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Jacob Zuma asks Africa: Why are their citizens not in their countries and are in South Africa?

General News Jacob Zuma asks Africa: Why are their citizens not in their countries...


Pretoria – Other African nations were responsible for the influx of foreign nationals to South Africa and their criticism of the government over the recent wave of deadly xenophobic unrest was misplaced, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday.

“Our brother countries contribute to this. Why are their citizens not in their countries? It is not useful to criticise South Africa as if we mushroom these foreign nationals and then ill-treat them. Some (immigrants) said if you raise your voice in country X you disappear,” Zuma told a Freedom Day rally at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

“Everybody criticises South Africa as if we have manufactured the problem. Even if people who are xenophobic are a minority, but what prompts these refugees to be in South Africa? It’s a matter we cannot shy away from discussing.”

It is not useful to criticise South Africa as if we mushroom these foreign nationals and then ill-treat them.

His remarks follow Nigeria’s decision to recall its top diplomats from South Africa.

Zuma reiterated his condemnation of the attacks that has claimed at least seven lives and said the hardship many South Africans endure was no excuse for turning on fellow Africans. He added government had noted locals’ complaints about their living conditions, including unhappiness with the rising number of immigrants in South Africa.

“We have noted the complaints raised by South Africans and these will be attended to. These complaints include that the number of illegal and undocumented migrants is increasing.”

He said locals complained that immigrants were taking their jobs as some employers now prefer foreigners whom they pay lower wages.

“They are also complaints that foreign nationals benefit from free government services and that they run businesses illegally. There is also an accusation that undocumented foreign nationals commit crime in the country,” said Zuma to applause from his audience.

“None of these justify attacks on foreign nationals and the looting of their shops. We condemn the violence strongly. It is important to emphasise that not all foreign nationals are in the country illegally.”

Zuma noted that reports that Emmanuel Sithole, the Mozambican national who was brutally beaten and stabbed to death in Alexandra, had entered the country illegally. However, he said many immigrants legally entered South Africa and were significantly contributing to the vast economy.

“It is also not true that all foreign nationals are involved in criminal activities. There are some who are involved, but not all of them.”

He said an inter-ministerial committee was examining all the complaints raised during the xenophobic attacks and also to ensure that immigrants observe their host naton’s laws.

“Government has already announced measures to improve security at the border posts including deploying the army in seven provinces recently to patrol border posts. We cannot leave our borders open and hope that either angels and ancestors are guarding our borders. They will never.”

He said soldiers would be deployed as immigration officers to improve the home affairs department’s capacity to man the ports of entry.

Zuma said South Africa was preparing a formal report for the Southern Africa Development Community, the African Union and the United Nations on the migration trends into South Africa and the resultant effects.

He added that representatives of immigrant communities had recently told officials of the deprivation which prompted them to come to South Africa.

“Some of them warned us that there is, with almost certainty, another wave of refugees coming, given the developments in their own countries. They answered the question why they jumped all the countries to come to South Africa.

“They take the trouble to jump all the countries and come to South Africa. They explained why. That will be contained in my report,” said Zuma.

When the crowd called for the president to divulge the stated reason, he responded: “I don’t think we need to appear as being critical to other governments. They all said wherever they are, they know South Africa is a safer country.”

He said the AU must discuss the influx of immigrants into South Africa because fellow African states were contributing to the problem, and all countries had a responsibility to handle their own citizens “with care”.

“We are very happy because we hear there are some murmurs that this matter must be discussed in the AU. We are happy to be given an opportunity to deal with the matter in South Africa and other countries that leads to this situation,” said Zuma.

He said there is a lot of anger in South Africa coupled with a propensity to use violence.

“This results from years of apartheid dehumanisation. We need to do more to promote healing and tolerance amongst all our people. Linked to this is the need to continue efforts to fight racism which continues to be a challenge in our country.”

A diplomatic row is deepening between Nigeria and South Africa after the former recalled it’s acting high commissioner from Pretoria.

At least seven people were killed in xenophobic attacks experienced in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Hundreds of Africans have been repatriated to their countries while thousands more are believed to be returning independently to neighbouring countries.

Zuma hosted a five-hour meeting with representatives of immigrant organisations at his Sefako Makgatho Presidential Guesthouse in Pretoria on Friday.

Source :ANA


  1. Did Jacob Zuma also ask Holland , England.France and Germany what their citizens and decendants of their citizens are doing in South Africa.Not only are they in south africa but control most of south africa’s wealth? sorry forgot black south africans are only brave enough to challenge a dead white mans statue.

    • You are missing the point.The whites create employment while the blacks largely compete for employment with the black South Africans.Though this does not justify the xenophobic violence fact is the incomptence of successive African governments contribute to the problem.
      In Zambia while Lungu is scared of even allowing demonstrations against xenophobic violence Zuma has now started attacking them clearly blaming the problem on them.

    • South Africa should close its boarders tight like USA does because of obvious reasons instead of resorting to killing foreign immigrants, illegal or legal who are already in their country due to porous boarders. They have the money to do so. I think that is what African countries are saying. There is no country in the world that can accommodate everyone. They can set up refugee camps for those that are fleeing wars instead of letting them live with locals. That way they can have control. It’s said entire villages or extended families have migrated to RSA in some cases. Not acceptable anywhere. However they should bear some responsibility for being the best economy on the continent and expanding it’s businesses across Africa like USA does across the world. To whom much is given……..

    • I agree with you……..Did we ask Mbeki why he stayed in Zambia for free for a long time? South Africans will never seize to amaze us. Selfish people always deliberately refuse to look back to trace their History. the reality has now caught up with them that it is not always easy to look after someone’s child and hence the need to appreciate others.

    • @Maharajji, this is not the time to be trivial. Most European migrant carry out diligent risk assessments because they migrate with both intellectual and material capital. Most African migrants carry only their intellectual prowess and so their influence, though tangible in the long run, is not impactful as such. Differentiate the job seeker from the investor; the motor mouth from the motor creator…

    • Very good question, Jacob. African leaders must learn to create a suitable environment for all their citizens so that their citizens don’t have to beg other countries’ tax payers to take care of them. It’s like your child spending more time at the neighbours’ watching TV when you’ve failed to buy a TV yourself.

