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AfriConnect to become first ISP in Zambia to have multiple fibre routes

Economy AfriConnect to become first ISP in Zambia to have multiple fibre routes

AfriConnect Zambia, today announced the commissioning of its direct fibre link to South Africa in its continued effort to provide the fastest internet service to the Zambian public.

And AfriConnect will in the next few weeks be commissioning a second fibre route through Tanzania.

AfriConnect Commercial Director Ian Ferrao said in Lusaka that the commissioning of the Tanzania fibre route makes AfriConnect Zambia, the first Internet Service Provider ISP in Zambia to have multiple fibre routes.

Mr. Ferrao also announced that the company has commissioned 155 mbps of high speed international fibre bandwidth on the network.

At the launch of its new SMT-1 Package in Lusaka, Mr. Ferrao announced “The launch of this service now means our speeds are faster than ever, with low latency to the internet for all customers”.

Mr. Ferrao added that AfriConnect has upgraded its back up capacity to have better protection against fibre cuts and maintenance downtimes.

He said several months after connecting its fibre directly to South Africa offering less than 100 ms latency; customers have experienced faster general internet browsing, video conferencing and internet banking.

And commenting on the company’s expansion programme, Mr. Ferrao said AfriConnect is expanding to Chililabombwe, Mufulira and Luanshya on the Copperbelt Province and Chirundu in the Southern province.

He said under the expansion programme, some towns will have base stations while others will have technical support stations.

He said the towns on the Copperbelt will fall under the Copperbelt hub in Kitwe which now has engineers present to offer support to all its iConnect customers.

And in another development AfriConnect has sponsored Motor Rally Champion Mohammed Issa.
Speaking at the same event company Commercial Director also announced that AfriConnect will support Mr. Issa through a contribution of K20 Million.

He said in line with AfriConnect vision to provide high speed internet, Mr. Ferrao wished Mohammed victory in his upcoming rallies after being affiliated to an ISP that has the fastest speeds in Zambia.


  1. I Hope it reallyimproves the speed because last time i used services of Africonnect i was awed at the speed.

  2. That’s good news but the thing is on the price of these services which are very exorbitant. The other thing is on downloading video no ISP has been successful in this area and has proved that much effort and work really have to be expended.

  3. Pricing by ISP’s makes you think that these guys have a price cartel. With all the competition around, how come we are not offerred price reduction?

    The only reduction we are getting is from Airtel and MTN. T

  4. This is why ZAMTEL should have been the one to smother all these goons whose speciality is in conning Zambians.

  5. **** this shit shit is still slow watching a video on you-tube or just downloading a file of about 100 Mb will take me about an hour 39 minutes this shd take up 20 minutes for that kind of size or even less dudes are just cheating us speed is still slow the upload speed no comment, uploading 5 MB will take me 10 minutes, how i miss dial up the deep sound shit was **** whn DSL come in we told that its the thing shit was the same just that its was a fraction faster than my dial up now these dudes come up this fibre shit on them. need to go back to dial up dudes shit was cool just opening a web page will take one 10 minutes gone are those days, its high time that we go VSAT, nway will give it try it today if shit anit wht its is im suing. :-?

  6. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is the king. The so called fast internet link is Zambia is among the slowest on the continent. Stop misleading us ba africonnect.

  7. Africonnect has the most expensive internet in Zambia, I used to pay K1 million per month when i was in Zambia and they charged me K5million for equipment and installation. In Europe, i pay 25USD per month for very fast internet. I hope MTN and Airtel will keep their prices low so that companies like iConnect can have no costumers, they are thieves overcharging for the most slow internet i have ever used.

  8. Those on the ground, who has the fastest broadband speed in Zambia at the moment? And what are the costs? #9 if opening one page takes 10 minutes, then we still have a while to go, that is disappointing because I need fast net connection when I am in zed.

  9. This is good news.but on the contraly some private telecommunication company like MTNZambia have decided to work against the government of the day by outsourcing all its engineering depertment to a Chinese company.Then cancile the permanent contracts of the employes and then subject them to a 1 year contract with a chinese company without any meaning full benefits.this is all aimed at frastrating the government there by giving advantage to the opposition.I hope HE RB can see this cindicate at MTN&act on it coz we can assure him no MTN employee or family members will cast a vote for R b

  10. Some bloggers on this site must be frm Mars!! Learn to comment objectively and keep quiet if u don’t understand what’s on the table.The highest world internet speed connections are in Europe with average speeds of 12 Mbps. Unless Afronet is saying the STM1 they have is meant for their back borne network, i expect the 155 Mbps to be reduced on the “narrow band” customer side networks. Other wise, internet speeds should be in the normal range. I’m in Europe and currently sitting on a network with download speeds of 0.77 Mbps and uploads of 12.44 Mbps. It does not take me 10 minutes to upload a 5 Mb file, same with downloading!! In fact the technology being implored by Afronet is 1 of the fastest technologies there is! ( synchronous Digital Hierarchy, with STM1s as it’s basic stream)

  11. #15 you are right. there is no longer intellectual discussion that first brought me to LT blog site.

  12. Dont confuse us with all those useless terminologies. What we want is affordable fast and quality internet connects.

  13. come down to Zed # 15,I live and sit on the PC 15 Hours a day and the speed is shit im connected to a so called fiber optic and im an IT technician and av been for the past 11 yrs and have seen the use off Dial up accounts to the so called super high speed internet connection which these dudes r sayin av introduced shit is slow, when im to compare the current to other countries in Africa Zimbabwe had the current in 2002 n im sure they have the actual high speed internet connection so when u say we are from Mars enlighten us more on they new product you seem to va faith in these so pack of sucker just come here to suckers up n get the **** out they have sucked us all, on the long term the speed part we are still a long way, LAN runs at 100 Mbps and my internet connection is runs at 10 Mb

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