Inspector general of police statement on the murder of Edith Nawakwi’s daughter

Forum for Democracy and Development FDD leader, Edith Nawakwi
Forum for Democracy and Development FDD leader, Edith Nawakwi

FFD president Edith Nawakwi’s daughter, Hatamba Hambulo was found murdered at her home on Tuesday.The body was found dumped in a manhole.

Below is the Press statement by The Inspector General of Police

Zambia police is concerned with the happenings in the recent past, where we have recorded reports of murder contrary to the laws and norms of our society. Sadly these incidences are affecting youths both as victims and suspects.
In some of the cases we have recorded, the bodies of the victims have had some of their body parts removed. We have made significant progress in investigating these cases.

While we have successfully investigated and arrested suspects, sadly these cases have continued to surface. This evil vice will not be tolerated.
Human life is sacred and shall remain so and as Zambia police service we shall endeavour to protect each and every life as provided for by the laws of Zambia. We shall ensure that all pepetrators of these crimes are brought to book.

It is sad that in some of these cases recorded we have come across information suggesting that the killers perform these acts with intentions of selling body parts to others so that they use them to gain wealth.

We shall work to ensure that whoever is involved in such practices directly or indirectly faces the full wrath of the law.

With regard to the latest murder of Hatamba Hambulo a female aged 26 years of plot number 776, Ibex hill, I wish to inform the nation that at the moment we have in our custody two suspects and our officers are still investigating the matter in order to bring to book all who could have been involved in the crime.

I want to commend police officers for working tirelessly in the present and past cases. Their alertness and professionalism in their conduct of duty has lead to the successful arrest of suspects within reasonable time.



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      this is really sad,,,why do such a thing to somebody?my deapest sympathy to the family.mhsrip.

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      It is a very sad development to realise that some individuals have no respect for human life. The recent happenings in Zambia are very dishheartining. The murder of ruth Mbangu, the tax driver and now Hatamba, this is a barbaric act that should be condemed at all cost. God will punish each and every individual involved in the cruel acts and a curse will follow their linage from one generation to another.

      God the creator and author of life will surely bring to judgement. My condolences goes to Ms Nawakwi and Hambulo family.

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    We need God more than ever in this country. we have nerver experienced such things in this country before. why now?

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      This inspector general of police is useless. Just look at the crime rates in every corner of this country. Some jobs better be given to guys!!!!

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    Oh my God! is this really happening? my heart sang for real, what is this country coming to? mhsrip and may bana Wakwi find peace and comfort in the lord jesus christ, this is so deep cant even imagine how broken she must be, terrible really terrible.

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    Ok now this is really sad. The situ in ZAMBIA is scary. Personally I think stiffer and tighter rules regarding registration of Churches should me made. Most of these foreign/Local preachers, pastors or bishops what ever you ma want to call them are just cults and money hungry pipo who have realised that Zambians are easily brainwashed. All they want is to make easy money and hide behind religion. We seriously need to look into this. So sad MHSRIP

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      My friend, you seem to suggest that church people are the ones doing this evil. But you should be reminded that the Bible does not encourage such practices.
      Only sangomas give such prescriptions.
      The question I want you and other readers to ponder is, “why have these cases become so rampant within the past one year?”
      I don’t want to say more.

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      whats happened is realy sad, but dont blame it on foreigners. It was our own ‘catholic father Bwalya’ who was sucrifising a chicken to the devil at a public raly 0nly yesterday, and all of you were there chearing him on. For as long as zambians dont start deeply analizing isues and continue in the simplistic manner of aproach, the worst is yet to come.

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    This is a very serious case. Shedding of innocent blood has very serious consequences, for the killers as well as the nation. I urge all well-meaning Zambians to seriously pray against such negative developments in our land..very intense prayers. There is more than meets the eye.

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      What has happened is realy sad an unfortunate status of affairs and i personally conderm the brutal acts and killings with the strongest possible terms of the bible

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    These policemen released the mastermind of guys who did an armed robbery on my folks back home, life is not sacred to them at all.

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    Thats very sad indeed,this human rights has alot of side effects,these arrested will be in jail until they escape.please expedite cases even that nipa girl murdered in emersdale case still in court and suspects are visited by human rights activistis even after accepting murdering Ruth.

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    This statement from the police is veru unprofessional. They should have concentrated on this incidence instead of talking at length about past cases. The real problem is that there is a vacuum in leadership and the police is acting without direction. Sata is saying nothing yet people are being murdered – what’s the Govt’s stand on this? Nobody knows! Also, we can’t rule anything out – I hope Nawakwi was not involved in the murder of her daughter. Some of these business women can do anything for rituals to get rich! It is not easy to gain access to her house and yet her daughter was murdered at her home and left in her manhole! There is something very sinister about it all and she needs to be thoroughly investigated too!

