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Clive Chirwa retired, he will be paid full benefits, investigations called off

Headlines Clive Chirwa retired, he will be paid full benefits, investigations called off

Professor Clive Chirwa
Professor Clive Chirwa

Suspended Zambia Railways Managing Director Clive Chirwa has been retired in national interest.

Government has since decided to pay Prof Chirwa his full benefits as outlined in his five year contract.

And investigations by the ACC and the Auditor General in Prof Chirwa’s conduct at the railway firm which have since been called off did not find him wanting.

The Mark Chona led board was however found wanting after the investigations was concluded.

Highly placed sources at the Ministry of Transport, Communications, Works and Supply revealed that the decision to retire Prof Chirwa was arrived at two weeks ago.

The sources said Transport Permanent Secretary Muyenga Atanga who has been acting in the absence of Professor Chirwa has now been appointed Zambia Railways Managing Director.

“The Professor has since been communicated to and he has accepted the decision since they will pay him in full. He is walk smiling to the bank,” the source said.

When reached for a comment over the weekend, Professor Chirwa refused to comment on the matter.

“No comment sir, no comment,” he said.

The source added that Dr Atanga has been informed about the appointment and he is excited.

“It appears this was a well calculated move to hound out Professor Chirwa by some people within the system. The investigations found that he was clean but some powers within the system still did not want him to return to ZRL,” the source said.

In November 2012, President Sata appointed Professor Chirwa as Zambia Railways Managing Director after cancelling a concession agreement with the Railways Systems of Zambia.


    • I knew this guy was innocent,Zambians are so scared of working under someone educated due to their lazy work culture ,wanting to be paid for idle time.They do not want someone with ideas to develop the nation,they will bring him down to their level.

    • I knew that the board had a lot of skeletons in the closet.Now the man has been vindicated.Long live Chirwa.Bon voyage 🙂

    • I knew that the board had a lot of skeletons in the closet.Now the man has been vindicated.Long live Chirwa.Bon voyage

    • what happens to the Fokushima electric train project??? has it been retired also?? ,, chirwa retired with full benefits! whoa! chrismas in june No loss!

      Too bad to the poor zambians because their eurobond money is being used to pay off a `mistake`….hahahahahahaha
      These kinds of mistakes are only found in the banana republic of zambia under PF govt!!

    • @Ricky…he has been retired because you were all crying for his dismissal.Just go to the achieves of LT and ZWD and read all the anti-Chirwa comments then you will understand why.Government had no option but let him be.Cheap things are expensive.I doubt if the cheaper man who will fill up the position will do anything meaningful.


    • @zebige
      retirement age is supposed to be 65yrs in zambia… has chirwa reached 65??… and what amount of work has he done to warrant retirement…hahahahahaha

      Zambians are stil waiting for that fukoshima electric train….hahahahaha

    • @ndobo it is called early retirement.It can be at any age.Even a 10 year old can get retired if necessary.Google it up dude.

    • Why do i have a feeling that if Chirwa was allowed to continue working the comments here would have been “we knew that he will be found innocent,this government is corrupt just look at what happened to Kabimba and GBM,now he has been given a key plunder more resources at Zambia railway because the new board will be scared of him.They will fear that the fate that fell the last board will fall on them too,so he will be doing whatever he wants ?” Zambians will never cease to amaze me.Am glad the learned man has left, lest his good CV gets tarnished even more.

  1. All the best Clive, at least you have been saved from embarrassment by this underperforming govt. In the long run, they were going to reduce you to a nobody and a useful *****….. May God be with you and wishing you well.






  2. Go to the bank prof, I told you to went and now you can see this fools are paying you for the little job you did for them buy that Manson now

  3. if proved innocency! why then retire him in national interest? you must be open to the natiion because i see worstege of national resources by paying him in full for nothing . we need justfication to the matter.

