Government to open 10 new universities

Education Minister John Phiri
Education Minister John Phiri

Education Minister Dr John Phiri says the Patriotic Front [PF] government will open a new University in each of the ten provinces in the country in order to absorb youths from secondary schools.

Dr Phiri said the Patriotic Front government will this week introduce the Higher Education and Teaching Council Board Bills in Parliament in order to regulate institutions offering education and provide a code of ethics for teachers.

Dr Phiri was speaking in Lundazi yesterday when he addressed Youths during the commemoration of the 2013 Youth Day celebrations whose theme was’’ Opportunity for the Youth Through Enterprise ’’ held at Lundazi Boarding Secondary School.

He revealed that MMD government followed a pyramidal system of education with more pupils at primary, few at secondary due to inadequate space and fewer students entering tertiary or universities levels.

Dr Phiri said the PF government has since started reversing the trend by focusing on constructing more colleges and universities so that more youths acquire skills and become entrepreneur citizens.

And Youth Representative Edward Banda a pupil from Lundazi Boarding Secondary School urged his fellow youths to refrain from indulging in vices such as sex and drug abuse because Youths are the future leaders of Zambia.

He however appealed to government to establish more youth trade schools that could help change the livelihood of youths by imparting skills and help them become responsible citizens, thereby reduce poverty and contribute to the national economy.


    • Ten universities and yet failing to maintain the current two universities. The current universities dont have money to fund their staff on Masters let alone PhD programmes. I hope these guys are factoring in the bill to train quality lecturers for these 10 universities.

    • @Vin gas u r right. Where is the money going to come from? People are starving as we are writing.

      By the way, where are the lecturers for the C/B school of medicine coming from? Which hospitals are to be used as teaching infrastructure? What kind of doctors should we expect whilst our leaders will continue rushing to RSA and other parts of the world?

    • Where threre is no vision, people perish. it is better to raise the hopes of people and give then something to look up to than to say nothing and people perish because they do not have hopes for tomorrow.

    • that is very easy and can be done, hope so any way. Sata is proactive guy, we need to accept that. the past has not been easy for zambians, it seem all lies when leaders repeat what was said the other time and they never did it. I believe sata will. to build or put together a university in a province is easier than saying it is not possible. I wish many people would simply take the current government by their promises and support them with accountability to fulfilling them, rather than being pessimistic

  1. Times when i differ with the government.I just don`t see any sense why these guys can keep on opening more universities while the condition of our two big universities are still bad.Please sort out UNZA and CBU before taking that direction.I bet it is too late now.I just hope the paper the graduating students will be getting from the soon to be formed universities will be good enough to be recognized Internationally.I rest my case.

    • @ masala .. am very impressed with you, you have started reasoning as a free head, not as worshiper! good point!

    • @Ndobo…i think maturity in politics demands that people critically look at issues.I support PF but it doesn`t entail that i have to support whatever decision the government makesThere is a part in us humans that makes up to support whatever comes from our party whether right or wrong and shoot down anything from the opposition side.I`m not that type.I call a spade a spade..I bet i`m above an average party cadre.

    • It’s somewhat comical and infuriating that they decide to do the right thing, yet offer no solutions to the current problems at the two Universities. It will decongest the housing shortage but the question of running costs is blatantly obvious- there’s often a strike of some sort of pay and such. If they present a logical plan and self-sustaining financial mechanism that does not heavily rely on Government money. Perhaps this should provides impetus to conduct vigilante supervision of the taxes paid to government and ensure it’s used appropriately in Education ( lower and higher education to cover expenses such as salaries), healthcare and all the other necessary areas.

  2. This dull oldman with two dirty black teeth in his lower jaw is lying to us. What does he think we are? Oh, Sata sent him to please those little kids in Lundazi in a bid to clear Sata’s reputation after unexpected embarrassments in the wake of a failed attempt to incarcerate HH and his comrades. Sata and his clonies are not rational but irrational.
    Go to hell and build your own universities because you have no idea of what you are lamenting about. We shall see if this snail called Sata will honour his lies.

  3. I was at the meeting, in fact he said 20 universities including vocational trg schools will open. Unza and Copperbelt universities facilities will be moved to the brand new campuses. The old Unza facility will then be renamed KK City Museum Library and CBU will be named CPFYRC – Coppelbelt PF Youth Recruiting Center.

    • @Kwekwe#7
      You have no idea of what an ideal policy is. You must register for Masters in Public Policy and then carefully complete your PhD thesis in the above specialisation. That will help you to critique policies and rescue your uneducated half brother, Sata.

  4. sorry to be asking such a stupid question, but please sir, how many professors does each department have? and what is the requirement?

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      System.out.printlin(“I did my first degree in computers there and I can tell you my brother I had no chance of being lectured by a proff, not even a doc. All lecturers in computer studies department were just ‘Mr’ and one ‘Mrs’.)

    • There is a difference between pessimism and being realistic. How many faculties will these universities have? A fully fledged department requires qualified salaried staff from single to multi-degree holders. Science and technical departments need furnished labs which don’t come cheap. Now multiply this by 10 and of course the number of years to train staff or is the government going to recruit from outside the country? For this the contracts will have to pay bonuses and gratuity. Its not cheap. If we had diamonds or crude oil, we wouldn’t be doubting Thomases. But to rely on copper and maize exports, this is utopia!

