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Civil society groups mount pressure on Siliya probe

General News Civil society groups mount pressure on Siliya probe

NINE civil society organisations (CSOs) have petitioned the chief justice to consider setting up a tribunal to probe Communications and Transport Minister, Dora Siliya for alleged abuse of authority and failure to follow prescribed tender procedures.

The CSOs allege in a letter addressed to the chief justice filed in the Supreme Court registry yesterday that Ms Siliya abused her official position on three allegations of corruption, abuse of authority and failure to follow prescribed tender procedures.

The organisations said in the first instance, the minister on December 22, 2008 signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with RP Capital Partners on behalf of the Government, disregarding legal advice from the Attorney Generals’ chambers.

They said in the second count, Ms Siliya is alleged to have overruled the Zambia National Tender Board (ZNTB) and cancelled a duly awarded contract for the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of a Zambia Air Traffic Management Surveillance Radar system (ZATM-RADAR) at Lusaka and Livingstone airports.

In the third instance, the CSOs allege that Ms Siliya claimed a K12.5 million refund from Petauke District Council for two hand pumps for a borehole in Nyika ward when the pumps were procured at K5 million.

“We bring this allegation to your attention for action under the law by your good office to constitute a tribunal as provided under section 14 of the aforementioned Act to probe the allegations,” reads part of the petition.

The nine CSOs include Transparency International Zambia (TIZ), the Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (Saccord), the Citizens’ Forum and the Foundation for Democratic Process (Fodep).

The rest are Women for Change (WfC), Civil Society for Trade Network, Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR), Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) and the Zambian Youths Association Against Corruption.

The petition by the CSOs follows a similar one by former Communication and Transport minister, William Harrington.
[Times of Zambia]

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  1. Dora and Kunda why has kunda failed to tell the nation the truth? what type of a lawyer is he?last time he had the case of Bulaya entered into a nolle but upon the pressure from the paper that digs deeper for sokonis letter which up to now he has failed to avail to us, the case was brought back and thats how kashiwa is having 2 years on his back.

  2. meanwhile RB is behaving like levy and yet he doesnt know that levy knew a bit of law and when he was backing his friends,he knew what he was talking about but ba RB, will end up consulting another president for the way forward on Dora SIllier and Sillier

  3. ITS OVER OVER KWASILA WAYENDA ……. I Wish u took my advice Dora dont fight Mmembe waona manje, if theres a politician i trust then its king fred not chiluba ata but Fred Mmembe , how i wish we had atleast 2 or 3 membes zambia ws gona be a better place,shame on u rupiah shame on u kunda wit wateva Dora gave u that u defend her no matter wat . Smatter than who ?

  4. So Dora seems to have a sack load of hidden cases behind thats ever getting fat body of hers. i remember the mini skirts she used to wear at znbc, hope Kunda and RB have not done a ndengelemo, pantu chi Dora che tanta daddy

  5. i think Kunda must be retired in the nations interest and ask sande nkonde to replace him at justice ministry coz sande prefered to be fired than just resign. we need more sandes. one day some mad chap will clean the judiciary but all the cases shud be sent to mongu coz judgements from mongu high court are superb.

  6. Owe mayo, things are getting Hotter for Dora, RB and his minnion Kunda. She should resign to pave way for investigations, only that Pa Zed you only force them out, they never resign.

  7. Ilove this new culture coming up.Citizens taking up arms to force a tribunal to be set up, the chief justice to act etc. (I though died with the Oasis Forum).Ha the Church kindly jump in as well. This is wonderful NOW.

    He he he he :d/:)>-

  8. A huge majority of the world’s poor reside in resource-rich Africa. What is the explanation behind this paradoxy? Absence of leadership. Politicians have chosen to be in politics not to be of service to the nation and the citizenry, but for selfish motives, so the earlier we get rid of corrupt chaps the better. Keep up the pressure CSO!

  9. they only like the church when it comes to supporting them and giving them platforms to send the mmd signal but it comes to defending rev nyirongo, they sink. its bad for my sister but let justice be done and let the courts prove her guilty or innocent. 8->:)]

  10. Oh, shame, seems like things wont go easy on Dora
    All eyes are on her..
    Personally, i dont have a problem with her, why is everyone overlooking so many people in power that aint even suppose to be there.
    Dora is a hard wrking woman and am proud of her and as much as some allegations against her may be true, i think some other entity’s motives are pure jealous!

  11. God help us deliver a better zed. i think the church must come in and with a strong voice coz if they remain silent on these issues, let them not cry when cricticles mwansa tells them to pay tax

  12. It ten NGOs LT. The civil society organisations who presented the petition include Transparency International Zambia (TIZ), Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD), Citizens Forum, Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP), Women for Change (WfC), Civil Society for Trade Network (CSTN), Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR), Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR), Zambia Youths Against Corruption and Caritas Zambia

  13. I love & truely so this new culture of demanding justice be done or looked into. I thought such bravely went with the Oasis Forum. This is very nice.

    He He He He,… :((:d/:)>-

  14. Well, well. Behind every successful man there is a woman. The other way round is also true, that behind the downfall of every man there is a woman. Everyone is attacking Dora here because they suspect that the trail leads to RB and that Dora will fall dragging her boss with her! LPM also noticed that Chiluba’s down fall would lead to his, so he acted quickly to detach himself from the man and he knew that it would be quiet a long while before the dust settles and by then he would have been out of the picture. Now, RB must act quickly, if he is to survive. It will be a pity if this leadership falls because we will never get our DBZ money back from Zambian Airways!

  15. What if the tribunal succeeds and later goes for full trial.Will the attorney general be a witness against the state to prove that Dora disregarded his advice?If yes is it possible to have a state witness testfy against a state without a comflict of interest? if no, In what capacity will the civil society present the attorney generals letter as evidence if the author and custodian of the latter can not be a witness?If the civil society produces the later before trial, will the court accept evidence not legally obtained? What if the tribunal finds that Dora errored in cancelling the contract but did not personally benefit from the act and that the country was served from collosal sums?

  16. Fred managed to have FTJ arrested and who is Dora to play around with the brave Fred?
    Let us wait and see. Meanwhile, if RB was an intelligent Person,he should suspend Dora to pave way the investigations.

  17. Free piece of advice to Dora. Resign on moral grounds, and allow investigations to proceed smoothly. Take a leaf from Japanese Finance Minister. It is more dignified to resign than to be fired.

  18. Elolwaanya nomba ba Dora. This is good. I’ll be watching from the terraces, though with keen interest, to see what course this case will take.

  19. In the third instance, the CSOs allege that Ms Siliya claimed a K12.5 million refund from Petauke District Council for two hand pumps for a borehole in Nyika ward when the pumps were procured at K5 million.

    What is wrong with this: Profit = Selling Price – Cost Price

  20. #19. Chiswapako
    That is a very simplistic view.
    Take Zambia for example. Mining started in ernest around 1920. Population then was less than 2 million. 44 years later we got independence. Population was 4 million (double). We had no University, no UTH, no TAZARA and a handful of graduates. Another 44 years later, ruling ourselves, the population is 12 million (trebled). We have 2 Universities, TAZARA, oil refinery, UTH, thousands of graduates. Copper ore is poorer now than in the first 50 yrs. It costs more to mine. These are facts that Europeans do not want you to know so that you forever demean yourselves.

  21. How long will it take to for the court to establish a tribunal of learned men from amoungest ordinery citizens? How long will the tribunal take to investigate the case? once the tribunal has conluded the matter and found Dora wanting for a full trial and Dora apeals how long will the apeal take? if she looses the apeal and goes for full trial, how long will the trial take before the first judgement?if the first judgement finds her guilty and she apeals to the supreme court how long will the apeal take? If you a sfirst year Law student watch this land mark case though you will very be lucky to write your thesis after final judgementn in 2012.

