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Guy Scott and Edgar Lungu Reconcile

Headlines Guy Scott and Edgar Lungu Reconcile

Acting President Dr Guy Scott (r)  listens to Defence and Justice minister Edgar Lungu shortly after Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Acting President Dr Guy Scott (r) listens to Defence and Justice minister Edgar Lungu shortly after Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

PF President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Acting President Dr. Guy Lindsay Scott have put their differences behind and pledged to work together.

In a meeting brokered by Northmead Assemblies of God Bishop Dr. Joshua Banda, Edgar Lungu and Guy Scott agreed that they will be together at the Supreme Court during the filing of presidential nominations by PF President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Edgar Lungu was accompanied by PF National Chairperson, Inonge Wina, PF Secretary General, Davies Chama Minister of Tourism and Arts, Jean Kapata and Member of Central Committee Samuel Mukupa.

The meeting was held at State House in the evenings of Friday 19th September December 2014.

Dr. Scott led a team that comprised Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Matero Member of Parliament Miles Bwalya Sampa, former Secretary General Bridget Attanga and Anthony Kasolo.

Dr. Scott is expected to lead the 200 voter supporters that will file together with Lungu as an act of reconciliation.

A Press Briefing will be held on Saturday 20th December 2014 at Government House that will be addressed by Harry Kalaba and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to discuss the development.



    • I was reading an article yesterday on ZP by one Bwembya Mutale titled, “Lungu’s Long Journey to Nomination”.

      Here is the excerpt.

      “To the acting President Guy Scott, I know you are a patriot but under siege of coercion. If we outsiders to PF can see the popular following EL is enjoying in the party and beyond, its time you got a risk assessment impact report on bad decisions you are making. Sadly you are caught up on a strategic inflection point where one choice has to be made now or never. It’s impossible to asphyxiate people power more when it’s based on a popular resolution. You should either negotiate your future with your colleagues, or step off and enjoy your favorite whisky at the usual meeting place-Lusaka club”.

      Interesting turn of events. Politicians read blogs.

    • ….continued….”To the PF base, your man’s triumph to lead PF has been a daunting journey of endurance but with his usual temperament. Start mobilizing for a massive solidarity in send off of EL to the nomination on Saturday 20th December, 2014.

      Let issue based campaigns begin and Zambian voters who are the final judge will have the opportunity to elect a true nationalist through the ballot. Remember, Zambia is bigger than anyone of us”.

      Just incredible to say it all.

    • Edgar Muhammed Lungu a drunkard cant be the president of this nation.
      He has agreed to make Miles Sampa Vice President.

      Next let him reconcil with HH allow a true Zambian and Christian to lead this country to save us from Islamic fandamentalists.

    • It bothers no body UPND was prepared even for sata. We want to win them clearly. Sorry but PF has no message to tell the pipo. NI viva HH chabe

    • If its true he’s reconciled with Chakolwa then zoona ni muzungu opusa. He’s won many hearts for his principled stance on everything thus far.

    • Something very very fishy brewing in the PF whatever it is…. its not good for PF its not good for the opposition either because even them cant tel which is which.. This is like the game kids play were they say nakupata in the evening and in the morning they are back playing wider together. Its political insanity of the highest order.

    • This sound like a reconcilation when Edgar lungu is nursing a hungover…… am waiting for him to drink tubili and say something!!

    • Yakaba Amaka Ubwato strategy the opposition is now confused.Viva Bishop Banda and may the Lord richly bless our nation

    • Uko this is not good for HH… Politics… These chaps are all the same lets not be cheated, nonetheless God has just fought battles on behalf of Lungu… God is bigger and so is Zambia.


    • Munjeleleko ba Zambia munjeleleko

      Abakali tabalanda. ………

      Wynter Kabimba

      …….and that’s how the ruling party won the elections………

      For those of you that studied Journalism, this is called ‘champagne glass theory’

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Iwe Mpika Man

      The game is not on….the game is now finished..the referee has just blown the last whistle. …..with an added 5 minutes of extra time already finished. ..