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      Sometimes its better to shut up than to start hurling wild allegations at a bereaved woman. Do u have evidence that Nawakwi murdered her daughter? You are so far away from the case but want to show that you are Cleverer than the police whho would have arrested Nawakwi had she been a suspect. You are only playing to a gallery of fellow dimwits.

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      Obviously you are an i.d.i.o.t if you even believe in such things! This is a very painful thing to happen to anyone.To lose a child like that in such an unnatural and plainly brutal way is something you wouldn’t wish even on your worst enemy.Then a thing like you comes along and makes such comments? All I can do is shake my head.

    • vote are indeed a stinking ***** without brains!! How can you explain a murder of a child in Nawakwi’s heavily secured home and the body is dumped in the home itself? Even a fool like yourself should start the investigations at home before anywhere far!! You have to think outside the box with your brains (if you have any). There is something to do with Nawakwi – does she not know the murderers? If it were in a developed country, she would be the first to be detained and there is no reason for Zed police not doing that.

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      You are such a poor excuse for a human being. Already pointing figures instead of praying for the bereaved family. And where in the article did you deduce that it happened in Nawakwi’s home?? Just apologize instead of making things worse.

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      Get a life, just because she does business does not mean she has killed to get were she is, Have you had someone you love killed in cold blood if not shut up

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      This did not happen at Nawakwi`s home you moron. Nawakwi stays in Roma Township and the victim stayed alone in Ibex Hill.

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      E he! He! He! U detective wopunzilila pa Television! Becos in developed countries I’ve watched on tv they arrested one mother suspect then all 3rd world countries should do so. Nawakwi should be arrested. Lilayi Police listen to this misled Sleuth and. Do. Your best not to laugh

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      Eeh he he heeee! Ati wu detective wopunzilila pa TV! So just because you watched police in developed countries arresting a mother then you implore our police in the 3rd World to arrest Nawakwi? Lilayi please listen to this hogwash and don’t laugh.

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    The truth of the matter is that, there is a luck of education among our youths. the common belief that killing someone might acquire you wealth….poverty minds. one of the solutions to this is to register all known witch doctors and give them practicing certificates which they should pay for and state there practice… then arrest any witch doctor who advises any one person that one way they can acquire wealth is by killing another person… its unacceptable. it all comes down to poverty, but then that should not be an excuse to commit any crime. people also need to realise that the ‘heart’ trade black market is growing… the other day i was speaking to some taxi drivers in lusaka who did not even know that there is such a thing as a ‘heart transplant’…thats how ignorant our…

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    Bring DNA forensic specialists to help solve these crimes. Government should invest money to train DNA specialists to help the country. It is easy, some Zambins know it. And DNA does not LIE. Sorry ba Nawakwi.

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      Very wise comment! DNA would resolve most of these mistries. In this case, we should not start looking far from the scene of the crime and the mother should be investigated. We dont want ritualists roaming streets!

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      My Friend DNA can not work in Zambia because there is no system for DNA DATABASE for all people in Zambia. In America it works because they have that information in their database for people. We need to improve security measures, at least we have SIM CARDS registration done which will help with phone calls but on DNA DATA Base we need to do something.

      On the killers, I think the perpetrators are people who are very close to the late and they even know the geography of the house and yard, how did they know were to dump her? so the first suspect is garden boy, boyfriends if she had, they should also consider any one who ever did some works at that house be it maintenance etc. If it is rented house even the Landlord. This is a very simple case to solve. The murderers are very closer.

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    …cont’ Try it…speak to some random taxi drivers or random people some day and see how knowledgeable they are when it comes to some of these medical conditions. the heart trade in southern africa is growing. more and more people need heart transplants and are willing to pay anything to get a heart transplant on the black market as they cannot stand to wait in the long waiting lists for these conditions. thus the killings. the so called ‘ritual’ killings are more often not ‘ritual’ as such. the killers are after body parts that can be transplanted like the ‘heart’. the other body parts are removed to make the whole crime appear to be a ritual killing…

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    May heart goes to the Nawakwi family. i think this lawlessness must be put to a stop. We cant have young people full of life and promise being murdered senselessly. Although our law enforcers are doing a commendable job, more needs to be done. Such young person full of life, vitality and aspirations can just lose her life like that! This is the time we need prayers for the nation. We need to be on our knees for this bestiality to come to an end. MHSRIP

