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Christian youths protest against obscene material in Zambia

Headlines Christian youths protest against obscene material in Zambia

ACTIVISTS against pornography marching along church road in Lusaka carrying placards
ACTIVISTS against pornography marching along church road in Lusaka carrying placards
A Christian youth organization today staged a peaceful protest in Lusaka to against continued circulation of pornographic materials in the country despite measures to ban such stuff.

The youth organisation, known as Generation Impact Foundation, complained that pornographic material was eroding the morals of people, especially the youth.

GIF founder and Chief Executive, Panji Chipeta has since called on government to stiffen laws against pornographic material y in order to protect the youths having their morals eroded and diluted with unpalatable acts.

GIF staged the protest from Lusaka main Post Office on Cairo road to the Cathedral of the Holly Cross on Church road.

Mr. Chipeta said in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka that the protest was meant to sensitize the public against the use of pornographic material which he said increased to immorality in the country.

He said according to the study conducted by the organisation recently, there has been an increase in the number of people watching pornographic material the country.

He said the most effected people were the women, the youth and children although the materials are mostly brought in the country by men.

Mr. Chipeta feared that if nothing urgent was done to curb the availability and circulation of pornographic materials in the country, Zambian’s moral fiber would be completely destroyed, thereby increasing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

He observed that to a large extent, pornography contributes to rape and child defilement as women are degraded and are seen only as sexual objects by people who watch pornographic films and books.

He further said pornographic materials have destabilized marriages and destroyed families, adding that it has become a cancer that is eating up the Zambian society.

Mr. Chipeta said government, parliamentarian and the people sitting on the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) should in their debates include the putting up of stiffer penalties on the people supplying the materials.

He also appealed to the Internet service providers and Internet café owners to put safety measures that will help put this vice to a stop.

The Generation Impact Foundation also since written to shop owners and video libraries dealing are supplying pornographic materials to stop the act of selling and lending obscene DVDs.

Mr. Chipeta said the foundation was looking at modalities of working with the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), the police and other stakeholders to help fight this vice.

He said since Zambia is a Christian Nation, there is need for stopping the supply of obscene material to secure the future of the youth.


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  1. fight against this vice should start wit cell phone providers, zain en mtn. We watch porn on internet enabled fones from confines of our bedrooms. even primary skul kids have unlimited access to net porn nowadays. katwishi eko tuleya

  2. #4 when are you ever going to be serious. Even Jamaco in Germany does not agree with you. Lets build a Porn free Zambia. Tiyende pamodzi ndi Mutima umozi

  3. Jamaco, I am beginning to like you. I think you are a morally upright person. Are you born again too?Remember, I used the word “too”. Keep up the good work.

  4. I used to say the same thing “We are a christian Nation”, but when i came here where i’m, its not a big deal. thats why people pay no much attention to porn, You want to watch? watch, if you dont want to watch don’t, simple as that. Such protest will even lead those who knew nothing about porn, to be driven into finding out ‘more’ about porn material. Just take it easy ;):[email protected]

  5. Jamaco you scare me. What has Christianity got to do with Zambia? It is a foreign club that should not impose itself on us. We were born free and we should be allowed free choice. Why not ban alcohol? It is more corrupting than a magazine. Alcohol is responsible for a large number of deaths and yet some churches openly sell it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe in banning anything. People should be trusted to make their own choice. However, we must protect our children from these things.

  6. Abobene ati ba choir, or what ever christian youth groups they call themselves, E baba na ku fore front when it comes to having posession of porn material. No ubuchende sanaa… :d

  7. Imwe please do not make this thread be closed by LT because you do not mind your language!!





  8. I believe people should feel free to chose what they like,its not the job of the christians to dictate to the people on how they should live their lives,not everyone is a christian first of all,we have earthests,muslims or even non belivers,can you imagined the above i mentioned also go on streets to protest against what the christians think is immoral,if pipo want porn,its their choice,if you dont want it,again its your choice stay away but dont push others who like it

  9. These protesting over pornographic materials have nothing better to do. Wake-Up people unprotected sex, poverty, and alcoholism kills and destroys families, not pornographic materials.

    Pornographic materials eroding the morals my ass we have High HIV/AIDS because we have unprotected sex and multiple partners not because of pornographic materials.

