Weekend Scorecard: Lucky Msiska Arrives


Lucky Msiska has finally arrived in the country to join the Zambia bench for its 2011 CAF African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifiers.

Msiska arrived in Lusaka today almost three weeks after his was appointed assistant coach to caretaker trainer George Lwandamina in the CHAN qualifiers.

However, Msiska is said to have yet discussed contractual issues with Faz and was press time Monday evening expected to hold talks with Football House officials over his appointment.

Meanwhile, Zambia regouped for CHAN training camp today in Lusaka with one new call-up.

Red Arrows striker Dube Phiri is the latest call-up to the team for CHAN training camp.

Phiri is currently the league top scorer after having scored 7 goals so far in the new campaign.

Zambia face South Africa next weekend in the two side CHAN 2nd round, 1st leg qualifying match away on May 22 at a venue to be announced.

FAZ Super Division

Week 9


Konkola Blades 1 (Chipulu Chileya 82″)-City of Lusaka 1(Evans Musonda 47″)

Kabwe Warriors 3(Hendrix Mumpa 20″, Joseph Bwalya 36″, Festus Mbewe 51″)-Lusaka Dynamos 0
Zesco United 2(Clifford Chipalo 10″, Jackson Mwanza 88″)-Red Arrows 0

Choma Eagles 2(Oscar Kashinka 66″, Lewis Macha 70″)-Nkana 0

Power Dynamos 2(Simon Bwalya 28″, Emmanuel Chimpinde 90″)- Nchanga Rangers 2(Kabwe Chileshe 8″ 45″)

National Assembly 1(Fackson Kapundu 29″)-Green Buffaloes 4(Liniker Mwikisa 25″, Kennedy Chola 28 35, Dears Kakunta 90″)

Nkwazi 1(Keegan Phiri ‘?)-Roan United 0


Zanaco-Forest Rangers
Week 2

Zesco United (Clifford Chipalo 7″, Enock Sakala 30″, John Chingangu 77″)- Choma Eagles 1(Aubrey Zulu 62″)
FAZ Division One

Week 10



Lime Hotspurs 2-Konkola Mine Police 0
Indeni 0-Kalewa 2
Medical Stars 0-Ndola United 2
Mining Rangers 0-Kalulushi Modern Stars 2
Prison Leopards  2-Kitwe United 0
Mufulira Blackpool 0-Chindwin Sentries 0
Zamtel 1-Mufulira Wanderers 1
Muchindu 1-Mansa Health Stars 1
Chingola Leopards 1-Chambeshi 0

Profund Warriors 1-Zesco Shockers 0
Kumawa-Riflemen (Not played)
Paramilitary 0-Green Eagles 0
Nakambala Leopards 1-Lusaka City Council 1
Lusaka Tigers 3-Mazabuka United 1
Livingstone Pirates 3- TP Rangers 1
Kalomo Jetters 1-Communite 2
Young Green Eagles 0-Nampundwe 0
Luena 0 -Kafue Celtic 0


  1. We need every good Zambian to help improve the soccer standards in Zambia. All the best Lucky Msiska. We need more of young guy to follow your footsteps.

  2. Congratulations Lucky.
    Lets hope you will be given enough time to work on the team like the bazungu coaches are given.
    You did Zambia proud as a player and can manage as a coach.


  4. Anyone with an idea where Lucky Msiska Mwanawakwithu has been since retiring from active KK11? And apart from Msiska and Kalwisha Bwalya who else from the KK11 stars days lives on? These were real stars in the sports administration of Mr.David Phiri former ZCCM Chief, then Honorable Rupia Bwezani Banda foreign Affairs Minister and Commentator Denis Liwewe.Welcome home Msiska and goodluck as your name says it all!

  5. He has been in Belgium, as assistant Coach for I think a youth team, thus may have taken a sabbatical for this position depending on his talks with FAZ & whether he is eventually happy in his position I suppose.

    For some of the postings above, well, it is good to ask, but makes the blog boring, try to be investigative, google first! then ask second!

  6. I know what is going to happen. the bring him down insulting brigade is at this very minute sharpening their insultious vocabulary and other distraction techniques . Lucky, please listen to me and go back to Belgium. I beg o please!!