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    Bring back Martin Malama to restore order and efficiency in the Police Service. Within a short period that he was IG policemen/women in their rank and file started taking their profession more serious with his zero tolerance on corruption. Look at the way he dealt with the jaliboys (spelling) – effectively and swiftly to an extent that they celebrated when he was moved up from being in charge of Copperbelt.
    On the subject at hand, my deepest sympathy to the Nawakwi family. This is not the way any family should lose their loved ones – surely we are no longer safe in our own homes. When leadership is absent in the country one should expect the rot to permeat right through the society – proper society decay

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      That true, everything rises and falls on leadership. We have a problem with leadership, all the way from the top . Nowadays, it’s become common that news is filled up with stories of arrests of opponents of pf, human basic needs shortages, students protesting, creation of new districts, farmers not paid, fuel shortages, threats from the government, government fighting with millers when grain is rotting in the depots. I wonder when the government will seriously start working to meet people’s needs?

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    Condolences to Edith & Mr Hambulo SKY FM on the death of their daughter but what I don’t get clearly is whether late Hatamba was living alone in Ibex Hill or with parents. And also whether the Garden boy was working for her or just criminal (suspect). What type of manhole is this, toilet or kitchen waste drainage? Was body found naked with parts missing? Yes it was tied legs and hands any signs of ****? Any clue to some boyfriends?

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    Why is the police statement lecturing people on morality instead of highlighting the investigations they have done?

    is this the level of their incompetency?

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      What for and why look for them in this case when Nawakwi is srewing freely without being raped?

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    Privitisation meant that you bring people from different cultures and practices.Unfortunately these people came because of money and they have used it to carry on these practices using zambians who have now learnt that they too can be rich by adopting these evil practices.this is totally unzambian.We need a dedicated Gvt to reverse this growing trend. love for wealth has outshone the need for moral integrity in our beloved zambia.unfortunately politicians are leading the way on this

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    Our police is busy pursuing and persecuting the opposition when there are real criminals brutalizing the nation.
    Instead of wasting time following the opposition leaders when they visit chiefs in Nkana, the police should follow these criminals. How about the mailoni brothers?
    Invest all that money you are using to destroy the opposition into DNA forensic works.
    Mr. Sata, you just won the election over a year ago. Why be so insecure. You have four more years.
    We are not interested in you dealing with your enemies using public resources. Use our resources to protect the general public from these animals.

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    First of all, this is the first time I am commenting on this site. I am thankful that more independent media are coming up in Zambia. Well done.
    Now, to the point. Zambia Police have no capability to adequately investigate crimes of this nature. The ZP is a political institution. They will pick up any Tom, Dick and Harry and torture them until they confess. They will bring them to court and before trial is over, the suspects will be dead.

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      If a suspect dies, then it should be because the child’s parent killed them, and that would be okay. I would do the same if my child was killed in the manner that Nawakwi’s child has been killed. I would do it without blinking and walk away to have a good night’s sleep at home. This is very painful for any parent, we spend nine months carrying them, a life time of imparting values and principles, sleepless nights worrying about school fees and whether you are doing your best to show them love. To raise a child up to the age of 26 yrs is no joke. To everyone who is living alone, get a gun if you have the courage, go for self defense classes like martial arts if you can, get pepper spray, have an alarm at your house, or whatever it is for God’s sake. Sorry for the long rant, just angry.

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    Sad news for Nawakwi’s family and I hope they pull through this trying moment. I am equally concerned about these suspected ritual killings and I urge the government through the Police to start addressing these horrible killings very seriously. If the youth are involved then its the responsibility of the govnt to devise the system that will at least , keep the youth economically active so that they are not used to kill for a living!!!! Surely, people will appreciate to see all the culprits behind bars instead of Nevers Mumba who is not a factor to all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is very sad. Lets re-think or petision our President to start signing the death setences. These people have gone too far. Murders are now conjesting the prison and the tax payers money will be channeled to expansion of prisons. Those who willfully murder must be hanged

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      You need to find the criminals first? Who are you going to hang if you do not arrest the murderers? Is Nevers, HH, Milupi etc? Besides the death sentence has never been a deterrent against violent crime!

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      It is understood that none of the presidents have ever signed for hanging death sentenced criminals except Kaunda. The criminals probably know about this and death sentence is no longer a deterrent because hanging does not happen. Not sure whether this is good or bad. Human rights activists will say something.

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    Fire the IG, she a total failure. These might be acts of her subordinates who want to prove to her that she is the worst Sata’s relative.
    There wasn’t any crap like that under IG-Malama. Or even Kabonde.
    IG-Fired… !!!

