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Expectant mother left to die,while 100 hearses await

Columns Expectant mother left to die,while 100 hearses await

By Chanda Mwenya

Family members take a sick relative to the casualty on a stretcher in the absence of health workers who are on strike at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka
Family members take a sick relative to the casualty on a stretcher in the absence of health workers who are on strike at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka

I am very grieved and sadden, after seeing the disgracing pictures of an expectant mother giving birth in public and losing her life and that of her unborn child. These inhuman events should not in any way be tolerated. While the public is quick to castigate the Photographer, in the name of cultural morals and values for getting the picture of the woman giving birth they should strongly question the authority that is supposed to safeguard such morals if at all they are that important.

On the contrary the infamous pictures could be used as strong evidence to put up the case against the State for casing death through negligence. Try to think of how many innocent lives have been lost in the similar way during this strike period away from the watchful eye of the public.

The government has clearly shown misplacement of priorities in the Health Sector by procuring 100 hearses when expectant mothers are rushed to Hospitals in open vans and left die as we saw. Many Urban Health Centers not to mention those in rural areas have no basic facilities yet the Government is proud to procure brand new Hearse-Where is the priority?

Ordinary Zambians have been for a long time deprived of the Fundamental Human Rights, especially with access to good and basic health services. While Government is spending huge amounts of tax payers money on certain individuals to receive specialized treatment abroad, poor citizens are hopelessly left to die of preventable cases.

The current political system has clearly shown its reluctance to provide Basic needs for the masses, however it is keen in rush them to their graves.

As a concerned citizen I would like to use your platform to lobby for support to sue the Government for the death of the Mother who lost her life and her baby in labor, within the proximity of the Zambia’s largest and only tertiary hospital. I believe there are many innocent lives that have been lost in a similar way during the strike and from outright negligence by health workers.

I would also like to lobby the public to petition Government about the procurement of the 100 hearses. The amount spent on the Hearses could have been used to buy useful life serving Medical paraphernalia. What good is it of take a brand new hearse to the grave, when there isn’t even a second hand ambulance to rush one to the Hospital?

Concerned Zambian Citizens lets fight for our Lives before we are buried alive.


  1. Where is Senior Citizen? He is always defending his sleepy Government and one wonders whether this terrible man has any morals left in him. My advice to him is just eat his ill gotten money quitely and stop defending the indefensible. God is seeing what is happening to the Zambian people and He shall surely liberate them. 27 Billion lost at MoH. Kapoko charged with 1.9 Billion. Where did the other 25.1 Billion go to. We need answers. We know that the Judiciary has gone to the dogs or is that that the dogs have gone to the Judiciary. Let them redeem their integrity. I do not even want to talk about Dora at this stage. The country really stinks nowadys.

  2. The inept *****s shud be kicked out of power, come 2011. We need a paradigm shift, a revolution. If not as zambian, we are ready to shed our blood for the freedom of our children. We completed our tertiary educat. but no employement, when are we going to be employde, what plans have you put in place to create employement, you *****s.
    My heard bleeds when i reckon how much money i invested in my education. Concern Citizen.

  3. ye,sad indeed!!but still come on peeople not pictures of a delivering mother,2 give them to the Vice President was ok though the guy did nothing about it but posting them pa net was gross!!!

  4. they bought hearses in preference to paying medical staff, MMD top dogs and RB need to be all locked up

  5. Each ministry is supposed to push its agenda. Ministry of Local Gov planned to buy Manda Mandas, and when Masebo announced that in Livingstone, nobody protested but today you are protesting, thats being reactive. The deal is done and dusted , no matter how much you protest. The ministry of health have ambulances(Land Cruisers) all over Zambia, but the question is on the usage. So my friend Chanda Mwenya, the ‘public births’ has nothing to do with Manda Mandas, but everything to striking nurses and Simbao as the Minister.

  6. Pliz were is the ARMY?THEY promise to protect the nation from external and internal aggrations!came on!

  7. It’s true, this government should be reminded that Zambia belongs to Zambians and not RB or MMD as they take it to be. They say they want to send the people to the grave with dignity and yet, they are the same people that are allowing the zambian citizens to live beneath their dignity. What kind of leadership is this? Are they saying it’s better to be buried with dignity and not to live with dignity? Do these people really think about what they do? I wonder!

  8. Ba Chanda, how do you hope to go about suing the government? Which court shall the case be heard from? How independent will the judge be? About petiotioning the government over hearses, what action will you precisely be soliciting from government? Will that result in possible breach of contract? What will be the financial effect of such breach? Who will ultimately that cost? Will you and I be better off as a result?

  9. sorry for tht incidence,bt RB nd his govt wht are they doing to stop these happenings,come 2011 RB kupyamo bebele, batekeko bambi ba MMD u hve failed 2 deliver.MHSRIP for the mother.

