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Opposition distributing false Edgar Lungu messages using bogus e-mail -Davies Chama

Headlines Opposition distributing false Edgar Lungu messages using bogus e-mail -Davies Chama

Davies Chama
Davies Chama

The Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary-General Mr. Davies Chama has said that the opposition have fraudulently created a bogus e-mail account in the name of of the party president Lungu from which they are attributing falsehoods to him.

In a statement released to the media last evening, Mr Chama said that it come to their attention last evening, Thursday 15th January 2015, that a bogus email: [email protected] has been created and is churning out falsehoods. The opposition had issued a statement purporting to explain PF’s president’s absence from a television debate that took place at Mulungushi International Conference Centre this evening.

Mr Chama said that the PF President had not issued any statement to that effect and neither did he maintain any such an email account. Mr Chama further said that the matter will today be reported to the police for investigation because this was a criminal offence.

“It is regrettable that the opposition must get to such levels of desperation and resort to outright criminality in a bid to smear our candidate,” Mr Chama said.

Mr Chama restated that Mr Lungu is currently in North-Western Province campaigning to reach as many voters as possible. He further stated that Mr Lungu launched his presidential bid a month ago and wished to spend the remaining limited time in dialogue with the grass roots in rural areas.

“It is regrettable that the opposition must get to such levels of desperation and resort to outright criminality in a bid to smear our candidate,” Mr Chama said.

“It is a matter of choice which platform the opposition chooses to utilise to garner votes. On our part, we have decided that it is most useful to spend the remaining quality time with our voters listening to their stories so that we promptly address their concerns immediately we win next week’s presidential election.”

Said the Secretary-General: “President Lungu continues to command overwhelming reception from voters across the country and today he held a mammoth rally at Kyawama Grounds in Solwezi.

On Friday he will conduct more rallies in Mufumbwe and Zambezi before proceeding to another province. The opposition has no right to tell us how we conduct our campaign anymore than we should be telling them how they should conduct theirs, ” concluded the statement

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    • Chama is an idyot. That letter and REASONS where the most wise thing ever written by “Edgar Lungu”.
      We praised him to say “well said Mr. President”. Now this cadre Chama, who dubiously got post from Atanga, come to say that:
      “Lungu can’t say such wise things, its the evil work of opposition”. What a piece of crap that secretary is…

    • Honourable Secretary General Chama, You have unparalleled support of the common man across the country. Please keep the man of the people focused and engaging voters in unreached parts of the country. Ignore these acts of aberration as they are schemes of deviants at the point of hopelessness and pursuit of vanity. They have run out of options. Their scattershot campaign tactics would melt the resilience of the pro-stability, continuity, development and national unity alien to them. EL the only disciple of Sata and the common man entered the race just yesterday while careerist politicians with medals of veteran ballot rejects have been on campaign trails for 6+ yrs. EL has the country to cover. He cannot and should not be deviated from a tight schedule. Do a Cost-benefit analysis.

    • Africans and their copy cat theories. Do you really think that these “debates” will make an impact on the voting pattern? Look at the demographics before you come here and condemn Edgar for not attending. It’s a waste of time. The regular voter can’t even understand the policies that these so called presidential hopefuls are trying to put out. And how many of them (regular voter) understand, write or have tv’s and accesss to electricity? Zambia will never be USA or UK. No wonder Africa will remain in the dark ages. No common sense! We can sit here and yap all day but we are only the1% Zambians with access to the internet. Most won’t vote because we are disenfranchised. Why not insist on the right of Zambians leaving abroad to vote instead of debates?

    • Their scattershot campaign tactics would not melt the resilience of the pro-stability, continuity, development and national unity EL personifies. These virtues alien to those behind these mounds of dirty schemes. The more you see these smear cast on EL and not any other candidate, it means they know who the prospective 6th President is.

      Its Edgar Chagwa Lungu for Nkwazi House.

    • Yes their man won the debate as HH won the Presidency a week ago. They are just pompous, slimy and full of themselves. Farting man inhales his own fart and proclaims it Hachipona eau de toilette.

    • PF is capable of doing this themselves so they could blame the opposition. After what happened them killing their own cadres and accusing UPND, anything is possible with PF.

    • The letter in question has all the hall marks of Mwamba ‘s Language.

