Don’t kubeba’ is a discourse of immorality and untruthfulness-Katele Kalumba

Dr Katele Kalumba
Dr Katele Kalumba

CHIENGI member of Parliament Katele Kalumba has challenged the Patriotic Front (PF) to tell the nation how it will fight corruption when it is encouraging the principle of ‘don’t kubeba’, which is synonymous with the vice.

Dr Kalumba, who is former MMD national secretary, said in an interview from Chiengi yesterday he has studied the concept of ‘don’t kubeba’ and that its underlying political message is immoral because it encourages Zambians to be deceitful.

“‘Don’t kubeba’ is a discourse of immorality and untruthfulness. If the PF can teach people to be untruthful in principle in terms of political practices, how can they fight corruption because the principle of ‘don’t kubeba’ is the same principle as corruption?” Dr Kalumba said.

“If people don’t believe in something, they should be bold enough to state that they don’t believe in some ideologies or a particular political party, that is truthfulness. And yet our colleagues in the PF are inciting Zambians to be deceitful and immoral by accepting things knowing pretty well that they don’t intend to do the acts they are being given to do, assuming that there is corruption,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said it is unfortunate that the PF is inciting its members to hide their political affiliation while pretending to be MMD members.

Dr Kalumba advised MMD members not to feel ashamed to be identified as members of the ruling party.

“Let the MMD trumpets blow. Speak the truth if they come to you; tell them the truth. Now, the PF is telling people to be deceitful. I wonder how they will convince Zambians to vote for them when the policies they are propagating are ‘don’t kubeba’” Dr Kalumba said.

“Let the MMD trumpets blow. Speak the truth if they come to you; tell them the truth. Now, the PF is telling people to be deceitful. I wonder how they will convince Zambians to vote for them when the policies they are propagating are ‘don’t kubeba’” Dr Kalumba said.

He said Zambians don’t know what the PF stands for because of its ‘don’t kubeba’ policy, which is vague.

“That is why Zambians are confused about homosexuality, on one hand the PF is fraternising with gay activists in Europe, and on the other they are telling people that God would not have created Adam and Eve if he wanted them to be homosexuals,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said MMD members should be proud of themselves and their leaders.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Katele u have bcome so dull . I think the sickness has entered your brain. Advice yo corupt MMD not to give the stolen gift then the dont kubeba thing wont work. Are confiming that yo party members are not proud and yo party bribes. We shall take the money after all it is ours. I sure u r feeling the heat. Do do do donchi kubeba

  2. This is what happens when the message hits home & you start to feel the heat. The principle of don’t kubeba has no connotations or undertones for perpetrating corruption.
    The fight against corruption was lost with the removal of abuse of office offence from the anti-corruption Act. It was further dealt a devastating blow by rupiah claiming recently that there is no corruption in Zambia.
    PF policy is very clear on the fight against corruption, starting with the restoration of the abuse of office.
    Dr Kalumba you must direct your anger at your own party that has embraced corruption as part of their daily bread.Look at the abuse of national resources going on now under the pretext of inspeting projects.

    Stop treating us like mindless citizens with no idea about governance issues

  3. I dont know why some people get offended when one asks for scrutinity of people vying for public office. In modern politics its as important as signing a job contract. In 2008 RB rode on LPM’s back to occupy to top office, saying that he wanted to complete the late’s programs. However, within a year he moved the goal posts saying that he did not sign to protect any legacy refering to the LPM legacy. The Dr is voicing his opinion, just like I also need to know what the phrase means. Is that too much to ask?

  4. Bakateleeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Is it because of the court cases you have that you have began to talk like that? Swallow saliva, sir. It’s vices like vote buying that led to the birth of that slogan. It’s DON’T KUBEBA until your party stops electoral malpractices.

  5. If we can define the two parties in few words: MMD is chew chew chew pa nkoloko THANKYOU….., PF is donchi KUBEBA and more money in your pocket.wWhich one makes sence?

  6. Katele in bemba means a small chicken run so i dont blame Katele Kalumba am sure he had acquired the brain of a chicken coz what he is saying is total nonsense, can somedody pliz send him back to prison.

  7. I dont see anything wrong with Donchi Kubeba, RB has got no time to pardon Katele, its tricky bro just wait for fair judgement day before you defect….

