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Root out MMD- Hichilema

HeadlinesRoot out MMD- Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has called Zambians to kick out the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) from power because the party has failed to run the country national affairs.

Mr. Hichilema says the MMD has failed to deliver on its promises from the time it has been in power for the past 20 years.

He noted that the party has failed Zambians on many issues such as the amendments of the constitution and the electoral reforms.

The UPND presidential aspirant says Zambians should get ride of old leaders and vote for the best ones that will improve the country’s economy.

He says economic prosperity will only happen if new leaders are voted into office and urge Zambians to turn up in large numbers to vote on 20th September to cast their vote.

Mr. Hichilema advocated for a continuous voter registration and an online voter registration.

And Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi has implored Zambians to vote for leaders that are clear thinkers and have better vision for the country.

Ms. Nawakwi says Zambians can not afford to have the same leaders who will continue to retard the country’s development.

She pointed out that the Movement for Mult-party Democracy (MMD) under the leadership of President Rupiah Banda has failed to bring up development that the country needs.

Ms. Nawakwi noted that some leaders have been in power for a long time and they are the ones who have launched the campaigns of vindictiveness.

“ You see up to now we still have leaders from 1950s who have not changed their mind set, they still have the mentality of settling scores when campaigning this is the time for clear thinkers to give us solutions for the future,” Ms Nawakwi says.


  1. This is the first time am hearing the under five taking a hit at MMD. He has been too harsh on Sata and smooth on RB of which many of us thought UPND had become an extension of MMD. The way the under five chap has been running his campaign looked like MMD and UPND were in a working alliance. 

    • I hope u re still a youth and able to energise yourself, your reasoning seems to be of an old man, time is catching up man,wakeup!

  2. does HH exist? this is so strange to hear those words from him. All I know is that UPND is a subset of MMD. It’s only that watampa ukulanda lilya kawa. too bad for you my dear.

    • Problem is that you hear insults only, so because HH has no reason to insult RB but to criticise him rationally, you do not hear anything. While you think he is under five, he will be pronounced the next head of the Zambian state.

    • Politics is life, the leader you choose today will determine your future,growth is inventible invite change in your mind and inspire the next gene for your thoughts vote wisely!

  3. Jikubi, are you reading the PF vuvuzela newspapers only not know what is going on in the country? Broaden your source of information to be well informed.You out for rude shock when the winner UNDP takes it all on Septemer 20, 2011.


    • To be in opposition doesn’t imply unrealistic and nonobjective criticism, it about monitoring the party in power and providing better alternatives for the benefit of the subject(HH) and not for one to enhance his disgruntled and self centered objectives (Sata)


    • Continue dreamining. The 1.2million of those people that go to PF rallies are those who did not initially have voters card which they now do. That’s the reason we’ve so much new and registered voters this time around. Continue dfreaming my friend

    • makabe ,don’t you think those youths should instead be building there future with someone whose is level headed.Think of a parent who has worked for his children for such a long tym and Keeps providing for his children, who should be independent, using old ways. Don’t you think one day the older children mighty just say dad i think this is our turn times have changed and old tircks of gathering for the family have phased out let us takeover and manage thing for you, If you are PF or MMD thats what you should be thinking now instead of embracing the old man who should be resting and let his young supporters take over .He needs a life free of Heart attacks and shocks, please feel for Him.

  6. Ba Anti_Sata hahahahahahah…….poor dreamers. You will run out of mabisi and chibwantu after Sept 20. Watch this space. We dont also want vikochikala mu Cairo road. 

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  8. HH is a loser a big loser in these elections. He has been soft on MMD. After being duped that they will appoint him V/President he went on overdrive attacking Mr. Sata. Now he has realised, the MMD duped him to stop him from campaigning. The result is he is far behind and a loser. UPND kick out HH. he has no vision.

    • It is a fallacy to show ignorance to the public! Why don’t you just keep quiet and maintain your integrity? If HH wanted, he would be the VEEP under Mwanawasa. He just refused because he did not want his party to go into oblivion which was actually the right decision to make.

  9. Most Bembas are naturally tribalists and thives, however they find it so easy to see other tribes as tribalists and incompetent. What a crooked tribe. You keep hammering at HH just because he is Tonga. Learn to reflect on your weaknesses as well. To prove this just wait and see the pathetic reactions from my blog and I expect it because that is typical of them.

