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Amendments to the constitution through parliament acceptable-US Ambassador

General News Amendments to the constitution through parliament acceptable-US Ambassador

US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz
US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz

UNITED States Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz says it is acceptable to make amendments to the constitution through parliament if the majority of Zambians are comfortable with that.

In an interview with journalists after the launch of the electronic bus ticketing system in Lusaka, Mr Schultz said adoption of the constitution should be done in a transparent manner involving all Zambians.

“If that is what Zambians want, it is okay because the will of Zambians should prevail since the constitution vests power in people,” said Mr Schultz when asked to comment on the proposed amendments to be done by parliament.

On the Access to Information Bill, Mr Schultz said some concerns over the matter are legitimate and journalists should behave in a responsible manner.

“In the USA, we did it in the 1960s since it encourages open society and it is something that has worked well for us. And hopefully, it will work well for Zambia, especially that there is a bill to move the matter forward,” he said.

And three Zambian companies have entered into a partnership aimed at improving efficiency in the passenger transport sector through introduction of an electronic bus ticketing system that will address challenges faced by time-conscious travellers.

Bus Tickets Zambia, Zamtel and PostDotNet have entered into partnership to provide travellers with an integrated ticketing platform that is decentralised and efficient.

“This will enable travellers to purchase tickets at PostDotNet and Zamtel outlets without going to Intercity Bus Terminus,” said DotCom Zambia managing director Mawanu Kambeu.

“Besides accessing the tickets from PostDotNet and Zamtel outlets, the service is time-saving in that customers are also able to instantly purchase tickets online by visiting the official Bus Tickets Zambia website.”

Officiating at the launch, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe said Government was excited about any technological advancement that enhances the ease of doing business.

“This is most impressive. A Zambian not only solving a Zambian problem, but one that is, arguably, a perennial African transport problem. This is good to have problem solvers who are true entrepreneurs and making money in the process,” she said.

A representative for bus operators, Mbachi Nkwazi, said the partnership should be expanded to include many transporters and enable passengers experience seamless services.
And Mr Schultz said Zambia has what it takes to become a huge economic success if the human capital is fully developed.

Minister of Youth and Sport Vincent Mwale said there is need to believe in young people since they have the ability to improve Zambia’s economy.


    • The key word is “comfortable”. He has not said anything beyond the current debate; he has not made any recommendation. That is diplomatic; just in case some may think he has a position, that is far from it!

    • whats important in this story is that its a Zambian ingenuity, creativeness and inventiveness solving a Zambian problem.

      We need more of this than be inundated by rhetorical politics everyday

  1. Mr Misango yaba Chaimani
    I totally agree with the word “comfortable”. The issue of the constitution is all but about the content not how it is adopted. Whether changes are done in parliament or by referendum should not divide Zambians as long as content is maintained. In the past, Zambians were apprehensive of parliament because of the white paper which was reactionary to the people’s views and ultimately it was the content of the white paper that passed as constitution. But this time, there is no white paper at all therefore the misgivings by some sections of society is mind boggling. Currently many Zambians are happy with the content only some greed Chiefs are opposed to the vesting of power over land in the presidency. Otherwise the document can only be improved upon.

    • Now that’s how the bazungu handle issues. Fatherless chiti and mapenzi chipenzi nauwo sara longwe just want to eat donor money at we did this and that. tht moment where u urinte in the pant coz u are approaching the rains and hoping it wont make any difference only for the rains to stop

  2. What zambians want is a zambian driven constitution through a referendum and not a pf party driven constitution through parliament.

  3. I think we need more information on this ticketing system. Will it really work, with the current confusion, where even after buying the tickets physically at their offices, passengers still struggle to find seats? What more, the tickes that are bought else where, and you just pop up and say: I have a ticket at any bus station? With proper coordination and literacy, it can work, not the Zambian levels of these two factors. I Pray it works!

  4. We need to have a Referendum on ” If it is acceptable to make amendments to the constitution through parliament”…………

    It WAS like that in 1964. It was changed by Kaunda.

    He changed it so it could become his rubber stamp!!

    This is how KK became a DICTATOR for TWENTY SEVEN YEARS!!!

    It is NOT acceptable!

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