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UPND should quit hallucinating about lifting of President’s Immunity-PF

Columns UPND should quit hallucinating about lifting of President’s Immunity-PF

resident Edgar Lungu in Livingstone
resident Edgar Lungu in Livingstone


Lusaka, Zambia, 29th April, 2015 – We wish to advise the United Party for National Development (UPND) to concentrate on piercing the veil of tribalism under which the Mr. Hakainde Hichilema leadership is entrenched than hallucinate about lifting His Excellency President Edgar Lungu’s immunity.

Zambians know that President Lungu is on the side of the law with the actions he has taken as President and secondly, UPND must wake up to reality and accept that its place remains in the Opposition.

Zambians, including youths of this country, know that UPND is a tribally poisoned chalice which is full of tribal closets which that Zambians have continued to find distasteful as evidenced by four straight electoral defeats he has suffered, while a fifth one awaits Mr. Hichilema in 2016.

It is also incomprehensible that the UPND Deputy Spokesperson Mr. Edwin Lifwekelo can have the morality to justify his leader’s misconduct at the Heroes Stadium, which Zambians have attributed to Mr. Hichilema’s self-centred and haughty personality.

It does not need to be a matter for the constitution to recognize a constitutionally established office such as the Presidency, it just takes simple good manners and decent upbringing, especially for a person who espouses to the elder of a respectable Church. It is common knowledge that Mr. Hichilema is an elder of the SDA church and his behaviour fell far below what is desired of Church leaders.

What type of church elder is Mr. Hichilema that he can display such despicable levels of contempt, hate and bitterness in the house of God when the respectable leaders of the SDA Church took time to interact with the Republican President?

It is unacceptable for an elder of the Church should not take his pride, personal ego and insecurities into the assembly of the saints. Even if Mr. Hichilema did not want to recognize the President of Zambia as a politician, he should have done so from the point of view as an elder. We therefore call on him to walk the talk of Christianity, which is humility, love, peace and respect for those in authority.

While common sense may not be common with everyone, we still wonder why Mr. Hichilema could not use the same common sense applied by FDD leader Ms. Edith Nawakwi and former Firstlady Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa.

Lastly, it is also irresponsible to accuse the PF leadership of having dressed a stray dog in a UPND attire. It is sad therefore that such an incident which UPND claims to have happened over three (3) months ago was responsible for Mr. Hichilema’s sulking during an important church event.

It is sad that Mr. Lifwekelo seeks to hide his leader’s misconduct in a dog allegedly dressed in UPND regalia. Zambians know that the PF leadership views the Opposition is an important partner in development which must focus on raising substantive issues and not divisive peripheral issues.

Sunday Chilufya Chanda
Vice Chairperson
PF Media and Publicity Committee


  1. What a load of hogwash! LT this should not be news. There are more important things to inform us about than this childish, almost rabid ranting!

    • It’s stupid and ldiotic for Sunday Chanda and the PF to expect cadre protocol to extend to a Christian organisation like the SDA, especially at their function. HH is not looking for a job from Lungu for him to be out looking for him at his (HH’s) function. The President of the SDA at Heroes Stadium was the most respected man at that church function. It was not a PF rally for them to ask everybody to greet their leader. lmbeciles!

    • “Blocking of websites and bullying users is retrogresive”-Panos. This is todays headline on ZWD. I feel this is hypocrisy at its highest level shown by zwd.they are the ones who block people with divergent views.you can criticize Post,Zambia Reports or LT but you will never be blocked.even this post can’t stand a second on their site.

    • Ala ba Pf nimbwa ishi zoona.why allowing a small boy to write rubbish wic I believe the whole lot of pf go through this rubbish before its even posted.wat is Sunday chanayebo telling us here n how is tribalism coming into this.this is just a stupid post from a stupid party n written n n authorised by a stupid individual.Pf you can do better than this.Sunday chanda remember were your good friend George Chella is today.dont say we never warned you boy.the horse you riding on is too high boy.you are going to fall.

  2. It is in public domain those who talk about tribal do so just to shield themselves from their character involvement . Let us bring real issues of levels of hardships other than diverting and corrupting citizens on petty issues for political gain. Improve the economy everyone shall be happy with your leadership.

  3. Too much. An eye for an eye will make Zambia a blind nation. Who will advise these f00ls to distinguish news from nonsense?

  4. Sunday Chanda again. God is no respector of persons regardless of their status in society. You can do your politics everywhere but nor in Church. You need to place your priorities straight, we don’t go to church to recognise someone or be recognised but to meet our heavenly father. Recognised or not is not an issue, an issue must be has my heavenly father recoignised my presence in His house

  5. I just love the way Sunday Chanda unsettles the UPND. They have been responding for 3 days to his one statement. When they insult President Lungu, they enjoy it but when Sunday Chanda goes for HH, he touches their raw nerve….hehehehehe

  6. But why does UPND want Zambians to forget that Hakainde was politically birthed on a tribal cradle? After Mazoka died, Sakwiba Sikota among others was forced out of UPND because they said “Only a Tonga should succeed Mazoka” and that is Hakainde’s history. Only stu.pid I’d.iots run away from their history. HAKAINDE is a product of tribalism and that will remain a historic fact which Zambians will never forget!

  7. “HH was depicted in the form of a dog dressed in his party’s ligalia”. Zambians you have advanced now. So HH is like a barking dog? Its now simplified fo me. I like it!

    • Unfortunately the dog has refused to bow to your master. Does that mean he is more independent dog than you?
      At least he is free to bark instead of licking master back-side.

