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I have never plotted against the govt with Maureen Mwanawasa, Chibombamilimo

Headlines I have never plotted against the govt with Maureen Mwanawasa, Chibombamilimo

FORMER Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Development, Lameck Chibombamilimo
FORMER Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Development, Lameck Chibombamilimo

FORMER Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Development, Lameck Chibombamilimo, has said that President Banda’s decision to fire him was based on misinformation.

Speaking at a press briefing at Crystal Gardens and Restaurant in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Chibombamilimo said he was a loyal member of the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) and that he had sacrificed a lot, including personal resources, for the ruling party.

Mr Chibombamilimo said that he has never plotted against the government with former First Lady, Maureen Mwanawasa.

He said he has spoken with Mrs Mwanawasa on phone three times after President Mwanawasa’s death, because he has a moral obligation to comfort those that were in mourning.

Mr Chibombamilimo said that Mrs Mwanawasa, whom he said was now being treated like a leper, needed the friendship of the people that she associated with while the late President Mwanawasa was in office.
He charged that when Dr Mwanawasa was alive, everyone wanted to be a darling of Mrs Mwanawasa for personal benefit.

Mr Chibombamilimo said it was sad that it was becoming a tradition for a person who leaves the office of presidency to be isolated.

Mr Chibombamilimo, who is Member of Parliament for Mpulungu, said he campaigned for President Banda in last year’s Presidential election at a time when people in the area (Mpulungu) aligned themselves more to the opposition.

He said during one of his campaign expeditions, his personal speed boat developed a fault on Lake Tanganyika and that he spent about K3 million to get it towed to shore.

“During this very difficult time of our campaigns, there were people that lied to Mr Banda that I was campaigning for the opposition,” Mr Chibombamilimo said.

He said when he returned from the campaign tours, his five children had been sent away from Lake Road School in Lusaka because he had not paid their school fees. The children only went back to school when he took some time off to look for money.

He said he was saddened by the manner in which President Banda announced his dismissal when he addressed MMD cadres at State House.
Mr Chibombamilimo said he was just waiting for his formal expulsion by the MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) because no one could counter the President’s wish.

He said he would defend the Mpulungu parliamentary seat on a party ticket to be advised by his constituents.
Mr Chibombamilimo said that he would also unveil to the people of Mpulungu the truth that they did not know.

President Banda fired Mr Chibombamilimo together with Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Jonas Shakafuswa, on Thursday for allegedly failing to show allegiance to their party and government.

Mr Chibombamilimo also denied any collaboration with The Post newspaper. He said that the newspaper has sometimes refused to publish some of his statements.
He said The Post allegedly refused to give him the right of reply when he wanted to defend himself against allegations by MMD Northern Provincial vice secretary, Mr Jairus Simunyola, that he was a source of conflicts in the area.

He said he was also denied space in the newspaper recently when he asked the nation and MMD to rally behind President Banda’s government.


  1. Spare us the details please.Why dont you tell how MMD rigged the elections in your constituennces and other wrong corrupt practices in MMD?I am glad that you are treated as an outcast so that you can learn that being double tonged does not help at all.

    • 5 children? why have so many children, in this times , its better to have at most 2 children. I am saying so because i am now wondering hhow he will pay their school fees if had failed to do so at some point.

      For those listening, better have one or 2 kids thats all unless you can afford the, if you cant dont even dare have any !

    • sorry big man produce as u can manage. if u weak dont let those who are strong copy u. kubala ni mpavu mudala. nag ucha 1 round per night osa vuta amuna ba ma 10 rounds monga chibomamilimo the name can tell.

  2. this guy is righty wen LPM was alive everyone praised the forer fist lady and othjers said she should succed lpm now that lpm is no more everyone as abound here wat a zed

    • it is not just wit LPM. When FTJ, KK were in power too people worshiped them equally now RB is worshiped but wait until he leaves

  3. Chibombamilimo. Wahat do you know about smoke without fire? I am sure you are worried about losing allownces from NCC and parliament.