      ….and the final score is…….

      Germany (PF) 7 Brazil (MMD) 1

      Third and fourth playoff

      FDD 3 vs UPND 0

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Reconcile or not, you can even bring back the dead, no one will stop the wind of change in this Country.

      Lusberg, Kopala, Eastern, Muchinga, Luapula, Northern, Western konse konse ni HH chabeeeee!

      20 Jan 2015 – ni HH banee!

      No Vodka in State House!


      Now go on and take your rightful and destined Presidential Sit !

      UPND a ‘kamulia bo’ party your wishful dreams are diminishing !!


    • Great steps in the right direction, had GS and team just listened and paid attention when we informed them that Lungu had cleared the bar and no further judicial process was going to reverse that three weeks ago, they could have saved themselves time and money.

      And by the way those using my phrase “Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us” and/or any variation(s) thereof without citations and/or express permission from myself are plagiarized and should do what all learned people do.

      I will soon trademark it and if anyone uses it without permission or citations will face fines.

      Life Is A Serious Enterprise!!

    • This is a just a cosmetic reconciliation. Guy Scott is just being forced to do this. Otherwise his heart is NOT with the Lungu camp anymore after all these insults that have been hailed at him recently by Lungu, Kapata, Bwalya, Kalaba and the rest. GS is NOT going into this with all his heart. I am sure he is just pretending for the sake of peace.

    • Naysayers. ….January 21 is fast approaching

      …….UPND supporters are shitting in their pants. … .

      HH. …’ a dream deferred’

      When you are born…your life is already written and if one of the paragraph in your life story says ‘one day you will become president of Zambia’
      ….there’s no way someone can be stopped.

      Ladies and Gentlemen. ….
      Hon Edgar C Lungu is our next President

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • @Edah, you only represent one vote fortunately or unfortunately. The winner won’t be determined by you Edah but the millions out there who you bloggers are constantly insulting. Unfortunately most of us won’t even vote myself included.

  1. Guy Scott reconciling with a Muslim.
    Only a hypocrity Christian will vote for Edgar Muhammed Lungu.

    Let Edgar Lungu clear the air over him being a Muslim

    • who told you that to be a muslim is a crime,what do you understand by freedom of worship in zambian constitution? Dont you receive the donations from islamic groups? This time it’s mashaallah (God’s will) on Edgar Chagwa Lungu.G o lungu Go allah hamdulai

    • Which religion does Hon Edgar Lungu belongs to. If he is indeed catholic how long he has been a committed member and who his priest is, if on the other hand he is a Muslim could the clergy in Zambia need educate the Christian voters what impacts this would have on Zambia’s Christian heritage, covenant with God and declaration of Zambia being a Christian Nation. Kasongo your statement is a major concern, yes Zambia has freedom of worship however Zambia is a christian nation and we need leaders who would honor the Christian declaration, will PF under Edgar honor the christian declaration, we need to pray for clear direction in Jesus name and not just be excited with others quoting scriptures from the bible, this is very serious. In your Muslim nations could they ever vote for a christian.


    • And HH was busy putting Scott on his back hoping to inflame more fire…come on HH. ….now what’s your say Mr Hakainde Hichelema..????

      “We are at war with the devil and the devil cannot win ”
      FTJ chiluba

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  2. HH must have frightened EL to consider reconciling with the racist. it had to take a bishop for them to reconcile big sign of immaturity and vision less

  3. Am I the only one hearing the rumblings in the stomach of UPND members? Is the Zambezi West and Mangago dejaVu about to happen on the national scale with this reconciliation. I think It will be hard to bet against a united PF. Ignore them at your own peril. These PF guys are thugs at the core and they know how to do street fights and convasing for votes is not a rallies game but a street game affair and in MMD we know that for sure.

    UPND might have to re-evaluate their strategy based on mistakes made in Zambezi West and Mangango where rallies were clearly showing that they were winning only to be defeated on the day without SATA.

