ACC fail to interview Kabimba as he refused to be interviewed in the absence of PF cadres and the media

Kabimba with PF cadres at the Anti-Corruption Commision Offices
Kabimba with PF cadres at the Anti-Corruption Commision Offices

The interview by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officers with Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba over alleged oil contract deals today flopped after he refused to be interviewed alone.

Mr Kabimba who is Justice Minister was summoned today by ACC at 15:30 hours but arrived five minutes before the scheduled time and was welcomed by several PF cadres.

Upon arrival, Mr Kabimba was received by ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono and other officials who ushered the Minister inside the building while the cadres also made their way in.

Mr Kabimba was taken upstairs by some ACC officers who earlier persuaded him to leave the party members outside so he could be interrogated alone in one of the offices.

But Mr Kabimba insisted that the matter he was summoned for, was of public interest because it had been all over in the press and there was no way ACC officers could demand to interrogate him alone.

“I want to see the officer who is supposed to interrogate me… because I fixed an appointment at 15:30 hours and infact, I came here five minutes before. I don’t want to paraphrase my statement to the media.

“There is nothing to hide in this matter all what I want is the media and all these people around to be present when you interrogate me,” Mr Kabimba told one of the ACC officers whilst on upstairs offices.

After conferring with an indentified ACC officer for some minutes, Mr Kabimba was then asked to go back to the waiting room to enable the officers prepare the room that could contain all people who accompanied him.

At the waiting room, several senior ACC officers pleaded with Mr Kabimba to interrogate him alone stating that the matter was ‘confidential’ but the cadres responded that “We are here to support and protect our S.G and this matter is of public interest and anybody can attend it,”

At this point, ACC deputy director general Irene Lamba appeared and told Mr Kabimba that the interrogation could only go ahead in absence of cadres and the media.

She said,” Honourable, this matter is confidential, there are a lot of people around its not possible to do our work,” but Mr Kabimba assured her that the cadres were harmless and if anything bad happened he was going to be held responsible.

After a short talk, Mr Kabimba was told to leave the offices by Ms Lamba who said the commission would make fresh arrangements to interrogate him but the cadres also responded that they would not give up in supporting their S.G the next time ACC would summon him.

Mr Kabimba was disappointed that ACC officers had failed to interrogate him after making all his efforts to avail himself before the commission to interrogate him in an open manner.


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    He is the same person with his PF party who were always shouting that HH did not need to go with cadres to the police. These things just happen, your supporters will just come you do not need to invite them. He is now in the same shoes and understands that in times like these one needs some support.

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    What kind of foolishness is this, really? This amounts to harassment of bureaucrats who must do their work without party politics involved. I am beginning to doubt the seriousness of this anti-corruption campaign by the PF.

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    AND you call yourself Minister of what? Since when did the PF Cadres and the Media become lawyers or legal representatives?

    Why Kabimba, in your opinion, shouldn’t HH or some other opposition politicians make the same demands as the silly demands you are making?

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    am very dissappointed with our SG,your behaviour exhibited here is not encouraging but disappointing as a person occupying a high office, you were suppose to follow the laid down procedures for the interrogations. what message are you sending to the opposition leaders?? I dont think you need cadres or media to prove your innocence, infact you doing what you did just sparks more doubt in your innocence in the allegations levelled against you. please can PF purely change for once, we no longer in the opposition, we must respect our institutions instead of making their work difficult. 

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      Hi PF Supporter, I salute for the comment you have made here. For once we need a difference in the way we do politics. Seriously, how can the so called Justice minister behave like a cadre? I thought Wynter was a lawyer and understands such legal matters and processes, and the need for rule of law and independence of the bureaucracy. How could he really behave in such an uncivilized and unprofessional manner? Let us get serious people. It really hurts to see that these are the kind of people in higher offices and were supposed to formulate policies on behalf of the country. I am scared for mother Zambia.

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    By the way Kabimba, you are wasting Tax Payers’ money. We have employed the ACC/DEC to carry out business for us. Why are you resisting interviews? Do you want to be dealt with by we the citizens ourselves and not our agents?

    What do you fear, can you tell the public so that if anyone of our people are summoned, they too can avoid showing up there?