    Be sincere. What have you been plotting with Dr Maureen Mwanawasa?

  4. crying of a wolf in sheeps skin he is just worried he wont be able to pay school fees again. he does not say that he is married to maureens niece!!

  5. Its time to start exhibiting your grief in a political arena were beef is brief.

    One lesson you better learn if you want to be in politics is that you never go out on a golf course and beat the President

  6. Cry for the beloved ,peaceful mother Zambia,whose leaders only speak when there are affected.Cry for the beloved citizens of Zambia whose leadership has lost direction.Cry for the majority children of Zambia in govt schools whose leaders have denied them quality education because of greed.
    God give us good leaders.

  7. MR Chibombamilimo i thought you knew that Politics is largely governed by sententious platitudes which are devoid of truth, and that,Without alienation, there can be no politics.Its good that you rised above principle and all we request from you is that you also expose there evils by devulging all there secrets,in that way probably you might win our sympathy,otherwise you rot.I hope you had a Profession since Politics ought to be a part-time profession of every citizen .

    • Chibombamilimo is a teacher by profession. RB won’t give him a teaching. He is gonna mark him badly.

  8. I suggest you just concentrate on Amaka Lodge and plotting against RB with Dr Maureen Mwanawasa. Hey! Do you remember how outspoken you were that time when the late Levy Mwanawasa’s bosy was being taken around the country? You wanted Dr maureen Mwanawasa to stand on MMD ticket. Damn, you forget so easily!

    • So what is treasonable for Lameck to express preference for Maureen over Banda? We are supposed to be in a democracy for God’s sake! Clinton and Biden stood against Obama in the primaries. They both claimed Obama was unqualified. Where are the two today? In Obamas cabinet. My friend your ramblings and Banda’s behaviour is a statement of how backward Zambians like you are. It is never a crime to express political preference.

    • AH , Nora wa ka chita mushe. Zambians do not have short momories as your late uncle sugested Mr kabombamilimo

  9. Shut up Chibomba milimo because there manucripts full of your carelessness.Just go stand on Mmembe’s party

  10. Nothing new there who on Gods green earth in politics has been fired and said yes i was wrong??? Everyone comes out the victim in the end while wishing there former boss the best if you are not happy with what you do as Shakafunswa get on going on about it you resign out of principle. Why hang on to the job and insult the people that appointed you???

  11. its indeed a shame that our leaders only want to spill the beans when they find themselves on the wrong side of government..shame indeed

  12. Where on earth would people think you are plotting to remove the President. Chibombamilimo just set up a motion in parliament to impeach BANDA he is a shear waste of nature.

  13. Where on earth would people think you are plotting to remove the President. Chibombamilimo just set up a motion in parliament to impeach BANDA he is a shear waste of nature.

    • Ba Chibombamilimo and Shakafuswa tamufwa you guys like small girls like RB, may be you had touched one of his girls. You can’t plot to remove nyama soya his small girls will finish him.

  14. You are right Chibombamilimo, ministers are respected people and it is an head of to fire u like the way RB did. In front of those cadres who had to endure the intensity of the sun for nothing. Dear Norah how are you?

    • I agree with it was wrong for RB to fire the chaps in that manner but you can tell its been on the table for a while. As a head of state firing people should be as deplomatic as possible you just dont know how much these people can spill after be it the truth or not they will be looking for sympathy .LMP was surrounded by people that made his work difficult but it seems the people surrounding RB well its only been a few months i will give him till JUNE

  15. Senior citizen are senior Junior? What wrong did chibombamilimo do for Rb to fire him like that? Am pf myself and not mmd but issues should be looked at with a realistic point of view.No person with his normal brains can support what RB did.