  22. What next to those who supported dora and insulted an innocent but hard working citizen Fred m’membe.The investgations should cover the entire ministry including her parastatals so that dora’s seeds are completely uprooted.VIVA ZAMBIANS VIVA POST VIVA FRED VIVA CSO THE SLEEPING GIANT IS AWAKE!

  23. #45. Engines
    I appreciate your contributions. It is a breath of fresh air here.
    The courts will refer this case to parliament. The Speaker is a bit sleepy here because he is the one who should have started this. There is a parliamentary committee on this department and that should be grilling Hon. Siliya MP right now.

  24. All plunderers b warned. The fight against corruption was not initiated by the late LPM, but by the people through The Post. Plunderers thought with the demise of LPM, it would be the end of the fight against corruption. They are wrong and now they REAP THE WHIRLWIND!!! A few days ago, we warned you that this was the start of the end for ‘lovely Dora’, u did not take it seriuosly. Be warned, u cant take on The Post & hope to survive. Check zambian history before u try them. They are a force to recon with. So RB, Kunda & Dora, u r on the way out. Trust me

  25. #50 what is being sought a tribunal like the one that was constituted for then Mandevu MP Patrick Katyoka. This independent of parli


  27. #51. Shibumi
    You are confounding issues here. The Post has not alleged corruption but illegality. The two are not the same although one is a subset of the other. No one I think has suggested that there was pecuniary gain to Dora.
    #42. Ba SomeOfUs
    Where in Zambia can you drill a commercial borehole for $1000? A 6 inch borehole for domestic use costs $3000! If it was that cheap, there would be no water problems in Zambia! Has someone dropped some zeroes?

  28. Dora Siliya does not understanding the activity of Zamtel,meanwhile she wants to make a decision.
    When you know teach ,if you don’t learn the Minister is behaving the other way round.
    Zamtel makes alot of money, but it is run mutliple projects simultaneously which should attract investigation. If these projects were running with sanity ,then revenue base is ok. Moreover,Zamtel has a varsity telecommunications infrastructure,well trained and experienced technical staff,excess management,too many unproductive additional employees and extravagate expenditure on untelecommunication services.[paying for a human resources staff attending a networking/satellite/optic fibre course , shame!

  29. 50. VOTE RIGGER
    Thanks VOTE RIGGER
    Most people cant see the difference between a tribunal and a trial. if you read between the lines i think this case is mearnt to divert attention. people are saying single sourcing is a corrupt act but can anyone tell me a single advert they saw when the Nchito brothers where given a multi million dollar contract as private prosecutors in a public court for a public case, where was the tender board? can anyone tell me an advert they saw when copperbelt energy or former nkana power was being sold, where was tender board? i have asked in #35 what if the tribunal finds she errored but the act did not benefit her personaly.

  30. If Levi was alive, Dora would have been fired and investigated by now, but since RB is…well…he is RB, Dora will not be touched.

  31. #59. Engines
    These are excellent points you have raised. I wonder where the “crucify her! Crucify her!” voices have gone. That is why I think that Parly should get in first because there is a question of whether she misled parliament. This would be the very first thing to do. It would be quicker and the sooner it is done, the better for government to get on with governing. While people are bickering and showing off their ‘pen’ and ‘legal’ skills, there are ZAMTEL personnel suffering. There is a human tragedy!

  32. 56. VOTE RIGGER
    Thats a Good clarification, iam surprised that people dont know the cost of borehole. I have never drilled a borehole but just seeing those truck drilling i know very well that fuel alone to bring the truck to site and drill would get close to $1000.If drilling boreholes can cost less thatn $1000 and buying hand pumps can cost less than K15m then Nkana water, lusaka water and all other water utility companies would have collapsed a long time ago.

  33. #59 Engines. Our interest in this matter is that govt business where it concerns public funds should be tranparent. Public officials should be the first to uphold the law. Even if she has not personally gained from this transaction she is still wrong in circumveting govt procedures. We dont want public funds to be paid out or contracts to be dished out willy nilly simply because a ‘fixer’ has the ear of a Minister.

  34. Iwe VOTE RIGGER, you are very myopic. How can you compare the Nchito’s case to this one. The Nchitos case is very different, coz to start with they volunteered but later asked to be paid.

    In Doras case, he is not responsible for tender processes, why meddle?

  35. #61. Myself
    REMINDER: LPM breathed on George Kunda (as AG) to enter a nolle against Bulaya!
    Perhaps RB believes that she has done nothing wrong. LPM also took a while before he agreed to have Chiluba’s immunity lifted. He confessed that he did it ‘reluctantly’ and would have been happy if ‘Chiluba… my friend’ was acquited.
    When you are President you do not run the country on rumours but fact. KK fired a ZCCM deputy CEO at a Press conference on rumour but later retracted when he had the facts!

  36. Leaders should learn to tell the truth at all times.Its better to tell the truth or better still to shut up instead of putting oneself in a web of lies.A lie cannot defeat the truth. Dora and Kunda are just digging their own grave.

  37. #46, Fred is not “an innocent and hardworking citizen”. I have no sympathy for Dora. She is an inexperienced and poor politician (possibly dishonest)and RB should dismiss her for his own sake.

    But Fred is not innocent.Him and the other directors on the Zambian Airways Board owe a debt to the the taxpayer of over US$36million without vissible means of settling the liability. They are supposed to be in court for defrauding DBZ and NAC as per the Companies Act 1994 where directors are personnaly held liable.
    So hold your fire. Just because somebody hands you a knife to skin Dora it doesn’t mean that his motives are noble.

  38. LT dont delete my comments. Am tell this guys writting ma thesis here to be brief coz we dont even read them.

  39. LT dont delete my comments. Am telling this guys writting ma thesis here to be brief coz we dont even read them.

  40. 62. VOTE RIGGER
    Infact issues of parliamentary pivilages will be heard during the hearing even before the tribunal, because it will be imposible for anyone to use what she said in parliament as evidence to suport his claims without the involvemnt of parliament commitee on privilages. There is also the ministirial code of conduct, was it breached? where was it breached from? is it in parliament or while executing her duties as MP or as Minister.Even on contracts what are the powers of a minister over a contract before her ministry? does she have the power to cancel if its not in the interest of govnt according to her judgement?

  41. #67. AS
    Sorry, sir/madam I have just been to specsavers and my myopia has been corrected. Wow! What a relief! I can see clearly now!
    I think the point Engines is making is concerning ‘SINGLE sourcing.’ Whether they volunteered or not is not the point. You see sir/madam if the State loses against Chiluba & co, they will have to pay costs! Just because a lawyer says I will do it pro bono, does not mean it will be free. The State should have engaged the best lawyers. Perhaps the Nchitos were the best and so they were sourced as well as voluntered. Oh! now Mr Nchito is also unpaid CEO of Zambian Airways! Wow, his name keeps cropping up! I like the young men!

  42. 66. Mbulawa
    Can you tell me the govnt procedure that has been circumvented? I ask because single sourcing is an act of parliament and public private sector participation and has precedence dating back to colonial times.If someone cancelled a contract from a dealer/middleman in preference to a manufacture of the equipment is’nt that action in itself in the interest of the country.

  43. atleast,we zambians can now rely on CSOs to exercise our rights.these politicians have taken us for granted too much for long.

    CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS STINKING CORRUPTION,ABUSE OF OFFICE ETC,on the expense of sinking mother zambia !!!!!!!!!!!!?????.