  8. Dr Katele why have you become so dull! is it deliberate? Don’t Kubeba simply means; Get what MMD is offering in form of Chitenge, money etc to corrupt the voters but don’t vote for MMD! very simple.

  9. Well analysed honourable,it smacks me that even some people who have been to school have fallen for this sh*t.God has been very good to Zambia such that it is impossible for him to handover this nation to the kaponyaz as seen through kaponyaz failure in the last 3 elections and demise of their pact with the U5’s.God bless Sata(na) has he gives him time to rest in retirement from politics/life after this years elections.

  10. And when are your cases coming up for hearing Doc? Wait until that verdict is slapped on you then you will also dont kubeba!!

  11. That is why there is need to critically analyze what you believe in and proclaim, For sure if someone offers you a bribe to corrupt you against your free choice of choosing a right person , It is better you accept it and use it as evidence against the perpetrator of that corruption. But if you accept it and keep quite under the concept of DONCHI KUBEBA of PF. Then the concept will most likely be carried on and be used in Govt ministries IF PF wins. EVERY HABBIT GROWS PF MUST FIND A BETTER SLOGAN COZ DON’T KUBEBA IS SYNONYMOUS WITH CORRUPTION NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.

  12. PF bloggers!!!
    Y ou are now feeling the heat!!Donchi kubeba ”Don’t ask don’t tell policy is the worst slogan you can ever advocate for.Coming to think of Katele has drove the nail home.Perhaps you can’t explain the meaning wether you support satanism,homosexuality and goal post shifting!!I feel for you for supporting a lost cause in the republic of Zambia!!This years elections PF you just made your bed  of ‘Nsanya” and you are going to lie in it!!

  13. Katele him self is a convict of corruption and thats why he went to prison and the most corrupt MMD memeber of all time. Now he is worried about PF forming next Government coz he knows that once Sata goes to state house katele and some folks in MMD will service some big time prison sentences.

  14. Comrades, try to look at the slogan from another angle..Dont kubeba is a general slogan that can embrace so many opinions as can be seen..dont kubeba that ABC……….You have the frredom to put whatever you want.. ie dont kubeba that we will prosecute them when we come into power, dont kubeba that come what may, PVT will be used and so on and so forth so its up to you to back up the dont kubeba slogan with whatever you want..

  15. Katele its because of this shallow thinking that lead you to commit those thefts with FTJ. You are a crook. Who can you teach about corruption in Zambia today? In your DREAMZ!!!


  17. PWAH HA HA HA HA HA and ba mwine has mentioned “dont Kubeba” 5 times in this article. It certainly must sound good and infact its “Donchi Kubeba”! CHWE CHWE CHWE CHWE!! We want change! We want Change!

  18. Domchi Kubeba means

    1. Dont tell them that PF is for homos

    2. ” ” ” ” our leader King Cobra is sick

    ” ” ” ” we wont put money in their pockets

    4. ” ” ” ” PF has no candidates but will field those not adopted by others parties.


  20. how does a convict of corruption dispute a party slogan of other party claiming their slogan does not support fight against corruption.this ka katele is saving 4 years imprisonment with hard labor its just that he has an appeal pending.DON’T KUBEBA concept with see MMD out office soon….viva SATA

  21. Katele is a sick chap….he needs to have his head checked. Donchi Kubeba…..he is feeling the heat. wait until Parliament is dissolved and you will witness massive exodus of your MPs. Donchi Kubeba zoona

  22. atleast donchi kubeba has meaning what about chwe cwe cwe and has so far raised so much dust so much so that even docs are getting confused instead of marveling at it. w banda not too long ago attributed the same slogan to one of the names of jilizi when the manufacturers of that brand had nothing to do with the mighty party today the ‘good’ doc is attributing it to corruption tommorrow dora will attribute it to homosexuality

  23. Katele is also Donchi Kubeba he won his seat but RB lost he used the same magic

  24. The problem is that the Donchi Kubeba is working well and all the MMD bribes are not working. Donchi Kubeba says NO to corruption but encourages people to EAT or CHEW from the corrupt people. Its Donchi Kubeba all the way! Tough luck MMD.

  25. There will be gnashing of teeth, “donchi kubeba” or “chwe, chwe, chwe”. The two conotationz have meaningz, real or imagined, that should not worry anybody.

