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Some opposition leader is telling Investors not to invest in Zambia until he becomes President-Davies Chama

Headlines Some opposition leader is telling Investors not to invest in Zambia until...

Davies Chama
Davies Chama

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama has accused an opposition political party leader of going round and discouraging investors to come to Zambia until he is president.

Mr Chama said the opposition leader, who he refused to name, should lead by example if he wants to lead the country unlike being selfish.

“I am very disappointed with some opposition leader who is telling investors not to invest in Zambia until he becomes president, what if he doesn’t become president? What will happen?,” Mr Chama asked.

Mr Chama in an interview said he was disappointed that the same opposition leader shunned this year’s Africa Freedom Day celebrations.

“He has continued to shun national events yet he wants to lead this country. These events are beyond partisan and politics” he said.

Meanwhile, veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga has charged that African leaders have not done much to improve the lives of people despite Africa being free from colonialism.

“African leaders must work hard and improve the lives of the citizens to prove that our struggle for freedom was not in vain,” Dr Mwaanga said.

He added that the new crop of leaders in Africa must liberate the people economically since they are no longer colonised.

And President Edgar Lungu says while the country is independent and free, there is need to ensure that the freedom is seen in real terms.

The President said Zambia should be economically reliant on itself after attaining 50 years of independence.
President Lungu told ZNBC News in an interview after laying wreaths at the Presidential Burial site, Embassy Park in Lusaka that government is working hard to ensure that it accelerates social and economic development for all.

He says as the continent celebrates Africa Freedom Day this year, Africa should start looking to Africa and not beyond.

President said the continent at present is worried about happenings in the Great Lakes region but was quick to mention that the regional block is on course to resolving the problems.

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  1. No no no, they have just become skeptical of President Dental Formula EL with his vision-less leadership and then, the Zedian economy is under stress.

    • A lack of Education is a problem. Davies Chama is raw, uneducated brute that even the PF almost got rid of. No one is telling investors that PF is a useless party, they can see and read. The Killing the Lions story is on BBC and other international media

    • Iwe Lungu, how can Yu talk about hard work when You encourage your people and supporters to be corrupt criminals? We have not seen you punish any of your people involved in corrupt activities. Shamenda shouldn’t even be in his job with a court case hanging over his head.
      As long as you do not lead by example and discipline those that earn their money without working for it, everyone in your country will be lazy and expect money to come from nothing.
      Zambians cannot learn hard work until a culture of discipline and intolerance to corruption is enforced, starting with Kaminamisa Lungu

    • He must be a vey powerful man to convince investors not to invest and get what they want from our economy! Who is he for investors to listen to him? Maybe we need such a man as our president then?

    • Ba Chama please find other reasons why investors are shunning Zambia not blaming it on opposition political parties. Where there is money to be made and rule of law is a adhered to strictly investors never think twice to invest.By accusing UPND ‘s leader Chama has admitted that PF is a useless and corrupt party that can not be trusted even by foreign investors.

      I am a Zambian based in the UK and I am now holding back my investments in my own country all because I don’t trust whole PF and its leaders.

      Its a shame that even the President, Chikwanda and PF cabinet are not comfortable with the way Zambia is run, thats why any dollars they steal, are shipped out side Zambia straight away.Which investor can risk his money in a country where the rulers are afraid of keeping their…

    • This is one of the silliest thing I have ever read from a Secretary General of a Party.

      Insecurity isn’t it? You Mr Chama looks worse than HH in you saying that, if anything.

      The best for teh top job is Wynter Kabimba


    • Political history in Zambia has shown that when someone starts to hallucinate like this Chama, it means he his about to die

    • Just name and quote exactly what he said.

      We know for the fact that, HH was in the UK. He had private meetings with the business sectors before addressing the Royal Institute of Africa.

      It’s these people he had meetings with that have posted comments on the Internet that he was discouraging investors to come to Zambia, until after 2016 who he wins.

      Such that they are surprised an opposition leader would discourage investors.

      However, PF should just focus on running the nation.

    • Chama!
      Can somebody tell Chama to shut the F-Up? This guy is beginning to irritate.