  10. Chanda Mwenya,

    Just thank father Levy Mwanawasa and Mama Silvia Masebo for their wisdom of prioritizing the mandamanda.Levy knew he was about to go hence empowering Masebo to make an express purchase decison out side Cabinet approval. Just go and thank Mama Masebo for judgement and compassion that one day her manda manda will serve you even when she is long gone. Here is Levy long gone but the manda manda awaits you to deliver.

  11. #13 I agree with your constructive observation.But It should start from somewhere, even if we are denied justice, we will understand that at least we questioned it. I know the Zambian people have lost confidence in the judiciary, that is why a lot of innocent people are locked up while criminals are abusing freedom.
    People are dying on the street and no one is standing up to question the system.It is because of the mentality of people like you.Let us stand stand and fight.
    Kaunda, Nkumbula, Kapawepwe and many other respected men and women fought for our Political Independence from the colonial, but you and me should stand up and fight for our rights from the government of the day. wake up Zambia,
    we should realize that the judiciary is there to protect the citizen

  12. #9 TK amazing how thick you really are! I have never seen anything one could call an ambulance in Zambia. I worked for ZCCM many years ago. As much as they used to try, you couldn`t call what they had ambulances. Unless you do not know what an ambulance is, which by looking at your post you don`t.

    You are either a beneficiary or one who can easily fly to SA for treatment. But, this is not an excuse for being daft. This is the biggest problem most africans have. If all is well with me, then there is nothing wrong with Zambia. Do you think RB sees anything wrong with the state of the health system in Zambia?

    I laughed when I saw that nurses in Ndola were roughed up by police for unlawful assembly (read the government papers). This clearly shows where africa is in terms of human…

  13. Ba Chanda mwalikwi ely masebo alebilikisha ati tuleshita ba manda manda? You are the people we do not want who just jump on some issue without looking at the genisis. RB has appointed ministers to take care of their ministries. If we want RB to be in everything ie. labour minister, sport etc then we should stop talking about reducing the powers of the president. When he starts meddling at every issue in each ministry will start calling him a dictator. KK used to open new toilets built by ZCCM we called him a dictator So let us put ministers appointed to task and be accountable not every issue IT IS RB. Thats how we build dictators.

  14. Buying hearses only shows where the priorities of this sleeping government lie. This is reason they were going to buy mobile clinics. I bet their priorities are fast asleep aswell.

    Zambians you have been taken for granted for a very long time. It`s time you woke up and started seeing things.

  15. The problem is that the same people will be dancing for RB in 2011 during campaigns when they are given sugar and mealie meal. They will be saying he RB is a good man. Even chiefs are a desgrace, in 2011 they will be the same people who will be announcing their support for RB when they are given K1m or 1 bag of mealie meal.

  16. Ba Chanda mwalikwi ilyo Masebo alebilikisha ati tuleshita ba manda manda? Even the so called PF/UPND read about this and were silent. Now they want to show us that they care after the amout involve has been revealed. Even when they condemn GRZ for not giving nurses what they deserve I question there sincererity. Didn’t their mps approve the budget which contained the emoluments for civil servants? These guys together with chanda are opportunists. We need refined leaders in 2011.

  17. The questions we need to be asking ourselves is why the nurses went on strike? Why did this woman die? How do we prevent such in future? Chances are none of these questions will be answered by people in authority and it`s an African way. Threaten them with dismissals and they will be back to work.

    Zambians, why don`t unionised workers strike say in September 2011? I really find it amazing that they do not do it when it`s near elections? If you do not match favourably to your opponet, you have to be tactical or you are gone. Zambian nurses go back to work. We feel sorry for you. But, next time you want to go on strike do it when someone is going round with bails of sugar. Tell you what, that time, you will be given a 100% increament.

  18. Pornography or porn is the depiction of explicit sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexually electrifying the viewer, was president RB electrified sexually?

  19. nkani yanukachasu well spoken..we need more people thinking like you do maybe certain MMD net propaganda tools like miss D and other chaps who cant notice that things are bad will come to there senses..we will certainley support your call but just like some obesrvations on our judicail system..its gone to the rot,but nevertheless the strugle continues

  20. why wait for 2011?? enough is enough!! i wish i was home, i wud have tried to organise mass demonstrations to remove this govt

  21. #30. Foxy if the police are going to arrest nurses for unlawful assembly when all they were doing was meeting their rubbish union leaders, you would be lucky to even organise 5 people to start a demonstration. Draconian rules still exist in Africa mind you! The best these nurses can do is wait until it`s September time 2011. I can bet you, other than bails of sugar, they would receive a 100% rise.