  26. We-chipuba-we. So ulemona ati nga wampela money ati nkavotele MMD kuti nakana I will get it and I will ‘Dont KUBEBA’ and vote for PABWATO. Muchulefye Ba MMD MWAPYA BAISA.

  27. The truth is that some sayings can be interpreted in various ways and cannot be restricted to one meaning. Ask those who have studied literature at university level; they will teach that you are free to intrerprete stories, songs in the way you deem fit as long as the interpretation makes sense. So on “Donchi kubeba rubbish” Dr kalumba is very right. Except he is too intelligent for some of you who have condemned his interpretation. I advise some of who have a propensity to comment just on avery subject to be academically enterprising by reading a lot; donnot be like sata who hate books

  28. don’t kubeba has done wonders such that even corrupt pipo like katele are jittery.u are accepting that u are bribing our pipo in order to get there votes bcoz of poverty,but now we have found the the fomular to teacher u a lesson that u will never forget.we know that katele u are chief of corrupt officials in this country and when PF comes into power u will be taught a lesson that u will never be involved in corruption again in yo katele nibani mwinga funda ati ubufufuntungu bubi elyo imwe ni ba kaswili mubufufuntunga kanofye ifiwelewele ngaimwe.

  29. The ‘donchi kubeba’ nosense cannot win Sata votes no matter what because sata on many fora has exhibited his foolishness.The task he has now at hand is to undo all the wrongs he has uttered through his crooked teeth by apologising to the Zambian people for being stupid.Imagin ! Can a reasonable person tiptoe from his matrimonial bedroom to that of his step daughter and jump on her? That’s the man some of you want for a presido. I pity you…….

    • Ba joseph your little education has not done you good do you live on mars not to see the pain and anguish that our people go through everyday because of maladministration of this MMD government the country has never witnessed so much prosecution and conviction of top government leaders from the president to a lowly civil servant shuffling papars,sadly western education to an african and many like you has not done them any good but perpetrates your ignorance more, aka ka degree wakwati shuffle in a pit latrine!Education is meant to help u become more of a free thinker not a parrot!

  30. #12, Visit the website and check the opinion polls then you will see that PF is for learned.Kaponyas do not have time for the internet so ba mudala muleluba,you will remain at 10hrs when ur friends are at 22hrs.Ni Donchi Kubeba, Movement for Mad Dogs azayende this.Civil servants work as if it is your last time working but Donchi Kubeba who u ll vote for.Ba Katele Donchi Kubeba Ni Donchi Kubeba thats English and Bemba Mixed!!

  31. Katele, for a man facing mountains of corruption cases, it sounds comical that you can stand up and preach against the vice. Which party is worse off in terms of corruption, one that deletes the anti vice from the law books or one that says dont kubeba? Why dont you just come out and say you are quiting mmd? I dont think RB will sway anything this time around so dont waste your breath singing praises for him!

  32. yes indeed THE STUPITTTTT IDIOOOT [email protected] from the wizards website is looking for freedom……..stuuupit idioooot once again you are a thief…… nkakufonkola pamala……

  33. Dr. Kalumba has a point here. The PF and all other political parties should be encouraging discourse and dissemination of information so that people make the right choices. The way I see it is that the PF wishes to sneak into Government on the misguided premise that Zambians are too daft to be engaged in any form of discussion. This is not surprising as the PF seems to obsess over insults rather than how they will alleviate the problems afflicting people. Their development agenda is don’t tell them. That is plain wrong. Let people discuss issues openly so they can make informed decisions. I am not Katele’s fan, but the guy is right to encourage discourse.

  34. This is a very intellectual analysis by Dr Kalumba, i have always thought that this term of dont kubeba is a decisive one and the PF should have stopped it before it became popular. The whole concept just sounds wrong, it means a lot to those who are analytical.
    PF should learn to calculate their moves, politics is a science and the PF is getting this science wrong. 

  35. @ # 38 Joseph P
    You are spot on!!
    Tell the incorrigible PF supporters who definetely hate books and literature about the hogwash saying ”Donch Kubeba”

  36. I think you kaponyas, PF cadres are, why are you attacking and insulting DR Kalumba, the man i just telling the truth. I guess the truth hates.
    We need more of such deep analysis to stop the PF and their grade 4 policeman Satan from ruling our country. 