    • He is actually innocent of wrongdoing according to what negotiated for. He is just a victim of the “parastatal disease”. He is, however, guilt of excessive greed and unimagianable selfishness. Managing a financially unsound comapny such as ZR requires sacrifice, but Chirwa (& his board) was over-milking a weak cow. under Chirwa that company would have gotten nowhere. He is just a conman, even the trains his purported to have design are a sham. Why design a train as if you are working for a train manufacturing company. ZR needs a detailed study of what should have been constructed/renovated first and the expected cost of the investment. Chirwa cant run a business. He duped the weak-minded president in agreeing to a 25% stake.That is not Chirwa’s fought and that is why he is been…

    • …That is not Chirwa’s fault and that is why he is being compensated. Blame it on Michael for recruiting questionable characters like Chirwa. I am sure he was persuaded by an impressive CV. I am equally impressed but I consider Chirwa as a dangerous man for the economy and unable to separate reality from fantasy. We need the basics instead of high tech trains. We need more hydro power stations instead of electric trains, turning our copper into useful products not high speed train. We are even failing to maintain Ndola stadium, it will be worse maintaining subways… Let us not be too ambitious. Let us learn to crawl, then stand, then one step, then walking and finally running. At the moment we’re still at crawling stage..

    • Zebige cite the provisions of the law you are relying on…I thought retirement in National Interest is under some Civil Service regulation and the reason is that some one is to be appointed to another gvt position for example moving a human resource director to the diplomatic service or when gvt changes policy direction. So which is which? I am open to correction.

    • They were scared to pass the real judgement as even those that were called to investigate him are below his education. You needed Scotland Yard… How can cheap chaps say the professor was wrong. Cowards, now we have to pay. It is said that the committee has discontinued its work and yet it has conclusions that the board was wrong and Chirwa right. Did they discontinue or they finished? Abash shallow analysis. How do we just accept anything fellow Zambians ?

  4. “It appears this was a well calculated move to hound out Professor Chirwa by some people within the system. The investigations found that he was clean but some powers within the system still did not want him to return to ZRL,” the source said.

    Though Chirwa wanted 25% shares and his family to train ZR workers…that in itself is against corporate governance…However, he will never run for president and ZR is exactly where it was…people used in an on going chess game…cry my beloved country…

  5. Awe kwena ni don’t kubeba. What has he done to even derseve a full pension? This man was talking about building underground rail trains when the surface ones don’t even move, what kind of nonsence is this? Y are the investigations called off?

    • what happens to the Fokushima electric train project??? has it been retired also?? ,, chirwa retired with full benefits! whoa! chrismas in june No loss!

      Too bad to the poor zambians because their eurobond money is being used to pay off a `mistake`….hahahahahahaha
      These kinds of mistakes are only found in the banana republic of zambia under PF govt!!

    • U ask of what the proff. has done when in first place you did not want him and u don’t believe he can build u a simple u/g line. U ve got yo wishes and the man could not create time for himself to prove himself and the backwardness of many Zambians, who even commented on this site. Hence did not have time to deserve retirement for sure but he is vindicted!!

    • U ask of what the prof. has done when in first place you did not want him and u don’t believe he can build u a simple u/g line. U ve got yo wishes and the man could not create time for himself to prove himself and the backwardness of many Zambians, who even commented on this site. Hence did not have time to deserve retirement for sure but he is vindicted!!

  6. To those with riches more will be added and to those with nothing even the little will be taken from them .

  7. We knew how this was going to come to an end,miles Sampa was implicated and its like some top guys at the ministry of finance are involved as well,PF only needs mediocre people like their president to be directors,Chirwa also made a grave mistake to come and work with this CNP govt, PF are the most useless govt and i again i stress,SATA wouldnt have been a leader in any stone age era,cleaning toilets in London affected his already peanut brain.

  8. What stupid government!! this man could have transformed ZR in no time!! i mean look at his record,look at his CV? it’s ridiculously amazing, he was the right man for this job. when is zambia going to develop kanshi if we keep on driving away people who really know what the are doing? DAMN!! this is why we’ll remain poor!!

    • Can you mention one railway company he has experience of transforming? Why are you Zambians so gullible?