    Good luck to all contestants in the game.

    • No you are not the only one my brother. The problem is that UPND more on LT and ZWD statistics. They need to get out more and convince people. And also they rely on the bad luck of their opponents. More like, “if Lungu and Guy Scott don’t reconcile, then we are good” Hahaha

    • MMD chief bootlicker

      I think you should change your screen name to
      MMD Chief executive

      …….and just in case you will be wondering….just how did the PF won the elections on January 21. ..now you have the answer. …

      We used a tactic called ‘ Champagne glass theory’ and am sure you know what this theory is.

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  4. wao!!!!! good news. upnd and hh are very anoyed at this development. please mr scort we want your in the front in surporting lungu when filling nominations. go lungu, go pf , zambia is behind you.

    • Yes, we knew all along we, in PF, needed umusungu to give us confidence. Umo fye umwana wa kwa Lesa, without whom we could not move forward.We are a million black men with shriveled bol1s. We need a muzungu to validate our manliness. Only Guy (pun intended) can give it to us.

      Panga Family, chwechwechwe!

    • Hahahaha typical Southern Province political Party supporter…now you calling Scott Muzungu opusa but you were heaping praise on him a few days ago

      Mwailasha…muzavionela muma dollar

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  5. It is good thing to reconcile differences for individual, peace and progress sake. It may however, not have a significant bearing on the election results except that the ruling party now has access to public resources to muscle there way forward and campaign. The donchi kubeba syndrome can still play against them given the level of dissatisfaction on the status qou by majority of the electorate; even the reinstated nurses. May God grant peace to our mother zambia in this period.

  6. Lol, Edgar Muhammed Lungu???

    Anyway, so LT says they two had a meeting on the 19th SEPTEMBER 2014? Interesting .

    But what differences did they have, I’m abit lost here?

    Ok so now, what happens to Miles Sampa?

  7. Is your story true or not? I don’t understand your dates in this story, you mean to say reconciliation was done in September and you are only writing now in December? So reconciliation was not done or what do you mean?

  8. The meeting was held at State House in the evenings of Friday 19th September 2014. This is confusing. Are we still in September?

  9. Sorry Scott and Lungu,the damage has already been done. This is too late to little to change our thinking.
    You guys behaved like thugs washing dirty linen in public. Those prostitutes of women called ministers like Luo and Jean Kapata showed the world that they move ready without pants by the dirty language they were using on innocent Scot. I would want to be near Lou; the woman has no manners. If Sata was live, he would have paid ‘alangizi’ to help these women. Now we can all see what Dr Manda was going through during his marriage to this unmanned Bemba woman; it was hail on earth!

    • Insults won’t give your candidate votes. Tell the people why they should vote for your candidate and not any other candidate.

    • Your MPs are busy insulting in Parliament. Mazabuka MP used the ‘CHI………’ word in the respectable house. That’s the caliber of MPs you have. What if you are in government, it could be worse.

  10. Looks HH team can only thrive were their is confusion so they are very jittery. Mwawa bangwele. Remind this fake SDA that SDA don’t hold rallies on Saturday.
    Lets Go EL. Tiye Tiye it is still our term.

  11. Edgar Lungu said;

    #1.He will continue Sata’s vision,meaning he has non for himself.

    #2.He will reduce price of mealie meal

    #3. He will reduce price of castle larger to K3 but not Mosi

    #4. He will build more mosques

    #5. He will fire Guy Scott

    #6. He will reverse Sata’s proposed retirement age.

  12. Will the following prophecy come to pass???

    One of Malawi’s online leading journalist Kelvin Sulungwe reports that Prophet Bushiri who was speaking during a church service urged his congregation to pray for Zambia as he saw violence erupting in the country following election disagreements.

    Prophet Bushiri also disclosed that he saw a man wearing a hat being sworn in as Zambia’s President.

