PF and UPND cadres clash in Mongu


Police in Mongu have surrounded Kapulanga market and surrounding areas following a clash between ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres ahead of the January 20 presidential elections.

The fracas between the two political groups started around 10:00 hours today and has intensified in some isolated areas such as Kapulanga market and the surrounding areas.

ZANIS reports that suspected UPND cadres have stormed and harassed PF cadres tearing party placards and chitenge materials for the ruling party.

And heavy Police presence has engulfed the Kapulanga market in readiness for any further confusion and to ensure that the lives of the residents are protected.

Mongu Central Member of Parliament Nathaniel Mubukwanu who is also North Western Provincial Minister has told ZANIS that the violent behaviour exhibited by UPND cadres in Mongu this morning was unacceptable as the nation was celebrating 50 years of Zambia’s independence.

Mr. Mubukwanu stated that it was disappointing to note that UPND has resorted to using violence instead of engaging into dialogue if there were any differences between the two political parties.

The Minister further said that the UPND cadres were in full force beating -up, deflating PF cadre’s motor-vehicles using pangs and have since attacked the PF campaign centre.

The Minister has held a closed door meeting with the Deputy Provincial Police Commissioner Lackson Sakala to chat the way forward on the matter and ensure that safety of people in the area was not threatened and no loss of life is recorded as a result of such political violence.

Efforts to get a comment from the UPND by press time failed.


    • Any way the truth about the vans full of pangas which PF sent to every where including mongu is now emerging. The truth of what really happened will be known very soon as is the case with PF’s lies. It s short lived.

      I am 120% sure that this fracas was started by PF cadres upon seeing that UPND is gaining ground across Zambia.

      These are acts of desperation by the PF.

      Every time PF has accused UPND, of an atrocity it has committed, UPND has been vindicated. This time also UPND will be vindicated when the truth comes to light.

      This Mubukwanu is fighting for his job under Lungu, which most likely wont be his .


    • MUVI TV has a clip on what exactly happened. PF will be ashamed to know that its PF cadres who provoked UPND ‘s meeting. So PF thugs expected UPND to just wtach PF butcher them with Pangas? NO.

      Any time PF attacks UPND from now on they should expect a sharp and vigorous reaction from UPND.

      For sure we shall stop this rot once and for all.

      We are going back to Shiwangandu without stupid kapyango’s permission full prepared to defend our campaign team.

    • Wanzelu I know who you are. ******. I know you from UNZA. Get a life my friend and repent. You pretend to be a staunch SDA member yet on online you are the worst hypocrite that promotes hate speech. My advice to you is to repent of your sins. I know personally. Kindly heed my advice of slowing down on your hate speech. It won’t hurt you to engage in politics of civility. You don’t have to sink to the level of the Kaponyas for you to do politics. I end here. Remember your creator as you politic. God bless

    • Wanzelu you must condemn violence regardless of you support. As PF we condemn such. The other day upnd chaps were calling PF all sorts of names becoz the violence in Muchinga how about you call a spade a spade.?

      Come 20 Jan you are losing the election again…

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • Violence can never be defended,all peace loving Zambians should condemn violence regardless of where it is coming from.

    • The HH-UPND are now feeling the EL-PL impact. They have realized they have lost this election. So the only thing they can resort to is violence as usual. What they should know is that democracy is about numbers. Please police arrest who ever is causing this confusion.

      This election Edigar Lungu has won and we are just waiting for 21 January to inaugurate EL.

      Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Last kicks of a dead party, panga family. Ni HH chabe, umuntu ni HH. PF kunya bebele. Did you see the UPND Mongu rally? Mamayeeeeeeeeeee! This is what is making panga family have sleepless nights, have shiki polomya and resort to violence. Ni HH chabe.

    • It is PF that has a culture of Violence and Panga’s. Remember how they killed their own Kaponya in Livingstone and tried to pin it on UPND. Remember how they killed another Kaponya in Lusaka and tried to pin it on UPND and the truth came out later in both cases and pointed to PF. Remember that picture of judge Ngoma and other Kaponya’s with chains and other weapons in hot persuit of UPND supporters. It is known everywhere in Zambia that PF is a violent party. Sata was violent and he passed this legacy on to PF. Why are PF cadres paniking in Mongu? Could it be that they have realized that they are losing these elections. January 20, please come quickly and lets send these Panga’s into permanent retirement. NO MORE PANGA’s. NO MORE PANGA’S, NO MORE PANGA’S!!!