  9. Prof Clive Chirwa failed to run ZRL. A prof cannot say he does’nt believe in feasibility studies, as if he is using his own money. The other thing is that at his level he should have known better the relationship that should exist between a CEO and the Board. The other thing is that ZRL had no strategy as he kept talking about passenger trains without reference to cost benefit analysis. He presented ENGINEERING models when he should have been presenting BUSINESS models. You can do any kind of engineering works you want any time, the issue is how do you recover the money? The man is educated no doubt that does not make him immune to failure, as anyone can fail and he did just that.

    • The former board sounded to be true. They might have miss understood Clive. The problem we Zambians have is that we have be taught feasibility studies is a must. There are times when we need feasibility studies. Studies can be costly. If you fully understand the project, and have done similar projects do you need feasibility studies when you have blue prints? Chirwa designed similar models which have worked in other countries. Do we need feasibility studies to repair a rail line? Zambia likes spending money on unnecessary studies. First idea, second business model, thirdly ENGINEERING models and the cost. First it is the business that drives us to design engineering models and come up with the cost. See the way business is at Suncor energy where ideal academic application is not allowed.

    • The guy is sharp. Cost-benefit analysis is a simple criteria which does not need blowing a trumpet for. The fact that it was not discussed does not mean it did not exist. U waste time theorizing simple matters which are benchmarked and whose results are overwhelming. This was not a business case but political. In Zambia 2day, even Sir Isaac Newton is a failure!

  10. Full benefit for five years at 241 million per month, gratuity for fives, leave days, rentals at 72 million per month after working for only 5 to 6 months. Some people are lucky. You come and less than a year you reap and go back where you came from. Who will pay for this?????????.
    African and Zambia. Zambia is a real Africa

    • luck?? no, Its called being educated my dear. The man knows his value, he did not just wake up in the morning and scrumble those huge demands. The government had a choice to hire someone else but they did not, how is that his problem? besides do your homework most of these top government offficials are geting those same huge sums of money for doing nothing.

  11. I hope the “benefits” do not include 25% shares in ZRL.Let him just smile with the Euro Bond which is being massacred by his fellow scavengers so that poor innocent zambians pay it back on their behalf.R.I.P euro bond, we thought you came here for something good.

  12. phd(pull-him-down) syndrome is killing zambia. The man puerely wanted to help build his country after all the knowledge and experience gained abroad but guess what pulled right down to the bottom.

  13. Good riddance! But why pay him full benefits? PF are criminally insane. And why the bloody hell don’t you publish the findings instead of quoting unnamed sources? What are you trying to hide? Release the findings or shut up! We don’t want the same nonsense like the Kabimba Commissions and others!

  14. @chota, hilarious.. you cackled me up man! ‘The guy wanted to build underground trains when the surface ones don’t even move…. wow… that’s is a class! LOL? Just made my day!

  15. The national suffers loss again from the possibilities of genuine Zambian engineered development and professionalism. We go back to a mentality of “Cheap and Cost Saving Measures” that only produce sub-standard services and below quality delivery systems. I saw Prof. Chirwa’s dream of what was to come and what he was offering the nation through ZRL. With all due respect to Dr. Atanga, I hope we can get to hear what his dream is and what he is offering the nation with his appointment. I fear to have another Maintenance of Fallen Services CEO. Zambia, let us learn that when we desire “good” it comes with an expense. Let Prof. Chirwa offer consultancy Services to ZRL.

  16. What a sham of this govt wasting resourses both in human and financial terms. A government of unschooled people will never appreciate new thinking by creativive and innovative Zambians. Next govt will have to investigate this saga to the bottom of it and establish what really happened.

  17. Pro. Chirwa please get that cash and come back to England were you are respected those people there are all *****s, let any PF ***** come here and us tell to back and help zambia you will be insulted. That us cool free cash my friend get and come back. See you at Healthrow update us when you are coming back to the real world .

  18. Thats why tatwakabwele ififine ifyabupuba…. A lesson to the Diaspora, too bad for those who married impali coz they need regular servicing back home from Mai Nini. Lets just declare Zed a holiday destination and nothing else.