    • “Everybody criticises South Africa as if we have manufactured the problem. Even if people who are xenophobic are a minority, but what prompts these refugees to be in South Africa? It’s a matter we cannot shy away from discussing.”

      Read thru carefully before u comment. There are no refugees from Holland, England, France or German in South Africa. The key word here is refugees!

      Bwelenifye Guys.

    • This is the same man who believes taking a shower after sex protects you from HIV-AIDS. Thats the level we are dealing with. This man is behind this xenophobia campaign (see what his son and chief have been saying). I said it before and will say it again: The expiry date for blaming everything on apartheid has passed so its on to the next group BLACK Africans. This guy is behind the farm murders of the boers too (who used to sing kill the boer) now its Kaffir go home. I wonder who will be next. The beauty is that Karma is a B….. You WILL reap what you are sowing Mr. Shower man

    • I support Mushota: Zuma is right. It does not mean that since we hosted RSA people during apartheid then its a definite right for every body to flock into RSA to stay. Its like a pay back time for RSA!!! No, it should not be like that. Lets sort out our own country and enjoy the fruits of our own country. Lets create jobs in our own country, Lets build schools, hospitals, roads, and all sorts of infrastructure in our own country that we see and admire in RSA. Why rush into an already completed environment? That’s a sign of lack of innovation and seriousness. You want to enjoy other peoples sweat. Lets think properly Zambians. There are Zambian politicians who claim to have alot of money but it took Aliko Dangote, a Nigerian, to build a cement plant in Masaiti. Meanwhile them are in RSA.

    • @Maharaj: Failure to confront Africa’s leadership failures squarely, honestly & frankly but seeking solace in the history of colonisation will get us nowhere. India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea were all much poorer colonies than Zimbabwe at independence. But why should zimbos have 3 to 5 million economic refugees in SA, 500 000 in Botswana plus similar numbers in zambia, etc just 30 years after independence? Why is DRC poor inspite of massive resources? Why is Somalia, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique exporting excess populations to SA? Those boers did not control anything in Somalia, Nigeria, Malawi etc at independence! Yes killing foreigners is NOT right but honest questions NEED honest answers!

    • @mushota and miya… your thinking is so warped. when these brutal savagely shaka’s descendants came to seek refuge in other countries who asked them what you two losers are talking about. Zuma has no decency – Guy SCOTT was very right to describe south africans as primitive save for the whites that ve developed their country. Zuma should think like a man or at least try and think like one.

    • I work in South Africa and sometimes go to other countries like Canada, US and UK. I see the point Jacob Zuma is raising as valid. We cannot keep ignoring the internal problems Zambia has and heap the problem at SA’s door just because we helped them. How many Zambians would go back if PF or any other party would fix the broken economy? Why should a good number of our graduates take their skills outside just because we cannot fix our country? Let SADC leaders sit down and each one put down what plan they have to stop their young educated people from leaving. It doesn’t help insulting Zuma and South Africans because they are not all burning and killing people. They just have to put up with a lot of cheap labour (gardeners, bricklayers etc) from outside. The UK and US don’t debate such…

    • Fact that we took care of them at their time of need does not mean they owe us a living. Very common for black people to assist you and then demand back the favor.

    • Reading between lines Zuma is for the idea that foreigners are part of the problems of SA. He is so dull to realize that those brothers and sisters deserve to be in that land since most of the African Countries have exported their jobs to South African economy through importing almost everything from there including health service for our politicians. Zuma leave our brothers and sisters to enjoy our money there in peace.

    • Very shallow analysis by most bloggers. The United States border with Mexico has remained a hot issue for a long time for similar reasons. No citizens of any one country must impose themselves and become the burden of another country. Even the mighty United States of America, complains and fights against such a trend. S. Africa’s challenge is a lot worse.

      Zimbabwe is one case in point. More than three million Zimbabweans have migrated to S. Africa. That never used to happen when Rhodesia was being ruled by a white man, despite the economic sanctions that had been imposed following the 1965 UDI. Are we not just playing the ostrich here? We fought against Ian Smith. Why can’t Africa unite and fight for the removal of Robert Mugabe who has destroyed Zimbabwe?

    • Did they not changed the country from a bushland to a 1st world economy in a 3rd world continent. Let’s be realistic

  2. The reasoning of South Africans really amaze me, even at presidential level. South Africa is not the only country hosting refugees in Africa. These people need to come to Zambia and see the many refugee camps we have in many border areas. Rather than displaying shallow mindedness this president should start solving problems in his country.

    • Much appreciated and well explained bra!! Dr. Guy Scott described these South Africans very well indeed. They are still backwards and a lot of education(Free) is needed. This must start with Zuma himself!

    • The difference, friend, is that SA does not host most refugees in camps; they are integrated into the mainstream population. I think we need not ignore the salient points raised even by our own professionals of economic savagery in their own countries. We have been harping on this for a very, very long time. Does it make sense to you that a doctor, without changing anything changes his quality of life and appreciation by simply going into a neighboring country?

    • He is not talking about refugees running away from war but people running away from poverty in their own countries. Here I agree with him African leaders should be held accountable for not creating an economic environment for their people to prosper instead of thme running to Europe and SA

    • Zuma was himself a refugee in Zambia. Two South African presidents were refugees in Zambiaa; Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma himself.

    • @2.4 Zedman, you my friend have missed the plot completely. As Head of State, Zuma’s emphasis should have been on the rule of law.

      But instead, he is carelessly saying “ Why are their citizens not in their countries? It is not useful to criticise South Africa as if we mushroom these foreign nationals and then ill-treat them.”

      A mis-timed statement like this from a Head of State is most unfortunate, as it indirectly tells RSA Police sit back and watch as a person is being burnt by a tyre necklace, or being knifed to death in broad daylight.

      The subject is not about illegal immigrants, its about the legal method of dealing with it.

    • These guys are backwards – socially speaking. I worked there under an international organization. In fact it is now that the majority are accepting that South Africa is in Africa.

    • Zedman, how do we expect our leaders to create an conducive environment for economic growth, when they themselves are swimming in poverty? Hence the high levels of corruption as the only way they can get rich is through stealing public resources.

    • 100% , there reasoning is comparable to those people in the Gods must be Crazy movie…Eish! So shallow.


