Government apologizes to farmers and the entire nation for the late delivery of inputs

Former Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Bob Sichinga
Former Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Bob Sichinga
Agriculture and Livestock Minister Robert Sichinga
Agriculture and Livestock Minister Robert Sichinga

Government has apologized to the farming community and the entire nation for the late delivery of inputs in the 2012/2013 farming season.

Farmers in the country have expressed disappointment over the late delivery of inputs in the 2012/2013 farming season, which is feared will lead to low yields.

In a ministerial statement to parliament today, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Robert Sichinga said there were serious problems on both the government and suppliers side which impeded the early and successful implementation of the 2012/2013 FISP.

He said on government’s side, the delays to make the final decision on whether to pilot the E-Voucher system or not was the main reason, thereby delaying the launch of the procurement process.

Mr Sichinga stressed that there should be no doubt in any farming group’s mind of the commitment of the PF government to supporting agriculture programmes especially for the vulnerable section of the population.

Mr Sichinga said that the ministry of Agriculture and Livestock under the PF government has unreservedly resolved to supporting agriculture in significant and practical ways by improving the implementation of the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP), as well as in diversifying of crops beyond the challenges of 2012/2013 agriculture season especially in relation to maize.

He told the house that distribution of the 2012/2013 is closes on the 7th of March 2013, adding that as of 27th February, 2013, a total of 180,944 metric tonnes of both compound D and Urea fertilizers, out of a total contracted quantity of 183,634 metric tons had been delivered to all districts across the country.

He added that 179,166 metric tonnes of both sets of fertilizers had been paid for and collected by beneficiary farmers across the country, representing 97.5 percent of the total fertilizer tonnage which had been for distribution.

Mr Sichinga said that the distribution of inputs to farmers for the 2013/2014 farming season will be completed by October 2013.

And Parliament heard today that government spent K25 billion (KR25 million) to rehabilitate the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ).

Mr Sichinga said an additional K250 billion (KR250 million) making a total of KR275 million was channeled towards rehabilitating the Ammonia plant.

Mr Sichinga who is nominated Member of Parliament said in parliament today that government wants the plant to be producing ammonium and urea fertilizers to cushion the demand of fertilizers by the farmers.

The Minister was responding to a question raised by MMD Mwandi MP Michael Kaingu who wanted to find out how much funds was used to rehabilitate the NCZ.



  1. What a country!!! This is total disastor, what a shame how do you cadres like SATA to run the country?? Kwena iyi ni circus.

    • Ba Kadoli, accepting anything for the sake of it can lead to lowering standards. The people who are disappointed have a bench mark of the previous govt which delivered. The current govenment came into power on the promise that they would do a better job. To have hoodwinked the masses and fail to deliver should be a reason to show the government that lowering of benchmarks is not acceptable. Unfortunately, to you thats acceptable.

    • we always complain that the government does not tell the truth.this time i wont pass any negative comments specially when someone apologizes.

    • He has just taken over the ministry and working with all Stakeholders involved to rectify the situation.He is educated and knows what he is talking about.

    • Embarrassing enough you new when rain season will come and u were busy messing about with fake by elections, your ministry has 3 MPS still u fail to plan now we will have hunger next year. What a waste of my vote I wish RB just rigged the elections we were much better with MMD nangu bale filufyanya

    • How many PF minister have tried that Agriculture ministry in just 1 year?
      Best Agriculture ministers ever had are all dead, maybe you may remember Mundia Sikatana. All good people are gone, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, G.Kunda all taken from us, what do we end up with?

    • PF ministers are TOURISTS that keep trotting from ministry to ministry. Sichinga belongs to the class of illusioned persons who think a country can be run by just TALKING. This is a very critical ministry that needs doers. This guy failed at Trade, Commerce and Industry, so what will make him tick here? PF is experimenting with people’s lives by messing around with food security, AND THEY’LL PAY HEAVILY for this!

  2. The most useless govt in the led by a demagogue who is grade 2 drop out,these i.diots were busy politicking trying to build cases against the MMD while timing was running out,SATA wouldn’t have been a president even in the stone age.Education is very important.

