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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Aka calls for a boycott of South African products after xenophobic attacks

General News Aka calls for a boycott of South African products after xenophobic attacks

Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika
Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika

Pan-Africanist Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika has called for a boycott of all South Africa products.

Mr Mbikusita-Lewanika who posted on his Facebook page also called on the African Union to suspend South Africa from the continental body.

He declared that he will not be buying anything from a South African shop or any South African associated shop.

Mr Mbikusita-Lewanika also stated that he will not fly on South African airways until what he called murderous savagery ends.

‘Meanwhile…. South Africa should be suspended from AU! ….No to one man, one vote and mass murder year after year…This more savage than Soweto ’76!’ he wrote.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International South Africa has urged the South African government to urgently take steps to combat impunity for xenophobic violence.

In a statement, Amnesty International South Africa says South African authorities will need to do much more if impunity for xenophobic violence and other relating longstanding human rights violations are to be effectively combated, has said today.

“We acknowledge that the police are conducting arrests. However the authorities must launch full, transparent and independent investigations, and bring suspected perpetrators to account,” said Sicel’mpilo Shange-Buthane, Executive Director of Amnesty International-South Africa.

“The prevailing culture of impunity must be stopped.”

In the past two weeks, at least four people have been killed, many others seriously injured, shops looted and over 1,000 people displaced in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province.


  1. Two wrongs do not make a right.
    Educate the Youth of South Africa how they attained their independence.
    How the Zumas and Mbekis of this world were kept in neighbouring countries like Malawi,Zambia,Tanzania to name but a few.


    • Who on earth is this aka?
      Why is he milking the situation- sick and tired of nobodies come up with silly analogies

      Truth is Zambians should go home. South Africa is not Europe it’s not like some of us who are here. Go home you dip twits and develop your country


    • It is a shame that Zambia spent so much money and at times at the expense of Zambian lives to liberate this country, South Africa. Look at how little appreciation this country has for other African nationals. We must start de-campaigning South African products and anything that is associated with SA.
      It always bets me why Zambia is still helping another Southern African country in the name of Zimbabwe, when its nationals have never been kind to Zambians. It is high time Zambia repositioned it relationship with these two nations.

    • Wrong advice. Zambia does not produce anything. It relies on SA for anything and everything – medical, food, business – i said everything!

  2. Nonsense.

    These people are thugs and savages. How do you expect Zuma to educate them? They know that murder is wrong. The whole community just stood by and applauded as people including children were being burnt to death.

    The only way to control these *****s is to bring back Apartheid. As sad as that sounds, these people need strong white leaders to suppress them.

  3. Incredible passivity of the South African government that are taking refuge behind lips service rather than vigorous action against some section of its people used to laziness, jealousy and self entitlement . For sure Foreigners have outclassed them in entrepreneurship and Hard work. Without Hesitation King Zwelithini of Zulu revived the bestiality into his subjects ! This must also serve a lesson to Zambians not to fall in the same Ambit of xenophobia as the degree of intolerance towards Congolese, West Africans is dangerously Raising in the name of Icalo chesu or Ni zikho lathu !

  4. Dilopmacy can go a long way. The xenophobic attacks must be contextualized. It is vitually impossible for the ordinary South Africans to welcome millions of guest workers suddenly. Please support dialogue and negotiations. I am reluctant to include AU but I am inclined to involve with SADC. This is win-win situation for Government in the SADC region.

    • Dr Makasa while I am included to agree that context is important and that ordinary South Africans will not welcome foreigners, it one thing not to be welcoming and another all together to resort to the levels of violence and outright murder. I can’t help but thing that South African’s do not value human life, worse still that of other Africans. Apartheid could be partly to blame for this as the levels of violence the black South Africans were exposed to then made them lose the sanctity of life.

  5. I watched the barbaric attacks on “foreigners” with a bleeding heart. Human beings being burnt alive while the locals stood by joyfully clapping and dancing around. What a shame. Is this how South Africans will repay us back for the misery we went through to assist them get independence, for the blood we shed on their behalf in our own lands? This is a shame. I agree with AKA. If the AU or SADC have teeth, let them prove that now.

  6. That story of educating these guys about Zambia accommodating their leaders during their struggle for independence, does not fly with these locals. They just refuse to care and don’t give a rats azz. What is disappointing is the lack of action from the South African leaders strongly condemning this violence. Instead the Kings and other influential politicians are indirectly fueling the violence by saying RSA should be less accommodating to foreigners. Problem of pushing people into a corner is that one day they will retaliate.