  22. #29..morning.. cummon…i dont support MMD, infact i dont support any party in zambia at the moment.. I am waiting for a party to emerge that has learned leaders with a vision and that holds zambian people @heart. The things that MMD has put through the people of Zambia thru and how they have misappropriated our funds is unacceptable… The topic above.. its such a shame i am lost for words.. why dont we kill 100 MPS and Ministers and use the damn hearses then… DAMN…Its a shame!

  23. Zambians look at the picture in this article. This is our state of affairs in the health system. That is a live person being pushe on what is not even fit to be used to carry a dead body. But it`s called a patient trolley in my country . What a shame!

  24. # 18, Its like we are looking at each other. Look at your picture and mine. Eye bow to eye bow mudala. LOL

  25. Editor please do us zambians a favour. Archieve all this information and remind us when the elections are round the corner for we should not let time make us forget nor let it heal the pain that this incompetent government has put us through as a nation. 2011 can not come soon enough if you ask me. We need change and competent leadership

  26. I Matworld.

    Iam just waiting for God to deal with the pipo in the govt enough is enough.No positive news pa Zambia nowadays why?Are we the only nation facing recession in the world.Iam in my late 20s and all I have been hearing about our nation is negative things Why God Why Mwe Lesa?

  27. The 100 hearses! Paint them white. Change the furniture in them and turn them into ambulances if that will make all happy.

  28. #30 ba foxy, u think organising a demo is jst an easy thing,2 solve a problem lets jst wait 4 2011,nd do a right thing by jst contributing yo vote,on yo party not the way u ar thinking,u ar thinking so shalow, never encourage demo’s in my freind.gd day.

  29. Comical zambians.agitating for change but when that opportunity comes,you elect the same old chimps.look at the alternative people have to rupiah.SATA.typical mugabe prodigy.mwanya kamulechula ifyo fine

  30. # 38,thts a good one,we need pipo who ar thinking like u, on LT,pliz continue wth your spirit.

  31. #42 It`s not as easy as you think. To start with ambulances are speacilly made for their purposes. I remember a time when GRZ turned Landcruisers into ambulances-what a joke! ZCCM had Toyota “Hiaces”. Not fit to be called ambulances I am afraid but then again we are africans who settle for anything as long as it looks like the original thing.

  32. Let us ask the ARMY to take over for 1year,reform the Constitution,normalise things in the Mining sector so that GRZ or the Genaral Citizenry of this Country can have atleast 70% ownership of all businesses,then organise CLEAN,FAIR and TRANSPARENT Elections under an Independent Electrol Commision of Zambia.Yes,we shall tamanga alot under these men for 1yr and get suspended from shit like AU,SADC and UN,but I tell you,the fruits afterwards will be SWEET.If we wait for the ballot in 2011,same tricks will apply,elections will be won by Criminals,the Supreme Court will delay the case till 2015,and Zambians will continue to die.I pray that,God will answer our cry.

  33. #38. You will be suprised that, because of corruption, the cost of painting and puting furniture in one hearse will be more than the cost of purchasing 1 hearse i.e. it will be more than $29900. This is Zambia in the sun where people in govt see opportunities on every transaction.

  34. #38 Minister of Planning in the waiting, That’s a brilliant ideal what are you doing in RSA, Maybe we can paint 98 hearses white and turn them into ambulances and leave 2 alone for the job.Well thought and put.
    On a serous note we are not asking for an ambulance with an extensive care unit all we ask is a basic facility that can drive a patient to the Hospital, A car fitted with a bed, an oxygen mask, a few Panadols and a roll of bandage.that will save some lives.It is far much better than using an open van or wheel borrows- Be realistic …..

  35. No.10 niwe zwaaa niwe pili-pili full of ama rubish…the problem is abantu bamishi they have been mesmerised by the MMD its like its the best thing that has happned in thier life.

  36. Emotional antics and emotional blackmail. That is what the situation is here. Let us put facts straight before us. The hearses were purchased by a different administration and a different ministry. Surely, you cannot expect every other ministry to stop functioning just because there is a strike by nurses! At the beginning of each year, each ministry delivers a budget to the Finance minister who allocates resources in accordance with govt. priorities and policy. What workers need to understand is that salaries cannot change at the drop of the hat. That is why a salaries commission is important to continually address the issue long before the budget and suggest salary levels in line with inflation and economic prospects. In the UK this happens even up to 3 years in advance! To be cont’d…

  37. #44 Ubuntungwa. Exactly what I was thinking. Other than that we are where we are because of these short cuts. It is reason we still have houses with asbestos rooftops. As long it works attitude yet we are calling for developement. I am going to pimp my Vauxhall Victor into a Bentley! Zambians wake up.


  39. # 29 You are a bit too radical, 100 funerals for sake of using those mandamandas will bring tension in the country. Its time HH & Sata helped us get to the streets and force MMD out . Protesting for human rights isn’t a crime.

