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Govt not rejoicing over suspension of Zambian Airways – Shikapwasha

Headlines Govt not rejoicing over suspension of Zambian Airways - Shikapwasha

Government says it is saddened by suggestions from some sectors of society that it is rejoicing over the suspension of Zambian Airways operations.

Information and Broadcasting Minister, Ronnie Shikapwasha said contrary to the suggestions, government is studying various options for assisting companies whose operations are struggling due to the financial global melt down.

Lt. Gen Shikapwasha said government is also waiting for a full report from Zambian Airways on the challenges that resulted into suspending the airlines operations.

Lt. Gen Shikapwasha who is also Chief government spokesperson said this in statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

The Minister said government is discussing with companies that intend to lay off workers as a result of the financial crisis.

He said government is equally saddened by the suspension of Zambian Airways operations because this could affect the jobs of many Zambians.

He said the development does not please government because it is not line with government policies of job and wealth creation.

And Lt. Gen Shikapwasha also said the failure by bus operators to reduce fares following the reduction of fuel should not be blamed on government adding that it was out of defiance because bus operators are paying very little for fuel.

Meanwhile, the Minister has since reiterated government’s commitment to fight Cholera in the country by empowering Local authorities with enough resources.

He has since called upon all Zambians to keep their surroundings clean and observe high standard of hygiene.

Zambia Consumers Association (ZACA) Executive Secretary, Muyunda Ililonga is quoted in one of the Tabloids were he advised government not to rejoice over problems affecting the airline.



  1. Just as well i think those planes are not safe. I flew from Lusaka to Ndola i thought we were not going to make . I was died scared. Someone to come up with a better plan.

  2. The govt just has to bail out the airline. They can do it and become major shareholders. We shuould not be celebrating wen a flag carrier goes under.

  3. Why should the tax payer bail out these rich guys whose business has gone bust?How many people in Zambia can afford to fly for Govt. to dish out their coffers to save these tycoons?
    absolute nonsense,let them sink,we shall use other Airlines.

  4. Eating unhealthy food causes some of these problems.
    Get well soon,but please provide evacuations for the needy too who have no strings to pull when in sickness,or better still build these facilities and pay locals well to man them.
    Im sure its a Zed Doctor who shall attend to CJ.

  5. The govt should reduce jet fuel which has caused all the problems for this airliner. Bailing out is good idea so that employment can be maintained and also have investor confidence in our economy.

  6. An airline is essential and a more reliable one would have been even better. Let us lease planes from Virgin and start a real national airline where we shall have shares. May be that way we can all be serious about it. A good farm was spoiled by a f**lish businessman Chiluba who did not see the need to restructure the real Zambia Airways before liquidating it. That f**l remains Zambia’s greatest liability seconded by Sata.

  7. #9 i agree with you. I have never used Zambian Airways all time i go to Lusaka fromJohannesburg cause there service was poor,everyone was complaining.
    there planes are faulty ones. The shareholders were just pocketing the monies. Let them dance to there tune.
    Mutembo wina a zalila.
    there has to be a commission of inquiry into this as passengers are stil holding on to there tickets,and i don’t htink Mutembo and group are doing fine.
    Its there turn to pay for there sins,what goes around,turn around.

  8. Zambian Airways was just a big “kantemba”, so can people clamouring for it’s saving just keep quiet if they don’t understand how businesses are run, & basically how ZA got itself in the mess its in!!

  9. #9 and # 16 ,you are absolutly right.What benefit is it for Zambian govt. to bail out Nchito,Meembe and i believe Magande.SINK OR SWIM!FIGHT OR FLIGHT!
    These are some of the pitfalls of business,risk taking.

  10. i am supprised at some coments on issues being number one to comment without substance is the big issue. come on 3rd, 4th it is what you offer to others in your comment that is important lets show marturity and discuss matters that are serious especially that we are taking over what ever problems are being brewed today by these so called politicians.

  11. Whenever a state company experienced any problems, to the Nchitos and The Post together with other people in private sector, such problems were attributed to corruption in these companies. Therefore these chaps and indeed any other private company should not be assisted like was the case with state owned companies. When these chaps were making profits they never called any one to participate in their profits, they just bought their Hammers, now why should the country bear their losses. Let them go to their munzungu masters for help

  12. According to company law, it is a criminal offence for company directors to continue trading when they know that there is no chance for a company to turn around and pay its debts in the foreseeable future. The Directors of Zambia Airways certainly did not comply with the provisions of company law in this respect. They are personally liable for the debts of the company. The offences they have committed are worse than corruption; it is like they were using their airline for racketeering or swindling creditors and the public. Please let company law take its course. Government cannot be dragged in this private matter. The airline could have gone down for mismanagement and not global melt down.

