Bishop Paul Mususu questions the ability of ZP to maintain law and order in 2011 elections

Former EVANGELICAL Fellowship of Zambia executive director Paul Mususu

Former evangelical fellowship EFZ executive director, Bishop Paul Mususu has questioned the ability of the Zambia Police Service to maintain law and order in next years tripartite elections, when they could not even obtain that in the Milanzi and Mufumbwe by elections.

In an interview with QFM, Bishop Mususu pointed out that the current political scenario in the atmosphere is very bad and raises a lot of concerns because not even the trained personnel have had the ability to handle the violence.

Bishop Mususu indicated that Zambia has never known the kind of violence that is currently being undertaken and what is more worrying is the failure by the police to adequately provide the security during the election period.

He indicated that one wonders how bad things will get by the end of year after witnessing such blood shed ahead of just two by elections. He expressed a lot concern over the inability of the Police force to maintain law and order.

He indicated that it is not conducive for such violence to erupt within a democratic dispensation like Zambia where laws and regulations should be respected in every process.

Bishop Mususu noted that the outbreak of the nature of violence that was reported in Mufumbwe raises a lot of concern over the Electoral Commission of Zambia plus the various other stakeholders in the electoral process.



  1. Well said Bishop. We are in trouble, we need to pray hard so that we can defeat the enemy.

  2. Good Evening

    The Bishop is right, every peace loving citizen should be deeply concerned about this kind of political violence that Zambia has never experienced. We can only hope and pray that push does not come to shove when it’s time for presidential elections.

  3. Blame it on the Bandas!….’imfulu pakuya, ilasha yawonaula ifisabo’ this is what these two old men who should have been roasting ground nuts at some farm are up to. I just wonder what Levy was thinking when he pulled one Banda back into politics. The man had already gotten himself a damsel to warm him as King David did before departing and was set for his sunset then in one moment of madness LPM unleashes him on poor Zambians.

  4. Amen, to that. The bible says “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”. 2 Chr. 7:14 We should not forget Who holds things in His hands and has the power to bring about the change we so desperately need.**==

  5. ZP has capacity to crash violence, its source, perpetrators and accomplices with precision and aim. Its the constraints of democracy impeding their service and capacity. I have no doubt that they will purge violence at its source. If anything the country has security to summarily destroy the heart of violence. Certainly someone may be emboldened by what he did in mufumbwe but truth be told its a gamble to think there is an allowance.

  6. Bishop Mususu has hit the nail on the head and I must add to say the president holds the key to this and the buck stops with him.

  7. Well said Bishop Mususu, but let RB , MMD and the Police be warned that next year 2011 will be different. We are arming ourselves very well for we dont have police service to protect us. 2011 will be for self defence, what ever the MMD and police will use against us , we shall prevail against RB, MMD and the useless Police. BE WARNED GUYS, NEVER REPEAT THE MUFUMBWE MADNESS NEXT YEAR.

  8. Thats fine Bishop but you were supposed to have gone all the way and condemn the very instigator of violence RB. For 8yrs during Mwanawasa we did not witness this level of violence because Levy never tolerated political excitement and madness in MMD. He had lumpens like Tetamashimba and Shakafuswa but they never crossed the line. We’re in total trouble because the old man he’s unfit to lead a country.

  9. 1. Name: Senior Citizen | Country of residence: ZM | Written: Thursday, 15 October 2009 (10:44)
    Ba PF Bishop Eagle, Calvary greetings to you. I pray you are strong enough to stomach the disappointing Armageddon out of Kasama at hand for your PF despite your vested cadre spirit. Sata and Lubinda’s nonsense talk that Kasama is their PACT litmus test will only serves to expose their indefensible vulnerability and irrelevancy now and in 2011.
    Take it from this post I make, In Kasama MMD’s Mugara will sail through come what may. I now advise all PF kaponyas to print this statement and use it to vindicate me if my statement turns a total illusion distant from applied politics and the ballot verdict. I make this statement under no usual political inclination but as a grounded actor…

  10. The violence we just saw in Mufumbwe has been in the making for a long time. It started with MMD cadres attacking what they perceived as enemy media, The Post Newspapers. The government did not try to stop it. That gave the cadres the understanding that they can do whatever they want to do, as long as they have the slogan “Boma ni boma.”

