LAZ still studying PF petition

LAZ president Musa Mwenye
LAZ president Musa Mwenye

The law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has said it is studying the petition from the Patriotic Front (PF) regarding President Banda’s parentage and his eligibility to stand in this year’s election.

LAZ president Musa Mwenya said the association has not yet resolved the issues regarding the contents of the letter and promised to react to it once they conclude it.

Mr. Mwenya said the PF has a right to take the step on President Banda’s parentage.

On seventh July last month PF wrote to LAZ for deliberation on President Banda’s eligibility in the 2008 presidential elections and for this year’s elections which will take place on 20th September.

On Tuesday PF threatened to write to the Southern African Developing community SADC, the African Union AU and the United Nation UN on whether the ruling MMD should go ahead and field President Rupiah Banda as its presidential candidate.

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba said that the party wrote to the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to intervene in the matter of President Rupiah Banda’s parentage and his eligibility as candidate in the 2008 presidential elections as well as the forthcoming general elections but wonders why LAZ has been mute about the matter.

The Citizen’s Forum Executive Director Simon Kabanda also said the issue of President Banda’s parentage should be fully investigated.

Mr Kabanda noted that the issues surrounding President is of great concern and should not be taken lightly.

He said the PF’s decision to take the matter to the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU) should be supported by all well meaning Zambians.

Mr. Kabanda said the the country’s constition is clear on who should be eligible to contest for the position of the Republican President.

“It is shocking that such statements are coming from a seasoned lawyer. He knows that Mr Banda qualifies but wants to cast a lot of agony and insults on him. Let him research,” he said.

Meanwhile, MMD national secretary Richard Kachingwe has said that the Patriotic Front (PF) is panicking because it has become apparent that President Rupiah Banda will win this year’s presidential elections due to the systematic progress and organised moves that the MMD has made

Maj Kachingwe said in the Supreme Court there was a landmark judgment which stated that it did not matter whether one’s parents were Zambian or not but what mattered was whether the candidate was a Zambian.

“It is shocking that such statements are coming from a seasoned lawyer. He knows that Mr Banda qualifies but wants to cast a lot of agony and insults on him. Let him research,” he said.

Maj Kachingwe, reacting to PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba’s allegations that Mr Banda was not eligible to contest this year’s elections, said it was a pity that such allegations were coming from a lawyer.

“This is now evidence that PF is panicking. Let them concentrate on doing the right things. We have done our adoptions and they have not, we are ready for these elections and they are not.

“What they are now doing is attempting to shift the nation’s attention. They are used to always causing tension; let them put their house in order,” he said.

Maj Kachingwe said PF had realised that the ruling party had campaigned in all areas where the opposition party felt it would win and as a result it wanted to start causing unnecessary pressure.

“What they are now doing is attempting to shift the nation’s attention. They are used to always causing tension; let them put their house in order,” he said.

He said everyone was now aware that there was no trace of Mr Banda’s roots in Malawi and wondered why PF had not provided the evidence for everyone to see.

Maj Kachingwe said at some point PF tried to pay a disgruntled former ambassador to claim that Mr Banda was not Zambian but failed to provide proof.

And a Lusaka lawyer, Hobbday Kabwe has clarified that one who wanted to contest as a presidential candidate only required to be a Zambian.

“Why bring the issue now, if he was eligible in 2008 what has changed in the Constitution? It is still the same I believe, these matters should have been brought up that time when Mr Banda contested,” Mr Kabwe said.

Major Kachingwe in an interview yesterday described Mr Kabimba’s statement as misleading and said it was shameful that the PF secretary general could decide to ignore what the law stipulated and decide to mislead the nation.

[QFM/Times of Zambia]


  1. Look at these clown in PF, their friends are on the campaign trial and them are wasting time discussing Mr. Banda’s parentage knowing very well this will come to nothing. Mr. Sata this is where u lose it every time. Instead of getting serious u resort to engage in trivialities. How many of the electorate care about H.E Ruphia Banda’s family roots? Does the cobra have advisers or they all behave like those who could not tell the king of his nakedness. Really PF u are a big disappointment. Let MMD and UPND who are serious with addressing the problems of Zambians rule. U have more serious things to do like the list of ur MPs and councillors. I levae it to the electorate to gauge ur seriousness

  2. Senior Citizen and MMD Chief Bootlicker u are always spot on in ur analysis of the PF and its leadership not forgeting its startegy or lack of it. I used to be a PF supporter and thot u were just against the PF but after reflecting I offer my apologies to u fact based gentlemen. PF has absolutely no plan to redeem the Zambians

  3. RB served as ambassador to the UN, Washington and Egypt, he was a minister, he was an MP, he was Vice president and he has been president and no one has ever raised the issue of his parentage…..PF are scare even before the 20th of Sept. 

    Mwenye can not be the one to pass judgement on this issue, the man smells PF all over him. This is the job of the courts, not LAZ, LAZ i just an association like any other association in Zambia 

  4. It was the same story with KK and FTJ. RB is Zambian and believe me, he is winning nafiuti. Sata has no plan for Zambia and he thinks this will stop Zambian from questioning his ability to lead the country.