  37. DONCHI KUBEBA simply means get there money,drink there beer,get what ever they bring your,but dont tell them who you are voting you decide to interpret it is up to you,in your own house you bring up the same donti kubeba slogan and tell your kids it means something else,in this house called Zambia,our father the P.F has told us what it means and we going for we will continue to dance,eat and marry on the MMD’s expense but ni DONTI KUBEBA!! we are currently enjoying donti kubeba on Joe Malanji..kikikiki..ale shita sana ama castle!

  38. MOVEMENT OF MAD DOGS (MMD) @ IT AGAIN……. send that thing back to jail, those are finished PolitiCOZ……..

  39. Doc, thank you for reading between the lines. These PF chaps cannot match your level of IQ. They were thinking you were going to join them that time when you did not attend the conference

  40. SATA is more a finished politician than katele! dont you have eyez? DON”T KUPONO FOR WHAT? KABOVA! MMD Go! Go!

  41. Critically look at the composition of the three parties analyisis in terms of education.’Their slogans will send a message.The Zambia Foward’, ‘The Hour Has come’ The ‘Donchi kubeba!

  42. The truth is Kaka will be acquited mark my words. Where was he all this time. What a corrupt regime.

  43. Dr Octopus Katele kalumba the Wizard. From mununga or malabi? we want to know. Katele Fulwe, Katele Tectnology. Komae wanyokoka!

  44. katele is right. the dont kubeba is imorale and stinks! they are trying to change ever1 2b a theif atase!!!

  45. Kalumba tu leku longa, you are No:1 after elections, so make sure Rbish grants you freedom for a few weeks before you go in for serious time!!!

  46. I think Katele is in another world. Though i do not support PF but i can tell that the slogan came about when these guys said chew MMD money given to you in exchange for votes but dont tell them you will vote otherwise. Please spare us your chicken analysis and move on to important issues.

  47. katele please ,cn u talk abt smthing more constractive.thts jst ur opion over tht statement and we dnt nid ur opinons

  48. The Comments from the majority of you, leaves some of us the elite to wonder the level and capacity to analyse things, pretty much dull and distateful

    For Kalumba he has come out and looked so pathetic, comes out fawning with his head and appears very abasive.

    Ignore this man, he has never been succint in his statement and he quiete frankly need to be ignored


  49. What about the MMD slogan of CHWE CHWE CHWE CHWE CHWE!, it is actually CHEW! CHEW! CHEW! CHEW! CHEW! CHEW! CHEW! as much as you can before the opportunity goes.

  50. Kaka, yashani nomba? What does chwe chwe mean for RB? Each party has its own slogans and that mean they resonate to them. It does not have to resonate with you sir! Donchi Kubeba at efyo nalandile.

  51. Donchi kubeeba is a war tactic and we’re in a war situation… All is fair in love and war!!! Donchi kubeeba!!!

  52. Katele is right.There is a thin line between money in your pocket and donchi kubeba.Donchi kubeba is propagation corruption,it simply means get the money bt dont tell them that you will not vote for wonder there ws so much jubilation after councillor came to office,little did we knw more money meant grabbing plots……..

  53. Imagine you are a civil servant and some party official( PS for Northern Province) gives a gift in the name of the party. Do you reject it? Imagine suddenly the government increases the salaries of Civil servants, do they reject those salaries? suppose the government suddenly take a development project to Kasama, should the people of Kasama reject that Project? Suppose again the government gives more fertilizer under FSP than they have been giving, should the people reject this government GENEROSITY? THIS IS WHAT IS MEANT BY DON’T KUBEBA. I thought this nation had enough intellectuals but I am discovering that we are all KAPONYAS.

