I will not rest till every Zambian has easy access to low cost healthcare-RB

President Rupiah Banda

President Rupiah Banda says he will not rest until every Zambian has easy access to low-cost healthcare.

Speaking on World Malaria Day, President Banda says he would use the day of commemoration to highlight the work still to be done to reach Zambia’s own healthcare targets.

Mr. Banda said the global community is working towards a target of zero malaria deaths by 2015.

“My vision is for a Zambia where all people have equal and universal access to healthcare. We have made great in-roads to achieving this – most recently, by opening nine new mobile hospitals to help us reach outlying areas , ” President Banda said.

He added that his government is working hard to secure more investment to extend the reach of our anti-malaria programme.

Mr Banda noted that it is also important that we educate everybody on the measures they can take to reduce risk. On World Malaria Day.

“I appealed to every Zambian to be vigilant in protecting themselves, and to support one another, so that we can look forward to tomorrow’s Zambia free of this disease.” said Mr Banda.

This is contained in statement released to Zanis by special assistant to the President for Press and public Relations in lusaka today.

World Malaria Day brings together governments, businesses, donors and patients to raise awareness of the progress made in reaching this target and to call on all countries to work together to eradicate the deadly disease.

The 2010 World Malaria Report showed a 50 per cent reduction in cases of malaria in 11 African countries.

Zambia has been a pioneer in identifying new measures to prevent and treat the disease.

Under President Banda, the Southern African country has undergone mass distribution of free insecticide treated mosquito nets, indoor residual spraying of houses and investment in diagnosis and treatment has seen malaria deaths decline by more than two thirds since 2000.

Last week, Director of Public Health and Research Dr. Victor Mukonka spoke publicly about the strong political will, leadership and increased funding to malaria programmes which has resulted in the 66 per cent decline in malaria incidence.

Zambia is now well ahead of the Abuja Declaration and the World Health Organisation’s global ‘Roll Back Malaria’ target.



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    The problem is that Zambia is being ruled by sick people who are infected with HIV/AIDS,and as long as with have sick people holding strategic positions in government, Zambia will go nowhere economically !! Running government business is a demanding task which requires people with very SOUND minds, not sick people, whose thinking is blurred, and cannot come up with sensible decisions. We cannot continue having strategic positions of government such as Justice Ministry, Vice Presidency, and Chief Whip in the hands of sick people. Zambians wake up! Your lives in the hands of sick people, it’s a shame. Let them concentrate on taking medication. After all they have stolen a lot from Zamtel, the mines, and others. IDIOTS !!

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    To be honest, this blog has become filth. Typical of kaponya arrangement.

    This is the last time Iam logging in, I cant afford to be reading insults daily

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    Naimwe ba RB where will find time to deliver after failing to deliver yourself from your swollen knee and your day to day conjuctivitis? You reached a political age menopause a long time ago. just hand over power to a youth leader.. Give it to Mutati or HH

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    This is the kind of news that putrid flesh (pf) supporters absolutely loathe. Well done MMD administration in reducing the incidence of and deaths from malaria. It is unfortunate that up to this day, there are still ignorant people who think that it right to discriminate against people simply because they are HIV positive and yet they are at the forefront of supporting leaders with mental health issues and malfunctioning tickers!

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    These are virtues of a seasoned and passionate stateman with Zambia and her people at heart. Instead of championing bestiality, gay rights and secession perenial ballot rejects with their incorrigible hatred and unpatriotism need to learn from H.E President Banda. A selfless and pragmatic President for all Zabians he is.

    Nafuti nafuti!

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    This is fantastic news Mr. President. Only you can deliver easy access to healthcare for all Zambians. Whereas the PF is busy rehearsing day in and day out on how to insult you and the MMD, the MMD administration is busy at work delivering development to all corners of ZAMBIA.

    Under the MMD administration we have seen inroads in healthcare from district hospitals, investments in UTH, Mobile hospitals and private hospitals. This development that is happening is overwhelming for PF. Continue developing the nation Mr. President. This year, the MMD is winning with a landslide victory.

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    Bwezani Banda how are you going to achieve this?? Healthcare any where in the world is not cheap so how are you going to subsidise Healthcare to benefit low income earners? Stop telling us lies because we all know you guys are running to Netcare Hospitals in South Africa is that your plan of healthcare.

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    Zambia will not develop on hatred, lies, crusade for homosexuality, secession, clanism, satanism and insults of disingenous political lapers vainly being rehabilited. Instead Zambia’s success story is anchored on the good healthcare networks, more and better schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, sustainable food security, enduring national and regional security all which RB has kept delivering with unprecedented zeal history is lamentably failing to match.