  13. Is it the name ur crying for? Proflight has been around for ages and they are registering growth as seen from the new routes localy they are servicing.Zambian airways should have the right people to run the bussiness not the tired lwayers always in court over an ending cases. These nchito brothers are already enjoying tax payers money from their blotted charges for appearing in courts, now you want them to eat our money twice kulibe.let them manager the risk on investing without capacity,and information.

  14. # 19 You are not hear to judge Bloggers!! Just drop your comment to the Topic and move on!!

    Just wake up early next time to catch the first worm .

    I mean first qualify to be Number l-) and then we can :[email protected]

  15. Yo Zambians if you dont have Money like us , who travel first class all the way . Shat your trap daug .
    We dont need Zambian Airways , for what .
    SA will do ,till the time we own our own family jet which is very very soon . P’seace to all the my hommie’s in ZED STYLE.

  16. Let as have real business men with treasable back grounds run an Air Line in Z. Not these boys that just got puffed up and thought they could make more cash thru an airline. SORRY SORRY GUYS [-(:-w

  17. # 25 Tivo Shikapwasha

    ARE YOU 50 Cent? Come to Zed first and I will show you whats up!!

    Make sure you hide that Chain. You know what they did to you in Angola.

  18. “He said government is equally saddened by the suspension of Zambian Airways operations because this could affect the jobs of many Zambians.

    He said the development does not please government because it is not line with government policies of job and wealth creation.”

    Good news GRZ, but what are you doing about this development. In light of number 22, are you going to make sure the Directors of Zambian Airways pay whoever they have inconvenienced and their creditors in good time. Are you going to give them advice on coming out of this mess or what?

    The solutions must come soonest, please!

  19. People think govt is rejoicing becoz of statements that came from that Dora former ZNBC. No wonder our cabinet doesnt do correct things coz its full of irresponsible people.

    Govt must be proactive and find tangible ways of helping out companies that are struggling. Or else, you lose jobs, necessary taxes, above all, national identity.

  20. Intelligentia Zilemekeze wanvera.Uvule kamwa ati Sata fwe fwe uzaona. Shikapwasha there is nothing like studying how you can help.Just bail it out thats all,straight foward issue. On this very blogg when the news was said that Zambia airways has suspended its operations,there was celebrating here.And upto now i dont just understand how some of the so called interllectuals think.Because a normal human being cant rejoice when you see that your fellow Zambians wil loose their jobs.And today have you head that job loses are mentioned.And thats what was exciting surely? Some of you have no sympathy whatsever.Ndimwe che vintu Vintu,similar to a human being!

  21. 27 Jamaco
    Stop being a hater son ,you should know by now son NO ONE , NO ONE can touch me now , not even you son .
    Respect the name cuz. Angola is a done thing . I have moved on and so should you

  22. Hey #31 Tivo Shikapwasha respect yourself. If the closure of Zambia airways doesnt affect your country can you shut up please. That is our issue as Zambians,Who do you think you are to come and start telling us nonsense. Leave Jamaco alone. People wil loose jobs as a result of this and thats when you are saying very cold things like you stay inside the deep freezer. Stay away from this issue or else!

  23. It is a sad development that Zambian Airways is facing closure, Zambian Express is gone, Aero Zambia is gone. The fact of the matter is that Airline operation is no mean-task. These were some of the Airlines positioned to fill the gap left by Zambia Airways in 1994. This year marks 15 years from the closure of QZ. Greyhound Financing of USA and Speedwing (Management Consultancy wing of BA) found QZ to have been a viable product and only required restructuring. MMD Govt did not adopt speedwing’s recommendations, but KQ who were facing similar difficulties did and they have survived including the fact that they have even employed former QZ Pilots.