  5. If Rupiah is a Malawian… That is another reason to kick him out !

    that guy and his gang plunder Zed

    read “Debunking the Government’s case for low mining taxation ” on zambian economist and you will understand

    future PF Mines and minerals Minister Simuusa and future PF finance Minister Bob Sichinga are going to a make a clean sweep ! :-)

    and thus the Zambian People will really benefit from copper and mineral wealth

  6. Even the republicans in USA questioned Obama whats wrong with PF doing the same? MMD pushed Sata on criminal charges we have to push RB as well

  7. SATA this now is nonsense, get back to campaign trial than waste time on such, so what if his parents are foreigners? He is Zambian by birth?? Just campaign Mudala, we don’t want such Leadership. Show us you are different.

    Now with This, Young Zambians, I think it is time we thought seriously on letting these old FOX out, enough with their OLD school behavior.

    SATA I support You but not on this Topic, don’t embarrass US.

  8. Its up on Ruphia to produce targible evidence to support his parantage rather throwing punches in air. MMD sent journalist from ZNBC, Daily Mail and Times of Zambia to Tanzania to investigate Sata’s parentage. This was a way of causing unnecessary attack on Sata. For MMD cadres your all out attack on PF lacks merit because your party started this game and now it has backfired on you and start feeling the heat you call PF names. Its both parties start based campaignies rather insulties and witch hunting. Clean your house MMD

  9. Hey people, I now tend to believe that this rupee (Rupiya) is non Zambian. Have you noticed that every time the national anthem is played he does not sing along. I do recall some years in Kaunda era it was compulsory for every one to sing the national anthem especially in schools. Maybe he is much familiar with the Zimbabwean anthem than that of zambian. Too sad.

  10. #3 this issue is about what the Zambian constitution state. for this reason H.E Banda need to be veted as per constitution. you people on this blog stop taking politics personal you seem to have personal benefits form H.E Banda’s presidency. if MMD is prepared any MMD can lead the party to victory. There is no protocol in Zambia when it comes to human dignity MMD has made the situation worse. You guys must have seen Nyimba accident pictures. where on earth can deceased people be piled in such a dispeakable manner. thess are the things we should be questioning the president. came on people we can do better has a nation. MMD does not think of the grass roots its from top down not vise vesa. sick politiancians are flown to South Africa. ordinary Zambian piled

  11. It is so sickening to see the extent some Zambians would stoop to bend the law in order to allow an illegality to pass. The Zambian constitution with regard to contending presidential candidates has a parentage Clause and this is the contentious point (inserted by Bwezani’s dead chief consultant) on which Banda is disqualified. This Parentage Clause was not there when he was minister or ambassador and for the record, it is not a requirement for these lesser offices. If this is the line the MMD is going to pursue in court, Bwezani is doomed.

    • go to hell with your blind ambitions.the ordinary Zambian  doesn’t  benefite anything from mmd they just over tax law abiding citizens  

  12. we are sick and tired of these maggots in PF who don’t know what they want ..!why not boycott the elections if you like,..!

  13. Mr Sata, YOU REALLY NEED TO REVISE YOUR ADVISOR CADRE, You have indeed made good inroads & secured a good & very significant head start in PF & your campaign. All that has been DOWN TO IDENTIFYING WITH WHAT BEEN LACKING & BEEN VERY RELEVANT TO THE ELECTORATE – it is WHAT HAS WOOED THE SUPPORT FOR YOU & PF!!


  14. an illegality will always be so no matter how long it takes to uncover it. you remember the former Austrian UN secretary General Kurt Waldheim, he was later discovered to have been an accomplice with the nazis.
    Therefore, it does not matter whether rupiah was MP, Minister, diplomat, vice president etc. if there is suspicion that he committed a crime, he must be investigated.
    if he is found not to have broken the law, he must be allowed to seek re-election

  15. I really worry if MCS gets to statehouse what kind of leadership  we’ll have in Zambia. At the time that he should lose himself in selling himself and team to the nation he decides to prioritise this issue. He has no paliamentary candidate because he’s been waiting for defectors who are not coming. He made noise to know the election date now he knows it he acts like he doesnt care and it doesnt matter any more. When are Zambins going to get this man aclear command to quit

  16. Ba LAZ studying RB’s parantage since 2008 and up to now you cant give us advise, Please advise your fellow lawyer(Kabimba) to concentrate on campaigning rather than waste time on this issue. By the way why dont you ask KK to clarify whether RB is Zambian or not. As for PF 20th Sept is around the corner so get serious if you want to form the next govt you will cry foul.

  17. As Some One has pointed out even Obama was questioned. This info has just come to PF attention. Zambians the first Cousin to RB is Aleke Banda the former cabinet minister in Malawi. we the people of eastern Province know that RB is Not Zambian. As usual docile Zambians still want to be ruled by a foreigner again. Only LPM was truely a Zambian, The other presido’s have been foreigners. Docile Zambia why do we accept such nonsense,


  19. The problem in Zed is that we tend to miss the real issue at hand and always bring in politics. The issue raised by Milton Phiri and PF is simply that RB did not meet the CONSTITUTIONAL requirements to contest the republican presidency in 2008 and even now he is not eligible. What we should be discussing is the constitutional provision in question. If we had gallant journalists they should have investigated this issue thoroughly so that we know the truth. The constitution provides that a presidential aspirant must inter alia have both of his parents born in Zambia. Were both RB’s parents born in Zambia? if one of them was not then he does not qualify to stand as president.

