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KFC arrival signifies Zambia’s global clout – First Lady

Economy KFC arrival signifies Zambia’s global clout - First Lady

First Lady Thandiwe Banda during independence Day celebrations in Luaska - Copy
First Lady Thandiwe Banda

FIRST Lady Thandiwe Banda says the launch of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Corporation outlet in Zambia signifies the country’s emergence as a global business destination and recognises its tremendous potential for international business.


Mrs Banda said the launch has brought employment opportunities for the Zambian people.

She was speaking when she officially launched KFC Zambia at Manda Hill in Lusaka on March 25.

“I know that KFC has high standards of training and will share knowledge that is valuable for all in the service industry,” she said.

Mrs Banda said the skills to be provided by KFC will be useful to many young people in the country.

She called on KFC to take an interest in helping the less privileged.

Mrs Banda is hopeful that KFC will see the good will from yesterday’s occasion as an indication of the need to open up more branches in other parts of the country.

She urged investors to continue spreading the good word that Zambia welcomes foreign investment, bringing much-needed skilled and quality jobs for the Zambian people.

At the same function, Minister of Commerce and Trade Industry Felix Mutati said Government will continue providing mechanisms to lift the Zambian economy.

Mr Mutati said global grants received from the international community will help anchor investments in the country.

He urged investors such as KFC to continue investing in Zambia.

KFC director CobusPrinsiloo said his restaurant is committed to extending its business to other provinces to serve more people.

Mr Prinsiloo said KFC serves over 12 million customers in a day, with a turnover of US$11 billion.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. KFC my foot..thats just a death channel to kill more of our people with obesitz and cardio-vascular diseases….bring big projects like vodafone and make internet free and accessible via broadband. Never allow KFC nad MC donalds in zambia..we have enough problems with Hiv..

  2. Nice to see this for employment purposes but i am not sure i would agree with the First Lady that this shows global clout.This “global clout” means you have strong influence but zed being amongst the last few to get KFC it is the antithesis of global clout.

  3. But insala ibi bane, this KFC is the reject here in America. I can’t remeber the last time i ever saw any body hanging out at these death chambers.

  4. I totally agree with number #1. this is the importation of a death chamber into Zambia and the tragedy is that we don’t even have hospitals to deal with disease this death chamber will unleash on our people. Food served in the markets is even far healthier and cheaper than this poison they have imported into Zambia as investment.

    Good luck zambians. Welcome to a life of obesity and cardio disease of which you have no hospitals to deal with

  5. Good for employment opportunities, but becareful with this fastfoods, otherwise its a recipe for obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

  6. Americans are riding on the backs of ignorant zambians. We probably dont need these fried chickens in Kitwe, keep them at Manda hill. They are full of growth hormones and other chemicals which our bodies cant digest. Its also funy to note that the opening of a RESTRAUNT was graced by first lady and commerce minister – they couldnt get any cheaper. So mailo tukomfwa abena Lusaka baleseka abanabo ati ‘imwe tamwakwata na ‘KFC’ – pa Zambia -ni ziko la bupuba no bututu for sure

  7. We fed our children on KFC for one month just when we arrived 3 years ago, thinking it was style. Up to now they have never lost weight despite abstaining from KFC. Watch out!

  8. First lady and minister opening KFC a take away shop zambia is really bach wards we do not eat that bad stuff here in England I guess it is a new place for all to go to!

  9. Let me get it. Is it the spices added to the KFC chicken that causes obesity or its the genetically modified chicken from the USA and Europe? Because although we are on the way to having such chickens we are still miles backwards meaning our Chickens which KFC will be selling is not as bad as the American one health wise. And believe me the prices alone will regulate the eating habits.

  10. What global clout is she talking about? Zambia is a piss hole with a government that is blind to the people’s will.

  11. Being a food specialist, KFC is not ideal for Zambia. To begin with rich people will die fast with fat in the heart CVD and renal problem, then to the poor, they will get jobs but sanitation will be an issue in other parts of the country and so why not promote oe niche of zambian chicken and make it as a cahin in the Country

  12. You’ll never see a first lady in other countries officiating kuma fast food outlets. Yashani naimwe bana Bandiyo.

  13. futa ni futa!
    tiyeni tiwone vizachitika manje.
    kfc pa zed ba 1st lady bazipezako! pali scandal yolema apa! segulankonituma skulu navipatalatapapata pulizi.

