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Last Week in Pictures

Photo Gallery Last Week in Pictures


Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda (l) talks to Lusaka province Minister Charles Shawa in Lusaka


Lusaka entrepreneurs queue up to renew their trading licenses at the registrars office in view of the looming deadline when companies will be de-registered


Lusaka entrepreneurs queue up to renew their trading licenses at the registrars office in view of the looming deadline when companies will be de-registered


Pedestrian traffic near Cairo road.


Traffic along Cha Cha Cha road in Lusaka


Representatives from various political parties in Zambia during the workshop on elections in Lusaka


Some Japanese volunteers arrive for a meeting with Vice president George Kunda at government house


Vice president George Kunda's departure after meeting Japanese volunteers at government house in Lusaka


View of the junction between Cha Cha and Kalundwe in Lusaka near town centre market


The Nkwazi football club goalkeeper during a a penalty kick


President Rupiah Banda joining the traditional dances who welcomed him at the National Monument in Maputo


President Rupiah Banda and his counterpart Almondo Gwabuzo toast during the state banquet at State House in Maputo


President Rupiah Banda speaking to Maputo City Governor Lucia Hama at the National Monument after laying a wreath


Communication and Transport Minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa exchanging books of Memorandum of understanding with Oldemiro Baloi Mozambique minister of Foreign affairs in Map


Namibian President Hifikipunye Pohamba decorates first republican President Kenneth Kaunda when he was honoured by the SADC summit in Windhoek


Green Buffaloes Football team players listening to Zambia Army Commander Wisdom Lopa


Zambia Army Commander Wisdom Lopa (l) inspects newly acquired jerseys for Green Buffaloes Football Club


Zambia Army Commander Wisdom Lopa greets Green Buffaloes Football Club players in Lusaka when he met them for the first time as Commander


High court Judge Essau Chulu (r) before officiating at a seminar for political parties in Lusaka


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  4. # 1, if you have issues with Maureen Mwanawasa and Darlington Mwape, pliz find a different podium to address them not here. [-([-([-(

  5. Ba LT why are you delaying removing comment #1. Are you by any chance entertained by *****ic comments like this?

  6. Pic #2 and #3

    You are the people making major contributions to the economy of Zambia. You have empowered yourselves and this is the kind of thinking we need in Zambia.

    I have great respect for you and I salute you.

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  11. #25 Last I checked there was no paint in Zambia.I found some buildings with the same coat of paint it had when I was knee high in the 80s.Road markings- you just have to keep left because there aren’t any Lol.I could be wrong maybe RB has changed things.

  12. I once was on a plane with a guy from Kenya. I proudly introduced myself, generously stretched out my paw to grab his,and informed him I was from Zambia. I wanted to know how big Nairobi was and his response was it was a lot bigger than our “One-street-capital city”. Sorry that I’m going to rob you of your imagination: He meant Lusaka with its Cairo Road. Great guy, I thought.

  13. Picture 4. Is this really pedestrian traffic or was the photographer zoming in on the young trendily dressed lass?

  14. Picture 4. Is this really pedestrian traffic or was the photographer zooming in on the young trendily dressed lass?

  15. #27-It follows naturally that nairobi(or lagos)will be larger from a larger country population.Anyway pics #4,5 & 9 do show more than one street.What matters most is quality of dev’t,cleanliness and provision of utilities rather than size.Frankly, i don’t know how you can say “great guy” when he clearly intended to put you and zambia down with that “bigger” or “hollier” than thou attitude.Great guy-NOT.

  16. #27. “…quality of dev’t, cleanliness and provision of utilities…”. Are you sure these adjectives don’t sound tacky when tagged to Lusaka? “Great guy”? You betcha! He’s all yours to take down. Go ahead! I salute your patriotism but not your objectivity.

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