    • You reasoning MUST not justify Xenophobia…….you can not kill other people on the basis of Xenophobia.

    • @Peter, part of the Congolese migratory pattern is historical. The nature of French and Portuguese assimilation colony styles made these populations highly mobile and that remains. What we need is to free the tax payers’ purse strings from the State House grips of most African countries. We must not ignore the incompetence of the majority African national managements. Volumes have already articulated what is wrong, we just need brave, wise leaders to break this cancerous mold so we can all be attractive.

  4. Time for leaders of other African countries to develop their countries and stop subjecting their citizens to ridicule and embarrassment we are suffering at the hands of South African




  5. Is this a true story, or a hoax – I must have missed it on television news? He shouldn’t speak some of the blame words as the President of SA. Otherwise, the blame statements have negated his vain regret for the actions taken by his people against foreigners, as there seems to be a justification for the actions taken against the foreigners – that they brought themselves to SA – who told them to come to SA; they would not have had all the xeno troubles? And that is the President!!!!!!

    • Mutengesimukuru • 13 hours ago

      Zuma is right, South Africans deserve to enjoy their country, immigrants from misgoverned states like ours are making it hard for them to do just that. The blame should be on Zimbabwean, Malawian, Nigerian, Zambian, Ethiopian presidents for failing to take care of their own people, especially when dictators like ours keep on creating man made crises and expect bail out from those who put their people first.

    • Very True!! Reminds me of what i have heard regarding traffic offences in some neighboring countries (DRC, Botswana, Mozambique). I understand irrespective of the circumstances of the RTA (even if you are bashed from behind), as a foreigner you are wrong because their POLICE argue that if you did not come to their country, there would have been no accident…….!! Welcome to African Union!!

  6. Very haunting words to come from a duly elected president, to say the least. Only God’s intervention will help Africa.

  7. Can Zuma ask himself and his audience why South Africans found themselves in other African Countries when they were second class citizens in their Country.
    He should be ashamed of himself for failing to provide leadership to deal with the immigrant issue in a civilised manner.

    Even the EU have acted more humane than him as they are even saving lives of the immigrant at sea

  8. Zambia is a poor country because it spent more on funding the liberation wars of other countries whilst hosting their refugees including President Zuma himself, Thabo Mbeki, Oliver Tambo.

    Our mines collapsed because sanctions against Apartheid RSA meant we had to import parts from U.K. the result was our international debt with IMF & World Bank swelled.

    The end is that our mines were sold for a song to foreigners including South Africans. Cont’d

    • @ Maloza…Zuma has just reminded you that you did that at owners risk….governments must foster development for their own people, just as people have a duty to develop themselves by voting for sober and level headed politicians…Zedians have just voted in ECL, why are they rushing to RSA with fresh ink on their thumbs.,.stop being dumb. And Zimbabweans must boot out that fossil in Harare…period!!

    • Even when our shops were empty of “essential commodities” and our people were lining up at 04.00 hrs, for the little available , Zambia was still looking after ANC leaders and giving money to the ANC to continue the fight in the south. I do not recall any Zambian burning any Senegalise national during the time they lived in Twatasha, even though many Zambians despised them .. makes you think !!…

      As for us Zambians, we have reversed the economic situation by our own effort and better policies. We will do even better with more experience, a better Constitution and better leadership. We are certainly not a dictatorship. We are at peace and no one is running away from Zambia because of persecution. This is a major achievement.

  9. Jacob Zuma is simply saying that other African countries should fix their economies to prevent the unprecedented influx of economic refugees into RSA. Stop the wars and treat your people right.

    • The point is South Africans are all over the world and it is not just the economies at play here but all other human factors. I had posed a question, do do think there is a problem for in India (Indians are in every nation on earth), in Europe (whites too are in every corner of the world) and Chinese now? What makes these nationals to move from one country to another? Why are South Africans all over the world? I am sure all human being are motivated by many things. Who has ever told the Indians, Chinese or Europeans to pack their bags? Double standards indeed

  10. Zuma is speakin as if he is at a political rally, lol. And yet some of you insulted Guy Scott over that interview. What type of leadership is this? The blame game and partial truths are not the answer for SA’s ills….and neither is South African’s much publicised superiority complex towards other Africans. South Africans are just LAZY, and want to blame someone else for their misfortunes. Shame!!!
    And….We all know that he is making reference to Naija…due to Boko Haram, Nigerians are flocking to SA.

  11. Iam forced to respond but hope I will be fair. Migration is not just an African Issue or for that matter, a South Africa issue alone but a world wide problem. Please note most of the tribes in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia are part of the present day South Africa. They are blood related and for most coming to South Africa is home coming – the land of their fore- fathers. It happened at one point that the black Americans flocked back to Ghana, Liberia and many other parts to reclaim their roots. President Obama traced his Irish roots and was given a heroes welcome. Present King of the Zulu in Durban has been in Zambia several times during the Cwala ceremonies claiming they are one but when it comes to prove it he chases them away (By the way, one of the wives is from Swaziland). Shame!

  12. Today these foreign owned mines prefer to hire Boers at the expense of our local graduates who are arrested for picketing for jobs.

    If you think I’m lying, try booking SAA flight from Ndola to Joburg or on Sunday Joburg-to-Ndola. Its fully booked by Boers going for the weekend from Lumwana, Kansanshi mines etc. whilst our graduates stroll the streets.

    Our industries collapsed because of our resistance to Apartheid & Kaunda’s one party state of emergency.

    Even Zimbabweans were Xenophobic just after independence. Today they are the laughing stock of SADC. Even the South African economy will fall in our lifetime Mr.Zuma.

    • I totally agree: and this problem can be solved by Ministry of Labour officials who issue work permits. The permanent secretary, the minister, and other officials need to be retired in the national interest of Zambia. Ba kolwe are sleeping on duty.

    • was once on 06 30 flight from Johannesburg to Lusaka. On that particular flight there were only 2 Zambians, the rest of the passengers were either white or Chinese. I have often wondered why so many Zambian business people flock to South Africa to buy Chinese products sold by Chinese people. Would it not be cheaper for Zambian business people to buy directly from China?

