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Senior citizens concerned with land allocation to foreigners

Headlines Senior citizens concerned with land allocation to foreigners

Ndola November 19, ZANIS – Senior Concerned Citizens in Ndola have expressed displeasure at the continuous manipulation of Members of Parliament (MP) and the allocation of land to foreigners.

In a press statement made available to ZANIS today Isaac Chileshe a concerned senior citizen said it was wrong for government through the Ministry of Lands to allocate land to foreigners while freedom fighters that fought for independence were living and dying like destitutes.

“We are disappointed with the continuous manipulation of MP’s and the allocating of land to foreigners at the expense of freedom fighters that are dying like destitutes in their own land which they repossessed from foreigners who had grabbed it from their ancestors,” he said.

Mr Chileshe also condemned the allocation of taxpayers’ money to few selected contractors and suppliers.

He charged that government had failed to empower its citizens with economic and political empowerment.

“The Zambian government has failed to empower its citizens economically or politically, and why should we then continue voting? In whose interest is it?” he questioned.

Mr Chileshe has appealed to Zambians to support the idea of constructing the “house of wisdom.”

He explained that the house of wisdom would consist of a 200-man committee that would use eight local languages and one foreign language, English.

Meanwhile, a Ndola Clergyman has appealed to residents in newly demarcated areas in the city to ensure that toilets were a priority on their building plans.

Pastor Elijah Mweene told Zanis in Ndola that as a way of celebrating the world toilet day, it was important for locals in newly demarcated areas in the city to reflect on the significance of having a toilet per household to promote hygienic ways of living.

He said in the light of the onset of the rain season, it was important for people to practice high standards of hygiene so that diarrhoea diseases and cholera outbreaks were minimised.

He said digging a pit latrine for those who cannot afford a flushable toilet was paramount because a lot of waterborne and airborne diseases were uncontrolled under unsanitary conditions of life.

Pastor Mweene added that the world toilet day, though a new concept to many, should be embraced so that every year people would be sensitised on the importance of the right use of toilets.

He said a toilet had been man’s friend from time immemorial because it was a facility that man could not dispense with.

He added that even other church leaders should use their positions of influence and authority to sensitise their members on the benefits of practicing good health promoting habits.


  1. 57 families were displaced in Ndola and promised their huts to be connected to ZESCO when their ancestral land was taken up for TEKA farm expansion.Surprising when ZESCO came they were told to start paying monthly bills.Thus, these pipo they also need their land back coz of empty promises from Chuchu.Wait for HE Sata to come and rule MY country, it shall be back.

    New Deal Govt of Dr Chuchu is busy fighting corruption te?What corruption? They are deserve a jambok

  2. I hope the Zimbabwe saga shall not visit Zambia 20 to 50 years from now. My dad a retiree from the mines resettled in the Mulungushi Agro Scheme area. I am told that several retirees who could not afford to develop their land since they were given peanuts for retirement have been selling their 10 acres land for as little as K3 million to foreigners. To add salt to injury, the Dam has been “Privatized” and reports reaching me say the new tycoons may soon fence off the dam leaving our people

  3. #3 in the nutshell, ground and surface water must be protected by the govt in terms of water pollution and blocking rivers by individuals must be condemned by gvot if it’s a caring govt.CK, this is serious,a dam being privatised.Am sure pipo went to MAS area coz of that dam, then tapali ifyabo and the so called “go back to the land” ya-fake since abena KK has refused to go back to shambalakale farm in (Chipeku)Chisali(top soil)

  4. Ba Joze,
    I have done some research on your problem

    We all have periods of elation and despair, a natural part of living but different from these normal ups and downs, the bipolar symptoms are severe and the ramifications can be widespread and damaging to the individual, their relationships, job or school performance etc.

  5. Bipolar disorder typically develops in late adolescence or early adulthood. However, some people have their first symptoms of depression during childhood, and some develop them late in life. It is often not recognized as an illness, and people may suffer for years before it is properly diagnosed and treated. Bipolar disorder is a long-term illness that must be carefully managed throughout a person’s life. The risk of suicide including teen suicide is high in untreated cases.