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    Ba mudala, I am a PF supporter but I think u need to re-think ur actions sir, ACC is a gvt institution empowered by law to conduct interrogations in the way they want it to happen. Mind u they  maight be protecting your interests. Tomorrow the same cadres will rise against you for any little problem. Ask major Kachingwe

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    Mr Kabimba was not red for interrogation and it looks like he is guilt. How in the world can someone a minister for that matter fail to corporate with his officers. If it was an opposition leader he would be the first one to condemn such behaviour. What a minister!

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    Atase!This guy is so full of himself.He is trying to intimidate the officers.He is actually trying to hide something.

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    What a minister!

    From now on we should all go to his office and witness how he works, since he is a public minister .

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      We are still correcting your poor grammer, syntax and spellings.its a mammoth task but will get there

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      You have cracked my ribs! I’m in tears….

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    Confidential ya right, so that it is easy to push matters under the carpet, that is why in other countries when such an official is accused, a commission is called and the hearing is made public!

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    People! Why didn’t ACC just go ahead with their work? What confidentiality are looking at when the issue at hand is already in public domain.Winter is brave and wants everyone to know that there is nothing he’s hiding.This is the only sure way of combating corruption.Nothing to be swept under the carpet.I salute Winter.

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      There are ethics in every job and Winter being a lawyer knows that interrogation are meant to be private only lawyers are allowed. This is not a TV interview baba. Even if an issue is in public domain, how much do all of us know about it…only ACC and winter himself have details of happenings. He is not yet in court. I guess he is causing unnecessary assumptions in a number of us…something could have happened. He actually looked scared and running out saliva when talking.

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      well u dont expect work to be carried out in the wrong environment with thugs standing over the officers heads. what if he is asked some sensitive issues which may not already be in the public domain? let civilization prevail we cant behave like this in this age.

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    Mr kabimba am very disapointed with u if this article is true! Set a gud pace for others,where in the world av u seen interogations conducted in the presence of caders,ur becomn too powerfu! We knw ACC officers are yo juniors and u can fire them if u want,bt respect their job there doing that for us Zambians who employed u in 2011 and who may fire u in 2016.ur a lawyer bt yo 2dez conduct leaves much to be desired! Comply with them! Our President is allergic to corruption support him!

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    Winter Kabimba has gone too far and its high time he is brought to his knees. That’s a problem with lawyers who have not won a single case not even ka simple one.Winter for your own information you have contributed to the down fall of PF as from today on wards. People will be judging your party by your behaviour today at the ACC Offices since you are the chief executive of your party.You were not with your cadres when you were committing the felony.You were on your own please Winter.Why did the ACC arrest the cadres for interfering with their work?Sakeni can you use the Public Order Act on Winter for being breach of peace and dis orderly at the public place-ACC offices.

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    am every disappointed with Mr. Kabimba. this a sign that he is guilty, cant they arrest him on charges of any offence for what he did, someone help me, any charges that would be in line with his childish behaviour. 

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    This is truly unbelievable arrogant and contemptuous behavior by a man who should know better and lead by example. How can a lawyer who is also justice minister behave in this manner?

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    Winter you have sent precedent and now every one who is summoned either by the Police or any investigative wing will be accompanied by his supporters in the interrogation room instead of his lawyers.If that was the advice your Bwinjimfumu Road guys gave you then waitaya Winter. We wait to see or hear from your President what he will say on this.

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    The guilty are always afraid: One James Hardly Chase once wrote.No amount of intimidation will stop the ACC to carry on with their work whether you like it or not the interrogation will go on.We demand that his HMCS revokes your appointment with immediate affect for you have embarrassed him alot and brought his leadership in disrepute and ridicule.If the president tolerate this behaviour from Winter then we will lose trust in him.Because the ACC called you and were conducting the business in the name of the Republican President. 

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    Where are the 5 Amigos? Maxwell, Chitalu, Hamiyanze, MundiaM and Peter? Were you out there giving physical support to your Minister of Injustice? Come back online and explain your uncivilized behaviour!

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    Surely, there’s is a lot of PLAYING around in Zambian ploitics. Honestly, is Kabimba above the law? Is the ACC so scared of him that, they would not only succumb to his nonsensical tactics of getting out of an interview, but also show how toothless the ACC is?

    This is just absurd so say the least. I mean, even a lay man can see through this here bul$hit.