  14. “Black pipo like chicken” as the racial saying goes.I bet they have now followed my folks right to their door steps.

  15. @
    Zambia One, thank you for that analysis.

    If the shall buy from local chicken producers and regulate hygiene then power to employment. Make it grilled chicken and as Zambia one has said the prices being high shall save the poor and the middle class of our beloved nation, cause the shall be too high.

  16. A gelo a Thandie mwa tekanyako mwe KFC and mcdonalds are obesity causing outlets that Michelle your fellow first lady is in American children.

  17. This primary school teacher is mad, doesn’t she know from her endless trips with her husband that it is junk food like KFC responsible for the explosion in cases of obesity in the USA and other countries today? With leaders like these, who needs neo-colonialism to pull us down!

  18. Someone should write speeches for these leaders that are worth reading. KFC is not in the business of training Zambians. They sell fried chicken take aways. What the first lady was complimenting KFC was weird. Very misinformed compliments. What trainings do Nandos and KFC and Steers do? Tulimafontini for true

  19. Opening of KFC does not need VIP attention they could have just put their add on TV and those interested in obesity would have gone to buy.

  20. This is just an extension of KFC South Africa nothing new. Hope they will maintain the standards (recipe) in their outlets. Hungry Lion has failed to do so. Visit Hungry Lion Ndola and you will notice the difference, no spices in chips, tasteless chickens etc

  21. All of you stop hating. No one will force you to go to KFC. Its your choice. Simply educate your kids brothers and sisters about how unhealthy these foods are.KFC is here and at least have given employment to few people. That means fewer stomachs going hungry in zambia. Most of u do nothing to alleviate suffering in zed….u just wnt to talk talk talk

  22. #3,jst bcz u out there does not min ukuponta the way uv don.if its rubish to u fine,one mans poison is anothr mans cup of tea.continue working 3 jobs without resting while we oso enjoy our zambia driving nice cars frm jst one job-8am to 5pm.**==**==

  23. Why is the first lady opening a food outlet. First the husband was opening a shop, pick and pay. dont these people have anything to do. If they are noy opening utu ntemba ninshi they are flying all over the place

  24. Haters, I don’t see why we should get all worked up over this? KFC is a global brand opening shop here and we need more. Nestle will also soon be launching a trading division in Zed and the overall effect will be increased opportunities in commerce and trade! Look at the big picture instead of focussing on a fast food joint (besides no one is forcing you to eat there). Local suppliers of everything from chicken, tomatoes, onions etc stand to benefit big time, provided they meet the quality standards. South Africa is a business hub for the biggest global brands as well as having nurtured their own powerful brands (de beers, SAB, wines etc). Mutati, ignore the detractors and keep wooing big business to Zed!

  25. Genetically modified organisms! Be careful Sambia! Abanenu kuno ama junk food te development! Ala fyaipaya abantu ifyakulya ifyo! Kentucky fried chicken KFC, McDanalds, Burger King! High blad pulesha, imitima diseases, obesiti etesetela!

  26. Good news!!! This will create employment opportunities… I have tasted there fried chickens…..it awesome can not be compared to that of Hungry lion, After 10 to mention but a few. I look forward to the time they will spread their outlets to the rest of the Country.

  27. Local food is the best…its best o introduce another tzpe of KFC like: Kamwala fried chicken, Kitwe fried chicken , Kafulufuta fried chicken or even Kalabo fried chicken. This is will be a better foam of fast foods deemed healthy for human consumption.

  28. This show how much KFC has fallen. They are desparate enough to consider markets such as Zambia which were too small for them a decade ago. I hope our children will be educated against the dangers of eating too much KFC. Ba Banda family nabo. May be this franchise is owned by Banda and Sons Ltd, like Indeni and everything else now.

  29. Obesity here we come and every chicken better run and hide. KFC has no mercy.
    By the way LT, KFC does not stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken. It just stands for KFC.