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    Did Sata, Kaseba, Kabimba or any PF witches attend any of those funerals? I will not be surprised that PF politicians are the highest bidders of those human-parts.
    Last night PF central committee enjoyed the opposition leader’s daughter for dinner.

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      I have not heard any of them attending these funerals and sending a strong warming to the perpetrators of these crimes

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      The gardener was found driving her car and arrested in a road traffic related offence before the murder was known. Does that still sound like domestic violence by the boy friend or a dull gardener who thought he could make some quick money by selling the car and still get away with it? What is the level of thinking of most gardeners? Could he have just been used or what? Still too many questions to make any meaningful conclusion.

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    Daudi Isabi @ 6 You are such a poor excuse for a human being. Already pointing figures instead of praying for the bereaved family. And where in the article did you deduce that it happened in Nawakwi’s home???, it happened at the deceased’s home as the statement clearly says. Just apologize instead of making things worse.

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    This makes very sad reading indeed, deepest condolences to Ms Nawakwi and family on painfull lose of their daughter.
    It comes just after Nawakwi urged the opposition leaders to boycott the Mpongwe by-elections and the constructive criticism she offered. It may not be political but When i read her sentiments i thought to myself what will be the response?
    There is nothing wrong with living alone but the question is how can a young lady live alone (not a flat) in such a big house?
    The pipo who committed this crime need to be brought to book.

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    sad developments in our country. i wish 2 send my condolences 2 de bereaved families. my only concern z on de police service under madam libongani. i feel de system z nt doing much in combating crime as it z nw infested by unexperienced top officers jst in de name of gender balancing or relations 2 de apointing authorities. i stl feel madam lG at de helm of de system z no gud enough including othas such as madam katanga, madam kanjela n so on. dese ar jst academicians nt operatives.

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      Icon, you are so quick to condemn the women in service yet when we had the young Brenda Muntemba rising through the ranks of the police service at an alarming rate, you never saw anything wrong! As spokesperson of the ZP, she once came on tv to announce a stolen dog-smile! Today you people are full of praises for this young girl who sadly has nothing to show as a credible service woman-was it also not a case of her mother knowing someone in high office!

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    My passionate appeal to the President is that “Please abandone the chase for your political opponents for now. Channel all the resources towards Policing communities that we live in. Recall all energetic retired Police officers including those that you percieve to be pro-MMD. That includes former IG’s on an advisory role because the current IG who you can’t fire has no capacity to handle that office. It’s very apparent that evil has taken over our country in the recent past. Mr President, there’s so much hypocrisy in the country among our clergy. Bring them to book so that God can once again hear our prayers.

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    The devil is realy at work in our country and unless we contineu to ask our Father in heven for, for his intervantion, we are in trouble.

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    police cnt disclose wht ever thy hv done so far coz tht may jopdse th process. some of thse ar effects of over gvt is doing its best bt we need to take part as citizens nd arest th situ. it is indeed sad. sory mama nawakwi.

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    Zambian’s please stop this stone age superstitious belief thinking of becoming rich by using human body parts and stop watching too much Nigerian movies.

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    Too much love of money and material things in LSK.Anyway welcome to becoming a city.Thats what happens in real city.Fast life,booze,se.x murder,crime,e.t.c

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    This is why im a staunch proponent of capital punishment.People who commit murder,**** and armed robbery deserve to face the gallows.RIP.

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    People we need to pray seriously over Zambia.Wickedness is reigning.We never had things like this happening in Zambia.Condolences to the family.

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    Madam IG, your days are numbered. when you failed to arrest koff who is known, how do you arrest the unknown muderer. Be serious boss or resign. Those are seriel killers. we need alot of police patrols and also as citizens please lets give the police any information available towards this. our cooperation will save the whole country. Madam NAWAKWI please accept my heart felt condorances. God bless you amen.

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    Hatamba Hambulo yaba even the name is so hard to pronounce to resist such vices. Anyway MHSRIP and the mother of political opposition in zambia be strong 2016 will be yours

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    This is not her daughter, but the husband’s. My heart goes out to the woman, the rightful Mrs, who lost her husband to Nawakwi and has now lost a daughter. Edith only has two biological sons from the old Mbala man. Both of them are ugly like her.