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    RB/MMD now and tomorrow for tomorrow Zambia. The country and the free world know that when MMD wins, Zambians and their democracy wins.

    Its no suprise that everywhere Zambians are calling on MMD Nafuti nafuti.

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    Good evening

    Politics aside, poverty & disease are two vices that Africans need to fight with all their efforts. If the will is there, they can both be rolled back remarkably quick.

    It doesn’t matter which party or president we vote for, all Zambians must unite with single-minded determination in the campaign against Malaria, HIV-AIDS & co.

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    I see a reincarnation of John Phiri in Peter Ngosa. Anyway back to the story. Mr president we the reasonable citizens of this country are seeing your big efforts in health and other key areas of the socio-economic sectors of our economy. While you should not stop asking for the people to vote for you, be assured that you have already earned our vote and we will never derail this obvious development by experimenting with other leaders. I wish you good health.

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    You reasoning is like an 8 year old kid. Please watch cartoons and spare us your rhetoric.

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      I think #8 has a very good point..health care costs money. It calls for all intergrated efforts of stakeholders and volunteers to achieve sound health care. Hau..miana Bo Ndate Lubasi (sicaba),
      mucwani koo mwaesu? Muyoyange wino..

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      Can you state any nation in the world where healthcare is as cheap as you cadres purport your RB will bring to Zambia? The person on # 8 is very intelligent in his response, and for you to insinuate that he needs to watch cartoon after an intelligent question, seems to reflect on who is under 5 here. Honestly, give us how Banda will deliver cheap healthcare. Why has failed all these years until in this election period? Does n’t that say something to you?

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    Thats one big problem of having wrong advisers. RB doesnt even know the health priority areas of thezambian people. How can he achieve his dream if even simple determinants of health are not addressed? Basic determinants of health are: socio-economic, enviroment and efficient health care. He must first consider the inequalities in accessing basic health care between urban and rural areas, the rich and the poor, and finally men and women. Why doesnt he take his hospital projects to ruarl areas where this inequality to health care os much felt?? or where even clean drinking water is still a problem?? Or doesnt he even know the distribution of his population that more half of zambian are living in rural areas than urban? OR has he ever heard of private clinic in shangombo or  mporokoso? 

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    Let him also consider introducing an insurance scheme with merging points where the rich and the poor can share the cost of health services. Some of these things are not that hard to achieve.
    PLse atleast  make an ordinary zambian feel confortable for once..

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    These are the gains Zambians have at heart guarding against risk with political utopia of regional parties with nothing to offer. With another mandate this time of 5 straight years, RB’s precedented pro development leadership will have Zambia in prosperiy for all better and dynamic for youngs to take over and move forward. Zambians have learnt hard leasons from the dangerous incompetency and plunder in all disfunctional PF councils.

    MMD nafuti nafuti

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    Mr Banda, obviously this is news only to your worshipers, because as it is, without the roadmap, its as empty as any other statements u make. U are talking about mobile hosiptals which u got using borrowed money, which taxpayers will have to pay with huge interest. Do u mean u will borrow more money from china to subsidies the haelthcare? whats your plan or vision? How do u plan to source funding to public heathcare? Probably these are the most important questions which u might need to answer to attract independent minded and well meaning Zambians.

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    I think Zambians just like criticizing even when its not called for.What do you want your president to say? I don’t see anything wrong with trying to achieve affordable health care.You Zambians are either very hard to please or you are a bunch of pessimists who jump at any opportunity to insult anyone who makes headlines.

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    Nobody has ever forced the rpesident to say something. Even as leader,it better sometmes to keep quiet when one has nothing realistic to say.  Borrowing mayb look better for now, i dont want under aanother HIPC. Thats like having sex with a prostitute for one night, catch HIV/AIDS and regret the act the next month. So dont talk about being permissinistic here

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    #15 mutale, let me correct you sir. The topic is World Malaria Day, not Environment Day do you get it?
    Regarding funding of malaria or any other project for that matter, how do you intend to do it under PF if you don’t borrow? Please don’t tell me about windfall tax, because I will tell you that it is like planning the education of your children and sustainable development and progress of your family fortunes around a one-off bonus payment by your employer and expecting another before you send your next child to university.

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    #21 At the beginning of his Presidency you people accused him of not working because he hardly ever said anything.now that he is staying in the country more and speaking more you still have reason to insult him.A leader needs to give direction and vision albeit to an unappreciative crowd.

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    One way of reducing medical costs is to stop the Medical Tourism that you rupiah, your ministers and senior govt official undertake to South Africa at the expense of improving local facilities.
    Plough that money into improving local medical facilities instead of propping up the South African ones. KK never went out for medical checkups; he did them locally at UTH.
    Can we see actionable plans instead of empty, unsubstantiated, electoral campaign rhetoric?

