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Rupiah Banda to address the Nation

Headlines Rupiah Banda to address the Nation

President Rupiah Banda (file Picture )

Republican PRESIDENT RUPIAH Banda, President of the Republic of Zambia, is today Thursday July 28, 2011 scheduled to address the Nation on both national radio and television at State House.

The President’s address will be carried live by Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) television and radio channels. President Banda’s address is scheduled for 10:00 hours.

The agenda of the presidential address to the nation is not yet known but sources have indicated to QFM that he is likely to dissolve parliament and subsequently announce the date of elections.

There have been growing calls for president Rupiah Banda to announce the date of elections in order to create a level playing field for all political parties.

This follows the use of government vehicles and other resources by ministers in campaigns.

President Rupiah Banda has responded to calls for the election date to be announced by stating that the ECZ is not yet ready for the polls.



  1. Thankyou Mr president  we hope that you will address our needs and not those campioning the ruling party. The citizens of this nation are over the MMD and we hope this is cear. Tell us when the election date is so that we know which new public holiday we have but do not sart talking about what MMD has done because we know anyway.

    Thankyou once again and wish you well in your endeavors outside state house 


  3. The opposition will now panic and hurriedly announce their losing team of presidential candidates. The PF list will be a comedy special.

  4. So chi Sata had reliable information after all, did he not predict July 27th?? any way do us a favor bwana and put the country at rest.. and start preparing for your exit.

  5. iwe I know its the 28th, but come on one day’s difference, a month would have been wrong, two weeks even, but a day. anyway let wait and see what RB says.


  7. Where is Fr Frank Bwalya! The war is about to start we need real men on the front line to articulate issues! Remember Umberto Davoli and how he cotributed to tearing down da one party dictatorship! Ba katolika when the mean buzness things move and no jokes! Come on board now

  8. Just change the constitution to have a fixed timetable for elections.That way we avoid expensive midterm elections like Mwanawasa’s replacement,avoid speculation and/or the date being used as a weapon.It’ll also make the ECZ more independent knowing they don’t have to wait to referee a game in which one of their players dictates their schedule and calls the shots.

  9. Viva RB,give them the much talked about date,be assured we the pipo will give you victory.You are ruling again.Let them bark.

  10. Reliable sources say he will encourage country men and women to attend the agricultural show………….

  11. Mwibilima, there’s nothing unusual here. disvolving parliament is lawful. We in MMD just want to level the playing field so that bakabova ar wiped out at election day.We have done our homwork already. Once Victors, always Victors, Perpetual losers alwayz losers.

  12. RB here is your guided speech, disolve parliament, announce election date but please don’t compaingn during the press conference because a money will repeat the contraversy. Bye-bye RB we shall be visiting u in chipalamba area while on a tractor

  13. Viva RB.Give them the much talked about date,we the pipo will give you victory in return.You are ruling again.Let them continue barking.

  14. Go mon mr ppresident aannounce the  date they hv bn cryin for !and today marks tthe beginning of der dwnfal viva R.b 2011 nafuti nafuti 

  15. chweee chweee chweeeeeeeeeee…..announce the date boss and shut these opposition chaps up..we are tired of their ranting..

  16. When a man with vision is leading a country..u can see it through deeds..RB has made us proud..he is a man of his word..no 1 will stand in our way this year..victory is ours!

  17. Breaking News:……SATA has collapsed due to the fact that his hand has developed numbness as a result of hand-picking of candidates. it has even affected his arteries to the left ventrical and has since been evacuated to SA’s Milpark Hospital.

    Meanwhile Sata will contest elections in absentia RB 72%, SATA 14% HH 12% MIYANDA GODFREY G 1% CHIPIMO ELIAS Jr 1%

  18. Now what was the PF/homo NGOs hallucinating about?didnt we tell you the date will be announced?we now await your 4th loss to MMD.
    RB…….Nafuti Nafuti.

  19. Guys change is good, stagnation with MMD for the past 20 years!!! come on we can do better than this, some of you bloggers were still in your nappies by then!!! guys after 20 years give me just one serious developmental project that has been done?? a new university? bringing unemployment to single digit percentages? a new air port? a new high tec general hospital?? a muti billion kwacha housing initiative that aims to eradicate shanty townships?? 20 years of what?? can someone answer me…. and you still sing MMD mwembushi mwe.

  20. He is going to declare a state of emergency and suspend the constitution after the leaked email from Given to Wynter..Given gave a break down during the Winter..about not trusting Derick Fitala and Mike Mushortie, and about some 48$m that and been pocketed I mean spent towards elections….so the country is in danger of being plunged into chaos….


  22. RB here is your guided speech, disolve parliament, announce election date but please don’t compaingn during the press conference because a monkey will repeat the contraversy. Bye-bye RB we shall be visiting u in chipalamba area while on a tractor

  23. # 25. yes change but change to what? tell us because to me change to PF is as good as no change, or even change to true blue MMD who were not even genuine politicians. We may need change yes BUT we refuse negative change unless positive change which I can only dream that it can be by HH otherwise the status core to remain it can not be as bad as this negative change of sata

  24. RB please give us the shortest campaign period so that we can continue with better things as opposed to debating satanism, sebianism, gayism and homosexuality

  25. Bye bye Bwezani. Now, if any minister is seen driving around in a government car, the public have a right to execute a citizen’s arrest.

  26. He should annouce elections today.Why should RB start impossing candidates who didn’t apply?We know today RB today he’ll annouce Chriticles Mwansa as a candidate for Mwansabombwe leaving maluba who was adopted by MMD.Mwansa didn’t even apply as MMD candidate but he is forced to stand by RB.He is professional who never wanted politics but RB has issued threats against if he refueses.Why should a president force people to stand?We are in luapula as family members are quiet sad and Mwata also didn’t want Mwansa to stand coz people don’t want MMD in luapula.Even if he stand MMD will loose here in mwansabombwe and we know he’s lying thinking he’ll adopt Mwansa as vice president.we can’t be cheated like that Mr president.

