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Weekend Scorecard: Mbesuma’s Reeducation

Sports Weekend Scorecard: Mbesuma's Reeducation

Collins Mbesuma’s reeducation at his new Durban employers continued last weekend despite being on the losing end.

While Golden Arrows lost 2-1 away to Mpumalanga Black Aces in Witbank on Sunday afternoon, Mbesuma was on target.

His goal over the weekend was his fifth in the league since joining Arrows after half the season in the wilderness following his disgraceful exit from Moroka Swallows in the build-up to the 2010/2011 campaign.

Mbesuma’s tally is half that of his heir apparent at Kaizer Chiefs Knowledge Musona of Zimbabwe with debate raging whether the latter is better than the former Amakhosi star.

And Mbesuma’s Zambia team mate Jacob Mulenga, with him he travelled with on their debut trials in Europe in 2004 at Stade Rennes in France, is full of praise for his fellow striker who scored on his return to international duty after a 12 month hiatus on February 9 in a 4-0 away friendly win over Swaziland in Manzini.

“It’s good to see Collins (Mbesuma) playing well. We as Zambians should be proud of him, he has been through a lot,” Mulenga told The Post newspaper in an interview on Monday.

Meanwhile, if anyone should be given credit for his seemingly gradual revival it should be his agents ProSport International.

They have stuck by Mbesuma despite doors slammed in his face before they withdrew him to an academy last November in Durban to try and get him back in shape.

Arrows took a New Year gamble that is paying off with Mbesuma now the teams top scorer despite joining them in the final part of the season.


2011 Samuel ‘Zoom’ Ndhlovu Charity Shield Semifinals


Arthur Davies Stadium, Kitwe

Nchanga Rangers 4(Lewis Macha 19″ 30″, Mathew Macha 33″, flod Phiri 60″)- Nkana 3(William Chinse 35″, Raynold Kampamba 70″, Allan Kombe 78″ pen)

Zesco United 1(Enick Sakala 4″)*- Green Buaffloes 1(Dears Kakunta 35″)

*Zesco wins 4-3 on pp



Lewis Macha (Nchanga Rangers): 3
Kangwa Chileshe (Zesco): 3

Portipher Zulu (Zesco United): 2

Enock Sakala (Zesco United): 1
Dears Kakunta (Green Buffaloes): 1
Chakwa Lungu (Zesco United) 1
Jackson Mwanza (Zesco United):1
Alfred Luputa (Zesco United): 1
William Chinse (Nkana): 1
Raynold Kampamba (Nkana): 1
Allan Kombe (Nkana): 1

2011 All-Africa Games Womens Football Qualifier


Nkoloma Stadium, Lusaka

Zambia 1(Susan Banda 60″ pen)- Zimbabwe 3(Emmaculate Msipa 4″, Rufaro Machingura 7″ 20″)


  1. This is your to revive your career Collins>It really breaks our hearts to see you ruining your own career.I hope past experiences will help to put a stop to your wayward behavior.

  2. Please all chibuku personel, ‘dont touch this property’, its still very much under renovation! WE NEED IT!!!

  3. Ntonfo Ntonfo thank the good Lord Jesus and ignore some hateful Zambians we all know who they are and represent. Your maturity through trials shall take you higher.

  4. The guy is in good shape and at the rate is banging in beauties, he will definately catch up with that Mukorekore.

  5. Well done son. I never watched your game on Sunday but am with you all the way. Keep it up, we know jersey number 9 is yours by right.

  6. Like I said last time on Mbesuma,it is possible for him to come back but just needs encouragement.
    Go Mbesuma Go. Good luck.

  7. All the best Mbesuma mwaice.Maintain the descipline and you’ll soon start making the headlines again-in a positive way!

  8. You should have seen the goal he scored on Saturday. Almost like Rooney’s. Its pays to learn forom mistakes. The guy is in super form. Lets go Zambia !!!!

  9. Am glad i never wrote Mbesuma off!thats the tendency with Zambians.too many arm criticts.Look at how we are busy hating Kalu based on roumors?what type of a people are we.Again am glad that am not part of such bad people.Keep it up Mbesuma.

  10. Mbesuma is a fool who had had his prime time. He will NEVER ever rediscover his old form i.e. if he had any.

  11. #15
    I know u r a congole, by the way who even taught u English?
    If u hav nothing to say, kp yo insults.
    We r sick and tired of yo type….very unzambian.

  12. # 16 (King’s Kid) there is no need to be xenophobic here on such a straight forward topic of Soccer. Please learn to accomodate divergent views regardless of the origin of the person making the contribution. We are ALL brothers and Sisters whether Congole or Zambian.

    Fact is Mbesuma is a spoilt guy largely atributed to his upbringing!!!

  13. “….debate raging whether the latter is better than the former Amakhosi star” Osanama imwe ma reporter. I live in South Africa and there is no debate raging here on whether Musona is better than Mbesuma. But Viva Ntofontofo!

  14. as much as i can not compare mbesuma with ronald brazil i definatly love these two guys and am hapi atlest one is picking up his form

  15. Well wether you hate my fellow zambians u congolese are useless that’s y we feed you as zambians you have all the mineral wealth yet you are lazy u jst bleach yo skin and parting leave our golden boy alone ntofo ntofo.

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