    • UPND chaps just accept you have lost once again.

      RB supports Lungu upnd calls him unworthy names. Katele supports HH he is a saint.

      Dora supports Lungu upnd insults her. Masebo supports HH she is a saint.

      The entire Eastern Provinces supports Lungu its wako ni wako…tribalism. Southern province gives HH 98% votes upnd chaps see nothing wrong with that.

      UPND you know what.? You are so unrealistic and now you are getting what you always deserve…another loss.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • @RB disciple

      Calling some one a f00l is not an insult. You go back to school and understand the real meaning of the words f00lish, stupid and chipuba.

      All these words refer to people who can not reason properly, because they are either arrogant and ignorant or extremely selfish.

      I hope I have tried to explain the true meaning of the words stupid, or f00lish as used by the owners of the language here in the UK.

      Dictionary, defines ;

      a STUPID person as one who lacks intelligence or common sense.

      a f00lish person as one who lacks good sense of judgement or simply an unwise person.

      No where does it say these words are insults.

      Let me educate you what real insults are;

      You pig, you dog, you bitch, you scum bug, son of a bitch, you cunt, you dickhead just to mention…

    • BREAKING NEWS: GBM ‘S Toyota Hilux carrying plate No. SIB 3 branded in UPND Colours has been impounded in Kasama and found with machetes and pangas. The Hilux is impounded at Kasama Central police Station and is parked there.

    • The Black race has a very short attention span. When something happens, we holler and kick, organize demonstrations and rallies. In less than the time it takes to say Jack Daniel, we have already forgotten the cause or point of our anger. We are back in bed with our oppressors, PF!

    • Typical behaviour of UPND I’m sure Jonas Shakafuswa or William Banda were somehow involved directly or indirectly..more acts of desperation from UPND ..there is no stopping Team EL2015..we are there come January 2015!!!

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016***

    • im waiting to hear of the arrests to be made which will identify the culprits. Im from mongu, on 2 separate occasions ive heard upnd cadres vow to follow pf cadres & even threaten to beat them. Its no wonder upnd ve failed to comment, this includes their mouthpiece-watchdog.

    • The source of the new is a PF MP and deputy minister, how can we believe his version of how the fracas started. Peace and peace alone will do you people.

    • @Ugly Pretty

      So what if you know who Wanzelu is?

      You are trying to threaten him by saying you know who he is. Primitive, primitive, primitive! – that sir is what you are!

      You are resorting to what we are increasingly seeing from PF – threats and violence. Just debate – oh wait – even your leader can’t do this! Instead you believe in intimidation.
      You can never match Wanzelu intellectually. And by the way, his flag shows that he’s in a place where threats are punishable by law.

      Take a seat and try to understand how blogs work. Sha!

    • @RB disciple

      You are a f00l. Did n’t you watch the clip on youtube showing PF attacking UPND camapaign team in shiwangandu?

    • Wanzelu***, you don’t have to insult to drive your point. You can make your point in the most humble and sincere ways ever and it will be taken. To answer your question, I didn’t watch the clip on MUVI TV because I don’t have access to it. I’m not in the country, sir. Because of your insults, I have just called my family members who had pledged to vote HH after RB lost the case and I have told them not to vote HH. I told them that I have suffered insults because of one Wanzelu, a staunch UPND member who insults others online. So sir, you have just lost 4 votes. I guess 4 votes don’t matter so it’s not a big deal to you.

    • Wanzulu,

      Please tone down on your insults , its better to lose with respect than no bupuba. Just own- up sir and accept the reality that Lungu is in state house come 20 January. This is not the end of Zambia, HH-UPND can again try 2016 but I am sure you will lose again. Any way it pains but that’s the truth.

      Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Last kicks of a dead party, panga family. Ni HH chabe, umuntu ni HH. PF kunya bebele. Did you see the UPND Mongu rally? Mamayeeeeeeeeeee! This is what is making panga family have sleepless nights, have shiki polomya and resort to violence. Ni HH chabe.

    • @ Wanzelu

      This news is in Mongu. where UPND Panga Family harassed PF Peaceful cadres. PF Condemned Shiwang’andu violence, Will UPND Do the same?