    • Good reasoning, but however, defective. This is the public sector under scrutiny here, the private sector is doing quite well for itself. So I advise you not to base your decision on the headlines, look for the story underneath. In any case, you would not be coming back for a public sector job?

  19. Have you ever asked yourselves why Africa is shaped like a question mark ?
    Clueless. How many abandoned projects by these headless chickens? Do we really have money to throw around like this. No wonder the country is broke. Yes, Zambia is bankrupt!

    • Dont Generalise Africa. There are a lot of African Countries doing well that Zambia can copy from. Botwans, Namibia, Ghana, Rwanda are on a good road – All we need to do is emulate them. By the way, Libya did well before they destroyed and you know by who

  20. it doesn’t make sense, who retires in few months. just tell him he is fired and not the nonsense you are telling. mwale fwaya fye ukumupwila market umunenu just becourse he is upnd

  21. PHD syndrome in high gear. It’s this very attitude that casts in concrete the prophecy that Zambia will never get anywhere economically and socially. At the speed we are galloping backwards any dreams otherwise will remain just that, dreams.

  22. This has been a sheer waste of money by our money squandering government.Guess this money was also budgeted for ? Prof Chirwa would have helped revamp our railway system but how can one work with Kaponya’s.Well he is surely smiling all the way to the bank.5years pay in one go! He is truly brilliant!

  23. This is wastage of resources because of prompt decisions by our government. This is one of the pronouncement to cost Zambia at the expense of the poor. He will be paid in full in a shortest possible time I believe, while many other people who saved the government for many years have not not yet received their dues.(most of them less than Prof. Chirwa’s monthly salary) Very sad. Any way, edonch kubeba twalefwaya. fili uko tuleya.

    • Yes Government need to pay Clive. Some members of the board of directors were greed. They wanted Chirwa’s money or have unproductive meetings so that they are paid huge allowances. Board of directors have disappointed the Nation and the president. Do not blame the president.

  24. You reap what you sow. You dumped UPND due to your power hungry character. I am sure you will trek back to the UK. There is no life for you in Zambia

  25. A lesson for Chirwa at the end this is all you get when you accept to have dealings with lunatics,rhetorics,social climmers and retards instead of reinstating they ditch you in the cold.Look at the Kampasa killings.

    • Wow that is insigtful and you have to be from Eastern Province or Nyanja to get the meaning. I guess all along it has been Don’t KuBeBa, indeed this PF fire was never meant to ignite and will never ignite..it has alwasy been there for all to see, only the wise from the East saw it .

      Thanks man, you have made my day!!

  26. This is a travesty in as far as Zambia’s government history is concerned.Obviously someone is being commanded and fooled rather than ruling the country.If someone made a mistake they ought to have resigned on moral grounds.Alas! there are not many people in this governemt with morals.The Trafigula ,west midlands saga has died a natural death,well for the time being because of poor leadership .Now ZNS trigger happy thugs are shooting people.The sperm bank (Murambiwa)is scoling cheap political points over the death of innocent people.

  27. Here goes the Lusaka undergroundstation,electrification,etc.nevermind his pockets are full within 90 days,what happens to this country.

  28. Quickest Return on Investment I have ever come across if this is true. Well done Clive you had it all covered in your contract, now it is time to laugh all the way to the Bank.

  29. A very sichupiti decision by government. Not only that, but very expensive too. It would have been progressive and profitable were they to retain and return Prof Chirwa to his desk and vision for the railway system in Zambia.

    Another very sad day in my country.

  30. Ok – It is nice that he has not been found wanting. But can we have a report to confirm the following:
    a) did he ask for 25% stake?,
    b) Did he ask for his wife to be flown 6 times a year by ZRL?
    c) Did he want to use his defunct Personal Consultancy as consultant to ZRL? I
    would like to know answers to the above before I can comment. If he did any of the above, he does not deserve to be the CEO for ZRL. I cant see him placing Zambia at heart in that – Personal gain seem to eminate from that. But again lets see the report.

