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MMD reacts to HH’s statement on floods

Headlines MMD reacts to HH's statement on floods

The MMD in Southern province has reacted sharply to opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president, Hakainde Hachilema in which he has accused government of failing to assist flood victims.

The ruling party has also asked the UPND leader to apologise to the people of Zambia for insulting and using derogatory remarks against President Mwanawasa and his ministers.

Provincial Secretary, Emmanuel Siamwela said the attacks on government are baseless and done ignorantly because government through the office of the Vice President responded in barely two days after the flood struck Mazabuka, Monze, Namwala and other districts.

Mr Siamwela said Mr Hachilema should have consulted the office of the Vice President before rushing to the press because flood victims have been assisted with Tents, Mealie meal, Kapenta and Beans to the victims.

He advised Mr Hichilema to desist from politicising the flood situation but assist government find ways of mitigating the effects of the floods.

Mr Siamwela said the MMD will not tolerate politicians inciting flood victims to rise against government when they failed to provide humanitarian assistance.

The party provincial secretary was reacting to a story in today’s Post newspaper, headlined MMD’s service delivery is below par.

Mr Siamwela also accused Mr Hchilema of concentrating on attcking government because his mother’s village was swept away by floods.

He also challenged Mr Hichilema why he decided to visit a few selected villages in Mazabuka and Monze instead of the extending his tour to other districts such as Kazungula, Sinazongwe and Siavonga districts.

Mr Siamwela has commended the Catholic church, Redcross, World Vision Zambia and Albidon Zambia limited for donating food aid to the flood victims of Mazabuka.

Meanwhile, President Levy Mwanawasa is tomorrow expected in Mazabuka district in Southern province to tour flood ravaged areas.

The President is also expected to visit Monze and Namwala districts which have equally been hit by floods.

This is according to a programme released to ZANIS in Mazabuka by District Commissioner, Misheck Chiinda this morning.

Mr Chiinda said Dr Mwanawasa will depart Lusaka at 09:30 hours by Chopper and will land at Mbiya Basic School where he would visit over 40 families affected by floods and are temporarily accommodated in tents by Government.

He said the President will also conduct an aerial view of Itebe area in Chief Mwanachingwala which has remained inaccessible since the district was hit by floods three weeks ago.

According to the programme, Mr Chiinda said Dr Mwanawasa is expected to arrive in Monze district at 11:20 hours and depart for Namwala at 13:00 hours where he is also expected to tour flood affected areas before winding up his schedule.

And Magoye UPND Member of parliament, Ben Mweemba says President Mwanawasa’s visit to Mazabuka to check on the flood victims is significant for the people of Mazabuka.

Mr Mweemba told ZANIS in Mazabuka today, that the visit will bring to light the hardships the flood victims are going through and how government can expedite the distribution of humanitarian assistance to the victims.

He said President Mwanawasa deserves to be commended for fulfilling his promise to visit the people affected by floods.

” I personally spoke to the President and he assured me he would visit my constituency, am excited with the visit,” said Mweemba.

Magoye constituency, which covers Chiefs Mwanachingwala and Hanjalika, have been severely hit by floods that have caused havoc on crops, livestock and left scores of families homeless.

Government through the office of the Vice president has responded quickly and dispatched tents, Mealie meal, Beans and Kapenta in all the centres opened to provide temporal accommodation to victims.

Deputy Minister in the office of the Vice president, Friday Malwa physically donated the food stuffs to the victims two weeks ago.


  1. I understand why the MMD are touchy – they’ve been caught napping. It is Hikainde’s job to put pressure on the government to do more. As usual the MMD have over-reacted. Talk of ‘inciting flood victims to rise against the government’ is a bit over the top. Hikainde’s criticism has obviously worked. Suddenly LPM is in a hurry to go and see the floods. I wonder why he has not bothered until now.

  2. There we go again….MMD is so afriad of being on fire words..Always rushing to say you want people to rise agains goverment.
    Just few day ago at police annual ball in Lilayi, Mwanawasa was saying that police officers campaign for the opposition during elections…
    No MMD Third Term in 2011!!

