Rupiah commends Zambians


Acting President Rupiah Banda has paid glowing tribute to Zambians for the peaceful and orderly manner they conducted themselves during the sickness and untimely death of President Mwanawasa.

In his closing remarks after the burial of the late president Mwanawasa at Embassy Park in Lusaka today, Mr Banda appealed to Zambians to uphold the late president’s attributes of hard work, patriotism and discipline if the country is to move forward.

Mr Banda said 19th August, 2008, the day Dr Mwanawasa died, will go down in history as the saddest and darkest moment on which the nation lost a heroic and visionary leader who was determined to overcome all hurdles in his quest to improve the lives of the Zambian people.

He urged Zambians to use the day on which he was born and buried to uphold and promote the principles the late president Mwanawasa stood for in making Zambia a better place to live in.

The acting president described the late Dr Mwanawasa as an inspirational leader who transformed the once ailing Zambian economy into a vibrant one which has rekindled investor-confidence as seen in the huge investments in the mining and other key sectors of the economy.

Earlier, a family representative, Leslie Mbula appealed to the government to ensure continuity of the development programmes embarked upon by the late president.

Mr Mbula, who is also Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, cited the national housing proghramme, the development of Kasaba Bay and Livingstone into tourist resort towns of international acclaim, the development of Solwezi and Lumwana towns and the national road rehabilitation programme using the road construction equipment received recently from China, as some of the important projects the late president had earmarked for implementation.

He said the family was of the view that it would be unforgivable and a crime against the people of Zambia to allow these important projects to die and be buried with President Mwanawasa.

“The best way to mourn Levy is not by shedding floods of tears, the way to immortalise him would not only be by constructing monuments in his honour with the stones we threw at him in life. The best way to mourn Levy is to continue on the course he chartered and immortalise his legacy and vision,” said Mr Mbula.

He expressed the family’s deep appreciation to the governments of Egypt and France for the support rendered to the late president during his illness and death.

Mr Mbula also thanked the president of Chad, Idris Deby Itno, for allowing the plane carrying the late president’s body to land in Nd’jamena and for coming to the airport late in the night to console the first family and Zambians at large, a gesture he described as a sign of brotherhood and friendship.

The family also commended the government for the decision to allow the people of Zambia to pay their last respects to president Mwanawasa and according him an honourable funeral and burial.

Mr Mbula also paid tribute to the defence and security forces for the honourable manner they have mourned their departed Commander-In-Chief, describing their conduct as exemplary.

President Mwanawasa, 59, died at Percy military hospital in France on 19th August, 2008, where he was admitted after suffering a stroke in Egypt where he had gone to attend an AU heads of state and government summit in June.



  1. #7 .Lt.Gen i know,yalawama mdala.
    people will exchange blows on 6th sept when MMD will be electing there presidential candidate.
    Taili bwino.The post have lost there ethics by campaighning direct for isn’t this open corruption of morals by post gents ,the self proclaimed champions of integrity?in my opinion its duble standards.
    I’m on my way home from the US just to come and witness the battle.

  2. Thank you Zambia for the peace exhibited. You are an example of peace to the entire world.

    May Dr LPM rest in eternal peace.

  3. Of all possible negative human attitudes, the one we hate the most is disloyalty.
    And, of all the positive ones, the one we value most is loyalty and firmness of principles. We would say that the one we detest the most is betrayal of principles, and the one we most admire is loyalty to principles.

    It is in this light that we judge the decision and actions of Rupiah Banda to succeed President Levy Mwanawasa. Rupiah was picked by Levy from the doldrums. From nothing, Levy nominated Rupiah to become member of parliament and his Vice-President. Rupiah has over the last seventy-one or so years never been a political heavyweight in our country, especially not over the last seventeen years. Rupiah

  4. ain gat anything much to say, just wanna say i have been always a patriot for my mother zambia i loved my president now is no more, dad may your soul rest in peace

  5. cont.
    Rupiah owes everything that he is today to his new-found friendship with Levy. Without Levy, Rupiah would be today nothing in the politics of our country, let alone in the MMD.
    Rupiah knows very well what the wishes of Levy on succession and the future leadership of this country were. He also knows very well where Levy placed him in the scheme of things. But he has decided to ignore his friend’s wishes simply because he is dead; he is not there anymore. If Levy were around, there is no way Rupiah would be doing what he is doing. Rupiah would certainly not be a candidate for the presidency of this country with Levy around to supervise things.
    However, Rupiah’s decision and actions in

  6. However, Rupiah’s decision and actions in these matters are not a product of oversight nor are they unconscious, but rather they are deliberate and conscious. Rupiah has allowed himself to be blinded by ambition, by the prestige and benefits that go with being president of the Republic of Zambia.

    For this, Rupiah is ready to sacrifice whatever relationship he had with Levy. For this Rupiah is ready to ignore or discard Levy’s wishes.

  7. It is understandable that the temptation is huge, is gigantic. But character is measured by how much one can stand such temptations. Rupiah has certainly failed the test of loyalty, of honesty. He is not a man one can trust. What Rupiah has done is not different from what Judas Iscariot did to Jesus Christ.

    Well, we are told in Sirach 12:8 -12 that “when things are going well, it is hard to tell who your real friends are, but in hard times you can recognise your enemies: even your friends will leave you then. But when you are successful, your enemies will act like friends. Never trust an enemy; his wickedness is as destructive as rust. Watch out, and be on guard against him, even if he acts

  8. Watch out, and be on guard against him, even if he acts ever so humble. He is like a metal mirror that rusts away if you don’t keep it polished. Seat an enemy at your right hand, and the next thing you know he’ll be trying to get your own place of honour. Put him next to you, and he’ll overthrow you. Then you will realise the truth of my words, and be stung with regret when you remember them”.

    And in the same book of the Bible, at 20:29, we are told that “gifts and bribes make even wise men blind to the truth, and prevent them from being honest…” At 37:1, we are again told that “anyone can claim to be your friend, but some people are friends in name only”.
    The same Bible also reminds us tha

  9. Most of the full cabinet ministers are for Magande and those chaps for RB making noise from the provinces are not even members of NEC. Its clear that Magande will win but wil have no support from provinces. Lets just get on the boat for just three years and see what will happen.

  10. The same Bible also reminds us that “nothing that comes from bribery or injustice will last, but the effects of loyalty will remain forever” (Sirach 40:12).