  44. The POST’s eye is really fixed on the reputation of RP. The whole process as far as the Tender procedures are concerned were followed.

    The POST’s eye is to bring disreputation to RP but this is another whole case altogether. The process of single sourcing the services of RP was DONE with the inclusion of ZDA and consultation with S.G/A.G and the cover of a MoU.

  45. Ah! Lelo lelo 8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-} Zayamba kulula manje. I you wont let her go free because she’s defended by Mr Fimo fimo.

    TIZ and the other will do a better job. never get things from poor zedians God always listens to thier cries neva [-x[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x

  46. #82. sorry mother zed
    Save your tears. There is yet nothing to bemoan.
    Who knows, the country may have been spared a lot of money by Dollar!

  47. 67. AS
    voluntery!!! do you think mine air services was sold, conveted to zambian airways unadvertised and bought from money raised through voluntery work? come on.If the task force is not spending money on Lawyers then where is the money going?

    If a cabinate minister does not have power to cancel a contract then who has?

  48. UILO and Engines.

    Your comments today are very balanced unlike the One sided ones you were dishing out yesterday. You went out of your way critisizing fred Mmembe and supporting Dora. It seems These 10 NGO’s find some sense in what Fred Writes. Call Him names but Fred/Post have done a lot for us as a country in bringing out these corrupt activities. Imagine if we only had Times and Daily Mail……….Oh My God

  49. UILO wrote:
    The process of single sourcing the services of RP was DONE with the inclusion of ZDA and consultation with S.G/A.G and the cover of a MoU

    So If This is true then why did the AG write that Letter complaining that his advice was ignored?

  50. Commitees are a waste of time and money. The mere fact that Siliya has behaved in a way which has caused her judgement to be called into question is grounds for dismissal. Public officials need to instil, and have the confidence of the public – her position is untenable.

    Having said this, lets be mindful of the fact that the post has an axe to grind and the post controlled by Mmembe is very powerful. They shape perception to a very large extent, so all may not be as it seems.

    Zambians need to wake up to Mmembes’ aspirations and illusions of granduer. He sees himself as a king maker. The papers editorial policy is very questionable in terms of objectivity, factual accuracy and contr

  51. 85. UILO
    Thats the whole point, this case is an accademic exercise mearnt to divert attention from real things and probably beef up some sales cause Chiluba, Sata and RB have stopped selling on the front page so you need a bit of some witch hunting and all that. But the fact is newspaper sales are down worldwide coz of sites like LT and free internet news magazines it has nothing to do with Headlines.but i understand news sales are down and Dora has been clossing all other possible avenues to revenge the bad coverage of the last general elections.

  52. Sceptic

    Just because I am kind of quiet does not mean that I have changed my position. Just wait and see, I will not be hoodwinked by the POST.

    Do not be quick to judge, this the lawyers will tell you.

  53. *70
    Fred has provided the platform and set the wheels rolling against corruption and you are now enjoying,thats the reason why you are blogging with me.Now why hasn’t the govt set the wheels moving against Fred and the other directors at QZ ?We need that money to sa ve zamtel which has never received an govt funding which siliya her self knows refer to 57and 62

  54. lusaka
    how are you galfriend?
    aahh mwandi ba dora yazanda.**==s are now sharp they cant be cheated on anything,they will push untill she gets there(jail cell) its unfortunate.8->8->8->

  55. #91 Sceptic

    That is a good question. Have you seen the actual leaked paper and what was written? In what capacity was the A.G writing in this purpoted letter? Has the A.G confirmed that such a letter was actually written and originated by him/ If so in what capacity?

  56. Government procuments and tenders should not only be transparent but should also seem to be transparent. In such a case even ‘doubting thomases’ will be satisfied.

  57. 90. Sceptic
    Thanks, you see the performance of NGOs is usually measured acording to the news coverage they receive. donors dont go into the field to check, they just rely on what the NGOs are saying in the papers. Membe is a clever guy he doesnt cover them if they are not on his side and so in the quest to be heard thess guys will jump on the slightest opportunity to make haedlines and send a report to the donors. very soon they will be sending proposals for money to travell around the country gathering evidence against dora and hiring lawyers. when they get the money they will take it to Toyota Zambia for the Hilux, its survival Pa Zed

  58. If M’membe,CSO & Co. have other cases against Dora I would advise them to persue those and leave out the RP and ZATM-RADAR deals because as mush as these two seem to attract public interest involvement of illegality will be very difficult to prove in these two particular cases.The fact that single sourcing is legal in zambia and was approved by parliament and the fact that the SG who legally acted as AG gave a go-ahead to the RP MoU makes the case against Dora a non-starter(atleast in the courts of law!)
    If the company that initially supplied & installed the radars at the two airports were suppose to provide repairance when need arise then that would also clear Dora over the Radar issue.

  59. The pipo of Zambia dont read the laws of Zambia that is why they comment any how.Zambia is democractic country where pipo go to court and prove their innocence.I can asure that Dora is clean in this case.Dont compare this case to chiluba; Dora in the first place did consult the attorney’s chambers , what pipo must understand is that the attoney general has been taken to court by pipo who were injured by the government and sometimes the government won those cases.In this case a tribunal will not help the situation.Mabenga case is an example; in that others were freed by the tribunal.There is no win by those trying convict dora. under state security Act the Atoney can not compelled to disclose

  60. #91. Sceptic
    So far everyone seems to assume that Dora is wrong. Will we accept the Tribunal’s conclusions if she is exonerated? Hey is there anyone who remembers the case of that learned lawyer in FTJ’s govt? He is late now. He sued KK for citizenship? Lawyers are not always right you know!

  61. 92 continued: control by the owner who uses it to settle scores. Certainly for journalists working there there must be huge compromises of principles – or are principles an expensive luxury?

    Someone mentioned above that member and co owe over $36mil US from the zambian airways debacle, “with no means of paying it”. I beg to differ. If these directors are found culpable of being negligent of their duties as directors, they should pay up to the extent of their ownership in other businesses eg the post!

    If not then bankruptcy which has implications on ability to be a Company Director in future or to practise the law, should be instituted.

    Precedence is a very good thing and it need

  62. 110 continued. to be set for past presidents who were corrupt, serving government officials who are corrupt, as well as Company Directors etc. These factors reflect on our corporate governance culture and affect confidence and investment inour economy.

  63. NKOLE WA MAPEMBWE, Please mu manageni Fred if you have a case against him (citizens arrest) instead of throwing tuntrums

  64. I repeat the whole mission of the POST is to drag in and mar RP’s reputation. But this is a whole different story. So far so good Mmembe, good strategy for your fund raising.

  65. Fred is helping us to clean up the corruption in government. It pays to study law, the man Fred is defeating the so called SC. Good move by NGO enough is enough kwasila chabe.

  66. Afternoon bloggers? I just love it when politicians are made to account for their misdeeds. Indeed Zambians are not docile afterall.

  67. Can someone also report Dora to Chief Justice for trying to get a refund from a air ticket which Chilumanda paid for when they went to Mauritius to attend SADC Poverty Summit when Levy was still alive in 2008. After Levy got wind of her fraudulent behavior, he wrote to her and threatened her with a ban from traveling. Please dig deeper, why did she shun the ZAF plane that took all the Ministers and herself to Mauritius.

  68. #106. Engines
    #108. Kwena
    Reminds me of the arguments in UK about Iraq invasion. The British AG gave advice to the government. That ‘advice’ was leaked to the press with a suggestion that war was illegal. It was never the case proved. UK is the mother of the Commonwealth justice system, so when all will be said and done, egg will be on the face of someone someday. The fall of the Post empire is now on the cards. I am not renewing my Post subscription this year.