  20. Sata lishilu. And i have os said that he will never rule zambia for reasons known to GOD. This man sata is not normal, mentally. He lacks sobresness and that is why all pipo who are joining him are also not normal. Look at chiltala, masebo,scot,kambwili,luo,mulogoi,subs zulu, kabiji,mumbi,kapata, panji, waza, patric, magani, kabimba the list is endless.

  21. Most bloggers have missed the point here RB is 100% zambian but we have a constitutional provision introduced by FTJ which was meant to bar Kaunda from contesting the presidency. Kaunda in 1996 was a Zambian so FTJ came up with the provision that an aspirants’ parents must both be Zambians. This is how Kaunda was barred from contesting the presidential elections. The PF are now saying that the same provision applies to RB because one of his parents hails from Malawi. The PF would help us if they can provide us with this proof. The Post that used to dig deeper during the Kafupi scandal went as far as a mission hospital in DRC and brought records which showed that Kafupi was FTJ’s father. Can they do this now please.

  22. Ba PF please pursue another line of evicting the incumbent from plot 1. this one will not work because even the judges will say TOO LATE bwana PF the man is already in state house. you should have done this when he first aspired for plot 1.



  25. If Sata himself is Zambian by both birth and parentage, how come there are no other Satas around? One can argue that even MCS can not prove reasonable doubt that both his parents were born in Zambia. Besides, in the ruling on FTJ Vs Mazoka nad others, it can be concluded that the issue of citizenship due to parentage is a none starter. In this ruling one of the points the supreme court of Zambia refered to was the fact that there was no country known as Zambia before 1964 and besides the 3 countries were at one time on country. For this reason the court ruled in FTJs favour. As courts always use precedence, PFs case though may have some merits is already a none starter.

  26. If Sata himself is Zambian by both birth and parentage, how come there are no other Satas around? One can argue that even MCS can not prove beyond reasonable doubt that both his parents were born in Zambia. Besides, in the ruling on FTJ Vs Mazoka nad others, it can be concluded that the issue of citizenship due to parentage is a none starter. In this ruling one of the points the supreme court of Zambia refered to was the fact that there was no country known as Zambia before 1964 and besides the 3 countries were at one time on country. For this reason the court ruled in FTJs favour. As courts always use precedence, PFs case though may have some merits is already a none starter.

  27. The difference between lawyers and engineers is that engineers arrive at the same answer because they learn the same things, lawyers are always speaking differnt languanges. One can call a goat a lion depending if it will suit him. Like this, what confidence can you draw from our Zambian lawyers. What are they still studying these confusing lawyers? Do they learn from the same books? What is Law by the way?

  28. That is why many people are dull. Rupiah is Zambian yes but the constitution of the land says both parents should be born in Zambia. This excludes Rupiah. This may not be a good law but as it stands Rupiah is disqualified from standing. We should learn to respect the constitution.

  29. Sata has lost his marbles! It always happens each time we approaching elections. The Old fool gets highly and sickly excited. His eyes bulge, he foams at the mouth and he says whatever comes into his insane mind. I doubt not only his sanity but also that of those who really this Old fool is presidential material.

  30. Sata has lost his marbles! It always happens each time we approaching elections. The Old fool gets highly and sickly excited. His eyes bulge, he foams at the mouth and he says whatever comes into his insane mind. I doubt not only his sanity but also that of those who really think this Old fool is presidential material.



  33. Does this mean that Paltry Faculties (PF) party will not publish a list of parliamentary candidates until the issue of RB’s parentage is dealt with? By the way, Populist Fiction (PF) need to know that we are also writing to the UN, AU, SADC to question the parentage of Sata as well as Guy Scott and Given Lubinda. We will also be questioning the parentage of Winter Kabimba as his father has already disowned him and we will be questioning Patrick Mwanawasa’s parentage also as no one would betray their late father and support the man who you used to call your own father ‘a cabbage’.

  34. The so called unpreceedented development which we are hearing from the ruling MMD govt is merely a joke which shud not swell our mind as to whom we shud vote for, come sept 20. By default any govt that is in power need to build skuz,clinics,roads,houses etc and shud not only do that for campaign purposes or strt boastin abt it. For the past 20 yrs MMD has bn in power..who can stand with his head upright and boast of the developmnt it has done to this nation..where on earth apart from this nation did u see foreigners in the name of investors taking up all the jobs(contracts from citizens) dat citizens can perfectly carry out yet leaders are comfortable and doing nothin abt it.

  35. …..wen are we goin to b our own boss? Come on countrymen it is high time we changd our govt..the system in place is now old & too slagish, it needs to be formatted & install a new one.Fear to change & prefer to stay in the current conditions is a sign of cowardice & it wil nt take as anywhere.had our freedom fighters had such a spirit, zed wud ve stil been under colonial rule.We risk in order to PF or HH or ADD..but certainly not MMD.!.

  36. wen are we goin to b our own boss? Come on countrymen it is high time we changd our govt..the system in place is now old & too slagish, it needs to be formatted & install a new one.Fear to change & prefer to stay in the current conditions is a sign of cowardice & it wil nt take as anywhere.had our freedom fighters had such a spirit, zed wud ve stil been under colonial rule.We risk in order to PF or HH or ADD..but certainly not MMD.!.