  24. Iwe Shikapwasha

    Why cant you just keep quiet.We will be using CR capwa you think twalisekelamo ayi. ~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(

  25. Part of RB’s Agenda is to develop and promote Tourism in Zambia. Selling, Marketing and Promoting Zambia as a destiny cannot achieve desired results given the present Airline Industry situation. In the last 15 years Zambia has failed to utilise the slot left by QZ for flights in and out of Heathrow Airport, but BA has maximised its’ opportunity into Lusaka even increasing frequency after QZ went under. At the moment the Country is losing massive amounts of forex due to lack of participation on International Routes. 100% payment of Air tickets into Zambia purchased abroad remain abroad, similarly a large chunck of monies paid for travel abroad purchased in Zambia goes to the foreign carriers.

  26. # 31. I honestly pray that someone is just using your name as some kind of a sick joke, because if you are really the Tivo Shikapwasha from Leopards Hill School and son of this dude in charge of Information and Broadcasting, you really should be ashamed for not making constructive arguments to help your father’s cause. I do not consider myself to be young but I know for a fact that you are definitely older than I am and I am just surprised at the lack of substance in your comments. I hope that maturity will catch up with you some day.

  27. Following the gulf war in the late 1980s’ a Number of Airlines faced difficulties especially with cost of aviation fuel. Zambia has one of the highest cost of aviation fuel in the region, when BA was flying Boeng 747 into Lusaka not so long ago, they stopped in Harare to uplift fuel. Otherwise the Government, Stake Holders, Tour Operators, Travel Agents and Zambians at large both at home and abroad should be engaged in brainstorming solutions to the Airline/Tourism Industry situation. This industry needs to be actively boosted, then we will not have to depend so much on Copper. Let us learn from Kenya who value the Tourism industry. Zikomo kwa basi!

  28. # 41. Well, its really a shame when children live up to the negative images associated with being children of ministers. But I feel that it is an even bigger shame when that child is an adult who should be making a name for himself in his own right. I rest my case.

  29. sage, in the thread w w w. lusakatimes. com/ ? p = 7346, you dropped me some questions and by the time I was free the topic had moved out of the stories in view and so I decided to post my reply there and also put it up here for you to have quick access to it. So follow through my postings below and then send me email on [email protected] if you will feel that you need further clarifications on my comments.
    Sorry, I have been busy with working on a LEGO ROVER – Advanced Robot – as we will have a competition tomorrow involving 6 teams of which I am in team 6 and had to participate fully to make sure our case receives the prize, by god’s grace, if it will perform to the expectations.

  30. #58. Sage, you indicated 327. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe & JJ, You are being economical with the truth.Rewind your brains and tell us what HH meant at Mongu’s bluegum Heroes square in 2006 when he publicly appealed to Lozis not to vote for Nawakwi or Sata northerners.”
    Yes, I remember president Hakainde Hichilema, HH, was reported as having said that Lozi’s should vote for a Tonga as they are tribal cousins instead of a northerner Sata whom Sakwiba Sikota had gone to campaign for as a PF/ULP coalition move. I don’t remember HH mentioning anything about about Nawakwi not being voted for by Lozis because she was a northerner. In my view, Nawakwi did not matter then and in fact she was part of UDA…

  31. 283 continued.
    which sponsored HH as a presidential candidate for it to rule Zambia. In light of this, your statement including Nawakwi in “tell us what HH meant at Mongu’s bluegum Heroes square in 2006 when he publicly appealed to Lozis not to vote for Nawakwi or Sata northerners” is clearly wrong and meant to cheat those who missed what exactly transpired then. I would be glad if you thus give us a full quote of president HH’s exact words and their source on here LT to back up your assertions.

  32. 284 continued.
    Also, on “27. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe & JJ, You are being economical with the truth…The same 2006 Sata said North Westerners are buttock Nyamazais whom he would expell to Angola.In Luapula he said levy from from a minority tribe was persecuting plunders because they are bembas and they should deny him their vote.In Eastern he asked their votes as a cousin,” I will not waste much ime as you have put it all as you know for I have always claimed that Sata is the biggest tribalist and racist against the Chinese people I have ever known of all Zambians in my life’s history. Mr MC Sata’s lack of enough education makes him say things disspeakable and also terrible for the Nation.

