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MultiChoice Zambia clarifies price changes

Economy MultiChoice Zambia clarifies price changes


Pay TV service provider MultiChoice has clarified the latest price hikes for its various bouquets in Zambia after a public outcry.

An online petition launched this week calling on Zambians to push MultiChoice to reduce the new rates or cancel their subscripts has gained ground with over 3,000 subscribers signing up.

But MultiChoice Zambia Public Relations Manager Mwika Malindima explained that the rates being posted on social media are incorrect and should be dismissed.
Mr Malindima explained that the purported K700 for premium bouquet doing rounds on social media is a fabrication.

He said the new rates are as follows: Premium has gone up to K710 from K631, Compact Plus is now at K413 from K337 while Compact is now at K248 from K203 with family now standing at K158 from K127 while the cheapest bouquet access is now at K 83 from K64.

Mr Malindima said, ‘Every year in April we revise our rates because that is when our financial year starts and this is due to escalating cost of doing business, the rising cost of purchasing new content and rental of channels, we also have to pay for satellite space and all our partners have increased the cost.’

He also clarified the disparities in the pricing of Dstv bouquets among different regions in Africa.

‘These countries trade on different market platforms, the strength of the individual economies come into play. As you all will be aware, the Kwacha has lost so much ground against the US dollar and that has a bearing on the cost of our production,’ he said.

Mr Malindima has also dispelled assertions that Zambia has the highest cost of Dstv services in the whole of Southern Africa.

‘For us we want to give our subscribers the best value for money. This year we have launched three new channels, we now have the new channel which is Zee World and last year we launched 11 new channels and we guarantee value for money.’

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    • I am signing up. Multichoice are lying. This month I paid K585.00 for the Premium bouquet and not the K631.00 nonsense they are talking about. So a rise from K585 to K710 is over 21 %. If we boycott to pay just for a month this monopoly company will feel it. Remember when Gtv came on board? Yes they were hit below the belt and acted responsibly

    • True Rubbish. The Malindima should not take us for fools. I have personally been in the Southern Region and I can tell these chaps that we are paying much higher rates than any one else. Malindima tell us how K700 (translated to R1 126) can justify the rate in Zambia. The rand is now 12.10 to a Dollar but the rate for DSTV is lower, much lower than zambia. What are you trying to say? Please use another justification.

    • Multi choice is making profits on the backs of poor Africans.Stop showing repeats all the time and charging so much for so many useless channels.#boycott DSTV

    • Kaily infintu Ni Lungu! The economy is decaying whilst PF are chasing the DPP.

      PF is a failed project. Just discard PF & Lungu, the economy will be back into gear, otherwise, inzanyokola njala.

      Mealie Meal or DSTv?

      The economy imwe chimwi without clues PF. This is happening b’coz of the visionless leadership.

      By end of the year, $ will be K10,000, watch this space with PF at the helm of financial slumber.

      Here in Australia we pay $50 a month for Foxtel, that’s K350. Free National & digital TV has more than 45 channels’ to enjoy.

      Zambians need to wake up early from their slumber NOW!

      Lungu et al have destroyed the economy.

      The Skeleton Key

    • Rubbish! Let’s not fall for this rubbish people. Let multi choice and other South African money millers in Zambia know we are not fools. Boycot DSTv in April, they will change! If he is refuting that our rates are the highest in the region let him put the figures! Abash DSTv. The cost of renting movies what rubbish is this?

    • What is the plan for May going forward? You guys are just pathetic. Do you have an alternative or are you planning to ditch DSTv? What is it about DSTv that you cannot live without? European Premier League matches? Pathetic strategies and pathetic mindsets.

    • Zambians shouldn’t accept to be “robbed” by these foreign companies so easily. The same can be said about mobile phone companies operating in Zambia. Their services are so shoddy yet the rates they charge are so high. The strength of the Zambian economy Mr. Malindima is talking about can’t justify the exorbitant rate increases MultiChoice is contemplating. If you ask me, I think even at current rates the cable TV in Zambia is too expensive!