  27. # 29: I drag myself to the polling station and lift my heavy hand and put that X on Sata and pray, fast and hope fr the best, UNIP was in power for 27 years and atleast they built UNZA, CBA, Tazama pipeline, TAZARA, started ZNBC, Built Mwembeshi satellite ground station. with this term you want to give MMD 25 years of office with nothing to show for it, just a few patched up roads before the election.. Zambians must truly be retards!!!

  28. The law mandates the Electoral Commission to hold elections WITHIN 90 days of the dissolution of Parliament. The law empowers the President to dissolve Parliament and in consultation with the ECZ to announce date of the General election. Therefore, it is only fair that BOTH are ready. Last week, the ECZ said that it is ready and so the President will now dissolve Parliament and the elections Must be held before 26 October 2011.

  29. RB whether you like it or not I will go on my wheel chair and vote against you and my conscious will be clear, that I have voted against someone who has been abusing my K3000= using Chanda Chimba. I hate you RB

  30. THe SAINT…SENSE..the president confirmed that once the ECZ confirm that all is in place he will announce the date..and the ECZ said they need atlist 8 weeks..and today parliament has been dissolved..VIVA RB a man of his word

  31. Yes my friends, dem say we free again, the bars could not hold me, force could not control me yee, they tried to keep down, but GOD put I around because I have got to reach mount Zion, Zion freedom. Them belly full but we hungry, a hungry man is an angry man. GOD HELP MOTHER ZAMBIA.
    VOTE PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF . We have been hungry and angry for too long. Lets put an end to the 20 years of nonsence. Let us make MMD follow Chiluba to the grave.

  32. Rupiah Bandas has made a mistake in his speech by telling the nation that Election date will be Tuesday 28th September,2011, but when I look at my calender it shows that tuesday will be 27th can somebody help.

  33. Bravo RB for steering the nation to the higher heights. Parliament dissolved and Tripartite 2011 election on September 28, 2011.

    Ramble in the jungle let race begin.

  34. MUSHOTA!!!!! … girl i missed u, tell these pepo.. been waiting for your comments, ulifye bwino??? in the last 47 years of independence we moved from a middle income country to being a highly impoverished nation.. good greive and when the IMF incorrectly reclassified us to middle income there was jubilation.. how can we be middle income when half the population is unemployed and living below the poverty line???

  35. Ba Rupia balandila palulimi gentlemen 28 09 11 will be wednesday thats why am still saying its 20th 09 11 which will be a tuesday and my sources have confirmed that.

  36. People make mistakes but this is far too much How can the entire president comfuse the nation that the elections will be on tuesday 28 september and my calender says tuesday will be 27th and not 28th as reported by the president, are the people that prepare his speeches serious with what they are doing.That’s why I’ll vote for president who does not rely on written speech.VIVA SATA VIVA PF PABWATOOOOOOOO!

  37. Game on! Let’s now have constructive debates. We need serious minded pipo to govern this nation. Flush out all jokers.

  38. And to add more salt to the injury he said I repeat Election date will be tuesday 28th september.Meaning the president was very sure of what he was talking about.

  39. The president says the elections will be held on tuesday 28th September 2011. My calenders tells me 28th September 2011 will be on wednesday. Was it a deliberate omission or an act of panic.

  40. # 44,
    Wherever you are getting that, the live speech broadcast through ZNBC, H.E President Banda said  elections will be on September 2011. 

    Have PF Kaponyas head the election date announcement by the Commander in Chief H.E President Banda announced on ZNBC a platform they claim they don’t view?

  41. Election date 20th september. Pipo plizs…. Lol… we knew these were going to be the tactics. Dont kubeba….. How come parliament has not been disoolved…is it automatic after announcing the election date

  42. Senior Citizen you think we are as dull as you are as a bootlicker, we already know the election date,eat your last cramps from the MMD as the are the last ones .

  43. # 63 You are mad coz its common sense to tell that the president said the polls will be on teusday and as PF come 20th we are voting and check us 0n 28th we will be at plot 1



  45. # 74 WISE WOMAN

    The entire president repeated the same statement twice.And am honestly telling you that he said tuesday 28th september 2011.

  46. #33 Ba Zed UNIP had the opportunity and resources to put up all those developents. They inherited a middle income country and if they were commited they could have transformed it to a rich nation within ten years. Instead, they embraced ideologies that not even them understood to the detriement of our economy. First food riots were in 1976, eleven years after independence and I think in the same year we had the first devaluation of the Kwacha. It isan open secret that UNIP destroyed everything they built in 27 years in office and left us with US$7 billion debt with nothing to show for it. It has taken us this long (20 years) to reallign our economy and other sructures in our country and we are beginning to the benefits. I am only expressing myBut your vote is your secret, use it wisel

  47. I repeat, the elections will be held on tuesday, 28 september 2011. These were the words from the mouth of Rupiah Bwezani Banda. I think he is shivering en cunfused! How can he make such a mistake?

  48. Bane 20th and 28th sounds the same if you hear someone speak. The fact that there ia a qualified date of Tuesday can only mean its the 20th September which falls on tuesday. What it means now is that there is no cabinet, Parliament and any govt vehicle must be parked at the ministry under supervision of the Permanent Secretaries.

  49. What is the confusion about the date of elections. It is NOT 28th September 2011. 28th is a Wednesday. I believe it is Tuesday 20th september 2011. No need to confuse yourselves. The opposition has not even adopted any candidates. They will be just picking anyone on the street who can shout.

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