  33. 285 continued.
    On “27. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe & JJ, … And in 2008 Rupiah appealed to Easterners to vote him in as their own son.What is that to you?”
    The Incumbent President, then Vice President, Mr RB Banda made a clear tribal statement by appealing to easterners to give him a 100% vote as he is their son or one of them. In fact, I would ask him to apologise for those words to the whole Nation. Mr President RB Banda clearly behaved in a tribal manner just like “The same 2006 Sata…In Luapula he said levy from from a minority tribe was persecuting plunders because they are bembas and they should deny him their vote.”
    In all, only MC Sata and President RB Banda conducted themselves in a 100%

  34. 286 cont’d.
    In all, only MC Sata and President RB Banda conducted themselves in a 100% tribal manner as their statements had to do with a motive getting 100% support from their tribes mates.
    On president HH, I would have written a similar thing to the above two if he issued a statement pleading for 100% support in the Southern Province for some reason about being Tonga which he has never done. On all HH’s campaign messages, he has been quoted as asking people not to vote for any candidate – including himself – on tribal grounds but on ability to perform and policies promised by his political party including life telling testimony like family values.
    LT 2008 Award Winner.=; for Zambia

  35. You don’t commit public funds to bail out a highly mismanaged business by its own incompetent managers. ZA Management and shareholders have exhibited every arrogancy and dangerous selfishness in ruining a potential business in spite of forewarnings and empirical evidence of their own deficiecies.No seperations of powers or corporate Governance but pathetic incompetence and arrogancy.Why did the fire a professional CEO McDonnel for a clueless Nchito in a risky industry? No bail out.Help genuinely struggling businesses found victims of uncontrollable forces not man made crisises.

  36. Its a shame to Zambian business failing to progress well in anything run by zambians. Even Malawi airline is doing better than our own Zambian airways.



  38. Since the coming of MMD into power there has been misplaced and misapplied skills and this remains a major problem in Zambia. We have seen lawyers taking on the role of Aviation Industry Experts, Medical Doctors becoming Ministers of Agriculture, an illiterate former first lady becoming a Deputy Minister of Tourism and once had a former Boxer with nothing much to offer becoming an MP. A fired former Manager of Reckitt and Coleman becoming MD for Zambia Airways. The list is endless, how can a Country develop with wrong people in key positions?

    Nata ndine wanu,


  39. Awe mwandi its sad ZA has gone down.they were quite cheap i must say. it was $127 lusaka-mfuwe. now with Proflight as the only major player on that route, the fees are ridiculously high!! the last time i checked a one-way trip cost $250.i feel like im being ripped off.im going home in may and the question is should i go by road? then i’ll spend about K300,000 max.but again the journey takes forever (10hrs +/-2 road: 55 min air) and the road is just horrible!:((:(

  40. #55,
    No No., the roads are not that bad, I faced the same predicament in Nov 2008. With my simple calculations and convertions I discovered that for the three of us just within Zedi, we were going to spend approx US$12OO (btween Ndola/lsk/chipata)on local flights.
    I chose by road. It was adventurous too.. despite all the known fracas, hiccups and mentality.

  41. the road is almost impassable after the rainy season but ill just have to take the bus if the situation doesnt improve.i’d like to keep the $150 extra pocket money thank you very much.i totally love long journeys but my last road trip was a nightmare!i used RPS (now NPS).we were supposed to get on a coach but what came was a very old UBZ-style bus which broke down just after chongwe.we waited there for a replacement from 5am-2pm.got to chipata at 9pm.connecting to mfuwe took a whole day and i finally arrived home dusty and exhausted with a broken suitcase at 8:30pm. i’ll have a great time telling my kids in the future, when things are all good (hopefully), how travelling was such as hassle.

  42. Well Zambian Airways can be saved not by government alone but by determined shareholders. However, governement has a serious role in this matter. It seems to me that if government is not a direct beneficiary, they may become reluctant to help. Especially when you bring politics in business. You will see if Zambian Airways goes down, another airline may come up and if it has the blessings of government it may flourish. The other factor is that the world today is experiencing financial difficulties. Who could have thought that an airline from Europe (Alitalia of Italy)could be threatened of closure due to financial crisis? Zambian Airways is competing with the world, of the likes of SAA

  43. #57 Now tere is ‘JORDAN’ and other transporters. if you start off from Chipata at 1000hrs >>>>Lsk >>>> 1730hrs thereby..

    My apolologies for my spelling of conversion..on#56.

    Mfuwe roads are naturally impassable.. especially during rainy season .. being the valley region.