    “I’m seeing a man name L being sworn in as President. This man is so much loved by Zambians and he is destined to win. If he fails, he will fail because of himself. Things will go bad for him if he doesn’t humble himself and work with the white person,” said Bushiri.

    Coincidentally, a likely candidate with ‘L’ in his name is Edgar Lungu of Patriotic Front. According to the prophecy, Bushiri…

    • That ka little man also mentioned that there will be massive deaths. He was seeing dead bodies and blood all over and then he would punctuate his false visions with, “I don’t know.” What kind of nonsense is that?

    • @ Dollar I read that prophecy by Apostle Shepherd Busiri as well he said he saw the man with L but the condition is that he humbles himself and works with the white man.
      @ Sauzande the prophecy you are referring to is the one on youtube by Apostle Shammah Bushiri. In addition to the blood shed he also talk about caucuses forming against SOMEONE coming into power. Further said “they are not ready for this one to come in”. The question is who is this ONE? And who are THEY who are not ready?
      My friend @ Sauzande it is HH Apostle Shammah Bushiri is talking about. Listen carefully to him. The political crisis arises because some people refuse to accept defeat. These are the groups who are watching and aren’t happy that he is campaigning freely.

      These two apostles are different in…

  13. so u bantustan party whom are u going to suport in PF to gain yo cheap political milage since the two av reconcilled?

  14. Bloggers who are sympathetic to UPND always full of insults and Personal attacks. Imagine HH in state house with these chaps around.
    Go EL Go.
    Tiye nayo nayo.

    • Bloggers who are sympathetic to PF always full of insults and Personal attacks. Imagine EL in state house with these chaps around.
      Go HH Go.
      Tiye Ika Pressure. Ngenesa mu gear 5 manje.

    • I have noticed that too.. its too much insults and personalized abusive verbal attacks for UPND sympathizers on these sites.. I wonder what kind of leadership they’ll provide.

    • I have noticed that too.. its too much insults and personalized abusive verbal attacks from UPND sympathizers on these sites.. I wonder what kind of leadership they’ll provide.

  15. But zoona Scott ni muzungu opusa. How do you reconcile with a drunkard, muslim, casino gambler and thief of client’s money? I hope you dont allow abuse of government resources coz you will be made to account after 20th.

  16. Well, Caesar found out to his great cost that Brutus also was his enemy….Far too late unfortunately.

    The Sampa gang will live to play again. Wonder if they will withdraw cases. Will the Contempt cases still be carried out by the court? This is all meaningless right now, convenient for campaign sake. WHAT EVIDENCE DID FATHER BWALYA HOLD THAT TURNED GUY SO FAST?!

    Personally believe a good butchers knife and clean cut would have been safer for Lungu. Now he has to grow eyes on his back! These guys can regroup and make it difficult again in the future. And that little Sampa…..wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

    Anyway best to be hopeful

  17. mwinezed
    u ar rigtht , the reason y some of us left upnd after the death of (AM) HSRIP its bcoz of those reasons.
    upnd under HH is full of hate,insults,regionalism,tribalism.
    the man always take advantage either death or comfusion from his oponent to gain his milage.

  18. @black uhuru: when not on your side then it’s bad.
    Shame on you Guys. You always decampaign your HH cause you never sincere with your commentaries, look at Guy Scott with his Negative Campaign against Lungu it only made him more popular.
    So come Join us as we make it to Supreme Court for Nominations and Swearing in on 23rd January 2015.
    Ba Lungu Chabe for 2015. Kwamana pe! mbombubo! alimwi tiyanda ba EL for 2015:- Inchali bobo nchali chibotu.

  19. We told that even senior military personnel forced it on Scoo. This is why they get fired on the first press conference.
    They just have four weeks to enjoy free whiskey from the defence forces budget. Even RB gave free bucks but they never saved him.
    This time we shall even be smarter. The game is on and PF can only ignore HH because they are always drunk like their heir to the throne.