      PF has now embarked on what is known as fabricate and blame the opponent strategy to win sympathy from the public. Unfortunately Zambian people know PF and its rapant lies so nothing PF can decieve them at all.

      Whether try to rig or not HH will win because their rigging machine will be engulfed in a Tower of babel confusion style. Their rigging machine will fail to allow them to alter the results as it will develop a fault.

      If it happen Lungu wins fraudulently then he woreign as there will be cofusiononfusio to who as to who takes what posts between RB and Luo campsho .

  1. Incredible how low some opposition parties can go to discredit ECL. The Zambian voters will let you know what we think of your candidates on the 20th Jan, 2015. Besides the debates honestly favoured Elias Chipimo and Edith but not HH. Elias was simply brillant but HH came across as cold, proud, distant and a know it all- quite snobish in responding to questions.

    • Don’t go too far too search, its PF language:
      Check cell phones of Emmanuel Mwamba and ka Hapunda. I just read once more from the ALREADY crossed out by LT, the language sounds so Manuel’s.

    • @Nostradamus
      you are very right my brother,,,, this Edgar lungu and his people are not seious,,,, just wait very soon they will blame the oppostion fo chipolopolo arriving late at the AFCON

    • Hachipona eau de toilette is the newest perfume on the market. It is the best, smells like cow dung, a villager who leaves his village and lives in LIMA Bank House can still have the feel of Hachipona village and its cow dung.

    • @ Linkman, what makes you think it is an entire opposition “party” that did this…. or even the opposition?

      Any individual can open a bogus email account – including desperate PF cadres who wish to justify Lungu’s absence can open an @ mail dot com account in two minutes! Just look at all the “Nigerian Princes” out there. It doesn’t take a committee or directive from an opposition leader!

      The worst thing I think is that LT and other so-called “journalists” who posted the note didn’t bother to fact check the source. How gullible! That and I suppose also the fact that the PF as a party hasn’t bothered to establish a secure means of communicating with media outlets to avoid this exact outcome!

  2. I am very impressed with this Chama man – how EL decided to appoint such a character at the eleventh hour, is equally impressive. His comments have been very mature, respectful and he has handled his party very well. Win or lose, you guys have done very well coming from that confusion. If you win this election, I see a very different PF.

  3. So it seems PF is now listening to the people. What happened the last three years? There was no listening I guess. If you can only listen when there is an election, then you don’t deserve another chance, because after elections you cease to listen. No wonder there were so many by-elections in three years.


    • You must have been closed your eyes and hears. What people are referring to as failures by PF are so small for a big to bother about. The first two years had fantastic performance. The third year equally the same except for paying farmers late which is however resolvable and it is already being tackled. HH said he will pay the farmers which will come to late. EL has pledged to pay the farmers on time which is good.

      TALK about infrastructure developments in roads, hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, universities, newly introduced districts. permanent employment of over 5000 teachers and 5000 medical staff employed last two years. In the private sector talk about employment levels created in line with the projects being undertaken.

      Its the only Government that increased tax bands…

  4. Amazing how r.etarded UPND.AH is. This has backfired big time and detracted from the debate. Now people are talking about how deceptive they are.

    • You may be the author of the email so you can gain ground and cause hatred on UPND. I can see that PF has realized that this time around UPND cannot be ignored, you are having sleepless nights to be honest with you noone is 100% sure which way the result will go

  5. it is a bit for UPND to reach that fat due to desparation, the you do bad things to lungu the more you company for him, shame on UPND and Watch Dogs. God is seeing with your bad hearts that why he cant give you this nation shame

  6. Time has come we Zambians to judge ,the Watchdog has contributed to the down fall of HH .I say thanks to you ,we will vote Lungu.

    • the LT has contributed to the downfall of E.L. we will vote for hh. LT you have failed to produce the pics of hh in livingstone. produce them if you are really impartial

    • Nono and Muzo west….come out of the tribal snare….judge people by the content of their character.

      PF Lungu will be punished heavily by those who took time to watch the presidential debate. It was unacceptable for a candidate to snub that important interview.

      Make no mistake. Those I have talked to and interacted with on facebook say they will NOT vote for Lungu.

      Don’t annoy those you seek votes from by insults etc.