  13. What Zuma is saying does not make sense when you come to think about what we Zambians went through before they gained their Independence. The Bombing of ANC Offices here in Zambia, we were keeping South African Refugees (as of 2008 there were still some South Africans in Meheba), some of these leaders had even rights to go into State House for protection, a thing they would never do. Are we not keeping South Africans in Zambia, are there no South Africans in other AFrican Countries ? Which country does not have a South African National ? WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THESE COUNTRIES Leaving their Heaven On Earth. NO NATION IS AN ISLAND!

  14. South Africa, is a country of gatekeepers, house-maids, and muzungu boot lickers and JUST want to keep it that way!!

  15. What is needed is orderly migration like European people have done to the Euro zone. Just for interest sake, many countries don’t do “odd” jobs any more and they have existed purely on migrate workers. Nursing in UK is done by foreigners, fruit picking, taxi drivers and hotel industry in USA are done by foreigners, In Dubai nearly all metro buses, ship workers and the hotel industry is done by foreigners. In South Africa itself, saloons, barbar shops, internet cafes and spaza shops services are provided by foreigners. It is hard to imagine how these services will be provided without foreigners. In Zambia, Burundi nationals and Somalians own most shops, Mines by South Africans, Europeans, Indians, Chinese and other nationals. Do we have problems in India, China and South Africa Mr Zuma?

  16. Well somebody has to remind Zuma that there are many SA citizens living away from home. This is not the right time to play hide and seek when lives are being lost. His statement can trigger more attacks on the foreigners and soon we hear he was misunderstood. We have all these organisations such as SADC and AU that SA belongs to, does Zuma understand the purpose of these organisations or he would rather SA becomes isolated? The problem in SA is not the foreigners but the govt and its leadership which has failed to alleviate the lives of many sufferers. But as usual they want to put the blame on an innocent hard working foreigner for their poverty. Zuma must simply man up or resign for failing the country instead of the blame game!

  17. I do not believe such comments are coming from Jacob Zuma the president of South Africa who is supposed to be humane and cognisant of the efforts the same countries he is condemning put in during the struggle for freedom during the apartheid regime. Can he also ask himself what many of his citizens are doing in other countries. There is no country in the world where you will never find foreign immigrants. South Africans are all over the world and if we were to treat them the way they are doing in South Africa how would he feel. Zambia for example hosted many of their leaders today during apartheid and some innocent zambians even lost their lives when their oppressors came into our country to try and kill them. Shame.

  18. Did Zuma stop to think why Zambia and other neighbors was clogged with South Africans during the liberation struggle. Did it not occur to him that just less than 200 years ago, some foolish Zulu King chased his brothers to southern Africa. Why are there so many South African companies in Zambia? What a foolish remark from a foolish President.

  19. Isn’t Zuma a man enough to repatriate these immigrants in a humane manner? Does it imply that you can’t find a South African immigrant in a foreign country? African presidents should improve their economies to sustain their citizens within their borders as this wake up call by Zuma needs to be taken seriously. Tyrant Mugabe, for instance, should be cautious of his country’s hyperinflation that has forced 1 million people to move to SA where its now apparent that even the govt of that country is ready to repatriate them by force.

  20. He is being frank, but this is not entirely true. Other countries also bear the brunt of the migration because of political instability. Being in the country illegally is not a justification for inhumane killing. Maybe south Africa should educate their black citizens so they can create or apply better paying employment. Because I don’t see companies hiring highly skilled illegal immigrants.

  21. Stupid Zuma. No one asked South Africans why they were not in their own country during the times of their hardship. He should ask himself and his pipo why they are attacking people who have worked hard to start businesses. They are not attacking pipo who are stealing jobs. They are attacking hardworking people with initiative.
    Zimbabwe was once as pompous as South Africa. Look at them today. Careful Zuma…you may be a citizen today and a refugee tomoro.

  22. Zambians, just start to seriously develop your country and stop talking about what sacrifices made during the liberation of the RSA, that belongs to history. Zambian leaders have no shame and don’t even care as long as they have easy access to government resources to do whatever they wish and go wherever they want for treatment.
    Why is it that Botswana, a desert with population of only 2 million has thousands of Zambians and not a single Motswana in Zambia?
    Every country must develop their own country for the benefit of the people and there is dignity in that.

    • My brother u are right.

      Botswana is an inspiration to all Africa. We can indeed learn from them. Funny, I have never met a guy from Bots who has come from Bots to Zambia to improve his life. But there are many Zambians in Bots.

      A good point

  23. This is not a hoax story. It is true. JZ said all these stuff. JZ is walking on tight rope. On one hand is trying to impress South Africans, on another he is trying to manage African diplomatic ties.

    Yesterday, the Army and police were raiding mostly immigrant populated areas in Joburg, just to impress the locals. It will be interesting to see if the arrested immigrants will be deported under the current circumstances. One thing I can guarrantee you is that NO Nigerians will be deported illegal or not. Simply bcoz Nigerian don’t take shiit

    At the same time JZ has sent his ministers to african countries to try and manage the ‘damage’.

    • You and your drug trafficking Nigerians. That is a failed narco state. Nigeria is Africa’s biggest crude oil producer but it imports refined oil products 55 years after independence. No refineries!

      Nigeria has failed to deal with Boko Haram. Guess who they brought in to deal with it? The small nation of Chad and South African mercenaries. And this is the country that can make South Africa quack? In your dreams….

  24. it is high time we developed our own country than going to South Africa. Zuma has half truth. what is happening in South Africa will happen in Zambia if the foreigners continue to have a monopoly in regards to owning shops and other businesses. Don’t just condemn Zuma. we need to be telling PF that we are tired with their paga culture and corruption and dirty city culture with street vending which is driving people away from Zambia.

  25. I think we are simplifying the argument by not being systemic. First off the level of analysis for most South Africans is extremely basic, that is why their responses are also very low level. Second the engine of growth, though still firmly minority-based, has not suffered mediocrity like wanton (please note WANTON) Zambianization that pervaded our once promising economy. Thirdly, we seem to forget that whilst we released our productive sector (including the skies) to foreign domination, we became a huge supermarket that could not accommodate our enthusiastic graduate profiles. There are many pointers to this problem chief of which finally rests foot of stagnant, mediocre, and unchanged leadership STYLES and approaches. We still have car sticker laws (ZMW54.00) when no car lacks these!!