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    # 25 It is now for you and me to furnish our inputs on how to sustain this. For example, let us have a Health Care Bill introduced in Parliament that will deliberate, among other things, Medical Insurance for all.How best to achieve this, is cause for an intellectual debate.

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    #26, if only you adopted a more civilised name, maybe civilised people will gladly speak or debate with you? As it is I have noticed that sane people shun to comment on your blogs.

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    You cannot complain about Medical Tourism and support Mr. Sata. That is an oxymoron. Mr. Sata introduced Medical Tourism….there is no way he would stop it should the impossible situation happen that he becomes president.

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    One MMD chap is trying to emulate Hon.Mpombo. Soniee you are no match of the fluent parliamentarian. Anyway,since you have nothing to do in those foreign missions apart from blogging and abusing public funds,continue studying your your dictionary.Who knows,you may become as good as your role model Hon.Mpombo in future.
    Rupiah doesn’t understand the health needs of Zambia as evidenced by the useless mobile hospitals he corruptly brought from China. Therefore,he must go this year.

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    # 31 even supposing sata introduced Medical Tourism as you allerge, how long has Sata been out of MMD govt. Why didnt late Mwanawasa and incumbent Rupiah banish the expensive & immoral practice? Is it not because succesive MMD govts have benefited and continue to benefit at the expense of the majority of our people?
    A bad law remains bad for as long as it is not removed. Therefore, let us not deflect the issue to sata who current does not have the instruments of power to stop that but Rupiah. Let Rupiah be responsible & do the right thing

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    #29 its up to you to decide if you want to respond to my blog name or the quality of contents of my contribution. This is a free world, I am not bothered by you. Have a lovely day

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    @ #33 Nshi Sunda Chisunde Sunde Kano Fye Mu Muntu

    Well the govt is working on improving healthcare so Mr. Sata’s bad practice is stopped. This is why they have been major investments in healthcare by the govt.

    Plus all I was pointing at is that it does not make sense to complain about Medical Tourism and support Mr. Sata. Mr. Sata started the practice, has benefited from it when the Late Dr. Levy Mwanawasa evacuated him to South Africa and has never spoken against the practice. This therefore shows that Mr. Sata would not stop the practice should he be president. Therefore if you support PF and complain about Medical Tourism, you are being a hypocrite.

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    Talking of banishing Medical Tourism or watever you call it is unrealistic.even the developed countries do not have all the medical expertise they need.they depend on each other for specialist treatments.wat we need is a health system that caters for the common diseases most of our pipo suffer from.it will not economic sense to invest heavily pay specialists for diseases which are very rare in our country.for such rare diseases,we can outsource from countries with expertise.

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    # 36 Mr. capitalist. Any responsible govt would not allow a bad practice to go on unabated for more than ten years unless they are beneficiaries themselves. Has any admin (Levy or Rupiah) publicly or even privately spoken against Medical tourism? Absolutely not!
    What virtues can you and your MMD govt hold Sata to when in one breath you condemn Sata for the practice and on the other hand you have been enjoying the benefits of such practice for more than ten years?
    Who is a hypocrite here now?

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    #38 Sir, I salute you for you really intelligently articulate issues.
    You have convinced them beyond reasonable doubts.

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    @ #38 Nshi Sunda Chisunde Sunde Kano Fye Mu Muntu

    But who has condemned Medical Tourism here? Wasn’t it you? Read your post on #26. You (A PF Cadre) condemned Medical Tourism and I was pointing out that if you are a PF cadre, there is no way you can condemn it because that would make you a hypocrite.

    Because of Mr. Sata’s poor track record as Health Minister, Medical Tourism has become something we cannot do without. 10 years down the line, we are still cleaning up Mr. Sata’s mess. If it wasn’t for Mr. Sata’s poor record at the Ministry of Health, we would not be talking about this. Govt is however making progress with all the investments the health sector has received and is receiving.

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    George Mpombo wrote a letter to RB to dispute whether RB will not rest until every Zambia will have low cost health care using mobile hospitals:
    In the preamble, that’s tantamount to falousiosness, you know the odesity and chilled cold breeze that sweeps the jolly faces of Zambians shouldnot be taken for a ride. I harbour none of acrimonious hemispheres in my heart toward RB with his bunch of charlatans, tuntermites and mullybangs. Generously and gaugerlaniously, MMD is shifting its camp from intial principles and norms on which a party was formed. It is so fungfunenous to insight mullybang to parasquad and beat me during World Malaria Day…..by the bullet or the ballot, Bible or Quoran these sinterenias cadres are losing it.