  10. HH you should have been talking like this earlier but you concentrated on PF and that just exposed your shallow take on things. Very unpresidential

  11. My wife is half Tonga, halt Lozi and i am bemba. I HATE PEOPLE WITH this tribal approach.. Please spare us KKs one zambia one nation

  12. Is wisdom a preserve of the “young”? Young Zambians, is old age a disease? There could be better reasons one could advance other than age for wanting to be a president. Lets not discriminate the old for what they have become – old.

  13. DRC – no need to defend your tribe; the problem is not with you, its with the people who always rush to conclude that because HH is “Tonga”; we cannot support him. Just imagine, how is it that Mazoka got votes in Bemba speaking areas? Chibamba Kanyama once wrote an article in the Post asking “Tongas” to strategise and work with other tribes. I mean even USA has started talking to the Taliban – we call that “strategy”. HH has has a poor strategy for him to become President; he never read the mood of the majority (51%) of the people who are tired of MMD. Its similar to the way Black people always argue for “racism” as and when they dont take their chances. Typical!!

  14. Tribalism is rife in Zambia, that we know; racism is rife in the world, that we know. But it cannot be the only reason one can cling to when they cannot attract votes. When you look at how Zambian tribes have intermarried, one would be foolish to cling to tribalism because any war that would be triggered by tribalism would destroy families accross Zambia, not just tribes. Kauda sorted this issue, but for political expedience, people want to bring the issue to the fore. Lwenu ba Kolwe mukaipaya mweka, and when you all die, we will send our kids to take back Zambia forward.

  15. Number 15 and 16, I like your comments. I totally agree with you. If HH is to be criticised it should not be based on his tribe but on his strategy and political approach. Great comments man!!

  16. All those that hate HH do so because he pulled out of the pact and also because of his tribe.They are not being objective. In 1991, FTJ got 128,800 from southern province while he got 119,000 in Northern and 83,000 in Luapula. Southern second after CB. I guess this was tribalism.All of you PF accusing southerners of tribalism, whats your take on this one?

  17. @ Orgasm Tembo, what a BIG liar you are!!! which Bemba speaking areas voted for Mazoka you shameless liar, go to ECZ website and check the 2001 election results province by province and tell me which Bemba speaking province (Copperbelt, Luapula and Northern) gave more than 10,000 votes in 2001?

    • This then shows that Bemba speaking people cannot vote for a non Bemba and what do you call this? Tribalism of course. Don’t urgue with those who call Bembas tribalists because you have confirmed it yourself

  18. HH is a young man who is still learning how to engage in a political fight.
    He will use this year’s elections as a case study for his future edeavors.
    His main objective this year is to observe carefully how RB is gona knock out SATA then see how he can apply the concepts in his 2016 project.

  19. Northern Province: MAZOKA Anderson K. , UPND 8,888 4.51% 2.99%

    Luapula Province: MAZOKA Anderson K. , UPND 5,674 4.23% 2.81%

    Eastern Province: MAZOKA Anderson K. , UPND 9,341 4.21% 2.77% Copperbelt Province: MAZOKA Anderson K. , UPND 39,329 11.95% 8.68%
    From the foregoing only copperbelt province gave Andy above 10,000 though he came out a distant 3rd in the 2001 elections

  20. @ Orgasim Tembo, Mazoka did not get any votes from Bemba land, check your facts. Majority Bembas (the un educated ones)will never vote for a Tonga but Tongas have shown in the past by voting for FTJ. As Judas put it @19, FTJ got more votes in Tonga land than in Northern as well as Luapula. The current problem is as a result of Luapula and Northerners looking at Sata like a god.Little do they know about this man.They want to impose him on the rest of the country and whoever refuses is called names.

  21. Mazoka was liked by all Zambian because even his party hierarchy was not Tonga like HH. Even how HH assumed the party presidency was tribal. Why is he failing to shed off that Tonga tag? He will never convince people in places like Copperbelt,Luapula and Northern but Mazoka did because he had people like Patrick Chisanga in his top leadership. Check the UPND party hierarchy .  