  26. I think president Zuma has spoken at a wrong time. He is indirectly justifying those attacks. If I were him, I would simply condemed the attacks and the barbarism exibited by the attackers. Then he could have discussed the real issues with other leaders during the SADC meeting.

    Zambia is currently hosting Congolese, Malawians, Nigerians, Zimbabweans, Angolans Somalians, etc. It would be very wrong and childish for the Zambian president to hold a meeting and say what Zuma is saying. The best the Zambian government can do would be to let the Home Affairs and Immigration departments handle the issue. The immigration officers can determine who is legal or illegal, etc.

    I love Zambians because we are very accommodating. What Zuma said can easily be misunderstood by some.

    • I think thats what caused these xenophobia attacks in the first place. Its wrong for a leader to speak like that to the public. As Zambians, let us embrace everyone as we have always done.

      If there are any immigrants in Zambia that are there illegaly or misbehaving, then let the police, immigration officers, home Affairs and other security wings deal with that, and not the ordinary people.

    • Zambia is hosting no less than 1 million Malawians. It is just that they speak a Zambian language and have silently intermarried.

  27. All countries almost have refugees but South African like America has many foregners that they must accept that those guys are now South African. These freigners go to SA on their own mostly through elligal means. While we make our countries habitable for our citizens SA must remain habitable for those that have sought refuge there. How could they kill those seeking their protection. This problem will eventually affect Southern Africa if not dealt with from the roots. Lets consider Zuma’s views and correct them while correcting our situations too. This issue of ignoring root causes of migration will result in transfer of the problem not solutions



  30. Besides the point. Zuma, wasn’t it the humanity of black South Africans that made them fight inhumane apartheid domination? How come Zuma is now blaming the effects of apartheid on xenophobic trends of South Africans?

    Zuma, you must remember that when you mushroomed African and other countries during the struggle for the liberation of your South Africa, we loved you, we protected you, we cared for you, we respected you and impoverished ourselves to the point of losing our own citizens just to keep you in a safety.

    Some of our economies are poor because we lavished our wealth on you and for your freedom. I guess most of your xenophobia footmen are too myopic and ignorant to comprehend simple facts.

    Deploying the military to man immigration stations is a sign of a failed state.

  31. If this story by LT is true, then this is Animal Farm by George Orwell reloaded. Pure and simple. This shows RSA has mentally not come out the shackles of apartheid. Its just been a change of guards. What Zuma can’t grasp is that apartheid of whatever form is not the answer. Whether it is racial apartheid, spiritual apartheid, national apartheid, regional apartheid, apartheid is NOT a solution.
    This is now a paradigm shift on how RSA will be perceived, and there are consequences to RSA. Mandela must be turning in his grave.

  32. So racism is alive and well in South Africa. But we daren’t call it racism, dare we, so let’s call it ‘xenophobia’.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Limited intelligence and inbreeding pretty much covers the scope of these animals.

    Does this buffoon of a President (Zuma) think those South African’s that live in those horrible tin houses are capable of being Engineers, Doctors, Bankers or even shopkeepers? Similar problem happened few years ago because locals are too lazy to work and often jealous when foreigners set up business.

  33. Jacob Zuma is putting South Africans abroad at risk by his unstatemanship in looking at the xenophobic problem.

  34. It’s time they were told off, the incompetent, selfish and corrupt African leaders. They are not even ashamed to dash to RSA even for stupid diseases like flue. I hope Lungu and Mugabe are listening to Zuma. These two are the perfect example of how leaders shouldn’t be. Inherit a healthy economy and then ruthlessly set about destroying it until there’s nothing left for the citizens. I am glad Zuma has shelved diplomacy and called a spade. These clueless leaders have massively contributed to RSA’s problems by neglecting to develop their nations leaving their citizens with few options but to leave their poverty stricken homelands.

  35. …Zuma at times gets excited for nothing subsequently loses his mind and the ‘common sense’….he is pouring petrol on fire which was about to be extinguished….the timing of his ‘defence’/’blame’ speech is wrong…..is he blaming himself for south Africans who have migrated to USA, UK and other countries…??…globalisation is in play now…..different people have different reasons they migrate……but the host country is fully responsible for harbouring illegal immigrants….you cannot blame other countries for inadequacies in your own border patrols/controls, your immigration and security flaws….

    • So many South Africans have migrated to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA and to a lesser extent Zambia. Yes I met a couple who were selling their house because the husband had been offered a job as a bakery manager in Chipata. Could the reason of emigration of South Africans be the poor leadership of Jacob Zuma?

  36. From today onwards, i will BOYCOT going to PEP, Game Store, Shoprite, Stop watching DSTV, etc because i have a strong feeling my money is actually funding xenophobia

  37. No matter motives make people to leave their countries the hosts have not right to extinguish their lives. There are moderate ways of doing these without causing of life. South Africans stayed in Zambia during all the whole Apartheid error we never questioned them what brought them. Instead we tendered and care for them.

  38. Zuma keeps disappointing me each time he opens his mouth. Surely, at this level (of being a president), he must understand how the world works and realize that the world is much smaller and mobility is overall good for the world citizenry for all the reasons that you can front. There is more good done to south Africa by the foreigners living there and the trade with foreign nations that south Africa engages in. He should watch the movie “a day without a Mexican” that contextualizes belligerent regimes that think they can do it alone with their people only. That thinking is so 14th century. Didn’t he live in foreign lands himself for the greater part of his life under apartheid? what a way to say thank you to the foreign nations that housed him and his family during those years.

  39. Mr President you’re right,South Africa is not the answer to Africa’s problems!,Talk to these SELF centered leaders of Africa to think like Humans

  40. If President Zuma said what is attributed to him above, then he is very very ‘sorry’. This is the same man who blames current energy deficit in SA on the apartheid administration which lost power 21 years ago. Let us, for convenience, forget that his comrades and their families, actually including himself sought refuge in other African countries, running away from the mulungus (whites). Some of them even ran to America and other mulungu countries running away from a mulungu in their ‘own’ beloved SA. Does Zuma think that all SA blacks that ran away from the mulungus are back in SA? NO! Other African countries have more SA nationals in their countries than their nationals in SA. This is a fact. Zuma is so ‘sorry’.

