Simon Kabanda appeals to PF not to resort to violence when provoked by opponents.

Citizens Forum Executive Secretary Simon Kabanda

The Citizens Forum Executive secretary Simon Kabanda has appealed to the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) not to resort to violence when provoked by its opponents.

Mr Kabanda told QFM that resorting to violence means as a defence mechanism when provoked may lead to loss of lives of innocent people.

Mr. Kabanda said that this may also result in loss of national stability adding that political parties need to play an active role in maintaining peace and order.

He has since called on political parties to learn to co-exist and conduct their campaigns in a peaceful manner.

Mr Kabanda also charged that government was to blame for the unprofessional conduct of the Zambia Police service because of interference in the operations of the police.

Mr. Kabanda said that government gives instructions to the Zambia police adding that it is difficult for the police officers to defy the orders for fear of being fired.

He was commenting on the concerns raised by the Patriotic Front that the Zambia police has failed to act on cases of violence reported involving MMD cadres.



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    Typical of panga fanatics (pf) inconsistencies. First they wanted the election date to be set now they want to extend the rule of RB! First they were fuelling violence, now all of a sudden they have turned into Gandhi! They must have realised that there support for violence is losing them the little votes they still have. It is an absolute disgrace for the whole leadership of pf to stand up and preach violence on television to their panga wielding supporters.

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      Trying this correct grammar if you really want your name to have the punch! “Bishop Mpundu’s sisters are SWEETER than Dr. Kaseba.

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    Kabanda, you are a patriotic Zambian. I love your articles in the Post. But PF will not fold their arms as William/RB unleash thugs on them. we shall fight back to our last blood drop if proved….do you hear me?

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    The kaponyas have had enough!!Being treated like dirk & not considered as important in zambia!Mwapya bane!!!

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    Its not PF, its the people that are ready for blood shed, should they be pushed to hard in the corner by this useless government. Kabanda, can you please educate the MMD cadres as well?

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    PF means Panga Fighters who have FAILED to REASON and now they know that they are losing. 2006 in Lusaka and Copperbelt people voted blindly where SCRUTINY of candidates was not a big Issue. 2011 voters are now CLEVER they need Candidates of Substance not the KABIMBA and MASEBO who have run out of IDEAS. KAPATA tortured SAM ZULU. Let KAPATA deny this, so votes for THUGS.

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      Iwe chi number 5,we chipuba we waumfwa.Ngataukwete ifya kulanda kwikalafye makaka lyobe.Ati ba puso ababula amano,ukutali nempanga waumfwa.MBOKOYA IWE.Taumumona william uututendeka nomona kwati ni chilia ichoni chi parrot.

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    That man lets himself down, he looks thuggery and is scary

    People like that here in Glasgow will get stoppped for no apparent reason and searched.
    When you reach a certain level you dress appropraitely, you act appropriately and you talk appropriately

    This man epitmises what a lot of zambia men dont know know what to do, ie dress . Talk and even act. Some zambian accent are so difficult to listen to, when they hear me talk they know immediately, I dont live in zambia because of my accent. I like that. Thanks

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    How any political party behaves is indicative of its self concept.If its cadres play dirty,are loudmouthed and ragged,it indicates the’re not interested in tidying up their intellect either.

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    We need to make citizen arrest of Tekere or else there wont be any peace. MMD cadres must be disciplined and learn to behave. No Zambian is willing to be intimidated. The factor here is MMD and not any opposition party. MMD has no manifesto to tell people they just want to continue what citizens have already rejected. Shame!!!!!

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      I think let us show our violence in the polling booths. Its not health and ethical to fight each other. Mind you, we are many – but one family and that is One Zambia One Nation. I know PF is always provoked but please dont reteliate.

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    Really, Simon Kabanda looks like a thug!!!!!! During my childhood, we used to call people who look Simon Kabanda ati ba Kamunyama.

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    Just how silly are we , why dont we condemn the people provoking the situation thats where whave a problem.

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    people people, i feel sorry for many Zambians who just follow leaders blindly and i know the reason is sipmle, they have never checked where we as zambia are coming from. please, please read the history of each and every leader carefully and you will know them.i.e. we rushed in voting for FTJ and no one bothered to check his history. i have never head of any one who was with FTJ at school. well here is the philosophy of PF: they think of themselves as a MILITANT ORGANISATION. Check articles 1 & 5 of their constitution which they have for the last 10yrs.

