Construction of Paul Mushindo University in Lubwa Mission of Chinsali District in Muchinga Province has commenced. Contractor COVEC Zambia Limited is already on site and construction of the contractor’s house and offices has started.

A total of 750 bags of cement meant for the construction of Lambwe Chikwama clinic in Chienge District of Luapula Province has gone to waste.

The initial 300 bags of cement delivered to the construction site over a year ago have caked because of delays in constructing the health facility which was started close to two years ago.

The 300 bags of cement were delivered to the construction site by the Luapula Province Community Medical Office over a year ago.

This came to light during the Chienge District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) Meeting held in the Council Chambers last Friday.

Meanwhile, It was revealed during the same meeting that a further 450 bags of cement delivered to the construction site six months ago was also at risk of caking.

Acting Public Health Officer at the Chienge District Community Medical Office, Given Mweene who confirmed the caking of the Cement attributed the situation to poor storage facilities.

He said construction of Health facility which is still at the foundation level despite works starting close to two years ago had delayed due to erratic funding.He said the K30,000 allocated for the labour contract of the clinic was not enough.

Planner at the Chienge District Community Medical Office, Lemmy Situnyama assured the Meeting that Construction works would be sped up following the mobilization of the people in Lambwe Chikwama to provide community contribution.Commenting on the same matter, District Forestry Officer, Crispin Mtine said there was need for the Provincial Office to work closely
with the District Staff instead of imposing their wishes.

He said the Truck that carried the cement in question delivered it at night without any accompanying district staff.He said it was also possible that the cement had already caked at the time
it was delivered because there was no one to check its condition upon delivery.

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  1. Don’t worry the President will go out for more begging to make up for that loss. Our inefficiency and incompetency is already covered. If only we can apply our resources correctly this country wont be talking about borrowing. Ashi.


  2. This is wastage of public resources not to mention how the public is suffering due to shortage of medical amenities. The govt should be accountable in all public projects.


  3. Poor planning is at the center of everything in this country. Borrow first and start thinking of what to do with the money. Then buy cement before the building blocks, year four buy the blocks after the cement has caked. PF way of doing things. In case you doubt look at Great East Road between Arcades roundabout and airport turn off. First remove the surface and then start looking for funds to repair the surface. really, is that a way of doing things?


  4. @ZedpoorPeople,you are spot on .I am disgusted with the works on Great East Road,it is an abandoned project.It is issues like this which are making people to believe that PF is a failed project; “chimbwi no plan”.



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