  20. Chabija sure !! You can see from UPND blogs that their winning was anchored on PF confusion . Nomba kula bwata bwata fye. The writing is clear PF WINS

  21. forgive and forget .


    • Have you not heard that HH is providing leadership? Let him continue campaigning. Come January mealie meal will be worth K65. Fuel has already been reduced marginally. So for the sake of people on ground I am saying Vivia #FlightHH2015 & 2016.

    • TPIN, people know it is HH firing the shots. This time you won’t cheat us. You actually didn’t know what Sata was doing. HH is now fully grown that is the reason why Sata died peacefully because he knew that a new leader was there and not this drunkard that you are supporting because of a few bottles of Mosi.
      Zambia needs sober minds. Try Lungu in 2O16 after the effect of Beer is reduced.
      Even Scott knows this. Tell your Kambwili that is back to Jereboh boys because that fake degree will not take him anywhere apart from the black mountain in Kitwe where he left his friends 3years ago.

  22. Uyu lungu is a weaklin. How do you forgive just like that. Shaka said , and i quote, “NEVER LEAVE AN ENEMY BEHIND” lol

    • Fellow countrymen are not enemies. And Jesus said “forgive your enemies”. who is weak one who follows Shaka and on who follows Jesus? Shaka is dead couldn’t even save himself form his enemies, Jesus is alive in heaven to live forever. So who is a weak?

    • @ZP .Your post like many others is shocking.How can one in his or her right mind condemn the spirit of reconciliation?Worse still, instead of quoting the bible you are busy referencing to Shaka.Such a shame.

  23. Yes this is what we wanted from the word go. PF now show maturity don’t waste any time. Go full time campaigning .

    HH and UPND balwala shiki polomya now.

    Lets go Lungu , Lets go PF.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Was it the conflict between Lungu and Scott that stopped Lungu from campaigning flat out? Or was it because he couldn’t misuse tax monies?

      Answer these questions honestly with the guidance of the spirit God has instilled in you?

  24. UPND bloggers are civilised & are issue based.HH & his supporters countrywide don’t depend on the so called reconciliation within PF factions,it is the that Outgoing Lairs’ Party PF’s social-economic miseries & lies as well as many endless vices inimical to human development that have compelled the majority voters to align themselves to a vibrant, energetic,with visions of a better Zambia.We in UPND do not refute the fact that some voters need serious sensitizations on the importance of electing responsible & rational leaders who will prudently utilise our finite natural resources & revenue from the tax that they pay & these are the ones still canting for that outgoing Lairs Party PF plus a few sycophants.Otherwise, Zambia is in a high reverse gear under these…

  25. Psychological treatment succesful on zambians. market lungu through hate speech and reconcile in the end. vuva master of psychology scott. u hv dne it. now we know who lungu is. my vote goes to chagwa…

  26. The Civilized Sam; then tell your upnd fellow supporters to stop insulting Lungu if what you are saying will hold water. You have already made Lungu and PF very popular by your insults. I was one of your sympathizers but i have changed my mind after reading what all these upnd supporters are writing. My vote now is on Lungu come 20/01/2015.

  27. Read the ZWD to get read more to the this reconciliation otherwise you will be disappointed when the tables turn around.

    Ignore the ZWD at your peril as a number of things they predict come to pass.

    If you are still arguing ask yourselves why ZWD website was recently attacked and ZWD had to restore it’s functioning again. Isn’t it because it pre-empts thieves and liars before they implement their plans.

    Viva #teamGuyWachiKoti

    • Well, ut is true that ZWD predicts things correctly, which is admirable . But it’s also true that they are heavily putting their weight behind a certain candidate. In him they don’t see anything wrong. He’s an angel. If you so dare to even write anything against himbon their site you are emediately blocked. It’s clear they are sponsored by this certain candidate.

    • @Escobar I myself am blocked but my comment was not political but on an article from Nigeria – not political either.

  28. Now the UP N DOWN are more confused than ever before, They have now resorted to insults. They used the differences in PF for their on advantage but pipo have realized there tactics. We can only judge PF after a 5 year term.