  54. More money in your pocket through dont kubeba.that is promoting corruption.To hell with that slogan,the bible says says thou shall not still,nw you are saying steal and share.Supporters of PF jst come out in the sun and tell us,if its nt tribe u r dont jst support an evil slogan like a donkey following carrot, where is your morality

  55. It is now very clear that PF and its leadership have attracted very brainy citizens to be in their thinking and implementaation strategy. Just look at coining of its Party name, Patriotic Front (PF), to a lazy eye its just a name but to those who read between the lines, its a story in itself. Hats off to the team which came up this powerful and intoxicating name! It therefore no wonder that the slogan DONT KUBEBA has left the likes of corrupt people like RB, Katele, Dora, Shikapwasha without any chance but resort to misinterpreting the popular anthem, DONT KUBEBA!! The MMD chaps are confused on the Wind of Change. The streets are rejoicing as the diminishing MMD shackles lose their strongholds…… Viva Sata, viva PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Ubwatttttttttttoooooooo

  56. Zambians, what brainy and intelligence r u talking about.Jst a slogan hs impaired you judgement.The more money in your pocket worked well for PF councillors,they acquired untold wealth in jst a short period.Awe mwandi if thts what intelligence is then i dnt knw where you place the faithful poor civil servants who remain poor becoz they dnt believe in stealing.There is no intelligence about dont kubeba,that is thugery

  57. # 73
    Zambians are not intelligent, majority are as dull as you.
    How dare you prototect Zambians, talk about someone with limited inability to reason independently you will find virtually the majority of contributors here especially the one from US, South Africa and Australia. You are pathetic , you need to be hypnotised


  58. DON”T KUBEBA is now biting.
    Katele has just realized that all the things MMD is giving people is like pouring sugar into lake Mwelu or kariba damn and asking it not to fload next season. It will take all the sugars and only itself knows whether it will flood or not.


  59. Don’t put anything to it, it’s just some senseless slogan in the same breath as tujilijili. Wouldn’t waste my time on it, let’s just go and campaign on truth.


  61. Katele – RESCUE TIME IS RUNNING OUT for His case.
    Just come out in the Open and tell RB he is wasting time to free him before a new Government comes in and make his case follow the rule of law.

    Shani TATA mwaiba?? You look like a baby who has just deone something in its matebela. Yababa? RB is busy not listening. More over, he does not see any benefits in you any more after Chiluba’s death.

  62. Katele – RESCUE TIME IS RUNNING OUT for His case.
    Just come out in the Open and tell RB he is wasting time to free u before a new Government comes in and make your case follow the rule of law.

    Shani TATA mwaiba?? You look like a baby who has just done something in its Matebela. Yababa? RB is busy and not listening. More over, he does not see any benefits in you any more after Chiluba’s death.


    “The world suffers alot. Not because of the violence of bad people; But because of the silence of good people!”

    (donchi kubeba)……………well atleast I have told you………..hehehehehe

  64. The dont kubeba in fact help in the fight against corruption.
    Here is how it works:
    MMD will bribe the electorates with the hope that the material bribes will win them votes and retain them in office.
    Dont kubeba urges the people to get these gifts MMD is offering them because after all, the stuff belongs to you but do not vote for them in exchange.
    Therefore, MMD will lose both the money, gifts and votes and ultimately the elections themselves, sending the message that corruption does not pay.
    This simple analysis helps in understanding that dont kubeba in principle helps in the fight against corruption and actually dispels all assertions by Dr. Kalumba

  65. So LT’s motto is “keeping you informed”…so are you guys just a news feed like my Facebook homepage for the Times, ZNBC, Mail etc….i rarely see anything posted by you chaps at least Zed have some original articles and always beat you to it!!!
    C’mon guys get your backsides off ’em seats and look for own stories!!!

  66. Donchi worry ,Donchi Kubeba will be revealed when we come after you .You will disapear again in the branches like you did ,buy we know the tricks..

  67. Why is this MMD talking about PF whwn there if 44 political parties .Do you know why the Englishman says ,Mind your own business.PLEASE MMD mind your own business.

  68. How can this guy talk about corruption? After all that… It’s like a strange dream. Ni pa bwato, his traditional laptop can tell him

  69. PF is a party of foolz. To them useless senseless slogans framed by that old tribal man mean more. Here they are foaming at the mouths like rabid dogs trying to defend that nonsense just because Sata developed it! Tell us your manifesto and how you will put more money in our pockets. Not long ago some of you were excited at the rumour Katele will join PF.

  70. Donchi kubeba came from the US. It means don’t tell anybody that you are gay! It is a secret code by which the PF is allowing homosexuality in the dark corners as it has always been in Zambia.