  44. In the two years since the shock announcement that initial analysis had suggested the presence of hydrocarbons, extensive surveys using German technology had shown ”huge potential for oil and gas in the country”, Mr Mwansa said. ”But we don’t know the quantity and the quality.” The government hoped to finalise the terms of the exploration tenders within half a year, he added, and had set up the Zambia Petroleum Company as ”a vehicle for state participation” in the industry.

  45. Whatever goes up must come down.Yes govt. is rejoicing they waited for this to happen.One of the Directors M’membe threatened almost everybody in this current govt.Corrupt them ,thats the only advice i can give you.

  46. The comments on this blog are shocking, we have been crying for local investors and we are busy bringing them down.We have to come out of this pull him down strategy and support our local investors. The Govt needs to bail them out by giving them a loan which they have to pay back, the Govt can also buy shares in the airline. The govt needs to bail out only local investors by giving them loans which they will have to pay back with interest . The interest can be used on other income generating ventures in the country which can generate more money. God bless Zambia.

  47. Its not the responsibillity of of the Govt to run buz but its citizens.
    Govt is a very powerful institution to bestow responsibillity on.
    Shibukeni(wake up(

  48. Actually his big nose takes up the whole face.

    Thats the first thing everyone notices first.

    (Sorry about the comment..)I know its not in good taste for a new gal comer ,on the blogg like me…

    Please welcome me all..
    I come in good faith. 😕

  49. There is too much unfounded talk.Before you come to this blog get your facts right.Everybody who ever used Zambian airways can all agree with me that the airline didn’t to be going anywhere with its operations especially with the domestic ones.A family friend of mine explains one of his disappointing experiences.Travelling from lsk to solwezi only 5 passenger in big plane one drops off at Ndola 4 proceed to solwezi.With such support from the locals you can’t run an airline,we appreciate what they trying to do but its just unforunate that they had to suspend their operations.The other issue with airlnes is that they reflect the economic position of the country,it is very evident that we are

  50. #66,Maririana this is your coming on the blogg and you have already started insulting . We dont behave like that here. You are lucky if you were an old guy here,i would have thrown some stones on you. Welcome to LT,give respect to cool guys like Nine Chale,Martworld Nice guy and others.These are old guys here and are disciplined . But there are also confused characters you will see them own your own.welcome whoever attacks you let me know.

  51. I blame Zambian Airways management, they started entangling themselves in politics. If magande had won the elections they would most likely be operating. Poor management by a qualified lawyer and all stake holders. Its their own fault.

  52. Just because you can afford flying first class, God knows what you fly on, (maybe a magic broom)doesnt mean that every average person can afford it. The line between the rich and poor is so thick in Zambia the economy will never improve especially with so called rich losers like you going on about detoriation of our country “being nothing” just because you have money to throw around. Do you know that 70% of Zambians survive on less than a dollar mr soon to own a private jet??? Invest your money in worth while projects and do it for your own country and save us the brag.Zambia will always be home nomatter where we go and become successful.Those with the benjamins keep thier mouths shut!!!!

  53. Yes the government is happy that The Post newspapers will soon be visited by the bank that lent them money invested into ZA.
    What a shame, useless and beyond their mouths type of leaders we have in zambia.

  54. People dont understand the concept of a bailout. its not just injecting tax payers money in a falling company. what if the money injected gets swallowed up do you call for onother bailout. Look at what happened in USA, companies had to present viable bussnes strategies to congress before money could be released and that money is not for free its a loan. moreover those companies are listed on the stock market meaning that their fall would affect millions of citizen with shares in the company. Z.A is not listed on LUSE and its already in a $30 debt, a bailout means an addition to that debt and there is no new plan yet what wiil tprevent the bailout money from being swallowed up?

  55. 72
    Bailout yes, dont just happen like waking up from sleep.
    ZA has to show that it has realised and seen where the mistake are and that the same mistake will not recur. It slso has to show that management and ways of doing things will change at the company. The CEO and other running the company will not merely use the money to pay for their Hummers and if they have already paid for the Hummers, then the cash injection will not go to servicing the same vehicles.
    A new, improved and realistic business plan with a bankable cash flow should also be in place before any bailouts.

  56. Its nice to note that the spokes man has shawn interest .But can the GOVT do something before we get into what happened to the the ZAMBIA AIRWAYS. :-w:-?:o

  57. Its nice to note that the spokes man has shawn interest .But can the GOVT do something before we get into what happened to the the ZAMBIA AIRWAYS. :-w:-?:o

  58. Tivo,
    My friend things change. Today you may fly first class tomorrow you may not even afford three pin to jump on a mini bus from chilenje to town. Am sure you know castro( former president’s son) he now frequently mtendere compound drinkin shakers. Pride always precedes somebody’s fall.