    We cannot think of a more contemptible man – our power of imagination fails us to bring into our minds’ eyes – a more despicable man than the man who betrays his friend who has done so much for him, who moved him from a nobody to the second highest political leadership position in the land, and abandons his friend after he dies even before he is buried. This is a man as low as we can picture

  11. It is said that true religion rests on love. It is equally true that loyalty rests on love.
    Well, Rupiah can say it is his democratic right to seek adoption and become the MMD candidate in the forthcoming presidential by-election. Yes, this is legally correct. But the argument doesn’t end here. He can only say so if he is ignorant of what loyalty means. But hasn’t he ever heard of a saying: ignorantia non est argumentum – meaning ignorance is no argument. Loyalty is a sentiment, not a law. It rests on love, not on restraint.

    We are also told that life springs from death; and from the graves of patriotic men and women spring living nations.

  12. We pledge to Zambia our love. This is a place of peace, sacred to the dead, where men should speak with all charity and with all restraint; but we will hold it a Christian thing to hate evil, to hate untruth, to hate disloyalty, and, hating them, to strive to overthrow them.
    Deception is always a pretty contemptible vice, but to deceive the poor of this country is the meanest of all crimes.

    Rupiah’s behaviour should be a good reminder to all of us that no matter what laws we pass, no matter what precautions we take, unless the people we meet are kindly and decent, we won’t make much progress. We say this because integrity, decency come from human beings, rather than from laws and institutio

  13. We don’t believe in the law of hate. We may not be true to our ideals always, but we believe in the law of love, of loyalty, of honesty, and we believe you can do nothing with hatred. We would like to see a time when man loves his fellow man and forgets his own personal interests, his tribe or his race.

    But Rupiah and his sponsors should remember that people are loyal to those who are loyal to them. People have faith in those who have faith in them; those who know how to respond to friendship and the trust they have received.

  14. Given his conduct, can Rupiah be said to be a man of loyalty? And let us also look at his sponsors – Vernon Mwaanga, Mbita Chitala and Mike Mulongoti, among others. Can these men truly be said to be men of loyalty? Ask Kenneth Kaunda, Frederick Chiluba, among others, if they can say that Mwaanga is a man of loyalty? And ask those who know Chitala and Mulongoti if these men can be said to be loyal to anybody other than themselves. These are the men who have taken it upon themselves to guide Zambians in choosing a successor for Levy. And Rupiah – this clearly disloyal and dishonest person – is their choice!

    All we can do in these moments is to remember a thought of Commandante Ernesto Che Gue

  15. All we can do in these moments is to remember a thought of Commandante Ernesto Che Guevara’s: “The present is the struggle. The future belongs to us.”
    We are not crazy. We know very well what we are looking for and what we are doing and why we are sacrificing ourselves.

    We see the suffering of our people, we see the poverty everywhere, we witness despair wherever we go. We also saw the bit of light Levy was bringing to the lives of our people and how much some of them appreciated. And this is reflected in the way they are mourning him, they are missing his presence. We see clearly the opportunity Levy was creating for them to try and meaningfully address their suffering, their poverty and d

  16. e feel the blood boil in our veins when we see opportunistic politicians trying to squander this great opportunity Levy has created and we convince ourselves of the need to do something, whatever it may be, to ensure that our people continue to move forward, and not backward.

    The Rupiah lunacy going on needs to be stopped by all men and women of goodwill. Lunacy is always distressing, but sometimes it is dangerous; and when you get it manifested at such very high levels of the state, it is about time that it should be quickly put away.

  17. The Zambian people needs to demand the new type of nationalism which puts national needs before sectional or personal advantage. We say this because our country means nothing unless it means the triumph of a real democracy, the triumph of a truly popular government, and, in the long run, of an economic system under which each man and woman, boy and girl shall be guaranteed the opportunity to show the best that there is in them.

    If we don’t quickly move in this direction, our people will soon get fed up with this system of apparent democracy – not real democracy – in the country. People have grown accustomed to mixing up politics with their economic activities, using their democratic freedom

  18. n much the same way as we use cosmetics.
    In an honest political environment, virtue opens a way for itself, merit prospers, and conniving, greed and cheating fail.

    This is the way we see things and this is why we find Rupiah’s conduct contemptible. We truly find him a despicable man – a man who can betray his friend before he is even buried, a Judas Iscariot of our time.

  19. The Post, your analysis is so shallow, cheap, unfounded and lacks substance. What principles are you talking about? The late Levy’s? Guys get serious. This is the waste editorial from you chaps.

  20. I’m not a sypathiser of RP nor my opinion the post Have become very desperate. i hope Ruphia is picked so that we see how stupid/foolish they will become.Right now they have become irrelevant.Even when people wanted Magande i think they have made him more vlnarable.Because it looks like the post have been bribed and have launched a dangerous personal attack on RP.
    The attack has become so personal and shows the un-zambian culture of hatred.shameful

  21. That analysis by The POST truly is shallow. Unbelievably SHALLOW!! That’s the worst, most pointless POST editorial I’ve ever read. Mmembe – we can see straight through you and we will not be fooled. What has happened to the impartial reporting we have previously had from your paper? It really is a shame! Only time will tell what you REAL motives are. The Bible says, “Your sins will surely find you out”.

  22. The President has been intered, his wife Madam Mauren gave a political speech during the church service at Parliament, proclaiming that her husbands enemies are now her enemies.

    I would have expected her to tell the nation how she had lost a friend, how he made her laugh, how he was a good father etc.

    To make matters worse, she didnt even weep at her husbands grave, and left even before the burial ceromony was concluded. What sort of precedent is she setting for African women?

    Her hunger for political power has blinded her, and now this is the woman we are supposed to believe that LPM SC had annointed a successor.Please!

  23. Cont…..Her desperation even sent her to RB, promising him an endorsement on condition that Magande doesn’t lose his cabinet position, and she be appointed as Minister. Reliable souces inform me that RB replied saying if he loses, he will retire to his farm where LPM SC found him, and expects that Magande would do the same. Regarding her request for a Ministerial position, the souce informed me that RP asked to mourn her husband instead.

  24. Am not ready to critic mama Mwanawasa just yet. for the simple reason I don’t know what it’s like to lose a spouse.

    Maybe she’s in a state of shell-shock, the force of the tragedy on her brain compromises her ability to think straight. The not weeping at the grave site, the walking away before the finale. All of that can be misinterpreted by someone who has never been thru that experience.

    Maybe in her confusion and her desperation, she seeks to hold on to her late husband by acquiring a position in government. to let him continue to live thru her. I have no idea. i will lay off mama Mwanawasa for now.

  25. Every Zambian has the same rights as Magande, Kavindele, Mwamba to mention but a few to contest in the the presidential elections. It is sheepish to think that some candidates are better than others. In a democracy, RB is free to contest if he so wishes because its his right as a zambian. Who knows, the clocks might not even work due lack of batteries in the country during the election.

