MMD scouts for over K6 billion for convention


The Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD is scouting for over 6 billion Kwacha to hold its National convention and elections of its leaders at lower organ level.

Party National Chairman Michael Mabenga told QFM in an interview that the party could not afford to luxuriously spend party resources as it has a budget to meet before the convention.

He said this is the reasons that have caused the delay in holding the National convention.

Mr Mabenga said the money required for the party to hold the convention is colossal.

And Mr Mbenga noted that no National Executive Committee Member has been paid to endorse president Rupiah Banda as the sole candidate of the party for the 2011 elections.

He said the decision to endorse President Banda as the sole candidate at both the national convention and the 2011 Presidential elections is entirely dependent on the members of the Party themselves through their provincial leaders.

Mr Mabenga, however, stated that anyone is free to challenge president Rupiah Banda at the convention.
[ QFM ]


  1. Whats the need of going for a convention when you know the outcome? I thought no one should be endorsed until subjected to an electoral system whose results are mandatory enough to master the support of such an endorsement. I for one would like to see all posts vied for including that of party presindent. no one should go to the convention already knowing that they will not be challenged by any one, this is the type of bukolwe thats not needed pa chalo cha zed ala. UBUTUTU MULEKE SHA!!!

  2. BA FIKA*****. why waste all this money on a stage managed convention. Give that money to the shelterless victims at independence stadium ! can please think for worse…

  3. Zamtel RP Capital kickbacks should have already paid for this!! This is window dressing. We see the same when a servant steals but comes to ask for money!! lubbish.


  5. Simply get the money from Sable Transport,from the Chipata to Mfuwe road Construction.The last convention you got the money from Kasama to Luwingu road project, but late Remmy Mushota was caught at the counter.

  6. mabenga 6bn is not so big an amount for you guys. first you can contribute part of the CDF you stole, then your consultant can as well put in part of the $8m, your SG recently bailed at k500m can as well make significant input, PF rebel mps also. the list is endless! this time don’t dip in state coffers, we have not forgotten about the k2bn, one of the rebel mps was involved.

  7. Could this be the K6 billion the ZRA workers on god slaw were referring to? We heard that MMD has given ZRA target to raise 6 Billion for campaign, could it be slippery of the tongue to mean 6 Billion for conversion? Akabwalala imwe. Ba lazo. Mwajaila. Kayuni kalyalya kakawila mulomo. You will be trapped by your mouths one day.

  8. We know that Zamtell sell has financed your conveton. Useless chaps. Stealing in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night. Go to hell.

  9. You better find that money amonest yourselves. Please dont temper with the Civil Servant’s salaries like what hapened during the Mufumbwe elections. Civil Servants went without the April salary until towards the end of May, some are not paid their April salaries up to now cos of the so called technical problem. These workers get so little money and to make matters worse even the little may go to the convention no, SAD.

  10. Im not an MMD supporter and i will never be.But hey its not a crime to give free advise to mmd is to follow whats in the constitution.Mabenga should advise those calling for the endorsement of RB as the sole candidate at the convention and the presidential elections to follow laid down procedures to avoid confusion in the already weakened party.Why is MMD allergic to doing the right thing.Go to the convention, allow people to choose freely who they think is capable of delivering.I say this because MMD is on record of blocking whoever wants to challenge the president and other senior party official at the national convention.This time the frustrated members will have no choice but simply resign and join other PACT as it is the only party thats deliver this GREAT NATION COME 2011.VIVA PACT

  11. The Information age I love this so much people know what is happening even my aunti in the village in Lubwe is monitoring this on the net.:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o we all know where the money come from or where it has come from. Balazo Ba pompwe group of Kabwalalas. for some one t cheat thse days you really have to be cleave and very creative otherwise people of Zambia will always see thru. even those holding on to supporting MMMMD they know that they have their daily income from there, thats why have to cheat that everyone love the rulling party.

  12. Bring them on RB! We will castrate Magande and Mupondo at the convention.Why is Satana and Ichilema not also not hold their conventions.

  13. If only we could have this desire to source the funds and help the living standards of our bro/ss in misisi and all those flood vitims……build proper infrastructure in these componds and do the roads in the villages….am sure Zambians could come together and help this Gvt. we could open an account for this type of thinking then little by little we could upgrade our country. unfortunately when it comes to the poor no one bothers but when it comes fundraising for these worldly unrenewable activities we blow the trumpet….what a shame.
    If cathorics can build houses for the oppressed and homeless what about the GVT???????? and the ordinally citizens…….

    We will wait for our Lord to come and rule this wicked world

  14. What do they mean MMD are scouting for money when we all know that they will use tax payers money who are they fooling? Pay the poor government workers.

  15. this is how a LIZARD become president of ZAMBIA, People had so much hate for theN President RB that even a lizard won the elections

  16. First you agitate for the Convention and when they announce that they are going for the Convention you still find something negative to write about? Even if RB is to step down and let Magande and Mpombo sort it out amongst themselves – you will still find something negative to write about. This is what I see in you people – you have become prophets of doom — a very sad situation. I am not MMD but I see that none of you has ever talked about any challengers to Sata and HH. So, these two should not be challenged but RB should be challenged?

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