  37. wen are we goin to b our own boss? Come on countrymen it is high time we changd our govt..the system in place is now old & too slagish, it needs to be formatted & install a new one.Fear to change & prefer to stay in the current conditions is a sign of cowardice & it wil nt take as anywhere.had our freedom fighters had such a spirit, zed wud ve stil been under colonial rule.We risk in order to PF or HH or ADD..but certainly not MMD.!.

  38. wen are we goin to b our own boss? Come on countrymen it is high time we changd our govt..the system in place is now old & too slagish, it needs to be formatted & install a new one.Fear to change & prefer to stay in the current conditions is a sign of cowardice & it wil nt take as anywhere.had our freedom fighters had such a spirit, zed wud ve stil been under colonial rule.

  39. Protecting the Constitution my FOOT. PF is panicking and this will justify it when the LOSE. they are LOSERS….finito..mxxxm (long nigerian fyola)

  40. please get facts right and be objective.RB served in those capacities yes may be as a Zambian but for the presidency the constitution goes further to say one’s parents must all be Zambian by birth.So let the truth be known.for further information google ‘rupiah Banda’ on a very reliable site “wikipedia” and you will be surprised what you will read there.

  41. Iwe lubi #3, So what if RB served in various portifolios by grave mistake? If the issue is true and has been discovered today, we cannot allow a foreigner to be Republican President, no, the constitution is very very clear on this. Let RB lawyers prove Milton Phiri and PF otherwise in courts of law because this is not light matter. PF cannot and will never be afraid of MMD more especially in this 2011 elctions when it has done serious home work and the people are behind it to change Government. This debate is serious and all MMD cadres must realise that if it true RB is not Zambian, there is no way he can stand under our laws. If a mistake was made, it does not mean it cannot be corrected. Let justice take its course. Meantime PF focus on the campaigns because MMD will find a replacement!

  42. You people no one is saying RB is not Zambian.He is a Zambian by birth.But the constitution says both parents must be Zambians by birth and this is where RB falls short of.A wrong has been detected,is it wise to continue with it?

  43. #44 Dont make me laugh – since when has Wikipedia been known to be ‘reliable’? First prove that Satan is not Tanzanian then maybe we can discuss RB parentage. By the way, where is the list of PF parliamentary candidates?

  44. Guys facts are Banda’s father is from Zimbabwe and his mother from malawi and himself was born in Zimbabwe and in fact his father too is originally from malawi having said that…. let the man stand its ok ba Sata… Viva PF….. although Zambians need to know

  45. 28 You have made a good observation. Are there some people in Zambia who share this name Sata? I have never heard of one even in Northern Province itself. One bloger said he is mwachusa from Tanzania. Better investigate his roots too. Otherwise Mr.Sata will remember this time he is wasting on trivial issues.

  46. I am frustrated by most of LT bloggers who  think that revisiting RB’s parentage is a non-issue. Zambia is a country with a constitution and all has to be done according to the stipulation of the Constitution. Why should MMD turn to the Constitution when it suits them? Way back a Constitution was put in place to bar Kaunda from standing as president on the premises that Kaunda’s parents were Malawians. Now that MMD has to ‘taste their own medicine’ and it’s  not right to interpret the Constitution accordingly. We put the blind eye on it and carry on as if everything is ok. What Kind of logic is this? While Sat has to carry on campaigning it’s right that all other aspects are observed the rt. way. Are you guys st.upid? Is Zambia a jungle with no laws? Maybe it is?

    • Iwe keep yourself abreast with the law dont say constitution this constitution that. The job of the Judiciary is to interprete the law including the Constitution you are singing about. The Supreme Court has concluded in the Chiluba case that anyone in Northern Rhodesia on 23rd Oct 1964 was a zambian. What is your argument?

  47. when a man is desparate he will do anything to get what he wants..even go on a wild goose they want LAZ to intervine..well if LAZ had a solution im am very sure they would have done something..BA PF UR A SAD AND SORE LOSER…

  48. we benefit nothing from copper PF might be the party to give Zambians chance to benefit from our chief export.believe that.we need a revolution

  49. #44 stop talking rubbish ,Wikipedia is not reliable which planet do you come from ?people loose trust by this type on blogging .

    #39 Hey Zambian are not scared of change we are scared of giving power to people who look and talk like they were once in chainama hospital.we do not want to be refugees please what language do you operate well?

    We have no alternative as for now,and tribal voting has since stopped making sense pa zed we are now matured.RB will continue until it’s clear with the options not Sata for president unless we don’t love our Zambia any more. No arguments this is a recording!

  50. What happened to the degree clause? I am tired of listening to Kaponya type of leadership. It is a well known fact that somebody with a degree as a certain level of analytical skills. Can you compare President Mwanawasa`s leadership to FTJ? That is like comparing Apples to lemons. If i am asked to choose between Sata and RB, i would definately choose RB. Sata has no presidential qualities. Zambians are tired of listening to an elderly person insult his friends. We want leaders who can show us how they can develop the country. Elections are in a months time, Mr Sata can not explain how he is going to fix the economy in 90 days. Zambians be wise enough and cast your votes wisely. HH and Chipimo can make better presidents than Mr Sata. You guys will regret if you ignore my advise.

