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The unholy Alliance of the ‘rebel’ PF MPs…

Headlines The unholy Alliance of the ‘rebel’ PF MPs…

Faustina Sinyangwe

By Daimone Siulapwa

OVER the past few months, the talk has been mostly on Mbita Chitala and Mike Mulongoti, who only a few months ago, seemed to be men woven in the ruling MMD linen before falling out of favour with the MMD.

Chitala is a former Ambassador to Libya while Mulongoti is a former Minister of Works and Supply, who at some point also served as Chief Government spokesperson. It was not long that these two men were seen defending the MMD policies in a way that seemed like their next breath depended on that very act.
But times change, or rather human beings change, and the two are now among the staunchest critics of the government and President Rupiah Banda. The two can say whatever they want to say as the justification for their change of stance, but one thing is clear, it is driven by what they can get personally from the other end. Added to that is personal vengeance, nothing more nothing less, for it is clear that ideologically, the two seem not to have any problems with the MMD policies which they have been defending for the better part of two decades.

For that very reason, it is advised that these two men, at best, be ignored by right-thinking citizens of this country who want to see this poor nation move forward economically, politically and socially.

But then, that is not all, there is another section that we need to be guard against – we are talking about the so-called Patriotic Front ‘rebel’ Members of Parliament. These MPs fell out of favour with the PF following their decision to participate in the National Constitutional Conference (NCC), a decision which was against their party (or Michael Sata’s stance).
The decision to attend the NCC forced the party to expel them, and as things stand now, they are only clinging to their positions through a court injunction. The interpretation of this court injunction, in an ideal situation, would be that these MPs do not want to be forced out of their party. In other words, these are members who would not find comfort anywhere else other than the PF, the party they believe best represents their interests and that of the nation.

But going by the conduct of these individuals, it is quite clear that they do not believe in the PF policies and programmes at all. The injunction they sought which has kept them in Parliament to date has more to do with protecting their personal fortunes than anything else.

Put simply, they fear that their expulsion from the PF will make them lose out on the gratuities that MPs are expected to receive at the end of their current terms in Parliament.

However, these MPs claim that their differences with the PF stem from the fact that the party leader is dictatorial in nature, and for them, they have simply refused to give in to him. In other words, they have no problem with the policies of the PF as a party, but the leadership skills of its leader.

Assuming this was indeed true, what is the best action that these PF MPs ought to have taken? The best was to go the way Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) faction led by Professor Arthur Mutambara undertook.

After differing with Morgan Tsvangarai, they simply walked out and formed their own party. They took this move knowing very well of the risks involved which included starting all over afresh. The same can be said about the Congress of the People (COPE) which broke away from South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) following the recall of Thabo Mbeki. In other words, in a democracy, this is what people do when they differ on some fundamental issues. And differing with the party leader on his leadership skills as have the PF ‘rebel’ MPs is very fundamental.

The only way they can justify their stay in the party is under the pretext of trying to reform the party from within. But going by their conduct since their falling out, it is quite clear that they are not trying to fight from within. These are people merely waiting for Parliament to dissolve and then get their gratuity after which they will move to another party.

These MPs, led by Luapula MP Peter Machungwa and his Matero counterpart Faustina Sinyangwe, have been behaving more like MMD than PF members since their falling out. In fact, they have been more vocal in defending MMD policies than the MMD members themselves. The result or evidence of this lies in the fact that one of their kith and kin Besa Chambaka, who is Bahati MP, has been rewarded with an appointment as Luapula province Minister by President Rupiah Banda.

For the uninitiated, what this means is that these MPs are waiting for Parliament to be dissolved and for the MMD to hopefully adopt them as parliamentary candidates in the forthcoming general elections. In other words, for them, it is about what they can personally get out of a given arrangement. In this case, aligning themselves with RB and disparaging Michael Sata, their supposed party leader.

Now just like PF leader Michael Sata ought to be wary of characters like Mike Mulongoti and Mbita Chitala, who are seemingly showing him support for what is obviously personal gain, the MMD should likewise be cautious. These are people ready to support a particular candidate in the morning, a different one at noon, yet another in the evening, and another at mid-night and again another at dawn.

These people are a danger to our society! They do not deserve another chance. If the ‘rebel’ MPs feel that the leadership of RB is way better than that of Michael Sata, then they should resign their membership and jump ship. They should not worry about the cost of the by-elections; it is us the tax payers who will bear the costs. It is the price we have to pay for the multi-party democracy we were calling for. On the other hand, if they agree with the PF policies and only disagree with the leadership style, then they are still free to break loose and form their own party much the same way the MDC and ANC comrades did.

Otherwise, these people deserve to be discarded, just like Mbita Chitala and Mike Mulongoti. In any case, some of these only joined the PF after being rejected as candidates on the MMD ticket in 2006. This simply means that these characters are willing to take any action to secure their personal fortunes.

A sad scenario indeed for a country which proclaims to be in a hurry to develop!

Aluta Continua!