  7. It is easy to trace where the email came from through email headers… Let’s see zicta do their job if there is truly foul play. This smells like a strategic plea from one

  8. These are direct quotes:

    Maureen Mwanawasa at a rally says “HH could have been a President long time ago had it not been his tribe.”

    HH at a rally in Northwestern says, “Do not vote for party that digs Copper from here and develop Muchinga.”

    Charles Milupi at a rally says “Southerners, Westerners and Northwesterners should unite in this election to win the President.”

    Master of Politics of the Belly, one Daniel Munkombwe says at rally, “It is time for a Tonga President.”

    • Nothing wrong with what they said the same cry all former colonies have of masters taking away their wealth and developing other places. What is wrong with sharing the national cake just like all international organizations do. It is a fact that they have been using the tribal card against UPND which is not true.

  9. Advice to upnd. Please you were a party every one wanted to associate with but of late i mean the last few days have been chaotic. The new advisor is distroying what you nicely built. I guess its someone who has penetrated to sabotage your efforts living undecided voters wondering and confused i.e the Munkombwe issue. Do not be shocked when EL wins with a wider gap because in Zambia there are what i call sympathy votes.

  10. If you are a scrap who grew up by collecting maggots from trees and that has become part of your culture please, stop posting nonsestical and scrap stories/ comments on the site. Here, we are only interested in issue based comments not the cabbbage comments which you are fond of. What has your failed PF goverment provided you ever since they came into power apart from eroding Zambia’ s economy and creating a tribalistic state ? You think people are blind and they don’ t reason like you an empty case with a very tiny brain ? Stop posting *****ic comments which just end up rainsing the anger in people. The cost of living has skyrocketed and people go hungry every day because they cannot afford the prices of food which has been implemented by your fake PF government and you give…

  11. Why would EL attend a debate organized by a TV station that has been bought by his rival? As if hd is styopeti? It is a vexetious distraction that takes him away from thw voters….voters do not want to see their candidates on tge small screen but live face-to-face! If I was handling EL I would NEVER advise mt candidate to be part of a debate that we have not vetted in terms of firmat, issues, questions, time and participants before considering moderators, their integrity, neutrality, objectivity, politixal leanings….then audience, venue among thousands other considerations. Who has such time in aone month campaign? ? Only losers would see any value in this waste of time.

    • The debate was on a number of radio stations including Radio Ichengelo which has good coverage over the Copperbelt and other provinces in the north of the country – your candidate simply has nothing to offer and chickened out!

    • @Kapolyo

      Hush. You can’t put a band-aid on it.

      Congratulations to all the candidates for a job well-done in advancing our democracy. And Thank you for respecting us, the elctorate.

  12. All those who where in goverment before had there time and they did nothing.Mumba,Nawakwi these are completely out we need new blood to sweep the mess.Goverment experience does not matter.

  13. But Lungu, you disappointed a lot of people you were the only one missing, who are your advisors, the world is changing, debates are now the norm don’t listen to dull carders, you were supposed to be there to put your message across to millions of people, now you offering a million excuses, you will pay for this mistake, it’s foolish for people to vote for someone who was absent for such an event, it’s a sign of not respecting the people of zambia

  14. Say whatever you want to say. There’s no way I shall vote for a candidate who’s party can only be led by a Tonga. It is written in the UPND party constitution, they know it too.

  15. Edgar muhammad Lungu is losing next month’s elections.

    The Kachasu did not attend the debate because he was busy drinking bear.

    The Embasy Park Man will never be the president of this country.

    • If elections will be held NEXT MONTH then EL is losing. Fortunately or unfortunately elections will be held this month on Tuesday 20 January 2015

  16. Only Nawakwi was talking sense, the rest are useless and the most useless candidate was HH. Nothing tangible was coming from his stinking mouth.

    • @umwina you can never complement some one you hate evn if he does something good.the fact is HHH is never a failure you know he is the right man to rule zambia just be franky hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HH expositor( some one who deals with the most sophisicated things)

    • I support PF, but this line of contributing is retrogressive. If you have nothing sensible to say, keep off line. VIVA EDGAR LUNGU.

  17. Edgar Lungu was too drunk to debate issues and the PF feared the unknown fact that their man woud lose votes should he engage in debating.

    Edgar Lungu has no vision.