  51. I might not be coming back onto LT blog except to educate you guys, when I think it’s really necessary (if I feel lack of education/general knowledge is shaming Zambia on the world wide web). Do you know Henry Kissinger a German-born political scientist? He is a renowned American politician who only rose to the position of Secretary of State (his highest) because the American Constitution does not allow a foreigners to be president. Kissinger,at his peak in politics, was very eligible and was sometimes called the best potential President America never had. This piece of legislation cannot be tempered with. Recently Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Austrian originally (no good example for his own  problems) almost wanted to propose a change to the law to allow him to race for White House

  52. Born in Zimbabwe, his parents from Malawi and Zimbabwe, eeshii this mambala is a foreighner!!
    Anyway, there is no need for PF to be wasting time on this, lets just beat him nice and clean using the ballot box. I now understand why Sata has already secured a vote from Nkosi Mpezeni because the King is a cleaver one who knows he would rather put his vote on his mbuya Sata than rather on on a Malawian, or sorry is it Zimbabwen????

  53. If your parents were born outside of Zambia, you cannot run for president in Zambia (case of Kenneth Kaunda, 1996). But if you yourself where born outside of Zambia (RB, born in Zimbabwe), apparently you can run for president!!!

  54. #52 Wikipedia is not reliable because anybody can go in and change information on it. Even the head of Wikipedia himself as admitted just as much. One should take everything you read on Wikipedia with a pinch of salt.

  55. PF is not ready for the elections, this is a fool’s “strategy” to distract our attention. MMD go go go, RB go go go. Let’s not waste time responding to these time wasters, let’s go campaign for our RB and his A-team of MPs until the United Nations summons us.

  56. By the way what if the United Nations decides to postpone the elections until they investigate the matter, may PF please confirm that they will accept this? For the avoidance of doubt, until the matter is determined by the U.N., the incumbent stays in office on the basis of an unchallenged election in 2008. More agony for PF!

    • UN has no such imaginary powers to hear silly trivial petitions that are well catered for by national legislation, fortunately!

  57. #53 stop exposing your ignorance. Degree stuff was part of the flawed constitution championed by Kunda,an embarrassment to the legal profession. If you memory is short, the Constitution did not progress in Parliament and was heavily criticized by the majority of the Zambians. Degree for Presidential candidates? I have a PhD but I still believe that leaders are born and don’t always arise from the school. Education does help though, ok. Don’t be ridiculous, when Sata says to fix the economy in 90 days, what he’ saying is: the mechanics will be in place to set the economy in the right direction. Can’t you read between the lines? Can Zambia’s economy, which is in a coma, be fixed in 90 days? #53 if you have a degree I’d chose to throw away mine away or trade them for wisdom.

  58. The ultimate in the law issues in Zambia is the supreme court. I have a suspicion that most bloggers here have attended learning institutions that help people to think scientifically; that is to employ logic.The parentage case being raised by Kabimba is not new on the zambian political scene.Chiluba faced this [mhsrp] and even kaunda whose case is very clear as both of his parentds hailed from there. Records of judgements are there in courts for every one to see.And Kabimba can learn something from there that is deficient on his transcript. He is waisting our time as we have other matters that need our attention.

  59. LAZ insiders say that Musa ‘LAZ’ Mwenye will announce his decision (which he will claim is the position of LAZ) on Firday or Saturday in an attempt to cause maximum confusion during the Presidential nominations which start on Sunday 7th August. Unknowingly and foolishly, the PF and its allies are just campaigning for an MMD victory, this time it will be a 1991 type tsunami landslide.

  60. As long as we keep looking up on these old old men we shall continue the game of’s  time our generation is taken serious.But hey who has ever won this pa zed,I mean which judge can dare to point it out even if RB is not Zambian.why start an Iraq war pa zed,you never win.Sata can do well to campaign and draft his cabinet than start afghanistan war.

  61. @60, don’t be ridiculous we are not in kindergarten. “90 days more money in your pockets” means just that, not setting the fundamentals as you claim. How can those fundamentals in 90 days put money in your pockets? Please don’t make us throw up!

  62. Can sata prove to the Zambian peole that he is indigenous? Peter Tosh teaches us in one of his songs that when you live in a glass stones do not throw stones. And I say that if you leave in a grass house donot play with fire.Where did Sata’s father and mother come from? ………Kabimba must demonstrate that he is worth his lawyer’s salt.

  63. #61 I honestly believe in your last part of you paragraph.please bin you PhD it has not changed you one bit that’s why you don’t believe in dare you don’t believe educated president Is better than call boy? How many of them should rule us before we learn they can not run the country??why should we have another one in a country of educated lot.yes leaders are born but made better with education mate,enough of former bus drivers as president of Zambia get it in your head.I will support you if you show the PhD as the presidential candidate of Zambia regardless of your tribe or wether your father came from Kenya like obama

  64. MMD need not worry; they have done the campign already all they need now is to polish up. Copperbelt province is not the same. MMD has made a lot of impressions and my observation is that VJ’s analysis is even wrong because sata will not win on the Copperbelt. Even In Luapula Where RB has won the hearts of all the chiefs there.Lusaks is a shared province. Sata has a problem of findng individuals that can compete with intellectuals in the likes of Dr C Banda, Dr Mukonka, Dr Machungwa, Muhabi Lungu, etc…..these can’t compete with the likes Ms Phiri, Kabimba and other small time chaps.

