds. Just because we don’t know doesn’t make you saints. How would you feel in your time of distress, people should shout that you go to hell. I urge you to watch the video when Saddam was being hanged. He was being mocked by his persecutors. One official was pleading to them to stop it becoz the man was dying anyway. It just goes to show what kind of hearts you two have. I really fear for the future of our children in this country. Such hatred manifests itself even in our political dispensation. GOD help your children and deliver them from evil

  78. Chilumba, my message to the youth and my children would be like this: Dont be a thief, otherwise you will end up like Kafupi. I dont want you my children in any way to behave like Chiluba when you are given opportunity to lead. Stealing is bad and it brings a lot of curse and dishonour. During my youth, I had to insult a stupid Kamudala who brought a lot of suffering to the Zambians. This man was a hypocrite, Womanizer, Thief. This man hadsome few diehard followers. Most of them were as short and disfigured like him..He comes from Ituri forest

  79. #87, Dr HK, I think Chiluba fired you for the following reasons:
    1. you English is bad
    2. incompetence
    3. chickness
    5. insubordination
    6. lack of ethics
    7. no morals
    8. poor judgement
    9. you’re stiff necked
    10. may be stupid

  80. #HK87 bushe iwe wapangwa shani?Efyo uleyasuka abakalamba ba Chilumba aba mafunde?Something is terribly wrong with your mental status.You have guts to justify what you will tell your children? Which Hospital do you operate from?You are a wrong model.
    #88 &#89 the disparaging remarks by HK leaves much to be desired,Stop dismulating be genuine.
    BaJoze you have no change to go pa cafe so that you help HK out?He seriously needs help, patients watch out.

  81. We really need seriosy conributors on this wonderful paper, comments from HK are very immature/ we surely dont need insults like that.What ever Chiluba stole can not buy life/ Jesus said what can a man give in exchange of a soul.God bless all the readers and keep you safe and may He give us wisdom and understanding in all things.
    Matthew 7:2
    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.Amen and Amen

  82. Pls note that the Bible is plain on how to handle people who hurt you. Do not let what the former President did take you to hell. God help Zambia. We wish ba Chiluba Gods blessings

  83. Let’s all put emotions aside. There are serious accusations against Mr. Chiluba which he needs to answer for. I have no doubts that he may be sick- with the publicity he is getting, stress is a real possibility. To my knowledge though, only mental illness can render him unfit to stand trial. Let the doctors decide. Mr Chiluba himself claims that he is denied the opportunity to be heard, yet when that opportunity beckons, he dribbles even himself!

  84. let justice prevail and let him payback what he stole from the zedians. Kudwala kwaboza panse after all banatisausa kanjani ba MMD! mabombasa yangwa bamonko. Otherwise let nature take its course as many of our beloved died without benefits of what they worked for as Companies closed due to selfishness with the liquidation process as they just amused enough for themselves. After all still more kukaka mdala. noomba niinshi ba beneficiary muleilishanya coz mulibanono compared nabapina papangile muli 10 yrs yakwe FTJ. Viva ruling yapa Kz but still more kumulonga monko.
    Ras Wadada!!!

  85. #87 HK, You are the worst parent any child would wish for, is that the kind of advice you’d give your children. That could explain the advice you could have received,maybe it is heredity in you. In Swahili we call people like you “a huzuni” i.e “dismal,gaunt,miserable or sad.”
    You are “kigeni” ie alien,foreign and strange.
    Or you should clarify what type of Doctor you are? A “hafifu” ie “weak,miserable and poor” hearted Doctor.

  86. #95 just curious, are you a masai? You see my bro. people who drink ox blood often exhibit ox temper, therefore i dont blame you for attacking HK like that.

  87. #61, Truly Zambian, your time spent making contributions is acknowledged and appreciated. However, your language is sometimes worrying. If there is anyone (and there are many!) that doesn’t know the distinction between a civil and a criminal case, that does NOT make them dull as you assert. If anything, just explain the difference. When you contribute, please put aside your emotions and affiliations. That would make for healthy arguments.
    Because of the strong language, you mask even the few logical contributions you make.

  88. #96,Am not masai,am zambian like you my bro,just as we speak english,french,spanish or portuguese but we are none of them

  89. My fellow zambians I can see that the devil is very active on this blog and I think we are in troubled with this animal called Satan,reading through this blog I feel we are being attacked right,centre and left by the Lucifer himself,because wishing someone dead because of pennies is unzambian,especially christians country for that matter.What I know of a zambian, no matter how one is your enemy,when he is dying we visit and wish that person well.Going through most of the contributions on blog,I see only devil at work on this blog not zambians with hearts of human being.Surely we are all not any better than FTJ.One way or another we have sinned against God and against each other,we need forgiveness,but we can only have it when forgive others as well.Fellow blogers lets kneel down and pray for ourselves for protection from the devil who is at work, becoz its seem he is now using this blog to many souls.We kaponyas have got hearts,we love and care for one other,in sickness and in health.