  26. The post newspaper has said the truth. It is really sad that Rupiah Banda and his minions who are bent torwards protecting their own selfish agendas have decided to betray Levy on this issue. Anyway only God knows!!!1

    Finally our president has been put to rest. I am really at pain and will continue to mourn my dear president. The picture of Maureen and her speech makes me feel indeed very bad. My heart is full of sorrow. I don’t know how to mourn and get over it so quickly. God gave and God has allowed him to take a rest. I will always live to remember that once there was LPM. A man of the people. MHSRIP

  27. Nm as much as you wud want to be president is as much as we want you out of that office.LPM started a fight against Corruption and today people like Nm want to gang up support by buying the POST.As a zambian i feel robbed by a man like NM becoz so many Zambians need help people are hungry, homeless, unemployed,paid slave wages, abuse by investors,schools poorly runned,UTH,KCH,NCH etc dnt have panado hiv patients are dying,unza students are at home and there your wasting my money as a tax payer on self centered low life campaigns. one day you be judged and your very own ACC will visit you soon….kalulu ta ce njela pabile ….if my bemba is correct so watch you power hungry guys.

  28. # 38. U claim that Maureen didn’t even weep at her husband’s grave but yet #110 on topic – dignitaries … claims she wept for the first time on set. That is the problem when you take up topics that aren’t related to the subject matter that you even start lying. Let us keep to the topic at hand. Now I don’t even know who is saying the truth. Anyway I blame ZNBC and Zambia media at large for not putting a footage of the funeral on the net.

  29. #39 Power is sweet ulichipuba saana. I warned you on the other news item to stop posting lies on this blog. It appears your brain is as small as the staff hanging between your legs. Envy of the first family is killing you. It’s envious men like you who breed all mischief on this earth wendoshi iwe.

  30. If Magande is not nominated, I for one would wud call for the formation of a new party, for MMD will have failed LPM when he and the country needs their support. Let’s form a new party to which all well-meaning people of Zambia will belong, one that will embrass honesty and sacrifice for the betterment of our people. I would also advise all those good people from other opposition prties to join in the new party and move our country forward. What is wrong with all the current oppositin parties? They are all full of power-hungry potential plunderers. We need CHANGE of attitudes and I do not see it happening with the current crop of politcians in these opposition parties.

  31. The rest are Pastor M. M Nyirongo, Mr Charles Ngesa, former vice-presidents, Nevers Mumba and Enoch Kavindele, Mr Lawrence Mulenga, former Minister of Works and Supply, Ludwig Sondashi, Mr Nason Msoni, Mr Martin Chama and an undeclared candidate.

    Dr Kalumba said he would only release the name of the undeclared candidate to the NEC.

    [Daily Mail]

  32. No one knows magande ku mushi. I assure you that magande will be destroyed by the big cobra Sata. And who is going to help Magande win the elections? If Magande stands then that will be the end of UPND. Why do you think PF is so quite about the whole elections? If Magande stands MMD will not have a chance in Northern, Luapula, and Eastern province. But they will have to battle it in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces. They will gain some momentum in southern province. They will loose some strength in North Western Province, Western and Copperbelt Provinces. The people who determine the results of the elections are those in Rural areas and not you typing behinde that screan.

  33. The only people that are sopporting Magande are not even polititians. He cant even count on them to win him votes. Thay are all in the faimly tree of mwanawasa. Zambian will not accept the pratcice of nepotism again.

    Magande has no support from the provinces and that tells you how unpopular the guy is. MMD elect Magande and MMD is out of government.

  34. I am surprised why the editorial comment of the Post news paper for Wednesday 3rd Septemeber been so shallow and unbriddled. Does the post news paper editor want the successor to Levi to be hand picked as Levi was hand picked by Chiluba? The history to repeat itself? What kind of nonsense is that? That’s not democracy! The right thing is what is happening, let the aspirants to the presidency apply including Rupiah Banda for he has done so well during the sickness and death of Levi Mwanawasa. Infact even for the NEC to choose one out of 15 is not the best democracy. If we had Resources the aspirants were supposed to have had debates so as to sell their manifestoes to the Zambians before …..

  35. #52 The alterntive party of my dreams would have to be above such petty stuff as tribalism, so if you have a “thing” about Tongas and Lozis remain in the current parties. I dare say you may not be mature enough for a progressive party. I once read of someone who said that if Africa is to progress, the tribe must first die. I have a dream that one day ….#55 As for Magande not being known, who knew LPM in the rural areas when he was nominated? There are ways of getting a person elected, it depends on the good-will of the entire party, which evidently is not there since everybody is protecting their jobs and trying to secure those astronimical salary increments!!!!!

  36. #49 “prophet” – what is YOUR problem ?? Let people voice their views, opinions !!! That’s what this site is all about. We are not here to sound off only YOUR beliefs ! Talking about Maureen is not being jealous – why are you so affected as if #39 had insulted Maureen ??? tell us who you really are ! Whether you like it or not, people are going to talk about Maureen, some comments will be nice and some while they may not be nice might just be the TRUTH !! Grwo up !

  37. By the way, I promise not to to give my precious vote anyone aspiring to be President if they do not disassociate themselves from those astronomical salary increments.

  38. It is now the begining of another era in Zambian politics and yes let the democratic battle begin. That is what politics is all about.

    There are numerous projects that had a begining in the Kaunda era which were implemented during the Chiluba era and for which president chiluba took credit for like for example the road rehabilitation. In the same light the foundations for HPIC qualification and subsequent debt qualification were began during the Chiluba era and were implemented by the late president. We will now establish if the anti-corruption campaign was as succesfull as he would have liked it to be. Poverty has not been eradicated yet. His successes will be judged by …(cont)

  39. Kwena Fred Meembe ni mbushi. He is really full of s***. Hes really grown big headed and he like his namesake Fred Chiluba thinks Zambians are stupid. Firstly, how can he be quoting the bible so extensively when he boasts about not believing in christianity because accoding to him it duels on intimidatory priciples that if you dont live a christian life you ll go to hell. Secondly, who is he to question RB’s royalty? Much as most of us wouldnt vote for RB, he still has every right to vie for presidency because its his right as a zambian. After all Levy is not here and anyone who the people want can succeed. Fred we’ll choose for ourselves. Meanwhile go entertain Mutinta. Dont be a W***ker

  40. (cont)the facts of history.