    • Being Dull is a sin and Please find time to Repent if in case you dont have a mental Disorder because Leadership is just no about University Degrees but Natural Abilities to Command Others…..

  3. I don’t even know why the country expected a different result when we are literally using the same characters. Who in this team was not MMD? or even UNIP? People should by now realize that if you plant a mango tree you should expect mangos and not oranges!!!!

    • I agree with you my brother. After being in opposition for 10 years, one finds it strange that the PF government cannot even manage the Farmer Input Support Programme. This apology is nothing but a mockery to farmers and Zambians in general.

  4. Trial and error govt. Must must apologise for being in power beacause you not suitable. Explains why your leader cant face the meadia . He has. no answers to his cheap propanda. without useful edeots PF would nt see another day.


  6. I’m very sure that before the end of this year a 25kg bag of mealie meal will cost K200,000. How can PF fail to distribute fertilizers….. the biggest mistake Sata did was to fire Permanent secretaries and directors in ministries, these were the people that knew how things worked.

    Serious Hunger is coming to Zambia

    • It is true that the PF failed to perform because they dismissed all the experts and replaced them with cadres who knew nothing about how government operates. Chenda was not suotable for the agricultural ministry because his IQ is very low. He spent all his time identifying people he thought were against the PF in the ministry and recommending for their dismissal not knowing that he was planning his failure. Pride does not pay and no one knows everything. We all learn from others and this is the opportunity Chenda and Sata missed by firing experts in preference for cadres. Now the whole government, not just agriculture, is messed up. We have cadres in key positions who do not know what to do and in the process the whole country is suffering. There is no progress anywhere. We are in trouble.

  7. Ok, since you konw that was a problem, What is the way forward?? what measures do you inted to put in place to manitain food security in the country?? My appael is don’t sit idle…

  8. You cant have a person speaking 200 words per minute (200wpm) be minister of agriculture. It will be a disaster. Bob Sichinga is an empty and hallow chatter box. He is good at justifying and explaining failure with lies

  9. Was the Cheenda chap who was reshuffled from Agriculture and Livestock Ministry responsible for the government’s side that caused the delays to make the final decision on whether to pilot the E-Voucher system or not, thereby delaying the launch of the procurement process? No wonder the reshuffle!

  10. There seems to be lots of apologies ,nolle prosques -dropping charges against opponents since the commonwealth people landed in the country.I’m sure soon Sata will appear on TV apologizing for failing to deliver on all his campaign promises….if not am sure chellah will issue a statement

    • Point of CORRECTION my dear. am sure you meant to Say ” am sure Fred Mmembe will Issue a Statement..”

  11. This looks like the right time to sent this government out for messing with this country. Everything they touch turns to trash. It’s time to form the UNEMPLOYED DEMOCRATIC PARTY oust this Paya Farmer (PF).

  12. I can see coupons come back by November this year, yellow maize bought on credit to start landing by march next year, private sector dead by 2014 end need I say more? It is expected from leaders who are devoid of skills for this global world.

  13. Way to go bwana new minister of agric. I, m confident you are going to deliver unlike your predecessor. Thanks for showing humility by apologising in the manner you’ve done. Personally, I do accept your apology wholeheartedly and may God guide you as you begin to work towards the next farming season and beyond. Thumbs up!

    • hahahaha… when sata is kicked out office one day there will alots of blind street kids.. you above will be one of them

    • you are saying thumbs for that shi.t which was avoidable!! YOU ARE A REAL FOO.L…. you too will pay a heavy price for this ….. soon a bag of 25kg of mealie meal will cost you K2,000 ….. hope you will still be saying thumbs up! you are disgusting and you are an ID.IOT

  14. It usually fails me how people rash to condemnation.Bob has apologised and explained clearly what went wrong!He has highlighted clearly how it happened.Without comprehending and may be just reading the all article,chaps start launching anti-PF comments calling the electrorate *****s for voting for kaponyas.Chanda chimba did the same thing ,called Mr.Sata all sorts of names,in the end it did a reverse psychology on all voting strategy!You people should tone down and not rash to insulting the government of the day.Bob has highlighted mistakes they made and apologised,so instead of offering solutions since you are the know it all,instead you just offer insults.Quite pathetic if you really ask me!