  3. A few narrow minded politicians. Why are they in politics in the first place. iT’S obvious that the opposition will attack the govenment of the day on their down sides. If GRZ has not assisted flood victims in monze then it’s an issue, the fact that other districts have been assisted is plus but what about the rest. It’s about time these critics are more objective and do the right thing, they should be able to rise up to any occassion. Cancel by elections divert finds to flood victims

  4. It is a very wellknown fact in the Zambian security services circles that one FTJ Kafupi Chiluba was part and parcelof the Shamwana coup plot. We have heard him so many times threatening to sue people only to curl back into his stinking Katangese thieving shell. Damn pigymy!

  5. We don’t pipo to bring ifyongo. Who are these yangstas,new in Politics troubling the Ever Ruling MMD Party?
    Please mwe ba Tonga leave Mwanawasa do his things?
    You should be positively criticising.

  6. #6 Lt
    who is this Lt guy who can speak so blatantly and foolishly like mala musana wa nda. Whats up in your rotten heads your cheaply educated guys. Who told you that the tongas are against LPM. HH is doing his job and it is his duty to voice out if there is any injustice in the dealings of the MMD. You think what you have head about Rwanda and the recent happenings in Kenya are cooked up stories. Watch out what you say or keep away your evil fingers from this blog.

  7. Am not Tonga but Lt is indeed shallow minded and is the greatest bootlicker of Mwanawasa and maybe more than a bootlicker.
    Why should HH keep quiet when floods are the order of the day and most parts of the country are being cut off. Lt, uli wa chankalale fye kokolizo iwe.
    Ulya peace. Even muli Kaunda mwali peace and stability. How many people filled their bellies with peace and stability.
    Ni we boss wanga Lt and pipo like u are a threat to society and the best place for u is apo pa chainama

  8. Cheap Zambian politics, its time we learnt from our freinds in South Africa. Politics in Zambia stinks especially MMD

  9. Aba ba politician tulandapo, bena balikwata akapiya akakulu sana already. Ifwe tufwaye fye utupunda apakwibila akapiya pantu corruption yena pam zed tayakapwe.

  10. I start by quoting the MMD official, who says “The ruling party has also asked the UPND leader to apologise to the people of Zambia for insulting and using derogatory remarks against President Mwanawasa and his ministers”. National issues are far above petty MMD closet issues. The flood situation is a national disaster and I wonder who is inciting who when there is failure on the part of those charged with the responsibility to deliver relief to flood victims. I repeat ‘this is a national issue’

  11. Hakaivotela Heka (HH)has every right to comment on the performance of the ruling party.If he didn’t, what else do we expect him to say.The the reaction by the MMD was rather emotional…a simple rebuttal statement highlighting their quick response would have been sufficient.

  12. There we go again, we have even a simple thing such as a disaster which like law can strike anyone of any colour, creed, sex, state of mind and all that goes with it, we are busy talking about a simple fact that HH stated. I personally have no interest in what HH does, I just am a sympathiser because this guy in more ways that not represents what some of believe is supposed to be the stature of a modern politician. But Lt thinks differently, guys this is a simple thing. Government work up!

  13. The MMD and those who hate the Tongas, Just know that You are slowly but sure pushing the Southern Province away from this country called Zambia. When you will see the kenya situation don’t be surprised in future. Why should southerner always be labeled when they talk about real thing. It only take one foolish man, then Zambia will be on fire.People are fed up and the MMD will have to blame themselves for divisive politics which they always want to play whenever HH or Sata speaks about real issu

  14. Lt, you are foolish together with yo MMD. You are shollow minded. HH has every right to comment on national issues and disasters are part of this

  15. Dickson #12 Why do we Africans have this obsession with keeping our Presidents holy? If Hichilema criticises Mwanawasa do we expect him to kneel down as he criticises? No the president is not a King. He is the people’s servant. They dont choose him so that they can have someone to sulk up to. We just end up making these people big headed because when they are surrounded by bootlickers they think they are always right!

  16. As for HK #15 stop wishing the country bloodshed. Why should every little difference people have be pushed to the subject of secession? If one person calls Southerners Tongas it doesn’t mean all of Zambia is tribalising. You are the people who raise mayhem where there is none. I am from the North myself but I have a son who is a Tonga so I dont take kindly to this silly seccesion talk!

  17. Bush was critised for his slow reaction to Katrina? And why shouldnt LPM be criticised by concerned Zambians over these devastating floods? MMD is a party of morons!