  30. #8 you lie. there are no such things. just don’t over eat the thing. there is too much negativity on this blog. am sure its meant to be a joke. or people don’t just like it when we have a president who is meeting real economic benchmarks

  31. Hungry lion watch out! your days are numbered. KFC well done for investing, goes to show that Zambia is a SAFE bet. To all the haters people aren’t going to be forced to eat there, surely they have free will.

  32. Very good news. Obesity is not yet a problem in Zed, infact when you are fat you command a lot of respect in Zed. It is a compliment to comment on someones becoming fat in Zed, even ladies. Namu ina! will lighten anyone up, so i do not see why you bloggers are complaining about this wonderful development.
    Zambia is indeed an international investment destination under alabee…..

  33. half the bloggers from the US and UK actually applied to work there, have worked there, or have been fired from there. lol, you guys are mad. i luv KFC. same way u luv live sex, smoking or eating processed foods. no one forces you to eat. silly chaps have made my days with sum deluded comments!lol

  34. It just needed a Rhodespark councillor to open KFC, why do we like wasting money and time. The money wasted on her security and all the nonsense would have been used to clean up the town centre even for a day. We getting more and more stu.pid as a country, is this the kind of investment his old husband has been trottong the globe for, KFC??????????????? very embarrassing.

  35. In 2 years they will be allover, including zambia compound, thats how american business works.

    And, yes they do some training. I wouldnt do it personally,but sometimes it is all one can do, here in the UK McDonald will soon be offering degrees, they have been doing certificates, diplomas for ages. Same for KFC i suppose……VIVA KFC UNI!

  36. Guys Please! Dont demean those of us who are living in our motherland Zambia! Some of your comments really show a high level of ignorance of what things are like in Zambia today. We already have similar take aways with fatty foods but we are not as ecited as most of you when you see such things kubasungu!! Some of you, judging from your standard of thinking actually must be working for KFC like take aways out there! Thats why we dont see you when we visit these countries!

  37. #no48 . When you’re opening your ntemba in Chawama, who would you rather invite? A Rhodespark Councilor or the first lady or a minister? These people are invited by shrewd businessmen and women. No wonder you’re sound so sad.

  38. I’m going to go with the argument that whatever minor advantages KFC may bring in terms of employment, opening the floodgates for foreign businesses to take away from the local ones is much worse. Just because there are South African businesses in Zambia does not mean that all of them have helped Zambians… and these big chains, they might employ people, but working for a corporate food business is demeaning, I know, I’ve worked at a fast food place before, the amount of work done for the small pay is terrible. Not to mention the risks of injury from repetitive motions, stress, etc. Everything is so highly regulated in those places, you have to make yourself a robot to do well. And, I think most of the people working there would be better off in other jobs or doing their own…

  39. That’s a great thing about Zambia, that it is much easier to start your own small business and do okay, in the states it’s more difficult to be your own employer. In Zambia, once you have the capital and a good business plan, I think you’re more likely to succeed. When you allow these big corporations to take over, though, fewer small businesses can compete, and people end up looking for degrading jobs for less money and freedom. And, these people are right, although people choose to eat at KFC, the food is terrible. Read how much money the U.S. spends due to the obesity epidemic on healthcare and other costs; Zambia can’t afford another epidemic. I encourage all of you to read Fast Food Nation or the Omnivore’s Dilemna to see the costs of fast food, and to watch Food Inc.

  40. What normally happens is that when you cant find a job or cant qualify to go to any of our local universities here in Zambia,you either migrate to USA, UK etc to try your luck.This simply means you’re not the cream here (Zambia). You couldnt make it here and you’ll never make it anywhere.Reading from most bloggers on this subject jtoday ust comfirms that. Indeginous Zedians are now travelling alot and not as excited as you think. What is KFC, when Hungry Lion has been around for more than 15years?Keep washing plates and whitemens underpants. Good luck

  41. #54, your comments are quite congruent with your name. Going by your shallow thinking Bill Clinton and Obama were not the cream in the US because they spent some time overseas.
    KFC is a much bigger than Hungry lion by far, that means they can invest at a faster pace and employ more people. The jobs can never be well paying just like hungry lion or anyother restaurant, we have to be realistic……


  43. #56, say something. How about Rupert Murdoch (worlds #1 media guy)an australian he lives in the US, can he be considered the ‘cream’ of oz?