    And why, just why would the President keep letting his cabinet Ministers run rampant with impuinity? In the interest of the public, these ACC interviews have to be privately conducted. Yes, Kambimba has every right to have a legal representative accompany him and not party cadres or the media. Can you imagine a scenario where people now start refusing to be questioned by ACC because, they can’t have their bululus present?

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    Kabimba you Mbwa iwe koswe kabolala, those are tricks of a guilty person. You can never be president of our good nation, 2016 is for Kambwili the only serious minister we have seen so far. We are marking your deed Winter dont think you are clever, you will pay for this one day. GBM is Innocent while your hands are dirty ci SG Fuseke!!

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    Such an asshole, refusing to be interviewed unless in the presence of his barbarian cadres, poor Zambia, what tripe we have ruling us!

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    Such behaviour from a high ranking officer in a government can only occur in a country with very poor democratic structures. Acting rough shod with the same statutory institutions that support governments operations from the Justice Ministers speaks volumes about what these office bearers think about the law they claim they uphold. The message being sent out is that there some people who are above the law. From a moral point of view, this is the reason most of impartial people had called for both GBM and Kabimba to step down while investigations were taking place. But this is the jungle where there are two legal systems at play.

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    And HH goes with cadres you tear gas him ? Looks like some animals are more equal.

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    @Goncalves, am not cheap, Kabimba is facing the law as a person and President Sata does not tolarate corruption. Whynter is inocent till proven guity by a compentent court of law.

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    We need a Commission of Inquiry on why the police did not teargas the place when it was full of cadres.

    Isn’t this the same place where Ukwa was teargassed?

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      It’s fine if people aren’t fans of this one or that one, I am not a fan but still am able to leitsn to what he has to say And what about it, how would the way he describes be a good way of evangelizing others and has it worked, that’s the question. He is not saying Protestants are actually evangelizing 2 Billion souls, as was the stated claim, or saying as another commenter points out that their approach is good and superior for whatever reason. But he is saying there is a zeal, he notices it and not just he notices it but countless people whom he has met are saying the same thing. You don’t have to like him, I don’t think that is why Fr. Z posted the video to encourage you to be a fan . But why is it that the committee based evangelization method hasn’t worked whereas there…

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    I am so glad that so many of you are beginning to open your eyes. How can a Minister of Justice behave like that to the officers!! only you the citizen can be arrested and not them. Zambians Open your eyes!!! if Winter thinks he is above the law then who will abide!!

    VIVA HH!!!!!!! VIVA UPND!!!!!

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    he is setting a very bad precedent,lacks leadership qualities and he is a coward.waiting to hear what action or comments from time he demand all the cadres to be with him in the courthouse.very dull politician

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    And that’s the minister of justice – the custodian of the rule of law and an “accomplished” lawyer? It’s a circus indeed. In fact more of animal farm – some animals are more equal than others!!! Why do I think he’s so bold and perhaps knows the president is going to protect him? If he has nothing to hide why not get it done quickly so you can clear your name, ba lawyer? Isn’t he then one that was trying to bully the ACC giving statement after statement when investigations were still going on? Now he’s running scared. Catoon governance fye.

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    Once a cadre always a cadre. You can’t blame the man. He does not yet know that he is now in govt. Cadre for life! No difference with William “Boxer” Banda!

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    Please Kabimba allow due process unfettered by encumberances of rowdy and noisy cadres. Is there something you are afraid of, per chance?

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    Kabimba: please allow due process unfettered by encumberances of rowdy and noisy cadres. Is there something you are afraid of, per chance? Something doesn’t seem to be right, the way you have conducted yourself in this instance.

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    The president was just launching one week on corruption and here the minister responsible to ensure that there is peace in our justice potray to all the nation and the world his arrongant. plz our president fire him he is not fit to be the minister no special cows. he should be fired he is an embarrasing to all what the president is trying to do. let him go. we vote for you and they are many youths capable of being a SG.

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    To be a cadre has become a big job in Zambia. It has become a formal employment and the youths know they have to enjoy political money by becoming political hooligans. What a pity for Zambia.

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    Winter is becoming untouchable.I support pf but ba Sata should be careful otherwise winter is destroying PF.I don’t why da guy is dividing pf jst coz of power.opps some tribes love power too much no wonder they fail 2 win.