  69. The accusations labelled against DORA by the POST are completely baseless and insufficient to stand before a court of law.

    These guys calling for a tribunal better spend their time at NCC.

  70. jesus was cricified for the offence he never did.Membe is has something agaist Dora but i can assure him the in Zambia is for every body no matter how learned membe is.Be fair

  71. One thing I have learnt in my few years on earth is that you never take on government as a single individual. You will be crushed. There are many area where anyone can be found wanting if government set dogs on you. Tax, personal affairs, etc etc! There is an achille’s heel in every citizen and the only way out is to escape to another country. That is why the clever chaps at the Post have singled out a single person for vilification. BUT if govt feels threatened… watch this space!

  72. Kwena # 108 most on here don’t know thelaw, once somebody is accused i thier minds they are as good as guilty. I have told most on here to wait and see the facts before they jump to conclusions because really Dora hasn’t done anything wrong. Advice is not binding it. Dora siliya has not been found guilty she is as good as innocent, the people pursuing her are hoping if they investigate they will find misdeeds .

  73. Bloggers try 2 shorten your long sermons,oh sorry comments.Are u aiming at getting an Award?We dnt read long ones beta u send short ones tap tap than ama church sermon.. :o):o)

  74. You will eventually hear from the POST that RP were involved in the sale of the mines and Senior Members of cabinet are inclined to benefit from their engagement.

    The process of going that way has had the misfortune of implicating DORA. Well this story is long enough to maintain some cash inflow into their dwinding accounts. K3000.00 at a time.

  75. Fellow bloggers there wasn’t anything wrong in having Mmmembe as the director of Zambian Airways.The issue of Zambian Airways going into liquidation was a business issue.Remember the company couldnt survive coz of a credit crunch.Therefore u cant jail the directors of that company for any credit they got coz it was a limited company.All creditors will be paid after the sale of the company’s assets.Dora nd his boyfried Rupiah couldnt bail out the airline just because the director was His execellency F.Mmembe.

  76. #123 VOTE RIGGER and Engines. You can issue as many threats as possible we wont rest until the s….h..i…thole we call Zambia is dusted off all debris like Dora Siliya. To hell with your thieving relatives.

  77. Zambians are so sick of corruption that now they see it everywhere. It is like the Americans against communism in the 50s.
    Look for corruption where it actually is. A Zimbabwean has a new Zambian passport and that is not investigated. DBZ and a former minister of Finance are involved in the $30 million+ deal with a private airline, that is not investigated. The former minister gets support of the directors of the airline to run for leadership of the country, that is not investigated. A Zambian politician breaks foreign currency regulations in South Africa, we hear no more about it. His passport ‘disappears’ mysteriously…Call a spade, a spade.

  78. Vote rigger – agree with you entirely.

    You would think someone with as many skeletons as Mmembe would know to tread carefully…

    It shall all be funny and entertaining once it comes out.

    Check my comment on Watchdog.com regarding Kundas comments. I predicted that Siliya will lose her Job and Mmembe will wish he never messed with Boma – seriously. Siliya is a pony, which can nonetheless cause a “checkmate” in a game of chess.

  79. :-t:-t:-t:-t:-t

    This is very interesting,lets wait & see what will transpire at the end of the story. Good news=d>=d>=d>

  80. You might not Like the Post coz of mmembe but its 100 times better than the other 2 papers which happen to be Government mouth pieces.

    What we want is for Dora to be investigated, if the court finds her innocent, well and good.

  81. Does the Post and Fred have a case to answer? The post deserves a pat on the back because without them, this information could have been hidden fom us! These goverment owned publishers only prints what interests the goverment!

    Long live the post :o):o)=d>=d>

  82. 119. VOTE RIGGER
    I agree with you.The AG latter is at the core of this case unfortunately the only one who can produce this letter as evidence to show that Dora dint take the advise is the Author or legal custodian of the file containing the letter in this case the AG himself. The question is can the AG of a state testify agaist the state itself? if Dora is sued as an individual and the civil society is claiming to be acting on behalf of Zambians or the state, will the court call the AG of the state to become a state witness? comflict of interest and miscaurage of justice will be the result.

  83. 130. Anonymous
    No thtreat my dear, sensational journalism is an opium for the unimformed masses. All we are trying to do is show people the difference between making news and reporting news.Newspapers should report news and not make it, When they start making news we smell a rat and we share with the masses the behind the scenes.

  84. Baby C

    The reason why there is this apparent black out of information is our capacity. These issues ideally would have been appearing in government gazettes.

    Every item on tender, purchase, contract awards should appear in these weekly publications. BUT can government printers manage to keep up? Do we have the resources to print all these including changes and alterations to our laws/bye laws on a weekly basis?

  85. #135 if the goverment feel they have a case against Mmembe just coz he was Zambian airways director let them take him to court.But they cant coz they no case.infact it was Doras wish that Mmembe be prosecuted but they have failed.Dora is just a small fish and she cant fight the post.Remember LPM tried but in the end he became a good fried to the post.Chiluba tried to fight the post but he was exposed.Just wait and see Doras days as a minister her numbered.
    my friend i know u have a party cadre mentality of thinking but i forgive u coz ur useless.

  86. I actually know Dora and she is a highly intelligent young woman. A bit too ambitous and perhaps ill advised, but intelligent nonetheless.

    It is rarely possible to change the system from within, in politics, and sometimes you have to wait for your time. I dont believe now was the right time for her to be minister. She lacks real world experience at that level.

  87. 141. UILO
    yes they can but then it will be difficult to find evidence admissible in court against the S.G. remember the court only allows evidence legally obtained. the letter that the S.G wrote is property of GRZ written while the SG was performing his function. the author should therefore produce it as evidence for the state. The author in this case is the SG will he produce evidence against himself?

  88. # 129 – RESEARCH SCIENTIST: I think it is all very naive to think that the only reason Zambian Airways collapsed is because of the global credit crunch. In fact the truth is that Zambian Airways had too much access to credit and that was part of the problem. They had so much credit that the Directors and Managers didn’t know how to manage it. The global credit crunch didn’t come all of a sudden in a single day. It has been going on for almost 2 years now, it has been a slow process. The airline business is globally connected, so for the Directors and Managers of Zambian Airways to not have seen it coming is pure management incompetence. Let us not support people even where they are wrong.

  89. Neither M’membe & his friends the nchitos’ can claim a high moral ground. See what they have done at Zambian Airways. Bwezani na Kunda pamo nagelo wabowine Dora have also showing similar traits…mismanagement, intentionally or not but it is all ending up in the defrauding of the Zambians govt. treasury. Is corruption only when one directly gains wealth by illegal actions and is in government and not the private setting? Or is it only corruption when monetary gain is made? I believe and know that this not so. Ethics and morals come into play here (Dora abused procedures – even when she advised before hand, she still bulldozed her way)…See what happened in Kenya with David Githogo.

  90. #135 Whta is the is doing is what is called investigative Journalism iwe wesaka.The post is the only paper that digs deeper.Rupiah and his minors have been shaken up and the only thing Rupia can do as for now is to suspend Dora while awiting investigations.Viva post,abash Rupia,abash UILO.

  91. Yet again we have no leadership in RB when we need him most. Like when mwanawasa had a fatal stroke, RB was crying like a baby instead of providing leadership to the nation. In fact that pic of RB crying like a baby still haunts me. Its like a father crying in front of his children. i never saw my father cry and i can never cry in front of my children either. now, there is this Dora the explorer saga, instead of RB as the appointing authority revoking the appointment to facilitate investigation into her various dealings, the prez is sleeping his presidency away.how sad!