    • That is possible if even 60-70% of the voters were as literate as you! In urban areas the illiterate identify with Cobra Sata and pathetic fools, so we have a problem!

  65. Michaelme well said it’s a country and it’s people,us the zambians to  under go hell if we make mistakes time and again.look careful at all the attributes we need in these leaders ,shame that some of them can even offer themselves.

  66. There is a limit to how much faith one can place in a man who has so badly misjudged his political opponents time and time again. Zambian are now wondering,what in God’s name is going on in the PF?

  67. PF has a point. KK was barred from contesting the 1996 elections because his father was Malawian. RB’s mother is from Malawi and his father is from Zimbabwe. RB should not be allowed to stand as Kaunda was not allowed to do so despite having been president for 27 years.

  68. If there is any clique of lawyers under the umbrella of LAZ who are even contempating to study the PF’s document on parentage, then God forbid. LAZ has been infested with a bunch of unprincipled men who want to reap-off PF funds in terms of legal fees. If Mwenye is serious then his law firm will go down into ruins. Most Zambians will broadly dig into the parentage of all political leaders to focus on Sata himself. It is a puzzle that such useless talk does not affect the PF Vice-President GuyScott – a naughty whiteman. Remember that the great freedom fighter, Munukayumbwa Sipalo once declared that “THE ONLY GOOD WHITEMAN IS A DEAD ONE”. This axiom will be extended to Sata too. In rememberance of Chawama saga: “The only good Mwachusa is a dead one”

  69. I dont believe the PF even believe what they are saying..its normal for them to do such anyway..its time they MANNED up and showed us the can stand against us the MMD..its when u notice that u are losing a battle that u begin to show such attributes..SHAME ON U

  70. #78 DS Malama you have problems mwana, seek help before it’s too late. Scott is not standing for president. But I suppose for you and your boss a Chinese would be OK?

  71. #69 #71 and #72 Pf government and Michealme resp., I had made a point that I wasn’t going to respond to illiterate LT bloggers but I find your comments irresistible. Firstly, pf govt you were going to throw up anyway, as Mushota would say you had your puke bucket ready. Coming back to the point, the sixth sense almost tells that things are not heading the rt. direction in Zambia. Change is needed to point the country to another direction. We did that in 1991.Whether the new course will be rt., we don’t know. Secondly, Michealme you did not complete reading my blog. My suggestion is read it in full, then read ‘A long walk to freedom’ by Nelson Mandela, it will help! Mandela is one of the greatest, started the struggle then studied law later to help with the struggle.

  72. Let RB produce evidence to prove origin of his parents. To all MMD vuvuzelas and NGIs in support of RB help your candidate with evidence so that he does not break the law which he sore to protect. Do not just talk from without. PF has a point and the same law was used against KK despite rulling us for 27 years. Let RB come clean on this issue. Obama faced a similar situation but he produced evidence to silence his critics. Can RB also show leadership on the issue and convince his critics with documents for his parents.

  73. We know you. You support Sata. In your dull mind, Sata is winning. Any lawyer who can stand up to support Sata loses credibility of judgement in my eyes. Mwenye is the worst LAZ President in the history of the professional organisation. Coincidentally, he is supporting a useless Presidential candidate. Does it flow in ‘something’??? There is a curious trend. I’m a statistician, so I can’t help seeing patterns….

  74. #83 THE TRUTH HURTS – where have you been all these decades. RB is now president because we proved he was Zambian in 2008. He was minister in government for many years, he was once Lusaka district governor, he even was a foreign service diplomat. How cheap for all you PF vuvuzelas to come up with the issue a few weeks before the election date! C’mon, give the term ‘desparation’ some respect and look for other issues to discuss. If you stand there only mimicking what Sata claims you will be left alone embarrassed one day!!! Do you research before making claims…

  75. Zambians woke up. The Constitution is not SATA. Sata & PF did not write that constitution neither Banda did. RB error ed on this one, since becoming the republican president he could have worked tireless to remove the clause from the constitution. The guy was business trotting the globe now it is time for him to prove that he infect qualify to stand.

  76. I want to leave this site for good but the comedy that seems to pop  up is hilarious and irresistible, even in the absence of Mushota. I hope she is not dead. Let’s hope she has gone to marry her long term fiancee in Paris and they are on honeymoon making a mixed race baby at the moment.  

  77. So there are two political items now that LAZ is ‘STUDYING’ including what to do with ZNBC. Any deadlines on when they are going to complete the ‘studying’?

  78. #87 tekanya…. you will soon leave the blog very soon your info like Mushota is being carried out…watch…. Viva PF Viva Sata……

  79. Un less one does not know what the law says about ones parents and to be a president in Zambia then s/he can continue making noise. Law is law unless it is amended. Don’t blog just because you are MMD VUVUZELA.

  80. Not favoring anyone but I think it’s rather too late to bring up this issue. Indulge in an issue based campaign and may the candidate that zambia chooses win. Good luck to all of you.

  81. The law is clear on the one to be president,the fact that Rupiah’s parentage has never been questioned,doesnt mean people can’t question now.Instead of being defensive let RB produce evidence that he is eligible thats all,t.v documentaries and lining up old women on t.v does not clarify Rupiah’s parentage.Zambians are docile,and it shows.s are docile,and it shows.