    • Even if u see the report, u will not understand! It was confirmed he indeed asked for 25% but that was rejected by the board, etc etc. The board was at fault to have allowed conditions which they were not comfortable with but only spoke after being dissolved. Child ish!!

  31. Zambia needs a dictatorship kind of leadership/government.

    you make too much noise just because you have newspapers,online publications which are not censored.You are making us lose even the little that we have.

    All the NGOs,Churches and opposition political parties and groups that called for the suspension of Chirwa must say sorry to the country and to the tax payers money they have wasted.Clive is a true son of the soil and the person who appointed him meant well for the country but look you have destroyed because you want to be heard that you talk.Shame….God will not take your sins lightly….you have killed many zambians.To you Clive i wish you all the best and God have proven to those who hate you are a clean and innocent person.BON VOYAGE!

    • You’re right, Sad Citizen. I am equally tore apart. You can see how greed the board was. The total package for Clive was agreed between the employer and Clive, before Clive took the job. You can see how sick(greed) the board was by bringing in salary as one of misunderstanding at ZR when that was already settled. Greediness by the board of directors has cost the nation. Do you blame president Sata for greediness of others. I think Clive Chirwa has done the right thing by not going back to the Job and the government has done a good thing to retire Clive in the National interest. The pain Clive has passed through could have mentally affected him more negatively if he had continued with the job after investigations.

  32. After this rein of terror SATA and all PF leader must be arrrested and paraded for all to sse them

  33. PF are winners in this whole saga:

    1. Firing Chirwa was going to be a long and expensive legal battle which they would have probably lost on many fronts including unfair dismissal

    2. They have got the Prof exactly where they wanted him as a no threat to political Power. I suspect prof has not been entirely clean in this so this is more likely to have been a settlement and if he ever tried to challenge for plot one, there will be a lot of dirty linen that will be washed in public PF style – I doubt prof can stand up to that so this might be the end of his political ambition.

  34. I know folks who have better CVs than Chirwa’s in Zambia.Chirwa has nothing to show for his CV,where has he ever run a successful organisation? Dont get threatened by titles,the man was going to loot taxpayer’s money,no single man can bring development in the country but collectively ba nyandule imwe!

    • U a better off quiet than show total lack of knowledge in your comparisons with people well known to u

    • How more s.tu.pi.d can one be to say he has nothing to show for his CV??? If you weren’t such an empty tin you would realise that, to begin with, HIS CV & SMART NEGOTIATING ABILITIES HAVE EARNED HIM A FREE SALARY FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS FOR ONLY A FEW MONTHS WORK!!!!! He didn’t have to sink low as to loot the country – which those hounding him are hoping to do!!!!!!! He can afford to put up his feet & enjoy some whiskey or whatever his favourite tipple is, whilst dunder heads with “hunter-gatherer” mentality loot the country!!

  35. I hope he didn’t truly renounce his British citizenship, if he did he must be regretting. This decision on Chirwa boils down to one sad thing about Zambia, wastage of public finances, bear in mind most of the finances are borrowed money.
    A full report must be released without delay.

  36. Wow- I knew it this inferiority complex some Pf cadres have over those in the diaspora will never end. You are so threatened by us. Ati come back home -do to what? Thank God Chirwa has a home to come back to pls CLive when you do come we need to meet up . Collect your money it’s difficult to reason with unlearned uncouth and low esteem people. Come back home where we respect education. Bravo

    • To facilitate plunder is the meaning of `Retired in National Interest`. You are a stambling block so they pay you nicely so that you also go to the bank manager with a wide smile while they desecrate the Eurobond alocation to ZRL using corrupt contractors and some their own companies.

      And what has happened to the Director of Finance (Ms Regina Mwale) who was sent on forced leave? Also retired, recalled, redeployed to Ministry of Sports or found wanting? Also to create an enabling environment the looting. We know these things!