  92. As for Dora, my fear now is that we are turning into an almost witch-hunting community. Therefore, I support this call for a comprehensive inquiry to get to the bottom of things. This will be helpful both for Dora and the rest of Zambia. Otherwise now poor Dora is being vilified like a devil, even by people who are far worse than her. Let investigations take over and if she is found wrong be punished for that. But I think it is wrong for all of us to pass judgement on her via the press without real proof, just because she is fighting against the Post newspaper that is in the lead of all these revelations. Let’s be a civilised community.

  93. Engines

    It really is a question of motive and perhaps ill advice to attempt to drag this matter before a tribunal/court. If everything has/had been gazetted, the POST would not have reason to make such a big fuss about this matter. But anyway, they are fundraising albeit unfairly.

  94. 145. Research Scientist
    Read the lines my dear, Membe write his allegations in the editorial section of the paper. Under our law that is an opinion from the editor and evryone is entitled to an opinion under the bill of writes. Thus by writing in the editorial he seeks refuge behind this bill. If the state sued him based on an editorial it will be infringement of his rights.He is a very clever chap, when he writes he waits for an unimformed mind that will take such as gospel truth to the courts and pay lawyers. Membe will then put the story on the headline and at the end of page 4 quote the unsuspecting mind, that way its not him saying stuff but you.

  95. UILO Whatever ur called-i dont idolize the post but i like it coz its the paper that digs deeper.Corruption is exposed coz of the post.Yes i agreed no man is infallible.We are all bound to make mistakes-even Mmembe.but remember Mmembe has worked hard for his money and not by stealing tax-payers money.You cant cimpare Dora and Mmembe u i.diot

  96. I agree with kokoliko, the Management at Zambian Airways had access to credit and adequate cash flow. DBZ loans and other named financiers. It was pure classical mismanagement and greed of the directors in an industry beyond their skills. If they had left that business in the hands of competent professional industry team we still could be having it around.
    Not digressing from the topic at hand Zambians. I will wish to humbly ask ourselves that we need not over glorify M’membe as holier than Bwezani or Dora. Its cotton from the same field only picked in different seasons. After all its Dora who refused to bail out Zambian Airways. M’membe is just hitting back.

  97. I have noticed some voices that seem to be for the plunder going on in our country. Its disappointing to note their flags r not the Zed flag. Playing with words like ‘alleged illegality but not corruption & difference between trial & tribunal’ etc will not help Dora. Why did she engage in illegality if its not for corrupt purposes? There would be no corruption if there was no pecuniary advantage for the perpetrators of the scourge. Read story on water pumps again. U people seem to have benefited from the ill gotten riches & now want to defend your relatives. Read my lips, it wont work, not this time. U can say all u want against The Post etc, but the truth still remains-Plunderers out!!!

  98. Research Scientist

    Keep up my learned friend, ZA according to SATA only have some KITES for planes. I wonder how much will be realised from thier disposal.

    I see abash me eh.

  99. #144

    If the goverment was transparent in their dealings,they could easily fund the printer for the benefit of all Zambians!

  100. #155 UILO(STUDIO APT SQUATER)-whether there is a motive or not behind all these revealation as regards Doras corrupt practices by the Post-Corruption is corruption and Dora needs to dance to the tune.There is no way $2 million tax payers money can be wasted by this b.itch.She has to face the wrath of the law.By the way UILO this issue does not affect u coz u dont pay taxe here in Zambia instead ur an economical refuge staying in a sinlge room.

  101. 155. UILO

    Its all buissnes my dear. Everyone who wants to be heard now will go to the post with a story on Dora, anything else membe will not publish especially if it has to do with Kalusha bwalya its no go area even for his field journalists. He is a very creative guy RB, Chiluba and Sata nolonger sell on the headline so he had to find something. he writes something in the editorial all NGOs use that as basis to go to court but he himself the originator is not even part of this whole tribunal petition, not even the press freedom commitee of the post is part of it. cant we smell the Rat, he is using these chaps to dump them when the story stops selling.

  102. 87 Engines
    ‘..Who knows, the country may have been spared a lot of money by Dollar!’ I doubt it! $2m for valuating assets seems to be on the high side. The K50biliion, doesnt make sense as well, especially if the contract had an after sales service clause. In this case, maintanance work is supposed to be free.
    Single sourcing often does not provide one with a competitive price. There is no competition to compare costs with!

    I have read Dora’s ministerial statement and nowhere does she say she single sourced. ‘..RP capital Group was selected on the basis of limited selection.’ Educate me, is limited selection single sourcing?

  103. Fellow bloggers it pains to see taxe payers money going to waste.I for one have come back to zambia as a true zambian patriot.Am on the ground and experiencing how zambians are sufferring.Look at how unstable our currency has become!!!!. Look at the price of mealie-meal.UILO dont raise my BP Mwana.

  104. UILO UILO!!![-( Sobered down manje ka? Your tone yesterday was pathetic.:o You sounded like “The Post”, only you were hammering “The Post”, no,sorry Mmembe. So what have you got to say about the 10 NGO’s?:-w That they have been bought by Mmembe(you called him some libellious invectives” yesterday[-x or are they also a misguided and gullible lot(euphemism for abapwalala)??:[email protected] Your first posting today was more like sensible….bika bola panshi sonny^:)^. Your hatred for “The Post” sorry Mmembe is blinding and warping your otherwise sensible nature. Have a good day wherever you hide. The ka flag looks Tswana-ish.

  105. 165.Research Scientist

    Your ‘education’ has not allowed you to be level headed. You can insult me all you like. I forgive you wholeheartedly. I am sorry that my opinions drive you mad.


  106. I Have noticed that most of the People supporting the Government/Dora are actually out of the Country. We pay Tax here and we cant watch people abusing this money. We will continue to support Mmembe and the Post as long as they are speaking on behalf of us the people.

  107. 165. Research Scientist
    Now you are insulting, i thought the debate was for sober minds to educate each other on what is happening to our belove mather Zambia.

  108. #139. Baby C
    We want a fair press. One that publishes fact and not rumours. One that pursues issues and not personalities. One that is just and not prejudiced. The State owned newspapers are not state controlled. I know because I have close friends who worked there whom I once grilled about this. Editorial policy is free in Times as it is in Post. There is reporter ‘self censorship.’ He who pays the piper calls the tune. If a Post reporter dug up something against X, it will be the discretion of the editor to publish or not. Everyday the editor decides what is news and what is not, who to interview or not.
    None of my letters to Post Editor have ever been published if against them.

  109. #142,So Dora even earned an MBA? I know she did a Masters in Developmental Economics in the UK after graduating from Unza with a BA in Mass Comm .This chi lady is very determined and I think she just needs tips on how to tap well in the political world.M’membe should not even cheat himself that he can handle her because she knows how to get what she wants and once she starts she never stops until fyachitika!

  110. UILO AND ENGINES-u guys seem to be suffering from diarrhoea of the mouth and constipation of the Brain.U seem to hate Mmembe so much…is it out of jealousy……yes Mmembe is smart and thats how an investigative joornalist/Lawyer must be.The aim of any Newspaper is to bring the issues out and let other people take it up from thre period!!!!.

  111. #175 Even if Dora earned an MBA so what.Does that make her tobe very smart.By the way an MBA has lost meaning coz u can get it anywhere even from a college in Matero.