  16. You wanted Maureen to stand and may be this is what Soya doesnt want. Any way spill the beans as our ears are damn itching to hear the good news

  17. LT please why are telling me that i have been banned frow viewing your site? What wrong have i done?from the time you upgraded your site this has become a trend.Lets just work together for the betterment of our country.

  18. Chibobamilimo How does Mrs Mwanawasa comes in the picture after been fired. Dont keep something you know is a truth behind to get favoured

  19. Fired, not fired, whatever, the country’s economy is nose diving and even the little that LPM seemed to have gained was not real. It was the price of copper whioch was high, period. We have to move from that primitive culture of patronage to one that awards hard work and progression through hard work. These kumodzi kumawa folks just know how to be there and at least eat. NAINE NINKALEPO. To hell.

  20. Ati Lakeroad school ukuziba kuchi Chiliulu, Mandevu, Twatasha, Kanyama, Bauleni, Muyoma or Marapodi schools?

  21. Dr. Real Brain says: Where is all this tribal sentiments coming from? From the way you speak, you are disappointed that SATA lost. Be yourself and stop your tribal inclined comments.

  22. Dust ’em up! When pressure drops & de earth quakes, the righteous man keeps on standing still!

    • what principle is that,I thought the earth only quakes with dynamic loads.And when pressure drops things become stable cause there is some stress relaxation.This is not a rastafarian ground,were want to comment after smoking you retard,spare us with your lame rastafarian language.

    • what principle is that,I thought the earth only quakes with dynamic loads.And when pressure drops things become stable cause there is some stress relaxation.This is not a rastafarian ground,were want to comment after smoking you retard,spare us with your lame rastafarian language.

    • what principle is that,I thought the earth only quakes with dynamic loads.And when pressure drops things become stable cause there is some stress relaxation.This is not a rastafarian ground,were you want to comment after smoking you retard,spare us with your lame rastafarian language.

    • what principle is that,I thought the earth only quakes with dynamic loads.And when pressure drops things become stable cause there is some stress relaxation.This is not a rastafarian ground,were want to comment after smoking you retard,spare us with your lame rastafarian language.

  23. SATA has revealed what he intended to do once he had won the elections. He would have definitely abandoned Mmembe. SATA is clearly unpredictable and would have most likely abandoned ship.
    The tactics that SATA uses includes (1) Extortion- by forcefully obtaining monetary support, (2) Actual threats- by promising to deal with detractors 0nce in power, (3) Deception- by promising nice sounding promises which he has no clue of fulfilling.

    • This anlaysis has some very interesting truths in it. I hope people will begin to take the Undereducate MC Sata just as he is – a flip-flop which change its position to suit the occassion at hand.

    • ba LT please dont moderate my comment, some of these people should be told straight to their faces

  24. Mangande’s attempt to hide behind seemingly sincere statements will not do. Where on earth did Mangande come from to think that he could be President of Zambia?
    Surely, by his very looks, he cant be President. He lacks character and stature beknown to Presidents.
    He could never be my President.

    • How on earth does magande come in ?By the way we do not have a biological choice as individuals whether to be tall or short , white or black, handsome or otherwise , beauty or not its biologically determined. Luther King Jr said ” I want my four little children to grow up in a country where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin BUT by the content of there character”

    • Very bad and unfortunate statement my friend wina azalila. I hope you will learn infuture that you are not in control of who can be a Zambian President at any one time because you are just a simple individual.

    • ….imwe ba LT, whats up? if you can let comment 29 stand then why delete my responce to it? the fela has a brain of a plankton and an outright I-D-I-O-T ! Can he compare RB’s contribution to Magandes??????? Zambia is poor today because we have such garbage heap fellows!

  25. President RB knows less about procedure i.e diplomacy/professionalism hence, the reason he fired these guys like the way he did. He thought that Zambians will be impressed by the manner of his pronouncements….party cadre mentality!! Little does he know that a tonne of Zambians (us) can see through his eyes and predict his next move. The politics of …scratch my back/will scratch yours ain’t gonna end until we quit recycling politicians.