    I disagree with Mr Mbula, mourning-crying is important. That is why tears are there-to make one cry, weep, mourn, laugh etc. Who is he trying to protect by making a statement like that? If I were him I would begin by preparing an exit strategy because go he must.

  41. No 62, I agree with your sentiments about the post. I personally will not buy and have encouraged my friends and family not to buy it. That era of the post directing the politics in Zambia is also gone. No more.

    Just a little word of advice -please do not swear there must be a difference between us sensible Zambians and the childish post!

  42. Mbula needs a higher office.
    As zambians we need to understand and appreciate that we need elders from whom we can extract tacit knowledge. when we keep this elders satisfied by according them offices that enables them easy interactions with relevant authorities they will definetly be willing to give and share knowledge at any time to those who would need it. we need Mbula just like we need Ruppiah Banda.
    I do appreciate that at some stage as human we need to retire. but given a chance to look the offices Mbula occupied in both the first, second and third republics and also his intelectual capability, I suggest that we need to consider him for another high office.

  43. The POST have really decampaigned Magande, i do not understand why they hate the Finance minister like that.

    Bye the way, which bible was Fred Membe quoting? I seem not to find a book called Sirach among the 66 books. Or maybe he quoted it in greek or hebrew.

  44. Mr prophet even here you were troubling the masses. For the sake of peace and unity we hope you won’t attack other bloggers so roughly

  45. Rb please go for it. Do not listen to the post , they are such a biased paper just because malupenga is a kulibonesha. We appreciate the good work , our late president did, but he did not own Zambia. He went for this office because he wanted to be a servant of the people.Ba post , who the hell do you think you are to describe Rb as judas? Remember, at one time Chiluba wanted Silwamba to succeed him but the people said no, thus he proposed Levy who still went through the selection process. So iwe Kamembe just shut up , he think you are a heroic, but i wanna tell you right now that you are not , but a mere mouth piece used by other people.

  46. ine november trip yandi canclled!!!! pa zed ta pa lemoneka wino briefly.. i will patiently wait and see what goes on.kuti ba kukanya ukuwela ku su kulu ka!!! ati u are being drafted to zambian army lol jookes people jokes…..

  47. the post has gone crazy because NCHITO is now a major share holder of post news paper company… and LPM gave him a job of convicting plunderers.. so his become big headed and he will only be safe if magande is president other wise kulibe vake if mangande looses the election…nchito ni galu!!!!

  48. katele is a trickstar,why withholding one candidate and for what reasons? it seems obvious he is the candidate.he feels restrained to mention himself because of corruption issues arround him.lets wait its 2moro or never…gudluck zed! fellow bloggers comment!!!!

  49. Zambia has potential politicians to do even more than Levy.It is just the question of financial discipline needed. Yes the economy on papers is there but 80% of the population are living below poverty line.We know selfishness is killer to these politician who want 300% payrise

  50. The post is behaving like the McCain camp. instead of showing us the qualities of thier prefered candidate/s, they want to destroy RB. Am not his fan, but i think he doesnt deserve what the post is doing to him. I dont think Levy and him had a pact that he (RB) should never succeed him. The question which i would like the post to answer for me is this- why did Levy select RB over everybody or anybody else? I mean if am going to call my partner a dog, i must be a dog too to accept a dog for a partner. So if all the praise being sang about levy especially now that he is no more, is a true reflection of who he really was, then i think he saw something in RB to have selected him as veep




  53. Post is a dissappointing paper, now they are really showing how desperate they are. This is a paper bent on nothing else but destroying everything that they stand against, I think sometimes Mmembe uses the post for his personal battles, they have carried three! editorials in a row telling us of how bad RB is, what a shame.

  54. I read the Post editorial and i must say that calling our acting presidents names is really un called for. Hello!! he’s acting president for crying out loud a little respect will be nice. we all have our personal opinions but i thing that was the wrong way to channel them. anyway guess now levy is gone the gloves are out and i guess the fight will be dirty and lethal. May the best man win. Oh i forgot to say SHAME ON YOU POST NEWS PAPER!!

  55. #66. George kusalwa, I have never heard of such shallow analysis as this. When everyone is saying NO to the tired horses ba George kusalwa imwe you still want Mbula to continue? Let the man rest now!!! His legs must be very tired. There are alot of young and very capable people who can take over the likes of bena Mbula…

  56. This just in from ALL AFRICA.COM web site It turns out that MRS Mwanawassa has in her layers custody a video tape made by the late LPM stating the facts why he anointed Mangade as his succcessor, its to be aird on national TV soon .
    If this is indeed true then MMD is truly at a cross road . there are some that want to continue LPM’s legacy ,by doing so means accepting his wish of his choice of successor .BUT at the same time Democracy needs to prevail .
    In the same articale it says that Chiluba also put his name a Candidate in the NEC nomintion . is he not a P F member . then again if RB can be acting presido then why not him too . if you ask me Chiluba is going crazy with this act .

  57. iwe 52 mwansa you need to apologize for those uncivilised remarks…..tribalism will not take us anywhere….when you go to a clinic do you you always ask to be seen by a BEMBA doctor…zambia belongs to all..lets look at quality not tribe…

  58. I thought Chiluba was PF? What happened to him? Are these crooks conspiring that at whatever cost they need to take the power back, shame on these fools.

  59. #52 Mwansa you stupid and not fit to be in the current generation of pipo of God, dont bring tribalism here you are a disgrace to the society of God who loves us all!

  60. Wont the fact that RB was born in Zimbabwe become a problem once the race gets under way , because i can see this going to the courts of law and evidently an injuction could be put in effect till it is clear if RB surely does qulify to be President .
    And if the opposition play there cards just right by the time RB gets the all clear it would be too late coz the ellections would have been done with long back . there are alot of Factors that the MMD has not considerd in this state of panic for re ellection .so far its all been MMD this MMD that dont be fooled by the opposition being silent at this time there up to some thing huge . imy opinon its the begining of the end of MMD .

  61. Todays Zambian politics should not centre on tribal grounds but calibre of individuals opting for presidency. We are all Zambians regardless of which province/district/tribe/family we may come from. If any of you think you have ‘what it takes’ to be a president, it is not too late to put your names forward for adoption by your respective parties or as independent candidates. Can you win the election if you were adopted by your party or as an independent?? This is the big questions we should be asking yourselves.

  62. Like i said before .. WE have a very shot memory ..
    Was it not the same MMD the put a clouse thet disqulified KK from standing because he was born in Malawi or some thing like that and i even remeber some poor MP or some cahp got deported for the same reason coz of Birth country.
    So today now bwcause its suites them it is ok if RB was born outside zambia …i Dont think yhe opposition are that stupid ..infact if were PF OR UPND or is it UNDP i would be hopping they MMD vest there intrest in RB so they can self destruct with there own rules.