      I think he wants to outdo Kashimba Chimbwili ukulande fya bupuba.

    • Chama just be true to yourself and the country. You just do not have skills required to bring direct foreign investment into the economy. Above all you have little or no understanding of the modern economy operations. Therefore, you are unable to define the problem with the Zambian economy resulting in failure to design a suitable solution.It is that simple

  2. Oh please give us a president, do we have to blame everything on this under 5 HH??? ..just get on with your job and stop losing sleep over Serial Presidential Contender (SPC) Under 5 HH. Who cares about that. Mazoka told investors to pull out of Zambia when he was beaten fair and square by LPM in 2011 and they did pull out in numbers. You never heard MMD complain about that day in day out. They went to work and delivered unprecedented economic growth Zambia has ever seen. You do the same. Investors go where they can make money, not where HH is president please!!!

    Moral of my point is stop using HH as an excuse to under perform and get to work. Let Mr SPC tell as many as his friends not to invest in Zambia, nobody cares really. Zambians will invest in Zambia.

    • Ba Bootlicker..Davies Chama refused to name the politician, that alone should tell you that Chama is lying through his rotten dirty teeth and gullible people like you are buying and drinking vomitus

    • Were you alive in 2011? Mazoka has been dead a long time. And don’t bring dead people into your fake analysis. Go back to school and get your facts right.

  3. Mr Chama are you a voter? If you where a voter you wouldn’t worry about some kid becoming president. Do you think the majority of us voters will allow such?

  4. Just put in good economic policies, Investors will come, stop behaving like UNIP in the 70s and 80s. Dull analysis Mr Chama. Stop communism.

  5. Why does President Lungu allow some of his members to speak? Might be a calculated political move to weed out any presidential contenders by allowing them to ridicule themselves with their mouths lol.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

  6. @MMD Chief Bootlicker
    Well said. Let us be seen working practically and not theoretically. So far we are waiting for milling plants in each province as promised. Foreign edible oil has been banned therefore we expect many Oil refineries to be established in strategic areas. We also expect farmers to benefit from crops like Soya, groundnuts and Sunflower.

  7. Is he indirectly telling Zambians that the GRZ is broke? And that the GRZ is unable to raise funds because investors are being influenced to shun Zambia by the unnamed opposition leader? Zambia is really in knots now.

  8. Chama is a fool,always telling lies.Which investor who wants to make money would listen to an opposition leader.Be serious man.

  9. Imwe ba Chama-its PF’s policy of accomodating corruption and corrupt people that is scaring away investors. Dont take investors to be dull as most PF/MMD leaders

  10. I wonder. In the unlikely event that HH becomes President of Zambia, would he expect opposition party leaders to attend some of these national events that he has been shunning or will forego them and not celebrate them at all as a nation as he claims that there’s nothing to celebrate?
    He’s never celebrated or attended any national event.

    • You should be serious, when someone visits a neighborhood in Lusaka you sermon him to the police then you have a ka event at state house then you send an invite. Lets be serious, don’t be blind, everyone has rights, give him his. Allow him to do his job as an opposition leader. If he is given his freedoms and still shuns national events then i will be the first to condemn him. Why should he wine and dine with people who are persecuting him? Calling him to the police every other week?

  11. Pf is a failed project, all the macroeconomic variables are not attractive to the investors & you expect them to come & put their money in unstable economy & you blame HH, dunderheads indeed.

  12. When men from the east are at the helm of presidency, everything goes beseck! RB now EL. One year rule for EL kikikikikikikikikikikiki!

  13. I bet HH is giving them sleepless nights with his hair do, who can blame them.
    All they see in their sleep is his hair do in state house, hahaha.
    Kachema kateka 2016.
    Honestly what is EL doing apart from appointing and travelling, while Zambians living standards get worse.
    No one can have proper breakfast, lunch and supper for the all month using their wage/ monthly pay.
    What a country and people do not see this, cars only move at month ends and kandolo is now the official breakfast, bread and milk is now a preserve for the rich and yet people do not talk about such. That is why when people have chicken/beef they even eat the bones, heads, intestines and furthers coz its once in a moon one gets to eat such. Keep shouting Ifintu ni Lungu on an empty stomach or one full of greens (…

  14. Umm really? Investors look at factors such as GDP growth etc. Not statements, there is something missing here.

    • Yap. What is missing is the analytical and intellectual brain power which “one party” democratically (lol) elected SG of the PF does not posses.