  82. Sata has no right to question RB’s background or even his integrity. Sata supported the colonial government and used to provide intelligence information on our freedom fighters during the colonial struggle. At the time of independence he went on self-imposed exile fearing retribution. Now, who is credible between him and RB. If anything Sata has no right to come and enjoy the fruits he didn’t even work for. Those that live in a glass house should not throw stones. Sata will remain what he is, HE IS A SNAKE – that is why he was given the name king cobra by the guys who formed MMD. He was the last guy to ditch Kaunda, he was the last guy to ditch Chiluba – just like he was the last guy to ditch colonialists. Sata is wrong for Zambia. He has already sold Zambian land dubiously!!!

    • You wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope that unlike Chanda Chimba who will not have any Job for the rest of his life, you’ve saved enough to leave on. Rubbish Bin is gone after September 20th.

  83. #93 enjoy your lies while you can, you will be sitting at the bar crying in the shadows with your beer come October

  84. Those that support Sata mostly fall into either of these four categories: either an illiterate, or a dull chap, or a Bemba, or a relative, or a criminal in trouble with the government. If you want to prove this, just check the line-up of big guns supporting him (including Mmembe), that’s what you will discover. So Sata’s supporters are either dull, or tribalist, or selfish, or all of the above. Very dangerous.

  85. #94 AIRTIME SAKALA – Let’s keep in touch Bwana. We will shake hands on 22nd September and check who has won!!! I can’t believe you are denying that Sata never campaigned for Chiluba’s third term. It just shows hypocrisy amoung PF supporters and goes to prove what I just said in my post at #95 above. No point arguing further with PF.

  86. #96 Whatever, he was quite instrumental in removing KK actually but you are obviously too young to remember

  87. #97 – I was involved in all the activities before and after the removal of article 4 that allowed multi-part democracy. SATA was NEVER instrumental in the removal of Kaunda. It is the students at UNZA who were instrumental by igniting the Tsunami that ended up enveloping the whole Lusaka in just two days and continued for weeks as the rest of the population in Lusaka joined in the riots. Sata only jumped Kaunda’s ship right at the end after he noticed that Kaunda had no chance and then participated at the mammoth rally at woodlands stadium where he tried to impress the new side he was joining by revealing sensitive information. It was the people of Zambia who took Kaunda out, not Sata. I was right in the mix, so I know very well what happened. It doesn’t matter how old I am.

  88. #61 Load-Shedding United and #77 HH=Hakaivotela Heka – Get your facts right, KK was NOT disqualified in 1996. Due to poor advice from his lawyer (Mwangala Zaloumis) he did not file nomination papers. Up to now nobody knows what the Chief Justice’s ruling was going to be. So to say KK was barred is a misleading statement. There are technical issues associated with the Clause. For RB it is even worse because having been President already, the other Clauses may not even matter now even if he did not qualify (he actually qualifies).

  89. @31 and 53
    – He has (had) a sister, the mother of his niece Sylvia Chlikosa – never heard of any brothers though.

  90. Interesting observation #61 and I was even wondering at what stage RB renounced being Zimbabwean since he is one by birth yet you read many bloggers saying he was born in Zambia. RB admitted it himself while visiting Gwanda! A question on parentage has been asked and begs an answer, simple. Why should everyone be thinking using the heart than head? We now have many more young energetic enlightened Zambians devoid of parentage issues who are ready to chart a new direction for the country’s future. 

    • there was no need to renounce as his parents became zambian in 1964 you dimwit, how many times will you be told of the supreme court ruling? pabwato pabwato is all you think.Ask for deliverance!

  91. President Rupiah Banda has continued with his chain of corrupt activities since assuming office three years ago with the latest being the awarding of a K5 trillion housing project to an insignificant company to construct housing units in North Western province.

    President Banda, working with one of his sons, has awarded the US$1bn contract to Savenda Management Services. Savenda, owned by a Zambian national, has a track record in providing corporate branded ware such as t-shirts to local companies.

    This is the second huge and dubious deal involving State House and the first family in a space of four months following the awarding of a US$98 million contract to some Kenyan business people to refurbish Zambia National Building Society in Lusaka.

  92. PF leader, Michael Sata, has charged that the deplorable poverty levels that traditional leaders and people of Eastern province have continued being subjected to, was clear evidence that President Rupiah Banda was not Zambian.

    Mr. Sata pointed out that the uncaring attitude exhibited by Mr. Banda towards people of Eastern province, where he claims to hail from, shows that the republican president was a foreigner who has only become too comfortable in a foreign country.

    He said Mr. Banda’s father was Zimbabwean while his mother was from Malawi

  93. IT is an argument of record-breaking absolute st.u.p.idity to insist that the person who already rules as President does not qualify to run for a second term of presidency just on the basis of a condition that existed even in 2008. If PF want let them file a court petition and delay elections…but their losing will even be worse when they elections finally come. The amount of desparation going on in PF is worrying. If Kabimba thinks that he can throw the country into chaos just because he wants to be president of Zambia, he needs to be reminded of what happened to Captain Solo and Mwamba Luchembe. Don’t over-rate your popularity. Get over it – nobody wants you. Full Stop. You f.u.c.k.ed it all up with UPND, now where are you????? Muli ba woyo, imwe ba PF! HH is laughing!!!