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  1. We should not call them ” Rebel” MP’s suppose after PF forms Government in October these people become pure rebels??? Comoro island drew with Libya – 1-1 now zambia needs a crack squad to whip comoro in september before we host tricky Libya

  2. These rebels thought 2011 would never come. Only two or three of the rebels are likely to be adopted by the MMD. Bamayo baFoshi, pafita. 

  3. Change of mind is honourable. We all change depending on circustances. The only bad thing is to abandonment because it simply shows that you have no principals or morals and thats what the rebel MPs did. They abondoned the good cause of speaking for the masses who are living in abject poverty. Time for reckoning is dawning on them!

  4. Ama Rebels bali fola ku NCC, it is time to retire with your bed-friends MMD. The hour has indeed come for you!!!

  5. good article but not practical in zambian politics with this dirty politics introduced by mmd of personal asassination whoever is opposing your opponent is to your side and using him/her is your advantage. we have planted wickness and we shall reap evil

  6. Wapsya munzi for PFrebels especially those in Lusaka-THE HEADQUARTERS OF DONT KUBEBA.
    If they are men and women enough,let them contest on MMD ticket like Muhabi Lungu wants to do.

  7. #6 i totally agree……..inasmuch as VJ situation is not similar he has survived all terms, regimes, politically……bakamuselela ukwakaba…is but the order of Zambian politics…. if they survive Mulongoti’s and rebels its good for them, if they don’t they will be like many who have come and gone and I don’t think Zambians are much bothered by them…..another reality is once you join politics there seem to be no other thing or profession one can do i guess its to survive all terms or regimes

  8. 1. By the way, the other side of the coin is that this reflects badly on Sata’s reconciliatory character. Imagine close to half of your MP rebel, and you want to have bye-elections? Chances are there will be pickups for these bye-elections from your opponents. It seems he has the motto, “it’s my way or the highway!”. Politics is about give and take.
    2. The author forgot to factor in Chiluba’s role in this issue. These guys were in PF because of Chiluba and are rebels for partly the same reason.

  9. once labelled a REBEL you remain a rebel upto the grave. Even MMD see them as rebels who lack principles.Balinyela Kutulo.Bamayo Ba fostina ubukaka bwenu bulemitwala kwi?

  10. PF rebels together with their corrupt friends MMD and UPND plundered our tax payers money using NCC.They dont deserve a vote,its zwazwa to all who participated in national plunder NCC,over K200billion went to waste then today want peoples votes thru solar geysers and grading roads sure?zambians lets all stand and reject last minute developments MMD is bringing now.

  11. That’s the problem wen u ve pipo who only wants to become rich & forget abt the pipo suffering. I can’t say SATA is a dictator cause what he refused these guys from but went ahead, didn’t work at all. SATA was telling them the truth & it happened, they were just interestd in money. For sure such pipo dn’t deserve a vote. Experience is the greatest teacher that’s why am Voting MC SATA, PF, PABWATO CHABE.

  12. despite all their shortcomings i admire the “rebel” mps for one thing, they are a living testimony that mr sata is not good leadership material. mr sata and his mps differed on fundamental issues, probably how much of the ncc earnings the mps would contribute to pf (and you know whose bank account that is), mr sata just twisted the story as a ploy by mr sata to discredit the mps. now we all know that deception is the trade mark of mr sata’s style of politics, you just have to look at the credibility of the 90 days deception. if you are a leader and half your mps disagree with you, it is called a vote of no confidence, and in the civilised world such a leader resigns. for mr sata not to have resigned can only mean that he has seen some honey somewhere if he wins.

    • Get you facts right! The meeting at Blue Nile was well covered in all tabloids. All MPs are supposed to contribute to the party the sponsors them – but the money was not supposed to come from NCC. Some of these MPs had stopped contributing way before the NCC issue

  13. Dream on,we cant allow Sata to be President,he poses a national security threat.Yes vote for him but come ballot counting he will be lucky to come out second.

  14. Someone is fearing for his job in foreign missions.
    Yazanda pa zed. Ba MMD siliya insulted the church yaba,yalula nkani.Wina azalila.
    Wind of change maybe.

  15. This Siulapwa haz something different and rather objectively for a change, though he still soundz sympathetic to the MMD.  

  16. Characters like Mike Mulongoti and Mbita Chitala should not dismissed the are still useful all one need to is to know how to handle them. As for the PF rebel MPs these are not realiable and they should not be adopted. They lack principles. When the going gets tough they can easily run away.

  17. The description of Mbita Chitala and Mike Mulongoti “The two can say whatever they want to say as the justification for their change of stance, but one thing is clear, it is driven by what they can get personally from the other end. Added to that is personal vengeance, nothing more nothing less, for it is clear that ideologically, the two seem not to have any problems with the MMD policies which they have been defending for the better part of two decades” fits Mr Sata Micheal Chilufya of PF as well since he only left MMD out of frustration when his aim of being MMD presidential candidate was brought to an end by Mr FJT Chiluba in 2001. So, instead of saying lets not vote for these two and Mr Sata MC, I urge voters to vote for whoever they see fit to get their votes.

