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Former miner jailed for breaking wife’s legs

Headlines Former miner jailed for breaking wife's legs

Chingola town centre

A FORMER miner at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Chingola has been jailed for five years with hard labour for breaking his wife’s legs, a hand and a rib.

There was drama in court when the woman wept uncontrollably before a fully-packed Chingola Magistrate’s court after her husband was jailed and led to a holding cell.

In a case of Gender-Based Violence, (GBV) William Kabanda 48, of Nchanga North Township severely beat his wife for allegedly stealing part of the money he received from KCM after he was relived of his duties on medical grounds.

Kabanda on July 6, this year severely beat his wife, Doris Banda using a pounding stick until she sustained broken limbs and a rib.

Kabanda who pleaded guilty to the charge, told Resident Magistrate, Sililo Siloka that on June 28, 2012 he travelled to the village and left K4.5 million in the matrimonial bedroom.

He narrated that he instructed his wife to always lock the bedroom and never allow anybody to go in unless she was around.

But upon his return he discovered that K2, 770,000 had been stolen and his wife denied having taken the money.He said she later went home around 21:00 in a drunken state.Kabanda said this made him lose his temper and beat her using a pounding stick during which the legs, one rib and hand were fractured.

Chingola Senior Prosecutions Officer, George Mbangweta said the wife had wanted to withdraw the case but the State had refused.In his mitigation, Kabanda said that he had seven children and was taking care of his old mother and that if given custodial sentence they would suffer.

He said that even his wife would appreciate if he was allowed to be nursing her.But Mr Siloka said looking at the injuries and how the beating was executed, he had no lenience to exercise on Kabanda.

“Your action was barbaric and your intention was to kill this woman.Besides her sustaining broken legs, hand and rib she also bled from her private parts. Money is replaceable but this woman will remain crippled.

“You can’t buy life but money will always remain replaceable. In your marriage you shared good and bad moments and in your actions you went into extremes and you are an animal that deserves to be caged. Even the five years sentence I have given you does not match the damage you caused to your wife,” he said.


  1. The judge sounds like he made an emotional decision.Where can a medically retrenched man get money to replace.Some of these judges need re-training,seriously.Naturally also,if there’s no money in the home,women tend to panic and can resort to having a man to provide financially,wife battering is wrong but the judge should have looked at what would result out of a marriage when the woman misuses pension money.

  2. Scottish man ulichipuba sana – would you accept if that was your sister whose legs were broken. Zambian men need to learn the hard way that domestic violence has no place in our society anymore – deal with the consequences. In fact the man should have been jailed for 10 years – 5 years is too little for what he did!!!!

  3. The judge should have given him rather a 10 year sentence. Hoe can you beat your partiner the one you claim to share a body with and worse, to the extent of breaking body parts. Wish.

  4. How about some minister in this current govt who is on record beating a wife as sign of love. Next time he should also be given a sentence of even 90 days with hard labour; It will also be good for his health too.

    • The Judge should have applied a Principal of double effect. Where there two evils, and you have to choose one; choose a lesser evil. The woman wanted to drop the case; maybe she looked at two lives after the vedict. GBM had a similar case; he beat his wife badly too; but when the wife decided to withdraw the case, she was allowed. How did the same Judiciary look at it. Look at chibwe and
      chibwe case of 70s. How did the judiciary look at it in the Supreme Court. I am told the woman cried in court; even in Police there are stories of Police beating up thieves! The judiciary should have even proposed to this suffering women, who may not have anybody apart from the in-mate to take her children to School, on how to live a life with a husband in prison. GBV is NOT met for the poor only.

  5. The judge exercised leniency in his sentencing. The guy is an animal indeed.
    GBV is way too much in Zambia and its time govt through the justice system came down strongly on perpetrators.

  6. He beat her because he loved her! If it were not so he would have just chased her.Check Perfect Faith manifesto on the same.

  7. anyway i feel for the woman for her stupidity, it seems the lady was misusing the money after the man went to the village. Worse more she comes drunk then what do you expect from an EX-miner who is not in employment? look at the fool. now she will see how had life can be with those seven kids. Women should learn how to do things right. She forced the man to wip her to that extent.

  8. I saw the lady at Nchanga South Hospital. Both legs and the right arm were in P.O.P. Why did the relatives allow her to attend the court session in that condition. Good for the stupid husband. No more senseless drinking at sunset bottle store.


  10. That is deterrent enough to would-be offenders. This called for a longer sentence. And if the woman is daft if she sticks to this ***** who made a good attempt to kill her.

  11. @ScottishMan, judges always say things like that when passing a sentence. Don’t be blind, you are in the US and if you read/watch the news, you will find that this is what transpires at sentencing.

  12. by the time the 5 year sentence will be over, the woman will have married to another man. thats how bad this life is ????????

  13. the man should have even crushed the head …….how can she spend the last money on beer….she should be the one uwamulwalike

  14. Why the lady bled from the private parts? which parts exactly u mean nyini? In that case, the judge would have jailed the man for atleast 2 days with hard labour considering his health as well as the burden of 7 children. But also bembas at it again how dare u produce 7 children sure kwati ni mbeba?

  15. The man deserves to go in.Why did he leave such a big amount of money in the bedroom as opposed to in the Bank?

    He decides to beat the wife in that manner means he is a Killer and therefore should go in.


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    • Your comments don’t make sense.Read your writing to yourself before you hit ‘Submit Comment’. Please.

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