  40. The wheels of govt grind slowly. The Levy administartion built a cancer hospital at UTH, something which eluded previous govt. for years. One could argue that primary health care, maternal and child health and Infectious diseases are more of a priority in Zambia. Zambia does not even have an Ambulance service. By Ambulance service I do not mean a motor vehicle that carries the sick to a health institution, you can do that on a wheel barrow or an ox-drawn cart without difficulties. An ambulance service requires vast resources to run. Paramedics must be well trained to deal with life threatening conditions on site before ambulating the patient to the hospital. Do we have that kind of money? To be cont’d

  41. #54. Money is there. If they can pay MPs gratuities amounting to K480m each for two years and another Fullterm gratuity in 2011, can you cay there no money. Money is there only that F.U.L.L.S are running govt

  42. FROM #54
    In some countries Ambulance services are run by charities. So who should we blame for the fiasco in the delivery of health care in Zambia? We have had doctors both medical and non medical (Chituwo, Kalumba), professors in biomedical sciences (Luo), educationally challenged (Sata) and many others as ministers of health and the status quo maintains. Each one of these may point to one or two things here and there as achievements while they were at the helm but the overall picture remains bleak. The MOH is heavily indebted to foreign money and this has been since time immemorial! While the ministry is hard up for cash, it has also been the conduit for self enrichment and administrations’ abuse of money, e.g. for campaign purposes under Chiluba, LPM and RB. To be cont’d

  43. Amazing how one can talk about a car fitted with a bed, an oxygen mask, a few Panadols and a roll of bandage. Not all people call for an ambulance because they need Paracetamol, oxygen or a bandage! To be honest, this is something we should even be talking about now. We got independence in 1964 for goodness sake! If this government was able to buy 100 hearses, they can easily buy 25 proper ambulances to start with. Like I said we are Africans and will settle for anything. To be honest even if one was airlifted in a proper Airambulance, they will end up in UTH where there is nothing. Chasing our own tails.

  44. kwena, i know that 70% of the population in Zambia are young poeple and hence they dont even meet 30% of government, the majority of unepmlpyed are young poele and the ones doing small scale business from the kaponyas to marketeers and cross boarder business are young peoel. yet it is our generation which is passive and fear to take action on issues that affect them. bwezani is old same as VJ and tentamashimba they have nothing to loose, you and i young people have a lot to loose….. have you travelled and been told how poor you are and how maybe you wnat to stay in that country because of their weath, its not ther faugt to think like that but the governments of our day we have nade them rich at the expensessof my life and yurs. we zambia s are said to be good talkers but bad at action.

  45. I agree. Money has always been there. This is the case even in the poorest household as long as there are able bodied people in the house. The biggest problem in the world today, whether at individual or household level to government and state level is priorities! Charity begins at home. In the developing world frugality is unknown. We spend what we have not earned and we like to receive where we did not sow. That IS the problem. No one cares for their health. We blame government when we are sick but we never take responsibility to avoid illness at all costs. We eat, drink and squander our estates in loose living as though there is no tomorrow, we manufacture babies as though there is a limitless fountain of food and water, we drive cars as though there is no one else on the road,…

  46. Saint you are trying to justify the unjustfiable. We might aswell put the white flag up. The sins committed by Chiluba will always be attributed to MMD. More like Lady Thatcher did to the Torries. It doesn`t matter who was in charge. This is reason RB is saying I have only been in power for 7 months. What nonsense! It`s about MMD government. When are Zambians going to learn? Ubuntungwa spot on mate.

  47. For all there is to priotise, this government thought by buying hearses they were going to appease people. Out of those 100 hearses they could have bought 25 if not more proper second hand ambulances. Ku Africa kaya!

  48. You all need to get aquainted with the Florence Nightingale pledge and code of conduct for nurses. Our nurses have put money before life and this is evil! How can you call yourself a proffessional when you sit watching people die knowing that you can do something to stop it from happening? These are Lucifers ideas! You cant blame government for refusing to agree to lucifers terms and conditions! Oh Lord please forgive our nurses for the lost lives on their hands as a result of their intention to put money before the children of God. Their hearts have been won by Lucifer and his agents on this earth! HH & Sata must repent for trying to capitalize on the work of Lucifer. Sata lost his grand daughter because of these evil nurses and their strike action.

  49. # 41 Akapondo “Comical zambians.agitating for change but when that opportunity comes,you elect the same old chimps.look at the alternative people have to Rupiah,SATA”………..cant agree with you more bululu

  50. From #60
    then there is the sleeping around as though there is no danger lurking the streets (HIV/AIDS). These things have cost us our lives and our livelihoods. The little money that we have is not even spare but we cannot wait to spend on luxuries. How many Zambians have life insurance? How many Zambians put aside enough for a comfortable pension? How many Zambians pay into a health insurance? For years we have lived ‘hand to mouth!’ I have seen rich people die and leave the widow and orphans destitute! They literally take their companies with them to the grave. How many Zambians have written a will? Oh! No! Please let us not be quick to blame govt. for all our ills. We must change in our attitudes to wealth and property. Prevention is better than cure.