  41. I think its about time I pack my bags and go back home…Zambia….this is it!
    Am done with these foreign countries….finito…let me go and hustle in my home country

    • Good move. Its not far fetched that South Africa will be like Zimbabwe not long from now. Already, big SA companies are flocking to Zambia to invest because the SA economy is struggling to even grow by 2%. Now they are chasing even qualified foreign nationals who contribute so much to the economy.

      Zimbabweans were as proud as South Africans are. We are now keeping hudreds of thousands, if not millions of Zimbabweans, includding illegal ones. We have embraced them though they used to look down on us. Tables are turning, Zambian economic growth has been very consistent with plenty of business activities. In fact, South African companies need Zambia and not the other way round.

      After the black people, they will turn on Indians and white people. They wont change.

  42. Our industries have collapsed becoz of cheap imports from RSA. At some time, we used to manufacture everything from Soap, Washing Paste, Breakfast cereal, fizzy drinks, clothing, shoes, paper, pens, radios, TVs, Cars. Now everything is “Made in South Africa”

    Our local supermarkets/shops/Fast-foods like Melissa Supermarket, RJ Patel are closed/struggling because they can’t compete with Shoprite, PicknPay which stock products made in RSA, providing jobs to Xenophobic South Africans.

    Zesco is exporting electricity to RSA at a cheaper rate than Zambians & even load-shedding our homes because of a 10-year agreement.

    Zuma is right. Each one for themselves from now onwards. We’ve bended backwards for these Backward People.

    • “We” did not manufacture ANYTHING.

      Even those toothpaste drinks and everything else made in Zambia even in those days were owned by whites or Indians or other foreigners. “We” did not manufacture anything then and we do not manufacture anything now.

      Whichever item you still think is still being made by us in Zambia, go to their factory and check if it’s “we”

    • Khikiki… You two and your impersonators are mistaken…the real watchdog has never hailed in that country…goodluck….you made my day!!

    • You guys, life is life…you don’t support a neighbor so that you can go and stay at his home, just because you support him when he was needy…you duty is to support when necessary, without expecting anything in return..’Lord, help us to give without counting the cost’ or to want anything UN return…St Ignatius of Loyola, a Jesuit Order Founder, once prayed…Catholics are familiar with this prayer

  43. I did not expect better from zuma. He does not have any global perspective. A grade 8 school drop out person reasons like Jakob Zuma.

  44. I remember sharing a bed with a South African comrade at school, I shared with him whatever little I had, including writing his assignments. He was such a nice fellow. Now I can’t go and visit him because my country is not doing as good as his. I can’t believe this is coming from the head of state.

  45. Mbeki was our neighbour in Chingola Nchanga North on Tsopano Street. Why was he in Zambia and not his country SA. Phoolish question coming from a murderous president.

    • Hello neighbour, thanks for this info. We were in the same area down in Misozi Street – former Mwaimwena Crescent on the way to Muzabwela!

      Coming to Zuma’s question, right as it may sound, it should be addressed to his fellow leaders and thrashed out among themselves. In this day and age, there is no country that has indigenous people only.

    • Because you “invited” him to Zambia ???

      Did he invite you to South Africa as an illegal border jumper or have you “invited” yourself ?

      There in NO DUTY on items made in South Africa being dumped in Zambia. When we put this law on our own free will, have we not invited Shoprite ? Have we no shame walking into Manda Hill with our trolleys buying South African potatoes, even charcoal in bags, bottled water. When KK banned imported coca cola we threw him out, and we became street vendors selling other peoples salaula. This is what we wanted.

      We couldn’t run Niec, OK , Mwaiseni stores. So let’s be civil, put our pride in our pocket, and queue up nicely at Pick n Pay

  46. Meanwhile, in the just published findings by Bloomberg, RSA is the second most stressful country on the planet to live in, after Nigeria

  47. I am happy that the shameless self-centred leaders now know that Zuma thinks they are mostly to blame for xenophobia. This is so correct. If all your children abandoned you due to your inability to provide for them and went to stay with the neighbors wouldn’t you share the blame if your children are mistreated for congesting another hard working man’s home? Truth be faced squarely, had there been opportunities at home few would leave their comfortable and familiar environment to go and scrounge for jobs in hostile territories like RSA. Guy Scott told South Africans they were backward, it’s now time for Zuma also to shelve diplomacy aside and tell these leaders to their faces that they are even more fo0lish not to develop their respective banana republics. That’s telling them!

  48. In this xenophobic problem, Jacob Zuma is the problem with his Zulu Chief…those people were inspired by the leadership xenophobic comments…the average South African is not xenophobic UN the absence of inspiration…just like an everage Zambian is not tribal in the absence of tribalism inspiration….tribalism is introduced to the average Zambian man by leaders’ remarks and behaviors..!!

  49. 1. I thought xenophobic attacks were directed at foreign shop owners (killed and shops looted). So how have refugees taken jobs of south africans?
    2. Not every foreigner in South Africa comes from a very poor country.
    3. Zuma should know that there are numerous south Africans who have gone to other poor African countries and set up south african businesses and that is how they are surviving.

  50. Let Zambians loot all South Africa owned shops in Zambia. The shops belong to South African refugees.

    Why didn’t they set up the shops in their own country?

    When I see Somalians do concrete bricks, I become xenophobic.
    I was almost getting married and foreigner took my would be wife. I feel xenophobic about it.
    I wanted to do pork, but a chinaman is doing the same. I feel xenophobic about it.

    Zuma could not have said this at a beter time. Viva Zuma.

  51. The major problem in South Africa is the corruption that has pervaded the country. How does the presidency justify spending R 250 000 000.00 of tax payers money carrying out improvements to his personal home? It would be easy to flush out illegal immigrants through raids and police road blocks. Sadly due to corruption in the police force, 90% of illegal immigrants arrested end up finding their way back on the streets through bribery. Take a walk through any Chinese mall, 95% of employees are either from Malawi or Zambia. The majority of these employees are illegal immigrants. Don’t we have inspectors in the ministry of Home Affairs to carry out raids on these malls and factories? Wait a minute, the Chinese shop owner will give “something” for “cool drink” to the inspector.