    • You are the only foolish guy who doesnt know that this was avoidable!! We warned the govt and they never listened. Farmers dont really govt support- all they needed was govt to pay them for their produce in time to buy imputs!! You are a retard who has never farmed in your life and it’s a waste of time explaining this to you. Anyway, whether you like it or not YOU TOO WILL AFFECTED WHEN YOU START PAYING K,2000 FOR A 10 KG BAG OF MAIZE cos that is when you will kiss Sichinga and Sata’s stinking ar.rses cos that apology wont feed you ID.IOT!!

  15. We expected too much from these *****s. Just acknowledge that you are failures. No direction whatsover. Whole cabinet is ladden with CNP

    • Now elaborate your statement to project at least an educated guess how it could have been done right.The fact that you resort to insults,shows that you are clueless.You are the real CNP.Look at how Italy’s opposition proved that Bulasconi was mismanaging the economy!They proved that intellengently abs with economic data and not bitterness and baseless accusations!

    • @kamano .. the guys is not insuling he is just vetting his frastrution. maybe he needs to clam down abit. This is banana republic under sata!

  16. PF govt in the shadow of MMD will never attain the bar set by MMD govt in agriculture let alone in governance. Ati lekeni ateke Sata. The man can hardly speak to the nation except by arbitrary arrests of innocent citizens. What a waste of time Zambia has incurred by a click of ignorant people.

  17. The failure by the PF government to provide objective leadership is very sad for our country. This is not a sector for cheap politicking, PF show leadership you are in charge, grow out of this self praise mentality and deliver real results not halucinations. This is not a matter you think by apologizing you will win some kudos, this is an example of gross failure of leadership. Listen to reason not those singing sycophants you are used to.

  18. Thats good MR Sichinga. And now in the 2013/14 season plan well and let the inputs be ready by October. Don’t let those guys who have evil intentions distract you. Ignore those born frustrated and bitter.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  19. So an appology has come as a result of one Kaingu trying to enquire, without him you would still be silence, who cares about Sorry after death anyway.

  20. Zambia has a lot of good, well meaning and hard working people who can ensure the security of our food.
    This scandal of a man must be fired, not Lubinda.

    Someone speak to the President to replace this man. Will his sick apology give the country food in the coming year?

  21. Since when did the GRZ started appologising? i smell a rat, you are now kissing ****** ka, i know why, ok…., dont stop after they leave otherwise, Hekalishe Heka and Bumba will call them again!

  22. We have failure in this government. They all act as if they just got elected. We need a good result oriented government. What is wasted in the fields can’t be recovered by negligence or apology. How difficult is it to make a E-
    Voucher system decision?
    We need real leadership, insults aside!

  23. The damage has already been done, people will not eat your apology, just start finding ways to deal with the hunger you’ve created in the coming season!

  24. Now that the Commonwealth officers visiting , these guys want to look good.smh
    As leaders of the country you must lead by example. If you don’t who will?

  25. Now that the Commonwealth officers are visiting, these guys want to look good.smh
    As leaders of the country you must lead by example. If you don’t who will?

  26. Things are not alright in Zambians! Zambians are suffering more than they did even before 1991!

    It is very predictable & with no doubt that Dictator Sata & his greedy corrupt Ministers are in for a rough ride, they will honestly be killed & lynched by Zambians in front of State House the way Gadaffi of Libya was killed or if they are luck they will be chased the way evil UNIP dictator was chased in 1991.

    When i comment about Sata to be overthrown in whatever way, paid up & Ministers/PF cadres using govt resources on the internet react in a negative way.

    We have never experienced Mealie Meal shortage before since 1991 not even when Zambia had Maize shortfall!

    Very soon spontaneous riots will start that will cage Sata & all his corrupt PF leaders

  27. Fellow bloggers look ahead and smell the coffee!! This apology comes so early now because there will be serious food shortages in the next few months due to lack of govt support. Already there is no meal meal in shops but what is coming will be 20 times more serious hence the apology now. We told you about the PF govt and Sata in particular and the we are now sure of certain doom – everyone will feel the effects of Donchi kubeba. Sadly and for sure many pipo will die needlessly because of voting for wrong people selfish, greedy and corrupt people! God what is wrong with Zambians? Is this a curse?