  112. #175 Even if Dora earned an MBA so what.Does that make her to be very smart.By the way an MBA has lost meaning coz u can get it anywhere even from a college in Matero.

  113. These days even someone withonly a certificate from Lukashya can get an MBA.What matters is where that MBA was obtained from.WAs it from Havard?


    The POST are completely off. Their motives behind their continued attacks of SILIYA are not genuine. The fact that they publish half truths and manage to have on board some members of the public dont mean that they are right.

    The scheme to divert public attention from the ZA saga is their underlying motive and as soon as people weigh their opinions with this in mind the better. All is not what it seems to be.

  115. I think that in our Zambian context, Dora is simply ‘suspected’ to have acted corruptly; and though suspected, she is not a ‘suspect’. A suspect is one who is linked to a crime that has been committed but who the courts of law have not yet tried. In the case of Dora, even the matter is a mere ‘suspect’; not even the suspected corruption has been verified.
    The NGOs are doing the right think to make sure that what they suspect to have been committed is actually verified. But I can assure you that suspect does not bring about a matter to conclusion. Man is by nature suspicious; remember “PF and the ballot papers last year’s elections”!

  116. Fact 1. Dora signed the Zamtel/RP Capital Partners MoU against legal advice from the AG. Fact 2. Dora stopped the Radar Equipment tender to Thales Air System after it had already been awarded. Fact 3. Dora claimed(using official letterhead-for personal business) & received Zmk 12.5million for 2 hand pumps that cost only Zmk 5million. If u say she is very intelligent, then these acts are not accidents, but deliberate. U pple in the diaspora dont know the pathetic poverty levels our pple wallow in here because of pple like Dora. Let her hang as an example to others. ‘If we arent eternally vigilant, we shall live in perpetual poverty until the garve redeems us’ The Post

  117. u chap UILO u must be very careful i.diot.Dont think just coz ur out there then ur smart.We have been there my friend and cant stand the idea of being a second class citizen.Thats why am back to help mother zambia.

  118. UILO what is your obsession with the post and Mmembe all about, you seem to be forgetting that nobody is forced to read the post yourself included, even though having said that you probably get up at the crack of dawn to see which of your cohorts have been exposed now! secondly Mmembe is not in government unlike Dollar at the end of the day he is not accountable to us Zambians again unlike Dollar, do you understand? 😮

  119. UILO what is your obsession with the post and Mmembe all about, you seem to be forgetting that nobody is forced to read the post yourself included, even though having said that you probably get up at the crack of dawn to see which of your cohorts have been exposed now! secondly Mmembe is not in government unlike Dollar at the end of the day he is not accountable to us Zambians again unlike Dollar, do you understand? 😮

  120. 168. nigger nature
    Thats exactly what i was driving to in blog 35.
    Concerning single sourcing and limited selection. single sourcing is where you have a reputable firm that you trust for a particular product and you just go for it. limited selectios is where without advertising you write invitation for expression of interests to a few selected companies without advertising.This is very comon with technical procurement infact lack of knowledge on this shows that we have very few engineers in Zambia.Zesco, CEC and Zamtel all buy their million dollar equipments through single sourcing thats why you never see an advert in the papers that Zesco or CEC wants to buy trnsformers.

  121. Shibumi i entirely agrre with u ma friend.These chaps in the diaspora just coz they are not experiencing poverty in zambia they are busy supporting Dora/GRZ corrupt practices.But u chaps remember home is home.Have u ever seen a foreigner in a nursing home!!!! Do u remember that song by Peter SOshi Juma-A Phiri anabwela…….This is free advice guys

  122. The 10 NGOs mentioned above are just a bunch of people who refused to sit on the NCC and now have nothing to do but to wait for M’membe’s opinion for guidelines.They have placed their brains in M’membe’s palms and he manipulates them at his will.They’re damn scared to offer a position on any issue that would be contradictory to M’membe’s.M’membe is a god to them and they can’t imagine having a different opinion from him.This is what has befallen many zambians and you can see lots of them on LT.No independent thinking whatsoever.We have a long way to go if ever we will go!

  123. the case has been submitted to court so no need to keep debating. Let us use this time to grow more food rather than argue the motives of all those concerned.

  124. Shibumi advice and legal advice are two different things. Legal advice is only given when theres a contractual relationship between people in order to attain legal advice. Dora siliya got advice which is not binding.

  125. #190 Anonymous

    Interesting attacks, I am obsessed with the POST! We are discussing issues directly impicating the POST. You want me to discuss the NGOs. The opinions of the POST have influenced those NGOs to act as they have done.

    The emperical evidence of the actions of these NGOs points to the POST. I like dealing with core issues and not peripherals.

  126. I dont think there is a Journalist in Zed up today that we can compare to Fred M’membe. The guy is good and very principled. I have so much respect for him. Zambia as a nation owe M’membe alot.

  127. Contld from 191
    Can anyone tell me that they have seen zesco advertising for procurement of Transformers and switchgear,or zamtel advertising to buy an exchange or CEC advertising to buy protection equipment. Never!!All this is either single sourced or through limited selection and the minister just signs.There are many vendors out there that can supply this equipment but will it be to starndads that your engineers are comfortable with or you will have to send them to training for it.will it be compatible with the rest of the system interms of spares inventory and operation? these are questions that justify single sourcing thats why you see almost all Zesco equipment is ABB or Alstom

  128. Hello

    Why has the story changed. Dora has nothing to do with the cases they are raising. ZA should just pay the monies their are owing than them attacking Dora. What is wrong with Fred and Nchito?

  129. We will not rest neither will we tolorate fraudish press conferences from the co- acussed. The omly way is to see Siliya jailed this year.

  130. Ba Sceptic, i am out of the country but i dont support Dora. In fact i am intending to petition the SA government for allowing Zed selected few to be treated here.

  131. By the way a big company ZCCM was evaluated and it didn’t cost as much as Zamtel is going to cost us. Dora even had the guts to say we’ll only pay $2m. Whose money is she spending carelessly, when we don’t even have roads to talk about in this country? I can’t wait to see this woman caged!! She’s pompous and arrogant. She should’ve apologised by now, who is she to bulldose the whole nation?

  132. The Post News Paper has openend eyes for alot of Zambians. We are using the word “plunder” today because of the the Post, so all those against it must be sincere and give credit where its due.

  133. #183 UILO. Okey okey,lets assume the Post just have a stone to grind with Dora(whom I know too well from UNZA,meaning I……..)but thats besides the point;who has the authority to single source or indeed to award a contract at whatever level in the government? A well constituted procurement commitee or an individual wielding the trappings of power? Mwana cant you see that she is now saying she never cancelled the dully awarded contract when infact she did? You and I may not have physically seen the actual letter made available to the Post by a whistle blower, but there sure is a rat smelling out there. No prejudice involved,Look at the issue at hand. Was she right to have done what she did?

  134. #174

    Atleast the so called rumours have turned out to be true! the state owned publishers are state controlled! No beating about the bush on that one.if they print something contrary, the editors run into s.h.i.t with goverment officials. Your friends were not sincere when you approched them.Am sure theye weres just trying to protect their jos.

  135. Dora is not as dull as Gladys…she’s pretty much covered her ass.. The issues here are a non -starter..

    1. Single sourcing is legal in Zambia and is mandated by an act of Parliament…there is nothing illegal about it…repeal the law first and then moan

    2. The SG found the deal to be in good faith..the Actual AG was on leave I presume since SG was acting and only wrote a letter after the MoU was already signed..MoU had blessings of SG who was acting AG…no question of disregard for AG’s advice. AG should sort out SG..difference of opinions

    3. She has not stated lucidly the reasons for the cancellation of the RADAR contract…just waffling..

  136. The lack of capacity to have weekly GRZ gazettes has contributed to this unnecessary squabbles. This is matter is a hear what, so what matter with no definities. The POST have managed to kick start this bickering to potentially fund raise and divert attention.