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    Kwena mulampapusha! Even court proceedings are public. What’s confidential about the deal? I want to know everything. ACC should go ahead and interview him or anyone else in public if the interrogatee wants it so. HH too. Unless otherwise. Winter, this is of public interest, keep it that way good man.

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    I am only waiting to see what his BOSS (Sata) will do.
    It is a very big test on Sata’s utterances on corruption.
    Lets see how allergic he is.
    Mr president TALK.  

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      That is why they want this interrogations to be secret, he might have gotten a directive from the boss during oil deals, and the boss’s name will be mentioned.

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    I think I will create any agency in Zed called Cadres for Hire.  
    1 hr hire – K2,000,000 (Rebased K2,000)
    2 hrs hire – K4,000,000 (Rebased K4,000)

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    And the funny thing is that people are very sure that Nevers sent the cadres after Kachingwe. Mere speculation as far as I can see so far. The use of cadres though is totally primitive. We need to move away from this way of doing things in Zambian politics. This is definitely not a hallmark of a mature democracy or a progressive country at that.

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    Mr. Kabimba so you are guilty concerning this matter? That’s what you are telling the world. I am personally very disappointed with your pride.H

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    W.K what you should know is that pride goes before a fall. You have disappointed many of us by your foolish behaviour concerning this matter. I think you are guilty and you know it so you are afraid.

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    Im afraid we do not have a government in Zambia but foolish and and brain dead people like Kabimba.Sata should show some leadership on this and fire Kabimba from the post of minister of justice because his behaviour is unheard of .He has set a very bad example and insulted the legal profession in Zambia.Is this the person who has been given an order of distinguished person I wonder?

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      The moment Sata starts firing his people he will have no pillar to keep him standing. GBM is joining MMD very shortly, Kabimba won’t follow GBM because they are arch rivals. He instead will join FDD not UPND because ali ponta. Next ni Chilufya Masebo ukuya paapata kuli Nevers Mumba and apologize and come back MMD.

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    Mr. Kabimba is setting a bad standard. suppose every Zambian individual now will be demanding to be interrogated in front of the public or relatives or friends, what kind of ACC are we going to have??? Ok tomorrow if I am suspected of doing shady business, or drug dealing, and I refuse to interrogated by ACC when I am alone what will ACC say to me?? This is nonsense for Winter, Please Hon. SATA fire the chap, I no longer have respect for him. He is a coward and has things to hide in the name of wanting to interrogated in public

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    Its all nonsense, you cant prosecute someone who is in power in africa unless its a witch hunt ordered by presido, it will all come to nothing, those tu ma officers at ACC only respond to power and right now they can smell which direction its blowing, rest assured nothing will happen to kabimba till PF is out of power or he gets in bad books with president.

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    winter is very stupid arrogant individual. he has seen that sata seems to be siding with GBM. he has found himself in shallow water hence the desperation to intimidate ACC officers. winter has a case to answer, it is sata and GBM’s plan to get rid of him. watch the space

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    This utter disregard of a law enforcement agency. The best Winter could do is have his lawyers present, not cadres. I am stunned at this level of lawlessness.

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    This is utter disregard of a law enforcement agency. The best Winter could do is have his lawyers present, not cadres.

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    This is tragic and this administration is in utter shambles; the sheer cheek and lawlessness of it is appalling. Justice Minister puts cadres between himself and the law. Zambians; what have you done – handing keys to the government to kaponyas? @ 63, is that the Bingi Tange Mufalo of the “Z” List of yesteryear? This country deserves far much better. People that are enlightened need to urgently connect with the grassroots. Zambian voters have robed themselves and their children’s future.

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    To all patriotic zambians
    Let’s all push 4 winters resignation an if he refuses let’s col. 4 D president 2 fire him….
    All comments shud end wit sata fire winter

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    These guys are the some Sata was just playing politics when he said he wanted to fight corruption, the only one who ment what he said was Mwanawasa.