  37. Course he did not denounce his U.K. citizenship – are you kidding me. He is smarter than that. I wouldn’t anyway for anything . I can even give them the chi green passport – passport without portfolio atase afterall I will always be a Zambian by my birth rights

    • Even if you denounce your UK Citizenship it does not mean that the door is completely CLOSED FOREVER it doesn’t work like that. The UK does understand that there are countries out there that don’t allow dual citizenship…Professor Chriwa can simply reapply for it simple as that, no hassle whatsoever and free of charge. The native British denounce their citizenships everyday for business or personal reasons when the immigrate….welcome to the global village.

  38. Professors are forgetful. When professors say a thing does not exist, then that thing does not exist. Understand me correctly? Without Professor Chirwa, ZRL would have remained low on list of national priorities. He must be credited with action, campaign and decisiveness. If progress is slow, then reponsibility should lie on someone else’s shoulders. Next time, he will chair the Board. Next time, he will fight for high offices.

  39. Wow what a shame for us zambians when someone wants to work we try to oppose him for how long will this be? Let’s remember that it’s not about making a name for yourself it is for all Zambians.We are one of a country that has never had war before we have helped many countries but look at us almost everybody is surpassing us in terms of economic development,the idea professor Chirwa had it was a bail out of our economy as well too sad to hear this.

  40. Good ridance!! this guy is only good for thsoe lecture rooms and not ZRL, What does he practically know about the Railway Anyway!! to me he was more less good in HR i.e adding up accurately his personal emoluments!!

  41. Its time PF must handle national issues with national interest.If Clive is innocent why retire him and spend huge sums of money as his benefits instead of punishing Mark Chona and the culprits.FOOLISH.


  43. To Prof. Chirwa, you are indeed a courageous individual and sincerely aimed to improve the economic situation in Zambia to have accepted such a high profile assignment. You risked your reputation by accepting a job with the govt. Thank God you have come out unscathed. I think the govt is still in it’s delinquent stage of youth to conduct it’s affairs in a professional and mature manner. What has happened is exactly what most honest hearted Zambians expected would happen, but at least you haven’t been humiliated and your image tarnished as we feared. This country is doomed.

  44. This AAC is so useless a lot of holes in their decisions. I don’t think the people
    At AAC will last, all their decisions are inconclusive and suspicious . It’s a mockery
    Even to have them clear people. They are also doing bufi on us. But what they don’t know is that the truth always comes out

  45. Clive do you recall what we told you on radio about signing a tight contract before you started work as you can never trust a venomous cobra, it has paid off ka? Don’t forget us when you come back to the UK boss. I will be waiting for a present.

  46. So the guy is innocent – WHY THEN IS HE NOT RE-INSTATED????????
    This POOR COUNTRY whose POOR SOULS are being asked to more than tighten their belts CAN AFFORD TO PAY THIS GUY, 5 yrs PAY for merely working a few months;
    CHIKOPO(A) another SCANDAL MONEY FOR FREE & yet Dull Zambians are still Happy with PF??????????????????????????? Monkeys in the Maize Field!!!!!!!! LUNACY at it’s best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. good case to show that majority can get it wrong at times. clive needed a new board to work with. can the new executive work in consultation with him. clive supports mother Zambia and would help if asked respectifully.

  48. Eh!!! Mwana wa amai wins again. Mwandi take your “jackpot” and leave those who want to steal wait for their day of judgment in 2016.

  49. Full benefits of a five year contract after six months of service? At best, the benefits should have been pro-rated!

    This, together will all of his “no comments” (not to mention the never-ending smirk), smells of a cover up to keep Chirwa from spilling the beans about gross mismanagement high up in the ranks of government.

    • Unfortunately, there is a cost to firing contractors before expiration of the contract and when they are not at fault. At law it is called “constructive dismissal” and if the benefits were prorated and Clive went to court he would still win out-rightly. Sometimes, it is best to leave quietly especially, when you’ll get your full benefits.

  50. Wow what luxury. Head back to Zambia having renounced your British citizenship, outline all your ideas for a new railway system, get suspended and then rewarded with a retirement package, wow!!!! I guess it time to retrieve that lovey red passport and back to the UK, some people really have all the luck.