  10. I am told the march was organised by Rev Dan Pule and the speech on behalf of govt was given by Jonas Shakabattoir

  11. Thats what we want Mr panji Chipeta.Abash pornographic materials in Zambia,we dont want such dirty staff.I have kept my virgin for close to 30yrs now and one of the principles that has helped me so much,is desisting from watching contaminated and mind polluting staff like porn. LT Award winner 2008 and 2009 for defending Sata from Funny Characters who are holy today because its a sabbath.

  12. u can laugh mwandi!!u can stop the circulation of pornographic materials?it’s everywhere.Internet is the source.There’s no need of protesting.zambia is a democratic country therefore let everyone do what’s right so long as people are not killing teach other.we’ve to accept that almost everyone watches porn.Just that we like hiding the truth and pretend as if we’re real christians.Behind bars on setillate dishes people watch.why in europe it’s allowed?U can’t force everyone to be a christian.Nowonder africa is too blind 4 nothing.Europeans are free to express their sex feelings.Our youths in churhes just impregnat each other which’s not common in europeans churches.

  13. You can imagine the conversation on judgement day

    YHWH: did you do as I asked you from my Holy(qodesh) words sent via my prophets and son

    Youth: Father I protested and carried placards that should count for something

    YHWH: where in the bible did I tell you to show placards to sinners , did my son not tell you let him who is without sin cast the first stone? Did you make an effort to help the ones that you saw as troubled ?

  14. No Porn…Zambia is a christian nation, bollocks!!! Not everyone is a Christian. Technoloy has moved on and Zambia is caught up in this web. Bottomline is, porn is easily accessible and no law can stop that. Look at the so called pastors for instance, they are the same twats pregnanting youngsters and dying of Aids yet they are preaching against porn. They is nothing wrong with porn and the only issue is that it should not be in the hands of under 18yrs and no one should be in posssesion with intent to supply. However, nothing should stop any adult to posses porn in their private homes. F’ y’all!!! 😮

  15. This is a democratic country. Let those who want to watch porno do so in their own privacy under their own choice. Why Barn Porno. It is these same CHipeta youths who are the biggest customer of these Videos. Howver I would support Barning of Porno Promotion in Public places and schools.. But barning of Materails in Adult Zones is illegal and undemocratic

  16. Be ‘F… realistic people’. No law nor war can stop the flow of pornngraphic material. Y’ all are a joke, you arses are dying from Hiv/Aids and campaigning against something as trivial as this. How does porn corrupt peoples minds? You people talk about morals and culture..i.e. it is not in our culture to do this and that, news flash ‘Culture is dynamic and everything changes to adapt to current situation of things’. No /yes to porn doesn’t mean anything. It only becomes an issue when you get caught. As long as unemployment and the cost of living remains high, porn issues will be the least on anybody’s agenda. God this, God that, Christian this/that…wake the F’ up, God helps those that…

  17. pa zed nififine. we like to pretend as if there is no sex in the world ant think it is dirty. just take a drive in the evening around nortmead and ndeke hotel, you will see it with your own eyes. the earlier we accept that there is adult entertainment the better for us. too bad 4 the BAs let them clean their house first before they come to the rest of the people. start with Pule.

  18. Porn is actually wrong for some of you misguided overzealous people. If you see some of the things in porn today it leavs much to be desired I don’t need to go into detail for some of you to understand things . The only thing I don’t agree with these protesting chaps is labeling people that choose to use their free will to indulge in it . Porn is like an accelerant to a fire I don’t think it’s the main cause of abuse and family break ups because how would these dull christians explain that existing before internet and dvd’s were there

  19. #21 Chewe the Virgin, you dirty little rat you watch porn all day on the internet, then you come here proclaiming morals. You’re always seeking attention you pathetic little baboon.


  21. No way my brother i dont watch such myself.Ever since i was at primary school,i hated these kind of films.And i have grown just like that.Love you my brother.

  22. Chewe-Nice guy!

    That’s great my dear,too bad the only sister in our family ci guy calisenda otherwise I would have given you my sister pantu ulimbama Mudala.Abash porn. :-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j

  23. Guys i have always had a belief that such materials just contaminates one,s mind.And the best you can do is to stop and avoid watching pornograph.The chains of bondage are too weak to be felt but too strong to be broken.What i mean is,You might not realise that what you are doing is wrong.And once you get into into such,its not easy to get out.Only God can help you. LT Award winner 2008 and 2009 for defending Sata from Funny Characters.

