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We have enough maize – Lungu

Headlines We have enough maize - Lungu

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu says there is enough maize to sustain the country in the event that Zambia experiences poor maize harvest this year.

Speaking when he met 15 Lamba-Lima Chiefs at Levy Mwanawasa stadium this morning, President Lungu dispelled fears of the country experiencing food shortages because of the poor rainfall pattern in some parts of the country.

The Head of State said he has been assured by authorities in charge of maize reserves that there is enough maize stock to last the country until the next farming season.

Mr Lungu was responding to concerns by Senior Chief Chiwala over the expected poor maize harvest which may result in food shortages.

Chief Chiwala also asked government to distribute farming inputs early for the 2015/2016 farming season.

And President Lungu has said that he is working hard to ensure that farmers diversify from growing maize only.

Mr Lungu said government is working on promoting irrigation farming and crop diversification as one of the interventions to fight food shortage.

And the president has reiterated that the enactment of the constitution should not be rushed.

Mr Lungu said there is need for all Zambians to read the draft constitution thoughtfully.

The President said some clauses in the draft constitution are retrogressive and need to be addressed to take into account the interests of ordinary Zambians.

He said government is ready to enact the constitution if it is the people’s wish to do so but cautioned that it would be to the disadvantage of some groups in society.

The president was reacting to concerns that some proposals regarding land in the constitution strips chiefs’ powers of control over land.

Mr Lungu however, assured the chiefs that he will look into the land disputes that have arisen from the creation of new districts.

He said he is aware that there are land disputes involving chiefs resulting from the creation of new districts such as Ngabwe in Kapiri which has overlapped into some copperbelt chiefdoms.

President Lungu said government is addressing the matter and has asked the office of the Surveyor General to scrutinize district boundaries.

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    • Any news concerning Edgar Lungu is very boring. If you have observed more than 100 people respond to HH’s comments as compared to just 25 who comment on Edgar Lungu.

      In short Edgar Lungu’s popularity has gone down mainly due to his poor healthy while that of HH has short up due to his practical economical policies that he promises to introduce once he becomes president in 2016.

      And if Presidential elections were held today,62% of people would vote for HH while 38% would go to President Edgar Lungu.

      Watch the space wether you like it or not, wether your mother or father likes it or not, wether your relatives like it or not, wether edgar Lungu likes it or not, wether PF likes it or not; HH is the 7th President of the Republic of Zambia.

      People of Zambia are determined to…

  1. The Best of the best
    Keep us happy all the way
    you have made us proud
    Simple, humble and straight forward
    Let them talk while you walk the deliverables
    More importantly ignore them while results are clear
    Let them popular in one newspaper but we are voters on the ground
    We know why they hate you. It is because one of them fell from grace and a position they thought had grip on power.
    You are the one for 2016 and beyond
    Good news for Zambia. EL my president.

  2. I wonder whether the information reaching the president at the national level displays the exact picture on the ground concerning the grain reserves.He should not be misled to assume everything is okey while people suffer deep down in circumstances where the govt could have averted.

  3. The Best of the best
    Keep us happy all the way
    you have made us proud
    Simple, humble and straight forward
    Let them talk while you walk the deliverables
    More importantly ignore them while results are clear that you are a working government.
    Let them be popular in one newspaper but we are voters on the ground
    We know why they hate you. It is because one of them fell from grace and from a position they thought had grip on power.
    You are the one for 2016 and beyond. Kolopa.com
    Good news for Zambia. EL my president.

  4. I work e for FRA and can assure you that there’s enough maize stock to last up to 2016 harvest. There is about 1.8 million tonnes while Zambians eat about 1.4million tonnes per year. Even if there will be complete crop failure from 2014/15 season, stock available from the 2013/14 season is adequate to avert hunger in the country.
    What FRA is worried about is the storage space for the next harvest. This is why some controlled exports have been allowed.
    This is another reason why FRA started offloading maize to local millers at a subsidized price even though millers have not reduced the price of mealie meal to levels government anticipated.

    • At the rate your corrupt FRA colleagues are illegally importing at an alarming rate out of the country there will not be enough maize stocks as what is on paper…you ask any bus driver or conductor who drive to RSA or Malawi they will most trucks ferry maize are subcontracted by FRA boys.

    • jayjay ,why are you always negative? even your HH put in power can manage even one credit worth talking about.FRA has done exellent work and has hired private warehouses at a huge cost just to store maize.They need to offload to save money and space for the next harvest..over your corruption allegations point out one and we will take action,otherwise shut up .

  5. What if Zambia has continuous drought for two years.

    I can’t believe that my president can speak such a projection. Use the bible.

    Good countries have food reserves for at least three years

    • ask them at what cost they store that same maize ,it will eventually be cheaper to import maize than store it for three years due to warehouse costs, fumigation,supervision etc..
      please enquire before you castigate…

    • @Togo: How much storage/warehouse capacity do you have at your farm for rent? If you do, relevant Govt authorities will be glad to speak with you—I have friends who work for the FRA and this much I was told; FRA lacks storage capacity!

      By the way, do you even know the amount of storage space required and the costs involved in storing 3 years worth of food supply? If you don’t then your criticism and concerns are unfounded and baseless.

  6. Problem is storage space to keep about 5.4million tones for both human and poultry consumption. Currently FRA has just about 2 million tonnes worth of storage. Zimbabwe has 4.4 Million tonnes storage space. Zambia is working on this. MMD under RB had started expansion of storage space for FRA and PF has continued.
    It will be done

  7. There is no need of expanding the storage facilities because ba chimbwi abalelya sana have since left Zambia for overseas life yaku Chula Chula. Kikikikiki



  9. What does Edgar Lazy know, he assumes what is on paper is what is in the maize silos and depots…FRA boys are well off not because of hard work BUT illegally exporting maize abroad.
    These empty tins said the selfsame thing two years ago and the ended up banning export of maize abroad.

    • jayjay what is really your problem,agriculture and logistics are my speciality, FRA may have variances just like any other big organisation but that has already been taken care of when STOCK POSITION reports are made.For sure we have alot of maize to warrent exports..PF was just being cautious when they stopped exports but later commenced when satisfied on stock standing. PF is responsible dont worry, tell your HH IT WONT WORK.
      over your corruption allegations go report to the police if no action is taken then you can open your mouth on the issue,until then SHUT UP !

  10. Mr President we will give you enough tools as required to deliver hence causing the opposition to look irrelevant. Well done FRA continue the good work.

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