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    2 all patriotic Zambians lets push 4 winter’s resignation if not let d president fire h’m…
    comments 2 end with sata fire winter

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    Kabimba is going no where. He is so dull that he thinks the rest of the world is as dull as him. This will catch up with him very soon. This is a lawyer who never won a case in his life – he lost all his court cases when PF was in opposition. Time will catch up with him very soon. The only person he is fooling right now is only himself. But because he is so dull he thinks he has managed to fool himself. Well, let us wait a few days, weeks, months and maybe even a years….but it will catch up with him and his end is coming…and when his end comes, it will be to the pleasure of everybody. Sata must be very careful, if ever he wants to leave any good piece of himself. Otherwise he will be good riddance by the time he leaves govt or responds to the Lords’ call. We don’t forget.

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    This is daring of the Zambian people with impunity at its worst. A poor civil servant charged with the same offence could have already been rotting in chimbokaila while a Justice Minister tells you that he is above the law. What kind of stupidity is this? What is the so called Head of State who is allergic to corruption going to do this time? Cry my beloved country indeed!

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    Another reason why Sata should start holding press conferences; these guys are starting to get out of touch. 

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    I think that the President should seriously and publicly caution Kabimba over such unprofessional conduct and if I were him I would actually remove him from the justice ministry, firing him would actually be the best action. How does our president work with such people? How can we even advance the national agenda with people who think they can decide what everyone else does and how they do it? Those ACC officers are professionals trained to handle such matters in an institution that is empowered by law, an Act of Parliament. How does Kabimba show up in Parliament and enact national laws and policies with such kind of behavior? Shameful and appalling. Kalunga tata tukafwe!!

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    @64,The Constant Optimist, indeed it is. Would have said hi, but you are hiding your identity.

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    @37, dont waste your time, the majority of zambians rarely read between the lines! after sometime they will think he is doing the right thing! “dull”

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    Only in Zambia. As Hon. Sakeni said: “in accordance with best international practices” \:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/\:d/

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    Hon. Kabimba is guilty until proven otherwise. This is not the change we voted for. Kabimba can not start undermining the institutions which he is supposed to safeguard. The matter is in public domain, yes, just the way other cases have been handled in this land. Infact that is the way high profile cases have been handled worldwide. What is so special about this case? Why should Hon Kabimba be treated differently? It is clear now that Hon Kabimba is in a wrong political party. His character belongs to MMD. And Hon Kabimba should not fool himself that he is invincible. Surely H.E. President Sata is watching and I know for a fact that he is serious with the anti-corruption crusade. It is just a matter of time, Hon. Kabimba will be forced to resign, if not fired. It is the only litmus test!

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    Wynter Maize Kabimba must be fired. He has outlived his useful ness and is a dissappointment to PF thugs in leadership.

  62. vote

    Government being run by brazen-faced, A-rated, multiple stupidity prize winning, petulant little boys in stretched bodies…  

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    Am a very dispointed man by the way our Justice Minister conducted himself at the offices of ACC. Had respest in him but am now douting his integrity as he is one of the most senior Goverment Officials.What is he fearing to be questioned alone.And where on earth as he seen people being interviewed in the presence of unconcerned personnel.Mr. President Please talk to him and let him comply with the rules of the law.

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    He thinks he now owns Zambia and no one can question him. That was total intimidation on its highiest order. He needs to be forced to resign and the investigation will materialise.

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    Hon. Wynter Kabimba as a nominated MP, Minister of Justice and PF SG has put the President in an awkward position in as far as the fight against corruption. He wrote to the ACC assuring them of his corruption, but was that the cooperation you talked about. As a lawyer, you know that investigative wings will not carry out their work in the public glare, especially at a preliminary stage!!! Now, its either the President drops you to allow you cooperate with investigative wings or the fight against corruption is dealth a mortal blow if the President ignores this!!!!

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    Kabimba is arrogant and full of pomposity. He is not worth being a Minister of Justice. He is still behaving like a PF cadre. Sata please fire this guy. He is a disgrace to you. He will embarass you in future. Watch! Don’t say you were not warned.

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    Winter Kabimba is just a shameless liar. Kabimba thinks Zambians are fools. Why did he go to the ACC in the first place? He is using the ACC as a ”smoke screen” It is very strange for a suspect to give conditions that he must be questioned in the presence of cadres and the media. Kabimba is the same person who condemned HH for going with cadres to police. This corruption fight by the PF is just a comedy. Cry the beloved country!