  71. DON’T KUBEBA is really a pain in the neck for MMD. The corruptor needs the guarantee of the corruptee that they will deliver after receiving the inducement. Don’t Kubeba removes that trust. It’s a powerful slogan for the poor against the corrupt politicians. Katele knows this and is now resorting to propaganda of homosexuals. If homosexuals have sex its for their own enjoyment and it does not cause any pain in an heterosexual’s anus. But if MMD steal the country’s majority suffers. So who is immoral here?

  72. No one has put it more clearly than #82, the rest are just warfling.Katele must be the last person to ask about fighting corruption when he and his gangstars in MMD have been busy to destroy organs fighting corruption.

  73. DON”T KUBEBA IS A PF SLOGAN. So Kaka and all those who don’t understand it’s meaning should keep quiet….Sorry they’re entitled to their own opinions. YAMUNYOKOLA NJALA KAKA>>>NI DON”T KUBEBA TAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. @91 Traditional Laptop – Your illiterate leader Sata has not read it, so just start explaining your manifesto to the electorates. The man failed to write minutes as National Secretary. Do you think he understands your so called manifesto? How many times has he referred to it in any of his ramblings?

  75. KAKA what happened to that traditional laptop…crushed or what? You’re a public figure we need to know in public interest…ke ke ke ke..ha ha ha ha !!

  76. as 4u upnd sympthzrs dnt evn condem th donchi kubeba princpl bcos u appld it effectvly in so lwz by electn, recevg food bribs frm mmd & usg thm in upnd cmpgns. donchi kubeba teaches the pepetrator tht corrptn doznt pay & it wl help to eliminate electoral mulpractic as no politicl party wl ride on ths as long as zambns continu to apply ths princpl. bravo to PF 4 comg up wt clevr way to eliminate electoral corrptn frm zambn polticl landscap

  77. One opposition leader was at the centre of electoral corruption if you may call it that, when he served as National Secretary of a certain political party. I dont know this hipe about certain political parties is coming from, I thought by now we should have known who means well for our country and its people. we have the same recycled nicompoomps offering themselves as candidates. Give us a break! Yes we need change! But it should be change for the better! Surely we don’t need illiterates to tell us what is better for the nation, that time is long gone. We should not let disgruntled people to take over the affairs of this nation. God help us!

  78. Can MMD apply ‘ THE HOUR HAS COME’ after 20 years in power?  It will be misunderstood to the mean the hour to plunder has come. The PF phrase has hit the corrupt MMD because they are not sure they can trust the people they are targeting to bribe for their votes.   

  79. @48 Barotse ARMY

    kina lupeni fela….you are back from your hole in the barotse plains?I havent forgotten my promise to you if you dare revolt again-we will smoke you out from the plains, masila……shaaa

  80. Voting for PF will be like institutionalising corruption and bring back Stone age dictatorial politics. Its a pity that literate people are buying the sweet talk of Sata

  81. Don’t Kubeba, ofcourse is the way forward. Most MMD cadres are now PF because of the way f.o.o.l.s in that Party have personalized MMD, who ever says something sensible is fired! So Don’t KUBEBA.

    Katele, don’t forget that you at one time was in bad books with MMD you even went to an extent of Black Magic??

    Kuya bebele this time.

    Viva Don’t Kubeba
    Wow I cannot just believe how MMD has gotten so petty? As if they are not a ruling party? UNIP never showed such desperation in 1991.


  83. Ba Katele can you honestly speak on morality!! You have been manipulating and blackmailing Rupiah Banda by using your court cases on corruption against his Candidature in Chiengi. Shame on you Sir. I had respect for and thought that you were level headed and mature. PF is honest enough to let us know what Dont Kubeba means. This is transparency at its best because even Rupiah and yourself know what it means. On the other hand the common Zambian never knew of your corruption until Levy Mwanawasa exposed you. Dont Kubeba simply means accept their lies and money but in the end do the right thing and vote wisely. What could be more moral than that!!

  84. SAINT Posting 94,
    Do you seriisuly believe Dont Kubeba comes from homosexuals in the USA??? Ever been out of your mothrs nest (country) son??? Be serious, you will make more sense in your comments. Bwana Katele, is this meant to secure your freedom this weekend???? Our courts are credible and some of us still have confidence in them, remain a credible individual!!!!!