  94. Who would be surprised at this guys tenacity to help the snake when we know Musa, Mwenye and Zondwa are all Mwachusa names.

  95. This is Sata’s last kicks. It is suddenly dawning on him that he will never be president of Zambia. Shame. But if I were him, it is better to lose hourably and go down in history as an opposition leader who was significantly popular but was not popular enough to ever be president…and retire honourably., rather than raise the possibility of spending his last days in jail over creating civil strife in the country. He can probably bring about serious civil clashes, but will still lose in the end. He will lose because he is one the wrong side of morality. The blood of the innocent lives that will be lost due to the problems he will create will haunt him throughout his fragile final years. He must be made toi watch what is happening to Mubarak as we speak. Nobody owns a country…

    • Watch this space. Your president still doesnt know the PF stratergy up to now. He will be knocked on his head flat. For now donchi Kubeba

  96. i believe if you were born on or after 24 october, 1964 then you’re truly zambian because before then there was no such country as zambia, so how can you be zambian? It just follows that most of our parents are not zambian but northern rhodesian!! As a result i believe whoever drafted the zambian constitution didn’t consider this!

  97. #89 Zero Boyz, your name stinks and I find you to be a dictator who thinks that the world wide web belongs to them. Who the hell do you thinks you are to issue such threats. Do you think you are Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or some kind of a super hero? To say the least I find you irritating. If you think am intimidated by you, you have another think coming. I demand an applogy for your careless and uncalled-for utterances.

  98. The issue is not whether PF is prepaired or not but the constitutional requirement for one to contest presidential election. I agree with the blogger who says only LPM was truly zambian and that is why he had the plight of all citizens at heart just from his actions.

  99. Banda’s parents are Malawians. He was born in Zimbabwe. Were is Zambia in the equation? It is like my kids. My wife and I are zambians. My kids were born here in the US. How can they be Mexicans instead of either Zambia or the US? Banda is either Malawian by decency or Zimbabwean by birth. If he is a Zambian by naturalization, we need the records. Even so, that too does not qualify him to be President of Zambia according to our constitution. Period. MMD cadres seem to be left with no option but to resort to insults while they cry for postponement of elections. No, it is set. September 20, 2011. Your Banda chased out all other alternatives in the party and you are left with dead man walking Kunda, Chalesi Shawa, Kanyangu. Sadly katele was played by the same Banda. Zero option.

  100. The MMD created the law to bar Kaunda for the same reasons the PF are demanding. The MMD created the law they should leave by it. The  constitution should be respected otherwise anarchy or civil war maybe the solution to other people who might not be pleased to ruled by a foreigner. This issue about RB started sometime back, but no one took it  seriously. Constitutional breach should be taken seriously at all times no matter how small the breach is.

  101. MMD WHAT GOES ROUND COMES ROUND I wish Chiluba was alive to see this. But being arrogant that he was and the cunningness that he would have had no remorse on his part. May he is safer dead, MHSR in pieces.

  102. I wonder which Constitution Major Kachingwe and Mr. Hobday read… Article 34 (3) of the Zambian Constitution states as follows “A person shall be qualified to be a candidate for election as president if: (i) he is a Zambian citizen (ii) both his parents are Zambian by birth or decent (iii) he has attained the age of thirty five ……….. So now let RB prove that both his parents are Zambians, period…


  104. #115-Thanks for that extract.
    I think us zambians we have very short memories,no wonder we are always dribbled. The issue here,is the constitution,nothing personal. KK was barred because of the constitution that we have in place.

  105. Whatever LAZ will say on this matter will be but a mere opinion which will not be binding. There is no stopping RB from contesting the elctions.

    Pa Nkoooooooooolooooooooooooooooooookooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  106. Bravo Nafuti Nafuti 120

    LAZ should do something else, they have no teeth and only seem to want to interpret laws detrimental to government. They need to clean house first, members in that association have ripped of widows, declared Kaunda stateless – whatever that means. They justified Chiluba’s 3rd term, Mwanawasa also a lawyer but wasn’t in cohorts with LAZ. LAZ needs to concentrate on getting justice for the common zambian not just ones can just grease them. Some of these guys prospered from representing wealthy horrendous people. Whatever happened to justice?

  107. #119 Chikali – Please – do not mislead people. KK was not barred – where do you get such info? Were KK’s nomination papers rejected by the returning Officer?

  108. #119, KK was not barred but instead he boycotted the elections by believing that the Sata orchestrated parentage campaign would bar him. The Supreme court rulied that KK was Zambian and elligible to stand and that had he lodged in his nomination papers they would have considered valid. So it was the same Mr Sata who engineered the parenatge issue to bar KK but the Supreme court ruled otherwise. Because of ignorance and short memory, or sheer panic, Mr Sata has forgotten that he failed before, and that the Supreme court cannot now overturn its own ruling. Read PF cadres read, the modern world is not for ignorant people.

  109. @65 Analysis, you seem to belong to that class of people who passed through several layers of university and read a lot but remain uneducated. We know what Mr Sata means by his 90 days, it’s actually targetted at illiterates, so don’t try to interpret things into what Mr Sata does not mean. In 2008 at the height of load shedding, one of Mr Sata’s slogans was that he would eliminate load shedding in 90 days. Can any sane person interpret that to mean that Mr Sata will start planning to build more power stations?

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