  18. I am also asking the UPND top leadership to consider inviting for adoption as UPND MP 2011 candidates the so-called PF ‘rebel’ MPs of Luapula, Northern and Copperbelt provinces to stand for UPND in their constituencies. There is no harm in inviting those who have shown disgust at the dictatorial tendencies of the PF leader, Mr MC Sata, because these people espouse democracy and if they can deliver a message of support for HH of UPND to become President of Zambia that can make a positive difference to HH’s chances of becoming our next President of Zambia this 2011 elections. So, UPND should invite these rebel MP of the said provinces as soon as possible before MMD invites them.

    In politics, leaders have to be swift like late A Mazoka was when he invited the MC Sata- chased 22 MMD MPs.

  19. Terrible fasion sense by that lady. I wouldnt want her to represent me in any shape or form, Her hair is all grey as well. I know zambia is poor and most clothes there are fake , I am told you would find Calvin Klein (with a Nike Tick). Its pathetic when I am listening to the tales my cousin tells me. In Scotland poor dressing , would Invite the Police to question as it clearly shows you are either an illegal Immigrant or you are up to no good really (stealing etc) Thanks

  20. The rebel Mps are pathetic, the main reason they differed with MCS was the fact that NCC was lopsided by constitute and they could not resist the allowances from the doomed process! Now that this evil scheme failed, they intend to manipulate their way back into our National Assembly and continue benefitting from our tax money! If all those who participated in the flawed NCC will be asked to refund part of their allowances, it is the greatest motivation for the beneficiaries of this scandalous body called NCC to campaign and ensure MMD wins at the expense of the people of Zambia! May be they should stand on UPND ticket, after all they also plundered using the NCC, hence the spolier voting they are going to conduct! VIVA MCS, the incorruptible!

  21. #22 there is no sense in what ur saying.its not a sin to be poor,just because u have an opportunity to be wearing label clothes does not give u a right to talk down on those that cant afford,all u need to do is to buy a container of salaula and give it to the poor.

  22. #22 I may not be a fan of Faustina Sinyangwe and especially her insistance to cling to the parliamentary seat even after being expelled by her party, but I like her natural beautiful grey hair. I can’t agree more with #24 regarding your stance on the poor Zambianz and I bet and hope you do think about your couzinz back here az they tell you tales about your home country.

  23. Am trying extremely hard to classify the author, to me he’s a classic example of Jekyll and Hyde. Sometimes he comes up with very good articles like this one and sometimes extremely evil ones. Anyway good job Siulapwa

  24. Daimone, the same can be said about Mr Michael Sata and several other politicians in Zambia. There is no principled and ideological politician in Zambia and all are gold diggers. Sata was in MMD for 20 years. It was not ideology and policy that changed that so him and the Machungwas leave, but the ‘annointing of Levy’ and the Chiluba 3rd term bid. No single opposition politician apart from UPND’s Mazoka and the old UNIP have mainatined that MMD policies are wrong. RB too, was UNIP for a long time, but switched camp for no known reason! There are others who were just kicked out of MMD (mostly by Sata), and now recently by RB. These later, may be excused for being critical but as you rightly say, it is purely vengeance.

  25. @ # 15 you want to do the Gbagbo way ? Be ready for the consequences we do want the war in Zambia dont even temper to rig you will pay for the blood which will be lost , shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. #15 OP, tukamyochela mu Hq yenu. You should learn lessons from Egypt. Bashushushu bonse they have run away in Egypt and they are being hunted one by one. In Zambia, we know most of you tukalamikola nge nshonkonono. So, rigging panse bane.

  27. All rebel MPs had and have very selfish motives because they all won because of Sata’s name. Even a Lunatic from Chainama would have have pulled through by then because of the same Sata’s name they are purpporting to be a bad leader. If it is Faustina Sinyangwe she is the waste of all starting from her days at Education Broadcasting services. The woman is very hard hearted and there is no leadership quality whatsoever in her. All rebel MPs benefitted from the NCC but real leaders that are with the people shunned the exercise. Shame on MMD should they think of adopting these thugs.

  28. Mushota your insatiable appetite for attention defeats all logic. In Britain there are so many poor people and the Scottish rate as poorer and less intelligent, less privilege  and st.upid. Taking about fake clothes etc, there is loads around except for real celebrities which you are not. Shut up and respect the modest Zambians who are happy people without the stresses you endure. 

  29. Chanda Chimba III dont pay with the Catholic church. Ukaishamika wemwine ukasange walalya muma bin! Dont play with the church just for you to secure a job! May God forgive you.

    • Ala Chanda Chimba the 3rd tukakulowafye ifisushi so that wherever he is should just be shitting gas. Chik…………..chakwe.

  30. Are you talking about me? rebel with no honour. we have a right to be “recongnize”coz every rebel stood up when the calling came n you didn’t all you are left to do is blog about us.

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