    Then there was an amount of violence in Solwezi during the by-elections. Again, the “boma ni boma’ crowd attacked people with impunity. The police stood by and watched. Now we have Mufumbwe. Like Solwezi, the police in Mufumbwe ignored the “boma ni boma” crowd, but always went after the opposition.

    So while I agree with Bishop Mususu, I think more than capacity to stop the violence, what we do not have is political will from our leaders to…

  11. FROM 10 conts, I have used many variables to reach this conclusion. Should Mugara lose, as a democrat I will salute him and his party with dignity, but then will retire from blog politics and my business. Instead, will enter active politics which has never been on my calendar beyond blogging during free times. But I vow MMD victory in Kasama is undebatable.
    Name: Senior Citizen | Country of residence: Zambia | Written: Friday, 16 October 2009 (15:39)


  12. With the the kind of posts being posted by pact supporters on this site it is easy to see were the root of the problem is. Nothing short of tribal haters. Change at all costs. If the opposition surppoters in diaspora are this filled with hate, what more the foot soldiers on the ground, and the vast spectrum of criminals acting as chola boys hoping for a job in the illussional PF/UNDP GRZ. Zambia is indeed in trouble if this power hungry collection of misfits is let to run loose. Remainds me of early MMD when FJT and his band of thieves smelt KKs blood.

  13. This violence of Ichilema started in Mapatizya when they launched it against Zambians that supported Mwanawasa they called mapatizya option. No doubt the tolerance instead of destroying its source’s head has emboldened Ichilema to diversify into abductions and hacking Zambia the Sata chawama massacre way. In national security interest democracy comes with destroying the argry head of violence.

  14. #14 senior citizen,
    You coward inn other words you’re saying eliminating HH and Sata in the interest of national security. But neither you or anyone for that matter know were that kind of dictatorship would end up, the madness that may ensue might even start right at the your mother’s door step. So at the end of the day it would be a lose-lose game especially considering the fact that our hungry police are largely on the peoples’ side. He might have managed to change the top brass in the military but often it’s the chaps below them that take the responsibilty of the dirty job. My friend if it were that easy RB would done it a long time ago but he knows the repercutions, he will have no where to run to. So just enjoy life in the states, not wishing such things for our country.

  15. Whoever dished out Police uniforms to thugs must be brought to book, The MMD should cleanup their act before the 2011General Elections.

  16. This is simple to solve, let the green Army also known as the national service do something worthwhile apart from only growing ground nuts and peas. That is why it’s called a military trained national service, for upholding law and order within our border or outside if necessary. Pray on people and put to task RB, HH and Mr. Sata. Like before I say again Miyanda should have been elected president in 2001.

  17. I think we should start advising MMD how to go about conducting themselves. RB has got kafupi and and that william banda both fighting for attention, and thats where the problem is! RB need to dispose off these 2 and we can all enjoy his comedy!

    RB (and MMD) should take a book out KK and accept the peoples demand! Eastern province is NOT zambia (actually its Malawi!!) and we should listen to people and not use the famous brown envelopes. People know that the can have the money and vote as they wish!


  19. :(( we are in for a rough ride, a president who can’t reason. Using mud smearing tactics, everything is “bame it on The Pact”. For heavens sake Ba Bwezani you are the president act like it. You can’t force people to vote for you, if you don’t deliver your promises the end result is being voted out of office, thats plain and simple [email protected])

  20. One thing we must do is to get united as a nation crush this enemy violence as a people not as mmd & upnd/pf.I always wonder what God created first, whether its mmd,upnd/pf or Zambia with all its beautiful people.Today something that was created or formed by Zambians today it has become more powerful than the created beings from the hands of the Most Holy God.Something that you create start over ruling you even failing to control it.What a shame!! Where will this hatred take you, you politicians? Why are you killing other people’s fathers and children just because of wanting to go where you enlarge your tummies? Proffessional Zambians never be fooled by these dividers of your beautiful land.God will punish you for supporting them.Where can I hide my children not to be polluted?God…

  21. NO. 12. Kambongolo,
    is Mr Mugala you uncle or What? You seem to have some rooted confidence as if you where mr Mugala yourself. I hope you come into politics cause I will definitely meet you at the table of debate.