  63. Why does MMD to day not have a VPEE
    because LPM made sure that that the thret was delt with once and for all ,because if you remember back then all the the candidates viying for the vpee position were against LPM being president.
    Now fast forward to 2008 , ASUME RB is pesident Highly unlikely but all the same what do you think he will do with the other 16 candidates that wanted his job , the Shikapwasha’s and all ..he will put them in check once and for all for some if not all could be the end of the road for them and they dont see that , blinded by greed.

  64. A lot of mistry surrounds the preference of RB, do you know that the Post of Veep in Zambia is ceremonial becoz all Cabinet Ministers report direct to the President. RB has nothing to lose considering his age but wants to go down in history as having ruled this country for a less than a term. Anyway whichever you look at it the MMD is at it’s epilogue becoz PF & UPND will tear them to pieces. Anyway it’s a sad period for Zambia as we are likely to go back on what we have achieved so far. The future is indeed bleak because we have political wolves amidst us the impoverished.

  65. The Post has become a total media disgrace going by the way they are behaving. I hate the way the Post reported on the Acting President. It showed some disrespect for authority.

  66. I think the time has come now to try ba Sata country men and its only 3 yrs, lets see what the Big Man is able to offer to mother zambia. If we have managed to sacrifice all these yrs why give up now?we need a President like the late(ICHIBUMBA)LPM somebody respected and feared becoz of his principles .Am glad we now know what sort of a leader we need.DONT risk removing Magande and Fundanga from their respective positions of course with a few other credible ministers for the sake of our economy.All we seriously need now is the HEAD to shake some lazzy ministers.We dont need a SLEEPY President who can easily be corrupted in decission making by his juniors at the expense of our poor zambian

  67. Blah blah……post that,RB that.Tym alone will tell.We have been patiant enuff since the old man was taken to France till yesterday.
    Katele your tym is gone!Gota job that can fit you rightly,laptop repair man.

  68. #52. Iwe Mwansa, which school did you attend? For your information, if go into any other country, at the entry point they wish to identify you by your nationality. A zambian is not defined colour, race, tribe, religion or gender. Zuha!

  69. The Post newspaper editors do not understand democracy.
    They have no idea what democratic principles are.
    Its is a very big shame to just look at the editorial, a very big display of uncontrolled emotions.
    They luck both ration and understanding of governance.
    In fact Zambia does not need an economic manager for president, Zambia needs a ‘LEADER’, who will allow all functions of Govt to excell. This includes economic management.
    Goveernance is about making sure all departments are functioning, each doing its part, not just having a focus on finance.
    E.g, ministry of labour must satblize the labour industry, home affairs – national security, health – health etc. All these are important.

  70. RIP Mr. President. And yes Zambians have demonstrated once again that we are intelligent enough to avoid turmoil and confusion- a lesson for our less peaceable neighbours. Let’s just pray that whoever comes in doesn’t ruin LPM’s legacy.

  71. Dear Bloggers,

    We are Zambianins first and foremost so tribalism must not be entertained by anyone. In the same light there is no need to swear. If one experiences difficulties in expressing oneself, one must stop for a moment or two and then calmly write down their feelings which must not offend other people.

  72. Mina baana ba silozi mu lata ahulu mutoho. thats why you cant rule the nation. Ni lukato maswe. Kona amubona luna basali lumatela kunyalwa kwa manyukunyuku. its ok to drink kono munwange ni tokomelo. mwa swabisa. Mukaetelela cwani naha inge mukotoka kwa ma tarvern kakusasani sani? bati mueza inge bimbotwe bebi pila mwa mezi, ku pila mwa ma bar?

  73. We need somebody who is bold enough to dismantle the family tree! Lt Gen, Les Mb,Mag, you watch out now. You had better put up a real fight to maintain the status quo. No one will protect you now oye!

  74. Gentlemen and ladies,
    Lets keep our fingers crossed for now.A leader ordained by God will be chosen in peace. Please Lord save us!!!!


  76. Its really stinking for what the POST is doing…….leave RB alone.
    He has the right to stand as president. what kind of foolishness is this……..chiluba handpicked Levy, and what happened after 2 months, his immunity was lifted and the poor man has been going to court ever since he stepped down as President ( betrayal). Now they also want to handpick Magande as Levy’s wish………is Zambia his katemba that he can hire and fire……..this is a democratic country we choose our leaders………who has the last laugh now????????? what betrayal is worse……..chiluba- levy or Rupiah- levy

  77. #103 continued..
    A nation does not need to focus on one function but all functions.
    We do not need an arrogant leader who will disturblize functions of gvt, but one will be sober and allow various experts of the functions and departments of gvt to function. This is the leadership we need.
    If you cant promote peace and unit, where do you the finances you want to manage?
    If you cant promote security, how do you encourage investment? Eveyone plays a part in the economic environment for economic development to ocur. all ministries facilitate the economy while finance may do direct management, but the evironment is created by all. We must understand that..

  78. Rupiah Banda does not deserve any respect unless from his sympathisers. You dont have to look very far to identify his inadequacy. He is not an MMD member. If he joined the MMD,it must have been in 2006, of which he does not qualify under the MMD constitution..Same reasons used on Chirwa and Chirwa has respected that clause. For him to stand the MMD may have to break their constitution or amned it.. This is already a bad going back to third term issue.
    Rupiah banda was not born in Zambia. He has to prove that he qualifies on the basis of his parentage& thir generation heritage..He has to satisfy this clause..
    Then list goes on. We ar yet to hear more sooner or later

  79. The fundamentals of unity can only be meaningfull if democratic norms are respected. There is need to create an even playing field in which every zambian from any sector of the country would feel proud to belong to one Zambia without fear of being sagregated on basis of prejudice, race, colour, religion and ethnicity/Tribe.
    When unity is being preached, it should be preached on the basis of equality, equity, fair play, and fair judgement.
    This unity the RB team is preaching, is top most level segregation and judgement of innocent and suitable by creed and association. On the other side, guilty by tribe, association and pure hatred and envy.
    This is not the Unity HK would subscribe too.

  80. I am very disappointed with the Post. Will never waste my money on it again. Just what do these womanisers along Bwinjimfumu road think we are, fools like them?
    I mistook them as being professional, yet they are so petty with very little principles if any. No wonder they failed to dig deeper as to when Levy died and let the Zambians to be taken for granted for such a long time.
    God is watching you and He will expose you as He has already started.

