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60% of garbage in Lusaka is uncollected

General News 60% of garbage in Lusaka is uncollected

HH visits the garbage site which had uncollected garbage
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema  visits the garbage site which had uncollected garbage

Lusaka City Council town clerk Alex Mwansa has revealed that only 40% of garbage is collected while 60 percent of garbage remains uncollected in Lusaka city.

The town clerk said the council has always had a challenge of equipment and machinery to use for effective garbage collection.He however advised Lusaka residents to be responsible enough by ensuring that they dispose of garbage in designated areas.

Meanwhile,Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale has declared war against garbage accumulation in Lusaka province.Addressing councillors Mr Mwale expressed worry over the continue accumulation of garbage in Lusaka despite having able men and women in different key position charged with the responsibility to ensure that the city is clean.

Mr Mwale said garbage accumulation in Lusaka has stolen the beauty of the city and as such calls for the need to find a lasting solution to clean-up the city.

He questioned how Ward funds, garbage fund and constituency development funds (CDF) are being used by various stakeholders.

The Permanent Secretary said this when he addressed councillors at the Lusaka provincial conference at redressing the problem of uncollected garbage in Lusaka province.


  1. Reason why the city stinks, it’s an easy task that only lacks political will. There are so many ways to raise money for the equipment if the leadership actually understood what they ought to be doing.

    • It’s more like 90 per cent uncollected garbage! Hence perpetual cholera, malaria and other communicable diseases … .

    • I think it is 99% of the garbage not collected.

      Lusaka was one a garden city but now it is a garbage city.

      I seriously think that Lusaka is the most dirty city in the region, we can compare with Windhoek, Harare or even Lilongwe.

  2. Lusaka is the dirtiest city in the World. And the Lusaka city council the worst in Africa maybe the World. It has the most inept, lazy and good for nothing councilors ever. Being a Lusaka councilor is a shameful thing to happen to anyone. I cant tell Lusaka councilors to pull up there socks because i am sure the don’t wear any.

  3. If you have specific people being paid for maintaining cleanliness and it does not happen – fire them. You pay people for specific performance of specific work. No work no pay period. You can also keep going up the supervisor chain and institute a policy where you pay them for what was done. If 50% of garbage is not picked up pay them 50% less pay. Simple arithmetic. In this case pay them 40% of their salary. The 100% will come when they reach the 100% performance level.

  4. What does one expect, if you choose to put criminals into State house? These Pseudo leaders, dont collect garbage from your communities, but are quick to collect Corrupt politicians from prisons, & set them free, even before they’ve completed half their prison sentences for defrauding you, the poor starving Zambian??
    Ati kolopa.com? Muza kolopa njala, while these Bandits eat, & sleep well in luxury.

  5. Awe PF is a useless bunch of money seeking individuals. They can’t even get garbage right! A Lungu Anabwera nditu!!!

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