    • cheap is expensive. if you’ll continue to think education is cheap, try illiteracy for your children.
      the idea of building more tertiary institutions is good in order to decongest the 2 universities. schools like humanities can move to mongu, agriculture to choma, mining in solwezi, business to luapula etc.
      we can even reduce the euphoria these boys and girls have when at school.
      this should not be a “wishful thinking”

    • Stigma. I support you. People do not want development. Who has done a study on the main reasons why the two Universities have maintenance challenges? Lets give alternative solutions to how the extra University can be managed better rather than saying we do not need them. Can you imagine what relief will come in Isoka for example if there is a University in Kasama? Travelling costs, feeding costs etc. will reduce on the part of families in areas close to Kasama.

  5. UNZA has an E.U high school standard. and building 10 standard Universities from the zambians economy Eeeh, nep!!,we still have ZR upgrade,the 8000 link zambia, next month we may hear the health system, then agriculture, . sound great but not a 10 yrs target., lets be realistic, 2 universities in 4 yrs that sounds great can can absorb the school,leavers and we can have resources to balance our development.

  6. Fix UNZA and CBU first to give them qualitative edge before you rush for ill adviced quantity.Don’t be like village herders who keep many emaciated cows.

  7. And Youth Representative Edward Banda a pupil from Lundazi Boarding Secondary School urged his fellow youths to refrain from indulging in vices such as sex and drug abuse because Youths are the future leaders of Zambia……IS THE BOY A VIRGIN?


    • Exactly my questions. But knowing the Zambian culture, chances are that they will turn the existing Mickey Mouse colleges into “universities”.

  9. Promises Promised Promises & promissory notes & the 90 days proverbial promises, all signifying nothing! PF promises amount to no promises at all. I don’t believe a thing! I tend to believe the promises of the Vatican cardinals who promised a new Pope in 2 days. And it is so.

  10. And what about the NW university which you have robbed the resources to build in Muchinga two universities .Stop lies for once.Where is the dual carriage contact your fading boss lied will be awarded by the end of February?You have too many un co-ordinated plans thats why cabinet meetings are important but your monster hides even from his ministers.Am told some of them only saw at swearing ceremony.The country is in auto pilot mode sooner or later it will crush.

  11. this is like a parent who decides to have five more children because school fees are too much with those six who are in school. as far as this parent is concerned it is easy to look after under fives since these do not need school fees. what a reasoning. PF govt is failing to take care of the current universities now looking forward to adding 10 new ones, with which budget to support them. another laughable matter.

  12. PF government ministers specialise in fantasy. Zambians should just receive what these ministers say with one ear, laugh it off and let it come out from the other ear. The garbage that they say is not worth keeping in one’s head.

  13. It’s again typical PF CNP knee jerk reaction. You dont just work up and say a university for each province without identifying where the thousands of graduates will work. Moreover if they are failing to feed the current UNZA and CBU students, how can they manage to feed 20000-30000 more students. It is like saying K1 = $1 without economic basis. It will fail sooner or later. They thought rebaing of kwacha will cover up their failures but hasn’t. Now they want to start an ambitious program they can’t even sustain.

  14. HAAAAA !!!!! WRONG MOVE, STATEMENT & OUT OF TOUCH? Where is the Budget? Do we have the capabilities, UNLESS THESE UNIVERSITIES WILL BE JUST A NAME BUT OPERATE AS ADVANCED SECONDARY SCHOOLS?? Attract Accredited International Universities to Invest in Zambia?? Like the Model that Malaysia has used?? We can then cater for our students and also attract international students as well. Sorry Dr Phiri, revisit your strategy, as it will not work in modern times??

  15. I take it that this is an expression of a vision. Maybe Vision 2050. Yes Zambia will eventually have at least one university per province. In essence Copperbelt has one, plus many private ones and so is Lusaka. Central has one which is Mulungushi. Southern Province has some private ones. So we only need 7 new ones. We can do it if we think education can be turned into an industry.

  16. Rubbish talk. How on earth can you build ten universities when you have failed to maintain UNZA and CBU. Some pre schools are even better managed than these two insitutions. Its like saying you want to feed ten families when you can even provide for your own family. Joke of the year. Lets be serious.

  17. Evelyn Hone College can only be compared to CBU (then ZIT) in termz qualified man/woman power contribution to the nation. Beats me why the institution haz not been turned into a univerzity…

    • You are suggesting that Evelyn Hone College should be turned into a university? When were you last there? That college is so dingy that it will be a joke of a university.

  18. Looking at the other man in a dark suit, why is he making such a grumpy face as if he has smelt or seen stinky studd. Whats the problerm. He looks very unprofessional. Zambia does not prayers as some commentators put it it needs a proper revolution.

  19. It is OK, as long as these shall not just be empty buildings or factories for producing half baked graduates. where are we going to get lecturers for all these universities that are mushrooming, when even the 2 old universities (UNZA and CBU) still do not have enough qualified staff.

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