  18. Those that dream that Edgar Chibuku Lungu can be the president should just start buying poison to kill the,selves and we ready to burry u in large numbers.

    HH is winning.

    • @GALADYE BANDA you are right my friend this lungu you poeple are supporting can just influence the boko haram in zambia ka.we dont know their agreement maybe its money in exchange for islamic fellowship after lungu wins ka hahahahaaaaaaaa now zambians if you are not carefull your trouble will move from the frying pan into fire.JUST HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH man of GOD can help you.pf you are all muslims now hahahahaaaaaaaaa boko haram in zambia

  19. Never Mumba and Nawakwi showed the understanding what leadership is all about but HH always reduces himself to a chief executive officer there by narrowing his understanding of governance. As for Green party man. I think he needs to organise himself. I doubt if the guy smokes

  20. Pf is campaigning ,as if its in opposition (so that we address their corncen once elected next week) what a shame.pf what other time do you want other than the one you had when you acted as a destructive enzyme inthe last two years of ruling hahaha. pf officials have gone mad and they are all inconsistent.how can this so called secretary general chama be such an ignorant chap? pf just invest the money you robbed zambia during currency rebasing and use it in your homs for you will never have a ruling opportunity again.God wanted to show zambians that the mistake they made has costed them of voting for you
    1 you had disimissed nurses o that zambians can die due to lack of health personel
    2 you failed to pay farmers so that zambians never buy inputs for 2014-2015 season and die of hunger…

  21. News reaching LT indicate that EL has endorsed HH and has accepted to be Minister of Beverages and whisky.

    His Excellency President HH has welcomed EL on board on condition that EL stops drinking Kachasu and pays back money he embezzled fro Cleint.

    End of News update.

  22. Team EL is now panicking with only two days to go. They have not yet touched some parts of copperbelt, Western, Southern. They are really panicking. Guy Scot is just doing a moderate campaigns but not that serious. EL is far different from Sata who was liked by people. EL has a huge mountain to climb and I don’t know what is going to happen in this two days. Even dishing out money will not work out for him. Team HH has done damage already on PF. My own analysis is that HH is carrying the day. I know this will not be in the best interest of PF cadres but they have to accept the reality. HH is winning this election. I bet my middle finger.

  23. Less than 5 days to go and still counting downwards. Ten of the eleven presidential candidates will be weeping and gnashing their teeth while only one will be celebrating!

  24. Opposition should not set agenda for the ruling party PF. Problem some party in the opposition has never accepted that PF is a ruling party. PF go for those grass root votes which count than the useless debates organised by partisan media Muvi Tv. Edgar Lungu is humble and better he talks to the people least talked to by some pompous parties.

    • Edgar Lungu being humble? Please check dictionary for the meaning of humbleness. Humble people don’t steal money from their clients. Humble people don`t encourage violence, humble people don`t run away from national debates.

  25. You egdar supporters, this guy edgar is a criminal, he stole a client’s money, and you have seen it, how can you entrust such a person with billions in the national treasury?

    whats wrong with you zambians, whats wrong?

    LT, do you love your country, why cant you publish that evidence on your blog if you love your country.

    nations are not developed by the existence of such behavior.

    Look at kenya, they would skin edgar alive, one time, indeed that is why they are now a middle class country

  26. hh has jst decompaigned himself thru tt debate now pipo has come to kw tt he knws nothing and he doesnt knw how to tackle the challenges facing the zambians wat he only knows is cricising with out a solution. experience ili cee mudala

  27. Kekekekekeke ba Ngalende mwansekesha you are a nagative dreamer. Lekeni Lungu ateke uwasalwa na Lesa. Ba Masonist tenomba baba nipatali..You need to stand straight before the eyes of God.

  28. We know who is behind this dirty work. The same people who steal classified information. They steal ERB minutes on the fuel reduction and they start making empty ultimatums. very sick indeed. You cannot win an election based on manipulation. Lesa ni malyotola.

  29. Its a planned move, Watchdog and HH connived and come up with this false statement and then Watch Dog deliberately decided not to publish it , but circulates it to LT and other credible media houses so that people get to believe the fake statement , coz if watch dog had published it no one was going to believe it coz no one takes watch dog seriously anyway…….in short we know you watchdogs and HH but yo schemes will not yield any results. Ifintu ni Lungu kwasila.




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