  22. #22 Best Times:
    I think you have missed Kambogolo’s point. Read the lines in capital letters at the end of his post, and you will realize that you are on the same side. See also his post at No.10. He is trying to show how unprincipled and inconsistent Senior Citizen is.

  23. # 21,

    I concur with you. There is need to crash all demon souls of violence systematically or otherwise the enemy of the Zambian peace regardless of its receipt funding, instruction of given task must be exterminated period. America under had the fifth column who also aimed destroying the country but J. Edgar Hoover aimed the source of anarchy and mercenary activism to the finish line. There is a time in life when a country has to hit a strategic inflection point where one option has to deliver sanity.

    Its time we all saw the need to destroy the demon of violence abducting, stubbing Zambians and burning the church of Jesus Christ which no God fearing person can do except some anti-Christ as Nazis did.

  24. Since Zambia Police moved from being a Police force that took no nonsence to a service with virtue of preserving democracy, some anarchists, mercenaries and unpatriotic tribalists have misunderstood their space while the Police service has been constrained in operations in an effort to preserve democracy at all cost. I find this virtue too dangerous. We are under utilizing capacity when the country has it in full like never before. The Mufumbwe election has presented greatest opportunities in national security for some review even as Solwezi central and Mufumbwe go back to bye-elections.

  25. This goes to show how evil and dangerous RB is. RB and his minions knew one thing: that they could not win the by-election in Mufumbwe under whatever circumstances. So, to avenge the impeding loss they decided to go to Mufumbwe and beat the sh**t out of those sleepy people in the bush; Just to teach them a lesson for voting for the opposition. RB could not have done this had this by-election been in Southern province; Tongas cannot take this kind of crap; remember how they responded to MMD thugs in Mapatizya! Not even in Northern province, MMD thugs were whacked in Kasama. Next time I hope our brothers in North-Western won’t be so sleepy and well-coming to RB and his thugs. Wake-up and don’t be like the Easterners; embrace change when it’s time and don’t take such crap lying down.

  26. I am surprised nobody has so far advised the Bishop to stay away from politics and concentrate on preaching the “Word of God.”

  27. *8, “Thats fine Bishop but you were supposed to have gone all the way and condemn the very instigator of violence RB. For 8yrs during Mwanawasa we did not witness this level of violence because Levy never tolerated political excitement and madness in MMD.”
    That is one but not the only way of looking at this matter. Another way could be that after 8 years of Levy’s rule, some people are so incensed that they did not manage to enter State House when the “chance” came in 2008, that they are now willing to go the extra mile with all sorts of formulae that they think will get them the Presidency.

  28. The total blame should go to RB for lacking political integrity and respect for the people. But remember God is watching and he is the best judge!!!!

  29. #13 kc,
    You seem to be very much against opposition to your MMD. You refer to those opposed to the visionless MMD as ‘tribal haters, misfits and opposition supporters in Diaspora’. What tribe is this that is hated? Be open-minded and realistic to issues. It seems clear that you are a beneficiary of the MMD posted to the London embassy and have become jittery about how your party is being exposed. Three months ago you claimed to have figures from the embassy that the economy was booming and Zambians were returning home in large numbers to invest and that you too were going back but surprisingly you are still blogging from the embassy. Please leave us alone and enjoy your loot quietly!

  30. Senior Citizen says: you seem not to have anything you stand on. you are supporting police brutality when the whole world has moved

    we are in an era when people should act responsibly.

    our ZP is capable of maintaining peace in the country. the problem is that the IG is not doing much in ensuring law and order is enforced equally.

    anything that is MMD he does not have any muscle to control unless its the opposition.
    thus let our police IG work knowing he is employed by Zambians. let him do that which is both professional and morally correct.

  31. # 32 Nom de Plume Dot Com
    I will be blogging from zambia under the sun very soon. In the mean time it is my duty to show weavering voters of the dangers of the pact lead by chief FJT 3rd term campainer, sata, with his arnachist preaching priest. sata was FJTs lookout while he was raping Zambias coffers. He only differed with FJT when he was dribbled of his percived presidency. 2day he is trying to tell us FJT is a theif while all along he was watching ??. What cheap politics. He must think Zambians are dull.
    We all know sata is a dirty power hungry tribalist who thinks his tribe should rule zambia and will not stop at anything. he wants to deliver devlopment in 90 days, this is a man who has been in all GRZ’s yet we still have nothing to show.

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