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2 Chinese shot for criminal trespass, while hunting for owls

General News 2 Chinese shot for criminal trespass, while hunting for owls

A Chinese man and woman have been shot and wounded by police officers after they were allegedly found trespassing on a farm while armed in Lusaka’s Balmoral farming area.

The man and woman were rushed to the University Teaching Hopsital (UTH) where they have been admitted while two others who were in the same company during the shooting incident have been detained at Lusaka Central Police Station.

The four were trespassing on a farm hunting for owls while armed with a pistol and a short gun.

The incident happened on Wednesday around 22:00 hours. Lusaka Police commissioner Charity Katanga said the four Chinese, Yi Lei, 28, Liu Ping, 32, Liu Bing, 27, all male and Xi aol Luo, 25, a woman all of 28 B Sable road in Kabulonga would be charged for criminal trespass.

Ms Katanga said the owner of Kasavara farm in Balmoral area in Lusaka, Dirk Jan Muids, 63, of Dutch origin and his farm supervisor heard gun shots coming from the vehicle which was parked at his farm. The vehicle was also spotted on April 7 this year and gunshots were fired from the same vehicle.

Police officers and the owner of the farm went to the farm and noticed the vehicle moving from its initial spot into other parts of the farm. They waited until the vehicle drove back after which police officers stood and ordered the driver to stop. The driver did not obey and drove fast past the officers who then opened fire on the vehicle as the occupants of the car were armed.
The bullets went through the tyre and deflated them. The four bolted and police gave a chase and found the vehicle abandoned with two dead owls, wires, cutters and a torch.

The police used the torch to light the area and look for the vehicle occupants. One jumped off the fence while the other ran away, the two who were hiding were injured and called for help. The four were apprehended and police recovered a shot gun, a pistol, 28 rounds of ammunition for the pistol and 16 cartridges for the shot gun.

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    • Let them go- A chinese life is worth more than a Zambian one

      They bring investments- Zambians can breed more children if a life is lost



  1. I like Chinese food, it contains varieties. Echo-system after all we eat everything direct or indirect through echo-system. They could not stay hungry when the neighbour had delicacy. Teach them manners to learn to ask!!

    • @ Mervis

      Iweee they were armed!! If they don’t stop after the first warning you shoot. The police did a good job. Why do the Chinese hate wildlife so much kanshi!!!

  2. Nishni apart from dogs Chinese eat owls? yaba chabipa.. you can only hunt owls at night. Ututubantu twalibako strange.

  3. In a few year’s time, the Chinese mafia will give Zambians a headache since the Chinese population is growing and these people grow and buy houses close to each other. Mark my words. I prefer Chinese in terms of development than Indians but Chinese can be a danger if we don’t keep an eye on them.

  4. Please lets keep away from private property. Trespassing is bad. The law need to be strengthened to make sure people don’t get away with just a simple jail sentence of 9 months or charge of K70. I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong.

  5. This is very good news. The Zambian police shooting any and all with no prejudice makes my heart smile. This way Zambians can claim their rights and fair trade and industry every where.

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