    • Mr Alex Muliokela

      I think the they’re just overwhelmed with anger and confusion. ..they can foresee doomsday fast approaching. ….this has just turned out to be a not very festive season for UPND supporters. ..no more popcorn…..Bola Yapwa

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  29. ngati chamubabani Edgar na scot bagwilizana kamweni kachaso mugone.ndimwe banthu babwanji simufuna mugwilizano wa banthu.imwe ndimwe mr right chabe

  30. Ok now for those of you that kept asking for more popcorn….now the game is over….our Job is done done done.

    Katondo boys and the boostele team Big L, Eddy, Monde, Mwanawakwitu, Truth hates and all PF supporters on LT can now take a well deserved vacation. ..we have done it guys. …Lusaka is on fire today…

    A Phiri anabwera, Jessie wa mu town, Anderson Chisala, Nostradamus, Nyau, Mei Matungu, Mau Mau and all the die hard Naysayers and Anti PF can also have a great vacation. Please feel free to come and join us at CBI building in Matero tonight after the nomination process for a glass of Amarula

    2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • Katondo Boys, ala man this is what we wanted. This has made the HH and UPND camp confounded. They don’t know what has just hit them at the eleventh hour. I hear HH has gone missing .

      Its Lungu and PF 2015.

      Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • I’ve made it to the die hard naysayers camp? Oh my. Let me put on coat and hat. Must celebrate in style! Oh. Acceptance speech.

      I accept the award with both hands. I will cherish and hold it dear to my heart. I promise to do you proud and keep my popcorn filled cheek(s) open to criticism. I will be with you in good and bad times and will remain faithfully opposed to brattish behaviour and public spats.


  31. LT bring on the images please wow wow wow……….

    Beautiful scenes. …this will go down in history as one of bitterest Counter attacks in living memory. ..Michael Chilufya Sata. ..May your soul rest in peace. …PF is now stronger than ever. …rest in peace big man till we meet again. …just overwhelmed…..this is My Zambia and this is my motherland…..God bless you all

    Supreme court here we come. ………

    Fast forward to January 21
    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the newly elected president of Zambia. .the Hon Edgar C Lungu

    2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • katondo boys the pics will shock you! if elections are decided on the no of supporters at nomination, the UPND has beaten PF hands down. Honestly i expected a massive crowd in the PF stronghold of lusaka; why katondo boys you were busy on LT and did not support your party? May the peoples wish prevail.

  32. Best news so far. A good breather from the frustrating seqeuence of headlines that forced me to go on a blogging leave.

    Let’s hope PF leadership has learnt a lesson to refrain from power struggling and truly unite for the love of the nation.

  33. This is the way forward, all the best! this will be recorded in the Zambian history ladies and gentlement, will make sure guys you move on, viva EL

  34. Devil you know is better than the angel you dont know and the muslim you know is better than a freemanson hiding(HH) Program ni mubwato fye
    Lungu bwebo kojalula mulwango utunjile mu bwato bonse,twalumba kapati

  35. This is good news both for PF and the nation. Let this reconciliatory spirit be emulated by other political parties. In a democracy, there is no loser nor winner. We may have individual preferences but at the end of the day we are one strong nation united in diversity. Kudos should go to Dr. Scott, Mr. Edgar Lungu, Bishop Joshua Banda, Miles Sampa, GBM and the entire PF leadership. ViVA PF, VIVA LUNGU.

  36. Ati Lungu has no vision,who told you that HH has a vision because he is riding on Late A.K.MAZOKA’s vision MHSRIP.So even Lungu wants ride on Late Sata’ vision finish. Amen Zambians

  37. After listening and watching clips on this evening news on znbc, the purported reconciliation may as well be cosmetic. it looked like the acting president was just being forced to respond the Edgar’s gestures. this is my personal opinion, if u don’t agree with me don’t insult me but rather give your on opinion as well so that u let others analyze your analytical capability.

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