  44. #58 Rupert Murdoch is not migrating from Zambia. That is why Iam saying in Zambia its pipo like who are on the Great Trek. Just read and try to understand what I initially wrote. This just comfirms everyones perception of you guyz. You can even differentiate btwn youself and Rupert Murdoch.

  45. # 60 mwandi bebe . this chaps who work in Mcdonalds, KFC in the US and UK. KFC has come home so you can come home also and ply your dishwashing trade at home. At least accommodation is cheaper in Zambia

  46. Your argument is shifting quickly, first it was that one is not cream if they leave their country, then only if you do manual jobs out there and now it sounds like your theory only applies to people who originate from Zambia.

    Not all Zambians do plate washing jobs, i do the same professional job i did in Zed and earn 3-4 times better, i am really happy but i dont have to prove it to you….A lot of people that do manual jobs would probably not have been in employement in zambia, so they are better off…

  47. #62 I think devil specifically said ZAMBIANS. Read his 54. SO HE IS NOT DRIFTING. AND IAM SURE you agree with him in yo last sentence. so its you who has a problem in understanding this whole debate which you started.

  48. Simbandeke
    This devil is ignorant in understanding human motivation. I did not leave Zambia because of being unable to get a job. Was first Factory Manager to take over from so called expatriate, trained lots of Managers at Mcdonalds and has worked in Management roles in leading Food processing companies and know other Zambians in more top jobs than me in the UK. 450,000 employed in a population of over 10 million, that should be enough for even a child to ponder. This mentality just confirms why we are at the bottom. I know in the UK, you would be competing among the cream of the world. Please devil, give it a go.

  49. Devil
    You’re one of the reasons for example the all country is one big heap of garbage. We’ve got a very long way to go with people like yourself still alive. Our friends are where they are because they respect every job from cleaners upto CEOs. E.g whilest plumbers in the west are proud to be called plumber in our sh*thole it’s an insult to be called a plumber hence the streams of sewer that run through the entire country. Drainage is done hurriedly because workmen are laughed off the streets and called all sorts of names unfortunately even by loafers, what a country!!!!!!
    I would rather be washing plates to put food on the table for my family than donning a nice on a rumbling tummy.

  50. 67
    Total agreement with you, one of the reasons I have respect for the UK system is a lot of students hold jobs through UNI including cleaning, shop sales etc resulting in a better appreciation of work at any level and do understand that any operation involves ensuring everything is being managed. If you have no cleaners what are you going to manage? Cleaning has to be at the top and managing it becomes a management responsibility
    Production should be the objective of development, KFC is about consumption taking money out of Zambia. You need to ensure the sourcing is from Zambia, But how do you achieve this without a proper system for production, packaging and food safety system in place that benefit Zambia.
    You will be told we need to source from our approved sources. Grow up Zambia.

  51. What ‘devil’ is describing is a common phallacy in humanity. It goes like this; if you went to Kabulonga boys you are likely to view the school as the’best’, if you earn say K 10 million then it becomes the threshold for prosperity etc. In short people attach undue significance to their personal predispositions without looking at the whole picture.
    Interpretation: what he is actaully saying, unconciously, is that he would have loved to live abroad, especially UK, US but has now trashed his earlier wish by assigning ‘cream’ status to his stagnant situation.
    Obviously, is is good for people to travel and live in which ever countries they choose. Zambia is not unique on this account. The more the country prospers, the more people will live in other countries.

  52. this blog is full of hypocrits. Especially those of you in the americas and europe. When u get opportunity (which u rarely get) to visit Zed, you tell us how good kfc, macdonalds are. Now we get one here u all sound negative. I think its because u have realised that there is now no difference with what u have there and here. Maybe its because u have realised that an average person in lusaka lives a much better life than yours. Soon we will have Macdonalds. Shame on you. Viva Lusaka, viva Rb, viva kfc.

