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Zambia Army Petitioned to change rules on pregnant female soldiers

General News Zambia Army Petitioned to change rules on pregnant female soldiers

Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Msiska with the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and Justice Mwanamwambwa during the Inauguration Ceremony of President Edgar Lungu at Heroes Stadium on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Msiska with the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and Justice Mwanamwambwa during the Inauguration Ceremony of President Edgar Lungu at Heroes Stadium on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

A former soldier has appealed to the Legal and Justice Reform Commission to ensure that the Zambian Army stops discharging pregnant female soldiers.

Monde Kunda 29, of Line Messenger compound in Serenje District told the Justice Frederick Chomba Legal and Justice Sector Reform Commission that the practice is discriminatory and infringes on the rights of female soldiers.

She pointed out that recruits are never told about the regulation of serving for three years before falling pregnant.

ZANIS reports that the ex-soldier said this during the Legal and Justice Reform Commission’s sitting held at the Serenje District council’s chambers.

Ms Kunda said that the Zambia Army should henceforth stop discharging pregnant soldiers on account of not having served for three years after being commissioned.

She recommended that the Zambia Army should consider granting the affected soldiers maternity leave and be allowed to come back after giving birth.

Ms Kunda also alleged that the Zambia Army segregates when discharging pregnant soldiers.

She narrated that she and her colleague who were impregnated by non-soldiers were discharged while their colleagues who were impregnated by fellow soldiers were re-called.


  1. I don’t think I agree with what Monde is saying.Where honestly are you going to find employers that have no T’s and C’s.The problems is us(both male and female)because you rush to sign conditions without reading them because you’re desperate for the job.Go to the nurses find out their T’s and C’s on pregnancy you will find that you army girls are even better.Why get pregnant if you are not married?Afterall do we need prego’s in the army?

    • Well done Zambia Army. Soldiers are expected to be alert – with their legs closed – at all times. Leave sex to us, the civilians.

    • @Suntwe wa Suntwe: Yours is the MOST SEXIST comment I have ever read against female Zambian soldiers!

      You probably have even NEVER served in the military your entire life to have such a strong and warped view on what makes soldiers ALERT and READY for duty. You sound like such a sick male chauvinist p!g.

      Are you telling me male soldiers, with their well known sexual escapades everywhere they go, are not affected by such “extra curricula” activities? And only females soldiers are?

      Male soldiers pregnant civilian women and their fellow female soldiers all the time and very rarely do they get discharged from the military for it—exactly the situation Ms. Monde Kunda is explaining here. So what is this DOUBLE STANDARD you are promoting iwe chi “chimbwi wa chimbwi”?

  2. Pure ignorance being expressed by the ex-officer here, the pubic service commission act clearly defined that for a newly employed public worker to be given maternity leave she must serve for a period of at least 3 years. Now you Kunda just because you have a job, you even rush to opening your legs simply because you are late to have children then today you want to blem the army commander.
    Go and start selling tomato in the market. Monde.


    • They are given unpaid maternity leave, anyway, which is okay. Moreover, if a law is archaic should we still be glorifying it?

  3. Such discriminatory laws have no place this modern world. Why don’t they also ban the men from indulging in sex for three years after graduation? The same discriminatory rule also exists concerning relationships. I know of a case where a single female officer was demoted from Capt. to S.Sgt. for having an NCO boyfriend. Yet if ranks had been reversed nothing would have happened. Similarly, 9 yrs. ago Maj.Gen Muma and his wife were (already married then) both Majors by rank in the airforce, yet today his wife has only moved one rank up to Lt.Colonel but the husband moved four ranks up.

    • Th army has never stopped anyone from having sex,but getting pregnant before that time is a serious offense.ours it’s about state of readnes that why even pregnancy we plan for it.The army is not Zesco or Zamtel were u become pregnant Chimbwe no plan! Wen we say a platoon is 32 chap these are fit not pregnant!stop the nonsense of discussing the army on these stupid platforms.
      become pregnant at Will & get discharged!

  4. She is illiterate leave her she was just opening legs she thinks she can be allowed to be pregnant during training.

  5. I disagree with suntwe wa suntwe. Female soldiers like their male colleagues need to enjoy what is between their legs. They must make use of their private parts because that is the only source of happiness

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