  26. Its like in Zambia the people who are becoming presidents are those who never even dreamed about it.People who are just picked from their farms which dont even produce any crops.Hence the problems in our country.But even if this is the case,Mwanawasa was a president of high leadership qualities.And he never fired a minister in front of cadres like what happened recently.Our country was heading somewhere,but now only God knows.The crop of leaders who are in government now,are those who are busy kneeling before RB,cleaning his shoes,tying the shoe lenses and talking ill of their fellow ministers in an effort to win favours from RB.

  27. The problem with chaps like Chibomba milimo is that theyn think they are too clever. He does not have a clue as to what the GRZ machinery is capable of (infact this statement is too unnecessary to drive the point home) Mambilimo is just in boys bridgade and he supposes that he is a commando. Full of fantancy. We will not waste our time on this loser.

  28. JD says:
    Speak for yourself, not the majority of Zambians who only less than six months ago thought it wise toplace RB as our President.

  29. It’s all very sad. Everyone from RB to the Post, from Teta to Chibombamilimo, from Kunda to Shakas have got it wrong. Oh! Judgment! Thou hast fled to bruitish beasts. At a time when everyone was losing their cool, the last man standing should have been the leader but he too has lost it. I am so sorry. He needs prayers indeed, because Zambia should not be destroyed by selfish people who put number one first in place of service and truth.

  30. Iwe Wina Azalila can you just leave Sata alone please. Did Chibombamilimo issue any tribal remarks here? Why are you bringing Sata in this? Leave Sata alone if you want to blogg peacefully please.

  31. Ministers should have direct access to their Presidents. Why is it that in Zambia they speak to the press first. Nevers Mumba, Vernon Mwaanga, Mbita Chitala were fired by Mwanawas because of this. Now Shakas and Chibombamilimo. Perhaps the Presidents should examine their accessibilty.

  32. Chewe the Virgin says:
    Your madness knows no limit. Go seek medical help to unblock those areas of your brain that make you so dull. Simply bypass my comments if you care, you little imp.

    • Wina azalila,what are you gaining with this personal attacks?Leave Sata and chewe the virgin alone.Do you want to blog or not?We want nation issues here.

    • Ubulaya and chewe,stop exhibiting your thug mentality typical of PF cadres.Wina Azalila is expressing his views.

  33. The saint Nevers and others were fired and their cases were more serious than Chibombamilimo,s. Is it wrong for people to express their opinions on Chibombamilimo through the post? And what has that got to do with his loyalty to RB? If a person praises Chibombamilimo through the post is that a sin? The politics we are seeing in Zambia now are that of personal vandeters.Period!

  34. Chewe the Virgin says:
    BTW you are one of the most helplessly immature people I have ever come across. Though I am relatively new on this blog, Iam sure others before me have said this and I am not the last. You shameless little imp.

  35. Why take those five children to expensive schools? There are also good schools out there where you can afford school fees without being embarassed.This will affect your children psychologically.
    Problem with we zambians we usually dont want to face realities of life.In todays world five children are just to many.How do you maintain such a number?

  36. Wina Azalila God bless you.Am not in the mood of attacking people today.So i forgive you my brother.Love you and enjoy your day.

  37. There is a wider lesson here for MMD hangers-on. You are only as popular as the depth of your pockets. We Zambians are generally selfish and devoid of generosity. We only bother about those whom we can exploit. Even Mr. Chibombamilimo himself is selfish. He sounds so surprised that he is suddenly, like the rest of us, a nobody. Don’t forget, unless Banda dies in office, what he is doing to others now will be done to him. Such are the wages of sin.