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    Rest in the Peace of Christ Hatamba Hambulo. I pray for the family in this time of sorrow. My sympathies to Mr. Hambulo and Nawakwi family. Ba Sata please bring back ba Malama na ba Kabonde. This is unacceptable. I know you have a weakness for nepotism but please consider Zambia as a priority first and you family tree as secondary. Look now because of your mediocre appointments the law of marginal returns is impinging the nation’s progress. We pray that the whole nation will not be cancerous because of your “scatter brain” style of management. If Zambia recedes into a failed state, mwanya …….! You will be punished to the full extent of the law, together with your clique!

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    guys lets be serious, this is death. if you have never lost any beloved one then you can be fun. death is painful Nawakwi is felling it now. lets wish her family God’s blessings.

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    It is so sad that gruesome killings have continued to take place in Lusaka and it looks like the purpose of these latest killings is still not known. My condolences to the Nawakwi and Hambulo families. We have issues of people desperately trying to enrich themselves through the use of human body parts (juju) and there is also the high consumption of drugs (cocaine, heroine, marijuana, miraah etc) amongst our youths, but there is no information on who the suppliers are. There is also no information on who the buyers of the human body parts are. And the police have no answers. Its time that some of these perpetrators of such crimes once found must be exposed and justice must prevail. Enough lives have been lost.

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    My heartfelt condolences to Ms Nawakwi and family.
    The Zambian police have been very sleepy, only good at arresting opposition party members and anyone who is not PF.
    Meanwhile all this sleepyness by police, murderers have been on the loose.
    Wake up police, do your job and bring these infinite killers to justice.
    The one n only, Skeleton, Iam back.

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    very sad news. MHSRIP. hope this got nothing to do with “dirty politics” ! Maybe someone wanted to punish Edith this way?

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    MHSRIP I hope and trust the police will do their best to ensure all involved are brought to book, Life is nothing to play with the Law must be enforced.

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    let not our hearts be troubled God is MATTHEW it says ;in last days pipo will be lovers of MONEY,SELFISH. And remember the wages of sin is death, those who are invoved will face God into judgement. And REVELATION says;BEHOLD I COME QUICKILY AND THE REWARD IS WITH ME TO GIVE EVRY MAN ACCONDING TO HIS WORKS. THEREFORE LET’S ALL CHECK OURSELVES BEFOR HE {GOD} COMES. God will punish the killers of the lady and all the killings happening in zambia. To u NAWAKWI be strong and God will see u through

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    Eeh he he heeee! Ati wu detective wopunzilila pa TV! So just because you watched police in developed countries arresting a mother then you implore our police in the 3rd World to arrest Nawakwi? Lilayi please listen to this hogwash and don’t laugh.

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    #4 Nasoba

    For goodness sake, under the MMD when Zambia had a a lot of Christians than the EFIL satanists Roman Catholic Organisation, no one was killed in this way Zambians are being killed under Sata and PF rule.

    These killings happened under Kenneth Kaunda who practiced satanism and EAST ASIA religion when business people used to kill innocent Zambians.

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    #4 Nasoba

    For goodness sake, under the MMD when Zambia had a a lot of Christians than the EFIL satanists Roman Catholic Organisation, no one was killed in this way Zambians are being killed under Sata and PF rule.

    These killings happened under Kenneth Kaunda who practiced satanism and EAST ASIA religion when business people used to kill innocent Zambians.

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    Madam IG, firstly the police are no longer a police service,Its a police force.Secondly u continue to asure us that things will change but for how long will these killings come to an end or reduce.These days its hardly a week we hear a killing more especially for ritual purpose.In other countries we would have seen a person in your capacity resign on moral grounds because to me it shows that that you have failed to curb the situation as at now.

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    I mourn with you Mama Nawakwi, may our Lord Jesus Christ comfort you during this sad times. May you be strengthened in the knowledge that the country at large mourn with you and pray for you and your entire family to be strengthened.
    The country is feather strengthened by the assurance from our Inspector General of Police that these criminals will be caught and be prosecuted.

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    Has anyone considered that this may be psychological warfare? A headline grabbing attack on a political leader, disguised as a ‘muti killing’ as the British press calls it?

    Or could it be a copycat of the recent taxi driver’s murder, to hide a personal motive?

    This is very sad and disgusting, and all my condolences go to the Nawakwi family.

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    Maybe Nawakwi is involved, considering that this was a step daughter. We know the relationships between mothers and step daughters. So I cannot rule out Nawakwi, she is a possible murderer, after all everyone is a suspect until proved innocent. But, note that this girl was not staying at Nawakwi’s home/house. She had her own house and that is where the murder took place. So, Nawakwi may be very innocent.

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      my heartfelt condolences to Nawakwi may the good lord comfort you in this trying times. There is a time for everything. The source of all this will be put on surface. The most high is watching.

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