  90. Indeed it is a sad day….let Chiluba free himself from these physical and mental afflictions by apologising and accepting restitution…

    AM tell me where was your voice….
    When Dean Mungomba imprisoned on trumpled charges leading to break up of his marriege and an early death from the TB contracted in Prison…
    When Pricess Nakatindi was falsly imprisoned and crippled. She now walks on crutches…
    When Kaunda was shot at in Kabwe and susequently imprisoned on Christmas day despite nursing a wife with a stroke…
    When Chiluba mocked Kaunda and Roger Chongwe after their shooting in Kabwe…..
    When Chiluba was busy having a field day havin carnal knowledge of Regina while her husband suffered silently in pain and anguish……….
    When Penza and Paul Tembo’s children wept for their fathers who died due to knowledge of Chiluba’s thefts…..

    Now that Chiluba the bells are tolling for Chiluba you have found a voice with which to speak.

  91. #100 CITIZEN, can you tensify in court of law all those allegations? or u just one the Cheats. As for Regina she is a big woman, carnal knowledge does not apply. She knew what she doing and she was enjoying every minute of it.

  92. AM 101

    These are facts and not allegations. Where was your voice when all these things were happening.

    As for Regina I was trying to be modest.. may by I should replace the word with whoring, prostitution or adultery.

  93. let those who have not sinned before judge chilu.mother ****ers like mwanamuchenda, marvin hagler, elicat, badbwoi ,cathy, muk just shut up.cant u see that the man has a poor health any way **** u 4 showing how devilish u are.

  94. Jerry,
    Am really dispointed for insulting on such a media. Surely this media is met for people to express thier views and opinion in a more dignified and respectable manner.Those insults you are typing just shows how stupid ,foolish and ***** you are. You should have manners especially when expressing your uneducated manners in public. Stupid fool go back to pre school,primary, secondary and University if you can have the brains.

  95. 103#

    AM It appers that you do not know the meaning of words substantive, fact or allegation.

    Let me explain it simply a fact is a truth that has been proved.

    It is a fact that Chongwe and Kaunda were shot at in Kabwe.
    It is a fact that Dean Mungomba was imprisoned on ficticius charges..he contracted TB..and..he lost his marriage as a consequense
    It is fact that Princess Nakatindi was detained on ficticius charges and is now crippled as a consequense.
    It is a fact that when all these things happened Chiluba was President and ochestrated the events

    All these are provable or can be substantiated susbtantive

  96. If chiluba returned the money to the people of zambia. It could be used to improve our medical standards, so that ALL ZAMBIAN’S POOR, RICH, FORMER PRESIDENTS AND CURRENT WOULD NOT HAVE TO LEAVE ZAMBIA FOR TREATMENT IN OTHER COUNTRIES

  97. Please fellow Zambian can you leave the big man alone. Even clinton wasn’t treated the way you are doing to former president. Can you try to be good please and leave the him in peace.

  98. Kalima (#108), there is a big difference between Clinton and Chiluba: Clinton presided over a prosperous US economy (bliss for most Americans)despite the shortcomings in his personal life; Chiluba reduced Zambians to beggers through misguided economic policies and as if that was not enough, he now stands accused of serious abuses of public funds. The two can’t, therefore, be compared. Living in the US, you may not fully appreciate the suffering on the ordinary Zambian. Worse still, a culture of corruption promoted by Chiluba’s regime (Slush Fund, Brown Envelopes, etc) now permeates our society. A positive out of all this should be a message to politicians that you can no longer abuse office with impunity: a precedent is being set. The stealing is there but not with the impunity of the Chiluba regime!!!

  99. It is very sad the forum that is supposed to be educative is being hijacked by people wish selfish hearts. A forum that we think is supposed to be a blessing for us to exchange ideas is being used for insulting other people. Our great grand fathers had “Insakas” or places of gathering where they shared and exchanged ideas. It is here where the identified fools and came up with a proverb, “Pansaka tapabula ichiwelewele,” meaning “A fool will always be there at a meeting place.” It my prayer that this site is not used by Satan to disseminate hatred or curses but be a tool for sharing knowledge and promotion of peace and development in our nation. Otherwise I agree with # 99 AM. And if there be a fool always at the meeting place, let that fool not be you.

  100. Ref# 97. Thank you very much for the advice but your advice is rather biased. Some contributions on this forum have referred to fellow Zambians as ba Kaponya. I think that the phrase Ba Kaponya is more belittling than dull. Please be fair in the dispensation of justice.

  101. Mpundu bushe ulimpundu(twin) or you just hijacked the name,what makes you think Kalima has the same hard heart like you.Kalima mwandi abantu aba nabamutahsa filikumasaya,lilya basita ama japanese cars, nama mini buses free of duty ninshi naciwama, it was all because of FTJ, the man gave them chance to make money but they are just waiting for $46m,ukafwa nga lock #109 be innovative,mu KK era you could not even get to that UTH mortuary because of the stench, Iam writing from experience,but today you can walk in with your banana and go on commercial break to eat with no worry ask Dr HK who operates there.Let us give credit were its due, your LEvy today said he will be irrelevant after 2011, what sort of a citizen is he?Greedy, he doesnot want to enact the constitution which is the basis of governance.FTJ get well soon and ask GOD to give you strength forgive Levy and Vera for having caused you so much pain and anguish, they are human and dont know what they are doing.