    • lol. Irony!

      Isn’t it PF which thrives on violence?
      This is called revenge as it was reported earlier on that PF was taking down posters of HH.
      PF has to get a pinch of their own medicines.

      Viva #flightHH2015.

  1. UPND suporters think about your lives and rememember its not by power but by mighty. if it is not your year it will never be your year. Put your weapon down becoz HH is not the first or last to lose elections

  2. UPND is using Maoist strategy. The enemy comes with weaponry, grab all what they have and use to beat them. Its PF that has been securing pangas for its cadres but UPND´s strategy will be deadly for PF cadres

  3. UPND is not a Panga Family. Panga Family first accused UPND in the Shiwangandu incident but the truth that came out reveals that it was the Palibe Future party that was responsible.

  4. UPND was only defending itself after being attacked by PF cadres. These are facts, but the cadres scampered in all directions after they were over-powered.

  5. Is this what Kampyongo want? UPND is also capable of retaliating but is this the best? ? Absolutely not. This is really sad for our country. Perpetrators nid to be caged.

  6. Lusaka Times. I am beginning to suspect that you are Pro EL. How can you report that UPND started the fracas when there is evidence to the effect that it is PF that started the fight. What kind of reporting is this? You need to be educated that NOT even concocted reporting by any reporter or media can change the wind of change which has engulfed Zambia.

    • Liar of the century, Leave LT alone and go to your HH -ZWD which is madly biased towards HH 100%. The fracas was engineered and stage by UPND. Please condemn violence regardless who is involved. These are just elections which will pass and we shall remain as Zambians under the leadership of EL-PF. This is the fact that PF is winning but it is not the end of HH-UPND , they can try 2016.

      Peace and prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Hahaha ba sir this LT is way better than your upnd site ZWD. A dose of your own medicine isnt all that good I guess.

      Viva EL

  7. It was kapyongo who instructed the pf thugs to chase the UPND members away, who is he that UPND shud have the ‘catis’ to inform him? The police were aware, it’s gonna be the first duty for HH to deal with this violent elements in the dead pf.

  8. These PF boys should be taught a lesson. That is the language they understand. Let that small Minister run with his tail between the legs so that he understands what a common person goes through.
    Next should be RB who has sold his soul like his chief Mpezeni.
    These Ngonis, can’t they replace this chief by the straight thinking Inkhosi Nzamane? At least they can be saved from the embarrassment of having a useless chief. Even women chiefs show grey matter unlike Mpezeni who is like a castrated bull ready for yoking!

    • Insults will not take you chaps anywhere. I cant wait for 20 Jan so that we the majority can teach you chaps a lesson again. A long night is awaiting you.

      Vivs EL Viva PF

  9. Ichi chi panga family is running wild with EL and Kampyongo’s blessings!
    We have no protection as citizens!
    Change of government is the only answer!
    We need fresh air!
    This violent Panga family is quick at projecting their own provocation and violence on others when they are the ones who start everything!
    Let us not start something we’ll fail to control and it only takes the first loss of life, and in a civil strife, we all become losers, no winners!
    If we still have a government in this country, let them take charge or they will be the first casualties when hell breaks loose! Let us learn from what happened in Rwanda!

  10. Some people mistake UPND as a party of meek people, those unable to fight physically. They are mistaken. If the violence in Mongu has been started by the UPND, the incident is to me the best event of this first week of the year. The PF brutalized the UPND in Shiwangandu without shame, why should we be ashamed of brutalizing them? Tit for Tat from now on, so that the PF should realize that in this election there is nothing for them completely, all GOLD MEDALS are for the UPND, they are not winning in the ballot box, neither are they winning in pitched battles we shall take them on, already they are miles behind the UPND in campaigning, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THE PF TRY TO DO TO WIN THESE ELECTIONS, YOU ARE LOSING ON 20 JANUARY, YOU HAD YOUR OPPORTUNITY, YOU ABUSED IT, ITS GONE

  11. This is typical P.F, modus operandi, & very similar to when Nkombo was assaulted- (Arm Fractured), & Mwaliteta’s Chef Butchered in cold blood.
    U.P.N.D, was initially blamed, only for the truth to be eventually laid bare, right @ the doorstep of the Panga Fraternity – P.F.
    This Violence just appears to have P.F’s fingerprints all over it.