  18. This Muwelewele nad his bootlickes think they own Zambia.These morons are severnts of the citizens, we have the right to critisise then whenever we see that they are not doing the job we gave to them wel.

    Servants, not kings, Muwelewele and his bootlickers should realise that.

  19. I think we agree that Governments are supposed to be accountable, I am married to a Bemba woman so when you insult the Bembas it means you are insulting my wife, when you insult the Tongas you are insulting me, I do not know which side my children would go if a tribal war broke out. Abash LT and his cohorts!!! Viva One Zed one Nation!

  20. Neuter, I am not inciting bloodshed. I am warning you against vices which promote hegemony. If you ignore these facts, one day you will woke up your neighbor Phiri hacking Chaining you and your Brother in Law Mwiinga throwing you in the pit. You invest in peace my friend by facing vices which promote it. Where do you think The tongas will go .How do you think Tongas feel. Dont think they are stupid. FYI, they are very important & influential in this country as a group even when they are moderate

  21. Gentlemen lets get serious with National issues. I haven’t read the whole statement above but I support HH. The Govt need to do more. This issue is not Political. Lets us desist from Politics of appeasement. Why should he apologise. I was in Zambia last December, its is disappointing to note the state of desperation the country is in now. The roads have become worser than during the time of Kaunda. I grew up in Libala. It is sad. If Lusaka which is capital can exhibit such desperation. Pg1

  22. Pg2

    The Goverment collects money from all the poor people heftly. Where does the moeny go. In this country (South Africa), there is much more corruption than there is in Zambia but you still can see things happening in Zambia, that Guy “DR” Mwanawasa keeps yapping now 7 yrs yet things are moving from bad to worse. Don’t be cheated Zambia is a worser Titanic than Zimbabwe because of that MMD. Be travelled guys and you will note that difference. Am even scared to come back there.

  23. Corruption is over drammatised in Zambia and the fight is meant to blind fold the Masses whilst the MMD is getting all to themselves. I mean “Dr” Mwanawasa and his crones.

  24. Response to # 4 & 6

    This is why our country will never move forward. Having people like you. Please guys if you have nothing to contribute don’t waste our time reading meaningless scripts from you.

    Let us not without sound reason appease these people who become “Dr’s” when they go to state house. Not to suggest that they dont deserve praise where it is due.

    HH big ups – No apologies my man. We need to stand up to this MMD driving the Titanic.

  25. Its amazing to read about the rates of growth of our economy yet not much is being done on the ground.

    Dixie, you have no proof Chiluba store, atleast things where happening now there is nothing. Even the food stores that opened in Cairo road are under performing and your praise “Dr” Muwelewele.

    There is no basis for any one to say ba liba ba Chiluba. Are you sure Mwanawasa is not stealing. You will be surprised when he leaves office. That office is sensitive. No 4 – Shut up bwana.

  26. I wish to cherish the implelementation of the decentralization policy in the country, which would give councils powers of evoking regional disasters rather than having to have centralised control. The latter in many instances has lapses. I can cite the inequitable allocation of national resources. We shall not see measurable infrastructural development with the current centralised system of governance. I was ready for change yesterday, are ready yourself?

  27. Some pipo rush to comment b4 they access the stituation on the ground. Why is the present in the province if the situation is not dramatic. Pipo lets try to be realistic and see with both eyes. Those are humans who deserve immediate help. Bush did it in New orleans, Shroeder did it Frankfurt Oder, Gorden Brown did it last year in Britain. All what is important help for the displaced. Its good to yap when you are not affected

  28. HK #22
    The way you ‘re putting your argument across suggests you want us to believe that MMD and Zambia in general are anti Tonga. I dont belong to the MMD but I dont think they are what you are saying. They are just incompetent. Why are you speaking as if you are the Tonga Spokesperson? You are telling us that Tongas will one day start a war.Why? Its like you are trying to tell Tongas that people are against them and they should start a Kenya in Zambia. We are not kids. My tribe has never rule

  29. My tribe for one has never been represented at State House but that doesn’t mean Zambia is against us. Besides I dont think I will be represented better just because my tribesmate is in State House. He doesn’t go there for my tribe. In fact the tribe loses him because he goes there to work for the nation.

  30. Who says Bembas and Tongas hate each other? You are just stereotyping them. Then they will end up hating each other if they believe these stereotypes.