  81. Rupiah Bwezani Banda, a celebrated Zambian diplomat and politician, was born on February 13, 1937 in Gwenda, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

    He married Hope Mwansa Makulu in 1966 and two have five sons. He was educated at Munali Secondary School, University of Ethiopia, Lund University in Sweden, Wolfson College and Cambridge.

    From 1960 to 1964 he was UNIP’s representative in Europe and was named Ambassador to the United Arab Republic in 1965, serving until 1967 when he was moved to USA to serve as Zambia’s Ambassador there for two years.

    From 1970-74, Banda was the Executive Chairman of Rural Development Corporation and served as General Manager of National Marketing Board o

  82. Why are Tongas scared of Easterners and Northerners? When Mazoka was running Anglo American – He employed too many Tongas. This is why people are sceptical of aba Tonga na ba Lozi. They love themselves too much.

  83. The voices will not sink and go down below. lies will give RB the advantage, but it wont build the nation, the opposite morelikey to happen. Patronage will not build any strong bridges.
    A man who receives, endorsement from Vernon mwanga(self confessed draggist, and suspected known Election Rigger), Mbita Chitala( Ready to sell the soul of Dean mungomba for pieces of silver), mulongoti( Can sing any tune for his satiable appetitie for grandiose)..and the list goes on. Mulyata, Sikasote..all victims of Anti corruption sweep. levy indeed died a SAD man.. But it is a matter of time, Zambia will rise again..

  84. Did that gentleman who rode his bicycle from Patauke to Lusaka attend LPM’s burial? It took him two days to reach Lusaka. I wonder if it was in vain. Poor man, who will pay for his worn-out tyres to enable him cycle back home?…..

  85. Dr. Kalumba said seventeen members including one undeclared candidate have so far applied to be adopted as MMD Presidential candidates.

    He said the undeclared candidate has had his/her membership status undisclosed until now that the person has expressed interest to stand.

    Dr KALUMBA, however, refused to name the undeclared candidate but described the person as a formidable force.
    (ZNBC report)


  86. M’membe lost it. Who does he think he is? Why is he trying to impose Magande on all of us? We kwown you all have shares in Zambian Airways or are you all hom*^%$#? RB does not deserve the insults u showed on him. Remember the bible u extensively quoted also says respect your leaders. Get this M’mebe – RB is Acting President and am sure LPM (MHSRIP) was not foolish to have made him VP instead of the croc. MMD don’t be influenced by morally wrong chaps, those who have sinned against GOD by what they do we know them and we shall expose them. No wonder u never condemed the salary increments. State house will not be used for sexually sick pipo like m……

  87. There is an article on the post saying presidetial and parliamentary by election on the same day i can not open the post at the moment anyone know what this is all about???

  88. #113. HK,
    those are very good views and contributions.
    I hope the POST will see that. May be they can learn something from you. That democracy is not about choosing one candidate as a paper, and start to despise everyone else’s view.
    Democracy is about ‘standing’ and ‘voting’. And you see, when the post do what they are doing they are just helping in destroying public opinion about the candidate they are promoting. Because people want to see ration and objectivity other than monarchism to be the main reason for being adamant of one candidate, great shame!

  89. # 112 HK, what does the constitution say concerning presidential candidates? Does one need to be born in Zambia or what? If this is the case then RB does not qualify. Are the rules for bye-elections different? Can someone enlighten us please?

  90. I know who that person is but can not say because he is not even a politician but a civil servant committed to hard work but was seen by the late as also someone that could help the nation go forward as he is committed to working for the people.

  91. I think without even reading the constitution i think it should and maybe says that you should be Zambian. It could be through you parents your grandparents and so forth. I am hundred percent Zambia you cannot tell me that if i leave abroad and have children then we come back to zambia and leave there for over 30years you will say my children are not Zambian because they where born abroad hence can not have political aspirations. If the constitution says otherwise then it should be changed

  92. #124
    Chiluba revised the constitution purely targeted at Kaunda, who was born from Foreign parents. To add some more qualifications new pre-qualification were made.
    You do not only need to be born in Zambia, but you also need to have your parents to be Zambians by Birth, and your grand parents. The exceptiom to be born in Zambia is those people born in foreign country but holding diplomatic status as they are considered to be in Zambia(diplomatic status).
    Rupiah Banda parents if at all are Zambians, not malawians and his grand parents as well..then he has to have been a son of a Zambian with diplomatic status.
    I perosnally abhore it but till we change it..he has to comform and prove it.

  93. Children born from at least one Zambian parent overseas can claim Zambian citizen.. But they would fail to qualify for Presidency.
    Children born from both Zambian family overseas have automatic qualification for citizenship. For you to qualify for Presidency, you need to have been domiciled in Zambia for a period of time(i forget how many years..10 or so). Therefore Chirwa has to be carefull even before he try to comeback in 2011 if the same remains on the constitution.
    Zambia does not allow dual citizenship, hence your children born overseas, may have to remounce that citizenship to qualify, if they meet the first and next barrier.

  94. No 115 & 116 ANONYMUOS. You shallow minded person. You are wasting space in here. This is not time for TRIBAL politics, please, discuss issues rather than you perpetrating nonsense.

    Suggest what Zambians need to do in the wake of current happenings. No wonder Zambia cant develop because its people like you who drag everyone. Did you know that you can do better if your furthered your education at a night school somewhere. Please.

  95. If you want Maureen and her relatives to continue rulling, vote for Magande. So that ZAmbia is owned by one family. RP is the one. He has what it takes. Look at the way he has handled this crisis.

  96. #52. Iwe Mwansa. This shows how shallow your thinking is. If you went to Tanzania or fly into England which perhaps you have done before, at the entry point, you are identified as a Zambian using your passport. Your identity therefore is determined NOT by your race, tribe, religion,or colour. Let us build a One Zambia one Nation. If you are a young man I am afraid that you will lead a very miserable life in your years ahead because of your hate of other tribes or race. Long live progressive people of Zambia. Vote wisely and not selfishly or triberly like Mwansa. Have development of the country at heart.

  97. #124 You can just bet King Cobra’s team have examined and re-examined how they are going to use any details about RB that are not in conformity with the “revised” constitution to discredit him, there goes RB’s chances. Remember everybody, ours is supposed to be a Government of laws not of men, RIP LPM, I for one miss dreadfully already.

  98. #51, That Party is here!
    The Citizens Democratic Party – CDP!
    w, w, w. thecitizensdemocraticparty (dot) com / home.html
    As for The Post’s sermon on “blind” loyalty, what about this;
    LPM was made by Chiluba. LPM turned against Chiluba and exposed him for what he is. LPM turned out to be a better president than Chiluba.
    LPM betrayed Chiluba, Are you going to call him Judas Iscariot?