  24. E tv is one of the channels on free to air! What is happening in Tanzania? Porn is they. Doctors can you please come in so people says it damages the brain. How true is it?

  25. E tv is one of the channels on free to air! What is happening in Tanzania? Porn is they. Doctors can you please come in some people says it damages the brain. How true is it?

  26. YES near-to-heaven SDAs avoid advertising that they are pure (virgins). Such obserne materials are highly bad for unmarried people because they can’t practice what they learn lawfully.

  27. First and foremost what do you call pornography in Zambia?when a grown up person watches porno and his gron up costomers in closed rooms that is what you call pornography?come on lets be real you guys this is a modern world.porno can only be porno when it is exposed to children and in public,you hypocrites of zed get educated tihs is not federal generationok!!!!!lol

  28. I totally agree with Panji and the group. Even some pay TV shows pono especially on a day like today (Saturday). Parents beware and start locking the channels if you haven’t been doing so. Just check your TV guide anything which say R18 is all rubish and no GRZ official (MPs) have spoken against this. May be they watch.

  29. #52 Motain,are you the one who said mwebekala chalo bandi.Bushe malyashi yanga tukalandapo? Uyu ati mwakuti umbi ati iyo chilimwakuti.Are you the one who commented like this? Am looking for that mr Anonymous he is great.He made me laugh my lungs out,i will never forget him.

  30. Martworld Nice guy,i cant just wait for monday to come.I will be the happiest person that day because of the birthday of my lovely cool,not short tempered,unselfish and kind hearted brother Nice guy.

  31. # 53 Bachewe ,shani tata,bushe mwalifwaya gelo nomba ?hope ubushimbe nabupwa , ayo yambi amepushe kwati am not sure but tata have a good weekend nangula ati kalebalika :d/

  32. How shall a young man keep his ways pure, by taking heed to the word of God.I have hidden your word in my heart so that i may not sin against you. Psalm 119:9-11. We need to stand against such moral decay. God bless the christian youths, please also pray for our nation some of these issues are strongholds and they can only be broken through prayer, fasting,the word of God,the blood of Jesus and addressing them.We thank God for the days of KK at least there was discipline in our nation. God bless the First President Kenneth Kaunda.

  33. Awe chawama ba mat besu,thats how it is supposed to be, but how do you look at this ladies in the picture ndemona kwati tabakwatafye uwakutunkulapo i mean pa ma ideas so nabafyulwa ati limbi ni pono ilelenga :d

  34. I love porn…I wank myself off most often and the only harm I do, affects my right hand…but then again it’s me and I am hurting nobody. Quick Lecture on Porn, there is what they call bondage, a Zambian woman would actually run away…but thinking of it they won’t…the nsenga/ngoni girls normally do it…lock you up using their legs. The details are that…the nyengelement is outstanding!!! People this porn campaign is crap. If you want a lecture and then analyse the complexity of the issues involved and why this is a zero call in the Zambian context just let me lecture y’all a little bit…let me!!! 😮

  35. JAMACO
    LT I think this guy called JAMACO deserve an award as the most useless bloger of 2009. The guy has no manners not even bud ones

  36. live in the uk and this is nothing……..it’s normal but in zed it’s a problem. Watch it if you want. The net has all kind of information people watch porn in their homes dont waste your time walking from the post office i have better things to do. The more you talk about it kids will want to watch.

  37. #70 you are damn right…hit the nail on the head. Zambians by far do not like being told the way it is. Yes we can argue via morality and culture that ends up killing us. If one fs up’ and you know they did, say it as it is. However, it is people like Chewe that I do not personally trust. ‘Hi my name is Chewe, a virgin and I am 30 yrs old…I have never watched porn before and I do not know how to get busy with a woman’. People, it is guys like these that look like the best person to take home to your parents…after a while you discover that mother f’ like him can f’ anything with a heart beat!! Can all y’ all lock your daughters up, please!!:-w