  59. Zambia Airs failed and now Zambian Airs. What’s wrong with us when even cash strapped Zimbabwe can run a very successiful air line?

  60. #79 DEEDS
    Good idea deeds but the point is nobady buys shares in a company that has more liabilities than assets with no viable plan. govnt money is tax payers money and it should not be wasted on a private company unless that company is a listed on LUSE and has direct public(tax payer) participation. If it was Zambeef, CEC, Zamefa or Zambia sugar i would have been the first one to call for bailout because they are on LUSE and tax payers are part of them either through pension funds like Napsa or direct share holding.Dont confuse ZA with a National airline. ZA is a private company like Zambezi airline so it must be run by competent management…Full stop.

  61. No need. Let the Airline close down. What value has it added ever since? People dont you know that there are so many Aire lines that are privately owned and operating in Zambia. There is nothing special about Zambian Airways, the business was mismanaged and the owners must bear the liabilities. Why should liabilities of a limited company be shared with tax payers?

  62. The gvt should not bail out Zambia Airways. Those guys the Nchitos made a lot of money from the task force for several years where has the money gone. What the govt should do is to just buy the company and carry on with the business. Shareholders of that company have a lot of assets why cant they sell some of the assets and pump money into the business.

  63. The bottom line is mismanagement of the worst kind, like has been alluded by some bloggers, Proflight has been on the scene and is expanding unlike Zambian Airways Indigenous Shareholders who have milked the airline and invested heavily in South Africa. Most of ZA assets are on lease and the only people to lose are Financiers, Company Law will visit Zambian Airways as a Company and not the Shareholders. Its high time such white collar crime is sorted out by Zambia’s elite.

  64. #68,
    My humble apologies..

    I just followed #65 blindly..
    How silly and naughty of me.
    I will open my eyes to the named guys.
    PLSE protect/shield me
    I am sorry again for #66 ^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^[-o<

  65. Tivo Shikapwasha is a fake MC! Ati “shat up daug” awe na ma gansta yaku states kuti ba kukana boi! I used ZA lately and despite the delays they were ok and a much cheaper option to SA. I know the owners are gloated fritters but what the heck we werent seeing their backsides when we travelled.

    Tivo Shikapwasha..hahahahaha bana kunama iwe!

  66. In these days and times, corporates on the airline industry do not buy planes but get them on lease……were as Zed Air bought those planes.Disposing of them would be practically impossible and maintaining them and expense out of the budget.The planes were equally not insured…makes me wonder why:-? airport taxes and fuel expenses still out standing…one asks as to what happened to all the funds collected in ticket sales:-w in conclusion..this air line went burst way before the global melt down…fuel has gone down and therefore should have assisted in its running costs!Zed asebana futi ekufwa kwenka kuno….kulibonesha bena Zed

  67. #90 anonymous there are a lot of urgent matters at hand which the government needs to spend money on. It is the duty of shareholders to source for funds not to wait for the gvt to bail them out thats not a govt run company. If the govt failed to revive the liquidated Zambia Airways do you think it can find money to revive Zambian Airways. That company started well something went wrong on the way.

  68. Hon. Ministers and those in government should also be careful whenever they have a chance to speak to the press as whatever they say will be considered as a government position. Am saying so because one of the ministers utered something that led to people believing that the government was rejoicing over Zambian Air Ways problems.

  69. I wonder the mind of Zambians, they love to find joy and confort in passing blame, never wanting to to take responsibility.
    There is no way that someone in his right mind can blame govt for Zambian Airways’ suspension of their operations, unless from a clear standpoint of ignorance – in which case one aught to be quiet.
    Zambian Airways owes over $30m, and only about $2m to NACL (which could be viewed as goverment).
    ZA hd been pocketing not only Service charges but even passenger departure fees, money which is not supposed to be theirs in the first place.
    They were pocketing Tax, pocketing loan repayment funds, pocketing everything. How do you do business like that.