  31. I wonder why we give so much coverage to tin-pot party cadres from the MMD. The situation on the ground is grave and our government has no contingency budget to address this. Wrong priorities!

  32. #33
    These are not stereotypes. These are facts. As a matter of, this hate is even exhibited directly or indirectly on this blog. Look at your postings with your brother Lt.

  33. #35
    When you repeat a False statement over and over you will start believing it is a fact. However on my postings there is nothing that says one tribe hates the other unless you are reading what is not there. As for LT yes he looks to have tribalised the issue but how do we know which tribe he is from? Even with me I haven’t said which tribe Iam so how can you conclude that I’m either Bemba or Tonga?

  34. Dickpowerz #9
    While I mantain that i believe that the LPM Administration has been the best since the colonial era, I can also agree with you that as far as proper politics are concerned, Zed still has a long way to go. However, I’m shocked that you’ve even gone as far as advising Zambians to start learning from South Africans. my friend have you ever been to South Africa or do you ever read south african news? SA is currentry one of the world’s most corupt nation at the moment…..

  35. Guys, if one critisises govt for not acting when they should have acted, that is good for all of us at the end of the day, for Gods sake stop this mode of insulting one another because it does not benefit anyone.

  36. FYI South Africa will soon experience haloobalooo if they dont handle the issues of political dominance and equitable resource distribution very soon. Zuma(results)
    Africa is still primitive to ignore that, tribes, ethnicity plays a bigger part in the way we deal with things. A good president is the one who realizes these diversities and works hard to unify the people not dividing them for political expedience.
    Why should HH’s talk of flood be because his mother’s village was washed away.


    I am on a train from Ndola to Kalomo in the 1980s and the ZR train is packed! Standing all the way from Ndola to Lusaka, I am busy chatting with my friend in Bemba. At Lusaka, some people get off the train and I notice a vacant seat next to a man and a small boy. In broken Nyanja, I ask if that seat is taken. The man (in broken Nyanja) says it is. The boys says (in Tonga) to the father that the seat is not taken. Read on….

  38. Continued from #41:

    The father says (in Tonga) to the boy: “Watusabila, ntotukabwalala twaku migonti otu”. Literary this translates, “shut up, these are the criminals from the mines (copperbelt)”. I pretend I have not heard anything and remain standing. Meanwhile, the seat remains unoccupied, my friend gets off the train at Kafue, and I am still standing. Along comes my aunty who greets me in Tonga! And I respond (in Tonga) with my deep, lovely Tonga accent! We exchange pleasantries. Read on.

  39. Continued from #42:

    I watch the man who denied me the seat! He has nowhere to hide!!! After all, that criminal from the mines is a son of the soil? He offers me the seat. I am too tired to turn it down. At the next stop he buys some food (maize, groundnuts) and offers me some. I politely say no. He insists: an old man’s way of saying sorry! I finally give in. And I forgive the man’s foolishness.

    MORAL: We are one people, one nation. Tongas and Bembas do not hate each other. Read on…

  40. Continued from #43:

    Maybe there could be some mistrust. Why? All criminals (Tonga, Lozi, Nyanja, Bemba, Congolese, etc) from the Copperbelt speak in Bemba. For a shallow mind, it is easy to think Bembas are kabwalalas! I am sure we don’t have shallow minds here! WE ARE, AGAIN, ONE PEOPLE.

  41. Brothers lets not fight each other,its a waste of enegy to do that on this blog.Lets call a spade a spade.Levy is wrong.HH is right and he has given a timely word of which everyone is expected to support him.The problem with levy is that he does not respond quickly to important matters.When people died in chbuluma by then he was in ndola.He decided to go lusaka.But when ftj visited the hurting families he got angry.It very unfotunate.

  42. Typical a Politician, he’s super rich, can’t he buy tents for his people as he looks to be concerned, but he just slams govt, who’s govt, I believe his govt also.People of zambia are govt.The same govt he slams made him this rich thro the privatisation.HH, go buy the much needed supplies if you are so concerned then you will shame LPM, not a being a critic for the sake of oppositio and your relatives.

  43. Miyoba It is the govt’s and not an individual’s responsibility to look after its citizens. I would not want a politician to use his considerable wealth to look after Zambians. We are citizens not subjects nor serfs!

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