    You’re 3rd Sep. editorial comment is ridiculous!
    What a shocking display of verbal diarrhea!
    The paper that digs deeper? What a joke!

  99. Right No 133, It’s people like Number 115, 116 Anonymous and Mwansa No 52 who are really taking Zambia behind with silly hatred instead of discussing development. You two shallow minded people, do not waste space.

    Zambia has moved forward from the politics of 1964, 70 or 1991. We no longer look at tribe, please, check yourself out. Zambia needs every able bodied citizens to move forward, otherwise, no matter what happens, no single tribe can take Zambia forward, I can assure you. Zambia forward.

  100. Ah, There is no issue concerning RB’s citizenship.
    He is Zambian. There is no article which says you must be born in Zambia.
    Suppose a lady has a complication in giving birth and is flown to South africa, and gives birth then comes back here; is her child Zambia?
    If you might think that this is an exception, you must show the article that provides for such exception.
    Thank you

  101. 34. [Election of President]
    (1) The election of the President shall be direct by universal adult suffrage and by secret ballot
    and shall be conducted in accordance with this Article and as may be prescribed by or under an
    Act of Parliament.
    (2) An election to the office of President shall be held whenever the National Assembly is
    dissolved and otherwise as provided by Article 38.
    (3) A person shall be qualified to be a candidate for election as President if —
    (a) he is a citizen of Zambia;
    (b) both his parents are Zambians by birth or descent;
    (c) he has attained the age of thirty-five years;
    (d) he is a member of, or is sponsored by, a political party;
    (e) he is qualified to be

  102. Thanks to RB for heading the country from the time LPM fail ill. Shame on the Post for selecting candidates before we vote. RB has been very mature and has accorded Levy a good burial. Even though we know that he is not the right person to take over but at leaast lets thank him for what he has done and will continue to do as acting commander in chief until when he hands over the stick. Thanks RB for your maturity and I wish Maureen would have been as quiet as RB during this mourning period.

  103. It is rumoured that the undeclared candidate is Bwalya Chiti and others are saying its Austin chewe. But it could be Fred M’membe or my friend Mutembo Nchito.

  104. cond.
    (e) he is qualified to be elected as a member of the National Assembly; and
    (f) he has been domiciled in Zambia for a period of at least twenty years

    You should read this together with articles describing citizenship.

    Banda was born overseas, all he need to do is prove his parentage.. We may have to probe roots of betty Kaunda as well.
    For Chirwa, the 20 years domicile is a lam dank on him.

  105. Very interesting debate indeed. Why do Americans elect their president by electoral college.. remember Bush lost the popular vote but won the electoral college vote..well forget what happened in Florida…The point here is that this western type democracy in a country where the majority of voters do not really understand what is going on will not just work for third word countries like Zambia. From the look of thing RB is posed to be the next president..not that I will vote for him. UPND and PF are likely to go it alone so RB will go through..SIMPLE AND STRAIGHT FORWARD. But wait a minute DOES HE QUALIFY TO STAND.. ANYWAY CAPABLE PROFESSIONALS WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTED TO RULE THIS COUNTRY.

  106. Article 34 Election of President
    (1) The election of the President shall be direct by universal adult suffrage and by
    secret ballot and shall be conducted in accordance with this Article and as may be
    prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament. (2) An election to the office of President
    shall be held whenever the National Assembly is dissolved and otherwise as provided
    by Article 38. (3) A person shall be qualified to be a candidate for election as
    President if he: (a) is a citizen of Zambia; (b) has attained the age of thirty-five years;
    (c) is a member of, or is sponsored by, a political party; and (d) is otherwise qualified
    to be elected as a member of the National Assembly.


  108. Uchipo, Dont ommit where it says, Both your parents should be born in Zambia or descent. This is really basic.
    To start wih you should first qualify as a Citizen, which bring article 4 of part II amendment. which stipulates who is Zambian.

    The tollgate for RB is to prove that, both his parents were born in Zambia and of Zambian descent having been born overseas though it was many dinosours years agi. Dont you see the implication here.

    Another tollgate for his own party, is for him to have served at least three years in the party.

    For Prof Clive Chirwa.. He does not qualify to stand for presidency on the basis that, he has not been domiciled in Zambia for 20 years.

  109. The post has gone to the dogs and started deceiving Zambians but these chaps must be told that Zambians are not as stupid as you think. Do not hold us to ransom for your desparation.

    The post must wake up and realise that we are not going to be fooled by them.

  110. Another self proclaimed MMD aspiring presidential candidate in the name of kenny mweemba( former COBUSU president) has just been selling his manifesto on HOT FM and kept on describing the PF president as a Hyna who has failed in all the election contests he has attempted.

    Now my question is, what has Kenny Mweemba achieved for this nation to suppass that of PF president.
    an achievement that gurantees Kenny to be so insolet against President Sata.

    Candidates please watch your mouths or you may flee your own country very soon.

  111. Advice:
    The constitution provides for qualification which can be interpretted in fairness. Your medical complication issue can easily be proved. I will give you an example where women delibaretly leave their country of domicile to go and give birth in USA or Britan for the sake of giving advanatge to their children based on Birthrights.
    Rule 1.
    A child born from at least on Zambian parent abroad can claim Zambian citizenship, either through family for them or when they have legal age of doing so. A birth certificate and ID/PP of parent required and oath
    Remember again the Dual Citizenship article. At Birth that child may have been adorned citizenship by virtue of being born in USA.

  112. HK thanx for that i did not intentionally miss anything out as i just copied and pasted from the original article.
    And its not 2 years and not 3 years

  113. Dont call your self ‘Obama of Zambia’ Kenny Mweemba because the Obama of America has never attacked and isulted McCain by likenning him to a Hyna the way you are doing to president Sata.
    Please Leave PF president alone!!!!!

  114. I just dont understand why the MMD would go otherwise when about 85 percent of if memebers have support for RB now even the mayor of lusaka

  115. Uchipo,

    What percentage of the NEC support RB? That is the question for now. If he wins (I do not wish him well), the next question will be, how many Zambians (MMD included) support him?

  116. No:122 Learn to follow your country’s politics closely. Don’t you know that there are three parliamentary by-elections in Ndola Central, Mwansabombwe and Kanchibiya? I doubt if you even know where these places are found. Don’t js talk anyhow. Get your facts right and read the story to the end. Don’t end at the headline.