  70. As the old adage goes, you reap what you sow, ask the management buy out team of roan air that became zambian airways, how “honourably” the Nchitos behaved when they snatched the deal right out of their hands by billing them unaffordable legal fees which led to the management team having their shares diluted to almost nil. These brothers preach of morality and corporate governance but wasnt the older brother the legal counsel of ZCCM at the time of the “management buy out”, surely that has insinuations of insider dealing or conflict of interest, no? All that begins sour ends sour….i have no sympathy, what is easily gained is easily lost!!!

  71. This General must be demoted. He says the Govt.,is not to blame for the refusal of bus operators to reduce bus fares. The question is who is in charge of running the country?!!. I’m so happy the “General” has supported my previous views that Zambia is on AUTO Pilot. NyamaSoya fast asleep.

  72. It is by far much better for the nation to come up with a different airline than to try and salvage Zambian Airways.
    If ZA has to be salvaged, the directors of Zambian Airways must relinguish their shares, and new management set up for the airline.
    However, like I said when total assets are far less than liabilities, no one can buy the airline. For the Liabilities I only think that the owners of the airline be held accountable.
    You dont want to have a culture of business in Zambia like the one exhibited at ZA. That is not what you would like to encourage. If that was to be encouraged for how long will govt use tax payers money to sustain such business practice?

  73. #101 Karma
    Of all the bloggers today you are the most informed over this issue,keep it up. whoever thot there was no insider dealings in LPMs adnminstration. Magande almost dragged Napsa into this whole mess after all banks said enough with the bottomless pit,imagine Pension Fund Money(for retirees) into a company that has more liabilities than Assets.Iam glad Akulu Mphuno chucked him out.

  74. What we want are viable business and not just business that will be a cost to the nation.
    It appears most bloggers dont seem to understand why we moved from goverment run businesses to privately run business.
    If government will be footing to the costs of private firms at the expense of taxpayers, what then do you call that? What then was the purpose of privatisation? what then was the value of selling off parastals.
    If we think that certain sector are crucial to our economy, fine then. Let the government set up parastatals in such sectors if our approach is to let govt foot the costs of running such firms. Why should we pretend we have privatised and yet the tax payer has to sustain?



  76. This will be a wise govt if they will not interfere with the operations of Zambian Airways. Let ZA find business solutions to their issues. It is very easy for ZA to hide in the global economic crunch and convince so many Zambians. This is clear as seen from a number of our bloggers right here. How sad!

  77. Let the airlines that are operating in Zambia know that it is better to fill up the whole planes with passengers who have paid an equivalent of a bus fare than to go with only half the plane’s capacity.
    Travelling by plane in Zambia must not be viewed as a thing of the rich only but as a service to the community to get them from point A to B.
    Profits of 5 – 7 % annually in a business are better than trying to make a 20% profit but then you only manage to make losses beyond you ability to resuscitate the operations of your company.
    With such, I agree with one who mentioned that in the 17 years of MMD, he/she has seen wrong ways of doing things were layers become airline operators, etc.

  78. Zambian Airways going down was the wish of that Fatso Dora Siliya. All because the Famous Nchito brothers didn’t show interest in her!!We’ll never develop as long as we don’t put the country first.Big companies are being bailed out through out the developed countries. Magande wanted to do the same but he was accused of having interests. We have such shallow minded people in Zed.

  79. What the western countries are doing is bail out industries (sectors)
    not individual companies. When a private co. has to be bailed out they will do a management change and restructiring, where there is malpractice shareholders are forcces to relinguish shares and be held accountable.

  80. The problem with our people is that emotions come first & speak what comes to their mind,how can govt be happy when companies shut down,what is the benefit.
    I know Zambia is too small but some issues are trivialised,am sure some chaps in bars & at bus stations started by saying govt is happy ZA has gone down because Fred M’membe’s Post Newspaper is a shareholder so the story went on airwaves as usual.
    The fact is that even major airlines are struggling & shutting down so how can an airline run headed by a lawyer run profitably,it even failed to break even so accrued unpayable debts thereby making bankruptcy inevitable,govt is not obliged to assist especially private co’s

  81. #103 Fine – kwena uletoba sense. What you are explaining is really making sense. These guys were busy buying big cars and masions forgetting about paying back loans.

  82. #105 Fine and #101 Karma
    continue with your work of educating young zambian on how the corporate world works. This culture of taking populist views without facts is killing this country, unfortunately it has even penetrated our highest learning institutions. two final year students from UNZA and CBU where complaining that they will not find jobs because of the Credit crunch which has hit Zambian airways as well, i asked them what the credit crunch is,the answer was just the same as the one you would get in the streets. The boys could not even recognise that in Zambia and africa we run a cash economy.As a product of one of the institutions i made sure my collegues never heard the ans

  83. No 110.(Fine)
    Tourism is an industry which Zambian Airways was promoting. Not to mention serving other sectors like the mines and other companies.