      It is about time Zambians stood up and started demanding justifiable and fair pricing for products they consume—Cable and Cellphone services included. Do not just accept things like “TALK TIME” even when cellphone services (talking from experience) feel and look like travelling back in time to the Flintstones. What a total reap off!

  1. When did premium bouquet cost zmw631? When have we had new contents on this highly commercialised venture apart from the many repetitions. Ayikona man!! Now you want to increase nafuti???

  2. All well meaning Zambians and other Nationals living in Zambia MUST BOYCOTT this latest hike rates. I will not subscribe for the month of April!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can you give the US Dollar component you are charging to the COMESA or SADC member countries including Republic of south Africa so that we assess

  4. Hey PR Manager, you’re doing it wrong, hahahaha.

    Saying “the rates for Premium on social media are a fabrication” only makes sense if the rumours make the rates too high.

    You then go on to clarify that IN ACTUAL FACT, they’re fabricated because they are too low. it’s actually K710 for Premium, not the K700 being “fabricated” on social media.

    So everyone is wrong, in fact you’re charging more than they think.

    Hahahahaha you’d do well here in Zimbabwe, working for my government.


    • I was starting to think my reading skills were failing me.

      I am relieved to learn someone else understood the man as I did. He is saying the 700 figure is a fabrication, the correct figure is IN FACT 710.

  5. Leave these exploitors. How much are you going to pay by the end of the year? And that will be equivalent to how many bags of mealie meal?

  6. Multichoice Zambia is walking on ice with this one. Their reputation is getting battered by wheeling out a statement without factual consideration. Premium subscribers are paying about K585. Salaries won’t increase for staff, programming remains skewed to the South African demographic, DSTV is not commissioning local content … what’s the point? Download the series, music videos and movies they broadcast and then stream the EPL games, get a UV cable and watch from home.

    Hit them where it hurts – revenue!

  7. Am asking all those that are against the astronomical increase in DSTV bouquets next month to protest by not paying for subscription next month. This monopoly of business coupled with repeat of programs is not worth the increase at all. By the way, why is Zambia the most expensive in terms of subscription for DSTV? The rest of the region doesn’t pay as high as we do. Are we being taken for a ride or something? I for one will not pay if the increase is effected next month. My protest starts now. Not that I can’t afford but I don’t want to feel abused by your monopoly of business. I know you may not like my post and may delete it but I will post on every other fora in protest.

  8. All this is coming from a “Public Relations Manager”. What a joke! Just call him Public Misleading Manager or better still Public Irritating Manager!

    • This PR manager is an uncle Tom, he can only see things through the eyes of his master……….. yes sir master……..no sir master….

  9. This is a cheeky response i for one expected to hear that you have heard our cries and that you will reconsider the unjustified increment. But as things stand i guess it is bye bye Olivia Pope and welcome to some good books.

  10. This guy is a disgraceful liar and he is so annoying. Premium stands at K585 and he is lying that the increase is from K631 to K710! We will not pay and you can go to hell. We can do without DSTV, its not part of our lives!

  11. I saw this price increament in december in south africa to be effected in april this year but this has gone too high in zambia and no one will stand this with poor programming and a lot of repeats. I know kwacha has lost value but this exploiting customers, let others like my tv and trend tv take advantage of this and expand their services by incorporating znbc and other zambian local televisions. This is too much!!!!

  12. Mr malindima where Do you get the k631 from because we have all been paying k585. Please check your records first.

  13. Amazing stupidity! My only worry is that people will still pay secretly despite unanimously sending out this chain protest against the hike. Typical Zambian behavior and looks like Multichoice will use their monopoly status to their good selfish benefit!

    I for one I’m not paying for this exploitative service. I’ll pay June 2015

    • Just assume even if others pay you can make a difference if you don’t pay then you will have a positive mind. I am not paying.

