Final draft constitution will be release next month-Guy Scott

Vice President Guy Scott
Vice President Guy Scott

VICE President Guy Scott has assured the Nation that the final draft constitution prepared by the Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambian Constitution will be released by next month.

Dr Scott also clarified that the 10 copies that were demanded to be printed were merely meant for the ceremonial hand over to the Government.

“The 10 copies are meant for the ceremonial hand over of the constitution, we are not reversing on our undertaking or expectation of releasing the final draft constitution before the end of the year or before the end of next month, Dr Scott said.

He said this in Parliament yesterday during the Vice President Question and Answer time that nothing has changed but the constitution would be released as schedule.

He said this in response to the Patriotic Front (PF) Lupososhi Member of Parliament (MP) Chungu Bwalya wanted the Vice President to clarify on the confusion surrounding the printing of 10 copies of the final draft constitution and controversy with the technical committee.


    • Our decision to vote out Rupiah in 2011 was meant to tell whoever is in Government that we will no longer accept mediocrity from our Leaders.

      Our position still remains the same. We will not accept any mediocrity from either the PF or anyone else who comes to govern us. We will not wait for teh next government to have a constitution we want, we will have it NOW…. God Bless mother Zambia.

  1. so how ceremonial to print 10 copies lol Jesus u really take people for fools, technical committee couldn’t understand Winter , so after end of next month no further detail(timetable) on the road map.. The country need more heroes.

  2. Spin deejay spin. Whatever the truth you are locked in to this now so we will look forward to the release of this record. Play on playa…

  3. Iwe “Muzungu wo pusa” how do you know??? The committee will get back to us to tell us when it is READY FOR MASS RELEASE!!!!

  4. ….U need only one copy for ceremonial hand over…the copy the committee chairman will present to the president……

    • The copy will also be released to the public at the same time (hour and minute) this one copy will be handed over to HEMCS.

      Our message in 2011 was clear. NO more medrocity in government.

      God bless mother Zambia.

  5. UUUUmmmmmh!!! Aaaaah. Sure? why did Hon. Kabimba not explain that? You wanted to test Zambians? Stop playing games> The country needs holistic development like yesterday. That development includes socio-economic-political-cultural including respect for citizens who put you in power. You decided to sound reasonable because of the danger of losing votes in Mansa?? And what was that mockery in Mansa of bowing before the electorate? Anyway, one day Zambians will wake up like those in developed countries. This crop of politicians together with this gullible electorate will be gone by then.

    • In private practice he NEVER WON A SINGLE CASE, in public life failure continues to follow him…….. He’s such a looser.

    • @OldRugsOut
      I’m not a fan of Wynter, nor do I support some of the things he does or says but it is not true to allege that he has NEVER WON A SINGLE CASE in private practice. THIS IS A LIE. All you need to do is conduct a search at the High Court and Supreme Court and the records will show differently! Please do not blog without facts unless you are hell-bent on just tarnishing his name. Records at the court registries are public records so do a search before you mislead the people. If you want specific citations of some of the cases that he won, I can provide them to you. Nevertheless, I do not agree with his way of doing things, especially as Minister of Justice!

  6. No copy should be handed over to anyone regardless of who they think they are in society. Handing over will be simultaneous, I mean same hour and minute both to the President and the general public.

    Our message was clear in 2011, and we as a people will remain consistent to our values. Whoever doesn’t heed to what we tell them goes that very minute.

  7. Politics is indeed an interesting game! Just do a quick somersault when you realize something is not sitting well with the public. This is the game Wynter and the VEEP are trying to play. However, we as Zambians may be docile, but not entirely dull. We can see thru their antics!

  8. The draft constitution has been ready to be simultaneously given to Michael Sata and the general public since last month.Why is the PF causing all this fuss?
    Guy Scott and his colleagues in PF should not take people’s patience as foolishness.It will be too bad for PF when the people of Zambia get annoyed and decide to take to the streets to demand regime change.

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