  38. When i read Banda’s sentiments that there are some people plotting to jostle power from him,i thought he would restrict that to the two concerned MMD he sacked from his govt but now that Chibombamilimo has spoken,it’s obvious someone told Banda that Mrs Mwanawasa intends to stand as President,i think Banda is so naive to get goose bumps over such insinuations.Mrs Mwanawasa is busy running her farms ,other businesses & giving speeches at important gatherings,the last thing she would do is lose her benefits in preference for a job that will cause her to be insulted on a daily basis.Banda is simply insecure afterall he’s considered an outsider by many MMD members.

  39. you deserve it chibombamilimo. You used to intimidate people in northern province especially civil servants. twalingana bane!

  40. Yes, true! Kwashala chi Simunyola who is not objective and truthful in his dealings in MMD. All he wants is to suck the government by getting awarded contracts even though he has no capacity. He needs to be investigated

  41. Its the first time am hearing ministers being fired like maids. ama political jobs yamusebanya sana. these people no matter wat they did not to the nation bt RB ofcourse deserve respect by virtue of their positions in society. they have families,and feelings too just like the president himself. carders are just a collection of dull characters without anything to do who dont make fora for such high profile decisions & announcements. I guess the president’s advisors are not doing their job. everytime the president speaks or acts, i learn negative things abt him, i wonder wat type of a man we have entrusted our resources with, pity wit those very close to him coz i cant stand his reasoning…

  42. Guys naimwe ok I’m not suggesting that we write perfect english here but writing “rised” instead of “rose” ba #9 imwe yashani iyo?Ok atleast ka “there” kalya mulembele instead of “their” can be excused although mukabomfeshye twice.Then ba #16 ba kaamba naimwe “an head of” kwati mwachita over!!Elyo fyaba na seperated?And you #22 also how do you write “How does Mrs X comes…” ??And as if thats not enough you go on to write “been” instead of “being”! Ok guys naimwe namwishiba fye ati teikali ukula buzaza like this because pali abaice pano who are in school so you’re confusing them.A small error is acceptable but please don’t introduce NEW words here like RISED.cheers guys…

    • Another ponk,lame retard ,trying to come out correct,your are just exposing your f**lishness,this aint an English man’s blog,you are busy spitting your dirty vernacular and yet no one’s ever spoken against you.B*tch this is Europe,not all Europeans speak gat damn speak English,learn to appreciate the little contributions that your brothers are makin,spare us with your nonsense,go and eat D*c if your tired f**L.

    • I’m glad you wrote this. I think if someone shows the desire to blog in English, then they must try and do it in English. Otherwise let’s just use venacular.

    • Dont
      Unleash the Beast within,
      I walk around with the strength of a hundred men,

    • Am the reservoir dog remaining on this blog,if your ready for beef mine is not brief.Probably you need back,call all your boys.

  43. Eya, wamona nomba. Stop this cry-baby stuff as we will not be sympathetic if its your plan. Politics is not a pentionable job so you should move on and do other things. But knowing your corrupt mind means you cannot survive without politics and kick-backs. Don’t run to PF if thats the party you think can win you an election. PF has to field its own candidate and we don’t need any confusion by you MMD chaps. Now tell us how you rigged the last elections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I thought Chibomba-job had chilled was entering the good books of Rupiah Bwezani-kumbuyo Banda and had of late been making pro-statements. Lo and behold, Rupiah had other ideas. I am sure Jairus Simunyola and Griever Sika-hat are laughing their heads off.

  45. #44 Jigga–Good point there bruv. If RB goes ahead with his threat to smoke out other MPs from the MMD, it will be the beginning of a serious haemorrhage in the party. There is the “True Blue” faction waiting in the wings which will be unstoppable for one RB especially if he leaves too late up to the convention.

    • Oh yes,something is cooking for Banda,he thinks he’s smart by trying to rid the party of those who opposed his candidature,he was supported by bootlickers so that they keep their jobs till the next elections as hey were not ready to be loafers again & they succeeded but if you follow the remarks of the founding members of MMD like the Mabenga’s,Katele’s etc,it is clear they really don’t want him beyond the next convention.Banda is where he is simply coz MMD broke their rules to make him stand as MMD’s candidate in the last by election coz their was no time to mobilize & choose another candidate,anyway,i see it as a blessing in disguise,i wouldn’t have loved to see Sata as President.