  53. I agree with you core message #71. People abroad are not really concerned about obesity or low wages at KFC as they sound. They are simply,unconciusly saying they know KFC and these are the problems associated with it here.
    Zambias nutritional problems are more to do with ‘undernutrition’ not obesity. So a few KFC are what we need now to balance up, yes we may get to alevel where obesity becomes a problem but not now when people can not afford to buy food. Please open more KFCs.

  54. First remember chickens will be coming containers from America, and most of these chickens are GMOs. I think we lack leadership in this country, we need Libya thing. The lozis showed …we did not support because are dumb….because aren’t we could not have given this cronies a free ride to MESS up the way, there doing.

  55. What’s all this fuss? Let KFC run their business and open other oulets in the country. In the final analysis, it’s the individual consumer who has to decide whether he wants to eat at KFC, Galitos, Nandos, Hungry Lion or to go for village chicken. If it gives him diabetes or makes him obese after eating chicken at KFC, that’s his own indaba. Who gives a damn! I am not a lover of junk food myself, but there are times when I feel like tasting chicken from Hungry Lion. If it kills me, is that anybody’s business? Should that even be debated on this site?

  56. You are the last ones to get KFC, how does that translate into “clout” and a business destination? Are Zambians really this thick? It is KFC for G.o.d’s sake; it’s not as it is Boeing or Microsoft coming to Zambia!!

  57. 74
    This about knowledge both on nutrition in terms of obesity and malnutrition . For the Zambians who eat at Manda Hill as a status position this does not matter as no consideration is given to ill health- obesity might be the concern, but for one not taking enough protein intake this is one much source, though with education much better sources are available
    We may be away but do contribute to Zambia but give us the chances to use our skills in an environment that matches skills to technology and if not put into place where knowledge i in the forefront of development plans

  58. I think the global clout comment is in the context of KFC being another global brand that has made it into the country. It is not the first and will not be the last. In so far as KFC bringing an influx of diseases, I will worry about those when we have tackled sanitation, aids and poverty. I doubt that the number of people who will go to Manda HIll and spend the money KFC will be demanding are representative of the general status of health and wealth in the country. Let’s have a sense of perspective. I am in the UK and agree with that many Zambians here are worse off than they would be at home. They seem to pretend to be Kings on here though It is pretty sad that being negative about some progressive events in their country seems to give them some sense of pride

  59. The concern about GMO chickens applies right across the Zambian food industry and needs to be addressed in a holistic manner. As for the poster who stated that KFC would be using local chickens, I doubt that will be the case – more likely to be chickens from SA and further afield. Let’s not blame KFC for our inability to legislate and enforce these matters. Our energies should be channeled into offering constructive solutions to these problems. If being in the West gives you economic and political intelligence above the level of people in Zambia, then please enlighten us with your wisdom so that we can learn and praise your efforts. Any fool can throw stones at those who dare to try and make something of themselves and their country.

  60. The individual needs the knowledge. KFC is not going to give it to you, hence the requirement in Europe for giving nutritional information on packaging. Will this happen in Africa? a 100 years? In Zambia- ever , ever?
    Wondered why ASBESTOS is still in use in Africa and not Europe?
    How can you kill your own people the way we do? Is that Prado more than a human being????
    The source of humanity now the best for its destruction.

  61. Nutritional information has not done much for the increasingly obese population in the UK, nor in the USA, has it? Which is the biggest killer disease in the UK, or in the USA? Why are people concerned about high incidents of cancer in Brooklyn, New York? When all people have clean water and 1 in 8 Zambians is not dying of aids, we can debate the single KFC outlet that is now available for the 10m+ people of Zambia!!

  62. 78
    I agree with you to a point, yes some one might say the situation in Zambia might be better but for how many?? Very few- half a million employed in a population of about 12 million???? God how can that be good???? The poor Zambians here will still have 3 meals a day and still send money to Zambia. Is this not about a fair and improved society.
    Greed has become our disease and very sad from a culture from the highest level of goodwill to the lowest

  63. Anna Mwale get yourself a life time contract to supply chickens wings to KFC. well done Zambia. KFC employs 23,000 people in UK. Help us create more jobs in Zambia. one outlet is a good start and I am sure KFC will keep growing. if any of the haters were given the chance to own this franchise, I am pretty sure they would take the opportunity.