    • Don’t deceive yourself!!! Do not EQUATE “POWER DOMINANCE”with RESPECT! If he had respect he would have surrounded himself with credible advisors! Go to his first marriage to gauge your deceit!

  52. we need to be very careful how do we hire and retire persons in just a few months and pay them huge benefits at the end of it all this thge very money needs to be given to the farmers in way of giving them inputs and also build schools for us to reach the MD what ever but instead we still from the nation by way of giving peo[ple benefits such that we share as they get.lets wake up

  53. We warned you that Sata can and will never run a successful government. A warning to us in the diaspora that intend to work for our nation should wait for a next civilised govt which we have to sponsor and support. PF govt has failed Zambians in every aspect of its existence. It has now resorted to retiring competent credible people that can add value to the nation in form of development. To pay huge sums as retirement when infact is payment for Sata’s incompetency. Next will be judge Chikopa’s payment for Sata’s incompetency. What luxury!

    • You cannot blame Sata for the greediness of the former ZR board of directors. Clive is not
      ready to go back to ZR to face more pain than he had experienced. So in the national interest and Clive’s interest it is good that he has been retired. For Clive to go back to ZR, Zambia needs to recruit at least 12 from diaspora to take up positions at the board and higher management level in order for ZR to succeed. Good working culture and style is very vita to achieve the desired objectives and goal of The nation. ZR needs leaders with passion, experience and academic qualifications.

  54. lam happy he was innocent after all. Now gentlemen why are we scared of development or someone with sound ideas? Go well prof and may God guide and protect you.

    • So you think! You probably need to wait for the whole story to unfold. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense for him to be “retired” which is technically “fired” if indeed he is clean. In all fairness to him and to his reputation, they ought to have reinstated him in his position as CEO of the company, if indeed he had been confirmed innocent by the investigation. That was the purpose of conducting the investigation.

  55. The price you pay for poor planning or is it just part of the continued dodgy schemes to share off the Euro bond before the next elections? Am sure they were some govt reps who negotiated the retirement package because that amount of money is way out of order to pay someone only appointed in November 2012. Surely there must be some clause to protect the employer from such contractual obligations. Anyway everything goes pa Zed and a few years now people will be saying lets forgive this one and that one because we are a christian nation. Ha ha. whatever! Enjoy the money but remember some people out there have nothing and their live hood depends on the survival of ZR. I was in kabwe for tender submission in March and you can see how desperate things have become for those genuine poor workers.

    • Man, think!! The Clauses protect both employer & employee!!! Chirwa is protected by the same! WHAT THE CLAUSES DON’T PROTECT, IS ST.U.P.I.DTY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!!!! Chirwa NEVER BREACHED HIS CONTRACT – AS SUCH , HE IS RIGHTLY DUE the FULL BENEFITS OF HIS 5 YEAR CONTRACT!!!

  56. Well done Prof. Chirwa, indeed the rich will get more richer… more drama, am enjoying this bane. Please find technocrats who can revamp that hopeless economy and can the president find advisers who will not mislead him..

  57. come on people you cant see this guy ,has been found inocent and he dosnt want to come back cos they have managed to frustrat him

  58. Zambians! please wake up. Not a political call but just think how much money being wasted. Getting FULL BENEFITS while ordinary Zambians are dying (No hospitals, No foods). Very sad how you can make money that quick doing nothing.

  59. The president is to blame because he hand picked him. The president should remove his nose from certain matters. He acts like a head boy. For all we know, this is a scam!

  60. It is sad to hear that Clive was not found wanting. We spent tax payers money on self individuals who were thinking only for their stomachs and not for the nation’ s interest. These are the people making the government look like its not working. Let us put national interest first then ours after in such matters. We will see this nation develop that way .All we know is pull him down ( PhD) we will not develop with such PhDs

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Fashion Finally Ends Rangers Season With Silverware

Fashion Sakala and Glasgow Rangers made up for some heartbreak this season by finally winning some silverware to end...

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