  46. KADOBI i totally agree with you. Yes we all make mistakes in english but some mistakes are just too much.Eg,my brother didnt came yesterday, i stayed on that chair.Are these excusable mistakes or kukana ishiba fye ichisungu?

  47. I feel some sympathy for the man and his dependants. I hope he gets another job to bring his 5 children through these hard times.

  48. that’s the price you pay for supporting some chap who is icapable of ruling a nation, the president has no clue us to what he is doing so he has to fire some poor guy for show especially to oredy losers MMD supporters.

  49. Things should be like that. Mr Chibombamilimo stop complaining! Atleast you enjoyed as a deputy minister welcome to the world of poverty. As for your friend Shaka remember his slaughtering of women slogan he championed under his late uncle. Bloggers who are hero worshipping you have very short memories. This is what they do to the president of a party I don’t want to name. The era of praising once heartless politicians should end. One day if Teta forms a party you chaps will shift goal posts and shower praises. Away with Chibomba, Shaka, Sa.., Teta etc

  50. Nishani? whats with all the explanations? Could it be that our friend chibombamilimo thought by sacrificing his resources he was buying leadership.What shallow thinking.Iam glad he is out.In any case i never thought even for a while that he had enough brains in him.It will help if he can tell us things to help the nation not petty personal schemes.

  51. Still more Gdef “rised” was just too much!Ok rised yena takwaba man elyo takwakabe pantu tayaliko!The other reaction by Anonymous is still from you Gdef and I can see you’re mad at me but thats fine atleast my point is taken.Awe mudala yachilamo RISED!The way you know how to correctly spell those insults if that’s how you would correctly write “rose” instead of “rised” it would have been nice but I know chaps like you are just genetically dull.You said you’re in europe?Kaili kuti mukaciteto naka course ka engrish ranguage or even by correspondence teti cibipe pantu ico cisungu melelemba ico awe cawama naku zambia mwikabwela nokubwela pantu abaice kuno ku zed balefumya icisungu…

  52. Important decisions in the country are made by the so called party cadres! Why were they not chased by the security wings at state house like what happened on KAMBWILI?

    Cadres are more important than MPs in the RB’s government.

    I have never seen a confused president like Banda before. A head of state being an interpreter for Mr.Zuma at the ceremony? RB YOU ARE A DISGRACE MY DEAR. HOW COULD YOU REDUCE YOURSELF TO A SIMPLE INTERPRETER? Honestly, how could you? Zedians needs an apology. Wow to those who voted for you. ZAMBIA TWASEBANA.

  53. #33.
    wina azalila says:
    March 1, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    JD says:
    Speak for yourself, not the majority of Zambians who only less than six months ago thought it wise toplace RB as our President.

    And Your point

  54. cabinet positions are privileges not rights! Chibomba……. was one of the fellas who was busy advocating for Maureen to run for presidency, he just has to wait for that to happen, maybe in another life!

  55. My advice to you Lameck is that keep what you know to yourself if you want to live long after participating in Zambian politics at your level. Your story sounds like that of the late Paul Tembo and how he wanted to spill the beans and his life was taken before he could do that. This press briefing is good enough. Go find yourself a job now, learn to work hard to earn a living. Nobody forced you to sacrifice for the MMD. You did it by choice. Politics is a dirty game, don’t get yourself dirty.

  56. Dear beloved Zambians, Lusakatimes has not published the article concerning the Harrassment and the Abuse of Post New paper Journalist Thomas Nsama, that took place at Chipata Air strip in Eastern Province as he was went to cover the events surrounding the visitation of ANC president Jacob Zuma. It was very shameful indeed.