    • Well done Anna mwale a true diva…..The diva starts a chicken business in Zambia and even KFC
      follows in her footsteps.Any questions anyone?

  64. Jaro
    You should know better that the debate on nutritional information is still on going, now to a situation where food producers are being asked to give an indication of safe levels in terms of carbohydrate and other components such as fat recommended levels than just giving levels in the food as is the case now and you know the government through the Food And Standards Agency and retailers/ manufacturers are till in discussion in terms of labeling that specifies levels appropriate to health eating. Is this not about using the knowhow of people like you now for the future rather than playing catch up all the time?

  65. For heaven’s sake how can the first lady and a high ranking government Minister go to open a Fast Food restaurant and call that a Global Clout?? In Zed even opening toilets is graced by VIPs. Please promote healthy local food. What happened to Matebeto?

  66. BREAKING NEWS!!! Dambisa Moyo was seen washing dishes at KFC!!!!!! hahahahah That is what you would all like to think! If you leave Zambia to better yourself, then you wash dishes or clean old peoples rears!!! Grow up Zambians!!!

  67. Not sure Thandiwe knos that KFC in Zambia is just a franchise. And to run a franchise really, all you need is bring in a certain amount of Capital and you have any brand name you need. That’s nothing to write home about.

    The biggest problem am having with the so called Investors or shops opening up at Manda Hill is the luck of liquid Cash by most Zambians. I see good clothing brands “Markhams, Mr Price closing sooner than later as people opt to go for cheap chinese clothing simply because they do not have liquid cash floating around”.

  68. Does Zambia really need kfc is that investment or what jobs jobs jobs how many jobs Zambians can do such kind of investment we dont need those imports

  69. I hope they are not gonna be importing chickens from Kentucky as while, hahahahaha!!

    Anyway, if they stick to local suppliers, this could be good for chicken farmers in the Country. Just avoid the so called “inflated chickens” by the Chinese, everything should be fine. KFC could be a good place for High School and College students to work and gain some work experience and make a few bucks for books and the like while they go to school. But it shouldn’t be trumpeted as a place for adults to work and feed their families. It is not true here in America and ain’t gonna be true in Zambia either. Because KFC pays sh!ty wages even in the First World.

    As for obesity. let us just educate people that too much of anything is bad, including KFC. Once in a while, a bite of KFC isn’t bad!!

  70. Well analysed Mwanawakwitu #20. Its so embarassing that Michelle is promoting eating right, while our first lady Thandy is promoting food which will lead to obesity. I live in an area where KFC has so far closed two outlets within a kilometer radius because nobody is buying the rubbish. I can smell a rat. By the way ka dressing kaba 1st lady……im mauless.

  71. We are all Zambians for once let’s just constructively resolve a matter. KFC comes in, make them abide by local laws of regulation; the same applies to all companies and businesses. Force them to source chickens and agricultural inputs for their business from local farmers. It’s not that hard unless you are telling me our ruling and opposition MPs in government are also not qualified to do this.

  72. All of u hating on KFC are sick. U are just schoked that it has come to zambia. It is better to live in Zambia now than outside. let our pipo enjoy here in Zambia and enjoy urselves whereever u are at!!!! Dont insult us please we know when to go out and it and when to cook from home.

  73. Wow! There seems to be a lot of hate towrads Zambians living abroad! Who lies to you people that every Zambian living abroad washes dishes or cleans ass.es? Honestly, it is not just Zambians who do these jobs. There are plenty of indigenous Americans and immigrants from all corners of the globe who do these jobs. Mostly to support themselves through College and move on to better jobs thereafter. So what is so dishonorable & demeaning about?

    In life, not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Some people have to work hard for what they get. They don’t have rich uncles, fathers, or mothers to support them through school. They have to do whatever work they can find to get them through School. And some LUNATICS on this thread think that that is just too low, GEESE!