  85. Katele has chequered history and still a court case to answer. Who is he to tell PF supporters that donchi kubeba is a crooked slogan. Perhaps he’s now looking for ala bee to “again” interfere with the judicial system to get him hence now wanting to boot lick ala bee. Some failed politicians never cease to amaze me.

  86. To hell with thieves giving opinions.VIVA Abena Nchelenge don’t be cheated by failed politician & businessman BY Mwila. How can he remember you today after the mula he had but never developed Nchelenge. Chase him from yr land. Leaks in indicates that MMD Nchelenge aspiring candidate Ben Mwila angers residents at a rally when he diverted to attack Sata, in anger pipo began to shout Don’t Kubeba forcing Ben Mwila to run off the platform! – 2011 Elections.

  87. Katele Nizee. What is ‘dont kubeba’? is this not a streat language to imply ‘shut up’, is synonymously used to indicate corrupt practices. Zambia u shooting even things that are supposed to open your minds. Don’t be blind forded by believing that everything from the opposition has to be opposed, that is not being civilized. Lets think, there is sense in Katele’s Anlysis of don’t Kubeba.


  88. Best wishes as you fight your court cases in the appeal, probbly you should be focusing on that, or are you doing jutst that by bashing the PF???
    Is that what it takes wo win one’s freedom, Dr????

  89. Shikapwasha’s unfounded utterances and misrepresentation of facts has landed him in trouble and will pay by negotiating for a cheap loan. The high court has found our President Sata innocent in all allegations on things he never said and this should sent a very serious signal to those who peddle on lies, especially Chanda Chimbwi the something DONT KUBEBA KEEP IT UP!!! Viva Sata, twafweni tata ala abantu bachula pafula.DONT DONT DONT DONCHI KUBEBA

  90. the mmd should start thinking twice on who to ,bribe, parade or who to give money to scandalize others on national tele .they are in a confused state they cant trust anyone they are just not sure who to trust anymore coz no one can refuse a gift and not vote for mmd. recieve the gift and then dont vote for mmd. donchi kubeba is real and is working all so well to curb electoral malpractices. mushota what research have you ever conducted to prove zedians are dull

  91. Katele is a wrong person to speak on moral and ethical issues. First, he is accused of corruption. Second, I remember him trying to promote masturbation when he used to appear on a ZNBC programme–the banana thing.

  92. So, what about that claptrap from the POST that katele will only support RB when he is ‘freed’ from his cases?

  93. Katele is playing dumb.donchi kubeba’s literal translation is dont tell them.dont tell them what you might ask?dont tell that you wont vote for those coming with corruptive gifts even as you get the goodies.KaKa is been plain deceptive.the donchi kubeba strategy has got the mmd scared coz they have no idea if there will be any return on their usual tactic of hoodwinking with bribes.

  94. #76 Kachikala Wapulile muli Condom. You must have slipped thro’ the condom. You’re a waste human flesh mankind has ever seen. Sick and a psychopath.
    Anyway viva Zambia let just pray for peace and unity among our selves, lets regroup and claim wot is ours. We hve to make our future!! Indeed MMD tendency is that of a dying horse. For Bakalumba, i bet the bena n’gumbo have a hard time relating with you as most of them have no faith in your party. You know that! Donchi kubeba!!!!

  95. Katele has tried everything there is, including mununga magic but all in vain. Now last minute moves call for desperate measures like talking like a senseless mad man. Good luck to you sir..

  96. Dounchi jubembwa, dounchi kufyona, douchi kufwefwe! Rubish ! Language of the dimwits trying to mis bemba and english. Kaponyalism!

  97. Has anyone ever seen the PF constitution? I dont mean the manifesto which was published in Sata’s photo ulbum the post, I mean the constitution. Ladies and gentlemen, its kept under lock and key and someone almost died when he tried to get it. UFISANJI MAMBALA IWE?

  98. Why are u people insulting each other over Sata and RB.Dont you know they are good friends, in addition to being tribal cousins they are age mates and were collegues during the days of UNIP.keep on insulting each other while they continue enjoying their long lasting friendship.

  99. Language from the street! rubish! Fwefwe kufwefwe, its from the dimwits on the streets of C/B trying to speak english. Fwefwe kufyona, fyonko kufyonko, rubish!