  12. PF don’t try your stupid violence in Western province. People are already annoyed with PF and Lozis are well known for their ability to beat the hell out of anyone taking confusion there. So PF just stop it. You can do your violence elsewhere not in Western province.

  13. Hypocricy by UNDP cadres amazes me. UNDP was quick to condemn ‘violence’ in NP. The same UNDP is now quick to defend and encourage violence in Mongu. Why. ..beacuse UNDP thinks they have numbers in Mongu. The bottom-line is UNDP is as violence as any party in areas where they perceive to be their stronghold. Police needs to be alert at all times and maintain peace. UNDP needs protection in these areas; Luapula, NP (Ask Moron, Mutiti and Namupango for details), Muchinga, Eastern, Lusaka, CB & Central. Equally, PF needs protection in Gwembe Valley, Mongo & may be Solwezi.

  14. Violence is brand tag for the PF. Why would UPND start creating chaos when it is clear they have the momentum and are winning? Desperation is a characteristic of those that feel like they are loosing. UPND has nothing to gain from violence and chaos. Now ba Lungu ba shitisha PF just because he knows he is loosing anyway. RB is the only incumbent president to loose since Kaunda and now he brings his loosing ways to PF.

  15. People expressing their f o o l ishness through hatred. Wish you people supporting violence can go to Sudan, Congo DR and Rwanda so that you are separated from your wives and daughters. Imagine them in the hands of the rebels.

  16. Its is GBM’s van that has been caught with machets and pangas in Kasama. These attacks on UPND campaign team in Muchinga could have been staged and an inside job!! Lungu does not tolerate violence and he has instructed the police to punish the culprits. In Mongu the perpetrators are UPND cadres but Hichilema ali zii!!

  17. This is why 2020vision has always called HH the wrong person to lead Zambia with evil blood thirsty followers like wanzelu that seem to enjoy the sight of blood I think it is clear why UPND knows its losing because Zambians do not want to be part of violence..that kind of behaviour is reserved for the likes of Shakafuswa and William Banda and cowards like wanzelu, pretty, mei matungu, blago, sido mark, anderson chishala, mm le grand whatever, the bricklayer, fake engineer abroad, lusaka boys etc, these criminals are busy inciting violence from the confines of their one roomed dungeons or in the case of wanzelu from the confines of the mental ward where he is admitted somewhere in the UK..hopeless cretins they are!

    ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016***

  18. @Robin

    Another one that needs educating.

    So you think you’ve revealed an earth shattering truth?? To what end?

    IF Lloyd Himaambo is editor of ZWD, he deserves a standing ovation!!

    Take a seat.

  19. In a small border town of Chirundu, the campaigns are going on peaceful between the PF and UPND supporters. The two sides are always meeting in the field, they only flash their party symbols to each other.

  20. ba Lusaka times naimwe, kanshi where did you do your Journalism training or maybe you are on the left side. You cant say PF and UPND no no…Just report that UPND panga cadres attached PF supporters as simple as that

  21. Those who attack by the panga shall be attacked by the panga. PF have just been given a taste of their primitive medicine.

  22. @Wanzelu, I am glad that you have told off this shameless liar using many blog names (Ugly Pretty and RB disciple). I welcome you all to my facebook page where I operate from as I dont comment here. Note that my flag is showing South Africa and not UK.

    As for this liar (Ugly Pretty and RB disciple) you need to repent before it is too. If you have anything useful to say or write to me, feel free to reach me 0978480277 or [email protected]/inbox&fbwall-on-facebook with Frederick-Joel Nambala.

    I had to check here after someone from Zambia alerted me. I have not time to comment of LT and other blogs but I am always on fb.

    May God bless Zambia, give us the peace we need as we go to vote for our preferred candidates and protect us all from evil (element) with ill motives like the…

  23. BIG L:

    UPND chaps just accept you have lost once again.

    RB supports Lungu upnd calls him unworthy names. Katele supports HH he is a saint.

    Dora supports Lungu upnd insults her. Masebo supports HH she is a saint.

    The entire Eastern Provinces supports Lungu its wako ni wako…tribalism. Southern province gives HH 98% votes upnd chaps see nothing wrong with that.

    UPND you know what.? You are so unrealistic and now you are getting what you always deserve…another loss.

    Viva EL Viva PF

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