  7. If this is really so-called xenophobia, why is that only indigenous (Black) Africans are being targeted? What about the Caucasians, Indians, etc living in SA. Are they being targeted too? I am not suggesting that these two races must be targeted too. All I am saying is that there could be more to this than we are being told. Epo mpelele….

  8. The Xenophobia that is currently taking place in South Africa must be condemned in the strongest terms. At the same African leaders all over Africa must change their mindset and work to improve the conditions in their countries in order to stop the migration of their citizens to South Africa. Currently the majority of African leaders are just interested in looting the resources of their countries using all sorts of cartels.
    On a lighter note, one wonders how Aka is going to survive by boycotting South African products because Zambia is a mere market for South African products. The Zambian manufacturing industry died decades ago.

  9. Two observations, one has already been stated. The first is that wherever you are seeing oppression and savagery by one group on another, those oppressors-turned-leader have themselves been victims of brutality. When a victim becomes a leader, run for your life! The second point is that Africans never fail to hate themselves. Just look at how we grin st.upidly at any light-skinned person and sneer at our own kind. Therein lies the truth. No philosophy nor assertion will help until you address these two truths.

  10. One cannot help but feel ashamed of being South African right now. Whats happening in our country is wrong at all levels. But fellow africans not all S.Africans are in this just a few young, lazy, criminals who targets poor unskilled fellow africans so they can loot their possessions. That said; there are also other fellow africans who contributed to this who commit crime, sell drugs to young girls and force them to prostitution. On the other hand we have fellow african colleagues, churchmates who skilled and educated and they are not affected by these and we have very good relationship.
    All in all most South africans condems these attacks and we believe that we as africans need to find a solution quick and take care of each other as fellow africans.

  11. …I do not agree with Aka on boycotting SA goods/shops…let us not react emotionally…after all two thirds of reasonable shops are SA connected…we avoid buying from shoprite…then what happens to those sisters/daughters/sons/brothers working in these shops…Game, pick and pay etc…after all even in other shops not connected to SA.. 80% of goods are from SA….this is a case in which a son commits crime and you punish the whole family…let Mugabe as SADC chairman convene an emergency meeting to discuss this terrifying, gruesome situation..
    ..suggestions to educate those barbarians to co-exist or reminding them that other countries looked after their leaders is waste of time because they already know that….only SA leaders/authority political will shall stop the rot….

    • …reasons advanced that….because other countries looked after SA freedom fighters during the Apartheid era therefore SA should have no right to behave like this…… is not valid/ convincing…..we never kept Egyptians or Libyans, Moroccans….so are we saying it will be justifiable if they did what these barbaric S Africans are doing…??…not at all…
      ….there should be no justification for those characters not to do what they are doing…..they simply should not just damn do it…. geee

    • You are now taking refugee in Guy Scott’s words, yet you called him all sorts of names when he took over the presidency of the Zambia.
      A wise man once said, ‘the victims of one generation will always be the perpetrators of another generation’.

  12. There must be control in how many foreigners a country can accommodate.Look at our case where thousands of work permits per month are given to chinese who do not even have the skills to work in this country, how many Rwandese, Burundis, Somalians and many more are in Zambia, who gives money to some of the foreigners to open wholesale shops and do other businesses considering that most of them ran away from wars in their countries.If we are not careful terriosts will enter this country likein Kenya and Tanzania.There should also be a limit as to how many children foreigners can have in Zambia, the Rwandese and Burundis are breeding like no man’s business in this country.One day these people will rule our children.Am not supporting what is going on in SA but to reduce immigrates numbers.

    • @ Payback The Money…you are absolutely right bro…it is only in Zed where there is so much worship of non-nationals….one guy from the retarded South Africa told his friends..’I am going to Zambia without any skills, but watch after 24 months’…and it true…he now owns land, he drives latest 2015 Grand Cherokee and AUDI Q 7of 2014….Ise tiligadaaa…tiligone and busy voting incompetence in government positions….keep sleeping!!!

  13. Kwabene ni kwabene kwanu ni kwanu. What is happening in SA will also happen here. Foreigners are busy taking our land and Zambians are killed and told that they are squatters in they own country.

  14. And empty tin Zuma is mute…SA people forget that Africans sacrificed alot KK contributed a percentage of our tax to give their freedom fighters training at UNZA and military camps.
    A lost people indeed!!

  15. If Zambians were sober humans, this could have already happened right there in Zed. But a generation that is jobless is fast growing, it will definitely explode the impunity too!