  6. The bipolar disease does not seem to discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race ethnic groups or social classes. However there seems to be a genetic component as bipolar runs in families. Most sufferers having other close relatives with either unipolar or bipolar depression.

  7. Joze

    Are You a Child of Bipolar?

    When you were a child, did you:

    * Experience inconsistent discipline? Was it okay to do something one day and then be punished for doing that same thing another day?
    * Have a parent who started major projects only to abandon them after becoming depressed? Did your parent have high-energy times followed by days where they couldn’t get out of bed?

  8. Well, PAC reveals once again, billions of our tax money continues to go into civil servants pockets while poverty oppresses our rural citizens. Around 2005-06 Zambia’s public purse is K8-9 trillion so how do those hundreds of billions disappear without crippling govt? I have a big problem with the methods MEFMI and other audit mechanisms being used. While they chase irrecoverable FTJ assets, we’re losing more! Are we this incapable as Africans. Levy’s govt is a total mess.

  9. #5 Francis, my father’s farm is on the dam (borders the dam). My brother in law has just returned from visiting them at Mulungushi Agro Scheme. He tells me of the sad development that the dam has been sold and soon they may fence it off and if this happens the area will be a “no go in area!”

  10. Okay, so Evans Chibiliti (secretary of treasury) admits finally that the biggest problem in public sector is implementation capacity. Something to excite supply-side commentators? You can have the money but its people that make things happen!

  11. !” ctd. The land has a lot of Bamwisa and many poor retirees have opted (been forced by “market forces”) to sell their land by as little as K3 million because they had a lot of problems ranging from failure to cultivate or build their houses to difficulty to transport farm produce. The picture according to him was not very good.

  12. ctd. The land has a lot of potential but had remained undeveloped because of no tarmac road, the usual cry for every rural Zambia. Many desperate poor retirees are still being approached to sell their land and I do not know if government would be of any help here to protect its citizens, because the Bamwisa have the money for obvious reasons and before we know it, soon Zambians will be homeless in their homeland.

  13. Sorry…was just thinking avbout these unbelievable thefts of public money going on in Zambia. WHILE WE CLAIM TO FIGHT CORRUPTION. Anything is possible in Zambia these days. So people are cut off a source of livelihood. My theory tells me its almost impossible to ‘protect’ such a common pool resource sustainably. Something will give

  14. The failure of our politicians to do any roads into mulungushi, chiawa, kafue national, etc. is a clear indication we have no clue what we’re doing. I agree with you, this is a real disaster in the making.

  15. Anonymous(6)

    Please don’t take the case of that Joze chap rightly. He is a patient in need of everybody’s compassion. Please get him booked in at any nearest mental hospital. From his behavior he exhibits an escalated condition of positive “Schizophrenia”.Hence devoted to an insulting task on the elderly and those that intellectually challenge him and Sata his demi-god.

  16. Typical symptoms of Joze’s schizophrenia problem include hallucinations, mostly visual and auditory. To try to interpret these very realistic hallucinations, the sufferer develops delusions. A common delusion is that a schizophrenic may think he has a magic power or that he is God. This is a psychotic state. A psychosis affects the brain and damages it.

  17. Ya, it is sad. We have told our parents not to sell their 10 acres land because our plans are to develop it. But we know many poor parents may have no option. Leasing land for 99 years for Bamwisa (again nothing personal) should be reviewed by our Parliament, since for sure we are courting danger for posterity.

  18. Potentially, Joze’s development of schizophrenia started during adolescence. I believe it was caused by genetic defects triggered by stress factors like depression in a broken home he grew up in, followed by the death of his step fatter couped with other experiences that are hard to cope with.