  74. Amake Banda celebrating the arrival of a junk food outlet is ignorance manifesting itself. Like kalos 21 #4 correctly observes you are importing diseases-in a country without health facilities. If you check the diabetes stats in africa they are highest in South Africa-the home of Junk food outlets in Africa. Zambia one
    eating too many processed foods causes diabetes. Before the arrival of Europeans the disease was unknown in Africa because people ate natural foods and exercised a lot. Right now mothers and nutritionists should be promoting the consumption of natural foods which are plenty in Zambia. We must not imitate every Western lifestyle we see.

  75. Actually the only valid point here should be that the FIRST LADY should not be lowering herself to applauding the opening of a fast food restaurant, not even a Permanent Sec should stoop that low. KFC is a spent force in the Western World – a place you should not even be seen going to at all, those hated Chinese you have over there -their restaurants are considered more socially acceptable.
    Note to First Lady: please please let your minions do these no-starter functions e.g send your First houseboy or First maid to represent you if you wish or better still just decline to be associated with this nonsense in the first place.

  76. This is not about hate but the fact is a first lady opening KFC is just madness not even the mayor of Lusaka can sink so low thos of you in zambia this is very shamefull she is better off going in to componds giving free teaching lessions in schools that !

  77. This is really a sad story, to see our first lady having so much time to waste. Zambians time is important. Anyone who uses up your time is more dangerous than someone taking your money. Money you can work for it but time cannot be recovered. Our first Lady really need to evaluate how she spends her time as a leader. It is really really sad…..

  78. Our ministers and first ladies have nothing to do, honestly such a small event was suppose to be attended by the city mayor, and not the whole lot of Felix Mutati (minister of commerce). There are better things these people can do in their offices, not parading themselves in front of a small restaurant, come on.

  79. You don’t have to be d.o.g. for a bone, Madam First Lady. We all know you are the First Lady; but you don’t have to dress in the Presidential flag colours to prove it!!! You look ridiculous and pathetic!!

  80. The Saint @ 41, please tell them, LT especially, KFC DOES NOT stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken. It just stands for KFC, period. Stuck in the past, I guess.

  81. #41 and #100
    Putting lipstick on a pig does not alter the fact that it is a pig ,by the same argument KFC changing it’s name (if you will) from Kentucky Fried Chicken to simply KFC does not alter what the corporation is all about- same ingredients, same ma rubbish different name -what’s in a name anyway? Remember the little symbol previously known as Prince? last I heard he was going back to being called Prince- by the way symbol or Prince his music remaine the same. KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken all one and the same- deep southern fried chicken!!!::);)

  82. I didn’t know this is how wide spread ignorance about lifestyle diseases is among LT bloggers.KFC,McDonalds or whatever food outlet you can think of is not the cause of obesity,diabetes or CVD diseases.These diseases you’re wrongly attributing to restaurants are lifestyle diseases which as the name implies are attributable to lifestyle choices that people make.KFC or Mac D doesn’t force anyone to buy their fried chicken over a boiled chicken in a chinese restaurant but people themselves choose to do so!Are you going to blame bars for the alcoholic liver diseases?You going to blame Mkushi tobbacco farmers for the lung?You people need to learn to accept consequences of your choices and stop blaming others for your s.tup1d f^#@ choices! Hey McD,zed awaits you!

  83. It’s amazing to note the amount of hate towards Zambians abroad. To some defrauding government through corruption and swindling others is better life than that of Zambians earning their livelihood genuinely through hard work overseas. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

  84. its no hate towards you guys out there but you altitude towards us here. We see you when you come and how much you boast. Looking down on us like we are primitive. Thanks to internet and tv we knw what you are doing out there. Zambia has only one kfc outlet (we knw that soon they will be more). Give us a break, we are not going to eat breakfast, lunch and supper at kfc, but once in a while to go out and have a bit of what u are having. Its good to have one kfc than having none, from which ever angle you look at it. I remember somewhere in 2006 when the first kfc outlet opened in Nice, France pipo were so excited. Why do you guys want to take that away from people in lsk?

  85. #104(Ucle PSK) hahahahaha,hehehehehe,hohohohoho,haahahahaha, American dream? You’ve now hit the last nail on the coffin. With internet and tv nowadays, you cant hide anymore!!!

