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Mulusa assures resolution of airport project delays

Economy Mulusa assures resolution of airport project delays

President Edgar Lungu swears in Lucky Mulusa as Special Assistant for Project Monitoring and Implementation at State House in Lusaka on 3 March 2015
President Edgar Lungu swears in Lucky Mulusa as Special Assistant for Project Monitoring and Implementation at State House in Lusaka on 3 March 2015

Special Assistant to the President for Project Monitoring and Implementation Lucky Mulusa says government is committed to ensuring that the delays surrounding the construction of the K144 million new run-way at Kasama Airport are quickly resolved.

Mr Mulusa was speaking this morning when he paid an impromptu visit at the site earmarked for the construction of the new airstrip.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mulusa said there is need to ensure that the project does not suffer unnecessary delays in order for people to realize the benefits of their investment.

He said government thought it wise to have a completely new run-way at Kasama airport hence the new project which when completed would accommodate bigger planes.

Mr. Mulusa also added that government would ensure that issues surrounding the squatters that have encroached on the airport land are sorted out.

The new 3 kilo metre run-way which will be constructed to full bituminous standards will run parallel to the old one which is 1.7 kilo meters.

And the Contractor, An-Hui-Shuin Construction Group of China has already started mobilizing materials to embark on the project.

Company representative Lucie Hua said the contractor was ready to begin the works as soon as a Consultant for the project was engaged.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary Hlobotha Nkunika who accompanied Mr. Mulusa to the site also emphasized the need for the quick appointment of a Consultant so that the works could begin quickly.

He added that when completed, the new infrastructure will help to boost the tourism potential of the Northern circuit.


  1. Learn to spell what is kilo meter? kilo is weight or mass not distance.
    Airport runways are spoken in metres (3000m)

    • I commend the PF Govt for initiating this runway project in Kasama and hope it was well thought through and a business case put forward. There isnt much point in bigger runways to accomodate big planes when you do not have big planes to utilise the runway or indeed an economy/industry that would attract business to utilise the facilities.
      I also have to point out my dissapointment with Sata’s KKI airport revamp after pulling out what was a very good business led proposal by RB to have the Private Sector to finance a completely new and modern airport in Lusaka.
      Sata stopped this citing “national security” and then committed public money to do a “facelift” of KKI airport expecting that this will increase traffic. Modern buildings alone do not increase are traffic but capacity does.

    • Ba Ken tamwaumfwapo ama kilometres mu life yenu? 3 Km equalls 3000 metres. There is nothing wrong with what LT has reported here.

  2. How do you award a contract to a contractor before engaging a consultant? This causes delays in projects and escalates costs.

    This means the designs scope are not available and you award a contract to the contractor. That’s what happens when you award contracts just to please voters.

    • That’s not correct. In this case, their is a Design Consultant who should have already done the designs, then the Supervising Consultants takes over to oversee the Construction stage. A bit of disjointed but there is some specialization in the system. Not that Iam a fan of it because I have seen how much disruptive it can be and the client ends up spending too much money on the Supervising Consultant to clear up the mess of the Design Consultant if designs were not done very well.

  3. Mr. Mulusa you walked day and night from Chingola to Solwezi to press for the tarring of the Solwezi – Chingola road.

    Let us hope that you were not doing that to get a job and fatten your belly. Let us see what you are going to do about the road now that you are near the corridors of power.

  4. I am voting for Mulusa to be made Minister of Transport, Works and Communications. He is making more noise than our parliamentary representative (The Minister) on projects in Zambia. Honestly did we need to wait for Mulusa to be appointed to know about the Kasama Airport? And let me understand something, why is Mulusa found of moving with media people everywhere he goes? Does the man know that he is the adviser to presdient Lungu and not president of Zambia himself? Mulusa appears to be a busy body. Does he think his position is a proxy to a Ministerial one or what? And how come his fellow advisers at state house are only seen but not heard?

    • He is an attention seeker who knows the role the media plays in publicising very small petty incidents. Very soon the PF president will start thinking this guy is really working when what he will have produced will still be zilch

  5. Here is my new decision for the rest of 2015; I will build and not destroy. I will bless and not curse. I will motivate. I will bless my country and my people. I will discourage tribalism, nepotism, corruption, etc. I will give credit where its due.

    Thank you government for this project and I pray that you will start more and more developmental projects so that the people of Zambia can have a better life. I pray that Zambia will be united in everything.

    May the Lord God Almighty bless this beautiful country, Zambia and her people.

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