    • you are spot on mealie meal shortages are coming starting July 2013 until August 2014. This government wont finish its term on account of people rising because of hunger. Mark my word.

  28. All the surplus money in Zambia is spent on non priorities and when sensible people speak up the rest of you *****s cry foul and start calling us names.

    What kind of a people are you who cant defend public interests and community property? You accept crumbs all the time and are even grateful for them so shut up!!

  29. Azright!!mmhmm go ahead and apologise..because Zambians will eat apologies!! ministray of agriculture food and fisheries is the most bloated with zale’ ministers..tell us what they have been chi useless FRA -busy dissolving ZAWA when it is FRA which needs help!!ee ndipo PF ni Paya Farmer zoona

  30. The kind of leadership you get when you allow cadres to continue bootlicking you instead of working. Given Lubinda is the only minister I know that make’s things happen and can’t wait to see him back to do what he does best.

    Work, don’t just rant Sichinga! We need results from you and your eiling President, or you want Given to be Minister without portfolio now, to teach you all how to do more work and less talk.

  31. I don’t think under normal circumstances one could think a person can go for all this time without food. I am definitely grounded with not even money to buy air time. I have reached at the end of my tether. It is not deliberate to have come to this kind of phenomenon but is because of pressure. Life is not fair guys!!!!

  32. in luwingu farmers most beat up there PF ilambo ward councilor because of the late delivery of farm input and he had free to luwingu township. hunger is looming in all parts of this country thank lord that the new minister of agriculture and fisheries has apologized to the nation. We hoping that food relief will made available to avert hunger situation. “Government has apologized to the farming community and the entire nation for the late delivery of inputs in the 2012/2013 farming season.

    Farmers in the country have expressed disappointment over the late delivery of inputs in the 2012/2013 farming season, which is feared will lead to low yields.”
    government should also apologize for not honoring campaigns promises

  33. Bod Sichinga does not know any thing in that field he failed were he came from and will mess up at that ministry fire him all he thinks about are you g women try it again you will be exposed stupid ***** and yet you have got big children.


  35. We told them to expect hunger if they vote for Waboza as he gets richer and richer with his few friends.

  36. The former agriculture minister was busy canvassing for by-elections instead of planning for rainy season. thats what happens when the entire leadership was preoccupied with SI on salary increments of ukwa and his ministers.

  37. @ Paolo Di Canio, Mama, Peter et al plz give us some word of encouragement and advise on how to tighten our belts come next year. We are waiting!

  38. Much of the comments on this website ARE DEMON OPINION.
    DEMONS call other demon workers of lawessness from other countries to help them in their course. Zambian demons know it is end game for them and are soliciting for help from demons in other countries.
    DEMONS all over the world it is game over.
    What you have been doing for the last 6000 years is over now.
    Demons show yourselves on these websites you have sent up and continual your senseless comments. And you know what will be coming your way. True to the word.

  39. to start with i d like thank the government on the effort it has made to accomplish the programme for the current growing season and also for implementing the long awaited promise which turned into a politic matter, diversifying mono cropping agriculture. atleast this time there is food crop and commercial crops. bob i hope you will not accredit this to the PF government because even before the so called PF government the programme was actually scaling up to that.
    my issue with you bob is with the minister, three deputy ministers and the directors as adults dont tell me decision making weather you should introduce e voucher system or not could be a problem, then you are adult problems because its for this reason that we vote you in that you should make decision on behalf of the masses

  40. why should the piloting of the e voucher in a few district delay the input distribution to the rest of the country as if the whole country is being piloted….. this is the problem with you politicians, you don’t take you people serious, you want also to pilot the people. some deputy ministers and some directors could have been delegated to take care of that while others are taking care of the normal/ usual programme. as if you are not educated…..bob at times i think you are only educated and not learned, which makes you a liability to your employers. please next time be wise………

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