    • Unfortunately LT only pass on articles published by new agents and since The Post do not make their articles available freely, I believe LT cannot publish them. I am also sure that the state controlled newspapers will not publish the article.

  57. Its nice sometimes to read the whole story in detail before commenting. Mr Chibombamilimo said he will unveil the truth to the people in Mpulungu of what they do not know.. Why didn’t he unveil all the truth whilst he was in power/govt?

    Another last kicks of a dying horse scenario.

  58. RB well done to fire Chbombamilimo. He was a thorn in my flesh. He was so childish, Irrational, immature, big mouthed, dull and politically unfit to be a minister in the Zambian government. I was always asking myself what LPM saw in this dull person. His dullness is authenticated by his announcement that he will unveil secretes his constituency did not know. We know it that you rigged elections in Mpulungu. So chibomba please shout you dull mouth. This is the beginning of your suffering.

  59. Really, i never liked Mwanawasa, but if this is the reason for which this guy chibombamilo was fired, I think RB is a big id**t. This is not how we do politics. MMD should as well fire him (RB). Any person in bereavement, widow or widower needs support. RB should have be the one supporting anyone encouraging maureen. The bast****d wouldn’t be where he is today had it not been for mwanawasa. I am mad. LT, u can or not publish my comment, but this is unhuman of RB really.

  60. Boring stuff, wonder when these politicians will ever learn? How the hell you put your resources on the linein a political enviroment full of fontines. Banda has open wonds that he’ll not contain. besides Zambians, this are difficult times for our economy, i wonder why we should be talking about politicians of no substance

  61. All you cheap politicians are just a bunch of bullsh!tters. Give us a break, please mo’f#ckers. Who needs your worthless explanations?

  62. People pa Zed go into Politics for what they can get in return, frivolous pay, deals like Siliya, NCC and tax free allowances, free Prado’s etc. They alsways cheat that they go into Politics to help the masses. No it’s to take care of the eminent fat bellies & Personnal Interest. Now Chibombamilimo’s children will move from the expensive school to Vera Chiluba School in Mtendere. Life changes.

    • Surprisingly, people lament about how many children bla blah blah when things go bad. He was in the lifestyle of goodies for all of them when he was minister thinking a political job is pensionable. Now he has to languish looking for a job in order to equalise those kids lifestyle. He is also lamenting about Maureen’s status when that woman and her children are going to be comfortable all their lives from LMP benefits.

  63. Ghost Dog,what have i done for you to talk like that against me? I dont want to attack characters like you who dont even know english like you.kwati ni grade 1.Ati rised this just shows how far you are from knowing akasungu.And unfortunately you are a big person with beards like Savimbi.

    • Marriage is an institution that God has for his sons and daughters.I know you are tired praying in tongues for Mirriam,it aint going to happen.You need to get into some school of thought,women need a soldier, a man that can standup for her regardless,amtalking about fighters and not losers like you who consider commenting on LT as a big achievement.Learn to stay on the grind you ponk,get green cheddars.As for now continue masturbating till the John gets swollen ponk……lol

    • plus her calibre can not match with chewe.Chewe is just some crazy dude from the villa (probably kasama) who thinks since now he has saved $20 for over 3years,now he can get a woman.Damn, women are smarter than that,I feel sorry for aging a*s,just continue fanatasing about whilst real men get it.Loser,…..lol

  64. what “plotting against the government with former First Lady, Maureen Mwanawasa” is chibombamilimo refereing to. anyone with info? please shed more light.

  65. He failed to manage public companies as well as his own farm. How do you expect such a person to perform as commander-in -chief?? ‘Never ever teach old dogs new tricks, never’!!

  66. I would urge Maureen to stand in 2011 elections for the higher office. After all, this is what is referred to as gender equality in work places/empowerment. Women in Zambia should be given equal rights and encouragement of holding office in higher echelons.