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    Double standard,why did the Police intervene and use Public SafetyAct as they did against HH. I always said Winter Kabemba Muca Habeli because the man is not trusted, a big liar like his Boss.

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    Now this is very bad. Winter should not mistake cadres for ‘Public’ . The Public will get the statements of what transpires in the interview, through the proper channels. Winter is the Minister of justice, and you wonder what kind of justice he can dispence. We now want to see what the head of state will do, because Winter seems to be above the law, infact, he seems to be too powerful for the law.

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    This behavior by our justice minister may seem frivolous however, observe carefully his attempt to make the process public.

    The man is sliding out of favor hence his pleas for the media and cadres[public] to be present during questioning.

    With hindsight, i pity the man befallen with the dredge of a tribal hierarchy and sponsors of ethnic supremacy within upper echelons of pf party.

    Let those that have eyes see that this man is on a slippery slope to oblivion. Unless Zambians esp those from other parties welcome WK and dislodge pf in 2016 or even earlier.

    i rest easy.

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    The last nail into PF’s coffin. There is no way PF will win the next elections. Absolutely no way – if they try to rig that will be the beginning of Zambia’s civil war. We will not allow this kind of nonsense to continue after 2016. Let’s see what Sata will say about this. The line has clearly been drawn now. PF are a bunch of animals who have no respect for the people. Zambians have never been insulted to this degree before…we have never seen anything like this in the history of Zambia. GBM must be laughing and is very happy about this.

  72. vote

    Our MPs should find out on our behalf in Parliament if this is acceptable behaviour in Zambia so that we shall all be going with our henchmen when summoned by law enforcement officers. What I don’t understand is why the ACC didnot go ahead and interview him for all of us to hear what he had to say. Perhaps they really had no questions for him afterall. They were just putting up a show!!!.

  73. vote

    ACC is an office created by an act of parliament through which all Zambians are represented through their elected MPs and for Kabimba to behave in a manner he did, it shows very clearly that this man has no respect for the Zambians and the institutions that be. Mr. Kabimba should be ashamed of his action of carrying cadres to ACC officce. That kind of behavior is immature, unprofessional and aimed at undermining the office of the ACC. It is sad to have a Minister of Justice who behaves in a manner Kabimba has done. I implore all dignified Zambians and authorities to condemn the behavior exhibited by the so-called Justice Minister/PF Secretary General………….

  74. vote

    I think WK is a real man. He has nothing to hide. Those ACC wanted to corrupt him. A public figure has nothing to hide and as such it could have been better to hear him answer all questions in public. This is the best way of fighting corruption. KABIMBA YOU’VE IMPRESSED ME FOR THE FIRST TIME. YOU ARE ‘THE MAN!’

  75. vote

    Mr SATA please i have respect for you,please allow the nation to have peace,winter has overseen ur powers,plis sir kindly disciplined kabimba,so many people ve been interview by ACC whom u appointed but my worry is where on earth as u ve seen wat winter did, it paints a bad picture to you and to the world. Kabimba, you a dog,********,. you do u think you are?wasting people’s money,i swear u shall regret dont think u ll be in power for ever,****** iwe,********

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    Wynter alifye bwino its time we changed the idea of secret interviews. Fya kale muli ba communist ifyakufisa. Lets move on with new ideas.

    • vote

      Brilliant idea by Wynter & Chici. This ancient law that manipulates data because interrogation is private has led to loss of lives and hypocrisy. The minister is a public figure let them conduct the interrogation with media present chapwa.

  77. vote

    iwe naiwe chici, where on earth have ever seing such scenario,all cadres remain outside,wat are talking about, even chiluba never used to behave the way winter is friend chici i think winter is your uncle so better shout  up 

  78. vote

    Clearly this show the the justice minister has a hand in the corruption he is being alleged to have committed. Hope Mr.Sata can pump some sense in his minister of justice who does not follow the law himself.

  79. vote

    Ok people. situation is that we have a weak president, where minister can do what they want. Or maybe they know dirt secrets about ukwa and he is afraid to touch these ministers who can decide to disclose. 90 days

  80. vote

    sata cage this empty head.what a state counsel tafyabalinga nangu panono.we cant have kabimba behaving this way.given his lack of political skills am sure he never imagined that one day he will be part of the ruling party worse still a minister this failure who found pf already organised and hijacked it.

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