  117. #135 CDP – LPM gave Kafupi a chance to clear his name which was linked to corruption, a quest that proved too hard for old Kafupi, so there was no betrayal there, Kafupi failed to exornorate himself from all “accusations” and up till now he canot even complain that he has been unfairly treated. If your CDP party sees what happended as betrayal, I for one ain’t joining your party, it is no different from the others that are even calling for pardoning of all plunderers, no way, I am talking of proper morals here.

  118. 147, one of the names mentioned by you is a bit ifi! I would check the moral backgrounds of some names-be careful very very deep waters here!!!

  119. Uchipo..
    Your children’s citizenship is guarnteed by your descent and you can obtain Zed passports for them,
    Those above legal limit who have obtained foreigh Citizenship,mostly by obtaining thath passport and swear allegiance to forign powers will have haddles in gaining position in National Assembly which is intermarried to the presidency.Zambia is not their country of first affinity, by birth and their citizenship. to cap it domicile comes in.
    Those Zambians who obtain another Citizenship but have Zambian Citizenship as well..Will also face a haddle, unless they denounce it.
    Dipak Patel is a good example on this Artic

  120. No. 159 anonymous,

    You did not understand no.122’s comment. He was not able to open the Post Newspaper (maybe his subscription has expired), that is why he wanted some clarity. You can’t tell the whole story from the heading…

  121. The foriegn office is a job center for relatives of the upper echleons of GRZ. Even RB has planted one of his sons as deputy ambasodoor in Italy.
    They give their relatives posts above more suitable and qualified Zambians because they know if they did it in zambia, the pipo would see, so what better place to perpetuate nepotisim then abroad when infact these missions and the right personel are of vital intreast to zambia.
    Lets start a campain, every concerned zambian overseas should ask for details(names) of members of staff in the country were u are , astounding levels of nepotisim will be revealed.

  122. In the Recent endorsements for some candidates, we have seen chiefs taking part in partisan politics. by endrorsing candidates. I have in Mind Cheif Mwanachingwala Mazabuka, Chief Mwamba-North, and many other chiefs from the East and Luapula.
    I quote–
    129. [Chief not to be partisan]
    A person shall not, while remaining a Chief, join or participate in partisan politics.

    A chief should be held accountable to such act against the constitution.

  123. #160
    Very Good Muwala, now you got it right!
    LPM did not betray Chiluba in anyway and
    RB isn’t betraying LPM either!

    PLEASE tell this to The Post!

  124. Who is this undisclosed and ‘formidable candidate’. Te Ba mayo Ba Maureen fye? Thats my suspicion. And i hope its not her because she’s gonna get really bruised.

  125. 159. Anonymous
    The post could not open for me hence my question #163 Major think you for pointing it out for me
    And ba HK think for you advice on the matter of citizenship

  126. Not so long ago MMD people wanted to fix PF President because of his age. It took LPM to knock sense into their silly heads. How come now age is not an issue with Roopy? What about Roopy’s membership in MMD isn’t in an issue? Why are the rules being bent for Roopy? UNIP is rejoicing. No wonder the Kaunda’s are telling Tileynji to step down. Power is going back to the hands of UNIP!

  127. He and Chitala has appointed themselves campaign managers and guess what now there is a faction called founding members who include Christon Tembo met at Chrismar Hotel to endorse RB, this is where the politics are going guys, a reincarnation of UNIP.

  128. #176 CM,

    One blogger by the name of CIA is busy following the press conference. He is updating us second by second. Go to the story of ‘Levy dies a sad man’…..and scroll to the bottom…

  129. “Let the other contestants stop and allow RB to stand” and let the others wait for 2011 – Teta on QFM now, he is now defending Lewanika, Tembo, Chitala and saying they are genuine people who should be listened to.

  130. What teta is trying to say is that RB is the only person who can keep them in power and unity the country based on the following.
    Eastern Province, and 30% of the Easterners in Lusaka will never vote for any other candidate if RB is not adopted.
    He attacked Magande that, he does not have constituency of which he can draw the votes.
    He also emphasized on alliance of blocking blocks where himself and his NW leaders will deliver Votes.
    He also insinuated that, Luapula, and Norther Province will never Vote for Magande.
    What he said is a simple summary of what is already known strategy of driving fear and division.
    The unity he is talking about is exclusive unity as long as victory is guaranteed

  131. He also tried to play to the gallery by promising those who may not challenge RB could be assured of their jobs.
    He threw a few Jibes to Mwanawasa and Maureen’s endorsement of Magande without mentioning name, that, the WILL for mwanawasa is personal not for the Nation.
    He also asked the First lady to concentrate on running the farms the president left.
    He also thanked the initial founder of MMD, namely Criston Tembo, Verno Mwaanga, mbita Chitala.
    on Links to plunderers he denied but said they will follow reconciliation.. this wud mean dropping of charges of some selcted plunders.
    In General teta has show his treachery un unworthy trust including to RB who he is backing now. I wud be carefull

  132. Ba Kenny niku CBu kulya twalechita enjoy bu Lumpeni bwenu. At national level you wont get away with calling people derogatory names especially elders. I am pretty sure you are aware of the fact the our society frowns upo such language especially when used af=gaisnt abakalamba even if you have a point.

  133. Kenny Bungwe, May just be attracting some Libel suits in court by shrewd Sata. I beg Sata to forgive this Lumpeni from DK/CBU.. Maybe thats the way he want to introduce himself as a political thug, very unfortunate.

  134. Imwe we should all now know by now what sort of a hopeless person Teta is. Its sad to have such politicians in the county even holding the sort of political office they do.
    So Ba Nervers nabo bala amba ukusabaila. Vushe kanshi ka Mudala kalya kaba shani? He really has no shame.
    Its surprising that, he is supposed to be having a party of his own then when he sees an opportunity he decides to apply for the MMD presidency. How can the sherperd be leaving the flock anyhow whenever it suits him?

  135. Am wondering what programmes are lined up for continuity…lets see..mmmmmm maintaining the number one spot in africa for the highest fuel prices and hence high prices for transportation and food?????oooh or maybe appending their signature to the salary increments they gave themselves at the expense of the same poor tax payers money???continuity indeed.

  136. Mr. Banda, is the right person for the Presidency at this time. Being number two, he is conversant with the programmes the late Presdident was pursuing and as such should be allowed to carry on until 2011. Having someone else take the job, will change everything for the worse!

  137. post are really doing a very good work in such that they update the country with any latest news i think they are really active .you our government is very corrupt ,rupiah should look at this serious we need positive change in the country .for the people of zambia to vote for him in the next election rupiah must change and make zambian proud thanks .

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