  16. No KK Airport minister including Changwa will say anything about what is happening in RSA because they depend on Millpark for surviour. Let us develop Zambia and there won’t be need to have too many Zambians going there. No need to boycott South African goods because the savages are not whites who manufacture the goods we use.

  17. We need to develop our countries so that we dont migrate to places like South Africa.

    I believe this is a long term solution. we should be ashamed that we depend on South Africa so much for everything.

    After 50 years of Independence, Zambia should be better than South Africa.

  18. South Africa is the biggest economy in Africa and multinational companies from there have invested a lot in other economies in Africa and at the same time other African countries provide labour to this economy. There are more SMEs classified kind of business from other African countries into that country mostly in trading which the locals are also doing. The issue here is the citizen having problem with the Government on certain policies and they are well off conducting demonstrations against the Government instead of targeting innocent Africans who are competing for those opportunities in a legal and fair manner. There is need to deal with this problem at regional level and continental level both at SADC and AU so that the South African Government can engaged to stop this nonsense

  19. …. If the South African Government fails to protect citizens from other countries After being engaged at regional level the other countries should provide sanctions against south African government to put pressure on them and some of the measures should include sanctions on trade. They he more t lose than us we may have job loses but that can provide an opportunity for investors from other countries . ala DSTV, Pick and Pay, game store, Shoprite , mr price , FNB and many more

  20. That makes the two of us. On principle, I have always bought African products; or fair trade products. But I have stopped buying any South African products; just like I don’t buy anything from some shops in Zambia. Purely on principle; I believe I can only make a difference if I bought Zambian.

  21. …To be very honest, this matter needs total sobriety in addressing it. Coming up with stringest measures to punish RSA as whole will be very catastrophic to many southern Africa countries. It like you say Petronella is a bitch. She is lenje. Then you conclude that all lenjes are bitches!!

    Yes, I join the rest of the bloggers in condemning the barbaric actions of these South Africans, but I think there is need for more political will power from Zuma and his govt. Boycotting anything that has to do with RSA is not a panacea. Its like burying your head in the sand and hoping that when you come out of the sand, you will find that the attacks are gone.

  22. South Africans are very BACKWARDS! I was hearing a statement by Jacob Zuma on the removal of colonial statutes and what he said leaves much to be desired! I concluded that he is a man full of hate towards foreigners and not just whites and he thinks other African countries owe south africa something, and that is the thinking of most illiterate south africans. They think their country is special. When they travel to other African countries they say am going to Africa- imagine that!

    • Hii men, the problem o f xenophobia started in the early
      2008,20,April, when the Pretoria News Magazine published an article which went on”All residents can you move out all immigrants (amakwerere) means literal the berbers,from your yards/ houses. We are sick and tired of them”.The SA gvt did nothing .Shame on you South Africans.

  23. Awe it is so sad bushe ama South Africans don’t they have feelings? How can they be so brutal? Where is the South African Government? No No to such kind of brutality it is inhuman

  24. please let us appreciate one another for one reason that no single country can live independently without the other whether rich or poor this why social countries like america China and other lead in developments they know how to live with other people.

  25. I know Zambians are very hurt & especially that we contributed to RSA getting independence.KK should have signed an agreement that South Africa will contribute A %tage to our infrastructure development once apartheid is defeated.The truth is Zambia s’ underdevelopment to some extent is to do with the “liberation wars” which took place in this part of the world.Zambia has a case which shamefully it has never tabled with SADC,i believe it is not too late.

  26. Ba LT the post on facebook is not from Mbikusita Lewanika. Its a different Akashambatwa based in the USA.


  27. And you call south Africa as half london, useless. in zambia we are Educated and cannot do such,God bless Zambia amen.

  28. south Africans have for long been spoiled. it’s high tine serious action is deployed inorder to fight these atrocities. it’s like the government is on a wait and see approach as there is no legal action taking place. this is a conspiracy by the south African government to finish off where the apartheid government left. this can only be stopped If there is government intervention as people are being severed to death.

  29. This happen due to Antichrust Leaders,,,,if u follow the story from the bible,it talks about sodom n gomorrah.these countries were very rich n 2 much evils dats y God had punish these cities…dnt be surprised coz wea ever thres wealthy there is two much evils so things…like father like son.if Leaders are evil dat means obvious their people wil act the same way..may the lord help us pls….

  30. Aka is right he has seen that Zambia we have no problem but our friends countrys i don’t know why doing that to us. Congolese they have finished killing Zambians then again South African also.we are called Christian nation better we stop them doing business from our country.

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