  51. Our ministers lack foresight and have pure greed. Obviously Masebo had a cut in the procurement of the hearses. Buying hearses and yet we cant provide an ambulance for the healthy when they get sick. The situation is sickening and spiralling out of control. We need change mwe. In 1990 the MMD was voted into power, not because they were the best party but because we needed change. RB with all his experience must pull up his socks because we are getting tired of MMD’s mess.

  52. sad story for that family. i now understand why that prophet from kenya said that zambia needs to repent. too much happening around and its like babylon. where are the bishops that are called as such, except for Mususu and Reuter others are busy …………….. i feel so sick reading the above coments.

    what are we leaving for our children . is it animal farm. We need to keep praying and fasting I know its the way things will change.

  53. #61 3RqU
    Let me digress to briefly address your retort.
    The UK system is different from Zambia. We do not elect political parties, we elect an individual as President. The President of Zambia has more power to effect ‘his will’ on his party. than the British PM has. The British PM may choose a govt. but he cannot bend the will of his party. Thus, those who depart from the party manifesto get kicked out (Blair) and those who make the MPs feel unelectable also get kicked out (Thatcher). But in Zambia the President drives the agenda. It is either you stick with him or resign but you cannot kick him out unless it is a constitutional matter… but then even that is suspect. I am not giving excuses to anyone. On the contrary, I am apportioning blame to every Zambian for the mess we are in.

  54. Even monkeys have realised that these leaders are useless. One monkey wiwid on the president and the other almost killed Mpombo. Come 2011 we should hire more monkeys to do the job.

  55. The saint, no one is blaming the government for everything..the issues are to do with the way the government sets its priorities and the way they react to a crisis. Its a fact that the government handling of the recent health strikes has been a disaster.Governments are primarily set up to save the citizens especially those you are poor and cant afford health insurance.This government should reduce on the arrogance and look into the plight of the zambian people for a change.

  56. REVOLUTION 2011…. it will be a great revolution in that Monkeys and People will combine efforts.

  57. welcome to the human race miss D finally!!!!..manged to get through that head…form that party.i will be your genral secretary…

  58. BREAKING NEWS ; Zambia Army, ZAF salaries have been delayed because it has reportedly been “Paid to Nurses !!”…..borrow from Peter to pay Paul !!

  59. Tikambenji… i am alright… despite irrittated with our Gov.. how you?

    #76…..really… general sec.. hope u not corrupt…no corruption will be allowed…..just dont know how il manage it all…..party president, mother , wife, CEO of my company.. i will be a super human!

  60. The Saint, 3RqU,Kambongolo and Ubuntungwa,You are the only 4 bloggers who have posted sense, the rest, pull up your socks!

  61. #22 Pafisenge
    I agree with you opinion i am not able to write my comment at the moment but what you sy is correct something that people always turn a blind eye

  62. Good emotions Mr. Mwenya. In these matters, it may be worthwhile to get some details. I believe Zambia has over 273 running ambulances. Maternal death appear to result from delays in seeking health, delay in diagnosis and unfortunately delay in intervening or outright wrong intervention. It would be interesting to see where among those 3 delays GRZ guilt comes in. We are all called to put in maximum efforts in helping our country move forward. It is amazing how the general state of national development including GDP is intertwined with mortality statistics. I applaud # 3. May her (the departed woman) soul rest in peace.

  63. #73 Tikambenji
    In every advanced society, the role of the state is to help the poor, the widowed and the orphans and to provide security of persons and property for all. By poor, I mean those who cannot by reason of infirmity look after themselves. Most people said to be poor in Zambia today have been to school, have two arms, two legs, two good eyes, ears, one mouth and a nose. This poverty is self inflicted. These shopuld help themselves to get better or else be content with their wages. I might sound harsh, but the truth must be told. Heinz started his business selling vegies on a bicycle. Colgate started from his home and so did the founders of Amazon dot com. Tafimbwa lubilo!

  64. #78 3RqU
    Don’t let yourself down. You are far much better than that. Let us fight ideas with ideas. We were doing very well. Love you.

  65. # 38 Matworl, it pains to be out there and only hear of bad news. Unfortunately even here in Zambia, the post brings generally depressive news. Let you know that Zambians are resilient and hard working. They are generally happy & only few blog after work. Sadly, news of many developmental issues, struggle against abject poverty & breakthroughs of our people don’t come to the fore because this is how news gatherers are trained. De-politicization is crucial. How much time & resources were wasted on the tribunal? Could this tribunal have helped the dear woman? How much are we wasting on the constitution demanded by or over politicized citizens?