  14. Iwe chi uncle tom PR manager, go tell your slave master that me and every sibling of mine aint gonna let that fly (FYI thats 5 subscriptions down)

  15. For once I like this action. These guys think we don’t travel, there was a time when you could buy and subscribe in another country and most Zambians just did that by subscribing in SA, what did Dstv do? They made sure you can’t do that claiming they wanted to pay taxes to the government . How much tax do these guys pay? Let’s all boycott even forever

  16. Ba Zambia finshi mulefwaya natwishiba fwe bene eeeeh Lungu eeeh Lungu eeeh Lungu eo tulefwaya x2 via singing

  17. Zambians must now be rich. TV is just an accessory. Most pipo making noise here grew up without even a TV set in their houses. Let us mobilize populations over serious things, not TV. Mealie Meal prices affect every1, but every1 is quite. Now we hear noise about TV. If you can’t afford DSTV, u still wont die. If you can’t afford akabwali, u will collapse. So, mobilize about serious issues. Zed is now the most corrupt place on the planet. To get any service you bosha. If a politician is not eating with 1 group he joins the cartel that feeds him. And he will make noises like its the end of the world & pipo r swayed. 2moro the same pipo he was making noises against giv him a job, he changes the tune. And Zambians still agree with him. Judges r corrupt & partisan, is there justice…

  18. That is when you begin to wonder where they get their pr managers when such unverified statements are issued lol.God help the profession as it has been flooded by whatever!

  19. Interestingly, this Malindima chap has not said anything! Who does he think he is cheating? I paid K577.85 and K514.65 for my two sets of decoders, and not the K635.00, does Malindima even know his business or he is a figure/dunder head?

    • The problem is you believe every word LT writes. Heard the guy on Qfm and he said with effect from april, premium will be K631 and not K710 as insinuated on social media. Personally, i will pay coz i can afford it just like i dont boycott buying fuel despite it being the most expensive in the region.

  20. I am joining #DSTV boycott as well!!!! Rubbish statement from DSTV: Business is a game of Numbers _more subscribers less costs – not the nonsense we are getting from the PR – LETS uses internet for 3months – see what happens to dstv.

  21. Let’s punish DSTV and boycott subscribing for April. They have taken us for granted for too long. The current rates are too high even if the kwacha was to fall to 10 to a dollar. We can do without DSTV, but DSTV can’t do without us; we have just enslaved our minds

    • I have been on premium for over eight years. I will not pay now for sometime to come. Definitely I WILL NOT SUBSCRIBE this month!!!!

  22. WHY is Zambia paying the highest subscription in this region?
    Is there any one who can come up with an option even from Russia or China we will be on board
    I will not renew my April,2015 subscription and hope all others who feel like me do the same
    This is absolute exploitation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is unacceptable. G

  23. Guys it’s due to the increased tv rights for the premier league. Multichoice want us to be paying for the SA subscribers.foolish dstv.

  24. zambians have been taken for a ride because pf government multchoice is taking people for a ride. please fellow zambians some of these useless campanies are as a result of our znbc being useless and cannot provide good programmes for the citizens .however let mr milindima be reminded that he will not enjoy this rubbish move. if they dont want let them close and go. 2016 vote wisely.

  25. Multychoice can not take us as fools I go to SA every after 2 weeks and if I buy dollar here in Zambia I make profit when I change it to SA rands of which that’s translates that the ZMK is more powerful than SA rands so let them not lie about ZMK to dollar when south African’s are paying more cheaper than us in Zambia enough is enough come April no one is going to pay

    • Yes the Rand hasdepreciated more than the Kwacha. From about 5 Rands to a dollar to over 12 Rands. The Kwacha has been relatively stronger than the Kwacha and yet we have not seen any price reduction in the South African run supermarkets. I remember Guy Scott commenting about it.

  26. stil naimwe ba DSTV ,ba LT is this cralification or comfirmartion?
    pliz where is our government MR Kambwili where ara you?

  27. There is just something seriously not wright with the brains of zambians. Would you imagine that this is the only country where every investor come to exploit. Did you know how much cellphone network providers are exploiting sanguine coupled with poor service. Zambians work up please.

