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PF – UPND Agree to adhere to the electoral code of conduct in Livingstone to ensure peaceful campaigns

General News PF - UPND Agree to adhere to the electoral code of conduct...


THE PATRIOTIC Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development in Livingstone have agreed to work together and adhere to the electoral code of conduct in order to have peaceful campaigns.

This follows violent clashes between the two rival political parties that have characterized when both parties meet during their campaign trails with a recent incident in Livingstone’s Maramba township.

Livingstone UPND district spokesperson Neto Halwbala confirmed that the two political parties had met with the district conflict management team and agreed to adhere to the electoral code of conduct.

Mr Halwabala said this in an interview with Times yesterday and said that the conflict resolution meeting was quite fruitful adding that his party had brought out a lot of issues as regards to the campaigns.

Mr Halwabala said the party had agreed to enlighten its members on the electoral the electoral code of conduct.

“You are aware that our two members were abducted by the PF cadres and the PF cadres went on rampage destroying our campaign materials and posters in Kaunda road in Maramba compound and though this was not enough provocation, they physically assaulted our members in Namatama ward whom we rushed for medication at the hospital by some UPND officials,” Mr Halwabala said.

He said UPND was very much aggrieved and annoyed that PF was contravening the electoral code of conduct regulations with impunity across the breadth and length of this country.

And in a separate interview, Livingstone PF district campaign manager Banwell Mwila also confirmed that the two parties had been called for an emergency conflict resolution meeting were the two parties agreed on the way forward on the campaigns.

Mr Mwila said his party in the district would ensure that it educates its members on the need to follow the electoral code of conduct and avoid all forms of violence.

He said the allegations by the UPND were unfounded as they had not reported the matter anywhere.
Mr Mwila said the officers at the meeting also explained what the consequences of not adhering to the electoral code of conduct would be.


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    Many of them will be exposed and are being exposed
    It is time to expose these wolves in sheep’s clothing and people should have no fear or regard for them at all because they are ordinary criminals and should be treated as such. I need to sound a special warning to our women, many of whom are so easily deceived by these rogues.
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  4. at the end of the day, whoever wins is a Zambian, we are all Zambians. no one will own that president more than any other Zambian. we need to be very civil and this is how we need to be holding our campaigns. UPND and PF presidents should be accorded a platform on all TVs and Radios to appeal to their party members to be very peaceful. i have never run before – except when i want to so i dont want to start running by force now. good move Livingstone – i am hoping Lusaka does the same

  5. PF was founded on lies and violence. EL advised his supporters to big UPND cadres. he did this when addressing a rally in kapiri. this el is evil

    • @ Analyst

      It is such negative comments that fuels violence. When the news is on a light note and peaceful note, use it to encourage peace by commenting in a positive way. no watering down the good efforts people in L/stone have put in to dialogue for peaceful campaigns.

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