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    May be the gentleman should state that MMD should stop sending MMD cadres to disturb PF’s peaceful campaigns as this would create civil unrest. He should have also commented on the bias of the Police towards MMD. PF should not be allowed to be needlessly attacked in a country that boasts alleged democracy

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    Those in Zed, can you please update : i hear the MMD thugs have clashed with cadres…..

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    Those in Zed, can you please update : i hear the MMD thugs have clashed with PF

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    sorry Simon

    I prefer Old Testament

    The “lex talionis”

    rather New Testament
    “If someone slaps you on the right cheek turn the other cheek to him as well.”

    be a mug, no thank you Simon !

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    Unconfirmed reports indicate that one person has been killed around Soweto Market where MMD and PF cadres clashed, victim reported to be PF in Party attires. Now, if MMD has put their flags and chitenges everytwhere, why can PF cadres be seen in public with their Party regalia???

    This country will become another Libya with a few million Dollars on someone’s head hiding at a farm in Eastern province, if we continue losing lives needlessly like this. Why should Wiiliam Banda hold us at ransom, the PF is right, they have to protect themselves, indeed!!!

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    Mushota (Posting 6)

    My poor sister, you making fool of yourself with your rantings about Scotland and Glasgow, pls be informed you not first Zambian abroad and people dont give it damn where you are. A number of patriotic Zambians have actually vowed never to be economic refugeses but to fight for better conditions here at zed! We know you are in Scotland but you can spare us the details!!!

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    Opposition political parties are convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the people of Zambia have lost confidence in the government of the day,(MMD) and they believe electing a new government is the only way to the country`s revival (“CHANGE”), well i say if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be simpler if the govt simply dissolved the people and elected another? don’t forget that the govt is an innocent mirror of the nations collective thinking, so if the govt is corrupt, then most people are/think corrupt, if a country`s poverty stricken then most people think they are poor or have a poverty consciousness , if its rich then most people have a wealth conscious, if its moving ahead for the better then most people are shifting their thinking to one of abundance paradigm.

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    Simon thank you for that! These people involved in these fights are parents who are role models of there children. So where is Zambia headed for now?

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    ….and then you expect Guy Scot to be our president once sata dies especially due to his lingering health issues. Is it not this guy who was fired from Chilubas govt for some racial issues. Koma ye, mwasebana ba Zambia. Its like Zambians easily forget.

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    I am mmd bt I don’t condone characters lik chi willaim banda,I blame the preside swell for being too soft on him!I hear derz kafwafwa in lsk sm of us a safe in the villages but I fear for my relatives!nafyena ifima cadres the pipo they re fighting for don’t even know them wat a shame!pf and mmd jets learn to coexist we only have one zed!

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    MMD cadres are future haitian “Tonton Macoute”

    Zambia, a democracy ?

    militia and violence, parody of justice, corruption, rather a dictatorship…

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    Zambians let’s be serious and respect each other regardless of our party affiliations. Better we avoid stories like being provoked and fighting back. Are these cadres sure planning to be provoked to justify fighting back?

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    Lets hand the country back to the British b’coz its clear Africans are incapable of self rule. Lets do this before it is too late!!!!!!!

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    It is important to understand that there is no mysterious external force that is causing random suffering, and there is no such thing as bad luck. Bad things happen to good people because they consciously or unconsciously do not understand the principles of the Law of Creation, what we reap is within us individually and within the collective selves of our family, our company, our community, country and the world that we live in.
    Every single state of being, thought word and action is caused by something before it and something after it. What is found in the effect is already in the cause and you are the cause of everything in your life and so is everyone else in their life. This also means that groups of people collectively cause their effects.

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    Simon well spoken tho u r PF Deputy GS u have atleast shown some maturity u know what dont put your eggs in one basket PF is going nowhere and it will be history come 20th September.Come for some cash to go and have a hair cut at my favourite hair salon at woodlands mall next to link pharmacy.

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    Its very simple, if mad dogs cadres (MMD) respect them selves there will be peace & no need of fighting back for nothing (self defence).

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    Ka Banda you will die of frustration come September 21 when your insane uncle is defeated for the fourth time.