  7. Kamwendo, Destroyer and all you like Veteran in the know,

    Please don’t shot me just fill me on my ignorance. I’m in my 23 year in the Diaspora without a step in Zambia. I send my family for holidays but never been there.Trust me i’m behind on Zambian issues. Someone tell me who in the list survived the nationa tragedy and where are the survivers today if i may ask?

    Samuel Chomba, Kalusha Bwalya, Charles Musonda, Estone Mulenga, John Soko, Efford Chabala

    Johnstone Bwalya, Kelvin ‘Malaza’ Mutale, Numba Mwila, Kenneth ‘ Bubble’ Malitoli & Robert Watiyakeni

    Davies Phiri,,Andrew Tembo, Harison Chongo, Elijah Litana, Mordon Malitoli

    Hilary Makasa, Dennis Lota, Vincet Mutale, David Chilufya, Derby Makinka, & Whiteson Changwe

  8. webman,

    Are you saying we should not be thinking of returning to Zambia??? Tell me something because i’m one of those returning to the motherland this year in a matter of months. I have already packed my katundu in a container due for shipment with school places for my kids found.I have been frequening Zambia the last 14 months busy putting up a family house. You mean its a mistake? What should we be doing in the Diaspora with all high skills, education, corporate world experience, residual income, and investment capital? Do you think we should never think of returning to Zambia???

  9. Its interesting that my American born kids have come to like Zambia following the opportunity i have given them during their break from schools.I trongly believe Zambia presents us far much better opportunities than the Diaspora. My visits there has opened my eyes that many folks have been left behind unless you are privileged with a 6 figure vocation in the Diaspora with a wife pulling same, folks in Zambia have beaten many. They have their own debt free mansions, latest prados and lexus in carports while kids are going at some international schools such as Nkumbi, Banani and American Lusaka International school.They have family time and investment opportunities.I doubt if your advise never to return home for Msiska or indeed any of the Zambian diaspora is well researched.

  10. Easy,
    Do not get me wrong. I am also putting up a family home in lusaka in readiness for we my return to the motherland, God willing in the next 3 years. As you seem to have already reached that stage I strongly advise you to go for it. I think in this context, the best scenario would be for Lucky, when he is ready, to go back to Zambia , not with the intent of joining the already established instititutions like the national team with their personal to holder, highly resistant to change ‘owners’. The best contribution he can make to football in Zambia would be to to form and develop, in conjunction with like minded diasporans looking to returning home, a football team which should be run with the highest professionalism and work ethic we have acquired over here. then other teams

  11. and fellow Zambians will know that their are actually other better and more efficient ways of running things. same can be said for other disciplines too. With this base we can also materially and technologically support the puyblic institutions in a public-private type arrangenment. I think this will be better than jostling for positions long held as personal to holder by characters who always look at someone coming from the diaspora as arrogant or boastiful and actually work to undermine your efforts to turn the population against you.

  12. welcome home mwanawakwitu… i hope to see more zed players doing muchofwe from now on…u were marvelous to watch..kalu scored with easy when u and charlie kool did the dirty work….lucky msiskaaa, mssska..it is a goal….denise liwewe wud shout…u have our support our beloved son.

  13. The issue here is about this Guy,……….Msiska. Don´t misled the public with whatever you might be going through, what you plan to do whatsoever. The gov´t…give Msiska the same salary the French Assistant was gettingas a pay role plus bonus. Let the president reduce on his trips and let the antional team use that plane to get to international an outernational friendlies. This is not some plastic football that almost all of these guys played in their childhood. Develop or flop.

  14. Welcome Mwanawakitu Maybe we can be Lucky like your name.Look Bakabwalala bakalusha Naka Renard Patubela Ndalama,Baona Ngati Bazanla Bwino Ku angola.Mubabweze Kukikalabombwe

  15. msiska..msiska you have joined FAZ at right time but in the wrong position which i know you are not comfortable with.hope every zambian relise that

  16. Hoi Lucky,

    ik en nancy wensen je veel geluk toe met je nieuwe job in zambia. je heb hier in belgie al bewezen dat je uit het goede voetbalhout gesneden bent. je kunt als geen andere iets op de spelers overbrengen. Voetbal is en zal altijd je leven zijn. Als jullie nog iemand zoeken weet je dat ik altijd klaar sta om jullie te helpen. De het goed daar en als je terug in belgie bent laat dan zeker iets weten.

    Groetjes uit belgie Gino en Nancy en familie

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