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Zambia has potential to boost economy-US envoy

Economy Zambia has potential to boost economy-US envoy

U.S. Ambassador Eric Schultz meeting Edgar Lungu
The United States government has said Zambia was well positioned to emerge as one of Africa’s fastest growing economies.

US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Shultz said Zambia has everything for economic success because it has abundant natural resources which do not only include minerals, but also fertile soil and plenty of water.

Ambassador Shultz said Zambia also has human capital, political stability and peace founded on maturing democratic practices.

He said Zambia has a likelihood of having a thriving commercial agricultural sector which can export food stuffs throughout the world.

He added that Zambia can also have well-run extractive industries with vibrant, value-adding downstream companies generating well-paying jobs.

Ambassador Schultz said Zambia can even be an electricity exporter with hydro dams generating huge power surpluses.

He pointed out that the country can also have a world class tourism industry anchored by the Victoria Falls and with the best safaris and game viewing in Africa all of which can employ hundreds of Zambians to serve millions of foreign tourists.

The Ambassador said Zambia can only achieve economic growth by sticking to democratic values which are built on great institutions including a free media and an active civil society.

He was speaking in Lusaka today during the presentation of a US-Zambia partnership which is aimed at incorporating youths in strengthening bilateral relations.

He said improving the health and education sectors was also cardinal in boosting the country’s economy as it attracts investors.

And UNZA Vice Chancellor Enala Tembo-Mwase commended the US government for taking keen interest in providing moral and financial support to the Zambian government.


  1. The only problem facing africa is too much politics at the expense of working.The govt fails to fulfil it’s pledges and the opposition fails to keep it to it’s toes. The public is kept in a campaign all through, each side speculating the other. If we reduce politics we can propel our continent to greater heights as we have all it takes. Let us walk the talk. We are naturally blessed .

    • In short, the Americans may be reminding our government to stop victimisation of its Zambian people and desist from following Mugabe’s way of governance and that of RB’s extravagant spending of it’s limited cash flow.

    • For Zambians, this is all but sweet music. As I blog, our so called servants have already shelved this observation as a far fetched idea. There is an african saying that loosely translated states that “a stupid man will die of thirst whilst he is standing in knee dip water. God help us.

    • What a diplomatic way of telling PF that its them inflicting a lot of suffering on the Zambian people by failing to harness and manage the resources that Zambia has prudently.

      Every country has a unique competitive advantage which only requires a strategic planner like HH to realise it.

      Unfortunately for Zambia, its being run by f00lish PF buffoons without a single grain of understanding how to plan and manage the abundant resources Zambia has.

      In short the American envoy is politely telling Lungu ‘s administration that ni bachimbwi no plan.

    • Yes, we are all aware of the potential, but the leadership skills is what is eluding us, especially now.

    • America is sending a message that you’ve sidelined our favorite Dr Guy Scott, and then you’re kissing Mugabe’s behind. Remember what how we squeezed your economy in the middle 80s and afterwards, watch out and listen.

  2. Echoes our sentiments. We have pointed this out yet our government seems to ignore those of us that have expressed these points on this forum. Small scale maufacturing, tourism and agriculture. These are the sectors of Zambias future. Started saying this when our farmers were being mistreated by this government. What we need is a government that knows what they are doing.

  3. Zambians are lazy. Our politicians, not Lungu president, but Kambwili and the opposition UPND are just sounding timbres. Someone tell me what Zambian MPs have ever done that has actually worked. Mwanawasa had ministers that were visionary. HH seems to have clowns in full force. Let me not even mention the disarray that is MMD.

  4. Ambassador we know we have these things.. BUT it is leadership up there ..no plan,nothing! Talk,eat,talk,steal and so on

  5. I thank the US Ambassador for a brilliant statment. I become nervous when US Ambassador wnts to lead the Constitution process. I do not agree that Referendum and General Elections can be combined. I believe that they ought to be sperated to guarantee transparency and accountability. Mixing the the is likely to create confusion. The Referendum can wait. I the cash situation is bad, then let us borrow or wit until the right time comes. There is no need to appease the opposition. Constitution is a slow tedious painstaking process.

  6. A Dog that keeps chasing it’s tail, with the hope of success, will keep going round in circles without any success, – that’s a fact!!
    Zambian’s can huff & puff all they want, however unless a New People driven Constitution becomes a reality, & Presidential powers are curtailed, similar to leaders of normal functioning Nations / Democracies, we shall keep going around @ whirlwind speed achieving NOTHING, but enriching our Corrupt leaders.
    We shall also continue creating jobs, & paying “Foghorns” like Kambwili for doing nothing, other than drawing a hefty salaries, whilst creaming off tax payers cash via dodgy contracts which are shared amongst “The Boys”.

  7. Even Zimbabwe has potential to boost economy, the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is this: what is stopping it? Answer that and use your answer to draw parallels with Zambia. Potential not realised is worth jack. Compare DRC, Sudan, C.A.R ETC which all have potential to countries like Botswana, Namibia, South Africa which are realising their potential… Potential, potential, potential blah blah blah. Dont talk about it BE about it…

  8. That’s all we’ve always had since time immemorial and will continue having as long as we have mediocre leadership, POTENTIAL!!


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