    The ignorance of GRZ procedures by the majority of bloggers is quite evident. The Politics at play cant be ignored as well since many benefit from the apparent negative impression that this matter has potential to create.

  137. 199. UILO
    It looks like the people supporting these false allegations against Dora cant differentiate between invetigative journelism and intent to mislead by way of a legally imune editorial.The research scientist and his colegues have overworked theselve and have now run out of points. Because of overheating they are now insulting in all and from all directions.evrything to them now tastes bitter and invites wrotten word. iam now off from the blog i will come back when they cool down

  138. Research scientist and shibumi have just shown they are airheads . When someone has nothing intelligent to say they usually resort to useless accusations towads the diaspora. Just because you failed to make anything out yourself abroad don’t think we all failed like you.


    Guide me,

    (1) what is your evidence that Tender Procedure was breached by her? Tell me clearly.

    (2) Point to the evidence of a cancelled Tender clearly?

  140. u are right Uilo, Fred is just trying to divert the attention of zambians from the really issue of ZA stopping operations and knowing zambians they like to focus on useless stories and personalise issues. The issue is that Fred and Nchito failed to manage ZA and now they had to find something to attack Dora of course I will not support corruption in govt but that is not the issue. ZAMBIANS WAKE PLSEEE

  141. 199 UILO not attacks my friend, merely observations. Out of interest do you have evidence to back up your claims that the post is influencing the NGO’s, or are you just speculating?

  142. Rashid, Nchito was the MD and he was just busy moving up and down never in the office and you expect good results NEVER.

    Tell me Rashid why did they accumulate such kind of money. They did not pay ZRA and others instead the shareholders and the other at top level pocketed the money, now you are saying that Fred was just a shareholder. Do u know who a shareholder is?

  143. #194. Research Scientist
    If a husband commits adultery, whatever is discussed in the home between parents and children is OK, but when the children leave home and find other people talking about their father, it hurts. People in diaspora hurt when Zambia is not doing well. We want the best for our country and we feel it when there is corruption more than you can ever imagine. We would like to walk with our heads high, proud of Zambia! On the other hand we have seen what corruption there is abroad as well, but the methods of dealing with it are not what the Post is doing. I should keep it short for now.


    TENDER BOARD will never initiate any PROCUREMENT for Ministries. They simply play the role of facillitators of equal opportunity and bid- quality and cost wise. They are not specialists.

    The initiators of SERVICES are the Ministries themselves who are the specialists for the services to be procured. They are the ones who know exactly the type of services at hand. They forward their briefs and specifications to Tender board for adjudication and award of contract.

  145. Can anyone provide evidence that Dora cancelled the contract, pls dont be cheated. No one cancelled anything. These boys want you to forget abt the mismanagement at ZA, Nchito had even become very round becoz he was not paying ZRA and boasting around as if he was very intelligent yet he cant manage himself and ZA

  146. #222 Anonymous

    Pulizi Evidence?!! The POST’s claims are based squarely on the ‘leaked’ infromation from A.G. Thats my evidence!

  147. Rephrase: ‘The truth shall set you free’ to more appropriately to ‘the truth shall set you free or convict you!’ Ha.

  148. #228. Dr. lili
    I think Nchito should not be brought into this because he doesn’t have anything to do with it, as far as the evidence shows.


    This matter has been on since early 2008, MoU was prepared way back in December,2008. All advice sought is all documented, parliament was aware. No secrecy. Just a leaked and misconstrued (DELIBERATELY SO) has been the grounds for these cooked attacks by the POST.

  150. 230 Ulilo I think you have missed my point, in 199 you said ” The opinions of the POST have influenced those NGOs to act as they have done.” I was asking what evidence if any you had to that effect, understand now?

  151. No. 234 I will tell you again Nchito failed lamentably to manage ZA and now they are trying to divert the story why? No evidence against Dora. They have team up becoz Dora told them to pay their dues.

  152. #210. Baby C
    My friends told me this when they had left and not while they were there. One of them long time ago, if you were there, was sued by the government while at Times of Zambia for a story he published about a missing truck full of arms at Arakan barracks. This is a fact. The number 2 in govt was his source. I can reveal this because it is in the public domain.

  153. Dora inherited dysfunctional systems which she is trying to fix; Zambia Railways, TAZARA, Njanji Commuter, ZAMTEL, Zambian Airways, minibuses, no UTTA, No BDMT, Mpulungu harbor, Chilubi water ways, UBZ.., ZAIN, cellZ….etc Please give her chance. All this was by William Harrington

  154. Let me tell the truth, everything was prepare before Dora went to Communications, I dont understand why they are attacking her now. That Radar was suppose to be bought a long time ago. They should look at the records before Fred writes something in the post, this shows how dull, he can be. HELLO

  155. I think Dora went too fast into overdrive. Why sign that memorandum for valuation of assets and promise us$2m when the auditors of Zamtel could have been asked to value the assests first (just for a rough estimate) before deciding whether to wholly privatise or partly privatise? She must have been promised some ‘kanichekeleko’ and quickly talked the SG and said, before, the cat returns, let us share the loot. But if Nyirongo can down and soon we expect FTJ and Chungu, why can’t Dora and possibly RB as well later? Democracy is beginning to bear fruit. People know what leadership is supposed to do and Obama is busy setting the pace. Watch out!!

  156. #210. Baby C
    Furthermore, the late Charles Mando, arguably Zambia’s best interviewer never pulled any punches and that was at the time of the P.I.G! His act was inimitable, and yet he worked for ZNBC! Than there was the excellent aka Kapelwa Musonda and Marta Paynter! You young ones may not know it but the standards of journalism and even quality of articles has gone to the dogs. English is pathetic.

  157. #238 Anonymous

    OK may be you mean to say that these NGOs went to request for a tribunal because the have on their own suspected something fishy at DORA’s Ministry uninfluenced by the reports from the POST.

    Did they have there own leaked information then?

  158. 8->8->
    I pity this lady called Dollar, or i meant Dora. Maybe she likes dollars coz it sounds like her name


  159. Dont worry Dora, maybe Fred admires yr nice legs but he cant tell so he attacks u in the post;) Anyway, u told them the truth and truth hurts:p

  160. 245 UILO I can’t answer that, because I was not privvy to what discussions went on within these NGO’s before they requested a tribunal, but by the way you are speaking you obviously were!

  161. Ba Doras Liya kumlibonesha. Your job is at policy level. When did you become an operative?

    Muzanya with the people sheilding you.

    Bashinkamanyela baswaini. Mwembwamwe.

  162. this is great stuff! dora must go in one of these days. but she must be followed by many more like kunda – a lawyer who knows nothing but shameless lies.

  163. :x:x
    Dora my dear i love you unconditionally & no matter what people say or do you will remain the Min. of Transport & Comm. They are just wasting their time and energy you and i will continue to enjoy these tax payers’ money. Afterall they work for us who are in these positions so they are just jealous:d

  164. Dora single sourced a company whose local representative is henry Banda, RB’s son. That is where the problem is. Just like the GMO maize that was sent back, RB’s other son Andrew had been given the contract by FRA. So single source becomes a problem when companys of sons of leaders are the one involved.

