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MMD internal fights continue to rumble

General News MMD internal fights continue to rumble

MMD National Chairperson Kabinga Pande
MMD National Chairperson Kabinga Pande

MMD national chairperson Kabinga Pande has declared as null void all suspensions and expulsions slapped on all party members by its party president Nevers Mumba.

But Dr Mumba has insisted that all suspensions and expulsions stand.
Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Pande, who was among those expelled, said the expulsions and suspensions are not in accordance with the MMD constitution.

The briefing was called after a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held earlier yesterday.

“The meeting has resolved that the disciplinary cases against NEC members, MPs, councillors and all other party officials throughout the country that were instituted by Dr Mumba were not in accordance with the constitution of our party,” Mr Pande said.

Mr Pande, who is also chairperson of the MMD disciplinary committee, said all party officials who were appointed to replace some party members should step down and allow the rightful persons to operate freely.

“I therefore instruct all party officials who were purported to have been suspended to start organising the party.

“We are doing this to strengthen the party. MMD is a strong party and the nation should be able to see that this group took votes to HH (United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema) while others took to President Lungu. Dr Mumba only got one per cent, an indication that the power of the MMD are in these people,” he said.

Mr Pande also instructed party members to only obey the party officials who generally elected by them.

He said the second resolution of the meeting was for the party to go for an impromptu national convention within the next 30 days.

“The calling of the national convention is in line with the party constitution especially seeing what is happening in the MMD,” Mr Pande said.

He said the purpose and desire of his group is to bring unity into the MMD by getting back to the people at the grassroots so the party can move forward together to the 2016 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections.

Earlier, there was confusion at the Mika Hotel where a press briefing was scheduled to take place when police officers informed the MMD supporters who had gathered that the event had been cancelled.

The supporters went to the MMD secretariat and started chanting anti-Nevers Mumba songs outside the secretariat but were confronted by pro-Mumba members and a physical confrontation was thwarted by police.

Meanwhile, expelled MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu said he does not understand why the party was barred from holding a press briefing at Mika Hotel.

The planned meeting was scheduled for yesterday but it was stopped by the Police describing as illegal.

Dr Mumba said party members should not feel that they are gods and as such cannot be disciplined when they act contrary to party regulations.

“That meeting was illegal because all those members who attended have been expelled or suspended. Whatever they are saying and doing has no impact on the party anymore because they are no longer part of us. If they are aggrieved they should seek recourse from the courts,” he said.

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  1. these criminals should just leave MMD and join the candidate they campaigned for – HH. Why hold on to two parties at once. RB is gone with Lungu, let them also go with their chanza kumbele – forward.

    • The one that needs to go is Mumba. He is at the center of all this confusion. Nobody wants or like Mumba and he knows that but he keeps forcing things as this is the only way he can get recognition and funds for his own interests. No MP expect a handful (approx. 5) want to deal with Mumba. Even the voters do not want him. How can you get less than 1% as the second biggest opposition party if he really had the grassroots support?

    • I can’t help but think of Kachingwe anytime all this comes up.

      What was it that made people see him as working or beingg paid by state house, it’s like he sensed the danger and fired shots but all these Pande’s were cowards


  2. Whatever we say or do mmd will never and never again rule this country.2016 mmd will have 0 mp and muumba will retire himself peacefuly

    • Since these guys endorsed and supported other preidential candidates other than their own what is their position of Mumbas presidency now. Do they accept him as their leader when their no elctions are reject him when there are elections? This naked lack of principles among our legislators is as worrying as it is mind boggling.
      Well for now there is no panacea in sight for MMD.You may want to replace Mumba with someone else but who ever assumes leadership will do precious little to change the dwindling fortune of the party. Confusion has permeated the arteries and veins of this once upon ruling party and come next year MMD will be more historical than useful on the Zambian political landcsape.

  3. So MMD still exists.I’m surprised to here people fighting over a fallen part that once was the unbeaten party.That’s what happens in life the higher you go the greater the pain when you fall.

  4. Kabinga Pande & his cronies thought that the Hungry Hyena (HH) was going to win the presidential by election & now that they were walloped by HEECL, they are now back 2 de MMD.Life has many lessons & people who behave like whores will always find themselves on de losing side.These chaps went round with hired choppers building the image of de Hungry Hyena (HH) leaving the father of de party Dr Mumba to fend for himself.This indeed is a paradox because these guys know dat even in 2016,the Hungry Hyena will be walloped again hence their coming back 2 their senses & wanting 2 cling 2 de MMD like ticks at all cost.

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