  52. I also hope this is a wake up call for African leaders to develop a little sense of pride in their nations and really focus on development. If they have no clue how to go about this, which is the case in Zambia and Zimbabwe, they must at least be honest and humble enough to let go of power and ask capable leaders to take over. Most of the highly learned Africans live in the diaspora busy developing already developed economies. To be insulted by a fellow leader, this is embarrassing but so correct, I mean if I were Lungu or Mugabe I would cancel all trips to South Africa’s fancy hospitals and do a real job of work to improve the situation at home. This insult should be the catalyst to begin serious development and help stem the tide of migration to the south. Good job Zuma.

  53. That is a problem when you have a political cadre for a president. Zuma does not foresee that once the SADC region industrialises as is going to happen, Zuma and goons will have no market to export to! In the mid 1980s Zimbabweans laughed at Zambians, now see who s laughing! SADC leaders impose sanctions on SA goods or simply demand more duty, then Zuma will realise that gloablisation is much more than a Zulu village. You will be surprised to learn that only 86% of South Africans have passports, in addition of the 86%, 78% are whites. Of the 10%, 50% are women married to foreigners. Among the Zulus men, only a few ANC cadres and those who work for International organisations hold valid passports. Now you know why they think the world revolves around a Zulu kingdom!

    • Mwaona manje imwe ma economic refugees who think anything not Zambian is superior? Come back home and develop your own country. You busy criticizing your country behind your computers. Bamitani remind manje.

    • Grow up u moron.

      Instead of slamming Zuma you go slam our own Government that allows S Africa to send duty free goods to Zambia. Why don’t u bark where the baring is due ? Give up Castle Lager and mosi. Give up Shake shake. That’s all South African owned. Enjoy your home brew.

      86% S Africans have passports ? That means every black South African has a passport ?

      Half black South African women married to foreigners ? So where does that leave half the male black population. Gay ?


  54. I can’t stand ignorant p*r*i*c*k*s like this one. No idea what he’s talking about yet proceeds to open his trap. Obviously he has no idea the benefits of people living and working abroad such as contributions towards and economy. Volunteers help in raising awareness and help communities such as Doctor’s without Boarders. Someone take over and tell this fool game over. Pretty simple!

  55. Wapya munzi….Mwiponta mukabwela…..guys let’s all just go back home to Zambia…Mushota..Saulosi……wantanshi…Nzelu…Nine Chale…let’s go home guys..mwine munzi let’s go

    • We better go home. Stop sticking to and envying other people’s economy. Go home. Don’t justify your presence there.

  56. Jacob Zuma is still living in the 16 th Century – He belongs to Errol Flyn & the dinosaul. Why are other countries’ citizens in South Africa? Why are there South Africans living in other countries? The world is a global village! Anybody can stay anywhere they want as long as they get there leagally

  57. Mwaona manje imwe ma economic refugees who think anything not Zambian is superior? Come back home and develop your own country. You busy criticizing your country behind your computers. Bamitani remind manje.

    • @Dorika
      Am busy packing my katundu….am coming home soon….nanaka..nalema kutukwaniwa. .i can’t take it anymore

  58. There are many chinese, Nigerians, Fillipinos, etc nationals in USA, Zambia, etc. Nobody has ever asked why they live there. And no xenophobic violence has ever occured in the said countries.The word is a global village now. You can live anywhere you want as long as you are rhere leagally

  59. I had objected Zuma’s presidency from the word go. His controversial “act and wash” aids saga did not go well with my understanding. His ‘womanising’ character further culminated my doubts. Such a leader cannot stand by principle and true to my words, he is torn between standing by law and pleasing his citizens. He is therefore not a leader worth trusting.

  60. “The South African” is a UK based newspaper that boasts an 80,000 readership in the UK and throughout Europe. The 80,000 is said to be the number of South Africans who read this newspaper and living in Europe. It’s not the total number of South Africans in Europe. South Africans are all over the globe. Polygamous Zuma will do well to remember that bit of info.

    • @ 64 Nyau

      My friend, that is all a drop in an ocean when compared to the number of Zimbabweans living in S. Africa. Ironically, for the length of time that Ian Smith ruled Rhodesia, even with all the sanctions that were piled upon that country, Rhodesians still lived decently within the boundaries of their beautiful country. Now, under the leadership of a black man, Zimbabwe is a mere shadow of its former glory. The overburden on the S. African economy is too glaring to be ignored. Trying to undo the effects of apartheid alone is an overwhelming challenge for S. Africa. I am inclined to believe that, Zimbabwe, more than anything else, is S. Africa’s biggest problem.

  61. Totally unbelievable that Zuma has such a shallow mind. Thousands of South Africans have fanned out and running businesses all over Africa. Some are subject experts and others are ordinary workers. They do it for the same reason – ie to better themselves or expand their businesses. It is amazing he does grasp that. He needs to pay back the millions used to upgrade his house illegally (swimming pools and other non essential facilities) to help the poor who are blaming foreigners for their own poverty.
    This is the guy who gets a young woman pregnant and quickly marries her and uses the excuse – traditional to marry several wives. Getting someone pregnant is not a Zulu tradition. But that was his excuse. Totally STUPID EXCUSE.

  62. JACOB ZUMA, why was your black ass hiding in Mozambique during the years of Apartheid instead of being in your own country South Africa? If you answer that question we will answer yours.

  63. Its a matter of contentiousness and making your own greener pastures, the act was bad but the excuse is genuine. Thanks

  64. A few considerations.

    Undoubtedly Zambia has done more than its fair share to give shelter to refugees fleeing instability in their home countries. BUT we put them at Maheba and Mayukwayukwa refugee camp. They were not allowed to walk down Cairo road seeking employment or competing with our street vendors. 2.5m Zimbos, 0,5m malawis, 1m mozambicans. All unskilled all competing with unskilled SAfricans. Yes South Africa is a huge economic powerhouse. But that’s WHITE SAfrica. For the compounds in Khayelitsha or Guguletu are not much better than John Laing. It’s tough. Black SAfricans are battling too. Influxes of millions of African migrants causes hostility when everyone competes for the same limited employment.