  86. PSK and the Devil
    We’ve had junk food outlets for decades and no ones against that, why should we? We are against the misuse of public resourses that went towards logistics and first lady’s security just to open one small fast food. What wrong with that? The millions they’ve wasted on this small investment would gone a long way to provide your uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters free ARVs and other drugs.
    See you later guys am off to Nandos with my missus.

  87. Zambians are already eating this kind of food – they are buying it in the takeaway lines at Spar, Chicken Inn, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, etc. etc.. Its terrible. Its unhealthy. But KFC is not categorically worse than any fried chicken and chips meal that you eat. Obesity is already here. People make bad food choices all the time. Parents pack their kids lunches with Munchos and Num Chums. Boycott KFC, but don’t single it out. Point the fingers at the consumers who continue to eat bad food, when Zambians have a million and one other healthy choices to pick from. Kapenta, rape, roller ground shima,pumpkin. All good. Chicken and chips. All bad.

  88. Bloggers together with Thandiwe, are showing your ignorance, for this is NOT the first KFC outlet in Z!
    Around 1974 there was a KFC outlet in Longacres, so this is nothing new!! Ubututu bweka bweka fye!!

  89. #31 and the others who are abusive.I really do not know how you were brought up.But it just says alot,especially when u exhibit yourself on such fora.You are not being issue based,but showing the type of language used in your living room after supper.Be real

  90. Thandie feed your bastards with this Junk Food .Do not sell it to the Zambians just because you had a cut on the deal.Grilled chicken is way better than fried chicken, try Pollo Loco or the village chicken. Shame on on you and your short fat umuchende hubby of yours !

  91. #99 The picture used here is an old one. The first lady wore that dress during independence celebrations last year. Looked at in that context I dont see anything wrong with the first lady’s choice of dress.

  92. Please stop hoodwinking Zambians by praising companies that come to syphone the country’s resources to their own countries.Why can you empower Zambians to start,run and export their own brands and bring back money into the country.Ventures that are worthy singing about are EG Silver Catering which will be exporting indegenous Zambian soup to America.Thats great news worth talking about and i am surprised no one from the political circles ever mentioned anthing about this.A few years back Zambians used to enjoy buying Zambian products in European supermarkets but these are now gone..you raerely find anything these days..what happened?

  93. Excuse me haters! WTF! If you want fried chicken, KFC and Hungry Lion is the place to go; if you want grilled chicken, go to Gallitos, and if you want boiled village chicken, go to Thornpark market….it is that simple fellas. WTF! I love my chicken, and depending on what type of chicken I have a variety of places to choose from…next up, those with financial clout, please bring the Pizza Hut, McDonald, Burger King franchises….WTF

  94. Haters! If you don’t like chicken; go and eat cake. Clearly we have failed to run our own home-grown restaurants, so the next best thing is to import. If you hate KFC so much, start your own, fried village chicken, or something like that. With KFC comes Pizza Hut and Taco Bell; I say, let them come. Why should I be denied great food becasuse of an ignorant few.
    Stop condeming and start acting – open up your own restaurant and we’ll abandon KFC and come to yours :-w

  95. When RB and Thandie came to Namibia, my Namibian wife asked me why Banda had married a young lady, I told her that the first wife died. Namibians agree on one thing: She is pretty. Far better good looking than Maureen, Betty and Vera “ambi” Chiluba.

  96. KFC= MAZIIDUMBO MALIKETEE.. wa pompa saladi…. imwe … KFC is the AMERICAN DREAM >. OBESITY! … = death trap ! = diabetes = chronic heart failure = ….. GO ahead try it if you like it .. like maximum says ….ITS YOUR LIFE ITS YOUR CHOICE>>…. use it ! :-?:)>-

  97. Why is it that Zambians want to bring something negative to everything. Talking about obesity, but no one’s forcing you to go and eat there. Firstly, you would have to eat KFC everyday for breakfast, lunch, and supper to get obese. The prices are just too high for you to do that. And just in case you didn’t know, other odinary fast foods arre all capable of making you obese.

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    I don’t even understand how I ended up right here, but I assumed this publish used to be great. I don’t recognize who you might be but definitely you’re going to a well-known blogger when you are not already. Cheers!

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