  38. we are moving forward.more ppl have access to the internet.what did you expect?just deal with it.nobody gives a f–k.its the rainy season, i have no food.do u think i’ll give a damn about what ppl do in private?NO.there are more important things to protest about, early marriages and child molestation for instance.im not saying porn is okey, its wrong but ppl have the right to choose.the government has more important things to handle bane.with the internet access, only the sky is the limit.you cant totally ban the stuff so why waste your time trying.times have moved on and so should we.its not like they are airing it on national t.v. at the end of the day, the choice is yours.peace:)>-

  39. Pali picture bane no offense but ka madam pantanshi pali picture na gogo’ kalemoneke kwati kalinaka mwee!!! Nyengelement kali yishiba sana from practical to theory hence, the campaign!! :-w

  40. # 73 I agree with you that there are more things to deal with than X rated movies. Such are free online like crazy and for feel—–However—–

    Those youths need to protest outside Alpha or Zenon to stop operators allowing under 21s to purchase beer, beer halls, clubs, supa markets bottom line and any liquor seller should not sell to any young person. Even us send kids to buy beer or fwaka at the store, in our home people ask children to bring beer from the fridge…what most of kids sipped/ tasted beer the first time in homes because of such.

  41. #75 You have a valid point point and I commend you for that. However, your point highlights a lot of issues among which…’upbringing’ plays a critical role. Government together with parents should educate the youngsters on issues that are morally correct. For instance, there is a policy in Zambia displayed in most night clubs that say ‘Patrons are not allowed to serve anyone under the age of 18yrs old yet they allow them in. And parents know that the under 18yrs old are not suppose to be out later in the night, yet they let them loose. This needs a complex solution underpinned by a complex debate i.e. what role does goverment, parents/guardians/church play. itemise them!!

  42. True # 76

    Look at Arcardes mall or Manda hill? Youths in the evening just rooming around in bandanas and leggings. And then the budget allocates zero or a little towards youths. I see the allocation on education but Zambia’s population has more than 50% of youths with life expectancy of 30 years…we need more recreation programs for young people. Noti che ma ‘Fete’ ‘fundraising’ ‘over night fimo fimo’. LSK for instance has like 5 local main libraries British council, Chilenje, American, the other one near Katondo street.

  43. People of the nation let us not condemn the protestors for they have the right to protest against anything they deem unfit and if we are not happy with that we should not look down on them but respect their choices. Mirriam, #75 i hope they could further amplify their protests around those clubs you have mentioned for they are a real danger to many young people. Viva Anti Porn Youths! 🙂

  44. Protesting is one thing and getting results is another!! The reality in Zambia is that…yes it is okay to protest but the issue is that what comes after that? We have a ministry of sport, youth and child development…this alone as a ministry is problematic!!! Why, because you can not look at sport and work to improve it and facilitate other youth programmes at the same time. The reason is simple and straight forward…’funding implication’s’!! We need a ministry that addresses youth/child development programmes and an independent Sports department. Funding for such programmes will simply be defined and allocated appropriately. :-w

  45. #77. You are so right, we need to do alot of work to provide sound and a varied kind of entertaiment for our young people and i wolud like to challenge the christian community to come around and do something in the entertaiment world. Take the bull by it horns and avoid being reactional to situations around us. Let us fight the scourge right from the root by promoting good moral standards by providing avenues that promote the value and morals that we wish to protect and encourage. It is time youth groups in churches came up with more dynamic youth programmes that can keep the young people off some of these destructive paths.

  46. Tube8 dot com among many sites has all the porn one might want to see as posted by another. Times have changed. People need their freedoms. People in Zed have too much freakin time on their hands. And I do hope they let go of that Sakala guy who they arrested for posession of xxx dvds. Zambia is for everyone and not only for the so called christians. Are you going to march agaist Castle, Mosi, Kachasu and other alcholic beverages? Stop trying to force others in your little world.

  47. A lot of chronic masterbaters have shown their shaky hands ways in this thread. It just goes to show how many of you are sad and are probably not happy with your choices of women.A grown man should not have a porn collection he should have a woman to fulfil all his needs. It’s responses in this thread that don’t surprise me to how many prostitutes have business, the sad truth is most of you have no game whatsoever. This is truely sad and pathetic , a perfect example of how porn damages the mind is #50 who thinks using an outlet as an inlet is good. I guess it’s true what the say about africans ‘ monkey see monkey do’

  48. #77 Absolutely, but then again to what extent are the so called Christians willing to go? They preach the Bible and treat it like a regular job…hence, the notion false prophets!! Most of these guys hiding behind the Bible are broke mother f’kers that just wanna earn a dollar or two. Yet these are the same corrupt people we trust. We have tonnes of evidence of malpractices involving Pastors and Reverends. Question I guess is, how do we expect something significant and positive when false broke arse prophets are spear heading our future!!