    • The problem is not with HH its with many Bemba not liking Tongas. Chisanga resigned on his own from UPND. I have asked many people why they wouldnt vote for HH and all they say is he is Tonga. Little do they realise that its not HH but them who are tribalists. For me even if HH loses personally he is the best candidate.

  22. i think HH has a point there..we should learn learn to give credit were its due..replacing sata with RB thats is not change we zambians want..lets face it RB and Sata thier time is gone..i think zambians we want development but when it comes to voting we vote otherwise..these coming elections traibalism aside lets vote for real development not these old and expired madalas who want to even die in office..50yrs someone in govt and still want to be in power? when will the youths given chance?

  23. Iwe mwe bantu, Sata is not presidential material. Please be objective, how are we going to attract tourists & investors with such a Cantankerous being in state house. Even the little money in our pockets will disappear.

  24. continue making noise about age bamidala will be winning until u grow old as well.and what will be yo campaign message when u reach 60.u are not winnig this year and how old will u be in 2016?i will love to c yo politica CV after election.

  25. The best HH can ever do is to join MMD otherwise he is doomed for failure.He made a fatal mistake of associating himself and the UPND to Sata and the PF. What did he see in Sata? Nothing.It was just a dangerous miscalculation.He stupidly thought he was going to HEAD the pact and thereafter become PRESIDENT! He misfired because Sata also had the same scheme!

  26. #20 and #24 Hitler: Please check my comments clearly. I did not say Mazoka got “so many votes”; I said they voted for him. Tell me, didnt Mazoka get a single vote? The answer is yes he did. Which means I said the truth. The discussion them moves to the next phase: How many votes did he get? You have answered the question by stating the number in percentages. So you are saying the truth and I agree with you on the numbers. The next question would be: why did he get low votes? You are arguing that its because of tribalism. However, there is no scientific and or objective study that has yielded that result; all is but speculation; and I refuse to accept that. People may speak Bemba on the copperbelt, by they are a myriad of tribes.

  27. However, call me what you like, I just refuse to accept the tribalism reason that most Zambians advance against HH. I know loads of people that are Tonga, Lozi, Ngoni, Lunda to mention but a few; that live on ther Copperbelt. They all speak Bemba and are Zambian. Its time people accepted that each one is free to choose their language as and when their circumstances allow; and that choice should never be a reason for one’s failure. If you chose Bemba as your language at G12 and couldnt be accepted at the Engineering School of a University; dont claim tribalism. Worse, if you could not choose which tribe to be born; stop claiming that as a reason for beign treated the way you are Bwana Hitler.

  28. Lifwekelochifire or whatever, dont ;ie to us, you are the same people who called Andy the same names you are calling HH today. As for those that left, Chisanga left coz he was duped by Chitalu Sampa, Pule and others, that he would take over PF fron Sata. Sata chased them and told them to form their own party. PUDD was formed. Sakwiba left after losing an election, bitter pill. HH is a gentleman and even tried to work with Sata in the pact, but was chased out of the pact. As Kabimba, Scott and Given.HH was the last UPND member to accept that the pact cant work,he really tried but Sata was not interested.

  29. Tribalism is everywhere, racism is everywhere; the key is to deal with it and not to accept it as a factor when one strategises. Bwana HH is young, wealthy, but his strategy leaves much to be desired. He claims people need to vote for him because he is young; yet we all know how the young and educated people of the then MMD of 1991 have dissapointed us. Yes we need the past to understand the future; yet you cannot rely on the past strategies to deal with futuristic challenges. This for me, is where HH has let us down. However, my opinion is neither right nor wrong, although i have a right to say it on LT. If I annoy you, #20#24 Hitler, deal with it.

  30. @ Orgasim Tembo, you seem to miss the point my man. Your comment was misleading in that whoever lokks at it will conclude that what you meant is that Andy got a handsome vote in Bembaland. I will not be far away from the truth if I say 90% of those that voted for Andy in bemba land were not bemba, but from other tribes for the fact that not only bembas live in those provinces. Lundas are not bembas forexample. Just check the blogs above and you will see tipical bembas swearing that they would rather vote for a frog than voting for a Tonga.Some are saying they are scared of fikichikala in cairo rd etc.
    Such is what we are talking about though very few will come out in the open.The majority would rather find another excuse like experience, tribalism etc.