  15. Sometimes its better to keep quite when you have nothing sensible to say. Do you mean this opposition leader has such immense powers? Just work on the economy and investors will come sha!

  16. Each Time PF fails they want to accuse HH and Nawakwi…. So investors listen more to the opposition than to your govenment. IF that is the case quickly DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT…

    A government that can not win investors???? SHAME…

  17. so ba hh wil neva attend natioanal event for the rest of his life? cos he wil neva b president until he changes cos zambia is a christian nation and as believers wont allow tt to happen in our mother land

    • If Zambia was “Christian Nation”, no corrupt and thieving politician will be allowed to participate in decision making process of the Nation.
      As to participating to “National Events” which has been doctored to become ruling party political gathering, it is matter of individual choice.

  18. pipo of zambia help yo fellow to become a president sure again hh akalelilafye mu 216 ati nabanjibila amavotes?

  19. When ever u fail to perform you point a finger at some. We are tired of your foolishness n please jst concentrate on you job so that we can have employment our country.

  20. Kekekkekekekeeeeeeee you have made my day, am off to my watering hole…ati …they even eat the bones, heads, intestines and furthers coz its once in a moon one gets to eat such…yaba, you are a nutcase!

  21. UP and DOWN will never rule this Country and they are just time wasters.Mr SG forget about these useless chaps.They have lost hope because all credible members are running away from them.


  23. Blame game! You have simply run out of ideas on how to arrest the worsening economy. The strong desire to remain in power is pf’s major preoccupation.

  24. Mr Chama, the investor shuns one party rhetoric, not an opposition leader. An investor wants to make money & when an SG of the ruling party barks, the investor runs. Just get your house in order, service the mountains of debts, fulfil your obligations like paying people on time, finally when you have the country running smoothly, the investor won’t need an invite, oh and mature please.

  25. under 5 is number Zambian traitor…ordinary people are the ones affected…he will never let me repeat it again an bd again alimwi that under 5 hh will never and never ever rule Zambia…maybe in 2072 may be…he is a fool I mean he is foolish very foolish and the most foolish being in Zambia infact in Africa perhaps in the whole world if not in the entire universe

  26. Are wards at Chainama for mental patients finished? I think this man does not deserve to be n the streets moving freely. He is a danger to society. Please, i beg with his relatives take him for treatment before he does something bisect

    You cant reason like this as party SG mature up man or get treatment

  27. Iwe ka chama with your broke government,just ask HH for financial assistance not k bwata bwata chabe.

  28. Yah!!! some of this staff is nauseating even reading it. Why can’t you Lusaka Times ignore some of these people sometimes. Its not everything that they say is news. Is he talking about real investors? Which investor would say Chama I can’t invest in your country until so and so becomes president. Its ridiculous, its immature, its childish to even talk about it.

    • @ Stanley

      “… Its ridiculous, its immature, its childish to even talk about it…”
      It is also product of plain and unadulterated 5tupidity, laced with substantial amount of 1mbecility.

  29. Mushota,

    In which nation are you now? Have you left the UK? My God..pls rescue this woman from this international prostitution…or are you on transfer?
    Anyway, I wish you were in Zambia to see the real situation on the ground. Kabimba is losing everything including his weight, complexion and is now growing pimples at his back neck. He looks pathetic to all Zambian voters. To make it worse even Guy Scott is no longer interested to join the Rainbow party. Scott says that the party has not started. Continue dreaming for your sweetheart to politically grow. Thanxx

    • So this article is talking about Kabimba and Rainbow Party! People dont think well, eeh. Masipa.

  30. For a certainity, he is one of those whose mouth does not consult the brain. Chama should not be responding to national issues, there is a difference between party and govt issues. Ba Chama khalani chete

  31. Fact is the leader of the pastoralists’ party in Zambia will never become president in his natural life.

  32. So one opposition leader wields more power than the government of the day?


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