  49. #85 porn is damaging , i can assure you from my own point of view. I know it’s personal viewing but in all honesty just because you do something that in private it doesn’t mean you will not sip into your conscious for experimentation. The thing about porn is it distorts your view on what intimacy is. If you look at countries were porn is widely available and look at it’s populations morals you will see theres a huge difference with countries were porn is not accetable. It’s just my opinion and porn is obviously a choice but look at what comes with that choice.

  50. #87Quote…’porn is widely available and look at it’s populations morals you will see theres a huge difference with countries were porn is not accetable’. Give us an example…which countries?!! :-w

  51. #88 how about the country you are in sherlock? Do you think things like cuckolds, dogging sites, sex changes, beastiality ,orgies and the rest are normal? Have you ever heard of such happening in zambia?

  52. #84. Shalapungu banton you need to relax mwaice. Uleniyenga fye tuma gelo twa pa UK. Once you taste you change your name to Shalaniyenga banton mwaice

  53. porn or no porn i will continue with my lena she gives me everything i need . bagelo bachifita balatana that thing. continue with your protesting wasting your time and burning in the sun

  54. I don’t need to go home and see i already know zambian instead and out and I can assure you zambians are not as sick as westerners in the head …..YET . But as you know zambians like to kopeleza so am sure soon you will see the effects of what porn does to people, i know these effects all to well because I know people in the Adult industry. I just think you people that are being pro porn are not being 100% honest with it’s effects. You cannot see the long term damage it will do instead you look at the short term enjoyment. When you see your relatives, siblings or daughters doing those things am sure you will have a change of view. As of me I know porn is not good I lived it enough

  55. Sony Ericsson I am not a young child thats lonely that resorts using my limbs for pleasure. I have self control and even if that fails I have a roster of beautiful women that i can pick from besides my lovely girlfriend. That is something I would consider in my high school days now am good.

  56. Infact Open even erotic shops if u want guys!
    we wanna see real christians in zed.
    pretending as if we don’t watch porn won’t help to find boyfriends/girlfriends.let every choose between bad and good.God gave us free choice.watch if u want.Not everyone is a believer and will be a believer.
    whites don’t care.Infact parents in european countries allow even children to have sex after 18.They just tell them to have one partner.They even follow the rules.whites are free to talk about sex.
    sometimes girls tell their mothers about sex with their boyfriends.Ku zed fyakufisa kwati katwishi.tufimwena mumafumo and HIV/AIDS.

  57. Please Zambians don’t we have anything better to do????? Demonstrating over porn??? If one wants to watch porn, by all means please leave them be…thats what democracy is about!!!

  58. #96 Bashi Shalapungu banton, i think tumagelo twaku UK tulakutana sana.Nowonder u’re pretending.come to Russia my boy!!Here u’ll choose the most beautiful lady u’ve never seen.ifwe tulechita enjoy mwandi!
    Black guys are in demand here.Sometime we even get models which not common where u’re.cheers!!

  59. #89 Quit taking the Eurocentric position in judging other people cultures as this alone questions your intellect, which at the moment looks very poorly!!! :-w

  60. ‘Tansinta group of companies’…any wanna be share-holders? We live in a capitalist society where financial and economical interests dwell on very thin ice…and that my friend is the real world!!