  28. And how come zimbabwe which is a smaller economy than ours people pay lower charges as compared to us. Zimbabwes population is also the same like ours. Av been to SA and seen the rand depreciate against the dollar from 1dollar – 6rand in 2010 too 1dollar – 12 rand in 2015 yet av never seen anything like this nonsensical increase in zambia. In short changes in the rand value to the dollar have no effect on prices. Zambians lets go ahead and boycot. These people are getting rich over our heads by exploiting us. This cant continue

  29. Can you tell us the correct amounts…I have been paying K514.65. So how much is my new rate? Please clarify…

  30. I love DSTV. The increase is fair considering increased costs, tax and exchange rate. Zambians just love crying and talking too much. There are other bouquets to choose from. If u don’t want them, go elsewhere like ZNBC or Muvi tv. Me it is DSTV forever.

  31. Am actually starting my protest this month to show my displeasure at this exploitation. Zambians lets work together on this one. Content for DSTV is not packaged country by country for rates to differ Mr PR, don’t take us for a ride.

    I’am actually working on the Radio campaign via Community radio stations in all the provincial centers to reach as many people as possible across the country. We are Just looking at the Legality and logistics of carrying out the exercise watch this space Multi-choice.

    My subscription was due today and i have not renewed, I paid K577 last month by Xapit i have just confirmed.


  32. RSA is still a producing nation. Zambia is a highly consumer-based economy. You guys must also take that into account so that you can wake up and begin to create your own cable TV companies. That way you will have a fall back. This nonsense of expecting the same pricing done where something is produced to happen where you are just stealing funds and living a fake high life must come to an end. Start working genuinely – chaps!

  33. they say each problem creates an opportunity. send me K 7200.00 and I will send you a brand new explorer fully paid up with multi choice for 12 months. For this kind of deal in Zambia you will end up paying K 9056.00

  34. Let the pressure continue. Actually, let’s go a step further & call for kicking them out of this country. If they want to remain in this country ( & I know they want to) they should give up 51% shareholding of multichoice(Z) to zambians. After dstv its the phone service providers.

    • Ever hear of “economies of scale” sir?

      If you’re an honest business person then you’ll want to make 5-7% profit. If you sell to one person, that one person pays the full 5%. If you sell to 2 people they split it 2.5% each and so on.

      When you tack the 5% on each customer, you’re being exploitative and dishonest. Remember what the asia traders did till shoprite and other chain stores got wise and invested?

      Have the satellite costs gone up? No
      Have the broadcast rights gone up? No
      Did multichoice Zambia staff get 400% salary increments? No
      Has GRZ charged more for fees and licenses? No

      So where, the f*ck, is the increase coming from?

      Is this some chap’s unilateral wet dream? YES, me thinks so!

  35. In UK monthly Sky subscription (full package of Skysports, Movies and News channels) is 30GBP (K330). Paradoxically in developing country for similar suite this is costing over 100%. Incredible!!

    • Boss its not even similar by far!! The Sky decoder comes with internet and more than 100 hd and some 3d channels. multichoice are theives!!

  36. zambians are big talkers with no action
    all of you despite complaining will pay this…
    i am betting my bottom dollar

  37. Bafikala ba multi choice we aint paying come April,u are exploiting pa zed,will be downloading soccer highlights coz that’s all we pay for…matole

  38. Pack up and go. I work with south Africans and I know what they pay doesn’t relate to the kwacha equivalent! They pay peanuts

  39. Multichoice just lost my subscription. I did some quick research and found that I can download all my favourite series and movies and store them on a 1TB HDD that I can plug into the back if my tv.

    I’ll download the torrent while at work and have entertainment at home.

    From omniverse and barney to music and my ncis, csi, haven …

    The only person that will suffer is the maid. No more african magic

  40. It takes 40 minutes to download 2 hours of CSI. 371MB per episode!

    Working on childrens tv this weekend. Left the computer downloading a months worth of kid tv series. Will pop in the external drive to the usb on the tv and see if the kid will notice next week.

    Necessity is the mother of innovation.

  41. This is the time Muvi TV can improve content and force MultiChoice out of business in Zambia.
    They should stop being used by politicians as we have seen in the past few months.

  42. All that is a pack of lies. The real reason is the need, on their part, of hefty salary increases which must be borne by subscribers!