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    @30 nothing happenning only that some chap was knocked down by a car and ba kaponya(PF) wanted to take advantage of it and almost looted some shops but our gallant police service quelled the mayhem.RB nafuti nafuti

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    The MMD Cadres have caused RIOTS in Lusaka 30 Minutes ago. The Police Have Failed to Contain Situation.The MMD cadres thugs have taken over council facilities like Bus Stations & Markets. William Banda is busy flying in this places and illegally MMD Flags.This was a source of the serious Riots

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    Vi rigger I hope chachine coz at no cost shud there be war in zed!I luv my party but it’s pipo lik William we shudnt condone oso naimwe ba pf lets learn to embrace ich ich and fight thru the ballot! It’s that simpo,a few selfish individuals want to destroy dis God given nation but it shall not come to pass!viva mmd viva Rb n gudluk kuli Imwe mwabashala!

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    #33 you are a cheap cheat. I am a kaponya in City Market running a successful kantemba and we have no riot here. Ukutumpa macarcar iwe.

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    By the way, PF cadres you have not answered my questions. You were hyping against “UNIPists” until we learnt from Guy Scott, your own vice president, that actually PF is the UNIPist party by constitution and they intend to remain so until their next General conference in 2016. Since you have condemned anybody whom you perceived to be UNIP including yourselves, that they should never be given power, why then haven’t you withdrawn from the contest? Well, if you don’t withdraw the people of Zambia have already picked the message and will deny PF their vote. That is the agony of ukubwata bwata without thinking!

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    This lady Mushota is a real disgrace. No matter what you do or how u talk or where u are, you are still black and African; girl. If people like you became leaders, I wonder if there could be sanity around. I have never seen anyone in my life so negative and so unwise. You are the first ever big mouth I have seen. By the way your kind of dressing that we see; is that you?

    If you are not wise your education will take you nowhere. You are the kind of an Esau in the Bible who sold his birthright just for some soup. Grow up. YOU BEHAVIOUR STINKS.  

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    Are ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily mail the only source of political information in this country ba Times of Lusaka or are u the extension of of times of zambia….

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    Lets vote for change – MMD yasila. Tufna inangu PF or UPND kwasila. wake up do not be cheated , we have seen bakoswe what they were doing? now they what to bite more, more bane we have known u and no need 4 u 2 preach long stories mwe bantu. this not 1964 , it is 2011 and technology , where do you rate people pliziiiiiii. awe twakana. just quit bane why do you need to be pushed. do not be like Mwata Kazembe. he is also finished

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    Mwata was respected – now is like a pushi in the house who sees rats but immediately rats dispear – he comes out to wag nicely to please the master. SHAmu to mwata does he gom to CHURCH? he is behaving like MMD. You do NOT own people nor the land. Look to GOD not god and see the wanders . people. Govt come and GO and even cifus come and go what of you two (M/Govt) you will go soon, ala mwilatubepa no need for you to talk rubbish

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    A message to the youth (cadres). Imwe akutunthani akulu akulu azipani zanu kuti muzimenyana, iwo ali khale mnyumba na akazi awo na ana awo. Inu adzakucotsani mano kapena kukuthyolani nthiti (mbambo). Ma election akatha imwe mudzasauka, andale adzakuthawani. So cifukwa ciani kuchita ndewo zamene mudzalemara nazo osati kulemela nazo.. Think properly. Akuusing’ani akulu akulu andale imwe muli mfooo. Ngati muli na mphamvu pitani mukalime mudzapeza ndalama kapena kuocha malasha, kugwira nsomba kapena kulowako nchito ya ugarden boy osati kucotsana mano, uzalira masankho akasila mfana, wake up.

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    @ 6 Mushota. You are an ignoramus. You claim to have a good accent, but your English grammar shows that you are intellectually challenged. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones! There is no such word as “epitmises”. You said, “Some Zambian accent are so difficult to listen to…” Even a grade 7 can write better English. Grow up and go back to school.

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    Kabanda’s political associations are strongly linked to Sata and the PF. This time around Kabanda is feeling the heat and repeaping the seeds of his tribal inclinations. May be only this time Kabanda has been shocked by the revelations that, after all, Sata is NOT a BEMBA nor a BISA, but a Tanzanian MWCHUSA hell bent to exploit Bemba political supremacy for his own good. The count down is on approaching 20th Sept when the true realities will dawn on all sponsors of tribal politics. Some NGOs will have eroded their bases such that next 5 years will nurture a civilised brand of national politics. RB has demonstrated that even the Kaondes, Lambas, Lenjes, Lozis, Lundas, Luvales, Nkoyas, Tongas, are as important as the Bembas and Ngonis under a united Zambia. RB is fatherly to us all.

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