  66. What I would blame this and previous governments for is the strnge behaviour of helping those who are actually better off. I am strongly opposed to the evacuation of top dogs to SA for treatment whenever they have a sneeze, at the expense of the tax payer when most of them can afford to pay from their pockets. For years, each minister of health has argued that ‘everyone’ benefits from the evacuation process. I know that some common people have been transferred to SA for treatment when it is not available at UTH. e.g. the Banda siamese twins. But, the process is beset with red tape and beaurocracy unless it is a VIP where just one word from the President moves the state machinery to act. Pasportless Sata, suddenly tavelled to SA! Anyone else would have died waiting for ‘due process.’

  67. Big Mule.

    How are you today?

    My dear I hear you very loud and clear my dear iam just concerned with our beloved country,Zambia is one of the nation that is blessed with God blessing with no wars,but the problem is our leaders have no vision for our country and the Bible says where there is no vision pipo perish.

  68. Members of Parliament come from all main political parties and all of them voted in favour of increasing their pecks and getting gratuities. In the Commonwealth, parliamentarians determine their own remuneration. This is the source of the scandals in UK. If such abuses were taking place here, with all the scrutineers and freedom of information act, what more in Zambia where so much is in the dark? Zambian ministers are elligible for a percentage of the cut when they negotiate a loan or a transaction on behalf of government. Why did the prosecution refuse to produce the 1970 Finance charter to court in The People vs FTJ Chiluba et al? Let me conclude: …

  69. guyz what can we do to help this government?its like there’s nothing beauty about this government,no angles of our economy seems to be performing well.So whats the solution guyz because the future of this government lies in our hands…….bwafya sana

  70. The Post should not have apologized for the picture of the dying expectant mother. As a media they have the obligation to let the truth out. What is happening in Zambia is disgraceful. Banda is no different from Mugabe

  71. May be we should have White Expatrate President, VP, Ministers and PSs. You just have to how responsible these chaps are, they resign their positions at the slightest insunuation of wrong doing on their part. Not Ba Dora babepa ukeleka kanshi na balaya ati ukabwela. SHAME. May the interpretation of the BIBLE that blacks are offsprings of HAM the son NOAH cursed could be true.

  72. 1. Freedom of information Act must be passed.
    2. Parliament must debate all loans the minister of Finance transacts for Zambia. This can be done while debating the budget. 3. Transfers for overseas medical services should be means tested. 4. Education and Health financing should be ring fenced. 5. Scrap deputy ministers: the President should appoint an acting minister from among MPs. 6. The VP should be elected by the people. 7. Strikes for essential workers should be outlawed. Those who join should be made aware from the start. 8. Some powers of govt should devolve to provinces. 9. DCs should go. 10. Provincial governors should be elected by the people and replace Provincial cabinet ministers. Their pay should be decided locally and in proportion to the budget they control.

  73. #94 THE SAINT- Very ideal. But the chaps in power want to have all the power and that’s where the problem lies.

  74. Some of you people like Amuna Onzuna are foolish, how can you want the army to take over! What do soldiers know? I can’t believe it in 2009, that an educated Zambian would want the army to take over. Blame it on the foolish politians, who can not unite to get rid of MMD.

  75. We all need to take ownership of our country, if something is wrong lets complain, impeach leaders who are not capable. We cant just have the few people at the Post or Chanda above complaining on our behalf.

    How many people have to die before 2011, the time is now to act.

  76. The Saint I totally agree with you.In Zed we have tendency of blaming govt for everything as we Govt is responsible for our daily lives.Last december I was home and at one time in Mtendere township.I found cousins and their friends complaining of unemployment but they were at a Tarven drinking Chibuku.I mean,how can someone say there are no jobs when he/she is not looking for one?Its wrong for an adult without any physicsl disabilities to blame th govt for his misfortunes rather has to sit down and identify the root cause.They were even chanting Pabwato! as if SATA once assumes office will come to the Tarvens to announce massive job opportunities.

  77. good to be back on LT, guys each ministry has got its own priorities, so dont blame masebo for fufilling her ministry’s agenda for descent burials, vendorless streets and boats for other areas

  78. Coming to Chanda
    As a journalist,chanda lacks analytical skills.He is just like his friend Nwenya.Chanda as a journalist should know that the hearses were procured by the Local govt ministry and NOT the health ministry and has no bearing on the striking nurses.Chand try to read articles by POST investigative journalist Edem Djokotoe and you will know what Iam talking about and not just writing outbursts without doing any research as if you are are cadre.You have the responsiblity of informin people therefore be analytical Chanda.Pass this Ngenya sa well.

  79. it seems RB and his minions wants to burry us faster than we came to being. Its feel so scaring that the gvt is preparing for our quicker exit to the world of the dead by buying the ugly and horrendous hearses.