  19. The prognosis of schizophrenia is bad when the disease has developed slowly; when there were no significant factors to trigger it; when it started to develop early; and when there are more family members suffering from schizophrenia. Treatment includes the taking of medications to suppress psychosis and joining psychotherapy. During non-psychotic episodes the sufferer has to learn to live with the symptoms and to avoid the possible triggers which prompt the psychosis; such as pressure, unstable

  20. FACT grow up! There is a serious topic CK is discussing and you are busy trying to out-smart ba jose,nowonder you MMD chaps are now losing by-elections.
    CK the issues you are addressing are serious, we need a way to make these so called leaders accountable otherwise we will be worse off than Zimbabwe very soon! There is need to also project the poor in our society so that they shouldn’t be giving away land to foreigners. If the current gov’t can’t deliver, another one that can should move in.

  21. ctd. Let us not waste time with sellouts and time wasters. Politicians should be made accountable otherwise we will have ourselves to blame but by then it will be almost to late to sort out this problem. I believe that getting a good visionary gov’t is the way forward. We should not live on the hype of the media bcoz the are past of the mess Zambia is in right now bcoz the choose not to report the truth but always side with the gov’t of the day. This self defeating culture should end!!

  22. I Think Ba Joze should take some time off from Bloging because of late he has exhibited a lot of psychological disoders. Apart from those #6 has diagonized he also has Multiple Personality Disoder which he has lived with since his childhood. Schizophrenia can not be ruled out in him because he sometimes take insults to be praises and vice versa. Anyway on schizophrenia he should be forgiven because it is a genetic inheritance from his partenal grandpa.

  23. The level of immaturity & trading of insults on this blog is sickening.It explains why we still wallow in poverty while foreigners are busy making a kill on our minerals & land and other factors of production.And we cry foul over aliens yet we are the problem ourselves. Going by the circus of insults here; if outsmarting each other in insults were riches; Zambia would be a very rich country.However, insults are not productive.Nearly 40% of comments on this Blog are insults. SIT BACK AND REFLECT.

  24. Bwana Theoretician # 26,
    Welcome back since your previous posts on the Mususu and the NCC.I have some good day to challenge your held “mythology” that the clergy are infallible and carry an absolute or unchallengeable moral, spiritual and political authority over national Governance and constitutional discourse in Zambia. Whoever and wherever you adopted that misleading mythology needs to be brought in the firing range for planting seeds of deception. I have so much to break that.

  25. Shikulu bantu ba Pragmatist at 72yrs you are no different from Ba Jose at 28yrs. Your conduct and behaviour are the same as 28yrs Jose, pls shikulu grow up, when are you going to get mature in mind. Blogging with big words which most pipo can hardly understanding is not being educated, it is actually fooling yourself.

  26. (26),
    Rationally qualify your statement that men of the cloth ought to be taken as absolute voice of God and the people. Such is a dangerous held fallacy devoid of intellectual perspective. Certainly, there are some fallacies of relevance ideal in argumentations but not that one. Your fallacy is more peripherally related to failures of any form of relevance and reasoning. Its has a more tangential relation to failures of relevance.

  27. Look through the scramble for Africa and tell me who the front men were. Tell me how Belgium, Portugal, and all colonizers found themselves amongst our people.Mususu is a mole for dark side of humanity. I challenge to look at his bank account and funding sources.

  28. The hieroglyphics of ancient Africa are filled with records of thousands of years of battles and conquest precipitated by the same men of the cloth. This is true of almost every known civilization.One of the primary functions of all religions should be to assist the leaders of any society in creating peace and harmony by teaching peaceful coexistence and communal moral values. But look at Mususu and his legion.

  29. (26),

    In your mythology,is what Mususus and legion are doing framing and demonizing power actors first the way to go? Does your mythology teach you that in conflict resolution demonize and seek dialogue later? Is that what you do in your conflict management style?