  84. #109 and 110 Good points. The fact that Shikapwasha feels he has to rebut the allegations means that the allegations have hit a sensitive spot. There is some truth in it. They could at least have stepped in to take over the airline. Instead they are only interested in foreign investors who pay bigger bribes.

  85. If Zambian Airways wants GRZ bailout then they need to be subjected to a Public Audit then you will see that the Shareholders are to blame. Our Company Law needs to be revisited because certain businessmen & Women are very crafty. The same goes for Luanshya Copper Mines where some high ranking GRZ officials are shareholders who want to place the Mine on Care & Maintenance blah blah blah. Such business houses take Zambians for granted because we are passive.

  86. There is no doubt that the directors at ZA have been to blame and they should answer to other stake holders in good time. However, Zambia needs to diversify its economy, and tourism is key to this. The government could move in and save the airline in the public interest. Of course the nationalisation would be temporary. It can be privatised again at some point. Unfortunately the likes of Dora Siliya are not capable of creative thinking or selfless service.

  87. #118 Chitapankwa

    Bailout of a private company requires public scrutiny and does not lie within the carbinate mandate. The only institution that can take tax payers money and donate it to a company owned by 4 individuals with more liability than assets is parliament. This however can not be done abitrary,Parliament would have to appoint a board like they did with task force, the current management would have to step aside as parliament decides the fate. The fate would depend on the future strategic plan of the airline and how they intend to get rid of the $30m debt including the the debt that will acrue after bailout. I can assure you Membe and Nchito wont allow such scrutiny.

  88. #121. Chantmore
    I agree the govt is in order to inject cash into NCZ, not in Zambian Airways where you have people who openly display lack of seriousness by exhibiting very unethical business practices.
    This does not in any way mean that when we say ZA should not be bailed out we are against airlines, no.
    Our law is weak regarding takeover of private firms by government in circumstance that demand such like this one. This means that M’membe, Nchito and collegues will not be willing to let go of the hand on the corp. Therefore let them sort the mess out themselves.
    In my view it is plunder for ZA owners to allow their firm to pocket monies belonging to NACL.

  89. You wonder the morality and soundness in mind of the shareholders of ZA. The former MD, a Mr McDougal i believe, who was doing a fantastic job was removed and replaced by Nchito who had no experience in the aviation sector. At the same time while this lawyer was fighting cases on behalf of the Gvt on allegations of abuse of office and corruption it came out that ZA itself was busy pushing Magande’s political agenda for its own survival due to funds ZA’s itself plundered from the paying public and National Airports. Again my only conclusion is that one reaps what one sows, my only sympathy goes out to the many stranded passengers + employees of ZA.

  90. #125, the nature of a free market economy is just that, the private sector is allowed to fight it out and where others fell someone else will take their place. Zambian Airways was not the only locally owned airline company in Zambia, others exist such as Proflight and the newest entrant on the block Zambezi Airlines, nothing stops these airlines or others local or foreign from stepping into Zambian Airways is space.

  91. #125. A J
    We will have difficulties promoting tourism without our own air line. That is why we are not happy with the behaviour of Zambian Airways owners. We though we had some local airline and yet guys were busy playing.
    We hope that the other smaller local airlines such as Proflight and Zambezi Ariline will take advantage of this and do serious business and will learn from Zambian Airways NOT ‘how to run an airline’ but, ‘practices that can lead to a business failure’

  92. My fellow Zambians, I stand here in awe at the amount of hate people allow to occupie their hearts. Please allow me to Clarify that the person above Blooging under ther Name “TIVO SHIKAPWASHA” is an imposter. The amount of immaturity exposed in these postings is appalling and disturbing to state the least. I love my country and would never celebrate in the suffering of my compatriots. The person impersonating me has seen this as an oppotunity to discredit me and make me seem like an arrogant irrisponsible loser. I understand everyones anger in the blogs above, however i stand to clear my name, I DID NOT POST THE ABOVE BLOGS. The person impersonating me mispelled my last name using the spelling the media uses, this in it self should validate my claim thank you God bless you all

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