  80. The Saint I agree with you on the need for the Zambia people to be innovative and become productive like the people you have mentioned..You should acknowledge however that the Government plays an important role in the success of any nation. In Zambia for instance Foreign investors are given tax free holidays while at the same time tax our own people to death. The references you have made are from countries where the legal framework and Government policy supported and encourage innovation..How are you going to encourage innovation in a country like ours where less that 4% of the zambia population has reached grade 12?


  82. saw the pictures, total bad s.h.i.t. made me hate this government with an intensity i have never felt. i got 2 kids and i replaced that woman with ma baby mama in my head and i knew i would commit murder….teta….simbao….shikas…mulongoti….rb in that order……

  83. just received pictures allegedly showing a boss from celtel (zain) doin the hanky panky with a junior collegue at some lodge on the pretex of attending a workshop. these ‘Geniuses’ clicked away on their digital cam while in variuos states of undress, in the jacuzzi, close up shots of their dinga lings and then were careless enough to let these pics land on the internet. their faces look very zambian. want a copy? post your email address and i will indulge u.

  84. #105 Tikambenji. Agreed, but education must be relevant. We inherited an education system that creates employEES not employERS. This system was made by colonialists to produce civil servants and miners as well as houseboys. We could bring this down even to grade 7 and train people to be plumbers, builders, farmers etc. You do not need to have a grade 12 certificate to grow vegetables!

  85. On “While the public is quick to castigate the Photographer, in the name of cultural morals and values for getting the picture of the woman giving birth they should strongly question the authority that is supposed to safeguard such morals if at all they are that important.“, I am with you Mr/s writter.

    Here is an excerpt from a brothers email to me:

    Mark 12:31 “…Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself…”

    I will continue by posting the remains of the email which were taken from Spirit of Prophecy.
    Deut 1:17 Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; [but] ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; for the judgment [is] God’s: and the cause that is too hard for you, bring [it] unto me, and I will…

  86. 110 continued.

    Mark 12:31 “…Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself…”

    I will continue by posting the remains of the email which were taken from Spirit of Prophecy by EG White:

    On “Thus the question, “Who is my neighbor?” is forever answered. Christ has shown that our neighbor does not mean merely one of the church or faith to which we belong. It has no reference to race, color, or class distinction. Our neighbor is every person who needs our help. Our neighbor is every soul who is wounded and bruised by the adversary. Our neighbor is everyone who is the property of God. {Desire of Ages, 503.5}“.
    Deut 1:17 Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; [but] ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of…

  87. In countries where governments fail people,people vote that party out of power.In Zambia things must be okay as the MMD is still in power despite all the nonsense they’ve done.What do you docile Zambians expect when each time to you have the opportunity to chase these Chimps you still elect them back.The chimps give you a packet of sugar,mealie meal,Chibuku or chitenge and you think its all good. Zambia’s current mess should only be blamed on the Zambians themselves.Stop these Chimps,castrate them, otherwise you are surely headed for doom as they are sure to produce more Chimps if you let them.

  88. 111 continued.

    This Thus the question, “Who is my neighbor?” is forever answered. Christ has shown that our neighbor does not mean merely one of the church or faith to which we belong. It has no reference to race, color, or class distinction. Our neighbor is every person who needs our help. Our neighbor is every soul who is wounded and bruised by the adversary. Our neighbor is everyone who is the property of God. {Desire of Ages, 503.5} that was committed in the hands of the SDA Church by God our Creator is something the MMD GRZ has missed in all this issue. I thus implore them to look critically again.
    Deut 1:17 Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; [but] ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; ….

  89. 112 continued.

    Although I have not personally seen the pictures of the woman in pains who later died as reported including her baby child, I believe that this is time to avoid further embarrassment from the whole world and focus on doing the right thing.

    What is at stake is the motivate of the photographer and journalists now involved? Did they cohort do the diffusing of pictures in bad faith? Were they trying to help the MMD GRZ to avoid further possible similar cases?

    MMD GRZ, I am really appalled by the way you are governing Zambia. Surely, you can do better than issuing threats to Citizens be it health workers.
    Deut 1:17 Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; [but] ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; ….

  90. In 114, 122 should read 113.

    112 Mulenga — Newcastle greetings. Following your “In Zambia things must be okay as the MMD is still in power despite all the nonsense they’ve done.What do you docile Zambians expect when each time to you have the opportunity to chase these Chimps you still elect them back.The chimps give you a packet of sugar,mealie meal,Chibuku or chitenge and you think its all good. Zambia’s current mess should only be blamed on the Zambians themselves.” Stop being emotional and start campaigning for the UPND-PF PACT to all your relatives and friends to vote MMD out in 2011 elections.
    Deut 1:17 Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; [but] ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; ….