  30. FACT#27-32You are putting words in my mouth. I said THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO ZAMBIA IS OUTSTANDING. Outstanding is not synonymous with infallible. They are human, which human is infallible. True religion was used to achieve colonialism but worse for our own black ancestors who sold their own kith and kin for a bottle of rum or thead of beads.Are you implying that politicians should always have their way (and clergy keep quiet) because religion was once used to colonise Africa?

  31. Fact, the church has played a major role even before independence.The church is a voice of many pipo who the govt in many cases has failed.The church leaders do not just critise the govt when the govt is doing the right thing.Over the constitution making process the church is very much aware of how bad the constitution will be.The church in particular the Catholic,is not even after the allowances but to see to it that the end result will bring the pipo from different background to play a part.

  32. Contd:The constitution is not for politicians but for ordinary pipo.Levy will leave office and it is the same pipo like you who will say he did a bad job.

  33. The role of the clergy in the constitution making proccess cannot be over emphasised,it is too risky to leave everything in the hands of politicians more so Levy M,we need everyone to come on board for the sake of mother Zed.And FACT u seem to be miss applying your jargons on this matter,a more sober approach is highly recommended…

  34. Enough with the insults, we can blame levy the whole day what can he do? we want issues here.He gave pipo land never being done b4.You with relatives invest on that land.What do we expect the govt to do more? If the land produces crops the govt will put a road.If pipo cannot develop land given to them let them sell it.Other pipo can do something on the land.We complain and complain, but what do we get? ba jose, CK, etc wit pipo on farming blocks , help them, tell them to petition for the dam.

  35. #37 Iwe shetani wakantu, you are provoking the sitution, why cant you just contribute your point without looking down other pipo. Thats why they are insulting you! Wanwuka mukanwa.

  36. FACT#32 On conflict resolution/management I have got the following to say. Various types of cultures manifest themselves world. These are individualism versus collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity versus femininity, long term versus short term orientation, individualism versus collectivism.

  37. In some cultures individualism is predominant, with people looking after their own interests. Personal responsibility and achievement are highly valued and individual decision making is cherished. Individualist cultures are open to initiative, flexibility and experimentation. An example of an individualistic society would be USA.
    Collectivism on the other hand fosters a harmonious fit within the group. Team unity is key.

  38. Power distance
    Cultures with high power distance have superiors who wield strong powers and the formal hierarchy is rigidly followed. In low power distance cultures there is less regard for senior/junior dimensions and leaders can easily be bypassed by subjects in order to get things done.

  39. Uncertainty avoidance
    Cultures with high uncertainty avoidance are concerned with security and avoid conflict. Premium is placed on livelyhood stability e.g. Japan and Italy. On the other hand cultures with low uncertainty avoidance tolerate ambiguity and perceive conflict as constructive. Premium is placed on opportunism and experimentation.

  40. Masculinity versus femininity
    Masculine cultures encourage members to be strong assertive competitive and directive. Cultures that encourage femininity promote empathy, nurturing, supportive and are relationship orientated.

  41. Long term versus short term orientation
    There are cultures that encourage tactical decision making and spontaneous action while others promote strategic well planned and thought out conduct. Spontaneous business practice has the distinct advantage of seizing and exploiting opportunities but lacks thorough planning of the management of these opportunities.

  42. Long term business planning has the advantage of good consideration of all parties involved and scenarios and stands a better chance of resilience in adverse conditions.

  43. In Africa, Zambia in particular we seem to have assimilated a hybrid of mostly bad traits of the above cultures. Our politicians want a high power distance culture where they are feared and worshiped. From the uncertainity avoidance culture we have borrowed bu muzungu wanga (Ba kandile) the type that sung and danced FTJ into the ruinious 3rd term even when the knew he was destroying not only himself but the country aswell. Another example is Mpombo.

  44. From the masculinity Vs Femininity we have chosen to be nuturing and supportive to foreigners ( KK’s Southern Africas’ liberation, it is estimated the Zambian economy bled 14 billion USD as a direct consequence of the struggle, FTJ over liberilastion, LPM Chinese interests)

  45. From the long term Vs short term orientation we have borrowed lack of thorough planning & management. The current mismanagement of our mineral resources & lack country & town planning where ward chairmen/councillors/RDChave become town planners are typical examples.