  31. United They Stand Divided They Fall.This is true for political parties in Zambia.For as long as opposition parties stay divided,they may never beat MMD in elections.

  32. At 33 Tracy, you are just confirming what I was saying. I expected some vulgar language and there you go failing to hold your traits by calling me that name. I am used so feel free to call me anything as it is your right my dear. Old habits die hard especially if the become part of the blood stream

  33. #39: Nokia Banda: Please do not put words in my mouth. Read the commends and you will observe that I refuse to speculate as you are trying to. I read teh article Chibamgha Kanyama wrote when I was in Tonga land. His analysis was spot on. A Zambian is a Zambian, regardless of which tribe s/he comes from. The moment a Zambian can convince other Zambians tribe will be secondary because quality will speak for itself. Read the Zambian mood and you will understand why the grassroot cannot buy “young and energetic” theme from UPND. Please use comments before you put words in my mouth. That said, enough from me.

  34. @ Orgasim Tembo, no one has to get annoyed, we are just exchanging ideas as youths. Like some one has put it above, its not the tribe that people are rejecting in Sata, its the individual, his character and many other factors. I would be a fool if you bring a bemba young man Chipimo and I dont vote for him on account of tribe. Lets be realistic here, its Sata’s character that we question, he is a dictator, a bully and extremely vulgar for a president. His age is not an issue to me. By the way an an Easterner. As for HH, bembas (mostly un-educated) have come out clearly that they cant vote for a Tonga. Thats what we are against of.Let it not be on account of tribe but other factors coz tommorow, the Tongas will not have a candidate and the bembas will need their votes.

  35. Get ride of old Leaders ? Come on HH did you say that ?  LT please proof read your articles, we know he is under5 remember. 
    Bob, Soft & Anti-Sata you guys are allowed to dream never shall Zambia allow this under5 in plot 1 at least not in this life time,,,,.Yes some people but not all in Southern province will vote for him. Soft do you want us to read the tonga times to broaden our source of information? Ooops we can’t read tonga and oops it does not exist..
    So come 20th sept you shall be the one crying in Tonga
    Chifokwa na nafuti nafuti

  36. Uko..tribal debate heated………..those who like telling their friends as being tribal are the No. tribalists…..

  37. HH, just sell yourself. You talk of OLD Leaders forgetting that the whole government system including the Chief Justice and ECZ chairperson are all old, including most of the Chiefs in this Country. Such UNDER FIVE statements are why Zambians think you’re still very immature and cannot trust you with Leadership. Waitaya Mambala


  39. All HH is saying is that if you are above nornal retirement age and still working,please RETIRE, so that many young zambians can have an opportunity to get better jobs too! Why are you insulting each other on simple logic?

  40. #28 the UPND partyhierachy has Hakainde Hichilema as president,southern province,richard kapita vice president,northwestern province,francis simenda,vice president,western province,winstone chibwe seretary general,copperbelt province,edward kasoko,national chaiman,central province,charles kakoma,spokes person northwestern province.thats the hierachy ure asking us to check now can u tell me what is tribal about this team?

  41. typical of zambians instead of articulating issues you attack someone even when he is saying the truth. anyway the majority of voters have no access to internet and Television so it doesnt matter what the morons above are saying..the best candidate who sells himself to the electrote will win this year’s election. decision on the barrot paper.

  42. There was a serious lack of judgement from HH when formed a PACT with SATA.
    HH became too adventurous and found out that the man was impossible.
    I dont blame HH for the move he took, because he did so to give SATA benefit of doubt. He discovered that with SATA even the benefit of doubt does not apply.

  43. Hitler remove your logs in the eyes,,,,,before you comment here,, did Mazoka came in distance third in 2001 elections. Be mature kaponya,,, you an ***** person like your leader with rotten teeth.

  44. If one cud be realistic,”it an obvious case that Bembas have taught tonga to be tribal in there voting, for how long have our credible and wise leaders been victimised, the Nkumbulas, Mazoka and now you are on HH “, what you should know is we feed our selves and never wait for the price of Maize to got down so whether you like HH or not, we will continue supporting Him.We don’t send thieves to go and still govt coffers(proof:magade) but honesty men and women to build the nation for every MEANING zambian whether Bembas or …………..

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