  165. Its sounds like a good idea to set up a tribunal probe allegations leveled at Dora, however, I think it is the wrong way to go about the issues that affect Zambia. Civil society’s role must be to lobby donors for funding that will strengthen the already existing law institutions so that Zambia can begin to enjoy justice for all. There should not be special cases. That is discrimination. when a number of Zambians at an explosion factory on the copperbelt owned by the Chinese, where were those nine NGOs. When a truckload carrying pupil from Kawambwa died out of police negligence, no NGO stood up. My point is that we do appreciate the NGOs intervention on issues affecting Zambia but, they must

  166. they must assure us that they will protect all of us. They not take advantage of a headlined story to make a name for themselves.

  167. Eyeee mwandi yazanda. Am now just thinking of undressing for all these guys who are seeking legal action on me, maybe kuti banjelela. Bushe nalakwanisha? Anyway ndimukali, I’l see what I can do pantu my days are numbered.

  168. The Dora saga has turned to be reality TV show for the President and his Vice president.
    Let Dora answer these questions alone.
    Princess Where are you? :((:((:((

  169. What is 266 talking about?Corruption has to be fought by every zambian including these noble civil societies.What the CSO’s have done is very good indeed.Lets give praise where its due.As zambians we are watching the Dora Siliya’s case.

  170. Eyee mwandi ba #266 aka KUDA. Icilishina ububi… u are right. Its discrimination on their part. By the way, teti mwachinjako ishina?

  171. 263. Haantobolo
    Don’t hide behind blogging when you are telling blue lies!
    Andrew is not in Zambia or RSA so where would he be getting an FRA contract from? Check the diplomatic staff at Min of Foreign Affairs and you will have your facts right!

  172. all you men of little minds who have been accusing The Post of creating stories… can you say all these NGOs have been brain washed and bought by the Post? This is good for our country – these politicians have taken the people of zambia for granted and think they get away with murder… no …no those days are gone. This is a new zambia

  173. Is this the economic crunch that’s being talked about…inflating receipts, getting our salaries, paying single sourced evaluators…,hey? Dora, another piece of advice; don’t only spil the beans, also overturn the pot. I know you are not alone in this. Then leave us alone. Take your smartness elsewhere![-(

  174. 266. Kuda
    You are right. I do not have any respect for most NGOs in Zambia except those that have international roots. Most of them comprise failed and rejected political aspirants. They have no democratic mandate but what to shape government policy. The people elect a government and that government is accountable to the people through parliament and not through unelected megalomaniacs masquerading as representatives of the people.

  175. trim managment disband zamtel police retrench old un productive drivers sort out the nonsence at provident house cause a lot of these so called bosess are just wasting thier time in ndola doing nothing.cleaners should all go and let them form a company that would render servinces to zamtel.commercial department needs to be checked a lot of those old women are just there for nothing.if all these can be done and the money u want to pay RP be injectdd in CELL Z.it will only take few months zamtel would be back on track.please bwana RB TRY TO REHEARSE WITH FELIX MUTATI HE WILL HELP U TO SAVE ZAMTEL.IF NOT THEN KAYAAAAAA.

  176. #276. Just an illusion
    Indeed as your name so are you… You are creating an illusion. Which days are gone? There is more corruption now in Zambia than there was in the second republic. Chiluba’s MMD govt to which Sata was party and the Post helped to usher in, institutionalised corruption.

  177. oviously chaliba lengeleshamo muma tanta thats why bale chidifenda,kaili balya babili tabapema pafyemumatanta

  178. With all due respect,Uilo and Engine a blogger i respect so much with his contributions has really let me down today!!!
    The issue of Dora is of a public nature and thats why you find ordinary Zambians working in these Ministries risk the source of their Bread and Butter to contribute to the fight against Corruption the root cause of the suffering of many in zambia.Dora is being exposed because she is suspected of being corrupt,its not the motive of the post to bring her down but to let the people of zambia get to know their leaders and Dora is unexceptional.
    Dear UILO as you call yourself,you seem to have this perceived conception that the post is after Dora…



  181. Did you know we are 11th Poorest African country. Even cicil war African nations pull more in than we do as Zambia. WOW! We need change and fast, Educate Ba-kumunzi in the next election. May the Lord Jesus help us.

  182. So is Zambian Airways gone for good. Why did we ever let UNIP return. Dora and any woman that cannot keep a husband should never be minister again. Zamtel is on the ropes aswell.

  183. #288 ASK Uilo that question the man is obsessed to protect Dora that he cant read between the lines!! i believe he is one of the image builders brought back by RB to help build Dora’s image tainted by corruption

  184. #286. Just an illusion
    I follow exactly what you are saying. All I am saying is that Zambians have never sat back and let corruption go unchecked. The fight against corruption did not start with the Post it has been ther all along. ‘THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA WILL NO LONGER SIT IDLY AND FOLD THEIR HANDS WHILE CORRUPTION TAKES ROOT’

  185. Politicians make decisions and some of the decisions they make are wrong. I am certain none can accuse KK of corruption but boy, didn’t he make many wrong decesions! The issue here is that Dora erred at law not that she is corrupt. The motive may have been corruption but that is not what the Post is saying.

  186. Corruption regardless of who commits it stinks. So let us clear our country of this mess. Jail all plunderers. Who is Dora and membe? If both are found wanting we must lock them period. Its so stinkingly nosense to protect corrupt people like nyama soya and Dora. Lock them up. :)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-

  187. :x:x:x
    Dora is so loving & kind, wonder why those who dont know her well demonise her. People stop being vindictive ok!

  188. In years gone by, ministers used to be fired and jailed for accepting bribes as mundane as fridges from our Asian bothers and poaching. Those of you old enough will remember “Dingi”. Now these swindlers talk in terms of billions, “milking parlours”, Generator sets, entire farms and incredible mansions! And our sleepy ACC and Task Force don’t even bother to look into how much overboard these thieves have taken their lives! Has anyone bothered to check how much property Dora has acquired in the short period she has been Minister? There used to be such a thing as having property or assets NOT commensurate to one’s earnings, especially civil servants and politicians.

  189. Siliya must go, she’s long become RB’s little bully girl and she thinks the backyard playground is ALL hers. that woman is not learned, and she never misbehaved in LPM’s rule. such little bullies, though rulers and not leaders, should not be left alone on the playground coz she will continue victimising all the children!
    #297.Dora’s Dude – i will advise you to grow up and live in reality, otherwis i have no kind words for you.

  190. :d:d:d

    #299. You dont know my lady well, all you just know about her is what you get from the baised papers & the net period! So let me who shares so much with her & know her better be on her side when you vindictive creatures want to bring her down

  191. “NINE civil society organisations (CSOs) have petitioned the chief justice to consider setting up a tribunal to probe Communications and Transport Minister, Dora Siliya for alleged abuse of authority and failure to follow prescribed tender procedures.”

    Now, let the law take its course. However, I wish President RB Banda, Minister of Comm. and Trans. Dora Siliya and Minister of Justice, Vice President, George Kunda all the best in this case.

    As for the Undereducate’s Imagebuilders, do not give them Credit which they don’t deserve. According to research, it it the UPND’s late Anderson Mazoka and his U-Team that brought to like former President FTJ Chiluba’s mis-dealings to light first.

  192. UILO, VOTER RIGGER, Slumdog Shalapungu

    Stop misleading bloggers with rhetoric verbiage. Civil Society in Zambia is still alive and strong. For your information, it was civic society that contributes to a majority policy turn about in this country. You guys are barking on wrong trees I am afraid. You have lost touch with the interest of Zambians.

  193. Woah this weblog is wonderful i love studying your articles. Keep up the great work! You understand, many persons are hunting round for this info, you could help them greatly.

Comments are closed.

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