  61. And back to the story, what kind of Porno are these maule are protesting about? There genre of porno. There is Asian, Latina, Interracial, Black only etc Some are very remommedable, for example Asian Kamasatru is just the same as those Lozi tricks you missed from your grandmas’ lessons, ati bana chimbusa. Be specific before your write word Porno… Bistrial is bad because it involves animals

  62. Pa Zed too much pretence… You ‘christian claimers’, can you explain to me what the fait of Dany Pule? Is that what you call christianity? Russsia is a free world to be frank. You do what your mind feel is right. At our ages, no matter how much violent you might protest, anyone of us does exactly what we wish. Dont pretend, there is some other force in you though you dont just make it. BUT REMEMBER A I D S IS REAL! So careful. finally, fun enough to find that countries with sex-free policies have low HIV cases. e.g Russia. Check the statics and compare it with any christian nation like Zambia. you will be surprised. 😮


    We need to understand a few things how technologies gonna affect societies. First of all in this era of computer technology to protest agaist porn is to say abash internet technology. The internet is another community within a community and no one controls what goes on. Therefore that protest is void. Second People should understand what it means to live in a democratic country (Iam no fan of porn). Third, I am a reseacher in social sciences, I wonder how this study was conducted:” Which sample population was targated and how large was the sample. Articles like this Just show how unprofetional LT is. I keep wondering who owns this website.

  64. Either way porn should be censored for the underaged, adults can watch what they want but children should be protected from this even if it is a democratic country there is a reason that movies have age restriction i wouldnt want my children exposed to such n in most countries thats why phones are registered so that if a phone belongs to an underaged, they wont acess the porn so phone companies and isp should make a move!

  65. I wonder how many of the people saying we should be free to choose what we want would be fine with legalising homosexuality

  66. Ban porno. It was banned here. Porno destroys marriages. Porno destroys morals in any nation. Amerca is one of the nations with nor morals. Abasungu like nakedness & thats why they feel they need porno to perform.

  67. Haha, Zambia is such a Joke, Ubuchende all over the place and you want to blame it on porn. I can’t believe these people took time off their supposedly productive schedules to come and protest against something like this, and yet you won’t protest against bad leadership !! Prrrrrrrrrr

  68. continue protesting just wasting your time, im just coming from my girl now im soooooooooo tired. ok lets talk about something contructive if you dont fark thats your own problem

  69. #10 mukazinkala ko nanzelu. Ndimwe ba mene mu gulisa ma porno. Thats why mu gona na magalu because of the pornos you watch. We are watching U. once caught you will watch your pornos behind the barz

  70. Suppose the characters in the porno are people you know, may be close relatives. How would you view the issue off porno

  71. This issue of porn makes to remember one incidence during my tertialy education.One day we were all piled up in a dark lecture theater busy wathing porn when all of a sudden somebody switched on the light ,we were very surprised to see that among the audience was an elderly(mature)student whom we knew to be a staunch christian and always preached about no sex before marriage and we couldnt help but to shout at him like”MATURE” :d

  72. there is alot of aids/sex transmitted diseases in zed compared to some western countries which allows porno.Its up to individuals to watch porno and behave.If you are weak minded please don’t watch.

  73. Porn Movies or literature can corrupt the mind if used wrongly, In Developed worlds there are DVD’s developed to teach the art of love to adults especially married couples, compiled by sexologists & other experts on marriages & how to make it work. However, what is available in Zambia are dirty DVD’s that demean women sold on the streets. Well done youths for standing up!! But stop being found in Nite clubs with skimpy skirts, Z youth ladies gazzle beer too much!! Change that attitude also.

  74. Its impressing to note how agressively some ‘two minute men’ are defending porn. porn has its own uses and i will give you free advice, use it when you have a ‘limping shaft’ so that you avoid the ‘global erection crunch’ that most of you above thirty are going through. On the other hand if you just want to watch for discovery…well its good for learners but if you dont even have a chick………kuti waikata ichibata olo imbushi !

    Goodmorning Bloggers !

  75. Hello everybody, I’m glad to join you after being away since Friday.

    On the topic, I will certainly support these Christian Youth & join my voice with other bloggers here saying NO to porn in Zambia.
    Even here in Germany, the detrimental effects of long-term indulgence in pornography has been proved. What is the outcome? A shameless society of child abusers, sodomy & lesbian marriages etc.
    It is ethically & morally advisable to refrain from depravity.

  76. The simple reason why people like porn is because they are incapable of controlling themselves. In the end they are slaves to porn and dont get an iota of fulfilment from it.

  77. From the Netherlands I fully agree with 137. It is worse here than in Germany. A mother with her 9 year old daughter was confronted with very offensive dvd pictures in a shop in broad daylight. It is men who produce and show it. If men respected women and children they would clean their act and the internet. Please Zambia stand firm. Dont copy the worse of the West. Teach the West what respect , loyalty and love means.

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