  100. Josef P: Chi-ka-la, you should blog with sense. The people out there who are not previleged are the real victims. MMD gives them state funds to buy votes. Hey bane receive the money and vote for PF. Don’t tell them that you will not vote for MMD. They will forget you. Rubish Bin (RB)

  101. We learnt how to forgive along time ago. Katele despite being convicted and taking advantage of public resources which we contribute to the national treasurer even when our children go to school without a meal has not shown any signs of remorse for what he did. Like LPM used to say, it was difficult for him to pardon FTJ when the man had not been convicted and apologised to the Zambian people.
    To add salt to injury this man pretends his not aware Zambians are being oppressed and taken advatngae of by MMD and has the audacity to manupilate Zambians about the meaning of donchi kubeba a kaponya term that means nopthing.
    Why can’t he talk about the windfall tax MMD is failing to collect, why can’t he advise Dora to stop insulting elderly people or the clergy men? 

  102. Katele Kalumba stated that…” He said it is unfortunate that the PF is inciting its members to hide their political affiliation while pretending to be MMD members. ”

    That’s right, votes should be bought fair and square. How dare those villagers cheat the cheaters. :)

  103. I am am not a member of the PF, but in my own estimation the slogan actually works to discourage corruption. If you accept these ‘gifts’ and still don’t vote for the gift giver, you are essentially telling them it doesn’t pay to try and corrupt! Katele on the other hand is sending out the message that if you accept the gift and don’t vote for the person, you are being dishonest. In other words, you should complete the corrupt process by voting in favour of the corrupter and you will be deemed ‘honest’

  104. stfu! 20yrs of the same nonsense ala.the next time an old man tells me how spoild my generations is i ll knock his teeth out coz u who are older and in office are nt role modelS. ALA NI DONCHI KUBEBA BA F.I.K.A.LA FYABO.EAT SH.I.T AND EAT SOME MO NI NDRAMA SHANGA ALA.

  105. “Tracy,” you are a saint!!! Yes, Politicians & nappies need to be changed often……..for the same reason!!! Can’t agree more, especially with people like kaka ranting senselessly!!!

  106. Dr. Kalumba now you choose to do this empty talking of which am very sure that you don’t even understand wat u ar talking about. You hav no moral fibre to discuss how to fight corruption. Is this your ransom for your would be freedom? IT’S A GUD THING TO REMAIN HUMBLE AND U WILL BE FORGIVEN. Ddnt u learn anything from your fallen brother who failed to humble himself until his death?

  107. Dr Katele Kalumba, i think you should be the last person to talk about corruption. We all know what you are going through and we sympathyse with you. However, two wrongs will never make a right. You utterances don’t in anyway make any sense because we all know that you are fighting for your freedom. We are all aware of this trick because it was also used by the late president FJT. So your utterances are nothing new because we know that you have to what you are doing right now to win your freedom. Who doesn’t know by now that RB is myopic and corrupt. There are a lot of things than good that points to Rupiah to be corrupt. If at all you are conviced that your corrupt movement for mass destruction is a force to reckon then why can’t we wait and see what happens after the polls.

  108. “DON’T KUBEBA” is not a policy but a slogan. If you want to know PF policies, check the party manifesto. Its as simple as that. The slogan encourages people not to be cheated by the govt thru last minute developments and empowerment funds. After all, it is their money, so they should get whatever they are given but know who to vote for.

  109. This man actually waisted money and time to research entertainment slogan “Donchi Kubeba”?? – DULL really!! KAKA publicity manoevour – Smart really – just like bloggers have rightly observed we will see whether your freedom will come from it. desparate and in fear.

  110. Dr Kalumba advised MMD members not to feel ashamed to be identified as members of the ruling party.
    …………..?? …..WHAaaAT??

  111. Katele you are not the right person to advise Zambia about corruption because last time I checked you were sent to prison for the same now waiting for your appeal? Have you been promised freedom after elections because your chief has been crying loud for you to be freed comrade. We are watching you!

  112. There is a opportunity for a PhD in Zambian political parties’ electioneering language. Katele Kalumba, after you have been to prison and back you could actually supervise a student. Well done in advance, Professor Katele Kalumba , you have changed a life

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