  8. Mudala Sunday, bauze!!!! HH is scared and ashamed of his political history….kikikikikikiki! Yabija makani!!! Kazizi ni Kazizi and a tribalists is a tribalist.

  9. If HH cannot condemn and face his ugly past, his own political genesis, then he remains a whimp. Let him come out of the closet and face this issue other than wishing it’ll just go away as Zambians easily forget…not everyone forgets baba!

  10. Sunday Chanda MUSA TANYOKO!!! There a lot of other good issues you can comment about than concentrating on HH.

    Why are you silent on Mulongoti who said that Vodka has misplaced priorities.

    Why are you silent on Eric Chanda who said that Vodka should be stopped now

    Why are you silent on Kabimba who said that God did not give us a Kapotolo, chakolwa, drunkard president.

    HH calmed himself down at Heroes. He did not disturb anyone. Had he said anything that would have been a problem.


  11. So chanda you are part of these thieves. Why are you scared to have your president’s immunity to be removed? Muya kucibona bamakaka. Talking about tribalism, I think bembas are the most tribalists.

  12. The more people like Sunday use the term tribe the more they infuriate people. UPND is a Zambian party with over 700000 followers as at last elections that you are labelling tribal.President Lungu cage Sunday & ban the term tribal. Fire does not select what it burns. Nobody choses to be born in any race, language or gender. SA xenophobia or Rwanda genocide is a product of characters like Sunday.
    Sunday, just like HH ,are a member of the larger community of Zambians. You don’t represent us so stop including all of us in your warped opinions.

  13. The more people like Sunday use the term tribe the more they infuriate people. UPND is a Zambian party with over 700000 Zambian followers as at last elections that you are labelling tribal.President Lungu cage Sunday & ban the term tribal. Fire does not select what it burns. Nobody choses to be born in any race, language or gender. SA xenophobia or Rwanda genocide is a product of characters like Sunday.
    Sunday, just like HH ,are a member of the larger community of Zambians. You don’t represent us so stop including all of us in your warped opinions.

  14. Hahaha, PF will use the tribal card again. I see. I think UPND had drawn support from a diverse group of politician last election. Despite that they of course remain tribal. Tribe is tool pf will use against UPND and it’s an effective one. Politicians esp. In PF are really afraid of someone who is not an offspring of unip or MMD, so UPND will be branded tribal at the expense of real political debate. RB is having a good time because he funded Lungu.I don’t think UPND would be that grateful.

  15. HH is UPND president because they said only a Tonga must lead after Mazoka. Even today, a non-tonga can never be UPND president. In PF, Sata was Bemba and Lungu is Senga. Finshi muletalika ba UPND?????

  16. Shouldn’t UPND be worrying how they will get the numbers in parliament to lift HEEL’s immunity? Not that he cares but I don’t see how they can be counting their chickens blah, blah, blah

    • Wish I had an opportunity to shoot this tribal chimbwi, y hate sensible n great men like hh iwe mwana wagalu wewo …????????

  17. Sunday you are spot on. I like the way you ve come out and fired at these upnd under fives cadres. You have put them in their right position.
    SDA must be a backsliden church for failing to discipline their member who has gone off track . Why should one failed member of a respectable church bring its name to shame all because of politics. SDA can you be serious on this matter. What I know about sda is that everyone is equal before the sight of God regardless of ones public status.

  18. Like it or not,the fact is UPND under tribal HH will never rule Zambia!!wait for 2016 general election’s results and you’ll all in UPND be shocked!!YES HH WILL WIN IN SOUTHERN,WESTERN, N/WESTERN AND 50% OR 60% VOTES FROM CENTRAL BUT THESE WONT BE ENOUGH AS MIGHTY PF WILL KOLOPA HH IN LUSAKA,CB,LUAPULA,NORTHERN,MUCHINGA,EASTERN AND 40% OF CENTRAL!!so 2016 will be 5th straight defeat for tribal HH and am sure his last!!!PF WILL 100% RETAIN POWER IN 2016!!!

  19. Zambians stop planting evil and satanic spirits against each other. Then how can we claim that we are better than Xenophobic South Africans? Plse restrain yourselves from such evil motive, intentions and thoughts we shall only increase chances of a day when we shall all burn each other.

    Matters of God should not be mixed with our politics, it will not make sense to anyone, more so God is looking for a repentant heart not angry and envious humans hungry for each other’s blood whichever side.

    • Iwe @ Just, before you can tell us anything, you first tell yo minions who are forever sowing seeds of hatred and division amongst tribes. You are always peddling hate and resentment against one tribe and you think we can take that whilst lying down, not at all.
      And when we hit back you cry genocide and start preaching. Check yourself first and stop you bitter hatred towards others you with a passion you hypocrite.

  20. Ba Chanda-shut up if yuo have nothing to say. You and your president have no direction. Just devolt your remaining energies to strategise how best to co opt remaining members of MMD

  21. Sondo is spot on very well. All Zambians know how HH was put as UPND president on tribal lines. This can not be denied coz it was on TV and radio and on buses and taxes. Let HH apologize to Zambians for the terrible misdeed of his cadres otherwise the tag will ever remain on HH-UPND as a tribal leader and party.

  22. Yes let HH come out clean. He should resign and be elected at a convention and distance himself from tri.bal sentiments uttered by Munkombwe and others. This is the only way the tri..bal tug will be erased from the UPnDN party. Otherwise its common knowledge that UPnDN party is a tri.bal party. And even going by the hate against some tri.bes spewed on this site by members of the tri.bal party, its unbelievable. All these are signs of hatred and inability to embrace others of diverse language and outlook

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