  91. 112 Mulenga — Newcastle, the blame game will never work but do something constructive. Tell all Zambians you can reach by email, phone and visiting in all parts of this world to take anything MMD GRZ offers them, but vote for the PACT in 2011. Taking of sugar and other things MMD may take to them Zambian people is good because MMD may then be doing what they failed to do in their 5 year mandate.

    However, zambian voters must be educated on how to vote and do not isolate yourself from the villages. Make a plan to go and visit them in your place of origin and others to explain to them why they are in a mess.

    Deut 1:17 Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; [but] ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; ….

  92. KAKA,
    I feel sorry for you.we are talking of identifying new leadership and you are there talking about the PF/UPND circus.in your own reasoning what changes do you think people like GBM and WILLIE NSANDA are going to bring to your life.it’s like you are chasing monkeys from a maize field only to bring in baboons.mwana SATA is past his era.and the boy HH has lost track.that’s why we are telling you to look at zambia’s most acclaimed engineer PROF CLIVE CHIRWA.did you read his proposals on alternative source of energy in todays’s POST? Smart ideas mwana.

  93. Hi Matworld!
    Brother, I have a request to your gmail dot com account. What exactly is going on this country?


  95. Maestro Hakucincha
    The parables of our Lord Jesus Christ are not that straight forward in their interpretation as it is generally made out. In the parable you quote, the Lord was explaining the commandment to “love your neighbour as yourself.” If we all did this, there would be no one in the world worse than ourselves. For example, walking by a beggar, you would set down by him and take his place so that he takes yours. You would make yourself blind to be equal with the blind and eventually “greater love has no man than this, that one should lay down his life for another.” So, from this, you can see that NO human being CAN ever fulfil this commandment. BUT here is the good news, there is ONE who did love his neighbour so much so that he gave His life…(To be cont’d)

  96. FROM #120
    … so that whoever believes in Him, should not perish but have eternal life. Jesus was rich beyond all measure, but He became poor so that we through His poverty may become rich. For us who were dead in our tresspasses and sins, He died so that we through His death may have unending life. He gave us His beauty for our ashes, His joy for moarning and His garments of praise for our spirit of heaviness. As the Jew and Samaritan though related, were enemies, we too were enemity with God though our creator. Jesus IS the Good Samaritan. The Good Shepherd. The Good Teacher. The Good God!

  97. It was a sad situation, but blaming the Govenment entirly is not right. We are the same people who were telling the nurses and school teachers not to call off the strike. Deep down our hearts, we were hoping something grave klike this happens so that we can as always blame the government. When someone is employed in such services, they need to know what they are going into. I will keep on saying that excuses of having little pay are valid but the timing is all wrong. The government isnt getting any more money like they used to in the recent past. I would like any oppsition or indeed good blogger to bring up suggestions on how government can pay hundreds on non profit making employees(CIVIL).

  98. After Masebo’s explanation on what happened in the Hearse Fiasco, I am made to understand that Teta doesn’t deserve a ministrial appointment. But these are the same thugs! How can Masebo or Teta really approve billions of kwacha to purchase toilet pans for their homes before thinking of buying food for their families? The two of them are a disgrace! Personally, I do not need your hearses nor your presence at my funneral. By the way, pay the nurses their june salaries before they start injecting you with what you dread! Are you not scared of that? I am not a nurse, but please harmonise the situation! Its you govt who caused the strike!

  99. it’s not about listening, its about money b–a–f–i–k–a–l–a. our country is very poor, if we had money rb wouldn’t even campaighn for 2011 elections. he can give you 3meals each day, give cheap fuel etc

  100. Rupia will pay soon come on Zambians let’s not give up our time of salvation is coming and i see it coming even while am in holland. Am following all issues at home it shameful the corrupt acts of this old good for nothing president. Give Sata chance to prove himself the type of government he wants to run. I predict Zambians freedom come 2011.


  101. its a pity, if this country is counted among those in the united nations where many different conventions were passed and zambia also signed a binding document for human rights where in thee cRC was been ratified by over 190 countries since it was adopted unanimously by the U N General Assembly in November 1989. Ratification commits countries to a code of binding obligations towards their children. its a pity if the CRC, when the un makes positive comments on child rights how they are at cutting edge of the global struggle for human rights, to be ensured by adult society as a matter of legal obligation, moral imperative and development priority. In the years since the CRC was adopted, the world has seen that for any dramatic gains for rights, there must be a gov’t interest rest in peace

  102. Why going for Nursing if you donthave a heart! We can condemn the Gov quite alright. But attitudes towards our own proffessional is at times terrible. Shame..

  103. Pretty section of content. I simply stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact loved account your weblog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing in your feeds and even I achievement you get right of entry to persistently fast.

  104. It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I’m happy that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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