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    They have no focus. They are all braggadocios and are moribund!!
    Zambians should not go in for these chaps’cheap political saber-rattling. These cadres are headed for a deep and suffocating political kerfuffle!

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    @33 Nshi Sunda Chisunde Sunde Kano Fye Mu Muntu

    Check and read your comments before you publish them on LT. Too often you contradict yourself by basically calling yourself a liar. You say something and come back the next day or more by making a U-Turn very blindly.

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    # 40 & 43…I am not contradicting myself in the sense that you guys are blaming Sata for having introduced Medical Tourism and yet more than ten years down the road you have done absolutely nothing to stop the practice and you still want to blame Sata. If anything you have accentuated the practice to unprecedented levels never seen before during the Sata time.
    Come on guys with that kind of lacklustre approach to serious national issues, how do you move the country forward?

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    Perhaps they should employ some medical staff in government; i.e. doctors, nurses, public health degree people, as consultants, so that Zambians can be more assured that the people making choices about healthcare are in fact knowledgeable in that area.

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    Hypocrite! You fly all the way to South Africa to have your knees massaged and you spew trash like this just because it is election time. It won’t work. We are not fools.

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    Name: Senior Citizen | Country of residence: ZM | Written: Thursday, 15 October 2009 (10:44)
    Take it from this post I make, In Kasama MMD’s Mugara will sail through come what may. I now advise all PF kaponyas to print this statement and use it to vindicate me if my statement turns a total illusion distant from applied politics and the ballot verdict. I make this statement under no usual political inclination but as a grounded actor in predictive sciences that has never failed me in business, statistical analysis and political research endeavors.
    I have used many variables to reach this conclusion. Should Mugara lose, as a democrat I will salute him and his party with dignity, but then will retire from blog politics and my business

  40. vote

    Should Mugara lose, as a democrat I will salute him and his party with dignity, but then will retire from blog politics and my business. Instead, will enter active politics which has never been on my calendar beyond blogging during free times. But I vow MMD victory in Kasama is undebatable

    Name: Senior Citizen | Country of residence: Zambia | Written: Friday, 16 October 2009 (15:39)
    21001Someone has asked “Hello Mr Senior Citizen-are you going to retire from blogging” Quote
    I’m a man of my words.


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    @ #45 Nshi Sunda Chisunde Sunde Kano Fye Mu Muntu

    Read my comments. I have said govt has made investments in healthcare which will lead to the stop of this practice. Mr. Katele was treated at our very own UTH. Even Dr. Kaunda was treated at UTH when he fell ill. This shows that Govt is making inroads at making healthcare better. Your claim stating and I quote, “If anything you have accentuated the practice to unprecedented levels never seen before during the Sata time” end quote is mere PF gossip and lies.

  42. vote

    Ba RB your flying hours have been axhausted, hence,you can afford to cheat us. Bambo its time for you to slowly but surely to start packing your bags. Eviction time from Plot One is near! A bambo is he going to settle in Chipata or will be next to Lazo’s home in Lusaka. Property dealers its time you started looking around for a some temporaly home for RB for sale to Government, especially that there is no smooth handover power in Zambia. The winner never gives chance to the looser not even 48hours to properly pack the luggage and sundry. Adios a Bambo Banda!

  43. vote

    The problem with bloggers aligned to PF is that they are so blinded by Post and the 90 days development rhetoric that they will see no good in the improvements or new developments that govt are scoring in all sectors. And we all know why. If by any chance Sata took over from RB this year – God forbid – you will hear them praise him for all these things Rupiah has done today. Even Mobile hospitals will be credited to Sata. And when they lose they will say the vote has been stolen because they believe in Mpombo’s insanity that the MMD is headed for political oblivion. The same Mpombo who failed to win them a council seat in his constituency.

  44. vote


  45. vote

    No 89/49 Who give a Rats A$$ you are right about that nincompoop Senior Citizen who is no more honest or true to his word than any other MMD official! I actually challenged him at the time for a bet and he claimed “I don’t bet!” What is worse than betting if you back a group of mongrels? He (this so-called Senior Citizen) will just go on, not even bat an eyelid and not apologise as if there is nothing wrong! Even my son would say ‘Dad you lied that Mugala would win.’ It’s a good thing RB is not entitled to any gratuity until November, 2011.

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    Nothing new.Just a waste of time you Ka Prez.we don’t want you.Can’t you just leave us alone we beg…nanaka mwe

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    I think availability of the healthcare service and healthcare workers, drugs is what is most lacking the cost is secondary really

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    MMD On behalf of my family members and indeed on my own behalf we shall give MMD the required vote to silence the PF forever.

  50. vote

    what health care is going to deliever when you go to the clinic you find no medicine at all so which lowest health care is going to do keep on tell us liars its suit you guys!!!!

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