  102. Kuku (#112),niwe Kuku meaning ‘mbuya’ or you just hijacked the name? Whichever, it is a pity that you mistake your blind loyalty to a good heart. Why doesn’t your good heart extend to the common good of the poor Zambian? It is a pity that you cannot distinguish hard-heartedness with justice. Nobody is disputing any good acts Chiluba may have done. What I don’t agree with is your argument that because he did some good (in your definition: duty free cars; by the way talk to workers who lost jobs in the parastatals without ever getting terminal benefits or alternative jobs about your duty free cars!), then he must not answer for serious allegations of abuse of public funds. Such blind support or loyalty explains why even the worst dictators in Africa can claim support among some people. By the way, I am not a supporter of Levy: if anything, you should be reminded that Chiluba’s impunity (‘political engineering’ and electoral fraud) is what gave our beautiful country the so called Levy!

  103. Truly Zambian (#111), I singled you out probably because I thought I saw potential for good arguments from you, aside from extremities in language. Do you seriously want to be lumped together with those who just insult others (the ones you say called others Ba Kaponya) and yet have nothing meaningful to add to a discussion?

  104. Imagine a British leader being found guilty in a Zambian court law; it can never happen because no Muzungu would recognize a stupid thing like that. Chiluba is a former president of Zambia, he should not be tried in a foreign court for crimes committed against the Zambian people. I do not care how unhappy we are with Chiluba, no foreign judge should use the language he used when passing his judgment. His language is not only demeaning but out right racist. I live and work with Bazungus, I know a racist when I see one. We have courts of law and very capable people to interpret our laws. By embarrassing our former president, we are embarrassing ourselves. This was a guy we ahd voted for twice, when a foreigner insults Chiluba, he is actually insulting Zambians.

  105. CITIZEN #106, What I wanted to know from u was the information about Penza and Paul Tembo’s death, you seems to know a lot. Pls tell nation what happens since you are saying “Penza & Tembo’s children wept for their fathers who died due to knowledge of Chiluba’s thefts”. In this statement, you are saying Chiluba engineering the death of these two pipo, because they knew he stealing from the gvn. Tell the nation the truth (especial from your heart) of what you saw and not what you heard and shame the devil. Rumour mongering does not pay my dear friend.

  106. 115 Ba Chanda Musonda
    Ichakukonka ulubilo naiwe Chikonka ulubilo

    There is nothing racist about Chiluba’s court Judgement by a London court.

    Cast your mind to the following…
    Chiluba spent on $1.2 on a tailor in Switzerland, why did he not spend this money on tailors in Kabwata market or indeed pay serioes in Luanshya.

    When he was investigating allegations on theft of state house books by kaunda he brought Scotland yard detectives. Why did he not get CIDs from chilenje or woodlands police.

    Why did he use London domiciled law firms to handle his cash instead of using Mundia Sikatana and company at carousel shopping centre

    Don’t be hypocrites….

  107. #116 AM
    To night when you kneel next to your bed praying for Chiluba’s quick recovery, also remember to pray for Princess Nakatindi, the late Dean Mungomba’s Children,Paul Tembo and Ronald Siame Penza’s Children

  108. May we all join hearts in wishing our former president a quick and full recovery from this misfortune in health that has befallen him and THEN AFTERWARDS WE ARREST HIM AND TAKE HIM TO COURT-Ka Kabolala ka Chilu

  109. #118 For me my dear friend, I pray for everybody – for myself, family, leaders of difference groupings, friends, sick pipo in hospital, in homes, souls of dead pipo and enemies alike, including pipo who browze on this blog and I urge u CITIZEN to do the same.

  110. !120# If you do pray for everybody
    also pray for levy so that God may grant him wisdom to rule this nation and to avoid falling to the same temptations like Chiluba.

  111. I hope he has the opportunity to ask for forgiveness as he brought alot of misery and death to his own people. I hope he dies poor……! I also ask for my own forgiveness as i hate the plunderers with a passion! greedy, heartless pigs…!

  112. THE AWAKENING.Pres.Chiluba preached democracy and chritianity but apparently failed to practice either. Public Office is a service for which one must not ascribe to, unless one is willing and is dutifully committed and prepared to “freely” perform.

    If even 1n( one Ngwee) was pocketed by Chiluba, he failed the Christianity or democratic principle under which many( including myself) voted him into power. CAll me harsh…yah, but remember, the suffering brought about by such corrupt tendecies to ZAmbians and Africa as a whole,are even harsher. A precedence as to be set: NO ONE must rise to power with the sole intent of bettering themselves!

  113. I think in as much as the former president made mistakes we should not waste time judgin him n saying what his done,zambian should unite n work together

Comments are closed.

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