We have compromised ourselves as a church-Bishop Mambo

 Chikondi Foundation President Bishop John Mambo
Chikondi Foundation President Bishop John Mambo

Chikondi Foundation President Bishop John Mambo says it is disappointing with sections of the church body for its indifference to the rising cases of violence in the country.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, Bishop Mambo said he is saddened by the Church’s failure to play an active role in addressing the rising levels of violence.

He said he is saddened for the church has been relatively silent on the riotous situation that rocked Mansa district of Luapula Province.

The clergyman charged that the church has become compromised because its leaders have become more self centered above society’s interests.

Bishop Mambo said church leaders in Mansa should have gone out of their way to pray and preach the word for God to the citizenry in Mansa and ensure that they do not take the law in their own hands over suspension of ritual killings and murders.

“What has happened in Mansa is very sad especially that the country has been declared a Christian nation. But one tends to ask where the church was when all of this was happening.

“ We have compromised ourselves as a church. We are busy blaming government at every stage but we are to blame, what is our role in the governance of the country. We are definitely not doing much,” he observed.

Bishop Mambo noted that church leaders are busy preaching prosperity gospel for themselves at the expense of the ordinary citizens.

He said the church should have played a central role in preaching the word of God and assuring the people there that God was more powerful than witchcraft.

“Why fear witchcraft when the bible tells us that in his name we can touch the most deadly snake or drink the most poisonous drink but still stand”, he wondered.

The Clergyman said the church has shifted from true biblical teaching of loving one’s neigbour to concentrate more on competing amongst themselves.



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    Bishop Mambo, It is your Church and the Catholics who re perpetrating Violence and now you are surprised. Never start a fire that you can not quench

    Go for mental check Bishop

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    Mambo wittingly you have become blasphemous antichrist homosexuality league crusader.

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    You have defied every logic and precept of the christian faith evident by the fact that where bestiality, homosexuality, hatred, lies and satanism reign high, there you have become the crusader for such vices. You have since belabored to dechristianize Zambia and de-constitutionalize the convenant our country has entered into with God for extreme secularism of pro gays. God’s wrath is against you until you repeat and restore God in your life.

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    Above and beyond your antichrist pro homosexuality crusade, you have been in the legion of nihilists advocating for violence and imaginary war of Zambians against Zambians in the aftermath of another popular MMD mandate.

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    personally i think the bishop has a point u guyz even tho u talking crap bout what hes saying. the church is suposed to focus on such issues come we are in the 21st century en pipo are burning pipo to death wht the hell is that suposed to be?

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    Above and beyond all netted arsonists, vandals and lynchers screened as of today are PF thugs. Stolen properties being recovered are being found in PF leadership homes. Again PF has been found to be a club of bloody thirst nihilists.

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    Senior Citizen, reduce on your language, dont emulate Mpombo, otherwise these Kaponyas will not understand, They may get zero pa ten

    Try emulate MCS broken English for them to follow

    Take a rest Bro!!

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    Bishop Mambo, I should say “see who is speaking”, but okay well spoken.
    All the same, going by your own recently adopted PF lingo for anyone who speaks sense, have you been bought?

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    On every artical cadres of some corrupt party are attacking people over PF. Anyway,with those more than 220 people who have been arrested and those that have been shot dead by the policein Mansa,one party will cry there.
    Those attacking bishop Mambo are feeling the heat in the polical arena and are just jealous of the church’s of PF. Continue morning cadres.

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    According to pure Logic, you don’t attack a person, you attack the argument. It seems that some of you guys have unsolved issues with Mambo, the Catholic Church and PF. I advice you to show maturity on the web. The Fact is that Mmd, PF, upnd and all other political parties or Churches have their faults and their good part. It is only when we are able to see the good of the other that we can claim to be Christians. Remember the Logic of Jesus is to love the sinner and hate the sin. condemn the act and appreciate the actor. No one is perfect and no one is pure evil. Be moderate in your judgements

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    #9, have you read what the Bishop has said? He has said that the government should not be blamed. If you have understood the article, I expect you to say that he has been bought.

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    #11 HH SATA, Sir with due respect,
    If the republican president Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda is soliciting campaign money from diplomats,where do you think PF or whoever you think,can get the money to buy Bishop Mambo?

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    #11 HH SATA
    Sorry sir, now I see your point,I had missed it on #10.
    I cant say MMD has bought Bishop Mambo.

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    Senior Citizen, All you talk about is display your xenophobia for people who are different from you! You now call everyone whom you don’t like as a homosexual? I don’t understand your fascination for gays- the bible say ” So a man thinketh in his heart, so he is” Here in the Diaspora you learn to live with homosexuals but that doesn’t mean one must be homophobic, however ones hatred of these people. You have played this card against Sata, now you are playing this card against Mambo (a man well known for being bashed by his liaison’s husband). Leave the poor man alone- for God’s sake! That’s the attitude that keeps woo and pseudoscience going. Real discussion and debate is rooted in disagreement, and analysis. The dismissal of dissent as “fear” is just bullshit.

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    @10, you’re right, it’s an ad hominum (?) mistake they are making; you can accuse someone of being hypocritical, or you can say they falsified the data if they are releasing research results or the premises are not true, but it doesn’t make sense to attack someone’s argument based solely on their background. If the logic is valid, the argument is valid (whether it’s sound depends on whether the premises are true). So, many of the bloggers aren’t commenting on the truth of the bishop’s words: if the church is supposed to lead and help the people, and it has not done enough to stop violence in Mansa and elsewhere, then church leaders are not performing their duty. That’s all. Chapwa

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    #14 very good word for thought. But unfortunately Senior Citizen is an automated proganda machine for MMD who cannot yeald from your good advice.

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    I personaly dont know why you guys are attacking mambo for the the sense he has said.If clergy men and women of mansa assured them what the bible says on these matters,people wouldnt have done what they did.Bishop is rite lets preach christianity and the fruits will manifest(fruits of the holy spirit),twaba shani kanshi fwebena zambia change lesa akamisanganisha

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    GOD talks and demands people and leaders of good character. Are you from the school of DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO.
    People are right and it is GODLY to demand good charactered servants of GOD to be moving BIBLES or to be CHristlike in their belief in Christ,word and deeds.DOES THAT SETTLE WELL WITH YOU #10,15.
    So in the same vain SATA is being highly hypocritical by cheating/deceiving Zambians that he wants to serve Zambians WHEN his major purpose is to settle his score with CHILUBA for picking Late Mwanawasa-m.h.s.r.i.p.
    In the same vain BANDA is being highly dishonesty and selfish and deceitful to Zambians by having Late Mwanawasa’s corpse to be flown around as a campaign tool and hoodwinking Zambians that he will continue with Mwanawasa programmes BUT destroyed all Mwanawasa…

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    Kukaba ukubutuka, kubutuka uko, for abena Senior Citizen when, not if, the MMD is kicked out. We will come and uproot you from your mupando in Washington DC muntu wandi.

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