  43. We must all boycott in april and may or even further!!! Multichoice take us for granted!!!just in 2014 we were paying k340 for premium.so how can it jump to k710 or even k631?this is a lot of money!!!the Govnt must do something.if possible Govnt musy allow other firms to enter the market!!!I WONT PAY IN APRIL 100%!!!THESE ARE THIEVES WHO ONLY THINK ABOUT MAKING THEMSELVES RICH WHILE US POOR ZAMBIANS SUFFER!!!PLEASE DITCH THIS DStv NOW!!!

  44. Why are people complaining about DSTV a luxury? All the people complaining on this platform are well off and can afford three meals a day. You are all hypocrites. Please let us complain about fuel; Zambia has the highest prices of fuel in East and Southern Region yet no one on this platform has started a campaign to boycott filling stations. Let us be real and live in real world. The increment on DSTv has no bearing on a poor man in Kanyama but the cost of paying medical bills for patients abroad including presidents is costly. We must improve our health facilities and treat all Zambians with fairness and justice.

  45. DSTV is a luxury for very few in Zambia.
    Farmers not yet paid by FRA.
    Fuel shortages and incompetence of Yaluma.
    No drugs in hospitals.
    Shoddy road works. Millions wastes on roads.
    We can live without DSTV but not food, medicines or good roads.



  48. For your information, the sky subscription that goes for 30GBP (K330) comes with internet that you can blast in your house by a wifi router and more than 100 HD channels and some 3d channel. Multichoice are theives and this April let them feel it. Abash these nincompoops!!
    The other problem we have is that the pathetic znbc is a shareholder in multichoice what a conflict of interest!! so the trick is to keep znbc in a pathetic state so that the public are forced to pay dstv

  49. I think the best way to boycott is to take our kids to their offices we placards ”WE WANT TOM n JERRY,BEN 10,DORRA THE EXPLORA,SCOO FIMOFIMO”…..coz when we protest not to subscribe mind you they’ll be no peace at home with the kids.think abt it guys

  50. The man is out of touch with reality. I have never paid his reported figure. We must unite and boycott paying in April 2015. Why are rate too low in Zambia compared with RSA? Why are rates in RSA fixed and not dollar based? If anything tariffs must be reduced or we are not paying.

  51. On the other hand zambian economy does not support business prosperity due to very poor kwacha value or valueless kwacha currency. While rubbishing DSTV and Multichoice, the same rubbish must be directed at the voters for voting in the rubbish pf incompetencies. No fuel in the country this is rubbish, the unstoppable kwacha depreciation, poor governance these must be rubbished in totality.

  52. This is a person who really thinks Zambians are *****s. …. He says 700 is a fabricated figure but 710 an he expects to make u happy???? That’s pretty damn on his part and some pathetic PR work for the profession! !!

    • This is a person who really thinks Zambians are *****s. …. He says 700 is a fabricated figure but 710 an he expects to make u happy???? That’s pretty damn on his part and some pathetic PR work for the profession! !!

  53. Its truly a bitter fact that Multichoice are extremely expensive in zambia due to their monopoly if you compare in India there are quite few cable and dish operators and the monthly Subcripion is only US $5.00 and showing more than 150 channels including all Super Sport channels and same in Pakistan @ US $ 2.00 monthly watch 300 channels but unfortunate no competetors allowed here.

  54. the rates are jst so high ..l mean who pays a thousand bak for same movies & catoons ..thts lame ..might as wel boycott

  55. Comment:me am just supriced i paid on fone but three days not activeted y are you doing this and then does a 158 kr no zeewold?tele me plez me i want zzzzzwold!!!!

  56. When people appreciate you. You mistreat them why Ba dstv…don’t be like fools who only realises the importance of water when then well is dry…
    Come on Mr marketing manager work up…

  57. I think you ought to pay attention to your customers. Manda Hill Branch – – – NO AIR CIRCULATION AND SMELL OF SWEAT. WHO IS THE MANAGER THAT LOOKS AFTER THESE PLACES. DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER.

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