  46. The most destructive of these traits is the fear & worshipping of leaders & bu Kandile/muzungu wanga. I SALUTE THE CHURCH FOR FOR STANDING FIRM IN TRYING TOBREAK DOWN THESE TRAITS.

  47. Solicitor-General Nkonde dropped
    By Times Reporter

    PRESIDENT Levy Mwanawasa has, with immediate effect, terminated the services of Solicitor-General Sunday Nkonde(right).
    State House Chief Analyst – Press and Public Relations, David Kombe announced Mr Nkonde’s removal in a statement in Lusaka yesterday.
    Dr Mwanawasa paid tribute to Mr Nkonde for the service he rendered to the nation during his tenure and wished him the best in his future ventures.
    In his letter to him President Mwanaw

  48. Theoretician,
    I’m back for our debate but wondering if you are cool with the idea of progressing under this thread. First allow me to state my strong fragrance for responsible capitalism and individual responsibility than your collectivism dogma. Talk of individualism where self responsibility is a norm, merit based remuneration, religious and speech rights are treasured, national interest a duty, strong private businesses ownership, and limited Government fundamental principles for co-existence

  49. I wouldn’t personally advocate for collectivism. It has failed us over many years. I want people to freely express their mind but with individual responsibility as enshrined in the values of individualism. Collectivism comes with a lot of barrier in a democracy Look at China our best model of collectivism. There is no leverage for diversity in opinion publicly a stage we have long passed in Zambia.

  50. Under collectivism, public opinions impede on strong held moral values. You wouldn’t
    see the predominantly unwarranted character assault on leaders by those in a democratic stupor. Freedom is real in Zambia. Under collectivism criticism is only in a more private and personal atmosphere to protect a person from the “loss of face”. In collectivistic cultures a direct confrontation will be always be avoided yet that is what your men of the cloth are doing.

  51. There is no culture of power distance in modern Zambia. We dismantled that in 1991 when we co-founded change. Power distance is characterized in strong party systems.
    We guaranty destroyed that in 1991 and rejected it again under Chiluba when Sata systematically belabored to pull Chiluba in reversion to it. He crafted the kumulu lesa panshi ni kaunda clap and started terrorizing with machetes all prodemocracy Zambians
    during the immoral third term trail.

  52. In countries with high power distance, citizens are too afraid to express their doubts and disagreements with their autocratic and paternalistic bosses which is not the case in Zambia’s functional democratic system of Governance under Dr.Mwanawasa. Least you have forgotten in your comparative politics 101 that Chiluba use to Penzalize or Tembolize dissent but no more. LPM cannot even Penzalise a tsetsefly when he goes for vacation in Mfuwe or Kasaba bay. That is how accommodating he is.

  53. On masculinity Vs Femininity and foreigners, you sound more of an isolationist than an idealistic multilateralist with an inclusive and engaging mindset. That is too dangerous in the Global village. KK did the honorable thing though errored for not rendering such gigantic support on generational terms. Look at the USA in Iraq. There are binding self rational economic interests there- what is in it for me. Our liberation support could have been our Generational dividends.

  54. Like they say,”everything has a price.” That’s what you get for your trade….!Tin of chibuku Vs your PF vote! don’t complain as you adore and worship fortune seekers that do not give a damn about your welfare? you still believe that the likes of the sata’s will end your misery? what a shame! seek for qualities in the people you elect! stop considering their political affliations (political party). it’s individuals that bring change and not political parties.vote wisely….HH the only way out.

  55. Professor Clive Chirwa yesterday declared his intention to contest the MMD presidency and later the 2011 Republican presidential election .. The Post.

    Any details on the prof. never heard of him before.Left Zed 96 but never heard the man speak politics … any details.

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