  67. This culture of neglecting former leaders was started by LPM now his family is being subjected to the same too. Maureen should just stay foccused. My advice to her is that she should stay out of politics otherwise GRZ machinery will destroy her just like LPM did to Chiluba using the same GRZ machinery.

  68. ANOTHER ZED MINE TO CLOSE: JOHANNESBURG – The trading halt requested on Friday by African nickel miner Albidon highlights the devastating and ongoing hammering being taken by so many mining companies, aggravated, as in Albidon’s case, by a severe lack of standing capital or cash. The pain at Albidon is compounded by exposure to one of the most damaged of commodity prices. Dollar nickel prices are looking for fresh six year lows, having declined from highs of around USD 25/lb during 2007 to current levels of some USD 4.33/lb. CITIZEN’S These are Problems NyamaSoya should solve not emotions as exibited on thursday when he fired his two d/ministers. Misplaced wasted energy

  69. ‘He said he was saddened by the manner in which President Banda announced his dismissal when he addressed MMD cadres at State House.
    Mr Chibombamilimo said he was just waiting for his formal expulsion by the MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) because no one could counter the President’s wish.’ Impressive data indeed. So it appears that some people are afraid of Mrs Maureen Mwanawasa and hope to crash her ambitions in the MMD including those of Mr Ng’andu Magande. Let us wait and see how far this thing will go.

  70. Chibombamilimo (contrary to his name though) messed up Eastern Province when he was provincial minister in the Chiluba govt. Political appeasement is a cancer in Zambia, so LPM brought him back as Provincial Minister for Lusaka (mind you with the same incompetence but only more refined this time). With the full knowledge of this track record RB went on to crown him as minister again. Lameck, please go home and take care of your family and stop whining. Getting sacked at a public rally is MMD style and before that you never objected. So now because you are affected you are throwing a tantrum. Spare us please!

  71. ya times up man.u are now finished.anyway,don’t cry to much..politics..u gatta be a Gravatar to stay on board..

  72. wina azalila, where can you guys get time from since you are always chasing those dyker looking like animals called Mbeba? It’s not tribalism, its reality. You do not have time for real things. For instance, when everyone became MMD, you were still UNIP. Now everyone is PF and you are now MMD. When stealing was on under FTJ, you were digging mbeba, now its been stopped by LPM, thats when you want to start stealing. You are 100 years behind boyi.

  73. Dont worry chibombamilimo.You had your chance let anther Zambian take up the challenge.We are all oneContinue working hard for your family

  74. Chibombamilimo, don’t forget so easily. You publicly threatened RB during the earlier days of pre- election campaigns that he will be treated like Lupando Mwape in Northen province. You emphatically and publicly proposed Maureen’s name for MMD presidential candidate. Please don’t have a mayopic memory. African politics is about loyalty and not spending K3m. Infact that’s a drop in the ocean as compared to what the Tetas of this world coughed out. Spare the hatred and join PF.

  75. chawama leka ukulila tampafye ukulima are not the same people saying there good policvies so sstart earning you money

  76. RB i wonder if you have ever read Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex,if you didn’t please i advise you to.
    In that book Oedipus in his might went looking for the truth in doing so he discorvered that he was the one causing sufferings to his own people.Take heart and read the book,RB.As for this guy speaking with Mrs Mwanawasa,whats wrong with that?Did you not speak to her when you were lobbying for her support?sheme RB,hope it’s only not talking to her that you have in your conscious!I end here!

  77. Lameck does not deserve my sympathy . I may symphathise with Magande .He never not even once has he inspired confidence as a member of paliament later on as a minister. I would not encourage any political party to accept such garbage into their rank.I look forward to seeing more of the likes of that kasama member of parliament who are going to dare the system. That man is indeed a politician. Lameck must allow himslf time to learn politics or concetrate on running his lodge.
    May be he will sponsor his kids better and peradventure one of them may end up better than dad.

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