  65. Zuma no wisdom at all.Its like he was justifying xnophobia thats its okay for his people attacking foreigners as they diserve it for flocking to south Africa.I couldnt believe a leader can talk like that at a public rally with his nationals applauding.God hates any nation that illtreats foreigners.Look at Zimbambwe they hated foreigners now they are the majority of fereigners in south Africa.Poverty will soon visit you if you do not repent for murdering people who sought refuge in your nation.Remember the widows and orphans of people Zuma and Zwelitin mudered are crying to their God.REPENT OR THE WORSE WILL FALL ON YOU ZUMA AND ZWELITIN BECUASE YOU INSITIGATE XNOPHOBIA.

  66. No doubt. Zumba, mbeki, tambo, even maharaj were all resident in Zambia.

    The difference is they were INVITED.

    The African migrants to SAfrica cross the Limpopo river at night. They cross through the Kruger National Park. They are NOT invited guests. They are there against the Will and in contravention of immigration laws.

    Come on guys. How do you equate illegal border jumping to KK encouraging and inviting the ANC from staying in Zambia.

    Bring 3m Congolese across the border standing in front of KCM or Lumwana saying they will work for K500 per month. The mines fire their legal Zambian workers and hire all the Congolese. Minimum wages, Shamenda, etc don’t apply. Big business loves the migrants. Cheap labour, no protection. Black SAfricans hate them !!

  67. If HE Zuma is complaining about how his other African colleagues are looking after their own people does not hold water. Due to the mismanagement of the south African economy by the black leadership there has been an influx of white South Africans leaving south Africa for other African countries. There are more than 14 000 South African white farmers farming in Zambia,some have vowed never to go back to that country. Something needs to be done as South Africa is going down
    because most of the money is in the hands of the white people. Let them learn from Zimbabwe if all whites go they will just remain with buildings which they will not maintain.

  68. Typical African thinking instead of blaming the real cause of the problem which is African leaders like Mugabe who has between 3 to 5 million of his citizens in South Africa we want to remain quiet and blame Zuma. By the way ths numbet of Zambians in South Africa is very minimal compared to Zimbabwe, Nigeria, DRC. We have a working President in Edgar Chagwa Lungu

  69. The intellectual capacity of some of you Zambians is too low to say the least. Man has always desired a safer and better life from time immemorial. The Jews migrated into in Egypt. The Irish and other Britons ended up in America. The South Africans are spread all over the world. Migrants are still dying on the high seas in search of a better life. The list is endless to a well read person. Illegal immigrants are all over the world including Zambia. Immigrants by their circumstances tend to have a serious and dependable work culture loved by employers compared to the laid back mentality of locals. As a result they prosper socially and economically and this becomes the source of hatred. Zuma is saying sorry and at the same BUT. Just as dull as his locals. Man is historically a migrant.

  70. That man needs a brick on his head. Or two bricks maybe…..
    Zuma is the problem. All he does is work for white SA. Agree with a Western countries over poorly paid SAs in mines.

    Julius Malema should step up and re-educate the blacks so they see that the lack of jobs is due to a ‘yes sir boss’….president.

  71. Never never again will we Zambians bitch about Chinese roasting mealies in their pata pata on our streets. Never will we call them Infestors. from today, we will invite and embrace them in their millions to be economic migrants. Welcome. Stay with us. Inter-marry with us. Share your language and food with us. Ship your profits back to China using our sweat, our land, our labour. You may come without papers, all staying illegally in our compounds. We will not discriminate against you in any way. Sell your chickens in competition to us at Soweto market. Wipe out our useless tantembas. Flood us with cheap Chinese goods and obliterate our industry. We won’t complain, never !!

    Aha….. Maybe there is a bit of xenophobia in all of us. Lol

  72. For those of you who don’t understand English. This is what Zuma is saying:

    Develop your own countries so your people don’t have to run elsewhere to earn a living.

    Support your “proudly zambian” goods campaigns. Don’t give work permits to shopkeepers like Game stores, woolworths, pick n pay, Shoprite, food lovers, mugg and bean, milky lane, nandos, truworths, foschini, jet, . Eat your own bananas. Stop buying imported mango.

    Every single South African company operating here is WHITE owned. Tiger feeds, zambia Breweries, maxi priest, trentyre, you name it.

    Like It says on the old cement bags : build Zambia. Buy zambian. Stop being ashamed. The boers saying is ; local is lekker !!!! If your goods aren’t good enough, catch a wake up !!

    • @ 75 Apathy

      Aptly observed. Each country has a moral obligation to look after and care for its citizens. Zimbabwe alone has more than three million of its citizens living in S. Africa. That is too much of a burden to impose on another country.

  73. I’ll timed statement from the head of state ! No wonder Nigeria has reacted in the manner it has ! Nigerian does not care about SA as it is also one economic power house. This womanizer head of state has lost it. We still have thousands of South Africans in Zambia, must we resort to beating them than using legal means to chase them? very stupiid president zuma

    • This is timely advice from Zuma to the many useless African rulers – Look after your citizens and not just after pockets. A bunch of shameless clowns. Are the South Africans you are referring to in Zambia legally or illegally? If the latter is the case what is the immigration department waiting for? I doubt that there is a sane South African who can move to Zambia to live in that valley of dry bones illegally.

  74. yes i agree what ZUMA has said ( african countries should take care of its citizens….) but the same ZUMA was mastermind of rigging election in congo DR by continuing sending ballots papers to allow joseph kabila to stick into power because he has economic profit in congo kinshasa .congolese people did not vote for joseph kabila and ZUMA knows it . kabila government does not do anything to improve people s life that why congolese are fleeing everyday their country to SA .
    ZUMA leave congo DR alone to have a responsible government which can take of its people
    remember in 1960 they was not congolese in SA and congo was powerful country a lot of people from southern Africa used to come to seek medical attention and jobs in the mining


  76. African countries must put their countries in order. It is unfair to expect South Africa to host millions of riff raff from all over Africa when the country is also overburdened with the problem of high unemployment among its citizens. Zimbabwe alone has off-loaded over 3 million of its citizens on South Africa. In the end the streets of South Africa will look like Lusaka streets which have sh1t everywhere because they have been taken over by street vendors.
    The African mentality of becoming a burden to someone just because you helped educate him/her is very wrong. Xenophobia will never end in South Africa as long as thousands of economic refugees from all over Africa continue to trek there. Some of the so called African economic power houses are nothing but dens of corruption and…

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